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If anybody is surprised that key letters between Tony Blair and George Bush on launching the invasion of Iraq have gone missing, they have not been paying attention. On both sides of the Atlantic, the Obama and Cameron regimes have consistently and continually covered up the crimes of their predecessors, from launch illegal wars of aggression to instituting programmes of torture and extraordinary rendition and murder.

The motive in both cases is the same. Not only are the senior politicians in all mainstream parties members of the same “club”, committed to the same neo-conservative principles and indebted to the same corporate paymasters. But also these crimes involved the active complicity of thousands of senior members of the establishment, in the armed services, the secret services, the diplomatic services and other public servants. To come clean would take down thousands of people still in public service. or in other high places. In the UK, for example, war criminals Sir Richard Dearlove now master of Pembroke College Cambridge and Sir Mark Allen of Shell are only two who would have to go to jail. I am sorry to say that I am convinced that some people I know and like myself, ought to be sentenced. Not that it will happen.

When a state embarks on illegal war and systematic torture and murder, as a state, the ramifications go extremely wide. Literally thousands of highly placed people are implicated. There is nothing short of political revolution which would bring justice.

It is fascinating how far even the “liberal” media will and will not go in reporting these crimes. The murder part is almost entirely left out – it is well documented, for example, that scores of rendition flights went to Uzbekistan, including many from the CIA black base in Szymano-Szczytny in Mazuria, Poland. But it is almost never noted that not one person who was rendered to Uzbekistan ever emerged alive. They were all murdered.

The astonishing disparity of wealth in the UK – with just nine families owning as much as the poorest 15 million in the country – has now reached the point where, together with the crimes described above and the takeover of all main parties by the same neo-con philosophy – I have become, for the first time in my life, a political revolutionary. I have, unexpectedly, lost my faith in the ability of the currently constituted “democratic” system to provide a fair society. That seems to be because the extreme and escalating concentration and control of capital coincides with the extreme and escalating concentration and control of the media. That media control seems, despite the availability of alternative new media, to have sufficient power of influencing people to grant untrammeled hegemony over society to the wealthy.

Working on the Voltairian basis that il faut cultiver le jardin, I shall continue to work for Scottish independence on the grounds that smaller polities have a greater chance of resistance, a kind of theory of political asymmetric warfare, and that for cultural reasons there has been a less complete neo-con takeover of political debate there.

To return to Chilcot, there is a sense in which it is good that he has not yet reported. Chilcot is holding out to be able to include the Bush-Blair correspondence, which offers conclusive proof that the “WMD” meme was a knowing lie to justify a vicious and pre-determined war. The recent Tory pressure for early publication is for publication without these documents. Much better to wait and get the actual proof.

The idea that two heads of state corresponding on taking their states to war can be “private” and kept from their people, is so outrageous that the fact it is stated at all is, in itself, sufficient evidence of the media control being as complete as I assert. It is a laughable proposition. Besides which, if these were private letters, why were Sir David Manning and Sir Christopher Meyer delivering them at public expense? Can we charge Blair for this service? Meyer and Manning don’t come cheap. It was, incidentally, Sir David Manning who brought back to No. 10 the request from the White House that I be sacked as British Ambassador in Uzbekistan for kicking up a fuss internally over extraordinary rendition.

After careful consideration of the Rome Statute, I am convinced that an independent Scotland will be able to refer Blair to the war crimes tribunal at the Hague, and I am determined to make sure that this happens.

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  • Rehmat

    In 2012, Israel-Firster Tony Blair along with George Bush was declared a War Criminal by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) in Malaysia.

    Member of British parliament, George Galloway, is producing a documentary, ‘The Killing of Tony Blair’ (watch a video below) which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

  • lwtc247

    ” have, unexpectedly, lost my faith in the ability of the currently constituted “democratic” system to provide a fair society.”

    – Welcome, Craig. I must say, I (and I think this applies to a great number of us) have been waiting.

    Vive la Revolution!

