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by craig on March 26, 2014 11:18 am in Uncategorized

One of my oldest and dearest friends has gone public on his support for Scottish Independence. I am greatly cheered by this. More thoughts later.

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  1. technicolour

    2 Apr, 2014 - 11:06 pm

    Anon, yes, I think it is an emotional thing, you’re right. There was leeway in the decision and the decision was taken against human – compassionate and sensible – considerations.

  2. Ferd; “is, in fact, what everybody in the world gets when they put into the email box. Even habbakuk knows this, for chrissakes.”

    As I have too much self-respect to lower myself in engaging in sock-puppeting, the mechanics of which I know very little, I bow to your & Habbakuk’s expertise in this field; you still haven’t confirmed who you were previously, as your comment here reveals;

    Just who were you “last time” ?

  3. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    2 Apr, 2014 - 11:39 pm


    “68% to Farage 27% to Cleggover. You Gov poll on the debate tonight. Labour and LD voters are moving to Farage, Peter Kellner of You Gov said earlier. He is married to the EU’s Ashton.”

    Well well well! You sound rather pleased about that. I had no idea you have a soft spot for Nigel and UKIP. But I am rather surprised.


    La vita è bella, life is good!

  4. technicolour

    2 Apr, 2014 - 11:41 pm

    I would be quite surprised too.

  5. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    2 Apr, 2014 - 11:44 pm

    Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s surprised.

    Seriously though, should I throw a “John Goss” and, after going out for the evening, vow never to talk to Mary again on the grounds that she’s a fan of Nigel and UKIP?

  6. Farage said he was against bombing Libya and Syria and that the British people were sick and tired of endless foreign wars, so there’s at least some common ground there.

  7. technicolour

    3 Apr, 2014 - 12:03 am

    Er, no. I said ‘ would be’. Just because someone feels honest revulsion at the policies which the Lib Dem executive has helped implement, does not mean they would support Ukip. Even if they did, of course one shouldn’t ostracise someone solely for that reason – wouldn’t you agree?

    If, however, that person started, say, actively attacking the vulnerable in the name of Ukip (or even in the name of ‘Conservative’, or ‘Labour’) then one would feel impelled to oppose them. Don’t you think?

    An interesting exchange. I look forward to your thoughts.

  8. technicolour

    3 Apr, 2014 - 12:07 am

    Questions aside, that’s what I think, anyway. Semi-selfish; that ‘vulnerable’ person could be me. Or my grandmother.

  9. “Seriously though, should I throw a “John Goss” and, after going out for the evening, vow never to talk to Mary again on the grounds that she’s a fan of Nigel and UKIP?”

    There’s a big difference between supporting a political viewpoint and supporting torture, imprisonment and death in Guantanamo and Bagram.

  10. Clegg represents the interests of the neocons, as does neo Labour. That’s the globalist agenda.

    Farage represents UK resistance to that agenda, in favour of smaller competing fiefdoms.

    That debate is ongoing, all over Europe, and beyond.

    I’m not sure it adds to the debate to personalise it. Were it not Farage it would be someone else.

    Ultimately it’s all just oligarchs fighting for turf.

    This time though, it seems they’ve got a philosophical dispute. That’s never good. It’s always best when they’re busy doing stuff. When they start thinking, you worry.

    You see, some of them think that it’s best to have a one world system and others prefer their own little fiefdoms.

    They may well fight it out over this doctrinal dispute.

  11. testing …. testing … 1,2,3

  12. BrianFujisan

    3 Apr, 2014 - 12:37 am

    It’s a tale of Two posts at Ten mins past Varied Hours…

    Firstly .. Herbie i second DoNNy’s post @ 8;46 am 2nd.. Re Libya

    Thanks for the link at 11;10 pm 1st April…and here is some From that…

    ” The bombing and killing went on all night and for the next three nights. Next shiploads of Al Qaeda rebels flowed into the Tripoli port from Benghazi and unloaded on the roads around Tripoli. All of the people were bearded and carried AK-47’s. As they rode around Tripoli in their caravans they began to set up check points every 500 yards or so. They looted every store and every home they could get into, they broke into every vehicle and stole everything that they wanted. They took over hotels and set up torture centers. The Russian Ambassador had called and offered to put our name on a list on a rescue ship that was being sent from the Prime Minister of Malta. We were approached by a couple other westerners and asked how we planned to get out of Libya. We said we were trying to get on the rescue ship sent by Malta, they asked if they could join us and we said we would ask that their names be put on the list. The FIFA soccer coach for Libya from Germany joined us, the sister of the President of Mauritania, a Baharani Prince, a man from Texas that we did not know before and a Filipino lady who had been working at the hotel.

    They took all of our belongings and our passports. They interrogated us and filmed it using a British film crew. We could hear the men being tortured but we could do nothing. Finally after many hours and it was now day light, they said we were going to be allowed to go. Right before that a big fat Sheik with a long beard came in and look down his nose and said something in Arabic at us. The driver to our van had been changed to a man we knew from the hotel and we said we wanted to go to the rescue ship now, he said this van is going back to the hotel, we argued with him but he pulled us aside and said “What you did not understand that Sheik say was: “When they go to the rescue ship, kill them, chop them up and burn the bodies and blame in on Ghadafi”. We decided to go back to the hotel. We had to pay all of our last money to the mercenaries so that they would let us go, they were paid $2500 for each person they killed and $1000 to burn the bodies. That took all of our money.

    We knew that we were on their list and we knew why, a US attorney, double spy working for Hezbollah had put all of our names on a list and sent it to them. The next miracle was a friend of the sister of the President of Mauritania had a friend that was in charge of the IOM (Immigration) ship. They were able to sneak us on that ship to Benghazi the next day. That saved our lives because we know that the Al Qaeda mercenaries were looking for us so that they could get paid again. The ship ride was the ride from hell. It took 2 days in massive heat, no a/c, windows all around the seated area, no food except hot water, moldy bread and outdated juice cartons that caused everyone to use the bathroom. There were probably 300 to 400 refugees on the ship and there was 2 bathrooms. Our friend from the IOM took charge of us in Benghazi and took us to a hotel. Lucky for us the list with our name had not reached Benghazi because the communications were down.

    After NATO handed Libya over to Al Qaeda, many Libyans were imprisoned, tortured and killed. Many of them left so that they could survive. There are now 2 million in exile. We are very close to the Tribes of Libya, we speak with the tribal leaders in exile now almost every day. They have appointed us as their official spokespersons. We have been attempting to make it known to our congress that they were completely wrong footed in Libya and that we basically had handed Libya, a peaceful Muslim country, over to Al Qaeda. No one was interested. The tribal leaders began to pass intelligence regarding the internal movement of Al Qaeda inside Libya, we started passing this information to Dr. Jerome Corsi who was more than willing to report the truth. We were then contacted by US intelligence (4 different divisions).

    We have had 3 different divisions of the US intelligence in our home, getting intelligence from our tribal leaders. But we have discovered that they have no intention of doing anything with the information and the intel was being used to warn Al Qaeda not stop it, so we stopped passing the information. One of the intelligence people was a lady; she called us after she left and told us that if we ever wanted a life we needed to shut up about Libya and that they (the government) had done a “soft” attack on us (ruined our life and finances) and that we were lucky because they could have chosen to do a “terminal” attack on us. We have been literally destroyed, but we have decided to open our mouths and not shut them. We realize the only way to protect ourselves is by getting our story out to the most people possible. We will be homeless next month as we have no more assets to sell and cannot pay our expenses. We are hoping to start giving presentations and sharing our story with paid honorariums; in that process we will hope to find good people who might like to hire two very production, intelligent and talented people.”

    James and Joanne Moriarty

    Sofia.. @ 1;10 pm 2nd… Cheers for the Link Re Israel’s all but Open War on Palestinian children… Cowardly Bastards


    Glad to have Brightened the morning for you on the first day of April… :) Cheers for the full script… what Eloquent, Poetic wisdom.

    You may Have seen this Amazing speech too From October 1940, …but for those who have not… years ahead of his time was ol Charlie Chaplin

  13. Mary quoted, 68% to Farage 27% to Cleggover. You Gov poll on the debate tonight. Labour and LD voters are moving to Farage..

