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1,377 thoughts on “Andy Myles

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  • fred

    “Jon, Fred

    Do you categorize in any way yourselves?”

    Rational, I categorize myself as rational.

    There are right wing Nationalists in very other country and I find it hard to believe there aren’t any in Scotland.

    Especially as I’ve come across quite a few.

  • John Goss

    A bit of light distraction for those who have difficulty with the spam maths used in posting a comment.

    4 x 4 + 4 x 4 + 4 – 4 x 4 =

    Just put a single answer with no comment about it please.

  • fred

    “I can’t understand why some folk get so vexed over the issue of independence.
    It seems a very simple matter of democracy to me.
    Should countries govern themselves, or should they get a neighbour to run their affairs for them? I would think the people best placed to govern a country are those that live there.”

    It might be difficult to understand if you see everything in terms of “us and them”.

    If you just see one big “us” it will make more sense to you.

  • kurtan

    And just how big is your “US” ? How many borders do you wish to get rid of ?
    Who do you want to make your decisions for you ?
    Are you so insecure about your countrymen that you feel other nations are better equipped to make decisions ?
    Do you decide when it’s time to go to the Loo or does your mother still do that for you ?
    If the big US is Westminster and they made good decisions for Scotland then I might be inclined to agree with you,but they don’t and rarely have.As in Brussels which is another big US where there are over 70,000 lobbyists working daily to promote someone elses agenda,Westminster has their thousands of lobbyists working for business and not the people.The City of London has a rep sitting right behind the Speakers Chair making sure that Parliament does their bidding.The big US are left out by lobbied Interests.
    Or is the Big US , the UN ? Which is a very one sided ,corrupt institution allowing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Israel,but punishing it elsewhere.
    Who exactly is your big “US”?
    Scotland has been used as a testing ground for weapons and policies, as well as a dumping ground for nuclear waste and nuclear weapons.They are continually outvoted in a lopsided parliament.If Westminster says No ,it’s no, no matter if all 5.5 million Scots said Yes.
    There is no Big US in the UK!
    Independence will not fix everything,but it will allow the Scots to deal with their big US.

  • Mary

    Israeli soldiers shot dead Palestinian teen in cold blood

    March 27, 2014

    (Al-Akhbar) – Israeli occupation forces who shot dead a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank last week used live fire, without warning, against innocent youngsters out foraging for roots, an Israeli rights group said Wednesday.

    After investigating the March 19 death of 15-year-old Yussef Sami Shawamreh, B’Tselem said it had found no evidence to support the army’s version of events that troops had opened fire at youths who had “sabotaged” the West Bank apartheid wall.


    B’tselem is the Israeli founded and staffed Human Rights group of whom the British government professed to have no knowledge last week in the HoC.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    You Tube is banned in Turkey.Twitter a few days before that.
    Erdogan has gone mad.
    MSM have reported the ban ,but not the reasons you tube got banned.
    It was banned because it exposed a high level discussion in Erdogans military command discussing using Al Qaeda to missile attack a shrine in Syria which is guarded by Turkish special forces.They then state that this would be a cause of war between Syria and Turkey.
    False Flag’s by a NATO country would bring all of NATO into the fight.
    Parliament wouldn’t be needed to go to war then,because of our NATO commitments.
    Or am I wrong about that ?

  • Mary


    Embassy of Israel – London

    Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 08:17

    Subject: Automatic reply: Hebron

    Thank you for your message.

    We would like to share with you that Israeli diplomats and the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are currently engaged in a labor dispute. As a result, we won’t be able to respond to this message or other requests.

    Our struggle is an attempt to strengthen the Israeli Foreign Service as a major contributor to national security, to its ability to promote Israeli values and interests, and to give a better service to Israeli citizens.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Plus a version in Hebrew. What is the Hebrew for ‘Trouble at mill’?