  • pete fairhurst

    Excellent post Craig, I agree with virtually everything that you say. And all power to you in your quest to nail Blair; it needs to happen. He seems to get a free pass from everyone else

  • Mary

    You speak for nearly ALL of us here Craig.

    Well said.

    For truth and justice.

  • JimmyGiro

    If the State becomes your enemy, then you must become an enemy to the State.

    The law of self-defence trumps all other laws.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Hardly surprising, given the rambo character of our governors.

    Just recently the NYT executive editor was sacked for wanting to have the Times Magazine do provocative coverage on the Bush administration, the culprits who let the 9/11 tragedy happen, not even showing up for the opening of the national memorial about it last week, but the toady press, even including her now at the Wake Forest commencement, has covered it up completely.

    Increasingly, everything really important is in the process of being erased, thanks to the covert way in which war is carried on.

  • Ed

    “there is a sense in which it is good that he has not yet reported.”

    Indeed. There’s also something very satisfying when a company man goes off script.

    I also don’t think it’s unhelpful to have the Tories calling for publication, it only helps bring attention to the very good reasons why Chilcot is stalling.

  • Phil

    “I have become, for the first time in my life, a political revolutionary. I have, unexpectedly, lost my faith in the ability of the currently constituted “democratic” system to provide a fair society.”

    I cheered out loud to read this. Great news mate. I look forward to hearing what you are thinking.

    May I recommend radical decentralisation for your consideration.

  • Andy

    Until a few minutes ago I didn’t care much about the Scottish independence debate, however your last sentence has sparked an interest. Yes, I know I’ve been easily won over.
    The diminishing lack of confidence in the political systems worldwide you write about are very much like my own realisation. A friend has been telling me for years that the only thing that will change things to any degree is a violent revolution. Even then it would only be a temporary improvement (I assume he means until the next set of pigs get themselves comfortable around the trough and set in motion the process of making themselves wealthy to the detriment of virtually all other inhabitants of our planet).
    As you say, despite existing (relative) freedom of the internet the mass media have the masses convinced of a parallel universe, despite so much evidence to the contrary.
    It is still rather shocking that these people have the brass neck to say that the Blair/Bush letters have gone missing.

  • Ed Davies

    “After careful consideration of the Rome Statute, I am convinced that an independent Scotland will be able to refer Blair to the war crimes tribunal at the Hague, and I am determined to make sure that this happens.”

    I’d be interested to know in more detail how you work that out. It seems to me that Blair is (more?) liable to prosecution for the crime of aggression rather than war crimes as such. This is unfortunate as the necessary ratifications of the amendment to the Rome Statue haven’t been made to bring this crime under the court’s jurisdiction.

  • Gadfly

    Sorry, I don’t quite understand you: if the letters between Tony Blair and George Bush on launching the invasion of Iraq have gone missing, what is the point of waiting to get the actual proof? What proof? Waiting for the letters to re-appear?

    There should be copies of those letters, shouldn’t there?

    As to your statement that “To come clean would take down thousands of people still in public service” – I see no problem with that.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Very much agree Craig. A Yes in September would send shock waves through our system, but before that hopefully happens , we have the European elections.
    The dissatisfaction with those in power isn’t just confined to the British Isles.
    This is going to manifest itself in a few days with a considerable swing to the right in the EU. None of these parties seem to be working in unison for the moment, but can you imagine what kind of chaos they could bring to Brussels ,should they ?
    Here’s a take on the ” Life of Brian” sketch , re said parties… sorry, its in German, but funny never the less.

  • Gordo

    George Galloway is against Scottish Independence. He claims to be anti establishment but clearly he is anxious to maintain the comfort of Westminster for his own personal selfish benefit. He is supposed to be trying to expose Tony Blair and I actually contributed to his project, but now that he has been exposed as a hypocrite I think we will find that he is just another trough feeder looking out for himself and his chums with no genuine concern for ordinary people. Scotland must become independent as its the only way to escape from the scammers and conmen like George Galloway and the rest of them at Westminster who live off our backs. #voteyes

  • Jermyn St. Jim.