    On 24 August 2012 the spectator reported

    One of the solutions Tory MPs are mulling over now the boundary reforms are dead in the water is some sort of partnership with UKIP to boost the party’s chances in 2015. As many as 60 per cent of Conservative activists are reported to favour such a pact.

    In hindsight we deduce will a little insight, from the actions of Nick-I’m sorry-Clegg, that Farage is a proven stooge of the elite?!

  14. Anon, 2 Apr, 9:59 pm: it isn’t a party-political issue. The previous Labour government deported lots of people too, and various contributors here objected. And it is perfectly normal to care about a stranger who is suffering some crisis or injustice; most people will wince if someone they don’t know or otherwise care about cuts themselves while chopping vegetables, for instance. Most people find themselves moved even by fictional events that occur to fictional characters in the films they watch. Maybe you need to look a bit deeper to find the real roots of your cynicism.

  15. Perfect Brian at 12:37 – Cheers – in summary the sign of the times and I believe fair warning:

    The collapse of social programs, IMF engineered global poverty and UKISIS lead wars, UK supported al-Qaeda ‘freedom fighters’ and neo-Nazi government sway in Ukraine: NS combative and aggressive EXECUTIVE orders to NATO commanders and their experts in Kiev, suggests we are at a dangerous cross-roads, an impending world-wide crisis.

    Mmmm -where is my BID 150 clone? “one nine for a copy…”

  16. Habbabkuk,

    Piss of will ya-and all your alter-ego shite.

    You’re always a fake,always.

  17. See how the t—l deliberately misconstrues things. I report the results of a poll and he makes an incorrect inference that I support the winner.

    I suggest that he is still channelling me.

  18. Sofia Kibo Noh

    3 Apr, 2014 - 8:12 am

    Mike. 10 37 pm

    …As if I’d ever dream of deserting you!


    Thanks for your revealing review of my contribution here. Too bad it doesn’t meet your high standards.

    Can you offer your wisdom regarding Dad’s long-term occupation of these threads.

    What do you believe he contributes?

    Do you think it is possible to truly discuss anything with him?

    What do you think motivates him?

    If you think you have any relevant info that might help, please toddle off down to Surbiton where the siege goes on and a team of psychiatrists is working hard to restore the sanity of a third negotiator.

    Thanks also for mentioning the “a dollop of fact” that I offer.

    Here’s one,

    Do you think that Dad could tell us a lot more about this?

  19. “In hindsight we deduce with a little insight, from the actions of Nick-I’m sorry-Clegg, that Farage is a proven stooge of the elite?!”

    Exactly Mark. Some things he has said in the past (I did not watch the debate) appeal to most people but he started on the right of the Conservative Party. His politics are extreme right. He has become the ‘human face’ of racism. Theresa May runs him close.

  20. The last comment should have looked like this (he hopes) :) .

    “The [Hasbara] manual goes on to describe seven propaganda techniques:

    1 Name calling: through the careful use of words, then name calling technique links a person or an idea to a negative symbol.
    2 Glittering generality: Simply put, glittering generality is name calling in reverse. Instead of trying to attach negative meanings to ideas or people, glittering generalities use positive phrases, which the audience are attached to, in order to lend positive image to things. Words such as “freedom”, “civilization”,…
    3 Transfer: Transfer involves taking some of the prestige and authority of one concept and applying it to another. For example, a speaker might decide to speak in front of a United Nations flag, in an attempt to gain legitimacy for himself or his idea.
    4 Testimonial: Testimonial means enlisting the support of somebody admired or famous to endorse and ideal or campaign.
    5 Plain folks: The plain folks technique attempts to convince the listener that the speaker is a ‘regular guy’, who is trust-worthy because the are like ‘you or me’.
    6 Fear: Stressing that ignoring the message will likely lead to war, terrorism.
    7 Bandwagon: Suggest that the stated position is mainstream and use polls to suggest this.”

    Thanks for posting the link to how Hasbara operates in practice. Although we see it every day on this blog (at least I see item 1 every day) I did not realise they worked from a manual. Interesting. Thanks.

  21. Ba'al Zevul (What A Weird Avatar!)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 8:47 am

    “Anti-Semitism is a term coined in 19C Europe to describe hatred of Jews. Nothing to do with Arabs whatsoever. That is what it means in our language and only an entry-level Jew-obsessive would feel all clever about pointing out that Arabs are Semitic too. 6th Form stuff, Komrade, and I would have expected better from a veteran such as yourself.”

    Does this semantic point really matter so much to you? OK. Let’s look at it.

    If precision was the intention, why isn’t it called anti-Judaism? I will tell you. It is because the coinage coincided with the rise of an erroneous racial theory, the precursor of Nazism, in which “Semite” was taken as synonymous with “Jewish” – while other Semites were quietly ignored, as not – then – presenting an (alleged) existential threat to what we still call Caucasian (or, formerly, at risk of raising your outbursts to high doh, Aryan) nations. The usage to which you refer conforms, therefore to an outdated and despicable ideology, as well as to a current and equally despicable one, Zionism.

    While you are singing from the Zionist hymnsheet, I am something of a lover of my own language, and try to use it with some precision. The Zionist philosophy is, I insist, as antisemitic – in the strictest sense – as the Nazi one, or as the Salafist one for that matter.

    You might also take cognisance of the notion that the vast majority of settlers in Israel are not semitic in any racial sense at all – they’re Caucasians and Slavs by current criteria -, and that any claim they make in regard to being the victims of antisemitism is utterly void. What they mean is antijudaism,(and it is hard to see how, living in a country run exclusively for their benefit, they can make any such claim in the first place).

    But it is not in their interest to make the distinction. “Antisemitism” (wide sense), inspired by a racist philosophy, is far preferable; it appears to include religions other than Judaism without in practice doing so; and they will be glad to see to see that apologists for militant Zionism, such as yourself, clearly understand this.

    Pity you didn’t make it to the 6th form, I’d say.

  22. In a land-grab by developers, in coalition with the Haitian government, the people of Ile a Vache, a paradise island, islanders are being dispossessed, one of two island policemen has been imprisoned on the mainland, military police have taken over, and the islanders have not been consulted in this land-grab.

  23. Ba'al Zevul (Testing...)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:06 am


  24. Ba'al Zevul (Testing...)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:08 am

    Many, many thanks, Afrend.

  25. Agent Cameron is spinning the smog as a naturally occurring weather event.

    As usual, he is lying. The UK’s pollution is being combined with dust borne in on a southerly airstream.

    London air pollution ‘worst in Europe’
    Britain faces court cases and unlimited fines after dangerous levels of minute particles breach EU levels

    • Comment: London, the dirty man of Europe
    • Dave Hill: Where’s Boris Johnson’s air pollution study?

    BBC News – ‘Up to 9% of deaths in London caused by air pollution’‎
    10 Dec 2012 – Up to 9% of deaths in the capital’s most polluted areas are down to air pollution, a new London Assembly paper has reported.

    Clean up your act Dave!

  26. On reflection, I have decided that I hate the new avatars. They are garish, disconcerting and hurt my eyes. They also serve no useful purpose.

  27. Anon 2 Apr, 2014 – 9:59 pm

    I mean, let’s face it. We don’t really give a toss about this Yashuka woman whatever her name is. She’s only going home and whichever family member was being abusive is probably well out the way by now.

    No, what we really see this as is an opportunity to stick it to the Tory scum. And when this one’s passed we’ll forget all about her and find another one.

    Anon 2 Apr, 2014 – 10:29 pm

    It’s like this. We don’t really bother about the legal implications or complexities of the case. We don’t really care about Yashiko or the fact that she’s very safe. What’s important is that we make a great show of our compassionate credentials whilst sticking it to nasty Tory scum. That way we feel all good about ourselves and our silly delusions.


    No need to display your racism twice Anon. If you were on the Just a Minute game on Radio 4, you would get the bell for ‘repetition’.

  28. BrianFujisan

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:29 am

    Ba’al Zevul (I Am The Egg Man)
    2 Apr, 2014 – 9:08 am

    Mary, n Sofia too… Re BDS….

    Criminalizing Criticism of Israel in Canada

    Bill C-13, A “Digital Trojan Horse for the Surveillance State”

    “But what of Canada, whose Prime Minister is Mr. Netanyahu’s most faithful friend?8

    This essay will argue that revisions to the Canadian Criminal Code proposed by the Harper government contain wording that is designed to enable lawfare prosecutions of human rights activists in precisely the manner desired by Mr. Netanyahu and his associates…….

