Deadly Fiasco

by craig on June 13, 2014 11:18 am in Uncategorized

The present problems of Iraq are 100% down to our murderous invasion and occupation. The idea that further western bombing will make things better is so deluded as to beggar belief.

I was surprised to find during my Burnes research that the imperialist powers of Britain and Russia were explicitly exploiting Sunni and Shia divisions to further their conquests of Islamic lands as early as the 1830’s. This has been the major tool of the neo-con Middle Eastern gameplan for some time, spreading disunity and crippling war throughout the Middle East, with the hope that this will benefit the interests of Israel.

The peculiar result has been that in general the West is very actively supporting Sunni armies and miscellaneous forces, but in Iraq is supporting the Shia. ISIS – which is heavily backed by the Saudis, who hate al-Maliki – brings this paradox into sharp relief. The current US and UK strategy is to persuade Saudi Arabia to get ISIS to reconcentrate their efforts against Assad, on the understanding they will be allowed to keep the Sunni areas of Iraq (the old neo-con plan of dividing Iraq is firmly back on the agenda).

The BBC News this morning said that ISIS would not be capable of using the billions of dollars of sophisticated western armaments they have captured. I think you will find the Saudis remedy that one quite quickly. It is quite possible we will see some token airstrikes to kill civilians in Mosul, in order to appease Obama’s domestic backers who are never happy if Americans aren’t killing enough people, but only after agreement has been reached with the Saudis that no serious harm will be done – except to the ordinary people neither Obama, the Saudis or al-Maliki care in the least about.

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  1. Resident Dissident

    15 Jun, 2014 - 11:27 am

    Mr Goss

    And what exactly is wrong about what RationalWiki says about Global Research? I note yet another case of your usual approach of attacking those who disagree with you rather than their arguments – which as always I take as a sign of the weakness of your case.

  2. This reads like an Israeli press handout which it probably is. The new photo shows the IDF crouching down wearing those ridiculously big hats. I was once told what they were for but I have forgotten. Something to do with camouflage I think it was.

    No mention within of the atrocities committed on Palestinian children of course.

    PS Marr asked BLiar if he was continuing to be the Quartet representative. Not half. Lovely lolly. He said he has no interest in Brussels. Oh yeah!

  3. Resident Dissident

    15 Jun, 2014 - 11:36 am

    “The present problems of Iraq are 100% down to our murderous invasion and occupation. The idea that further western bombing will make things better is so deluded as to beggar belief.”

    While I can agree with the second sentence – the first really beggars belief. Saddam, Baathism, religious fundamentalism, the situation in Syria are in effect dismissed as irrelevances. One of the valid criticisms of the invasion of Iraq was that it did not fully understand the history or forces at play in Iraq – now Craig appears to have fallen for the same mistake.

  4. Resident Dissident

    15 Jun, 2014 - 11:39 am

  5. “In the meantime my wish is for him to answer in court for his crimes before being sent to Fallujah for an extended sentence of community service. That way, he’ll have to look into the eyes of some of the people whose lives he has blighted.”

    It’s a good idea, but I fear that few in Fallujah would even recognise him or remember what he did. Sectarian violence, lynchings, bombings between Muslims, this is the daily reality in these parts of the world. It’s either that or brutal dictatorship. Punishing Blair for what he did 11 years ago would not even register on most Iraqis’ list of priorities. That is what comfortable middle class student union types like Sofia occupy themselves with here. They’re playing their own politics and it’s very far removed from the realities of life in Iraq.

  6. Regarding “If”, Tony Blair was only being a good business person…

    I’m sure millions of “would be” millionaires will be pawing over every word he writes and every sound he utters, to give a hint as to how they too could also become rich.

    The problem is a system that rewards “being Blair”. This is a system that is all about “getting away with it”, and for those who do the ends justify the means. Such a system is, of course, insane.

    I’m no economist but it is simple economics that the purpose of business in a free market sense is to make money. Period. Just to make money. That sounds very cold, but it is true, for those who wish to be successful.

    In a capitalist system the potential excesses of business are kerbed by “society”, which through government seeks to protect the people against the excesses of unbridled business.

    At some point government became overrun by business. This is no longer a capitalist system, but is rapidly becoming about money, money, money, money, money… ad infinitum. Nice for those having money, but increasingly hell for those who don’t.

    In the UK it started with Thatcher, and her mantra “there is no such thing as society” should have been a warning to everyone who wasn’t very rich. Blair has just followed in Thatcher’s footsteps. We shouldn’t blame Blair, but blame ourselves for letting Thatcher’s “no society” become the reality we are seeing today.

    Having said that, he still shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it!

  7. Habbabkuk-Turvey 8.57am,

    Think you need a dose of your own mistake medicine ya tube.

    Read back: i did not ‘ get excited’ at the bet story. If you check back i actually made a joke about the punter being Salmond.

    So Habbabkuk,as you say,grown ups admit their mistakes.

    Thus i await your admission of such,i thankee.

    If youre gonna go scattergun Habtroll at least get yer facts right you fool.

    Youre not very adept at the sockpuppet game are ya Haababkuk?

    Raise your game fella,your line manager is despairing of you Habbabkuk.

    And for the love of God please go and change that awful string vest.

  8. Anyway, latest news is Sunni militia burst into house and execute 17 Shia to accompaniment of 200+ “Allah-o-Akbars”.

    Lakbar, lakbar, lakbar!!!

