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The Labour Party has tanked in the English council elections, at a stage in the electoral cycle where every experienced person knows an opposition party would be expecting to pick up a minimum of 800 English council seat net gains. On today’s figures, they are nowhere near achieving an overall majority at Westminster, even ignoring the massive negative momentum against them. Labour have a swing of -8% against them compared to the 2012 local council elections.

Labour played the game of negative expectations in a massive way, claiming a net gain of 150 seats would be a victory for them. So far they have a net gain of just 82. But the extraordinary thing is that the BBC have, throughout the Breakfast News period – the largest TV news watch of the day – been unable to add up all the council seats yet. Sky has totaled every single one of the council seats declared overnight, while the BBC has been able to total under half – and the BBC has come up with a Labour net gain of 102. This has enabled the BBC to show a three figure Labour gain on its strapline all morning, and lead every news bulletin: “Major gains for UKIP in English local elections. Labour has also made gains. A poor night for the Conservatives and Lib Dems”.

That the BBC, which has more regional reporting staff than Sky by a factor of 30, is unable to tally the seats of all the councils declared so far, while Sky had done it all night very efficiently, is remarkable. And when Labour has made net gains of only 82 overall in the overnight declarations, to get a Labour net gain of 102 out of just over a third of the declared seats is virtually impossible for the BBC to achieve except by deliberate action. The BBC have cherry picked the very few areas where Labour has moved forward and ignored areas where they suffered losses. Precisely what one would expect from the BBC.

The fact that Labour cannot form the next government shows the people of Scotland they have a very simple choice. Tory rule or Independence. What the UKIP surge shows is that nasty xenophobia is rampant in England. The Tory party will move even further to the right to capture some of this ground – and so will New Labour. We could well see a Con/UKIP Westminster coalition after 2015.

So if you are Scottish, these are your only certain choices for the future:

Independence or Tory Rule
Independence or Leave the EU

It is as simple as that. The BBC will nevertheless try to hype the remotely vanishing possibility of a New Labour government instead, to appeal to tribal loyalty. Though why anyone would want New Labour who kick-started tuition fees, NHS privatization, academy schools and are obsessed with nuclear weapons, is beyond me. There is no choice open of a social democratic UK.

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96 thoughts on “Labour Flunks, BBC Spins

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  • Jemand

    That’s rich coming from you.

    Why did you disrupt this thread with your address to me? What problem do you have with dissent? Is it because you believe that opinons that are different to yours are all wrong and that people do not have a right (freedom) to be wrong in their journey to find the truth?

    Isn’t debate all about reconciling different opinions in the common cause of discovering the truth?

    Maybe these questions are too hard for you. I shouldn’t expect any real answers from you Mary, just the usual evasions and implied accusations and a punch in the back of my head from one of your chivalrous mates.

  • nevermind

    Turnout in the EU elections in South Norfolk, some 38%, with Thorpe Abbott being the highest at 39%. with the lowest being In Diss, Wymondham and the very posh Framinham Pigot with a dismal 21%.

    So one of the places which is earning its money all around the world and in Europe, a very affluent little village, is also one of the worst for voting.

    No idea yet as to how many of these few votes were spoiled. The party political oligarchs together with the BBC and the regional newspapers have managed to keep the profile of this election so low, its almost cellar, whilst proclaiming that this was the most important election for Europe ever.

    But in this country they buy any old crap these power addicts and their mouthpieces say, don’t they?

  • Mary

    Jemand interprets my refusal to answer to the interrogation by trolls as ‘evasions’.LOL.

  • Jemand

    Mary, you proved yourself to be a troll by repeatedly accusing all dissenters of trolling. Your refusal to answer any questions other than benign ones from your fans is also proof of your evasiveness. Why are you afraid of disagreement and debate?

  • Mary

    A troll is a troll is a troll. I should know from bitter experience. Do not be silly. I do not have fans. Not afraid either, especially not of your stuff.

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