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If anybody is surprised that key letters between Tony Blair and George Bush on launching the invasion of Iraq have gone missing, they have not been paying attention. On both sides of the Atlantic, the Obama and Cameron regimes have consistently and continually covered up the crimes of their predecessors, from launch illegal wars of aggression to instituting programmes of torture and extraordinary rendition and murder.

The motive in both cases is the same. Not only are the senior politicians in all mainstream parties members of the same “club”, committed to the same neo-conservative principles and indebted to the same corporate paymasters. But also these crimes involved the active complicity of thousands of senior members of the establishment, in the armed services, the secret services, the diplomatic services and other public servants. To come clean would take down thousands of people still in public service. or in other high places. In the UK, for example, war criminals Sir Richard Dearlove now master of Pembroke College Cambridge and Sir Mark Allen of Shell are only two who would have to go to jail. I am sorry to say that I am convinced that some people I know and like myself, ought to be sentenced. Not that it will happen.

When a state embarks on illegal war and systematic torture and murder, as a state, the ramifications go extremely wide. Literally thousands of highly placed people are implicated. There is nothing short of political revolution which would bring justice.

It is fascinating how far even the “liberal” media will and will not go in reporting these crimes. The murder part is almost entirely left out – it is well documented, for example, that scores of rendition flights went to Uzbekistan, including many from the CIA black base in Szymano-Szczytny in Mazuria, Poland. But it is almost never noted that not one person who was rendered to Uzbekistan ever emerged alive. They were all murdered.

The astonishing disparity of wealth in the UK – with just nine families owning as much as the poorest 15 million in the country – has now reached the point where, together with the crimes described above and the takeover of all main parties by the same neo-con philosophy – I have become, for the first time in my life, a political revolutionary. I have, unexpectedly, lost my faith in the ability of the currently constituted “democratic” system to provide a fair society. That seems to be because the extreme and escalating concentration and control of capital coincides with the extreme and escalating concentration and control of the media. That media control seems, despite the availability of alternative new media, to have sufficient power of influencing people to grant untrammeled hegemony over society to the wealthy.

Working on the Voltairian basis that il faut cultiver le jardin, I shall continue to work for Scottish independence on the grounds that smaller polities have a greater chance of resistance, a kind of theory of political asymmetric warfare, and that for cultural reasons there has been a less complete neo-con takeover of political debate there.

To return to Chilcot, there is a sense in which it is good that he has not yet reported. Chilcot is holding out to be able to include the Bush-Blair correspondence, which offers conclusive proof that the “WMD” meme was a knowing lie to justify a vicious and pre-determined war. The recent Tory pressure for early publication is for publication without these documents. Much better to wait and get the actual proof.

The idea that two heads of state corresponding on taking their states to war can be “private” and kept from their people, is so outrageous that the fact it is stated at all is, in itself, sufficient evidence of the media control being as complete as I assert. It is a laughable proposition. Besides which, if these were private letters, why were Sir David Manning and Sir Christopher Meyer delivering them at public expense? Can we charge Blair for this service? Meyer and Manning don’t come cheap. It was, incidentally, Sir David Manning who brought back to No. 10 the request from the White House that I be sacked as British Ambassador in Uzbekistan for kicking up a fuss internally over extraordinary rendition.

After careful consideration of the Rome Statute, I am convinced that an independent Scotland will be able to refer Blair to the war crimes tribunal at the Hague, and I am determined to make sure that this happens.

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  • babushka

    “This too is relevant. Tony Opmoc asked how it was possible that the socio-political system had been subverted so thoroughly and quickly – actually he put it more clearly than that, see above – and the answer is the formal doctrine of globalisation. This is now seen by the fat cats as the cure for the crises caused by their own greed. And once again, Blair provides a lead. The conference he is probably being paid at least ten times my annual wage to address is this one:

    Reading between the lines we see that the “crisis” is basically concerned with rich people being impeded in the act of filling their boots – the concerns of the proles being tertiary.

    And, in this, very rich FSU people, very rich Chinese people and very rich Western people are speaking essentially the same language. Be very afraid.”