  9. On a more positive note, it is nice of Andrew Marr to remind us all of his crucial “Squealer” role in getting the British public on side with regard to the Blair-Bush monstrosity, and the “Beyond Iraq…” parody by Bremner, Bird and Fortune was a worthy counter to the lies of Marr and co. The fact that this could only get onto the media through devious means like satire shows that we were no longer living in a properly democratic society even then. The historical lessons were to be learned from 1930s Germany… to quote Don McLean”: “They were not listening, they are not listening still, perhaps they never will…”

  10. When GW Bush landed,by his own hand,that remote controlled plane on tha aircraft carrier with the billowing banner in the background declaring “Mission Accomplished” over a decade ago how was he to know these pesky Iraqi towelheads are so dumb they,a decade or more later,stlll dont realise Team USA won the righteous and noble war when he,The Preznet,said so.?

    Honestly,how dumb can these Iraqis get?

  11. “No mention within of the atrocities committed on Palestinian children of course.”

    Yes, Mary, we all know that to read the Shipping Forecast without mention of the atrocities committed on the Palestinian children is a crime against humanity.

    Now, when are you going to find the time to mention the violence meted out by Muslims on other Muslims, all over the Muslim world on a daily basis, which makes any crime by the IDF pale into insignificance in comparison?

  12. @Anon:

    LOL re CWG

    Shia v Sunni…. Catholics v Protestants… Romans v Pagans, “us” v “them”, it is the same old story. Teach one people a (religious) doctrine that makes them feel superior… and that is likely to provoke war. Back to John Lennon: “Imagine…”

    @Peter Kemp”: you sure stirred a few brain cells with your rewriting of “If…”!

  13. America and NATO intention to execute airstrikes in Iraq and Syria clearly demonstrates Craig’s insight and wisdom in his deadly expectation, a terse hypothesis that will dramatically escalate war in the region and further alienate Russia and Iran.

    ISIS – which is heavily backed by the Saudis, who hate al-Maliki – brings this paradox into sharp relief. The current US and UK strategy is to persuade Saudi Arabia to get ISIS to reconcentrate their efforts against Assad, on the understanding they will be allowed to keep the Sunni areas of Iraq (the old neo-con plan of dividing Iraq is firmly back on the agenda).

  14. Andrew Marr,Master of Arslickahn.

  15. RD I’ve been following Global Research for two years now and its articles, and Professor Chossudovsky’s analysis in particular, is spot on. That RationalWiki is doing exactly what you wrongly accuse me of doing, slurring the publication rather than the argument. But of course you know this and are just being deliberately contentious.

  16. Something else positive in recent days and weeks (most visibly reported in Iraq and Ukraine) is soldiers showing common sense and refusing irresponsible orders to stand and be slaughtered, a la “Charge of the Light Brigade”.

    Of course the logic of saying fight and be slaughtered or we’ll kill you (did Maliki really say that?) is just too stupid to contemplate!

  17. Peacewisher re you sure stirred a few brain cells with your rewriting of “If…”!

    You’re welcome :-) That was up in the notice board at my boarding school in 1961, kinda stuck in my mind.

  18. You always know you’re dealing with a deluded lefty when they start quoting John Lennon.

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…♬♬

    — John Lennon, multi-millionaire, 1971.

  19. Back to N Waziristan. 100 killed. Kill, kill, kill. More extrajudicial killing. Label somebody Taliban or militant, and you can kill them with inpunity.

    Pakistan air raids in North Waziristan ‘kill militants’

    I note the fighter planes were American.

    Is the word ‘militants’ in inverted commas because nobody knows the identity of those killed? And why the killing? How about some justice such as a trial with legal representation, a judge and a jury.

    ‘Where the law ends, tyranny begins.’

    We are in a downward spiral and returning to the Dark Age.

  20. “Something else positive in recent days and weeks (most visibly reported in Iraq and Ukraine) is soldiers showing common sense and refusing irresponsible orders to stand and be slaughtered, a la “Charge of the Light Brigade”.Of course the logic of saying fight and be slaughtered or we’ll kill you (did Maliki really say that?) is just too stupid to contemplate!”

    I trust you haven’t actually seen the footage coming out of Iraq.

    Honestly mate, you’re a complete and utter twerp.

  21. Here’s something for the trolls to put in their pipes and learn about. Collectively, they have just a speck of the knowledge that Michel Chossudovsky possesses.

    The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq. Towards the Creation of a US Sponsored Islamist Caliphate
    The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham: An instrument of the Western Military Alliance
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

  22. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    15 Jun, 2014 - 1:29 pm


    “….James Rubin, Amanpour’s husband and neocon ex Bush Ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan and the UN,…”

    Are you sure of your facts there? I don’t think he was ambassador anywhere.


    “I would prefer not to have my character and personality discussed by somebody who is a stranger and who is not a friend nor who knows me.”

    But I do know you, Mary.

    And anyway, I can understand that you should react vigorously when you feel you’ve been attacked, but why such an ungracious response to what was a compliment?

  23. @Anon.

    Here’s another for you:

    “Black is grey and yellow white
    But we decide which is right
    And which is an illusion”

    Deluded is a human condition caused by using false brain processing to prevent seeing things as they are… in order to remain in some internal “comfort zone”. I think we all suffer from that – although some more than others.

    PS What is a… lefty?