  • John Goss

    DonnyDarko, you’re probably right. There are so many false flags kicking off and have kicked off in the US aims at global domination, including the Ukraine and Somalia, it is probably true. My worst fears are that when the US realises that world domination is unachievable, it will only have nuclear weapons left. Knowing all these criminals will be facing war-crimes it will destroy the planet.

  • fred


    At the time we went to war in Iraq the leaders of all three political parties were Scots. Just how much control did you want?

    Our local MP fought hard to have the first Nuclear reactor in Britain built here and a great benefit it has been and still is to our community. People who served apprenticeships at Dounreay, welders, electricians, went on to work offshore. I’ve never met anyone here wishes it had been built elsewhere, I’ve met an awful lot of people damned glad it wasn’t.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Liberté, Egalité, Shopping Malls!)

    “There are right wing Nationalists in very other country and I find it hard to believe there aren’t any in Scotland.”

    I notice you are defining your term very precisely. Is there such a thing at all for you as a left-wing nationalist (without capitals)? No? Then doesn’t any nationalist whatever necessarily figure as rightwing on your personal radar?

    The popularity of the SNP is by no means entirely due to its nationalism, and is arguably more due to its resonance with genuine Socialists (capital) who felt increasingly betrayed by Nu Labour’s Nu Thatcherism, and who demonstrably wanted no part of the Conservative and Unionist Party, which treated Scotland with complete contempt.

    Re unionists and nationalists, there’s a letter in the Guardian today describing the reaction of an Ulster prison officer to being asked how the prisoners of the two factions spent their time in jail. The unionists spent their time in the gym. The IRA boys spent their time reading and studying for degrees.

    Go figure.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Liberté, Egalité, Shopping Malls!)

    “I’ve never met anyone here wishes it had been built elsewhere,”

    I have. A universitu lecturer and researcher. He performed a plutonium particle survey on a nearby beach. And felt badly enough about it to detail what he had found in every module he taught.

  • fred

    “I have. A universitu lecturer and researcher. He performed a plutonium particle survey on a nearby beach. And felt badly enough about it to detail what he had found in every module he taught.”

    What was his name? Where did he rather it was built?

    There were a lot of people died in the coal mines of South Yorkshire and Wales, I don’t remember many of the people who lived there supporting their closure.

  • A Node

    Ba’al Zevul (Liberté, Egalité, Shopping Malls!) 28 Mar, 2014 – 8:32 am

    “No, I think that’s unfair. I don’t think RT or (especially) PTV [Press TV] would buy time from anyone who wasn’t prepared to advance their agenda, whether he was aware of it or not. I don’t know if he approached them or they him, but that’s irrelevant IMO, as the ideological fit – as you say – was well known in advance. And as an MP – which he chose to be – he has responsibility to this country first and foremost.”

    This is an extract from an article written by the refreshingly honest Geoffrey Alderman in defence of Press TV when it was banned by Ofcom from broadcasting to Britain:

    “I believe this action by Ofcom to be thoroughly deplorable as well as palpably cynical. But before I go any further I must make two declarations of interest. The first is that I am a proud Zionist. The second is that within months of its establishment in the UK in 2007, I became an occasional broadcaster on Press TV, appearing mostly on panel discussions. In 2011, I made four such appearances, and received a total of £300 in fees, which I donated to Israel.

    My Zionist affiliation and sympathies are of course very well known to Press TV. But I have never been censored, nor has the company ever made the slightest attempt to get me to modify a particular view. Press TV’s considerable following in the Middle East has thus been exposed to opinions and arguments – especially in relation to Israel – that they might otherwise never hear. Now this voice of balance has been silenced.”

    This “proud Zionist” is getting an average of £75 per appearance on Press TV. He clearly isn’t doing it for the money. He appears to suggest that he is doing it to advance his Zionist views.

    Ba’al Zevul, does this advance the agenda of Press TV, and if so what are these agenda?