    Brilliant and terrifying.

  • babushka

    Mary at 8.47am
    I am not sure, reading your comment, what you are saying about Prince Charles, really.

    To be sure, I have grown up in Australia with a very soft spot for Prince Charles. I think he has a good heart, no matter his mama calling him a fool and whatever else that cold, calculating woman has projected onto him. And others like him.

    The monarchy is well past its use-by date.
    As cute as George might be, let the family get on with business along with the rest of the human race, minus Royal military colleges and the rest of the Big Guns designed to fill the coffers, protecting interests of the select few.
    It has all been a terrible CON-DOM for too long; our world is now confronted with the REAL DEAL, for once and for all.

    As your Lord Acton famously said: time for the people to take on the banksters

  • John Goss

    “I’m getting the distinct impression that the less said about Blair’s involvement in Iraq, the happier he will be.”

    Not just Blair but Straw too.

    This is from the link you gave Ba’al Zevul.

    “Straw’s forward to the Green Paper went on to say,

    “Today’s world is a far cry from the 1960s when private military activity usually meant mercenaries of the rather unsavoury kind involved in post-colonial or neo-colonial conflicts.”[18]”

    The private activity that Jack Straw was backing in Iraq was Tim Spicer’s private armies. These mercenaries are still operating. The CIA only this week got their man in power in Libya the only way the Yanks know how deliver democracy to backward realms.

    I wonder if all this activity in Libya, the attacks in Benghazi and Buckingham’s deal with the Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani former Prime Minister of that paragon of freedom and equality, the democratic NATO-loving republic of Qatar. Apologies for the self publicity but people need to keep an eye out for those, who like Jack Straw and Tony Blair, have benefited from the oil that Tony Blair claimed, if it was oil we were after we could cut a deal with Saddam – the lying toad.

  • Jay

    @ John Goss

    In simpleton terms you can force compassion but you can nurture barbarism.

    Blair and Bush nurtured barbarism.

    Censorship is state control and could foster society. Liberals I believe are anti censorship I believe that is a risk of civil breakdown.

  • Jemand

    BZ, interesting article on the murder of Bulic Forsythye.

    Some people believe that these reported paedophile rings are protected by powerful friends of paedophiles, sympathisers or associates who would be embarrassed by revelation of those involved.

    Are these paedophile rings set up and run by paedophiles? Maybe some are and maybe some aren’t.

    My suspicion is that paedophile rings, if they really do exist to the extent reported, might serve a much more sinister purpose beyond what is obvious. They could be used to recruit and compromise people of potential value in the business of realpolitik.

    In order to retain the asset value of compromised members, such rings need to be maintained and protected. Unexpected exposure by vigilant members of the public immediately destroys that asset. So those good people like Bulic Forsythe must be bumped off.

    It’s an old idea, setting up a camera behind a two-way mirror to film and later blackmail a victim. But most sexual habits have been long rehabilitated and no one cares so much about queers, adulterers and cross-dressers these days. Child sex abuse is different tho’. In fact, public attitudes to it are now at hysteria levels compared to those of several decades ago. The mere accusation that someone is a paedophile is enough to damage or destroy their lives.

    So entrapment in a child sex sting rather than gay adult, would prove to be more effective.

    Stings can be set up and managed individually for control of many assets or they could be set up as rings which would prove easier and cheaper.

    Paedophile rings would allow a more gradual entrapment and tighter grip on an unsuspecting target. An invitation to a social gathering sounds less suspicious than a one-off proposal to arrange a meeting with a child somewhere unfamiliar. The social conditions of the ring also allows for groupthink to take root. Residual moral objections are eroded when one hears that what they’re doing is ok from other members.

    And the lonely fear of accidental discovery is diminished when you are mutually indebted to each other for protection. People’s defences are lowered when they are amongst others who share a common interest.

    Rings hold their members tightly. No one can deny their involvement with so many witnesses and the ongoing production of evidence in the form of photos and videos – made much easier with today’s tiny electronic devices.