  24. “Deluded is a human condition caused by using false brain processing to prevent seeing things as they are… in order to remain in some internal “comfort zone”. I think we all suffer from that – although some more than others.”

    Yup, twerp.

    I should add that the above video contains graphic footage of “things as they are” that may disturb some Murrayistas.

  25. Speaking of deluded, Anon…. one can see why.

    I’ve just listened to latest BBC TV news. Several minutes of Tony Blair (from Abu Dhabi) saying that current developments in Iraq not caused by the 2003 invasion and giving his opinions on what should now be done.

    Afterwards, the newsreader announced that this was now the BBCs top news story. I supposed it is, but probably not for the reason they are trying to suggest.

  26. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    15 Jun, 2014 - 1:49 pm

    The above exchange of views on the pretentiously named “Global Research” outfit and its star, “Professor” Michel, demonstrates the importance of the presence on this blog attracting fellow sceptics like Resident Dissident, Anon, Kempe, Jemand, etc (apologies to anyone I’ve missed out).

    The reason is the following: it’s been quite a while since I’ve been bringing up the question of “Global Research”‘s status, credentials and credibility. As so often, most of the Eminences and useful idiots have tried to deal with me by a policy of not responding: their inability to refute the points I make is masked by their mantra of ‘don’t respond to the troll’.

    That tactic is of course seen by the general reader for the sign of weakness and/or ignorance it is and in any event has no effect on my input here. More importantly, though, the tactic only worked as long as I was a lone voice and becomes much more difficult to apply when other commenters start questioning and calling to account Eminences and useful idiots.

    So, Resident Dissident and others, more power to your arm !

    (With apologies to Mary) Venceremos!

  27. Habbabkuk-Turvey.

    Still waiting for you to be a grown up and admit your mistaken accusation earlier…

    By your silence-and your own measure- it would appear you are not a grown up..

  28. New article relating to Snowden, and how Russia stood up to the might of the new American Century:

    I wonder if Snowden will go down in history as equivalent in importance to those who in the last century provided nuclear bomb development information for the USSR. I don’t know who these people were, but the world owes then a huge debt of gratitude.

    For Anon: this view is only deluded if your regard the US Empire as being entirely benign, as Tony Blair appeared to do. Nothing to do with left or right!

  29. LOL! Last BBC update still all about Blair but airbrushes out his codswallop about 2003. Obviously a bit TOO cringeworthy and embarrassing.

  30. Anon,

    Re Lennon.

    Artists,nay human beings,are allowed to postulate,dream even-regardless of wealth.

    Should we denounce Picasso,for example,because he was rich? Dylan? Etc etc..

    I guess in your brutal little worldview thats not permitted though,and you seem unable to distinguish between an expression of artistic idealism and ritualised totemistic money.

    Lennon not warlike enough for you Anon?

    Your post was very shallow,narrow and bitter.

  31. Resident Dissident

    15 Jun, 2014 - 2:32 pm

    “No mention within of the atrocities committed on Palestinian children of course.”

    Especially those committed by the Assad regime against the many Palestinian refugees that used to be in Syria and have now been forced to flee.

  32. Resident Dissident

    15 Jun, 2014 - 2:38 pm

    “Here’s something for the trolls to put in their pipes and learn about. Collectively, they have just a speck of the knowledge that Michel Chossudovsky possesses.”

    “I would prefer not to have my character and personality discussed by somebody who is a stranger and who is not a friend nor who knows me.”

    From the same person apparently.

  33. Resident Dissident

    15 Jun, 2014 - 2:41 pm

    “What I cant understand is how the absolutely vile rubbish in their talmud is OK (eg shooting kids in Palestine after licking them on circumcision) is mitigated if the muzzies are up to the same transgressions?”

    Leaving side the fact that I am not Jewish could you please just point out one case where I have ever offered such mitigation for such unjustifiable behaviour by the IDF.

  34. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    15 Jun, 2014 - 3:04 pm

    The fatal attraction of the good political blog:

    exit the Old Lizard “Commode”, enter the Old Devil Ba’al Zevul

    exit the Old Devil Ba’al Zevul, enter the modestly titled “Peter Kemp”.

    And all without a fanfare… :)


    15 Jun, 2014 - 3:26 pm

    Yats trying to resurrect the Reich, as he feels the thousand-year prediction should be fulfilled.


    15 Jun, 2014 - 3:29 pm

  37. Ref

    You do not ‘know me’.

    Rubin. Correct. It was Zalmay Khalilzad who was the Ambassador. Pity it was not made clearer below.

    ‘Rubin was born into a Jewish family in New York City.[1][2] He graduated from Columbia with a BA in political science in 1982, and a Master of International Affairs (MIA) in 1984 from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. At Columbia, Rubin was a student of Zalmay Khalilzad, later U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Nations under President George W. Bush. Rubin also attended Boston University.’


    I have given several responses concerning Global Research, listing the principals and even having to tell you that .ca at the end of url is the domain abbreviation for Canada and not California as you said. LOL

  38. More surmising about the identities of Peter Kemp.

    I think you will find that Ba’al Zevul posts Monday to Friday.

    One of the trolls even queried Anne Hilditch’s name (‘if that is your name’). Who the hell do they think they are?

  39. Habbabkuk-Turvey,

    Obviously,but as we knew,not a grown up;still no acknowledgment of his/her/their earlier mistake.

