Murder in Samarkand – Now a Major TV Series

by craig on October 9, 2013 10:01 am in Uncategorized

The Independent has an article about the new FCO sponsored Mitchell and Webb “comedy”, which was made with FCO co-operation and is openly an attempt to bolster its image – and to make light of, and acceptable, the disgraceful British alliance with the dictator of Uzbekistan.  The argument that this series is based on – and is an attempt to counter the effect of – Murder in Samarkand – is overwhelming.

Not least because the producers of  Ambassadors, Big Talk, attempted to buy the rights to Murder in Samarkand.  They invited me to, and I attended, a meeting in their offices and they had several copies of Murder in Samarkand in their office.  They also had access to the original unpublished (and much longer) manuscript of the book, under its original title Should Not Be Known.   For them to pretend their “Tazbekistan” comedy is unrelated does not just make them lying bastards, it is ludicrous.

I did get solicitors to write both to Big Talk and to the BBC, but unfortunately the lawyers wanted money amounting to tens of thousands to apply for a copyright injunction, and I just don’t have it.

The Independent article takes the opportunity to recycle ten year old slurs against me by the FCO, without mentioning that they were disproven.

I wonder if one of my talented commenters could design an online “poster” for Murder in Samarkand, showing the book, Mitchell and Webb or the Ambassadors logo, and the slogan “Murder in Samarkand – Now a Major TV Series”.  Then we can get it everywhere we can on the web, and the bastards can try and sue me!  That would turn the tables nicely.

The other extraordinary thing in the Independent article is the contention that New Labour had an ethical foreign policy, as though the tabloid humiliation and marginalisation of Robin Cook- and the dodgy dossier and invasion of Iraq –  had never happened.


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  1. John Goss:

    “The judge directs”. Yes indeed. As you appear to be expert in English legal procedure, please answer the following question : is the jury obliged to follow the judge’s direction? A simple yes or no will do.

    You also said “They {ie, the jury} were probably masons too”. The “too” implies that the judge was a mason, does it not? Therefore :

    1) what grounds do you have for implying that the judge was a mason?

    2) and if he was, why should that have influenced his direction to the jury to acquit (assuming that was his direction – you haven’t yet responded to Anon on the latter point).


  2. I say again, the issue is (Blair’s, smuggled past the House on a Thursday night) Extradition Act 2003. Which effectively deprives British citizens of their legal rights on the unsupported* say-so of a foreign power.

    *Unsupported. Yes. No evidence required.

  3. In case Anon has not retained the services of a firm of solicitors, Messrs Sue, Grabbit and Runne come highly recommended. I believe that Lord Gnome is the senior partner.

  4. Komodo, unfortunately the link you gave is way out of date even though it says latest on the website. It predates his extradition. Last Saturday marked 12 months for Babar in a US maximum security prison (banged up 23 and sometimes 24 hours a day) in solitary confinement. That is what Theresa May did. She cleverly got Babar and Talha bundled together in a package-deal with the Yanks, with two others and Abu Hamza, the man with the hook and a man known to have preached racial unrest. The impartial BBC and all other channels showed perpetual footage of Abu Hamza with hardly any coverage of the other men’s cases. At the Tory conference Theresa May was bragging about how good it was to have got rid of these men, yes, because if the truth gets out it should finish Theresa May once and for all. She is evil personified.

  5. I suppose when you’ve got independent means you can change your name as often as you like..;.)

  6. Is this ‘Rivlin’ or ‘Riflin’ the same as this Rivlin whose name I saw yesterday when finding out who polices Mr Parker and his mates in MI5.

    Tribunal Members


    The Tribunal currently consists of nine members, including a President and Vice President. They are:
    •Lord Justice Mummery (President)
    •Mr Justice Burton (Vice President)
    •Mr Robert Seabrook QC
    •Sir Anthony Holland
    •Ms Susan O’Brien QC
    •Mr Charles Flint QC
    •The Hon. Christopher Gardner QC
    •Professor Graham Zellick CBE QC
    •His Honour Geoffrey Rivlin QC

    All members of the Tribunal are appointed by HM The Queen, and must be senior members of the legal profession. Both the President and Vice President must hold or have held high judicial office.

    Appointments are made for terms of five years, after which members may stand down or declare themselves available for reappointment Info

  7. Guilty, John, no need to direct the jury. But the issues raised remain unchanged. Returning to the topic, where is the conceptual difference between indefinite internment without charge,followed by extradition on the whim of a foreign power, and Karimov’s legal framework? Granted, we don’t boil people alive. But don’t you think some of our legislators would, if they could?

  8. Yes John. ‘At the Tory conference Theresa May was bragging about how good it was to have got rid of these men, yes, because if the truth gets out it should finish Theresa May once and for all. She is evil personified.’

    She got applauded by the followers. They (the warmongers and the abusers of human rights) should all be put in cells on a cold island.

    The audience (looking mostly geeky like young Goves and young Samantha Camerons) all applauded enthusiastically when she said she intends to get rid of the Human Rights Act.