    1. Bill C-13 and its deceptions

    Bill C-13, the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act, received first reading in the House of Commons in November 2013. In a web page devoted to “Myths and Facts” about this bill, the Department of Justice rejects the “myth” that “Bill C-13 is an omnibus crime bill that deals with more than cyberbullying.”

    Bill C-13 is not an omnibus crime bill. It combines a proposed new offence of non-consensual distribution of intimate images to address cyberbullying with judicially-authorized tools to help police and prosecutors investigate not only the proposed new offence, but other existing offences that are committed via the Internet or that involve electronic evidence. [….] The Bill does not contain the former Bill C-30′s controversial amendments relating to warrantless access to subscriber information and telecommunication infrastructure modification.9

    However, Dr. Michael Geist, the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, has observed that Bill C-13 does indeed retain provisions that permit an increased warrantless access to personal information, far beyond what is envisioned by the current Criminal Code.10 Criminal lawyer Michael Spratt has denounced the bill as a “digital Trojan horse for the surveillance state”:

    most of C-13 has little to do with protecting victims [of cyber-bullying]. This bill would recklessly expand the surveillance powers of the state. It sacrifices personal privacy. It limits or eliminates judicial oversight. It is inconsistent with recent Supreme Court jurisprudence. It’s a dangerous bill.11

    The Department of Justice’s claim that “Bill C-13 is not an omnibus crime bill” is transparently false. As another critic, Terry Wilson, has remarked, despite being promoted “as legislation to prevent online bullying, the bill actually has very little to do with bullies and has sections ranging from stealing cable, hacking, surveillance, to terrorism (cyberbullying accounts for 2 out of the 50 pages in the bill) […]. The bill even includes ‘hate legislation’….”12

    “This view of the intention underlying Bill C-13 is supported by Prime Minister Harper’s speech to the Israeli Knesset on January 20, 2014 (which will be discussed below). It can draw support as well from the fact that an identical change to the wording of the French penal code made in 2003 by the so-called Lellouche Law has permitted the conviction of some twenty French human rights activists for incitement of racial hatred.13

    The results in France have been paradoxical. France is, like Canada, a High Contracting Party of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949—whose first article states that “The High Contracting Parties undertake to respect and to ensure respect for the present Convention in all circumstances.”14 The people convicted for incitement of racial hatred under the Lellouche Law are participants in a movement that has been consistent in its firm rejection of antisemitism and all other forms of racism.15 This movement advocates a peaceful exertion of economic pressure with the aim of persuading the Israeli state to end its multiple and systematic violations of international law, including in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention, which Israel has been repeatedly been condemned for flouting by UN committees and reports, as well as by independent agencies such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The facts of the matter are thus unambiguous: in enforcing the Lellouche Law, and redefining human rights activists as people guilty of hate crimes, the French state has simultaneously been violating its prior solemn commitment “to respect and to ensure respect for” the Fourth Geneva Convention “in all circumstances.”

    One of the aims of Bill C-13 appears to be to place Canada in a similar situation of openly violating one of the central instruments of international law.

    5. Prime Minister Harper’s January 20, 2014 address to the Israeli Knesset

    In this speech the Prime Minister asked, rhetorically, what it is today that threatens societies that, like Israel, embrace “the ideals of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.” His answer was sweeping:

    Those who scorn modernity, who loathe the liberty of others, and who hold the differences of peoples and cultures in contempt. Those who, often begin by hating the Jews, but, history shows us, end up hating anyone who is not them. Those forces, which have threatened the state of Israel every single day of its existence, and which, today, as 9/11 graphically showed us, threaten us all.34

    Eh… and NATO are Fkn Angels too… and all whilst Palestinian infants are starving… older children taken away murdered…

    Asshole Harper Screeches on –

    ” Most disgracefully of all, some openly call Israel an apartheid state ”

    But Mr Asshole Harper…Israel IS AN APARTHEID STATE….

    7. ” The debate among Jews over the morality of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians

    As mentioned above, many Jewish scholars and public intellectuals, both in Israel and internationally, have placed themselves firmly in opposition to Israel’s policies of apartheid treatment of the Palestinians and of ongoing colonization of the occupied territories. The mere fact that this is so, and that in Canada and elsewhere they are joined in this by many Jewish citizen activists, amounts to a living refutation of Prime Minister Harper’s repetition of the rhetoric of the “new antisemitism.”

    8. Most disgracefully of all … an apartheid state

    In the concluding section of her essay, Eva Illouz remarks that Israelis fail to understand the nature of their colonization and occupation “because language has itself been colonized.” Most Israelis interpret the occupation in terms of “terrorists and enemies, and the world sees weak, dispossessed and persecuted people. The world reacts with moral outrage at Israel’s continued domination of Palestinians, and Israel ridicules such moral outrage as an expression of double standards….” Because of this “colonization” of discourse, “the debate dividing the Jewish people is more difficult than the debate about slavery, because there is no agreement even on how to properly name the vast enterprise of domination that has been created in the territories.”57

    There is in fact quite widespread agreement—at least on the “universal standards of justice” side of the divide analyzed by Professor Illouz—as to an appropriate name.58

    The term “apartheid” was applied with clinical accuracy by Marwan Bishara in 2001 to describe what Israel has done in the occupied territories from the early 1990s onward, “physically and demographically divid[ing] up the West Bank and Gaza into islands of poverty, or bantustans, while maintaining economic domination and direct control over Palestinian land and natural resources.”59 It was re-used by former US President Jimmy Carter in 2006—a usage validated in 2007 by Israel Prize laureate and former Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni.60 And in January 2010, Henry Siegman, the former Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress and current President of the US/Middle East Project of the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote that Israel’s “relentless” construction of new settlements “seems finally to have succeeded in locking in the irreversibility of its colonial project. As a result of that ‘achievement,’ one that successive Israeli governments have long sought in order to preclude the possibility of a two-state solution, Israel has crossed the threshold from ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ to the only apartheid regime in the Western world.”61

    ANYHOO.. FOLKS… this is a Longish, full essay… Very detailed with much Re International Laws….

    BY Michael Keefer @

  29. I actually thought when the Malaysian passenger plane went missing that the pilot had committed suicide and taken the passengers with him. However no wreckage has been found and this does not any longer fit with that theory. Also, as was pointed out yesterday, it is inconceivable that the super high-tech US base on the UK-owned island of Diego Garcia, has no record of this flight. Yesterday I got accused by one of the trolls/sock-puppets of conspiracy theory. This is always a cop-out for not being able to argue an alternative case and this sock-puppet uses the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ on a regular basis for any argument against our governments which have the worst human rights’ and bloody adventures in the history of the planet. This short 6 minute documentary presents at least 4 government theories as to what happened to the plane. You might ask who are the real conspiracy theorists. It is a must watch from which I learnt something about Osama Bin Laden and his family I did not previously know. So not to disappoint here it is.

  30. Ba'al Zevul (Testing...)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:35 am

    Blair To Save Peace Process, bwahahahahaha….

    Oddly absent from UK MSM for some reason.

  31. BrianFujisan

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:37 am

    Lol Mary

    i have tried changing before…but last night after Alcanon’s tip…i got a little farther…. Even looked up what image/ photo i wanted to put up for Avatar… Fucked it up eventually…Bet them techie’s could do the task in minits… got tired with it…think i’ve at least settled on what i’d like….DEM Libran’s Lol

  32. Ba'al Zevul (Peace!)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:52 am

    “…it is inconceivable that the super high-tech US base on the UK-owned island of Diego Garcia, has no record of this flight.”

    It’s also inconceivable that they’d tell anyone if they did. There is very little evidence on which to base ANY theory, and if you automatically disbelieve anything any government says, none whatever. Discussing it is, therefore, a waste of time. I wish conspiracy theorists could take this on board.

  33. Testing

  34. That above was using my main email address and this is the one I have used here for a long time which contains just my initials. Broadband provider is common to both If I was to switch off my router, wait and switch it back on, I would get another avatar presumably so what is the point of them?

  35. What can be stated without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

    Cheerio Mr Goss

  36. Technicolour; “There has been plenty of substance in Resident Dissidence’s posts; most recently in his posts on Russia”

    Can you direct me to examples of such “substance”; thank you.