    Line manager gonna send you out to pasture Habtroll;althoug grsnted all evidence points to the fact youve been there long before you invaded here.

    Now,do remember to get that string vest cleaned hmm?


    15 Jun, 2014 - 3:44 pm

    Of course Blair says it’s all Maliki’s fault. Didn’t we engineer his rise to power?

    “The less sophisticated neoconservative responses are to simply deny the truth or the importance of these losses, or to somehow blame them on political opponents who either actively opposed the invasion or were dragged into tepid support of it under threat of jingoistic political attacks in a country rabid for revenge against “the perpetrators.””

    Not being content with past mischief, now they’re reverse-engineering in Ukraine.

  41. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    15 Jun, 2014 - 3:47 pm


    “One of the trolls even queried Anne Hilditch’s name (‘if that is your name’). Who the hell do they think they are?”

    I guess the troll concerned just suspected that the handle Anne Hilditch was being used by one of the bitches. :)

  42. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    15 Jun, 2014 - 3:50 pm

    “More surmising about the identities of Peter Kemp.

    I think you will find that Ba’al Zevul posts Monday to Friday.”

    Oh, OK, I hadn’t realised that some surmising had already taken place.

    Anyway : perhaps the Old Devil posts as Ba’al Monday to Friday and as Peter Kemp at weekends…..

  43. Collective noun for the trolls..??

    A Resjemkemhabanon of trolls,possibly.

    Come on Habby,acknowledge your mistake and prove youre a “grown up”-to quote you.

    You’d grow in stature in all our eyes were you to do so,i’m quite sure!

  44. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    15 Jun, 2014 - 3:55 pm


    “I have given several responses concerning Global Research, listing the principals and even having to tell you that .ca at the end of url is the domain abbreviation for Canada and not California as you said. LOL”

    Well, all you’ve been able to tell me is that the pretentiously-named “Global Research” outfit is run by one man and his dog (or bitch).

    Quite amazing actually that a one-man show can deal with “global” matters, isn’t it?

    I think I’ll stick with what Resident Dissident found out on that wiki site, it sounds bang on.

    And “Professor” Michel Souris can take gardening leave.

  45. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    15 Jun, 2014 - 3:59 pm


    “Come on Habby,acknowledge your mistake”

    Which mistake was that, Jonathan? If it was me saying that you got excited, how on earth was that a mistake?

  46. Habtroll,

    Oh dear Habby,youre making a fool of yerself again.

    Clearly you cant tell a joke from excitement.

    Why am i not surprised though?

    Ok,so a troll with an old string vest walks into a bookies….

    Och…il let you deliver the punchline Habby….

  47. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    15 Jun, 2014 - 4:07 pm

    “Rubin. Correct. It was Zalmay Khalilzad who was the Ambassador. Pity it was not made clearer below.”

    Come off it, Mary, the Wikipedia article was perfectly clear, you just read it too quickly.

    Nothing wrong with making a small mistake, Mary, what’s worrying is when adults refuse to accept that they have. Ask our friend “Jives”‘

    And, BTW I DO know you (but you might be unaware of it)

  48. Habtroll,

    ” BTW I DO know you..”

    Fine line between idiot and scary stalker Hab-Turvey.

    Oh look! Youre line manager is pulling his hsir out and blood is weeping from his eyes.

    Any poorer/more stalkerly and you’ll be sent to remedial hasbara school.

  49. So,according to the official 911 narrative forced upon the world by the Neocons 19 Saudi hijackers were to blame.

    Naturally their fraternal placeman Dubya decided to invade Iraq because there were DEFINITELY WMD’s 45 mins away from readiness to attack the West.

    And anyway,Colin Powell held up a small plastic bottle at the UN to prove it.

    It’s all so clear now.

  50. It will soon be ‘we know where you live’ and tall thugs in balaclavas will appear at the door armed with machetes. LOL.

  51. Resident Dissident

    15 Jun, 2014 - 4:58 pm

    “So,according to the official 911 narrative forced upon the world by the Neocons 19 Saudi hijackers were to blame.”

    Hardly forced – any internet search will find literally thousands of alternative theories preached by all and sundry enjoying free speech in our western democracies – I suspect that what sticks in your craw is that despite all that effort people are still free to agree with the official narrative.

  52. Mary,


    I think maintaining so many split personalities round the clock is clearly affecting our dear Habby.

    His minds are clearly splintering.

    Seemingly his/her/their line manager has already pencilled in ” very long break in sanitorium required immediately.”


    Blair’s office just said this:-

    “3/4 years ago Al Qaida in Iraq was a beaten force. The country had massive challenges but had a prospect, at least, of overcoming them”

    But – if I remember correctly:-

    A. Pre- 2003 there was no Al Qaida in Iraq.

    B. The purported reasons for the war were primarily that Saddam had WMDs and that he was an evil dictator who needed to be removed and then the world and Iraq would be better off without him.

    C. So – since A proved not to be true – and all at B above has proven to be the opposite of the declared intent for the invasion of Iraq – and now over a decade later with the death toll and instability climbing and increasing – how rationally and/or honestly does Tony Blair maintain his stance that he did the right thing in having Iraq invaded?

    Either I am incorrect – or – someone ( hopefully not me) needs urgently to sit with a consultant psychiatrist for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

  54. Jives He’s certainly both a menace and menacing. I say he. Could well be a she. Anyway the bunch of them are excessively monotonous and boring. Time they packed it in and gave it up as a bad job.