  9. Goss

    How can you be so presumptious and ignorant to say that I can find no fault in the US Government, particularly when I have already made the point that justice is being denied by allowing these cases to take so long to court. Just because I don’t share your viewpoint and paranoia about western governments doesn’t mean that I endorse all their actions. The usual sign of someone being up someone’s bottom or being a shill is an ability to perceive that there is good and bad in most people and governments – might I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself first before leaping to accuse others in this regard.

  10. Solon et al,

    You think John Goss is wrong about judges and Masonic membership? Try this little Edinburgh cabal for starters…

    Try getting a fair trial there if you’re not on the level,Brother…

    I doubt if its any different in England mind..

  11. Slightly O/T, but very pleasing.
    A friend of mine has just had her last work inaugurated.

    !00 years of Crystallography sucess, three cheers to Phoebe Halstead and well done woman, what a delightful animation.

  12. MC, I accept what you say. Nevertheless the injustice has been seen to be done.

  13. Jives, it’s the same in the police force. I have been told that here in Birmingham it is impossible to rise above sergeant unless you are in the masons. (I guess there are one or two exceptions).

    Anon, you are making the same point the Judge made, that although he was acquitting the guilty, he was concerned that Babar’s case was taking so long to get to court. What hypocrisy! And see what I mean? You’re following the establishment case.

  14. Goss

    How was the Assange decision made by judges who were about to retire – the final decision was made in the Supreme Court by a 5 to 2 majority. You really are just making things up as you go along in order to suit your argument.

  15. And the president, who directed the other judges, retired to bring justice to Qatar – which since his arrival has been labelled ‘an open gaol’ by the ambassador of Nepal.

    Actually the voting opinions of the judges would have been known before they were hand-picked. They allowed Marianne Ny to lie through her teeth in order to bring more ‘justice’ to this sceptred isle, and did not enforce the law on European Arrest Warrants. Arbed would tell you more. Surely you do not believe that British justice is fairly administered Anon?

    O/T John Pilger on Yankee and Chinese interests in Africa.

  16. Would I be wrong in thinking Anon is anxious not to explore the core issues: justice delayed is justice denied; subordination of our laws to the US judicial system, the presumption of innocence until found guilty….etc?

    And subversion of our laws until parallels with Uzbekistan are unavoidably visible?

  17. Just a game Brian, by powerful men (and a few women) who have used their enormous wealth to bring America to the brink of a global disaster.

    Pay-back for screwing the Syrian take-down…

  18. Ello elllo. What have we here?

    “I have been told that here in Birmingham it is impossible to rise above sergeant unless you are in the masons.”

    Now listen here, sunshine. Who told you this information? What is their qualification? Have you got evidence to back this allegation? No? Then stop wasting police time.

  19. SSR customers having to face price rises of 8.2% should know that SSE’s annual profit has been declared at £1.4 billion!

    See their directors’ phenomenal salaries.

    Earlier Fallon the energy minister was involved in a spat on Sky News

    Energy Minister In Row Over Cost Of Taxes
    Michael Fallon tells Sky News the impact of Government measures on bills is “small” but then admits it is almost 10%.

  20. Mark Golding: “Pay-back for screwing the Syrian take-down…”

    Did your SAS contact operating out of Dubai tell you this?

  21. @Mary

    “She got applauded by the followers. They (the warmongers and the abusers of human rights) should all be put in cells on a cold island.”

    I presume you had something like this in mind

  22. Christ, it’s masonic policemen’s hour. Look, Anon, it’s in the Torygraph so it must be true. Not a lefty librul conspiracy at all. More like a hardline righty one if you ask me….

  23. Edward Snowden’s father arrives in Russia to visit his son.

    Aaronovitch of the Times tweets that as MI5 Parker said that Snowden had done damage it must be true. A true stenographer to power.

  24. Komodo,

    “Would I be wrong in thinking Anon is anxious not to explore the core issues: justice delayed is justice denied; subordination of our laws to the US judicial system, the presumption of innocence until found guilty….”


    No Dragon you would not be wrong.

    Anon and co are not anxious to explore these core issues of law.

    Until,of course,7 years incarceration without trial happened to them or their families.

    Only then would you hear their wailing.

  25. Are the Anon with specs and Anon without specs one and the same?

    Collective noun for a gathering of Anons anyone?

  26. Aaronovitch,like Con Coughlin,Nick Cohen,Frank Gardiner,Gordon Corera etc..

    Ever ready to parrot the bullshit gushing from their Masters lying mouths.

    Horrible types,just horrible.

    Oh,i almost forgot Dame Pauline Neville-Jones.

  27. Jives Ha!

    Puppet pipes up to join in the attack on Snowden. No show without Punch.

    Edward Snowden leaks damaging, says Nick Clegg

    Wonder if he has another job lined up post May 2015?

  28. There is no way SSE should be putting up prices as much as they propose – the prices for forward purchases of electricity and gas, which is how they should be purchasing from wholesale markets if they are efficient are now lower than they were a year ago. Though I daresay that the suppliers will now go and rig that market short-term just to fool OFGEM and Cameron and Co.