    ‘Gordo’, Your knowledge and insights, concerning George Galloway, display not only, a singular and abysmal paucity of political acumen,but also, quite evidently, an equally deficient in due diligence understanding of his own position, vis-a-vis, what in all likelihood, will be a resounding ‘No’ Result, on September 18th. On the plus side, for you and your intrepid ilk, however, is the fact, that someone of Craig Murray’s stature, has seen fit, to ally himself, with ‘Salmy’ Saltire’s, brave new, Souteresque sanctioned, Caledonia, albeit for far more noble reasons and egalitarian aspirations, than the incumbent and putative stalwarts and scions, of Scottish Neo-Nationalism, in Holyrood….;)

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “After careful consideration of the Rome Statute, I am convinced that an independent Scotland will be able to refer Blair to the war crimes tribunal at the Hague, and I am determined to make sure that this happens.”

    Let us assume that you are right and that Scotland would be ABLE so to refer: are you equally convinced that Scotland would actually DO so and what are your reasons for thinking that (apart from your belief/hope that “smaller polities have a greater chance of resistance”)?

  • John Goss

    Excellent post with a lot of wisdom. Glad to see you have that fire in your soul Craig to pursue these war-criminals to their destiny. Like you say, things have gone too far with control of the media. There was a Panorama programme tonight on the Ukraine which demonstrated just how lowered the BBC has become in its lack of objectivity. While it quite justifiably criticised pro-Russian activists who murdered somebody simply for wanting to hoist a Ukrainian flag, and the perpetrators can only be described as animals. It followed this item with a very short clip of the murder scene of more than forty people in the Trades’ Union building in Odessa, but made it appear that the same people were responsible for that. Those in the know know it to have been Pravy Sector thugs. What an omission that that was not mentioned. I used to believe Panorama and Horizon programmes to be well-researched, factual and trustworthy. Or was I naive in the seventies and eighties too and I have only realised it over the last twenty years?

  • Jermyn St. Jim.

    Trowbridge H Ford, Ed Davies, and other commenters, it might be revelatory, to peruse this youtube clip interview of Professor Francis A. Boyle, who states, inter alia, some 8 minutes and 33 seconds into the interview, that…”The Wheels of Justice, might turn slowly, but they DO TURN, and I am confident, that at some point, we’ll be seeing Bush and Blair, in the Dock, somewhere.If I don’t get them, some other Lawyer, will get them”……;)…….

  • oddie

    John Friend: 9/11 Museum run by “Holocaust” industry

    [ – link to Holocaust-denial blog deleted]

  • guano

    In the light of the fact that the current war crime spree against the Syrian people is a joint effort between US UK IS and Al Qaida, which has the tacit approval of the entire Muslim Scholars, it is likely that exposure of the political colaboration and lies of the last 20 years of the War on Terror would bring down the Muslim scholars as much as it would bring down US and UK political elite.

    There is a blatant inconsistency in their support of the Israeli campaign to destroy Syria on the pretext of the Alawis calling to the prophet’s SAW grandson Hussain instead of Allah, when their allies the Zio=Christians call to Jesus instead of Allah.

    Neither the Muslim scholars or political leaders nor the USUKIS leaders wanted to be hung out to dry by exposure on Craig Murray’s blog etc. They both detest their murderous connivance being held up to the light of truth.

    The English Civil War by God’s Grace settled the political battle between total top-down domination of the Roman Catholic church and those who had read the Gospels in their native tongues in the Protestant church.

    I remain optimistic that the political cofederacy of the Muslim scholars and the USUK and other IS dominated empires will also be settled by the outcome of the Syrian Civil War.

    The ordinary Muslims of the world are witness to the fact that politcal condederacy with the enemies of Islam is totally forbidden in the Qur’an. The dreadful torture and massacres of the last 20 years are the result of an intellectual experiment by the Muslim scholars in political compromise.

    What we in the UK learned from the Thatcher years is that nations survive in spite of their political leaders only through human decency and prayer.

