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If anybody is surprised that key letters between Tony Blair and George Bush on launching the invasion of Iraq have gone missing, they have not been paying attention. On both sides of the Atlantic, the Obama and Cameron regimes have consistently and continually covered up the crimes of their predecessors, from launch illegal wars of aggression to instituting programmes of torture and extraordinary rendition and murder.

The motive in both cases is the same. Not only are the senior politicians in all mainstream parties members of the same “club”, committed to the same neo-conservative principles and indebted to the same corporate paymasters. But also these crimes involved the active complicity of thousands of senior members of the establishment, in the armed services, the secret services, the diplomatic services and other public servants. To come clean would take down thousands of people still in public service. or in other high places. In the UK, for example, war criminals Sir Richard Dearlove now master of Pembroke College Cambridge and Sir Mark Allen of Shell are only two who would have to go to jail. I am sorry to say that I am convinced that some people I know and like myself, ought to be sentenced. Not that it will happen.

When a state embarks on illegal war and systematic torture and murder, as a state, the ramifications go extremely wide. Literally thousands of highly placed people are implicated. There is nothing short of political revolution which would bring justice.

It is fascinating how far even the “liberal” media will and will not go in reporting these crimes. The murder part is almost entirely left out – it is well documented, for example, that scores of rendition flights went to Uzbekistan, including many from the CIA black base in Szymano-Szczytny in Mazuria, Poland. But it is almost never noted that not one person who was rendered to Uzbekistan ever emerged alive. They were all murdered.

The astonishing disparity of wealth in the UK – with just nine families owning as much as the poorest 15 million in the country – has now reached the point where, together with the crimes described above and the takeover of all main parties by the same neo-con philosophy – I have become, for the first time in my life, a political revolutionary. I have, unexpectedly, lost my faith in the ability of the currently constituted “democratic” system to provide a fair society. That seems to be because the extreme and escalating concentration and control of capital coincides with the extreme and escalating concentration and control of the media. That media control seems, despite the availability of alternative new media, to have sufficient power of influencing people to grant untrammeled hegemony over society to the wealthy.

Working on the Voltairian basis that il faut cultiver le jardin, I shall continue to work for Scottish independence on the grounds that smaller polities have a greater chance of resistance, a kind of theory of political asymmetric warfare, and that for cultural reasons there has been a less complete neo-con takeover of political debate there.

To return to Chilcot, there is a sense in which it is good that he has not yet reported. Chilcot is holding out to be able to include the Bush-Blair correspondence, which offers conclusive proof that the “WMD” meme was a knowing lie to justify a vicious and pre-determined war. The recent Tory pressure for early publication is for publication without these documents. Much better to wait and get the actual proof.

The idea that two heads of state corresponding on taking their states to war can be “private” and kept from their people, is so outrageous that the fact it is stated at all is, in itself, sufficient evidence of the media control being as complete as I assert. It is a laughable proposition. Besides which, if these were private letters, why were Sir David Manning and Sir Christopher Meyer delivering them at public expense? Can we charge Blair for this service? Meyer and Manning don’t come cheap. It was, incidentally, Sir David Manning who brought back to No. 10 the request from the White House that I be sacked as British Ambassador in Uzbekistan for kicking up a fuss internally over extraordinary rendition.

After careful consideration of the Rome Statute, I am convinced that an independent Scotland will be able to refer Blair to the war crimes tribunal at the Hague, and I am determined to make sure that this happens.

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  • John Goss

    Peacewisher ‘unbelievably brave’. They do not like it. They use the same approach that got Shaker Aamer and Moazzam Begg arrested, tortured in Bagram, Guantanamo and elsewhere, by offering a bounty. A question: who do you think are their mentors? Couldn’t be those, by any chance, who offered bounties on the heads of ‘outlaws’ and robbed the native Americans of their hunting-grounds and fishing areas, could it?

  • mark golding

    Good form Tony_Opmoc – so nice to hear from you.

    I am reminded of an old neglected house plant I had completely forgotten to water and attend to. It was wilted and its leaves were dropping off. Suddenly, all by itself, it came to life and wouldn’t stop growing as if by magic.

    Quite fitting, be it the magical power of intention Mary – Craig has raised that power and we are convincingly the endemic garden of connected thoughts to out the vile for the desirable to flourish and survive.

    Maintain the shield.

  • guano

    We can provide Same old sTory seats, you’re not as Green as you look seats, Slave Labour seats, U-kip while we wreck the country seats. Discreet, premium service to suit all political perversions/persuasions.