  29. How is this any different to “Secret Army” morphing into “Allo Allo”?
    One deadly serious one questionably funny.
    This does seem to make you seem having lost some perspective.
    Guess that makes me a government stooge or whatever :-)

  30. @Mary
    Collective noun for a gathering of Anons anyone?
    Wikileaks? <- meant to be praise.

  31. Following Resident Dissident’s comment last night and today’s Guardian article it is worth looking at the following from Craig’s book before concluding that all educational co-operation with Uzbekistan is a bad thing.

  32. “Collective noun for a gathering of Anons anyone?”

    An anonymass

  33. Or maybe just a lurk

  34. Wow!
    1. Craig gets ambassador’s job.
    2. Craig does ambassador’s job (facilitating UK interests), well.
    3. Craig realises regime stinks, says so.
    4. Craig no longer has ambassador’s job.

    Thank you for highlighting (2) above.

    And see –

    The current ambassador, Edgar, is very keen on this partnership, but hasn’t yet said the regime stinks. Possibly because Gulnara’s close to the LCF…

  35. Anon,

    “What you mean is that he doesn’t agree with everything you say – like 99.99% of the population”


    So do you know 99.99% of the population Anon?

    Nah,thought not.

    That latter half of your sentence though is reminiscent of a 5 year old’s playground retort-but sillier.

    Are you gonna get your big brother to beat me up as well?

  36. Matthew Amroliwala just made a boob on the News Channel. He said ‘big heist’ instead of ‘big hike’ when talking of the SSE price rise. Wonder if someone sabotaged the autocue!

    Miss Sophie Long was then about to extol the virtues of the Desert Rats on their deployment to Helmand but neither the film or David Loyn live from Afghanistan appeared so she stood there looking rather awkward.


  37. Anonymously asked;

    Now listen here, sunshine. Who told you this information? What is their qualification? Have you got evidence to back this allegation? No? Then stop wasting police time.

    What was the outcome of the parliamentary inquiry into freemasons in public life to declare their involvement in a register at the behest of Chris Mullin MP? The grand master just humbly asked to be excused and not answer any questions, and that was the end of that then.

    No evidence required indeed.

  38. The Azerbaijan Electoral Commission have employed mystics, and clairvoyants. They have announced the winner of the presidential elections, the day before the elections are held.

    Let me be the first to congratulate the current president His Excellency President Ilham Aliyev the most fantastic ever president (Azerbaijan has known no other, that is except his dad) winning the hearts and minds of the people of that country that is a very good friend of UK, US, and has special relationships with zionistan.

    Winning the seventy three percent of the vote the day before the elections are held is only a measure of the esteem of the inmates people of Azerbaijan who have made it their business to vote astrally the day before the elections were held.

    Democracy is the best ever, ever, ever, ever, racket the reach one percent have hit on, and it is great to be the king. (for the king that is).

    Proud to have such fantastic trail blazers in democracy on ours side.

  39. Anon – No a Dubai contact exposed the Syrian chemical deception now in the public eye.

    Superficial was a trait of pimp ‘smart alec’ [cough] who used his police contacts to protect him, that is until he duped them out of their share of the loot…

  40. Mark Golding, the intriguing comment has got me running around to learn as to who it was, the semantic web as yet is not cutting the mustard, hence the none success. Any hints, if it is not any trouble?

    PS I for one enjoy your contributions and make a point of reading them, thanks Mar.

  41. Komodo

    I don’t know if you have read Craig’s book, but I got the impression that Craig did not believe that engaging with young people and students in Uzbekistan was a worthless pursuit – and is something that ambassadors should spend more time on rather than indulging in the gesture politics of boycotts etc.

  42. Jives

    99.99% was just an estimate – so how many people do you estimate agree with everything you say? Of course you would never indulge in a playground retort would you?

  43. Recollecting the earlier comment, the bizarre story goes on;

    U.S Congressmen congratulate Azerbaijani President

    “Dear President Aliyev,
    As the co-chairs of the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus, we write to congratulate you on your re-election. Your election is another milestone in strengthening Azerbaijan`s civil institutions. Nationwide elections offer voters a choice and represent an important part of the democratic process,” the letter says.

  44. Anon –
    Entirely worthy point. But I feel the argument for engagement as the sole corrective to the likes of Karimov is akin to that of the Trotskyite who gets a job in the City on the pretext of subverting the system from within. While Craig presumably recognises better than most the value of engagement with anyone who will talk to you halfway rationally, he also seems to have realised that engagement only gets you so far, and that an atrocious regime playing his country for a sucker is not a system he wants to collude with. Apologies, Craig, if I am misreading your thoughts, anyway.

  45. Re. Azeri Elections-You Don’t Have to be Psychic…

    I guess we won’t be helping any rebels there, then.

  46. Craig has a new post up OK, Now You Sue Me!

  47. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Oct, 2013 - 4:19 pm

  48. It seems Gambia has to be on the list of to liberate next. Last week she left the commonwealth to stop her membership in a neo colonial organisation.

    Komodo, winning an election before it is even conducted is solely to do with the super powers of forevoting! However, the link you have forwarded explains the need for such an arrangement. It is all in the wristband as they say!!!