  55. I put that link up earlier Courtenay. A certaing group here are rubbishing both it and Global Research which rather suggests Chossudovsky has hit the spot.

  56. The idea that further western bombing will make things better is so deluded as to beggar belief.

    That explains why Tony Blair and John McTernan support doing just that.

  57. Mary,

    ” A certaing group here are rubbishing both it and Global Research…”


    1. Did the CIA fund and train the Mujhadin ( which later morphed into Al Qaida) – when it ( the US) wanted to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan?

    2. If the answer to 1 above is “yes” – and it is not an unknowing phenomenon for the US to have groups do proxy fighting to achieve a greater objective of US foreign policy – then…

    3. Is it beyond the realms of probability that the US, wanting to see Assad out of power does this:-

    i) Effects proxy funding ( via the CIA) of the Al Qaida fighters who are opposing the Assad government?

    Comment: Surely – my enemy’s enemy is my friend – so what does the US have to lose if a proxy force is funded to attempt Assad’s overthrow? After all, Assad is a friend of Iran and Russia ( now both enemies of the US) – why not then fund the fighters and hope for the best in pursuit of the long-term strategy of the US in the ME.

    ii) If the US has certain long-term goals in the ME ( and the US does) and Al Maliki is not playing ball as desired, why then not seek to realign Iraq along ethnic/religious lines – Kurds, Shia, Sunni – have it split then in a more manageable way deal with the fragmented entities?

    Comment: The experience with Yugoslavia gives us a most recent example of this strategy in operation, with the Serbs kicking off the separatist action, and the West appears contended with the break-up. Thus, can we deny the attack on Libya and that the end game in a tribal society could not have been assumed not to be the quick return to strong central government in a post-Ghaddfi Libya, rather the fractionalisation that we see in operation today in Libya. Does it not make sense that to state that the same process is in play in Iraq today – as Chossudovsky has articulated?

    Question: If Chossudovsky’s analysis is wrong – then who has a better explanation of the forces in operation today in Iraq? Or – is it as B-liar declared – there is a disconnect between the 2003 invasion and the consequential fall out today in Iraq. Who is right; who is wrong; and – who can post better and more reasoned explanations?


  58. Muttley79,

    ” The idea that further western bombing will make things better is so deluded as to beggar belief”

    It goes much further than that with B-lair.

    It is a bit like the US officer in the Vietnam war who told the media that he had to bomb the Vietnamese village to save it.

    If there were not mad people running the world – then – when someone such as B-lair makes such a stupid, inane, illogical and delusional statement then the men in white would be around quickly to place him in a straight-jacket to ensure that he did not have any further chance to do anymore harm to any other human being or large section of humanity.

  59. Do Al-Qaeda really exist other than as a convenient MSM spectre?

    Or just a database of men with beards brandishing barely working Lee Enfields the Yanks sold them 35 years ago?

    All ive ever seen is the same MSM repeated footage of the same 3 guys struggling to clamber over a few rungs of what must be the most useless and primitive assault course ever cobbled together.

    Of course the MSM would have you believe this is actually the sprawling hi-tech nerve centre of an HQ that would render Blofeld envious.

    Complete bollox the lot of it.

  60. If we call – or – name ” Al-Qaeda” as a group sharing certain extreme Islamic beliefs – then that definition comes like “Christian” – “Muslim” – “Zionist”. In other words, there can be factions, sects, sub-groupings under the umbrella group, yet a common set of beliefs can be shared, but the expressions of the group come from different sub-sets. The main point is that there is an identifiable body/group.

  61. I got drawn into watching some war porn following Anon’s youtube link and beyond. I was struck:

    Why are so many of the ISIL fighters covering their faces (some with black balaclava)? This seems an unexpected hedge for crazed religious warriors.

  62. It is just a blessing that Blair is a busted flush politically and has no power to take us into another war.

    Good e-mail to Gurumurthy on Ch 4 News.

    Posted by Ed on June 15, 2014, 6:44 pm, in reply to “Krishnan Guru-Murthy….shameful warmongering in his Snowmail ”

    Mr Guru-Murthy,
    In reference to tonight’s Snowmail (1).
    Over a million dead Iraqis, cancer rates and a toxic legacy in Fallujah higher than those in Hiroshima after they dropped the atomic bomb, carnage every week in the streets, most people without a regular supply of water and electricity, medical facilities and care woefully inadequate…. and yet here you are selling Blair’s snakeoil for yet another “intervention” in Iraq, just like you did for the illegal invasion in 2003.
    What is it about you that sees fit to treat a proven liar who bears personal responsibility for all of the above and much, much more, as a legitimate and sincere advocate of more “Western intervention” in Iraq? It’s nothing short of obscene.
    Your reference to the “potential threat to the west from a new al-Qaeda style powerbase in the Middle East” is pure scaremongering obfuscation too considering you are more likely to be killed by a bee than a terrorist.

    Ed Murray.

    The Snowmail read:

    (1)Blair backs another Iraqi intervention – but is his a lone voice?