  • Peacewisher

    @John: Our whole country fought against their ideology, and the USSR fought with us as allies. Bandera was defeated. He should be forgotten. Presumably Rumania had their fascist leader in ww2 supporting Hitler, but I don’t think their government would pronounce him as a hero. And Mussolini… nuff said. Why should OUR Britain support such regime, however? And why should our mainstream media support them? The inevitable result will be millions of Ukrainians killed and a fascist state on Russia’s doorstep.

    Interesting anecdote about George Galloway and the 80 year old who believe in “The Union”, and just can’t change their thinking no matter what. Maybe also some influential UK politicians have a belief that “Washington is right”, no matter what.

  • Dave Lawton

    Here is just a short list of those in the public eye,and they are just a few of many.
    Gareth Williams, Dr David Kelly, Stephen Ward and Allan Turing, all British Intelligence workers who committed suicide by persons unknown.

  • John Goss

    Dave Lawton, yes, Alan Turing, is a suicide I never questioned. Especially after what he did in leading the cracking of the Enigma Code. You would have thought hey had forgiven him for being ‘queer’. Did he leave a note. Nearly all real suicides do if, they are honest and do not want to cause unnecessary work for their loved ones. I am not an expert and realise some people are so disturbed they just do the desperate thing.

  • Jives

    When one considers the UK security services of the last hundred years it seems perfectly clear that the grestest danger to UK national security has come from within their own ranks e.g.Philby,Burgess,McLean et al.

  • Mary

    The heir to our ‘throne’ has likened President Putin to Hitler! Wonder what Putin thinks of him?

    It is high time he realized that he should keep his opinions to himself and should not follow the example of his father.

  • Peacewisher

    I’m surprised at Prince Charles. I thought he had more independence of thought than that… And he’ll be meeting Putin face-face in a couple of weeks. Time for a history lesson, perhaps?

  • Jermyn St.. Jim.

    ‘Jives’, I wouldn’t want to speculate unduly, about your allegation concerning Norman Baker’s integrity, in this matter, suffice to add, that George Galloway, had to the best of my recollection, asked him on several occasions, to come into the TALKSPORT Studio, as his Guest, when he (GG) was doing his Mother of All Talkshows, but Mr Baker, never seemed to ‘make it into the Studio’, and no explanations were ever furnished, as to why..;) Here is a very brief clip,however of George chatting with him, on the telephone, about Dr Kelly….

  • Jay

    @john Goss

    Is it possible to be a left wing fascist. I believe in education and rule of law. You cannot force principles on people but as a society censorship and social engineering through cultural manipulation would produce better well being among society.

    With the spear of our wars of aggression against alien societies the first part of the wests social engineering complicit in fragmentation and division of peoples other forms of social engineering would be favourable .

    How John would you support international unity and in what for?

  • Jemand

    I’m inclined to agree with Tony_M, ie that Bush and Blair would not have made overt references to doing the wrong thing in their correspondences. At best, those letters will only reveal conveniently ambiguous nudges and winks. And benign verbiage liberally sprinkled with words like “freedom”, “democracy”, “liberty” and “justice”.

    Blair : “Hey George, have we found those ‘WMDs’ yet? Might need to send the SAS into the Oil Ministry to find the maps that point to them, so we can liberate the people and bring freedom and democracy to the people. Did anyone check inside Hussy’s Teddy Bear?”

    Bush : “Teddy Bear, LOL! Yes. The boys at the Firm said that all they found was some vintage Jewish porn, a used cigar and an old sock. I am so keen about bringing freedom and democracy and justice and freedom to the people of Iraq that I will be sending some B52s in to fight the war on terror to bring democracy and justice to the people of Iraq.”

    Blair : “I agree. Freedom and democracy for the people is what I’m in it for. Our chaps at the office have a few fellows in their care who might know a thing or two about some plans to deny justice and freedom to the people of Iraq. Can you help us out with that?”

    Bush : “Don’t you worry about that none, Tony. I’ll get the guys to send a transporter to pick’em up and transfer them to our friends in Egypt. Those guys are really good at translating, I hear. The Iraqi people won’t know what fuckin’ hit’em when freedom and democracy crushes those motherfuckin’ terrists who hate freedom and democracy and the people of Iraq.”

    Blair : “Splendid. I’m sure those fellows will be happy to know they’re off to see the Pyramids. And that last part about freedom and democracy for the Iraqi people was very eloquently put. Especially the bits about the people and the democracy and the freedom for the people of the democracy of Iraq.”