  49. Collective noun:

    A shilling of Anons.

  50. Ben,

    That’s an incomplete article from Discovery if you read the actual paper.

    The history of cometary disruption and fragmentation is strongly suggestive of forces beyond gravity playing a signi cant role (e.g., C/1999 S4 LINEAR</strong<, 73P/Schwassman-Wachmann
    3). However, we aim to build a baseline for the expected behavior of ISON during its perihelion passage strictly due to the tidal forces. From this baseline, with historical perspective and the best possible estimates of important unknown variables, we make a prediction about its behavior at, and immediately following, perihelion.

    In other words they state explicitly that with certain comets (such as C/1999 S4 Linear which Ferrin explicitly refers to in his paper) they know for a fact there is something else going on and if Ison is one of those (Ferrin says it is) then all bets are off.

  51. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Oct, 2013 - 5:19 pm

    AA; 1999 from pics looked like another green comet (cyanon gas) and was what originally before break up, several smaller comets looking as one, or smaller comets were result of break-up?

    Something else going on…as in what for instance?

  52. Something else going on…as in what for instance?

    Good question. Some kind of pressure build up in the interior until it just disintegrates maybe? I guess we have to wait for another paper!

    Btw, Ison orbit details are no longer being updated in the NASA Horizons system I notice. I assume this is due to the shutdown.

  53. Given that Trotskyists have a pretty dreadful record in changing anything I’m not sure that your comparison has much validity – sure there has to be thought about with whom you engage and how, but I’m not sure that the approach of standing outside and doing nothing apart from boycotts and brickbats is sufficient in itself – especially as it tends to leave a vacuum when the dictator inevitably falls. I also got the distinct impression from Craig’s book that he didn’t believe that all his and others efforts while in Uzbekistan were futile – although he may have subsequently changed his mind. It is one thing to bemoan the lack of an ethical foreign policy – it is another to actually start to develop what one might look like

    I would also say if anyone things that the Stop the City/St Pauls demonstrators have had any impact on changing the City then they are somewhat deluded.

  54. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Oct, 2013 - 5:44 pm

    “Knight and Kevin Walsh, of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, used mathematical simulations to study whether ISON will be ripped apart2. Observations from the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as smaller telescopes, suggest that ISON is between 1 and 4 kilometres across. Given characteristics of other comets that have survived close encounters with the Sun, such as 1965’s Ikeya-Seki, the team suggests that ISON is big enough not to be vaporized.”

    “Big enough NOT to be vaporized” Haven’t they known it’s size for some time? I guess astronomers wear suspenders as well as belts to hold up their trousers, AA.

  55. @ Jives and others

    Of course the focus should be on Babar Ahmad and the time he’s spent inside without trial, and not on the trial and acquittal of the four policemen.

    But who brought up the side-issue of the trial and acquittal of the four policemen? Why, none other than Wikispooks, followed a mere 30 minutes later by…..John Goss! Here is Goss’s post :

    “Wikispooks, your web-page on Babar Ahmad needs updating. It finishes at the most crucial moment when the four policemen who beat up Babar were about to appear at Southwark Crown Court. They did appear, and although they had previously been found guilty in a civil action in which Babar was awarded £60,000, they were remarkably acquitted, though the judge, Geoffrey Riflin Q.C. must have known of the successful private prosecution.”


    With reference to a further post by John Goss accusing (he would say ‘speculating) the judge and the jury of being masons: it is true that that by itself would not be actionable. However, it might be if the suggestion is that the judge’s and jury’s behaviour was shaped by being masons.

    Which brings me to a wider point : do not rule out that one day, someone – perhaps even the DPP – is going to bring legal action of some kind against a poster on this blog.

  56. Ben,

    Nobody really knows for sure what size the nucleus of Ison is. In the paper they derive a minimum possible size (a lot smaller than the “best estimate”) based on known data and then prove that should still be large enough to survive barring any unanticipated event. Well Ferrin disagrees and argues there is an upcoming event which can be anticipated.

    Latest data at suggests this event could be occurring now.

    Oct 10, 04.8 UT: Added Whitmer Oct 09 Plot of Rc(ComaDiamIncluded). Added plots of Rc(date) and ReducedRc (date), showing that the “Ferrin Fade” appears to be in progress!
    Oct 09, 00.1 UT: Added Whitmer image and Rc(ComaDiamIncluded) plot. Updated Rc(date) plots. Presented evidence that the color of the tail and coma differ (and the difference is growing with date).

  57. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Oct, 2013 - 6:23 pm

    From your link, AA.

    “Toni Scarmato has used AstroArt to enhance spatial structure in Comet ISON images. He finds a jet pointed toward the sun, similar to what was seen in HST images taken in April and May, 2013. This is an important thing to verify, for it might allow for the determination of the nucleus rotation period, and possible it’s orientation. Knowing if one pole is pointed to the sun is an important goal, for it could explain the fading brightness since conjunction (after adjustment for changes in Earth/comet distance). Here is the enhanced image for the lastest observing date:”

    Remember the leading ‘jet’ we talked about?