    Can Britain even contemplate intervention in Iraq as militant Sunni Islamists threaten to bring down the Shia-led government? The only man trying to force us to do that right now is Tony Blair. In an article and interview today, he rejects the idea that the 2003 war is to blame for the current crisis, arguing instead that it is the failure to confront Syria that has allowed the spread of extremism.
    There are options short of an Iraqi style invasion, he argues, without spelling out what they are. But it seems clear that air power, intelligence and military support for the Iraqi army are what he has in mind. Virtually nobody wants to spring to his side in this conversation which, given Blair’s toxicity with so many people these days, perhaps isn’t surprising. But also given the potential threat to the west from a new al-Qaeda style powerbase in the Middle East, the lack of advocates for such military action is also rather surprising.

    ‘Where’s my famous supporter Michael Gove when I need him’, Blair might wonder. I’ll be talking to the British Ambassador to Iraq live from Baghdad and our Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Rugman has been talking to the son of the Iraqi President, who is also a deputy prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan.’

  63. Read just some of the 2000+ comments on the Guardian article and you can see how low he rates in the people’s opinion.

    Tony Blair: west must intervene in Iraq
    Ex-PM says allies should consider military options short of sending troops after denying 2003 invasion led to Isis crisis

    The revolting war mongers’ stenographers and spin merchants are itching to get their maps and graphics with the magic pens working again on another war.

  64. Meanwhile Agent Cameron is not going to be left out of the limelight. He’s been doing some Muslim bashing. He talks of British values and the need to observe the rule of law. Where do his secret trials fit into that ‘rule of law’? Has he ever read the Magna Carta. He was unable to translate the title when asked some time back.

    Be more British Cameron tells UK Muslims: PM issues powerful new pledge to combat extremism
    He plans to use 800th anniversary of Magna Carta to reassert British values
    Prime Minister said it is time to stop being ‘squeamish about Britishness’
    He said refusing to accept British laws and the way of life is ‘not an option’

    ‘The Muslim Council of Britain
    Farooq Murad: I hope @David_Cameron takes up with #MailonSunday their misleading headline on Muslims and #BritishValues #MCBAGM’ Facebook

  65. The case against Saddam Hussein.

    He was our man allegedly (done as our bosses, the US and thus their bosses told him): Make big war with Iran. A war ensued, millions were killed, we openly armed Iraq selling lots of weaponry, covertly armed Iran, selling lots of weaponry, and with all the money and oil sloshing around, the CIA used the profits to exand their wholesale drug dealing business in heroin, and fund violent reactionaries, quislings, narco-states and death squads all over the globe, and expanding the cocaine side of their black-budget businesses massively.

    So little of the money eventually began finding its way to the actual arms manufacturers, the guys with the lathes and the milling machines, working full pelt, that in the US and UK, the government stepped in to keep the lathes turning by guaranteeing payment, the Export Credit Guarantee Scheme, so that we ended up supplying arms on credit, on the never never, probably to both sides again but certainly to Iraq; there still must be legal argument over who actually owns the scrap metal rights in Matrix-Churchill’s appalling ‘SuperGun’. A well-meant suggestion that Lottery funding be used to compensate the taxpayer, purchase the SuperGun and set it up within deadly range of the Westminster Parliament, keep it in working order and test it from time to time, was dismissed by John Major, though people would have payed good money to see in action a weapon which could hurl a projectile bigger than a double-decker bus at the Tories.

    Thatcher’s government connived with the US in fomenting the war Iraq-Iran and profiteering from it, they approved blackheartedly that proxy war was a gas, and better still, the taxpayers paying for it were mostly oblivious. Over-reach and hubris British style then struck, British companies, in their greed built and equipped for Iraq a poison gas shell making plant, with secondary capabilities making innocuous, chemicals, bleaches and stuff, and made sure Saddam had all the necessary nerve gas precursors, raw materials and stuff to give Iran (and the world) the shivers.

    The Iranians were duly gassed in their millions, but the frontline was a bit porous especially in the Kurdish areas, where Iranian conscript soldiers were not quite deserting but certainly went temporarily AWOL, enjoying the hospitality of the friendly kinfolk of northern Iraq, with whom they had no beef, and many injured Iranians, half-gassed Iranians were cared for, medically assisted there, with a good many Iranian teenagers discovering a little of life outside Iran and away from military discipline and danger, for some, some R&R away from homes and families. This is where retroactively Saddam would be said to have over-stepped the mark with the poison gas (of which act Winston Churchill would surely have set his great seal of approval!) -disloyal Iraqi Kurds fraternising with ‘enemy’ Iranians, in one fell swoop he’d fix them both and put the fear of $deity, as a warning into his other internal splittists, the Shia of the South.

    Poor old Saddam, he’d done many terrible things, but still in the eyes of the US and UK, he was a genius and could do no wrong, suggestions a Knighthood or an Archbishopric might be in order for him, came to naught, he soon realises he’s been done up like a kipper, he’d swapped a lot of oil, for piles of paper dollars, with far less calorific value, then blown his piles of dollars buying arms and fighting Iran, he owed money all over the place, his gas bill was extortionate, his oil is being pinched literally from right under his nose, he developed a bad back, and a painful in-grown toenail compounded his misery.

    Kuwait, once part of post-Sykes-Picot Iraq, was cleaved off, long back by the Perfidious Albion, to create yet another oil-rich super-rich pocket mini-state, but being small, its oil reserves soon diminished, but by drilling well off-vertical, into neighbouring ex-parent Iraq’s huge underground reserves, the solution could be found and they soon began pumping it. Crafty Saddam quickly ended the war with Iran, tidied away the many corpses, then had a think, he must accumulate some big piles of the new Euro Wonga, Dollar Moolah (not the radical cleric) had been the cause of all his woes, with his oil selling at two cents a barrel, and he couldn’t print dollars himself like the Saudis could do.