    Bush : “Thanks, man. ‘Preciate your support. When this is all over, the free liberated people of democracy will be crying so much they’ll choke on their words and I’ll say – Hey, I get it already! You’re fuckin’ welcome.”

  • Mary

    ‘On Monday, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Pier 21, Canada’s national immigration museum, during their four-day tour of Canada.

    It was, Marienne Ferguson told the BBC, “just a little remark. I didn’t think it was going to make such a big uproar”.

    The prince chatted to Ms Ferguson, who left Poland for Canada just prior to the Nazi occupation, and some of whose family died in concentration camps.

    “He [Charles] asked when I came to Canada, I told him 1939,” said Ms Ferguson.

    “He made the remark that now Putin is doing some of the same things that Hitler was doing.

    “I agreed – you know, he is taking countries the same as Hitler did.”‘


    Mr Peter Hunt, Royal Correspondent, last heard from outside the Lindo Wing when Baby George was born joining in the adulation.

    ‘Peter Hunt Royal correspondent, BBC News
    It was, Marienne Ferguson told the BBC, “just a little remark. I didn’t think it was going to make such a big uproar”. It has had significant ramifications because it was uttered by a man who will one day be head of state.

    The British monarchy is in a period of subtle transition. Prince Charles is, slowly, taking on more of his 88-year-old mother’s workload. As a result, there’s a renewed focus on the type of king he will become.

    Privately, Charles – a passionate prince – probably won’t be too bothered he’s highlighted the actions of President Putin. Others at Buckingham Palace and the Foreign Office are likely to be less sanguine.

    And his critics – he has plenty for a person who’ll one day occupy a unifying role – will see this as yet another example of an unelected hereditary heir meddling when he shouldn’t.’

    In all events, the Israelis will be loving it.

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    20 May, 2014 – 11:13 pm

    “…do you share DoNNy’s view that “with all likelihood our forces were doing the nasty stuff in Scotland and Wales to keep the people quiet.”, Doug?”

    I have to admit that I hadn’t read DoNnyDarKo’s comment (20 May, 2014 – 6:14 pm) when I made my comment.

    However, I have now. I don’t know much about the Welsh and Scottish incidents mentioned but I agree with most of what he wrote, especially:

    “So far it is just disinformation and a loaded press + TV against the Yes movement, but should the polls which get suppressed show a continuing rise in support for Independence, then Westminster will probably let their pit bulls loose north of the border.”

    “They won’t let Scotland go.”

    Don’t forget Habbabkuk the security services and police both in Northern Ireland and Mainland Briton, fitted-up many innocent Irishmen for terrorist offences that they did not commit.

    So they do engage in the dark and dirty stuff.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Bokonon Rastafari)

    Peripherally – this has been bubbling under for a while, and there may be something in it.

    The ‘Blair minister’ theme is recurrent.

    Meanwhile, it is very hard to find any mention of Blair’s attendance at the VII Astana Economic Forum (in Kazakhstan, for non-geographers), which opened today. Nothing whatever in the Western Press, and he doesn’t seem to be a headline act anywhere else, although he is listed as attending, to address the World Anti-Crisis subforum. There is nothing about his attendance on any of Blair’s charidee/aid broking websites, either.

    He will presumably be voting by post or proxy on the 22nd.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Bokonon Rastafari)

    Actually, the little bastard would have to fly across Ukraine to/from Uzbekistan. Target practice, anyone?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Mr Scorgie

    “I have to admit that I hadn’t read DoNnyDarKo’s comment (20 May, 2014 – 6:14 pm) when I made my comment.

    However, I have now. I don’t know much about the Welsh and Scottish incidents mentioned but I agree with most of what he wrote, especially:

    “So far it is just disinformation and a loaded press + TV against the Yes movement, but should the polls which get suppressed show a continuing rise in support for Independence, then Westminster will probably let their pit bulls loose north of the border.””

    My question to you was about something else DoNNy wrote in the same comment, namely:

    “with all likelihood our forces were doing the nasty stuff in Scotland and Wales to keep the people quiet.”.

    Do you agree with that specific thought of DoNNy’s?

  • Mary

    This is from Medialens about the Papers review last night on BBC News. Lance Price who spun for BLiar’s wars. YCNMIU

    BBC the Papers : Prince Charles deserves a pat on the back for saying Putin is acting like Hitler!!!