  58. I love the way AlcAnon and ol’ Ben Franklin mount their deviation operations on the blog – when things get serious, they start spouting about missing asteroids and comets about to hit the earth or the sun..or not. Pure genius! :)

  59. John Goss Excellent….. A shilling of Anons.

    Even a Schillings of Anons bearing in mind Craig’s experiences of said firm? 2007 – 2011. 2 pages.

  60. How your MP voted on the 3rd reading of the gagging bill, aka Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill!! which now goes to the Lords.

    What it is. Video

    ‘The government’s rushing through a new law which, if it passes, would have a chilling effect on British democracy and our right to speak up on issues that matter to us.

    From May 2014, draconian new rules would prevent non-politicians from speaking up on the big issues of the day. A huge range of campaign groups and charities – everyone from The Royal British Legion, to Oxfam, to the RSPB – are warning about the threat this poses.

    It’s telling that so many groups who wouldn’t normally agree with each other have united to oppose the gagging law. Groups that speak out in favour of hunting, windfarms, HS2 or building more houses are joining together with groups who say exactly the opposite.

    That’s because there’s one thing we should all be able to agree on: in a healthy democracy, everyone should able to express their views. And everyone should be allowed to get organised to highlight what politicians are saying and doing on the issues that matter to them.

    Politics is too important to leave to political parties. When we speak up about decisions that affect us and the future of our country, we can often change things for the better.’

    Hardly mentioned in the corporate media.

  61. Further.

    More patriotic propaganda from BBC News with a live report from David Loyn, Camp Bastion, Helmand:

    ‘A lone piper in the Afghan desert heralding the arrival of the Desert Rats, 75 years after they won their name in the sands of North Africa.’

    Starts at about 17:50.


    Last major Helmand handover like no other
    David Loyn Afghanistan correspondent
    1,000 words

  62. resident dissident

    10 Oct, 2013 - 7:50 pm

    “A shilling of Anons.”

    Yep – just avoid the points they raise and respond with insults – even when one of them agrees with you about the Ahmad case that isn’t enough he also has to agree that it is all a masonic conspiracy or similar. We can all play the same game e.g. how about a Goss of Dross? Call it haabara rhyming slang if you wish.

  63. resident dissident

    10 Oct, 2013 - 7:55 pm


    You may wish to call it patriotic propaganda – probably because you wish the other side had won 75 years ago – perhpas some of us would call it honouring those who fought for our freedom against the Nazis. Yet another example of your hatred of ths country I’m afraid.

  64. QE for ever. $13 trillion so far since 2009. We did not telling of this below in bold.

    ‘Bernanke Fed monetary policies have thus boosted financial capital gains and in turn the incomes of the wealthiest in the US and globally, as real disposable income for US households has consistently declined for four consecutive years. As recent data on income distribution from studies of economists at the University of California have shown this past summer: The wealthiest US 1% households have accrued for themselves no less than 95% of all the income gains in the US since 2009.

    Yellen has been perhaps the strongest supporter of out-going Fed Chair, Ben Bernanke’s policies of QE and zero bound rates, which have directly resulted in this lopsided income inequality. So why were liberals so impressed with her as the preferred choice for next Fed chair? It certainly wasn’t for her policies. Or was it?’

    Bernanke’s Backup Gets the Nod
    On Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve Chair

    Ms Yellen aka Mrs Akerlof

    ‘Yellen was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Anna (née Blumenthal) and Julius Yellen, a physician.[3] She graduated from Fort Hamilton High School in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn.[4] She graduated summa cum laude from Brown University with a degree in economics in 1967, and received her Ph.D. in economics from Yale University in 1971.

    Yellen is Jewish[5] and is married to George Akerlof, a Nobel prize-winning economist and professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. Her son, Robert Akerlof, is an assistant professor at the University of Warwick.[6]’

  65. How many more time R3D2? I do NOT hate my country. I hate its systems of power and those who operate them.

    Get lost why don’t you. Find another niche where you can join your pals.

  66. @ Resident Dissident

    “A goss of dross” – pure genius!

    How about this one (to be savoured after her usual early morning showerà:

    “A hail of Marys” ?

  67. @ Resident Dissident

    Could you possibly find and repost the original “I hate my country” post from Mary so that we can see whether or not it was qualifies in the way she suggests above?

  68. Chutzpah. Netanyahu instructs the UK. Don’t worry Bibi. I am sure that Agent Cameron and Billie Hague have got the message OK.

  69. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Oct, 2013 - 9:39 pm

    “Haven’t heard about it in the corporate media? That’s because the deadly and dying global nuclear industry and its allies don’t want you to know.

    That’s why he has organized a petition drive to the UN advocating international expert oversight of, and participation in, management of the Fukushima crisis.

    In this interview, he explains why we must all be involved in this world-historical challenge to human and planetary survival.

    Sign the petition here:

  70. resident dissident

    10 Oct, 2013 - 10:32 pm


    I’m not sure it would help finding Mary’s original post – as she subsequently qualified it the manner she outlined and by saying she loved its people and scenery.