    The spat between the West and Russia, and the conviction of Abu Hamsa, are political spin to create an illusion of non-collaboration. A very broad and complicated game is being played by the Muslim and Non-Muslim brokers of power against the people.
    Politics is always about self, and Allah is always with the victims of power.

  • guano

    I have been experiencing a taste of neo-con excessive power at work.

    I work for agencies, most of which create a contract by which I agree not to miss any work, and through their sub-contracted pay system, they are my sole employers (the sub-contacted accounting firm)

    Last week I started at the construction site of Jaguar Landrover as an agency worker. The sub-contracted Health & Safety company informed us in the induction that we would be liable to recorded disciplinary procedures, from quiet word, to yellow and red cards. I was not informed in the induction that I had to wear safety gloves, which I thought was strange. The first warning therefore soon appeared.

    Was the induction recorded? I don’t think so, but I’m sure the warning was.

    We had our first break at 11.30 having started at 07.30. The only refreshment was a bacon caravan for maybe 200 workers. It was closed. The only alternative was hot water right on the other side of the factory 15 minutes walk round trip. The factory was warming up in the hotter weather.

    Thirdly, we were forced to arrive half an hour early to catch a bus from outside the site in unpaid time, adding an extra hour to our 10 hour day.

    God is Great! I walked straight into work on a sensible site with human administrators, four brews to soothe our tired, hot bodies, 07.00, 10.00,12.30, 02.45. I left at 18.00 having done a useful, constructive day’s work.

    My point is that the disparity of incomes, loss of Union power, dispersal of contracts to small companies competing in a recession, dispersal of rights through temporary contracts to individuals, ability to use video and audio CCTV to continuously monitor, etc etc, have led management to the conclusion that they can treat us like prisoners, not workers.

    How much capital has bled out of the UK car industry through bad industrial relations? Here is a new chance, and a new start, being ruined from the start by the same old same old divisive management attitudes that bankrupted the old UK car industry.

  • James Chater

    Samll countries tend to do well: The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. Most other countries are just too big.

  • Mary

    Ref ‘The astonishing disparity of wealth …..’

    ‘Credit Suisse helped ‘tax cheats’
    The Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse pleads guilty to helping some US clients avoid paying taxes to the US government and agrees to a $2.6bn (£1.5bn) fine.’

    We are not told who the ‘tax cheats’ are. How many of them have dual nationality in the so called ‘only democracy in the Middle East’?

    ‘Credit Suisse is not alone. US prosecutors are chasing more than a dozen other Swiss banks for allegedly helping wealthy Americans dodge US taxes, and at the press conference, they hinted that there would be more settlements to come.’

  • Highlander

    Hi Craig,
    You’re putting yourself out on a limb, pity there aren’t more honourable men and women like you, that were prepared to look after our future generations.
    This idea of Blair being placed before the ICC is an excellent concept, I can only hope it comes to fruition.
    I think my sentiments would be the reaction of the majority of residents of the UK regardless which side of the border they reside.
    bLiar and his cronies will be having sleepless nights in future.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Ba'al Zevul (à bas Pangloss)

    I’ll be very glad to help research Blair either for an ICC or a fraud trial. Or both. If Blair continues to function, civilisation is an empty concept. Genuine offer. As to the rest; agreed.

  • Ba'al Zevul (à bas Pangloss)

    “Not only are the senior politicians in all mainstream parties members of the same “club”, committed to the same neo-conservative principles and indebted to the same corporate paymasters”.

    What? Next you’ll be claiming it’s all because of the near total control that world Jewry has over western Politicians.

    No he won’t. And never will. Now check out the corporate bodies donating to our (elected) democratic representatives, and you’ll find he’s right.

    (PS, Just ignore AIPAC’s input into the US system, though. Or you might start suspecting near total control…etc)

  • Vronsky

    Interesting on Blair/war crimes. Somewhat related: could an independent Scotland offer sanctuary to whistleblowers like Snowden and Assange?

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