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  • Mary

    Komodo I neither think GG is cool or hot. Just that he gets a hard time of it from the media and others.

    If you are referring to my posting of that Stone Cold video, I see it as relevant to Galloway and to my concern for the Palestinians. Surely I am free to post Craig and the moderators permitting. You got in a huff with me before for some reason and went off in high dudgeon.

    Tony M I cannot see that a convoy of vehicles containing aid had any effect on Western initiated uprisings in North African countries bordering the Mediterranean. One of the convoys was delayed but I cannot recall at which border along the route.

  • Andy

    Habba 9-44 pm:

    The billions that you say are put into ‘much needed sewer repairs’ are a fantasy and with you being so well informed, will know this. Reporting on expected maintenance costs, the water companies have estimated sewers to last for an average 280 years and in one calculation as much as a 1000 years. Water UK estimated that many sewers have an asset life of less than 100 years and few, if any have lasted that long.
    Sewage repairs and maintenance activities are forecast and submitted as actual costs without ever being completed, which leaves more to be paid out in dividends, leaving crumbling pipes supplying consumers (as well as obscenely inflated water bills).
    The privatisation of water, just like all the other sell off’s were a fraud enforced on the people of this country to make the wealthy even wealthier and to get more money out of bill payers, who have had no choice but to pay up. A perfect year on year scam that none of us can escape.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Whose Dog Are You?)

    I wasn’t referring to the video. I was referring to “So why raise it?”.

    My position is that, ever since the Mariam Appeal case (still rumbling on – http://www.civilsociety.co.uk/governance/news/content/17195/commission_wins_foi_exemption_over_mariam_appeal_in_supreme_court_but_faces_fresh_legal_challenge ), the media are right to take an interest in Galloway.

    The man sought election repeatedly, and got it in Bradford. An MP, more than anyone else, should IMO have the interests of his own country, and of his constituents, in mind. I’m sufficiently old fashioned to think that regularly being paid by foreign media to advance the propaganda of foreign countries is not a legitimate occupation for an MP, particularly one whose day job appears to suffer markedly as a consequence. But take comfort – I feel the same way about Atlanticist Tories.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Whose Dog Are You?)

    Mary, I haven’t time to trawl for one of yours on the subject of troughing Tories with their own companies, but I think a Tory MP with his own PR company, paid to work for (say) the US and Israel* and neglecting his constituents, might attract your interest….

    *rather than Russia and Iran – to spell it out.

  • YouKnowMyName

    The Scottish Herald declares Farage the winner after yesterdays Clegg debate, where Scottish independence was hardly mentioned,
    but the Telegraph talks madly about an EU assisted Coup in Kiev! Surely this is OFF TOPIC for MSM?
    Quote”Mr Clegg described Mr Farage’s comments as “insulting” and “extreme”.
    The Deputy Prime Minister told LBC Radio: “I was extraordinarily surprised – if not shocked – that he agrees with Vladimir Putin. To somehow suggest that because of Nigel Farage’s loathing of the European Union – that is the reason why Ukrainian protesters sought to reclaim their own freedom and their own country on the streets of Kiev. I just think it’s really insulting to those people in Kiev who were simply standing up for values that we should share and support.
    “For Nigel Farage to side with Vladimir Putin – well, he’ll have to explain why he did that. I was really astounded he did so.”
    Mr Clegg added: “It shows quite how extreme people like Nigel Farage can be when their loathing of the European Union becomes so all-consuming that they even end up siding with Vladimir Putin in order to make their point.
    “And to suggest that it’s somehow the European Union’s fault that the Ukrainian people rose up as many did on the streets of Kiev against their government…I just think is such a perverse way of looking at things.””

    If MSM prints these opinions over the forthcoming May EP elections then just what is going to happen in the actual Scottish Devo debate is unfathomable….though If I had to guess, I’d bet that Alex Salmond will be accused of siding with North Korea

  • Daniel

    “It’s this kind of ignorant and superficial thinking that gives the liberal establishment a bad name.”

    Fred had you down to a tee when he said the following:

    “…..Like I said a despicable nasty little shit, Salmond’s little Blackshrt. You confirm everything I have said about Nationalists and Nationalism. History has shown them to be thugs and bullies and it doesn’t seem the SNP can claim to be any dfferent.

    Now crawl back into the hole you crawled out of, probably Salmond’s arsehole, you slimy little turd.”


  • nevermind

    What a pathetic showcasing of apparent party politcal discourse that was yesterday, from all three of them. He who sold his soul Wilson was bamboozled by the two cockerels and the media lapped it up, Electioneering to the marginals.
    Just love to hear the conversation on the doorstep, to both of them…’so you say Putins nailboot antics at home and abroad are the right thing to do? do you?…..

