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161 thoughts on “Nuclear Negotiations with Iran

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  • John Goss

    Arbed, thanks for keeping us updated on the Manning tweets as they come in. Like you say yesterday was not a good day for MSM or the US government. It just shows what everybody knows. I never even try the mainstream media with anything ground-breaking any more. The way editors have presented such a biased view of the Assange case shows their hands are tied. ‘Publish and be damned’ used to be the catchphrase. Today it’s more like ‘Suppress and keep your job’.

  • Mary

    ‘Kerry indicated, however, that these public acts to assist the anti-regime militias were merely the tip of the iceberg. “We’re doing this, but other countries are doing other things,” Kerry explained.

    While not going into detail, the meaning was clear to anyone following the civil war in Syria. In recent months, more advanced weaponry has poured across the country’s borders, paid for by Washington’s key Arab allies, the monarchical dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and covertly organized by the CIA.’
    Demands for such action are becoming increasingly shrill in the media and sections of the ruling establishment. The Washington Post, for example, published an editorial Thursday demanding that Washington “move decisively to break Syria’s bloody stalemate” or risk losing “what may be a last chance to partner with the more moderate forces challenging Mr. Assad and to steer the country toward a new regime that the West could support.”’

    Washington escalates Syrian bloodbath
    1 March 2013

  • doug scorgie

    “A 17-year-old boy from Leicestershire has been charged with offences under the Terrorism Act.”

    “He faces four terror-related offences including possessing an article and a document likely to be useful in an act of terrorism.”

    “Two other teenagers arrested on Monday under the Terrorism Act have been bailed while inquiries continue.”

    It will be interesting to find out what the terror related offences are especially the “document…”

  • Mary

    Brian. The info is all in the public domain.

    By racist, I mean she has endlessly scaremongered on hordes of Eastern Europeans arriving from Bulgaria and Romania and committing crimes.

    Her financial interests.

    ‘Works in heathcare’ means that she is a director of this £multi million venture capital outfit,

    Proven Health Vct Plc is an Active business incorporated in England & Wales on 20th December 2000. Their business activity is recorded as Activities Of Venture And Development Capital Companies. Proven Health Vct Plc is run by 4 current members. and 1 company secretary. It has no share capital. It is not part of a group. The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/01/2012 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £1,772,000, ‘liabilities’ worth £133,000, ‘net worth’ of £8,485,000 ‘assets’ worth £3,667,000.

    She is also a director of a management consultancy Iduna Ventures Ltd

  • arsalan

    They thought it could be useful to terrorists, because it was Hardback. A terrorist can easily use such a book to hit Nick Clegg over the head.

  • Mary

    Crikey! Her fellow director at Iduna Ventures Ltd, Dr John R Forrest CBE, is Pro Chancellor at Surrey University.

    I have never seen such a long and sensely packed biog. Open ‘Read full biography’

    Just a fraction of it….

    Dr. John R. Forrest, CBE, FREng serves as an Independent Advisor of Mentum S.A. Dr. Forrest serves as Pro-Chancellor of the University of Surrey. He started his professional career at Stanford University in California. He worked in the famous Microwave Laboratory at Stanford for three years. Dr. Forrest founded and was Editor-in-Chief of the Academy’s publication ‘Ingenia’ from 1998 to 2004. He served in the academic world until 1984. Dr. Forrest served as an Engineering Director of Arqiva, Ltd. He joined Marconi Defence Systems in 1984 and served as its Technical Director, Vice President of Technology and Director of Engineering from 1986 to 1991. He served as Senior Vice President of the Royal Academy of Engineering. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Media Communications Limited. Since 1990, Dr. Forrest led the privatisation to create the communications company National Transcommunications Limited (NTL),where he served as Chief Executive from 1991 to 1994. He serves as the Executive Chairman of CDS Ltd. Dr. Forrest serves as Executive Chairman of Cellular Design Services Ltd. He has been Chairman of Narec Capital since November 2011. He serves as the Chairman of the UK Government Spectrum Management Advisory Group……..