    As soon as a member is properly inducted, he can be put to use and issued with instructions like .. destroying documents.

    It would be hard to refuse such instructions when you are being blackmailed. What could you do?

    Even people who are known for their integrity can be drawn into the grip of a vice and brought under the control of its master.

    The only way out might be suicide.

    Does anyone know of any suspicious suicides? They might actually be genuine suicides, but not for the reason/s in their goodbye notes.

  • babushka

    “Rings hold their members tightly.”

    Just think about what you really said here.

    The essence of the whole disgusting, criminal pedophiliac predators which we should all be removing well away from our children. Boys and Girls alike.

  • Tony M

    Much as I enjoyed his occasional flashes of wit and recitation of plagiarisms from the Oxford Book of Quotations, I can only assume that Clement Freud, grandson of Sigmund the cocaine addict and father of the current ‘Lord’ Freud, the bankster welfare expert beloved of both NuLabour and the Tories -who in the 1970s whilst a Liberal MP, shared a parliamentary office with Cyril Smith, and must have gained some insight into his nature and a sufficiency of evidence of his illegal activities, routine and flagrant child abuse etc. to ensure not only his own knighthood but the banking and media careers and the ennoblement of his offspring too. Though whistleblowing wasn’t popular then, blackmail probably was and probably still is all the rage. How many must have lost a bit of extra income and leverage when asbestosis king ‘Sir’ Cyril pegged out.

    Lord Steel has made plans to drive coast to coast across the USA next year, East to West, I wonder if by then the the USA might rather resemble scenes from Mad Max.

  • Tony M

    Peripheral figures, how they distract us whilst Cameron/Obama/Hague repeat the sins of Blair/Bush/Straw unimpeded. Prince Charlie too, anyone who thought there was a shred of intelligence there might just have had a rude awakening by his ignorant, inflammatory and wholly based on propaganda intended for us masses, not for the likes of him, comments on the western-backed fascists who’ve illegally seized power in Ukraine and caused or been concerned in wholesale loss of human life. I can only imagine he’ll next accuse the Palestinian people of invading and stealing Israel’s land and water, he really is an embarassment and the succeeding generations ever greater imbeciles.

    You have nothing to lose but your little plastic union jack flags.
    Don’t all rush to sell your framed prints of Corgi dogs, or you’ll create a glut.
    Dandelions and dock leaves, off with their heads and up with their roots.

  • Mary

    Babushka My views on the monarchy are well known much to the disgust of some here. The Union Flag/The Butcher’s Apron is used by them to promulgate wars. Get rid of them, the ‘honours’ system and all the toadies and hangers on in the establishment.

  • Mary

    ‘They could be used to recruit and compromise people of potential value in the business of realpolitik.’

    That has always been obvious. It probably accounts for BLiar’s rise to power.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Bokonon Rastafari)

    I suspect this guy’s got the Ukraine situation essentially right. And it’s not simple.

    This was not Russia against the west; everyone piled in. Just look at the needless intermediary company created by Dmitry Firtash in 2004 to buy gas from Russia and sell it to Ukraine, making more than $600m a year. RosUkrEnergo was a west-east joint venture: half owned by Russia’s Gazprom, half owned via an Austrian bank. Every dollar it earned was a dollar less for ordinary Ukrainians.

    Some would have you believe that Yanukovych was a democratic, pro-Russian president driven out by western spies – yet he held his palaces and hunting estate via British shell companies, and his son’s assets were owned through the Netherlands and Switzerland. Ukraine was a modern Prometheus, chained to the ground, while vultures of all geopolitical persuasions companionably pecked at its liver.