    Most important news yesterday was Ban Ki Moons announcement of a devastating UN climate report, that should come out today, not that this matters to the BBC Today programm, and the question should now be answered as to what we will be the precautionary planning to house some 20-40 million Bangladeshi’s soon.
    Well, my guess is in approx. 20 years plus.

    Equally, 89 cm rise of sea levels this century should galvanise the insurance giants and Governments somewhat, should we now contemplate building a superdyke from Norfolk to Kent with massive locks and tidal energy systems replacing dangerous nuclear PWR power, safeguarding the Thames and London, leaving acces via a new barrier, and protecting the Blackwater estuaries and low lying Essex, all Suffolk estuaries, with Harwich and Felixstowe getting a moving barrier too, and buying us all some 150 years time?

    @ Mark G. Have left you a little link to a very good filmaker who has travelled widely in Iraq, pg.3 on the previous thread.

  • Mary

    It isn’t a PR company. It is there to receive his earnings on which he will pay corporation tax exactly like the TV and media people rather than income tax. Still a free country, just.

    To me Russia and Iran are not the bogeymen as they are portrayed by the paleocons in the western media. We are not going to agree.

  • mark golding

    Thanks Herbie for the link and Tony M -a penetrating read. I have sent a letter to Dutch Embassy entitled ‘Busted’ over Ukraine.

    I asked, “is this [Hromadske’s biggest funding] symptomatic of past history when ‘Ivar the Boneless’ -Marauding Danish Conqueror hit the shores of Britain?

    (Trying desperately hard not to confuse the word Danish with the word Dutch).

  • Tony M

    Are you being stress-tested Danielbot, you’ve directed your bile to the wrong person, a completely innocent nice person. Don’t over-stress your cpu. Fred says that about everyone, it’s a term of endearment. I would be moderated if I expressed my suspicions about you.

    Fred (Bull) was actually referring cruelly, maliciously unfairly and irrationally to Juteman in that unpleasant tirade, not Jemand. Jemand has made some very strange posts such as the one above, but also some thought-provoking ones, I’d rather hear from Jemand than hear any of Fred’s foul-mouthed eruptions and I’d rather hear from Juteman all day long than either of the other two, or you.

    I think you should apologise to Juteman for repeating Fred’s slurs.

    Your job is done anyhow, what do you care who you’ve maligned wrongly.

  • Mary

    So funny. From Medialens.

    Had a look at the Sun this morning, (a work colleagues, I swear) there was a story about a 16 inch rat that had been caught somewhere; it was named ‘Putin’, after rudely invading the family’s home.


  • nevermind

    Only now read your piece anode, well said.
    Also thanks to Tony M for being succinct, I think the BBC is slowly working themselves to a frenzy, come the referendum. They are desperate to show Scottish voters that they are impartial, unbiased and that they would not like to loose 5 million broadcasting tax payers. Tough the day may come not soon enough.

    Re: excuse, yes he should say sorry to Juteman, but some can’t ever spill those words across their lips, they get palpitations writing it.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Whose Dog Are You?)

    “…. he will pay corporation tax….”

    Indeed. So much cheaper (25%) than paying personal tax on his earnings. And, as you say, a widespread dodge. Wonder if I’d get away with it?

    “Channelling payments through a private company permits these earnings to take advantage of corporation tax of around 21 per cent rather than all of his earnings being subject to income tax, which rises to 45 per cent on earnings above £150,000.

    Those who structure their affairs in this way can offset the cost of clothes, cars and other work-related expenses against their income. There are also potential savings on National Insurance.

    Respect, the political party Mr Galloway represents, called for the stamping out of tax avoidance and associated loopholes in its 2010 general election manifesto.

    In a speech during last year’s election campaign for the Scottish parliament, Mr Galloway said: “We support progressive taxation that means the rich will pay more. We will campaign to close all tax loopholes – this measure alone would bring in an estimated £120 billion in unpaid or avoided tax and eliminate the budget deficit in a flash.”


    Still, he wasn’t claiming expenses (Channel 4: 10 O’Clock Live, 4 April 2012 (Series 2, episode 6 23 minutes in, maybe still on Youtube or summat).

    He says.


    At risk of being tedious, Mary…and I don’t really care…would you stand for this from a Tory?

  • Ba'al Zevul (Whose Dog Are You?)

    Good site, more on Riley-Smith –


    Re GG, I imagine his youngest, by his third wife, the second of whom was born just four months before he married his fourth wife, are probably too young for politics. Though Embryo Hague set an alarming precedent…but a quick search indicates that at least George isn’t doing a Blair/ Straw dynastic number.

    I will, Mary. I will. Thank you.