    I could except the qualification about loving its people – if only we then didn’t have comments about sheeple, insults thrown at those who voted for our 3 major democratic political parties, those who support our monarchy (fascisti), those who enjoyed and supported the “Limp Ics” or who enjoy watching or participating in cycling in her neighbourhood and limit her ability to zoom around in a motor vehicle – and now to date she tops that all by suggesting that those Tories who supported Theresa May at their confernece might be put in cells on a cold island and pours scorn on those who wish to commemorate those who died for this country in the fight against fascism (at which I continue to seethe). I’m afraid Mary there are not many people left for you love.

    In response to request for me to get lost – I think I will just stay in that niche where all the British people you have insulted live – and since Private Eye tickles your sense of humour my I refer to their response in the case of Pressdram and Arkell in response to your command as where I might go.

  71. Miliband promises to get tough with energy firms at the Labour conference. A few days later the National Grid warns of winter blackouts. And, today, SSE raises prices and there’s a power cut affecting Stanstead and the surrounding area.

    A connection?

    Come on MSM, even you guys can figure this one out.

  72. Resident Dissident: sources for this, please:

    I could except the qualification about loving its people –

    1.if only we then didn’t have comments about sheeple,
    2.insults thrown at those who voted for our 3 major democratic political parties, those who support our monarchy (fascisti), those who enjoyed and supported the “Limp Ics”
    3. or who enjoy watching or participating in cycling in her neighbourhood
    4. and limit her ability to zoom around in a motor vehicle


  73. Good thing anons are anonymous because they don’t know shit about rule of law. They purse their little lips and make all sorts of unsupported assertions. These must be the new breed of spook cadets with 3rd-rate educations: not Etonian toffs with independent means and sound habits of mind, but salesmen.

    Of course Ecuador would go to the venue that called aggression on the USG in The Republic of Nicaragua v. The United States of America, and voided the USA’s Article 51 invocation in Oil Platforms (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America). They know an independent court when they see one.

    Funny how ‘daft’ little countries kick the US bloc’s ass and set precedents that constrain US satellites’ crimes more and more, over time.

  74. As Obama struggles to keep the US construct afloat, this is a good analysis of his record by James Petras.

    Obama at the UN General Assembly: Five Years a Zionist Lackey
    Fifteen Minutes an American President

    by James Petras / October 10th, 2013

    Obama’s rhetorical exercise in ‘peace talk’ at the United Nations General Assembly impressed few delegations and even fewer Americans: Far more eloquent are his five years of wars, military interventions, cyber-spying, drone murders, military coups and the merciless prosecution of patriotic truth tellers.

    If his ‘peace message’ fell flat, the explicit affirmations of imperial prerogatives, threats of military interventions and over two dozen (25) references to Israel as a ‘strategic ally’, confirmed the suspicions and fears that Obama was preparing for even more deadly wars.

    Playing the ‘War Card’ in the Face of Massive Opposition

    Obama’s UN speech took place at a time when his war policies have hit rock bottom both at home and abroad. After suffering at least two major diplomatic defeats and a string of negative polls, which revealed that a strong majority of Americans rejected his entire approach to foreign policy, Obama made an overture to Iran. Up to that point few delegates or citizens were impressed or entertained by his ‘new vision for US diplomacy’. According to many experts, it was vintage Obama, the con-man: talking peace while preparing new wars.


  75. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if there is any legally actionable grievance in all of this – except for possible defamation.

    Craig’s book tells a story which is supposed to be true, not a creative work of fiction. Any inspiration based on purported facts that do not exactly copy Craig’s choice of words cannot be considered copyright infringements. In this case, Craig’s work is that of a reporter, not an artist so the ideas that are presented in his book are free for people to re-report and rework as fiction.

    I can understand Craig’s objection to the comedic fictionalisation of his experiences, but my position now is that Craig should exploit the opportunity to re-tell the real story to the public to maintain awareness.

  76. Couldn’t agree more – a tie in along the lines of the Real Story behind the Ambassadors etc. would in my view do a lot more good than his current line of trying to encourage a court action against him which would probably only benefit the lawyers.

  77. Flaming June [Mary]
    4 August, 2013 – 10:25 am

    Hakluyt is also mentioned on that FCO Association link.

    Hakluyt avoids publicity, but is regarded as having a reputation for discretion and effectiveness among its client base. Hakluyt was founded by former officials of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

    What a stinking rotten country I was born into. No wonder I hate it now.

    . . . . 

    Emphasis is mine.

  78. Getting your own back now Jemand? Now find the corollaries and put them in bold too.

    PS How are your Australian Aboriginal people and the boat people getting along now under the comedian Abbott?

  79. I would be interested in opinions on the story concerning students who were ‘assaulted’ by Royal Protection Officers during a visit by HRH Princess Anne to Edinburgh University, where she serves as Chancellor.

  80. Mary, its only fair that you find the ‘corollaries’ and post them yourself if you wish. Did any of the ‘corollaries’ emphatically retract the statement and concede how foolish it was in the first place? If so, how long did you take to mull over it? And what were your true motivations behind it?

    Also, Mary, what about your petition to God to damn America? Any ‘corollaries’ to that?