  37. Technicolour – the case was reviewed 5 times and it was decided she was absolutely safe to return to Maritius.

  38. Komodo 8:47am – I’ll get back to you later as I haven’t time to reply to your long post at the moment.

  39. technicolour

    3 Apr, 2014 - 1:33 pm

    Anon: ‘compassionate and sensible’ doesn’t, in my book, include forcible tearing a young woman away from her family in the middle of studying for her future.

  40. “The usage to which you refer conforms, therefore to an outdated and despicable ideology, as well as to a current and equally despicable one, Zionism.”

    That may be – but it is still the one given in the OED and other reliable dictionaries. Given that there are distinct hatreds of Jews and Arabs it makes sense to have different words.

    The Normans were a pretty bad lot should we abandon those words that they gave to the English language. Quite a lot of words come from colonial past in India are they too politically incorrect for us now to use. Perhaps we should bear in mind what Orwell said about those who try to twist and reinterpret the language to suit their politics.

  41. Technicolour

    I agree the least they could have done is to allow her to finish her school studies by granting a student visa or similar.

  42. Ba'al Zevul ( Happily Trollblocked)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 1:47 pm

    Komodo (Who he? – BZ) 8:47am (ah…) – I’ll get back to you later as I haven’t time to reply to your long post at the moment.

    Please don’t mistake me for someone who is remotely interested in your no doubt completely predictable opinions.

    Despite the URL, the headline reads “Palestinian statehood bid may derail Middle East peace process”

    You can’t trust these towelheads, can you? First they want Israel to keep to its undertakings, and then they want to set up their own state. Absurd, of course. As anyone reading the headline can see, CiF Watch is well ahead of the game.

    The strongest opposition, however, came from the Palestinian leadership, which insisted that Israel was reneging on its obligations and refused suggestions to link the promised release of a fourth group of prisoners with a commitment to extend peace talks beyond a deadline set by the US for the end of April.

    The proposed deal was heavily briefed by anonymous US and Israeli officials, but it was clear it fell far short of what the Palestinian side was demanding.Abbas’s announcement came after a key meeting of the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s action committee which met prior to Abbas’s statement.

    Kerry has spent days shuttling back and forth to the Middle East in an effort to find a solution in the Middle East. He met the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu twice on Monday evening and Tuesdayyesterday, after meeting Abbas in Jordan last week.

    BTW, doesn’t look like the Israelis will be getting Pollard. He was in it for the money, and had no particular craving for shekels – offered his huge cache of secrets to three other nations. More details may be released to support this view.

  43. Ba'al Zevul ( Happily Trollblocked)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 2:08 pm

    The Normans were a pretty bad lot should we abandon those words that they gave to the English language. Quite a lot of words come from colonial past in India are they too politically incorrect for us now to use. Perhaps we should bear in mind what Orwell said about those who try to twist and reinterpret the language to suit their politics.

    Well, yes. Though I don’t think Orwell was any more a definitive arbiter of correct usage than I am, and he was pretty critical of politically perverted usages himself.

    But the associations attaching themselves to words change without anyone trying too hard – eg “expect” in the 18th century meant only “await”, without any sense of “anticipation” – which itself shifted from something like “prediction” to something like “interested expectation”…and I see no enormous harm in giving them a kick in the right direction.

    Particularly in the case we are discussing. We have, for instance, “Islamophobia”, a recent coinage for political purposes, and carrying with it an automatic association with fear. I propose “antiislamism” or even “antislamism” to carry the same weight as “antijudaism”: both expressive, equally balanced, non-prejudicial terms applying to hatred of followers of the two religions respectively. Which is actually the problem, rather than the shape of someone’s nose or their predeliction for falafel..

    We can dispense with “antisemitism”, which has now acquired a meaning, even in dictionaries, (and reminiscently of Humpty Dumpty) which is precisely what BICOM says it means. “Antisemitism” parallels “gay” – it’s a hijacked word.

    And we could restore the balance by coining yet another term: “judaeophobia” for people who want to incite fear of Jews.

    Fair enough, I think.

  44. Goodness. That was quick. It took all of 32 seconds. Agent Cameron is standing by her naturally and gives her his whole hearted support.

    ‘Maria Miller ordered to repay £5,800 and apologise to MPs

    Maria Miller: “I fully accept the recommendations of the committee and thank them for bringing this matter to an end”

    The Commons Committee on Standards has ordered Culture Secretary Maria Miller to repay £5,800 and apologise to MPs.

    It cleared her of the central charge of deliberately submitting expenses claims to which she was not entitled, but said her attitude to the inquiry breached MPs’ code of conduct.

    The £5,800 is to cover over-claiming of mortgage expenses after she failed to cut her claims as interest rates fell.

    In a 32 second statement, Mrs Miller told MPs she apologised “unreservedly”.

    The committee suggested that she had tried to argue her case before the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards in a “legalistic” way.

    She should “apologise by personal statement on the floor of the House for her attitude to the Commissioner’s inquiries”, it concluded.’


  45. Ba'al Zevul ( Happily Trollblocked)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 2:45 pm

    To clarify:
    my “and he was pretty critical of politically perverted usages himself.” simply reinforces what you said. What I should have added was that “antisemite” is exactly such a usage. The word suggests one meaning, but conveys another. It is impossible to characterise someone who hates other Semites as an antisemite: indeed, there is no word which means a hater of Semites, if we accept the harangue of any Zionist apologist.

    However, Orwell seems to have accepted the usage uncritically. Though he did say this:
    “A Jew, for example, would not be antisemitic: but then many Zionist Jews seem to me to be merely antisemites turned upside-down”*

    Which is approximately my original point.

    *George Orwell: ‘Antisemitism in Britain’
    First published: Contemporary Jewish Record. — GB, London. — April 1945.

  46. War criminal Mr Blair was directed by his Israel masters to convince Norway to stop funding the Palestinian Authority:

    Norwegian state-owned NRK TV is continuing its investigation into Norway’s financial support of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) budget.

    The PA uses its budget to pay the salaries of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails for security offences, including those serving multiple life sentences for murder, according to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

    Some prisoners, it is reported, can earn up to 18,000 kroner per month (£2095), nearly three times the Norwegian public pension base rate.

    In an interview with NRK TV, Norwegian MP, Peter Gitmark, expressed his concern over Norway’s “indirect” contributions to Palestinian terrorism.

  47. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 2:57 pm

    ” The word suggests one meaning, but conveys another. It is impossible to characterise someone who hates other Semites as an antisemite:”

    It is possible, but extremely difficult since Identity politics has monopolized the word into just one meaning, Ba’al.

    Semites also include the Arabic people. They descended from Shem just as did the Israelites

  48. Ba'al Zevul ( Happily Trollblocked)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 2:59 pm

    Links are always good, Mark. Here’s the story. Also on the Good Idea thread, earlier.

    Blair in 2012:

    Norway has a population of around 4.5 million and a GDP of $485.8 billion. It also has a sovereign wealth fund presently at over $600 billion rising to $1 trillion by 2020. It has this through vast reserves of oil and gas.
    (as usual, skip through a lot of old cock to find it)

    Next thing you know he’ll have put in a governance squad to tell Norway how to give him money.

  49. Ba'al Zevul ( Happily Trollblocked)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 3:00 pm

    Ben – Semites also include the Arabic people. They descended from Shem just as did the Israelites

    That’s just what the excrescences won’t allow. Check out the earlier posts from Anon and me.

  50. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 3:17 pm

    Ba’al; Poliitcal correctness is the jibe? The word is as rabble-rousing as…..the JOOOOOOS!
    or the MOOOOOOSLIMS! and the pushback is veiled racial, when it is merely politically incorrect for the correct target Zionism.

    Is that what Anon is missing?

  51. Sofia Kibo Noh

    3 Apr, 2014 - 3:21 pm

    Afrend. 5 40pm yesterday

    Thanks a million for Habbabreak.

    WOW! Three minutes and he’s gone!

    I was hesitating. As you know I owe my existence to Dad’s constant bullying. But then I thought, what has my scroll button done to deserve all that work?


  52. Abbas threatens to actually DO something, so Kerry runs around trying to re-establish the cycle of inertia that characterises what the media describe as the peace process. It is of course nothing of the sort. Every once in a while, Israel agrees to send some people to sit in the same room as a few Palestinians. That’s all. These meetings are designed to give the media “something positive” to report while they obligingly ignore the ongoing theft of land and illegal building.