  • Jon

    Interesting, and relevant point, about nationalism from this article (I recommend the whole blog – it makes sensible points with an extremely cheeky humour). It refers to Michael White, a Guardian man, writing in New Statesman:

    As political analysis Michael’s Caledonian musings are not even anal, he just makes an arse of them. It’s more than a wee bit alarming that a politics guru can’t get over the simple word “nationalism” and appreciate that common or garden words mean different things in different contexts and that this is true in spades of political words. You’d think that would be the most basic tool of his trade.

    The goal of a movement which seeks self determination for a country without a state is qualitatively different from the nationalism of a political party which seeks to aggrandise an existing state and isolate it from the world in a red white and blue wet dream. The goal of Scottish independence is diametrically opposed to the goal of UKIP, and many if not most supporters of Scottish independence are nationalist only in so much as they recognise the existence of Scotland as a nation.

  • A Node

    Ba’al Zevul (Liberté, Egalité, Shopping Malls!) 28 Mar, 2014 – 8:56 am

    ” Any chance of seeing the figures from either side? With some idea of how they are reached? I’d welcome the chance not to have to search the Google world of finance myself, and I’d like to see this catfight underpinned by solid numbers”

    I wasn’t talking about a budget deficit forecast but Fred seemed to think I was and seemed to be on the defensive about it, so I didn’t correct him 🙂
    I couldn’t find a UK forecast so I quoted the budget deficits for the past four years, an average of 131.25 billion/year. Here’s the solid numbers:

  • Ba'al Zevul (Liberté, Egalité, Shopping Malls!)

    Ba’al Zevul, does this advance the agenda of Press TV, and if so what are these agenda?

    Fair question. I don’t have enough information to answer it. But tokenism comes to mind. We have moved on from the days when Radio Moscow figured extolling the glorious people’s revolutionary advances in tractor gearbox production had any relevance to the West, and PTV isn’t simpleminded, I’ll give it that.

    The agenda of PTV, which is funded by the Iranian state, and said to be close to the Revolutionary Guard, is to advance Iranian interests. As it is entitled to do.

    And your exemplar isn’t an MP. Which was, after all, my point.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Liberté, Egalité, Shopping Malls!)

    “What was his name?”

    What’s yours? As this is a public space, and I don’t have his permission, I decline to answer your question. However, he is English, a senior academic, meticulous, and additionally now holds a responsible position in local politics. If I have to take your (many) unsupported statements as fact, please return the courtesy. Thanks.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Liberté, Egalité, Shopping Malls!)

    Thanks A Node. Telling indeed…

    Fred? Forecasts?

  • Ba'al Zevul (Liberté, Egalité, Shopping Malls!)

    There were a lot of people died in the coal mines of South Yorkshire and Wales, I don’t remember many of the people who lived there supporting their closure.

    I don’t recall them objecting to improved safety procedures and cleanup of their localities either. I’m not talking about the people with a stake in the operation, anyway. Some of them would sell their own grannies for a job (forgivably; more of them, since Thatcher, and under policies pretty well endorsed by Nu Libor), and whistleblowers are severely discouraged. I’m talking about everyone else.

    Still, if you’ve developed a mysterious lump after swimming near Dounreay, on your head be it!

  • kurtan

    Right said Fred !

    So you’ve gone from the big US to lokal hero?
    There was such a huge job pool and under employment in the the North of Scotland way back then that building a test reactor along with the weapons Dept was welcomed by the local sheep.
    It had nothing to do with the fact they needed large amounts of cold water and it to be as far away as possible from London.
    Sorry Fred , but you’re full of it!!

  • John Goss

    You’ve got to do this test. Get it wrong and you can’t move to Scotland!!!

    4 x 4 + 4 x 4 + 4 – 4 x 4 =

    Just put a single answer with no comment about it please.

  • ESLO


    Only 20 if you accept the normal conventions of mathematics – given JG doesn’t accept normal conventions (such as not telling people how to reply to your own comments) I suspect that he reaches a different answer – probably 0.8181818181 or similar.

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