    PS What a pathetic, childish tit-for-tat mentality you reveal (in your mind of ‘hate’) with that attempt of a jibe at Jemand.

    PPS Hate your country, or change of heart, you are certainly addicted to this blog — 8 posts already this morning and its barely coffee-time.

  81. MC- I see the article mentions that the two students belong to something called the leftist political group Defend Edinburgh. Mr Google informs me that this is a student group within EUSA:

    and not as might be assumed by the careless reader, a sinister expression of international anarcho-syndicalism.

    I was baffled by the police account: the two had not been forcibly removed but ‘detained’. Detained somewhere else. To which they would have had to be removed, and had they resisted, forcefully.

    This was apparently done under the terrorism act. To legitimate students (who would have had campus cards, I guess) in an area which may have been designated by someone somewhere as restricted, but was not signed as such? My opinion? Is. FFS.

  82. Komodo – yes I think FFS covers it. I think it was a ridiculous over-reaction by campus and royal security to two students loitering around a part of Old College usually reserved for management and VIPs. Although from Mr Google and a few friends who are still connected to EUSA it looks as though some young politicos are trying to turn the whole thing into an attack on privilege and the Royals.

    Like you, I think the police account is waffle. Cheers for getting back to me.

  83. You may have missed this in today’s Guardian, MC:

    Some sort of dissent is clearly valid. My reaction is that as the Royals are obviously an extremely successful brand, we should float them on the Stock Exchange and privatise the buggers. Neatly removing any claims as to copyright on the Queen’s head on stamps.

    Sauce for goose, sauce for big fat edible male bird.

  84. @Anon (x 3!), Res Des, Jemand, Villager,

    Re getting your kicks by beating up on Mary whenever you can, in this case over an out of context sentence; context is everything, she said it whilst remarking on particular aspects of how the power systems operate in this Country. It’s rather reminds me of Jon’s bizarre intervention when AlcAnon recently let off steam iro the NASA website shutdown by cursing the Americans, as Jon also chose to ignore the relevant context, and focused on certain words in isolation; Context, I repeat, is the only logical way to undertsand what is being meant, something you must have surely forgotten from your basic English lessons at school.

  85. Dear Mary,

    Our Aborigines are doing much better, thanks for asking. And there are fewer leaky boat immigrants making the journey to Oz over perilous waters although just recently more died at sea for no good reason. But some people don’t care enough to mention them.

    Hi Macky!

  86. Yes, you are right regarding access to the legal system regarding challenging businesses. It is also the case with Local Authorities. Their is a whitewash Obudsman, then you have to engage laywers at huge expense which makes it too much of a gamble for ordinary people.

  87. Macky

    I agree context is everything – and Resident Dissident has provided plenty of context – it is not just a single remark but a series of them targeted at the people of this country. You may think it is “patriotic propaganda” when our troops honour their predecessors who fought against fascism – most people who love their country don’t. If Mary wants to stop people repeating her previous statement then she should stop making remarks that support her original statement or at least have the grace to apologise for them – my family lost a number of relatives fighting fascism in WW2 and I for one are not going to allow such remarks pass by quietly. I daresay you will start your pathetic whining asking for all those who disagree to be banned – which appears to be the only tune you have at present.

  88. CTUL has clearly been sat upon by his Russian friends if takes his understanding of the ICJ’s role from a article provided by Assange to his paymaster. So what international law has the UK broken by letting Assange go to the Supreme Court in respect of his appeal against extradition to Sweden and then seeking to carryout that courts decision? If we were to invade the embassy then there might be a case – but that hasn’t happened and the ICJ doesn’t try people for thoughtcrime, much as you might like them to.

  89. Isn’t everybody in the chain, from Mary onwards, tending to take everything as a personal attack here? Mary goes OTT, sure. Point taken, long ago. It’s what she does. You aren’t going to change her or push her off the board, and who’s to say you should? Scroll past her daily news bulletin and make your own doubtless trenchant points, if that’s a problem.

  90. Komodo

    My disagreement is with the points being made by Mary – who for all I know may be a wonderful person in real life and quite different from her keyboard alter ego. If Mary or anyone makes a point which others disagree with then I don’t see why the writer should believe they should be immune from criticism providing it is expressed politely – and I have no problem whatsoever with the same being applied to myself. The problem is then rather than disagreeing is that the whole thing then tails off into interminable and inconclusive arguments with others being drawn in to the argument – might I suggest that if anyone does not wish to continue the argument either they shut up or just say “I disagree” rather than crafting what they see as a suitable inflammatory response which will actually change nothing.

  91. might I suggest that if anyone does not wish to continue the argument either they shut up or just say “I disagree”

    Precisely. Though in the interests of not prolonging this particular spat, “I disagree”….

    Harping on about a remark of Mary’s and presenting it as if the complainant were some sort of outraged patriot…for months…is just plain bloody obtuse. Or intentionally disruptive, which may perhaps not fit your case, but sure as hell fits Villager’s, RD’s and Rubbaduck’s. Picking on a careless bit of phrasing and banging on about it for weeks – come on, look at yourselves.