  • mark golding

    Pleasing link-Happy days! Nevermind-The black cloth of death has covered the eyes of so many Iraq families.

    I pulled this archived interview from a man still fat, dumb, happy and at ease with his god:

    In another interview a week earlier, on January 14, on CBS’s 60 Minutes, Bush repelled any suggestion of responsibility for error in his Iraq policy. He located the lack of public support in the United States in the insufficient thanks offered by the Iraqis. “Do you think you owe the Iraqi people an apology for not doing a better job?” asked correspondent Scott Pelley. “That we didn’t do a better job or they didn’t do a better job?” replied the president. “Well, that the United States did not do a better job in providing security after the invasion.” “Not at all,” said Bush. “I am proud of the efforts we did. We liberated that country from a tyrant. I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude, and I believe most Iraqis express that. I mean the people understand that we’ve endured great sacrifice to help them. That’s the problem here in America. They wonder whether or not there is a gratitude level that’s significant enough in Iraq.”

  • fred

    “Fred says that about everyone”

    No I don’t, I have perfectly civilised discussions with loads of people here and other places too.

    If someone decides they would like to abandon civilised debate and resort to name calling then I’m happy to play that game too, I’m rather good at it.

    Everybody get to choose which sort of game they want to play.

  • Mary

    Did you know he’s painting dogs Mark and strange self portraits of himself in the bath and shower??


    Perhaps the self portraits are some attempt of self absolution of his sins? Like BLiar in the confessional perhaps?

    If these illustrated here are really his work, then a psychiatrist should be brought in or is he just laughing in our faces.

  • Mary

    Vultures right enough.

    ‘Private companies are helping to decide the future of the NHS.

    It’s come to light that a lobbying outfit working for big drug companies was paid by NHS England to write an important report. It’s claimed that this report could help shape £12bn (!) of NHS spending over the next five years. [1]

    The NHS is owned by all of us. But NHS England – the body that runs the NHS here – doesn’t have to publish conflicts of interest like this, or details of the lobbyists they meet with. We may never have even found out this was going on.

    If enough of us kick up a stink, we could force NHS England to come clean about who’s deciding the future of our NHS. Let’s show them that the taxpayers who fund them expect honesty about who’s advising them, especially when these people might profit from the decisions.

    Will you add your name to the petition to demand transparency over who’s deciding the future of our NHS?

    Private companies getting involved in NHS decision-making is exactly what we all feared would happen when the government passed the Health and Social Care Act. As well as providing local services, private companies are now being ushered in at the top of the NHS.

    There’s no reason why NHS England can’t publish potential conflicts of interest or meetings with lobbying firms. Government departments regularly do this. [2]

    NHS England is less than a year old. They’re not used to being on the receiving end of a big people-powered petition. Thousands and thousands of names on a petition, delivered to their offices, could embarrass them into coming clean about who’s influencing them.

    Can you sign the petition and demand that NHS England register any links to big business?

    38 Degrees members have voted time and time again to ensure that protecting our NHS is at the core of what we do. [3] It’s moments like this where we can come together and take action. Let’s fight to protect our NHS from the vultures that are circling it. The first step is to find out who they are.

    [1] The Independent – Revealed: Big Pharma’s hidden links to NHS policy, with senior MPs saying medical industry uses ‘wealth to influence government’:

    [2] Who’s lobbying? – Government departments’ registers of meetings:

    [3] 38 Degrees blog post: Poll results: March 22nd 2014:

  • Jay


    Does matter who owns the a Nhs ultimately the people will decide the standard of which it operates.
    It comes down to money and the distribution that contributes to end user care.
    Quality of management then are responsible. There then their are good and bad managers.
    As politicians they are hand reared by reprobates in the case if G W Bush. They do a job.
    It is all systemic in our attitude.
    As with the vaccinations we are sincere in our reservations as people. Like Habba of high intelligence, why are they here instead of doing a useful job?
    Habba would make a better politician than Bush.

  • Ben

    Mark; Redemptive Awareness is not a quality contained in the Bush Dynasty.

    But then, sociopaths enjoy a care-free lifestyle when conscience is absent.

  • doug scorgie

    Ba’al Zevul (Whose Dog Are You?)
    27 Mar, 2014 – 12:41 pm

    “I’m sufficiently old fashioned to think that regularly being paid by foreign media to advance the propaganda of foreign countries is not a legitimate occupation for an MP…”

    Anyone who knows Galloway’s politics knows full well that the views he expresses on Press TV or RT are his own and are views that he has expressed long before those channels offered him any shows.

    So Ba’al Zevul / Komodo or whoever; as you must be fully conversant with Galloway and his views you are being dishonest and misleading.

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