    Posted by CJ on May 21, 2014, 3:26 am

    The papers 20/5/14
    with Clive Myrie :
    Lance Price (political commentator – ex Labour adviser in Downing St.) and Miranda Green (political commentator – ex Liberal commentator)

    CM introduces the Daily Mail Headline
    14:10 minutes in:
    “certainly Prince Charles feels a certain Russian leader has crossed the line according to the Daily Mail” this headline is then shown on screen from the Daily Mail:
    “Exclusive: Prince’s controversial verdict on Russian leader’s invasion of Ukraine

    (I suspect the Daily Mail thinks it has inside knowledge on Hitler’s behaviour!)

    Lance Price:
    “On this occasion I felt like patting him on the back if I had the opportunity in that he is saying what a lot of people are thinking that in Europe to annexe a country to foment unrest in the country and then use that as an excuse to go in and take a slice of it is exactly what Hitler did in the run up to the Second World War ”

    CM – “Vladimir Putin would say he is defending Russian speakers defending those people who are his countrymen and that’s what any leader should do”

    MG “well he would say that yes but…” NATO blah blah blah”

    outrageous material from these political media thugs! Is it any wonder a lot of people are thinking along these lines with the lies pouring from every orifice of the MSM! And now we get the APPROVAL of the ROYAL SEAL.. or something like that!

  • John Goss

    “Is it possible to be a left wing fascist.”

    Hitler’s NAZIs were national socialists. But the answer I think is no. Tony Blair, who was an elected dictator, purported to have socialist values. But the answer I think is still no.

    Socialism cannot be built on aggression from aggressors. I see no compatibility with fascism and socialism. Perhaps somebody could direct me to an instance in history where socialism has been successfully introduced by fascist states. I can see people queuing up on the blog to cite North Korea. However there was a report on Russia Today this morning about North Korea and an actress, former lover of the president, who the west had reportedly told us was dead appeared on television. Don’t know anything about North Korea except without the Yanks there would have been a united country.

  • Mary

    I have just read that Mirror link Ba’al Zevul. The content is sickening. Will that investigation go down the memory hole like so many others?

    We await:

    Sir Cyril Smith Seven men come forward May 15 2014

    Patrick Rock Cabinet secretary responds to Labour letter on arrest of ex-No 10 aide(that’s Heywood) March 6 2014

    Greville Janner Lord Janner evidence considered in child abuse probe April 30 2014

  • Ba'al Zevul (Bokonon Rastafari)

    Might be worth resurrecting this, too –

    In the three years since he stepped down as prime minister, Blair pocketed more than $30 million in oil revenues from his secret dealings with a South Korean oil consortium, UI Energy Corporation.

    UI is now considered among the largest investors in Iraq’s oil rich Kurdistan region…

    Blair worked hard to prevent disclosures of what is alleged to have been only a three year relationship with the South Korean oil firm, but it’s not inconceivable that his relationship with UI Energy Corp. precedes his departure as prime minister.

  • Mary

    Not only a war criminal but criminal.

    From your link Ba’al at the conclusion…….

    ‘Blair worked hard to prevent disclosures of what is alleged to have been only a three year relationship with the South Korean oil firm, but it’s not inconceivable that his relationship with UI Energy Corp. precedes his departure as prime minister. It’s also quite conceivable that his dedication to keeping this matter confidential was meant to protect other international political figures besides himself.

    As the UK Daily Mail notes, “The secrecy is particularly odd because UI Energy is fond of boasting of its foreign political advisors.” Who else may be found to be among UI’s secret foreign political advisors?

    Importantly, it is one thing to consult with a firm that acknowledges resource “development” in Iraq when one is envoy to the Middle East.

    Yes, that may well be conflict of interest, but multiply that conflict of interest exponentially should evidence emerge of his dalliance with UI Energy while he was acting prime minister.

    Clearly, the Blair scandal calls into question the exact nature of the alliance between two central figures, and engineers of the Iraq war; then UK prime minister, Tony Blair, and an American president, George W. Bush.’

    March 28 2010
    Blair strikes Oil in Iraq

    I hope you have kept all this in a file for when his time at The Hague comes.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Bokonon Rastafari)

    Running with the ‘Kurdistan’/UI linkage…

    JP Morgan? (highly paid advisor, A.Blair) Tony Buckingham? Heritage Oil and Sandline (see also: )

    I’m getting the distinct impression that the less said about Blair’s involvement in Iraq, the happier he will be.

    And we don’t want that.

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