    According to he and Diane M James share the same address.
    Diane M James
    Age Guide: 46-50
    Surrey Full Address
    John R Forrest


    Seeing references to Surrey and to the University, have we heard another word on the deaths of Mr Al Hilli and family from Surrey Police, the French Police, anyone else? No. Just something about an aunt seeking legal adoption of the surviving child.

    Mr Hurley who was based outside the Al Hilli house speaking to Sky News is now the Surrey Police Commissioner. He appointed as his deputy one of his old mukkas from the Met.

    Am ex-Surrey police inspector has been arrested on 58 charges of fraud. No connection I hasten to add!

  • Je

    The smart Iranian move is to put the bomb on the slow burner and get the sanctions lifted. They have no real need for it… it can wait.

  • Je

    The example to follow would be North Korea. They got free money off the Americans and the bomb. Ignoring NK’s appalling human rights, the US propped the regime up with aid. Then NK made a total monkey of the US policy of appeasement.

    A world of many nuclear powers will be the result of the existing nuclear cartel, including the UK, not fulfilling their obligations under the NPT – to disarm.

    It isn’t Iran that’s in breach of the NPT – they’re allowed to enrich. Its the UK, US, France, China, Russia. Its also Germany which is breaking the NPT by supplying Israel with submarines for it’s nuclear triad.

  • Je

    BrianFujisan – you’re comment is too vague to be any use. What? when? I’m needing a clue here to understand what you’re getting at… you must know but…

  • A Node

    @doug scorgie 1 Mar, 2013 – 9:23 am

    It will be interesting to find out what the terror related offences are especially the “document…”

    I bet the document is the “Al-Qaead Training Manual”. It’s a rehash of the “Anarchist’s Cookbook” of olden days, re-released by the spooks to entrap the unwary.
    Here’s a link to the ‘safe’ version:

  • Mary

    Kerry is in Turkey today meeting Erdogan. Erdogan is in trouble with the Zionists.

    Erdogan: Zionism ‘Crime against Humanity’ (Video)
    “Erdogan the Intelligent” calls Israel and Islamophobia crimes against humanity. The same wise man was a friend of Israel, ditched it, ran to Ahmadinejad and Assad, and dumped them also. Who’s next?

    The BBC presenter Ben Brown {the one with the drawl and who verbally attacked the disabled protester who was thrown out of his wheelchair by the Met} has just been speaking to James Reynolds in Turkey discussing Kerry’s visit. He is getting impatitient for some action! ‘How much longer do we have to wait for action to be taken?’ he asked Reynolds who had waffled a reply about Patriot missiles being installed on the Syrian border.

    The BBC is revolting.

    I spotted this on Jewish Press. ‘Syria smells oil’. And of course no mention of the Israelis detecting the same smell or of the fact that the Golan Heights are illegally occupied.

  • Clark

    Why is the supposed threat from Iran always about “a [i.e. singular] nuclear weapon”? Is it deliberate propaganda, or just a meme that has propagated? Even Netanyahu’s famous speech involved him posing with this singular, cartoon bomb. Is the implication that this one fabled “bomb” is all it would take to “wipe Israel off the map”?

    Even the biggest bomb ever made, an H-bomb, not a mere A-bomb, couldn’t destroy the whole of Israel. When the UK simulated nuclear attack in Operation Square Leg in 1980, the scenario was of 131 H-bombs, each on average nearly 100 times as destructive as a first generation A-bomb.

    There is a huge difference between enriching uranium and an ongoing programme of nuclear weapon production. A serious nuclear strike capability requires hundreds of warheads. Diversion of sufficient nuclear material would be impossible to hide from IAEA inspections.

  • Edward

    Israel might make a “no first use” promise but why expect them to honor it? They don’t exactly have a good record of honoring agreements such as the camp David accords. The demand would also implicitly acknowledge Israel’s right to have nuclear weapons. Nevertheless. Israel might reject such a demand because their real goal is probably regime change.

  • Mary

    Clark. Very true.

    Medialens are discussing the yellowcake diversion thrown into the Iraq war plotting and carried by the media at the time and also Blunkett’s tanks at Heathrow in February 2003. It follows Prescott’s admission on the Andrew Neil programme that the Iraq war could not be justified as an intervention.