    With Fiat money, Mercedes money, Monsieur Saddam woud soon be back in the big time, they couldn’t treat him like this after all he’d done! But first those Kuwaiti ingrates must be stopped. The Americans for once incredibly “had no particular view on his inter-Arab disputes”, they gave the green light, but immediately once Saddam was off to teach the Kuwaitis a lesson, the signals changed from green to red. Kuwait, was the new Belgium, it was Poland, it was Egypt, they were cuddly and Saddam, was a m-m-m-monster lithped the BBC.

    And so … Incubators, new new new new new Hitler, Gulf War 1.0, blah blah blah, Highway of Death, Revenge on the Southern Shia, sanctions, sanctions, dead babies, sanctions, still sanctions, dead babies, Gulf War 1.1, more dead babies, harmless ‘depleted’ nuclear waste and so on. There are some who believe he wasn’t hung but patched things up with Kaiser George Busch I’s successor Kaiser George Busch II and Queen LizardDeth and was smuggled out to Scotland, England, where he resides to this day in a bungalow by the sea.

  66. There are also those, Tony, who think that the man captured from that hole was not Saddam Hussein at all, but someone who looked like Saddam with a beard. If so, where is he now?

    There are also those who think that Hitler escaped to Argentina, and provided evidence about it in a book…

    Good old “Occam’s razor”!

  67. Sorry, didn’t read message thoroughly, Tony. Scotland, eh! That would give the struggle for independence a whole new meaning!

    ISIS may be an “unintended consequence” of the aftermath of the Iraq War, but the thinkers behind the neocons do seem quite good at using the unexpected to their advantage, cf 9/11. Now they could find a way to argue for bombing Syria,

  68. Ba'al Zevul (Happy Landings, Tony!)

    15 Jun, 2014 - 9:48 pm

    I see my favourite discredited liar has been making (himself) some headlines again. Seems we need to launch another ill-planned, underequipped war on false premisses, against an adversary whose sponsors we are deeply committed to pleasing at every possible opportunity.

    How times change.

    Here’s Tony instructing the Turks to cool it and negotiate with the PKK in 2011:

    How the Turks feel about the prospect of the PKK’s successors being armed and supported by the West (as they defend civilisation from the rampaging Qatari-proteges ISIS, has yet to be widely reported. Probably because it’s unprintable.

    Here’s Tony leaving Istanbul in his undeniably lovely charter jet, G-CEYL, in 2011:

    G-CEYL left Northolt earlier today, destination unknown as yet.

  69. Looks like I’m behind the curve on this one… USUK are already planning to bomb:

    Original article in the Sunday Times, but I wouldn’t want to encourage anybody to pay for the pleasure of reading the original.

  70. Oh, yes, RD, freedom of speech. All the main TV programmes and press outlets are so free that they do not cover important stories like RD’s fascists in Kiev attack on the Russian Embassy a day and a half ago.

    Also reported on Russia Today, unsurprisingly. Keep reading the comics RD and you will think these nationalists are superheroes zooming in to rescue mankind.

  71. @John. Good article on “The man who knew too much”. I’m sure if he was at liberty he’d have plenty to say about current developments.

  72. “Oh, yes, RD, freedom of speech. All the main TV programmes and press outlets are so free that they do not cover important stories like RD’s fascists in Kiev attack on the Russian Embassy a day and a half ago.”

    It’s on the BBC website, and ITV, Reuters, Haaretz, Nypost…

  73. Fred not been shown on the news at all anywhere in UK. And even if it was this, which has been going on for a fortnight, has not – all the killing of civilians and children (20).

  74. Mary. 1 21pm

    Re the term “militant”

    This term is known to cause some confusion, so let me clarify.

    From the State Department’s new “Freedom Dictionary”

    p. 109,

    “ mil•i•tant (ˈmɪl ɪ tənt)

    1. dead from US / Nato bombs.

    2. living anywhere where future US / Nato munitions are detonated.

    3. any foreign person killed or dismemered by US / Nato munitions / sanctions.

    4. any person engaged in being killed or terrorised by US / Nato or any convenient proxy mercenaries or jihadis. “

  75. “I’m sure if he was at liberty he’d have plenty to say about current developments.”

    Quite right Peacemaker. It is worse than what is disclosed in my article but I am not free to say in what way at the moment. But keep reading News Junkie Post, Global Research, NSNBC, Huffingdon Post and other alternative media. MSM is full of shit, like John Simpson tonight supporting Tony Blair’s view on the US having to take action again in Iraq. God, what a mess they have made of the planet!

  76. Sorry, Peacewisher, for calling you Peacemaker.

  77. Phil has a point.

  78. Another perspective:

    ”From my point of view – one of an ex-military analyst – I would say that I am extremely unimpressed by the junta’s performance so far.