    Retune required for the Eminences and sub-Eminences

  54. Ba'al Zevul ( Happily Trollblocked)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 3:37 pm

    Doesn’t look as if Akavov* is all that averse to other peoples’ blood himself –

    *Current Ukraine interior minister

    He hasn’t a prayer if Russia does move, and I don’t think it will, so he’s safe enough looking decisive.

  55. Ba'al Zevul ( Happily Trollblocked)

    3 Apr, 2014 - 3:39 pm

    Is that what Anon is missing?

    That and his radio link to Tel Aviv. Normal service will probably be resumed shortly.

  56. It is just part of the zionist mentality.They have a thing about making words and language theirs.Anti-semite is theirs,no matter about Shem.Actually most Israeli’s are not descended from Shem, but someone much further north.
    “holocaust” only happened to them and can only be used by them about them.Jewish jokes are fine as long as you are a Jew,but the smile vanishes when the joker is not.”Nuclear ambiguity” is another.Iran cannot use it despite the fact they have no nuclear weapons, but Israel weilds it as shield to hide their arsenal from the world.Even the word Jew has become explosive for non-Jews to use.
    That’s what they do with a dictionary and that’s what the Israeli’s do with the land in Palestine.Doesn’t mean they are grammatically correct

  57. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 3:45 pm


    There seem to be many terms infecting the target as having ‘cooties’. Run for your life from such accusations because…STFU !

    “liberal’, ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘smoker’ :) et al.

  58. Post your questions for Ken Loach

    This afternoon Ken Loach will answer your questions about why he is backing the new political party Left Unity
    3 April 2014 13.48 BST

    Ken Loach will be joined by Left Unity activists Sharon McCourt and Salman Shaheen below the line.

    “Building a democratic party with volunteer activists is a daunting task. But if we leave the sidelines and finally work together, it might just be possible.” Writing for Comment is free last week, the director Ken Loach explained why he is backing the new political party Left Unity. This afternoon, you’ll have the opportunity to put your questions directly to Ken, and to party activists Sharon McCourt and Salman Shaheen.

    You can leave your questions below from 4.30pm BST, and Ken and co will join us from 5.30pm BST to respond. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a log-in – you can sign up here.

  59. Good on Archbishop Tutu for speaking out to American Zionists and their supporters.

    Statement by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu on US Efforts to Curb Freedom of Speech

    2 April 2014

    I am writing today to express grave concern about a wave of legislative measures in the United States aimed at punishing and intimidating those who speak their conscience and challenge the human rights violations endured by the Palestinian people. In legislatures in Maryland, New York, Illinois, Florida, and even the United States Congress, bills have been proposed that would either bar funding to academic associations or seek to malign those who have taken a stand against the Israeli Occupation of Palestine.

    These legislative efforts are in response to a growing international initiative, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, of which I have long been a supporter. The BDS movement emanates from a call for justice put out by the Palestinian people themselves. It is a Palestinian-led, international non-violent movement that seeks to force the Israeli government to comply with international law in respect to its treatment of the Palestinian people.


  60. “International implications of Scottish independence. Anyone?”

    It’s all unknown Clark, but here is one possible scenario.

    It’s the future, Scotland is independent. Scotland’s vast wealth has been syphoned off by Salmond’s immensely rich oligarth friends. There is mass unemployment the haggis harvest has failed for the third year running, people on Leith Walk have been seen eating salad out of sheer desperation.

    There are mass demonstrations in Edinburgh, Salmond has fled to England for his own safety. A group of extreme right wing fanatics from the Western Isles storm Holyrood and declare themselves the legitimate government, they are instantly recognised by France, Germany and Russia. The first thing they do is declare gaelic the official language and make smiling on Sundays illegal.

    Britain has no choice but to send in troops to protect the English speaking people. Russia raises a resolution at the UN, Britain vetoes it.

    Pure fiction, but not impossible.

  61. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 4:49 pm


    “Britain has no choice but to send in troops to protect the English speaking people. Russia raises a resolution at the UN, Britain vetoes it.”

    So it’ll be the Ukraine?

  62. Thanks Mary for the link to Ken Loach and company answering questions from Guardian readers. There is already a lively discussion taking place. It is about time the left had something to latch on to again.

  63. Good to hear that John. Ken Loach has terrific energy too.


    Q PS Is Israel allowed under international law to treat Palestinian prisoners as human chess pieces?

    Breaking news
    Israel cancels release of Palestinian prisoners because of Palestinian drive for further recognition at the UN

  64. Israel does what it wants making up the rules as it goes along.We are quick to jump on Russia, Libya, Jugoslavia,Mali, but Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain,Qatar have their own rule book.The Semites you dont want next door.
    The UN should be doing something. They don’t. The EU should be doing something, but they give the same allowances as Switzerland has. Strangely enough I read that FIFA might do something to make ISrael treat Palestine and its football players better.
    The beautiful game.

  65. “Strangely enough I read that FIFA might do something to make ISrael treat Palestine and its football players better.”

    Bet they don’t.

  66. Shame on these troughers. Occupants of the red benches this time. What do they pick up each day for attending? £300 or similar. Has Cleggover no authority?

    46 Liberal Democrat Peers Vote To Keep The ‘Bedroom Tax’ – 24hrs After Party President Opposed It
    Apr 3, 2014

  67. Mary – the Palestinian prisoners were meant to be released several days ago but the Israelis didn’t release them. They already tore up the peace process (such as it was up). The BBC article inverts who was responding to who. Placing the blame on the Palestinians for whatever happens… as the BBC have done time and time again in the past…

  68. Resident Dissident

    3 Apr, 2014 - 8:58 pm

    “It’s the future, Scotland is independent. Scotland’s vast wealth has been syphoned off by Salmond’s immensely rich oligarth friends.”

    From what I’ve heard of Salmond it’s more likely that the Wealth Fund will be bet on the 3:30 at Ayr.

  69. Resident Dissident

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:18 pm

    Comedy Gold. Surprisingly Ukraine and Crimea don’t appear to have been discussed. Loved the immediate abolition of VAT – not sure how the £100bn+ addition to the deficit and being thrown out of the EU would be handled – or the resulting increase in interest rates and inflation as a result of Gilts being downgreaded to Junk and £ collapsing for that matter.

  70. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:20 pm

    The Principle of course, is intact. The ISS is exempt because they need it.

    “NASA has been told to suspend contact with Russian government officials because of Russia’s “ongoing violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” according to an agency memo circulated Wednesday. The International Space Station, which is jointly operated by NASA, Russia, the European Space Agency, Japan and Canada, is exempt and not directly impacted by the new guidelines.

    The memo apparently reflects a broad State Department directive to multiple federal agencies that have regular contact with the Russian government. In NASA’s case, the space station represents the bulk of the agency’s dealings with Russia and the exemption presumably means business as usual.”

  71. Resident Dissident

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:32 pm

    “I see, you do condemned others for the same crime, but reserve the right to apply different “responses”, and/or no responses at all; that normally having different standards, and also having your cake, and wanting to eat it.”

    Your words not mine – where did I say there should be no response?

    My immediate concern would not be with the Crimea but stopping a repeat performance in Eastern Ukraine, and as always with what Putin is inflicting on his own subjects. It is revealing that Putin has suddenly discovered federalization when it comes to his neighbour – but when it comes to his own territory he has a sustained programme of taking powers away from the regions.

  72. Resident Dissident

    3 Apr, 2014 - 9:34 pm

    Last post should have been posted on the Putin thread in response to Macky.

  73. Links are good Ba’al -evn better when one is provided for you thank-you – we note:

    David Cameron orders review of Muslim Brotherhood

    Now the spell has been broken, ‘agent Cameron’ attempts to cleanse his soul… the song and dance is over.

  74. technicolour

    3 Apr, 2014 - 10:14 pm

    Not actually ‘comedy gold’ though, largely, is it, Resident Dissident? Agree the scrapping of VAT had me baffled, but:

    “Other votes in what was easily the section with the most motions included scrapping zero-hours contracts, abolishing destitution and opposing the US-EU transatlantic trade treaty.