    He got his peerage though and we all remember his office activities with Tracey.

    Revolting man.

  • guano

    Why all this scaremongering about Eastern Europeans. The other day I was checking out the reduced stall in the supermarket and the Eastern European lady in front of me saw me and blocked the entire spread with her voluminous rear and full skirt. Is this new weapon part of a NATO Eastern Europe defensive shield? I was well scared!.

  • Dreoilin

    I missed this in 2011:

    “BBC World Service to sign funding deal with US state department”


    I just read it at Land Destroyer
    February 26, 2013

    US State Department-Funded BBC World Service “Jammed” in China

    “Headlines across the Western corporate-media read, “BBC says ‘extensive, coordinated efforts’ to jam world service frequencies in China” (Fox News), “BBC blocked in China just days after reporting on Chinese hackers” (Washington Post), and “BBC “strongly condemns” China’s attempts to jam World Service broadcasts” (Radio Times), before weaving a lofty narrative of a “repressive regime” trying to gag freedom of the press.

    “In reality, BBC’s World Service is directly funded by the US State Department and is insidious propaganda admittedly designed to politically subvert not only China, but Iran, Russia, and many other nations perceived by Wall Street and London as intolerable competition.” (continues)

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    re Romanians and Bulgarians coming to the UK next year :

    The fears of those who point to the risk of an influx of Romanians (and to a lesser extent Bulgarians) into the UK as from next year should not be so lightly dismissed. Does anyone seriously believe the reassuring estimates put out by various people with a certain interest, let us say, minimising the risk? A Romanian minister (or it might have been the Amassador to the UK) came out with the figure of 10.000 not very long ago. Romania has a population of almost 30 million (and Bulgaria another 10 million or so)and is probably the most poverty-stricken country in the EU; now compare and contrast the 10.000 estimate with the half a million or so Poles who came after 2004 (popilation of Poland about 39 million).

    You will see tens of thousands coming. Thanks to porous borders, there are already tens of thousands of Romanians (mostly Roms, it must be said) in continental western Europe.

    (And no, I am not in the pay of Migration Watch)

  • guano

    “In reality, BBC’s World Service is directly funded by the US State Department and is insidious propaganda admittedly designed to politically subvert not only China, but Iran…”

    So how am I supposed to get propagandised in future so I know what not to believe about western foreign policy? Oh, through Craig Murray’s blog trolls. That’s ok. I’ll still know what’s not happening in the world.

  • Clark

    Habbabkuk, you’ve got me worried now. These Romanians and Bulgarians; are “they” especially dangerous? Is life not so beautiful with “them” around? I only want people who’ve “got” Italian around me, and no one poverty-stricken. You’re right, that sounds very risky.

  • Mary

    Zeblam on Medialens has transposed a comment by Ken Loach last night.

    Ken Loach on Question Time

    Posted by zemblan on March 1, 2013, 6:59 pm

    KEN LOACH: The Westminster tittle-tattle we are listening to is what puts people off politics. I think there are a lot of people in this country who share the same thoughts. They hate the break up of the national health service, they hate the privatisations and the outsourcing, and the labour agencies and the low wages. They hate the mass unemployment, they hate the casual destruction of the environment that we see. I think we need a broad movement on the Left…and it’s now time that it came together.

    DAVID DIMBLEBY: And how would you get that? Because every time the party moves to the Left it has historically lost votes?

    KEN LOACH: I think there are a number of things that should happen. I think the unions should stop paying money to a party that is going to kick it in the teeth, because the Labour party is a market economy party – it won’t look after the interests of working people. So I think the Labour party should cut off that tap and we should start again: like we started a century ago, and form a new Labour party.

    There was a trade union candidate [running in Eastleigh]. But they get no presentation. Every time I turned on the BBC or ITV to see the election discussed, you never heard that point of view. So there has got to be a determination that the Left has it voice, because it is excluded at the moment.

    “And radical left wing film maker Ken Loach”.

    Posted by Ed on March 1, 2013, 7:14 pm, in reply to “Ken Loach on Question Time”

    Dimbleby introducing the panel: “And radical left wing film maker Ken Loach”.