    Re Charlie: making a Charlie of himself is what he does. Remember Hilary Clinton saying exactly the same thing a month or two back? Yes? In public, not in a private conversation? Remember how she got forced to resign, beat herself with chains and cover herself in ashes specially dug at Katyn? Er, no, I don’t actually remember that bit. I seem to remember Hague approved, though…

  • Ba'al Zevul (Bokonon Rastafari)

    pffft. Runs in the family. Remember the slitty-eyed Chinese and the drunken Obanites? (wonder what Di’s late mum, the frequently-refreshed Argyll resident, Mrs Shand-Kydd, had to say about that one)

  • AlcAnon/Squonk

    BBC now finally mention RT journalist

    Briton detained in Ukraine – FCO
    Breaking news
    A British national has been detained in Ukraine, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

    Graham Phillips is a journalist working for Russian TV station Russia Today.

    It is understood he was detained in Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, on Tuesday and was taken to Kiev overnight by the Ukrainian National Guard.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Ba’al Zevul:
    Indeed that’s what Ukraine was. If you ever watched the ” Merchant of Death” with Nicholas Cage, he made his fortune by having an Uncle in the Ukrainian Army. They sold every piece of Soviet made weaponry at knock down prices creating fortunes and wars.It’s Hollywood but based on fact.Ukraine was fleeced.
    Just read in a Scandinavian newspaper that the Nazi stormtroopers used in the Maidan to oust the legal Government have just finished military training. They are now fascist thugs with guns and orders. Guess there’ll be some action in the East before the weekend.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    Jemand wrote as follows about paedophile rings:

    “They could be used to recruit and compromise people of potential value in the business of realpolitik.’”

    Subsequently you commented as follows:

    “That has always been obvious. It probably accounts for BLiar’s rise to power.”

    Are you saying that Blair’s rise to the Labour Party leadership was a result of his rivals having been compromised by their membership of paedophile rings?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    Further to my previous comment/question:

    Blair’s most obvious rival for the leadership of the Labour Party was Gordon Brown.

    Are you saying that Gordon Brown ceded leadership to Blair as a result of having been compromised by his membership of a paedophile ring?

  • Jemand

    Note: The following is pure conjecture about someone who is now well known for being a paedophile.

    I wonder if Jimmy Savile was an asset. Being able to move through all levels of British society like he owned the keys would have made him very useful as a recruiter.

    I know almost nothing about his personality, but those publicity pics suggest he had an outgoing, friendly, fun demeanour. I should imagine that he was also loquacious and had a knack for delivering bawdy jokes. Is that about right?

    Imagine then how he would test the sexual disposition of his assigned target. It starts off with a very warm introduction, moves on to some fun banter, a few suggestive remarks about an attractive young girl and a joke or two about deflowering her. He’s a really fun guy.

    When all goes well, Jimmy invites the target to a party where he has a few drinks and relaxes in the company of friendly strangers with interesting backgrounds. A couple of very young looking adult girls unexpectedly arrive to perform in a sex show. Their ages and physical attributes very strongly imply that they are minors. But all of it is legal because they are really adults. The mumbling amongst the audience, however, is that they are definitely minors and the target is studied for his response to the overall situation.

    He seems to have enjoyed himself and is later sent off in a taxi, tanked up and ready for bed.

    Months are allowed to pass by before he is contacted again in order to fool him into a false sense of security. Jimmy calls him up for a quick hello and an invitation to another show that involves the real thing. Evidence is recorded, and later presented in a deal in which he is given the option of becoming an asset.

    Jimmy did a great job. The target is now owned and Jimmy is permitted to continue in his wicked ways.

    Plausible? I think so. Tho’ Jimmy is mostly irrelevant here. The role could be performed by anyone with the same abilities.

    Desirable? Men of robust integrity would never have anything to do with such a scheme to exploit children, wicked men and greater society. But the significant minority of functional psychopaths who pervade the establishment at all levels certainly would – unless they already have a better means of having people do things that they know are illegal and immoral.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Thank You Mark Golding. I Love what you write too – and often quote you in examples of what is Really The Best..I just Love – Your – God – Human – Interconnected -Thing – Are You a Buddhist – who plays Bass Guitar?

    Do I actually know You?

    Have I met you???