    There was a high level of agreement on health policy, with conference backing the health policy commission’s “10 point plan to re-instate, protect, and improve the NHS”. This includes repealing the Tories’ NHS privatisation law, the Health and Social Care Act, a moratorium on closures, and a focus on the “social determinants of health”, meaning that we must tackle poverty and inequality in order to improve health.

    Amendments added calls to cancel the expensive PFI debts that hospitals have been burdened with, reverse the decline in health workers’ wages and replace Big Pharma with non-profit pharmaceutical production. ”

    I like ‘abolishing destitution’ – should be easy, given the resources. Norway’s on the way:

    But then Norway refused to bail out its banks, nationalising two instead:

  75. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 10:22 pm

    ” nationalising two instead..”

    Careful Tech. You are broaching dangerous ground, :)

  76. technicolour

    3 Apr, 2014 - 10:24 pm

    Not really, Ben – the Norway example just proves it’s sensible :)

  77. Sharon McCourt says that Left Unity now has nearly 2000 members, quite an attainment in less than 12 months. People are deserting traditional parties because there is nothing for the poorest in society in their manifestos and even less in their delivery of promises. We have three gaffers’ parties.

  78. Jamal opens up – A sentient Robin Cook gave us the spark and payed the ultimate price… We, -have a small chance of survival.

    Wave of Action:

    Share the love…

  79. technicolour

    3 Apr, 2014 - 10:30 pm

    By the way, in a piece which was supposed to be largely and dully about Bono, there was this quite interesting assessment of what’s happening over there in Africa. Have yet to recheck, but sounds about right:

    “Last week I drew attention to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, launched in the US when it chaired the G8 meeting last year. The alliance is pushing African countries into agreements that allow foreign companies to grab their land, patent their seeds and monopolise their food markets. Ignoring the voices of their own people, six African governments have struck deals with companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont, Syngenta, Nestlé and Unilever, in return for promises of aid by the UK and other G8 nations.”

  80. From left unity
    ….direction as a new party of the left and set up its constitution. This conference looked in more detail at policy areas including economics, health, housing and anti-racism

    Sounds like clear understanding of the social problems effecting us all.

    @ Resident Dissident. Please can you tell me some of your ideas/opinions as to how we can improve on our society?

  81. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 10:34 pm

    The puzzling feature of the Putin ‘puppets’ from Kiev is that they have been pushing for austerity, despite the opposition from Kremlin.

    “It’s a safe bet that most of the Ukrainians who flooded Maidan Square in Kiev in February did not do so because they wanted the International Monetary Fund to make their lives even more miserable by slashing subsidies for heat, gutting pensions and devaluing the currency to make everyday goods more expensive.

    But thanks to the U.S.-backed coup that ousted elected President Viktor Yanukovych and replaced him with a regime including far-right parties, super-rich ”oligarchs” and technocrats with little sympathy for the suffering of average people, that’s exactly what happened. Although lacking legitimacy that would come from national elections, the coup regime pushed through the demands of the Washington-based IMF.”

  82. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 10:38 pm

    Mark; A special invitation to Craig et al.

    “We need Mc’s Drummers, Street performers anything to kick of the party atmosphere and keep the protesters spirits raised. We are proud to be working long side some fantastic groups UK Collapse Radio, Million Masked March London, and OpSafeLondon to name a few.”

  83. Respect Ben.

    Behold a bag of games. You’all welcome to play.

    Mass gatherings, demonstrations;
    > Marches, parades;
    > Flash mobs, swarms;
    > Shutdown harmful corporate and governmental operations;
    > Worker Strikes;
    > Hunger strikes;
    > Sit-ins;
    > Strategic defaults, debt strikes;
    > Foreclosure prevention;
    > Boycotting corrupt corporations;
    > Move your money out of the big banks and the stock market;
    > Use alternative currencies and economic systems;
    > Cancel your cable television and support independent media;
    > Use independent online tools that don’t sell your info / protect privacy;
    > Online civil disobedience, Anonymous operations;
    > Leak information on corruption;
    > Use alternative energy;
    > Build urban and hydroponic farms, or get your food from them;
    > Support local businesses;
    > Join local community organizations;
    > Take part in food banks and help develop community support systems;
    > Start or join intentional and autonomous communities;
    > Experiment with new governing systems, Liquid Democracy;
    > Host teach-ins;
    > Organize socially conscious events;
    > Make conscious media;
    > Guerrilla postering, messages on money;
    > Help inspiring groups and organizations spread their message;
    > Random acts of kindness and compassion;
    > Mass meditations, prayer sessions and spiritual actions.

  84. BrianFujisan

    3 Apr, 2014 - 11:10 pm


    RE Bono, and Africa

    ‘Bono’s positioning of the west as the saviour of Africa while failing to ­discuss the harm the G8 nations are doing has undermined campaigns for justice and accountability.’

    It was bad enough in 2005. Then, at the G8 summit in Scotland, Bono and Bob Geldof heaped praise on Tony Blair and George Bush, who were still mired in the butchery they had initiated in Iraq. At one point Geldof appeared, literally and figuratively, to be sitting in Tony Blair’s lap. African activists accused them of drowning out a campaign for global justice with a campaign for charity.

    But this is worse. As the UK chairs the G8 summit again, a campaign that Bono founded, with which Geldof works closely, appears to be whitewashing the G8′s policies in Africa.

    Last week I drew attention to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, launched in the US when it chaired the G8 meeting last year. The alliance is pushing African countries into agreements that allow foreign companies to grab their land, patent their seeds and monopolise their food markets. Ignoring the voices of their own people, six African governments have struck deals with companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont, Syngenta, Nestlé and Unilever, in return for promises of aid by the UK and other G8 nations.

    A wide range of activists, both African and European, is furious about the New Alliance. But the ONE campaign, co-founded by Bono, stepped up to defend it. The article it wrote last week was remarkable in several respects: in its elision of the interests of African leaders and those of their people, in its exaggeration of the role of small African companies, but above all in failing even to mention the injustice at the heart of the New Alliance – its promotion of a new wave of land grabbing. My curiosity was piqued.

    The first thing I discovered is that Bono has also praised the New Alliance, in a speech just before last year’s G8 summit in the US. The second thing I discovered is that much of the ONE campaign’s primary funding was provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, two of whose executives sit on its board. The foundation has been working with the biotech company Monsanto and the grain trading giant Cargill, and has a large Monsanto shareholding. Bill Gates has responded to claims made about land grabbing in Africa, asserting, in the face of devastating evidence and massive resistance from African farmers, that “many of those land deals are beneficial, and it would be too bad if some were held back because of western groups’ ways of looking at things“. (Africans, you will note, keep getting written out of this story.)

    The third thing I discovered is that there’s a long history here. In his brilliant and blistering book The Frontman: Bono (in the Name of Power), just released in the UK, the Irish scholar Harry Browne maintains that “for nearly three decades as a public figure, Bono has been … amplifying elite discourses, advocating ineffective solutions, patronising the poor and kissing the arses of the rich and powerful”. His approach to Africa is “a slick mix of traditional missionary and commercial colonialism, in which the poor world exists as a task for the rich world to complete”.

    Bono, Browne charges, has become “the caring face of global technocracy”, who, without any kind of mandate, has assumed the role of spokesperson for Africa, then used that role to provide “humanitarian cover” for western leaders. His positioning of the west as the saviour of Africa while failing to discuss the harm the G8 nations are doing has undermined campaigns for justice and accountability, while lending legitimacy to the neoliberal project.

    Bono claims to be “representing the poorest and most vulnerable people“. But talking to a wide range of activists from both the poor and rich worlds since ONE published its article last week, I have heard the same complaint again and again: that Bono and others like him have seized the political space which might otherwise have been occupied by the Africans about whom they are talking. Because Bono is seen by world leaders as the representative of the poor, the poor are not invited to speak. This works very well for everyone – except them.

    The ONE campaign looks to me like the sort of organisation that John le Carré or Robert Harris might have invented. It claims to work on behalf of the extremely poor. But its board is largely composed of multimillionaires, corporate aristocrats and US enforcers. Here you will find Condoleezza Rice, George W Bush’s national security adviser and secretary of state, who aggressively promoted the Iraq war, instructed the CIA that it was authorised to use torture techniques and browbeat lesser nations into supporting a wide range of US aims.