    No similar intro for the rest of them though. No mention of “ultra right wing disgraced politician Neil Hamilton” or “ultra right wing politician Claire Perry”.
    Sickening BBC.

    I watched it because Loach was on. He did well and got good reaction from the audience I thought. But he was a bit of a lone voice crying in the wilderness, just him against the 4 other right wingers and the Bullingdon Club chairman.

  • Rose

    Yes Mary – Ken was the only reason we watched it too. That he managed to keep his hands off the throat of that Tory woman when she described him as a “national treasure” is testimony to his long-suffering good nature; and I didn’t like the way the Labour woman smirked either; at one time she would have been singing from the same hymn sheet – not trying to put people like him down.
    And re Prescott in the following programme – how he had the temerity to hold forth on the Rennard business is beyond belief, in the light of his own shenanigans.
    What is it with folk when they get a bit of power – do they suffer from some sort of memory loss?

  • Rose

    Just looked back and realised my comment is a long way from the original title of the thread – but on reflection it’s all of a piece – attempted distortion of some facts, suppression of others and a blare (forgive the pun) of general BS.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    Clark, don’t be so silly, and don’t use various silly tricks like making it sound as if I’d said they were dangerous and putting inverted commas around the words they and them. You know perfectly well that there is already pressure enough on employment and on social infrastructure in the UK without adding another 100.000 or 2000.000 or however many to the resident population.

    Are you one of those people who would like a compltely open borders policy?

    Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Wait and see how many come and then we can rediscuss.

  • Fred

    “Habbabkuk, you’ve got me worried now. These Romanians and Bulgarians; are “they” especially dangerous?”

    It’s all those donkeys and carts on the M25 that’s going to be a problem.

  • Mary

    Yes Rose. What a man. 77 now and still heads above the moral pygmies he was placed with. Note how they stuck him on the end of the row next to that gruesome twerp Jeremy Browne, a member of a quisling party that allowed the extreme right into government.

    We have not seen the real effect of the Coalition domestic ‘policies’ yet but perhaps the scales might yet fall from the eyes of Lib/Con/Dem voters in Eastleigh and elsewhere. What has Browne ever done to advance the cause of humanity?

    You get an idea of Ken Loach’s amazing catalogue of work here. He must have exceptional vigour and imagination.

    Note how the powers-that-be have tried to shut his work down on many occasions for political reasons.

    Here he says:

    “It makes you angry, not on your own behalf, but on behalf of the people whose voices weren’t allowed to be heard. When you had trade unions, ordinary people, rank and file, never been on television, never been interviewed, and they’re not allowed to be heard, that’s scandalous. And you see it over and over again. I mean, we heard very little from the kids in the riots. You hear some people being inarticulate in a hood, but very few people were actually allowed to speak”. In the same interview his focus on working people’s lives is explained thus: “I think the underlying factors regarding the riots are plain for anyone with eyes to see … It seems to me any economic structure that could give young people a future has been destroyed. Traditionally young people would be drawn into the world of work, and into groups of adults who would send the boys for a lefthanded screwdriver, or a pot of elbow grease, and so they’d be sent up in that way, but they would also learn about responsibilities, and learn a trade, and be defined by their skills. Well, they destroyed that. Thatcher destroyed that. She consciously destroyed the workforces in places like the railways, for example, and the mines, and the steelworks … so that transition from adolescence to adulthood was destroyed, consciously, and knowingly.” He argues that working people’s struggles are inherently dramatic: “They live life very vividly, and the stakes are very high if you don’t have a lot of money to cushion your life. Also, because they’re the front line of what we came to call the class war. Either through being workers without work, or through being exploited where they were working. And I guess for a political reason, because we felt, and I still think, that if there is to be change, it will come from below. It won’t come from people who have a lot to lose, it will come from people who will have everything to gain.”

    from: Ken Loach: ‘the ruling class are cracking the whip’
    The leftwing film director talks about the riots, his early work on television and the documentary he made for Save the Children 40 years ago that is about to be screened for the first time


    Rose There are a few more comments following Zemblan’s earlier comment on Medialens.

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