    And Mary – What a Girl…

    Blimey. I have no idea what she looks like – but she is a totally Brilliant Researcher – who cuts through all the…you know – and just says it like it is..I like girls like that..though I am not sure I could ever be married to one – such intensity – we would burn each other out..I am incredibly lucky as I am…My Wife is Pure Angel Fairy…

    Thank You

    Tony xx

  • babushka

    Thank you Mary for clarifying – I very much appreciate all the research you present here, and especially your forthright stance on issues close to your heart.

    I think, living in Australia for most of my adult life, when Australia was, according to some, a fourth rate culture, has left quite a few of us bemused and bewildered about the rest of the world and its realpolitik.

    The pedophile/sodomy/murder of little boys has been the real eye-opener for me. I thought that happened thousands of years ago, in far far away places. When I realised the extent of these events, in high places, in the backwater where I then lived, and the tawdry but sure intentionality of Cover-Ups, I was so shocked and devastated I needed to take time out from the human race.

    It took several years.

    Now I know, from following the alternative news sites, that I am not alone in my horror. Therefore am watching the unfolding and unravelling of society as we have known it, starting with Europe, UK and America as they are the Anglo-Saxon foundations of our culture, which has some very fine and noble aspects.

    There are great upheavals in store for all of us, as the Powers That Be never let go without major holocausts.

    I feel sure though, for what it’s worth, that the eternal victims will for once and for all lose their trump card.

    We can only stand up and speak out where we are, on what is wrong/unjust.

    Which is why I keep returning to Craig’ blog. His post here is truly courageous, as it demonstrates a firming up of convictions, as if he has not already suffered and lost …..

    That to me is inspiring!

  • Jermyn Street. Jim.

    ‘Babushka’, Magnificent comment, on what is, unfailingly, an increasingly absorbing, enlightening and ultimately,( due to the sage wisdom and quality of submissions, expressed and expostulated here on Craig’s blog), an uplifting online experience, for all those who hunger for saner solutions to the incessant, geopolitical ills, and homegrown horrors, that exercise us all, not least the likes of myself, whose cynicism, concerning the collective credentials of our extant, and historical,Parliamentary and Public Figures, (The Craig Murrays of this Parish, excluding, of course)…;)

  • Jermyn Street. Jim.

    ‘Babushka’, Magnificent comment, on what is, unfailingly, an increasingly absorbing, enlightening and ultimately,( due to the sage wisdom and quality of submissions, expressed and expostulated here on Craig’s blog), an uplifting online experience, for all those who hunger for saner solutions to the incessant, geopolitical ills, and homegrown horrors, that exercise us all, not least the likes of myself, whose cynicism, concerning the collective credentials of our extant, and historical,Parliamentary and Public Figures, (The Craig Murrays of this Parish, excluding, of course)…;)is now of such perplexed proportions, that one can be forgiven for thinking that we have regressed as a species, despite the marvels of our scientific and technological accomplishments. The Soul and spirit, of our body politic, has been diminished, to the point of near depletion, as a result of the loss of the individual and collective, moral compass, which should be guiding and influencing our lives and liberty, and not the risible ‘we (Blighty) have no friends, only ‘interests’, philosophy and policies, which has been adopted as the Mission Statement,now underpinning all of our involvements in International Relations, or the determinants and delivery of Public Services, at Home.

  • Peter Kemp

    Well said Craig.

    Plus that sycophant to the USA, then Australian Prime Minister John Howard, member of the gang of unrepresentative swill: should be joined to the list for prosecution by the ICC.

    The smugness, the arrogance, the lies of that time: as a legal practitioner I’m supposed to be objective, measured, but I say:


  • Ba'al Zevul (Demonetiser)

    And, just to repeat yet again something I have still failed to publicise sufficiently –

    Anyone with an entry to Gibraltar Companies House ( I don’t have this) is earnestly requested to take a look at Windrush Ltd and Firerush Ltd*, no’s 104738 and 104737, registered 23 Sept 2010.

    * NOT UK companies. NOT ‘Windrush/Firerush Ventures Ltd’. The above are separately registered in Gibraltar. I have as yet found no companies with the name ‘Firerush’ which are not linked directly to Blair.

    Gibraltar’s income tax rate is a flat 10%.

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