    Here too is Larry Summers, who was chief economist at the World Bank during the darkest days of structural adjustment and who, as US Treasury secretary, helped to deregulate Wall Street, with such happy consequences for the rest of us. Here’s Howard Buffett, who has served on the boards of the global grain giant Archer Daniels Midland as well as Coca-Cola and the food corporations ConAgra and Agro Tech. Though the main focus of ONE is Africa, there are only two African members. One is a mobile phone baron, the other is the finance minister of Nigeria, who was formerly managing director of the World Bank. What better representatives of the extremely poor could there be?

    If, as ONE does, an organisation keeps telling you that it’s a “grassroots campaign”, it’s a fair bet that it is nothing of the kind. This collaboration of multimillionaires and technocrats looks to me more like a projection of US and corporate power.

    I found the sight of Bono last week calling for “more progress on transparency” equally revolting. As Harry Browne reminds us, U2′s complex web of companies, the financial arrangements of Bono’s Product RED campaign and his investments through the private equity company he co-founded are all famously opaque. And it’s not an overwhelming shock to discover that tax justice is absent from the global issues identified by ONE.

    There is a well-known if dubious story that claims that at a concert in Glasgow Bono began a slow hand-clap. He is supposed to have announced: “Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.” Whereupon someone in the audience shouted: “Well fucking stop doing it then.” It’s good advice, and I wish he’d take it.

  85. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 11:17 pm

    Brian; This is the conundrum of centralized bureaucracies or governments.

    It’s like the music business. If a cult band wants to expand their income or prestige, they start dumbing down their creativity to middle of the road, which is the sell-out their die-hard fans go crazy about.

    Bono is just another bureaucrat making his PR bones off the bones of those he claims to serve.

    It’s enough to make one a cynic. :)

  86. Ben-Scot NON-collaborator

    3 Apr, 2014 - 11:30 pm

    This is a link from CM ‘Disappear..’ thread wherein is found text from an Abel Danger youtube. Very interesting….a retired pilot on MH 370.

  87. technicolour

    3 Apr, 2014 - 11:31 pm

    I found the idea of tentacles of corporate poison swarming over and annexing Africa rather more compelling than under-informed Bono, I must admit.

  88. BrianFujisan

    4 Apr, 2014 - 12:40 am

    Ben ..@ 11;17

    Well said… though I’m sure his Vastly more Popular identity, and apparent Goody Two Shoes Image…Adds substantially to the Damage…

    And cheers for the Wave of Action Link… :)

  89. BrianFujisan 3 Apr, 2014 – 11:10 pm

    “It was bad enough in 2005. Then, at the G8 summit in Scotland, Bono and Bob Geldof heaped praise on Tony Blair and George Bush, who were still mired in the butchery they had initiated in Iraq. At one point Geldof appeared, literally and figuratively, to be sitting in Tony Blair’s lap. African activists accused them of drowning out a campaign for global justice with a campaign for charity.”

    Totally agree, Brian. Geldof knew what he was doing. He earned his ticket to Easy Street in those few weeks. To call him “a sell out” would imply that he had some principals in the first place. The timing and effect of his ‘live 8’ concerts in the run up to G8 was too perfect. It was as orchestrated as the attack on Gleneagles marchers which gave the media the images of blood-soaked violent hooligans that they needed.

    I was wondering why all the scaffold-mounted TV cameras were ignoring the main gates and pointing at a peaceful field where hundreds of protesters had been allowed to rest in the sunshine towards the end of the march. Then suddenly and simultaneously hundreds of riot cops and dozens of mounted cops appeared from behind the trees and swept through with clubs swinging while 2 or 3 of those double rotor helicopters swooped in like something out of Vietnam and disgorged more uniformed thugs to make a pincer movement. I hadn’t heard of kettling then.

    Geldof is a conscienceless slimeball with a lot of blood on his hands. He’s not stupid or ignorant enough to be unaware that he was stifling a golden and significant opportunity for decent Britain to loudly tell the world what it thought of the mass-murders committed in its name. And even if we grant him the ‘excuse’ that he couldn’t see beyond his colossal ego, he’s had 9 years to reflect. Well, excuse me, but only an arsehole would now claim that because of himself and Blair “Gleneagles, [of all summits, was] the most significant. It achieved so much, the breadth of its success is extraordinary and [is] still reverberating in astonishing ways that shape not only our politics but that of the world.

    Hold onto your supper if you tackle this recent piece he wrote for the Observer”

    “Bob Geldof: Gleneagles G8 summit was a triumph for Africa – and Tony Blair
    The Gleneagles summit helped pave the way for a new world order – and saved millions from needless suffering.”

    Here’s a sample vomit-inducer:

    “I have no doubt that it is because of Gleneagles that I and colleagues were able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in Africa and create jobs. Who’d have thought? The people you kept alive all those 30 years ago are now being invested in to create the skills, trades and jobs that go with growth.”

    But let’s not miss an opportunity to brown-nose present day politicians too ….

    “This steady commitment has been matched through the Brown government and, to its great credit, the Cameron one. It is an example of coherent, predictive, thought-through government policy”

    And one more …

    “Gleneagles was many things amongst the murderous bombs, the triumph of the Olympic bid and the thunderous roar of Live8 but aside from the global leaders waking up to the new reality of Africa, China, the modern age of communication and its implication, it is Tony Blair’s great lasting legacy – one of which he should be immensely proud. As should Britain.”

    Blaarrrghhhhhh ………..

  90. BrianFujisan

    4 Apr, 2014 - 6:43 am

    A Node…

    Jeeeezo Man… What a complete bought n Paid for Devil…. ye were Right about the Fkn Sick bucket… What an arse…

    ” that I and colleagues [ and I ] were able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars [ Did I and my Colleagues…And I… Did Mention ME yet ] to invest in Africa and create jobs. Who’d have thought? The people you kept alive all those 30 years ago are now being invested in to create the skills, trades and jobs that go with growth.” [ so that we could keep a healthy Military industrial Complex to Kill them all nowadays ]

    So Whilst I feel ill now… Let me Ask Geldof if we should all be Proud of this –

    One Minister Dr Khalid ash-Shaykli:

    “described large areas of Fallujah where nothing, people, cats, dogs, birds were left alive, alleging that mustard and nerve gasses had been used. InterPress reported people being roasted alive, in unquenchable, jellied fire. Numerous reports during the assault recorded people on fire leaping in to the Euphrates – and continuing to burn. Bodies were found with clothes melted in to the skin – and bodies were found with no injuries at all, giving credence to the accusation of the use of gasses and chemical weapons.”

    “It wasn’t a war, it was a massacre”, wrote an unidentified soldier in

    More from that piece by Felicity Arbuthnot @

    Bliar should be Hung for what he did to Iraq…and annihilation of Fallujah…with illegal, Fuck knows what other Banned weapons.

    i had a wee peek around… seems quite a few people regard Geldof as Evil…

    And this Extract from Paula Yates wikipedia entry.

    Paula Yates wrote in her police statement that Michael Hutchence was “frightened and couldn’t stand a minute more without his baby”. During their phone conversations on the morning of his suicide he had said, “I don’t know how I’ll live without Tiger”. Yates also wrote that Bob Geldof had threatened them repeatedly with, “Don’t forget, I am above the law”.[10]

  91. Bono – another one for the chop along with Geldof. How dare they? How did they happen?

    ‘Bono’s positioning of the west as the saviour of Africa while failing to ­discuss the harm the G8 nations are doing has undermined campaigns for justice and accountability.’

    It was bad enough in 2005. Then, at the G8 summit in Scotland, Bono and Bob Geldof heaped praise on Tony Blair and George Bush, who were still mired in the butchery they had initiated in Iraq. At one point Geldof appeared, literally and figuratively, to be sitting in Tony Blair’s lap. African activists accused them of drowning out a campaign for global justice with a campaign for charity.

    But this is worse. As the UK chairs the G8 summit again, a campaign that Bono founded, with which Geldof works closely, appears to be whitewashing the G8′s policies in Africa.’/


  92. Good news from the West Country. The trains are running again. And well done to the young Network Rail project manager, Rosie Major.

    The contractors were AMCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of Renew Holdings plc

    ‘We provide a range of multidisciplinary engineering support services to the rail industry where our operations target the on-going maintenance, asset renewal and enhancement programmes.