    BTW, I’d like to see a moratorium on the word ‘hate’ on t’internet. It’s usually used to stand for ‘seriously dislike’, as in ‘I hate bananas with mustard’, and almost never applied to something really hateworthy. Perhaps that’s the real issue; linguistic imprecision. But we all have imprecise moments, don’t we? Don’t we? Please don’t make me have to look for yours….

  92. More News From The Other Side (of Turkey)

    Happy Baku – bringing precognition to your mobile gubbins.

  93. my family lost a number of relatives fighting fascism in WW2

    Other than the royals which family did not lose any members in the WWII?

    Further what has this got to do with the price of the eggs in the fucking farmyard?


    Macky, as you have noticed, this is the fucking pattern on this blog to pick on the individuals and keep on nit picking. This of course is passed as “debate”, and the opponents are absolved from their nefarious intent on disrupting the flow of data, and harassing certain individuals who support the Palestinians and loath the ziofuckwit vermin for what they are.

    The text book conduct of the unimaginative ziofuckwits and their stealth support structure is an all too apparent modus operandi for anyone who has come across these specimens roaming the internet and crapping it up. Just note the various “contentions”, which surprisingly have a uniformity and even more strange are somewhat unanimously picked up by a certain group of the operatives around here, to be bandied about.

    Bizarrely the said ziofuckwits “sock puppeting” are not checked by a certain pooh bah, who would be immediately outing the offenders in a jiffy, if it were others committing the said crime. However, those of us used to all manner of dirty tricks carry on regardless which is even more fucking infuriating to the ziofuckwit wankers.

  94. I’ll second Komodos request for scroll past, whats the point in winding yourself up every time Mary posts a relevant point, to be honest I’m a little concerned about such fixation.

    RELAX boare’s, there’s more to life than petty bickering. It also detracts from real good discussion and debate.

    This is newcomers saying so, people who have not posted here before, they are turned off by this. Self constraint should be perfectly understandable to any god fearing person, whatever god it is.


  95. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    11 Oct, 2013 - 11:18 pm

    “What a stinking rotten country I was born into. No wonder I hate it now.”

    Personally I wasn’t especially critical of or exercised by that comment of Mary’s because I saw it as a rhetorical device and a cry of exasperation to round off whatever she was posting about at the time. There are probably few of us – even people who would recognise in calmer moments that there are many worse places to live in than the UK – who haven’t at least thought the same at one time or another.

    What interests me more, however, are her subsequent qualifications, eg about it being the power structures/system that she really hates; those reminded me a little of what Orwell once wrote about Britain being a family with the wrong members in charge. But they do seem to raise the following question : IS a country/people not, at least in large measure, the power structures, and ARE the power structures not, at least in large measure, the country/people?

  96. Poor anon, still pining for the patriotic cannon fodder of your imagination, when it wasn’t them who saved your family’s servile cringing asses, it was us. Even now, Anon is hopelessly ignorant about the result of his cherished, fancied war: the law governing asylees and the principles governing human rights defenders, as well as Article 19 and General Comment 34. The right Assange defends mostly pertains to people with integrity and courage, of course, but others here might find it of interest if you don’t.

  97. I have just revisited this thread for the first time since yesterday morning. I note the venom from the vituperative ‘Villager’ who yet again reveals his true nature.

    Macky I appreciate your comment but please don’t waste your time and words on the little gang of playground bullies. I won’t. They really need to find out who does hate this country.

    Two suggestions for them.
    1. The gang of vultures who have gone off with their lucre from the Royal Mail share offer.
    eg ‘Lansdowne Partners, one of the world’s biggest hedge funds, has taken a massive stake in the Royal Mail sell-off, sparking controversy that not enough stock was given to U.K. pension fund managers.

    Royal Mail’s shares opened 36 percent higher at 450p, way above the government’s offer price earlier this week for the U.K’s mail delivery service of 330p.

    Lansdowne, along with sovereign wealth funds including ADIA (Abu Dhabi), KIA (Kuwait Investment Authority), GIC (Singapore) and Norges (Norway) were all given allocations of around £50 million ($79 million), according to people close to the deal.’

    2. The executives of the companies who have exploited the tax law to defraud HMRC of £35billion.

  98. Jon I thought Habbabkuk and his alter egos were banned??

  99. Morning Mary, what an unexpectedly lovely autumnal morning it is! I propose we do not turn it into a Black October.

    Habby makes a valid point — one that hasn’t been made before; thinking laterally, which is the undoubted value he brings to this blog. Else we can all sit here in an echo-chamber of a ‘blox’ (just made that word up).

    It is true, you, he, Macky, even Passerby/Fedup are ‘society’; society is us, therefore, I am society. Now the point i have strived to make is that you/one cannot change society by changing the super-structures of society. If you really want change — fundamental transformation — one can, and in that sense has to, change one’s self. Only then will we have real, sustainable change.

    As for the Royal Mail, rip-off, it is quite disgusting and should be the subject of an investigation. I didn’t follow the lead up to it closely, but were shares easily accessible to your ‘average’ Joe Blog?

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