    Our strength lies in our ability to successfully deliver a variety of integrated and sustainable solutions for our clients.The Group has over 26 years’ experience working in the Rail sector delivering projects for clients such as Network Rail, London Underground and a number of train operating companies. Acquired in 2011, specialist engineering business Amco is a leading provider of maintenance works to Network Rail. Work is undertaken through the Building and Civils Delivery Partnership where Amco is the only contractor appointed nationally/’

    ‘Several other suppliers were needed to support BAM Nuttall as principal contractor so Amalgamated Construction (AMCO) was drafted into the process by Network Rail. One of its teams was carrying out other railway work in the area at a significant site near Tiverton, where they are carrying out repairs to Whiteball Tunnel (as reported in this issue on page 92). AMCO was given the responsibility for repairing the 90 metre breach.’

    Multiple contractors by the sounds of it. How do they divi up the money? Another lawyers’ paradise. Agent Cameron will bask in reflected glory I bet. Everything is privatised.


    I had an e-mail from Ed yesterday about it. He’s after our votes :)

  94. Sofia Kibo Noh

    4 Apr, 2014 - 8:26 am

    I’ve been mulling over the JFJFP article on Terrorising Children. It makes me wonder about the mental abilities of the planners.

    What are the long term effects on societies when so many people face brutalising traumas in their most vulnerable developing years?

    In Israeli society, where is the benefit in having large numbers of citizens trained to treat the young people​ of Others in these ways?

    How clever is it to systematically mass produce deeply damaged citizens?

    Images from occupeid Palestine,

  95. ‘Sorry Bob, Band Aid millions DID pay for guns: Charity’s man in Ethiopia tells his disturbing storyToday, for the first time, the Band Aid man on the ground in Ethiopia speaks out exclusively to The Daily Mail, saying he believes it is possible that up to 20 per cent of donor’s money went to fund the rebels.

    Furthermore, he told me that he personally sympathised with the rebel cause he calls ‘a liberating force’, and travelled in convoys he suspected were transporting arms to them.

    [..]John James was Band Aid Field Director in Ethiopia from 1985-91 and was awarded an MBE for his charity work. He says: ‘I would be surprised if it were any less than 10-20 per cent of funds were diverted to the rebels.

    ‘Did I sympathise with the rebels? Yes. We would not have tolerated any direct assistance in the purchase of arms or condoned it, but just remember it was a highly complex situation.’

    James, a farmer who is now 85 and living in Devon, adds: ‘I think it is ridiculous for anybody to claim that not one penny of aid money was diverted.

    ‘You couldn’t help the hungry in the rebel-held areas without helping the rebels. You have to be realistic about that. It is probable that some money was diverted to buy arms. I believe a just use was made of the money. I think it fulfilled the interests of the donors.’

    He recalls travelling on a rebel convoy, which he suspected carried arms, saying: ‘I didn’t know what was in the heavily sheeted tarpaulin load of the lorry in which I travelled, and I didn’t ask. I would be surprised if it had not contained arms.’

  96. Sofia Kibo Noh

    4 Apr, 2014 - 8:28 am

    Sorry, I forgot link,

  97. Sofia Kibo Noh

    4 Apr, 2014 - 8:33 am


    “…just remember it was a highly complex situation”.

    Yes indeed. The generic cover for bad actions by “good” guys.

    I need a bigger sick bucket after the Bono-Geldoff puke-fest.

  98. Ba'al Zevul (Leveraging Group Spend for Enhanced Gibberish Ratio)

    4 Apr, 2014 - 8:50 am

    By the way, in a piece which was supposed to be largely and dully about Bono, there was this quite interesting assessment of what’s happening over there in Africa. Have yet to recheck, but sounds about right:

    “Last week I drew attention to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, launched in the US when it chaired the G8 meeting last year. The alliance is pushing African countries into agreements that allow foreign companies to grab their land, patent their seeds and monopolise their food markets. Ignoring the voices of their own people, six African governments have struck deals with companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Dupont, Syngenta, Nestlé and Unilever, in return for promises of aid by the UK and other G8 nations.”

    Thanks, Technicolour.

    May I just remind readers of the otherwise unemployable world leaders currently attached to the African investment cash teat?

    (You may need to restock on these – )

  99. BrianFujisan

    4 Apr, 2014 - 9:33 am

    Here’s a good take on what possibly the majority of African’s themselves think.

    Last fall, shortly after I returned from Nigeria, I was accosted by a perky blond college student whose blue eyes seemed to match the “African” beads around her wrists.

    “Save Darfur!” she shouted from behind a table covered with pamphlets urging students to TAKE ACTION NOW! STOP GENOCIDE IN DARFUR!

    My aversion to college kids jumping onto fashionable social causes nearly caused me to walk on, but her next shout stopped me.

    “Don’t you want to help us save Africa?” she yelled.

    It seems that these days, wracked by guilt at the humanitarian crisis it has created in the Middle East, the West has turned to Africa for redemption. Idealistic college students, celebrities such as Bob Geldof and politicians such as Tony Blair have all made bringing light to the dark continent their mission. They fly in for internships and fact-finding missions or to pick out children to adopt in much the same way my friends and I in New York take the subway to the pound to adopt stray dogs.

    This is the West’s new image of itself: a sexy, politically active generation whose preferred means of spreading the word are magazine spreads with celebrities pictured in the foreground, forlorn Africans in the back. Never mind that the stars sent to bring succor to the natives often are, willingly, as emaciated as those they want to help.

    Perhaps most interesting is the language used to describe the Africa being saved. For example, the Keep a Child Alive/” I am African” ad campaign features portraits of primarily white, Western celebrities with painted “tribal markings” on their faces above “I AM AFRICAN” in bold letters. Below, smaller print says, “help us stop the dying.”


    Such campaigns, however well intentioned, promote the stereotype of Africa as a black hole of disease and death. News reports constantly focus on the continent’s corrupt leaders, warlords, “tribal” conflicts, child laborers, and women disfigured by abuse and genital mutilation. These descriptions run under headlines like “Can Bono Save Africa?” or “Will Brangelina Save Africa?” The relationship between the West and Africa is no longer based on openly racist beliefs, but such articles are reminiscent of reports from the heyday of European colonialism, when missionaries were sent to Africa to introduce us to education, Jesus Christ and “civilization.”

    There is no African, myself included, who does not appreciate the help of the wider world, but we do question whether aid is genuine or given in the spirit of affirming one’s cultural superiority. My mood is dampened every time I attend a benefit whose host runs through a litany of African disasters before presenting a (usually) wealthy, white person, who often proceeds to list the things he or she has done for the poor, starving Africans. Every time a well-meaning college student speaks of villagers dancing because they were so grateful for her help, I cringe. Every time a Hollywood director shoots a film about Africa that features a Western protagonist, I shake my head — because Africans, real people though we may be, are used as props in the West’s fantasy of itself. And not only do such depictions tend to ignore the West’s prominent role in creating many of the unfortunate situations on the continent, they also ignore the incredible work Africans have done and continue to do to fix those problems.

    Why do the media frequently refer to African countries as having been “granted independence from their colonial masters,” as opposed to having fought and shed blood for their freedom? Why do Angelina Jolie and Bono receive overwhelming attention for their work in Africa while Nwankwo Kanu or Dikembe Mutombo, Africans both, are hardly ever mentioned? How is it that a former mid-level U.S. diplomat receives more attention for his cowboy antics in Sudan than do the numerous African Union countries that have sent food and troops and spent countless hours trying to negotiate a settlement among all parties in that crisis?

    Two years ago I worked in a camp for internally displaced people in Nigeria, survivors of an uprising that killed about 1,000 people and displaced 200,000. True to form, the Western media reported on the violence but not on the humanitarian work the state and local governments — without much international help — did for the survivors. Social workers spent their time and in many cases their own salaries to care for their compatriots. These are the people saving Africa, and others like them across the continent get no credit for their work.

    Last month the Group of Eight industrialized nations and a host of celebrities met in Germany to discuss, among other things, how to save Africa. Before the next such summit, I hope people will realize Africa doesn’t want to be saved. Africa wants the world to acknowledge that through fair partnerships with other members of the global community, we ourselves are capable of unprecedented growth.

    Uzodinma Iweala – is the author of “Beasts of No Nation,” a novel about child soldiers.

    P.s…. Cheers for putting up the Hang the Bankers Piec Mary… i didn’t even notice i left it out.

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