    The junta’s death squads have used all the means at their disposal to try to terrorize the people of Novorossia: they began with baseball bats, then knives, then guns, they assault-rifles, then machine guns, then heavy machine guns, then mortars, then heavy mortars, then regular artillery, then multiple rocket launchers, then attack helicopters, then attack aircraft, then cluster munitions, now even white phosphorus.  And what did they achieve in military terms:

    1) they are more or less holding an airport and one hill near Slaviansk/Kramatorsk
    2) they have taken Krasnyi Liman (and committed a massacre in its hospital)
    3) they apparently have 1000 or so men surrounded in the Lugansk airport

    That’s it.  They could not even take Slaviansk!  This is with force ratios anywhere between 5:1 to 100:1, with heavy firepower, armor and total air supremacy.  Sub-pathetic, really…

    And, in the process, they have lost hundreds of soldiers who defected to the other side – often with weapons – they have gotten a huge number of their own conscripts killed, one group of senior “Alpha” officers was caught and several paratrooper recon units were made prisoner (the latest one yesterday).  In Lugansk Ukie forces appear surrounded and the latest shooting down of an Il-76 by the NDF air defense forces was part of a desperate attempt of the junta to free these forces or, at least, to resupply them.  In fact, there are all the signs of a desperate movement by land of Ukrainian armor and infantry to break through these units some of which, according to unconfirmed reports, have already switched sides.

    As for the Novorossian Defense Forces (NDF), they now clearly have a solid air-defense network up and running, they seem to have plenty of weapons (even though they still lack some specific types) and most, but not all, of these weapons are truly trophy weapons taken from the Ukies (such as the 3 T-64 tanks recently shown in the news).  The initial trickle of volunteers has slowly but steadily become larger (including volunteers from Russia proper) and the NDF is now clearly enjoying some fancy systems which could have only have been provided by Russia (electronic warfare, advanced anti-air systems, etc.).  Yes, there are lots of Ukie tanks around Luganks, but as late as this morning a senior NDF officer in the area has said that “we can hold them for at least several months”.  Finally, and for the very first time, there are signs that the NDF are mounting offensive operations.

    I am basing all of the above on admittedly partial information, but to me all the signs are clear and point to one and only one reality: the Ukie offensive is going absolutely nowhere and unless Uncle Sam comes up with a dramatic way of changing the face of the battle, Novorossia will probably withstand the Ukie assault without over Russian intervention.


    So far, I see the strategic-level scorecard for the AnlgoZionist as a complete failure.  As for the tactical-level scorecard, it is probably too early to call, but I would say that it looks like the Empire is headed for a complete defeat.  Of course, these are temporary conclusions and I don’t want to sound like Dubya with his notorious “Mission accomplished”.  But I think that for all of us who get sick in their stomachs each time we hear of the latest Ukie atrocity it is important to keep in mind that so far the neo-Nazis and their AngloZionist masters are losing and that there is no reason to suspect that this trend will somehow reverse itself in the foreseeable future.”


  79. Rumour has it that they (or at least some of them) are mercenaries paid for by beneficiaries of Saudi oil. Makes sense… wasn’t that also allegedly true of some of the rebels in Syria?

    No-one agreed with Blair this morning… even Marr looked sceptical. Good old John Simpson! If I remember right he did the last of the softening up before “Shock and Awe”. Late 2002… 80% against war with Iraq. Just before invasion… down below 50%.

  80. @Sofia. The empire is never defeated! Even in Vietnam they allowed the enemy to get an honourable draw, in order to get one of their men the Nobel Peace Prize. Ironically, Dr. H is belatedly talking sense. Pity the neocons aren’t listening. Hopefully EU will listen to him.

  81. @John: not only you… second time today. Was Henry Kissinger really a peacemaker, or just making the best of a big bloody mess in South East Asia?

  82. Peacewisher,

    Here is my answer to your question:-

    Was Henry Kissinger really a peacemaker, or just making the best of a big bloody mess in South East Asia?

    Alfred Nobel and the Real Prize – Peace

    “I accept this award today with an abiding faith in America and an audacious faith in the future of mankind. I refuse to accept despair as the final response to the ambiguities of history. I refuse to accept the idea that the “isness” of man’s present nature makes him morally incapable of reaching up for the eternal “oughtness” that forever confronts him. I refuse to accept the idea that man is mere flotsom and jetsom in the river of life, unable to influence the unfolding events which surround him. I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality.”
    (Martin Luther King – acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize – December 10, 1964)

    As the inventor of dynamite, who amassed a fortune, Alfred Nobel thought that the destructive power of his invention would serve to bring an end to all wars. The modern day equivalent of Nobel’s thinking would be the concept of nuclear deterrence. Destructive power so overwhelming should make war inconceivable.

    A French newspaper had misread Nobel’s brother’s death as that of Alfred. It published a less that admiring obituary terming Alfred Nobel, the “ merchant of death.” To avoid the posthumous reputation indicated by the premature announcement of his death, Nobel took the course of establishing via his will the Nobel Prize.

    The purpose of the prize and the idea of peace

    Alfred Nobel’s will bequeathed the prize:-
    “…to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

    Two men – two concepts and the idea of peace

    If Martin Luther King as a humane, albeit flawed ( as we all are) recipient of the Nobel Prize can be deemed a martyr for peace, no more significant contrast with a fellow Nobel laureate can be found than in the personage of Henry Alfred Kissinger.

    Kissinger along with the Chief North Vietnamese negotiator Lu Duc Tho received and shared a Nobel Peace Prize. How, I ask myself, could Kissinger ever have qualified for a peace prize.

    Kissinger’s misdeeds over his career as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State read like a chronicle of red-blooded horrors for the scale of human destruction consequent upon his actions:-

    ◦Prolonging by four years from 1968 to 1972 the end of the Vietnam War.
    ◦Participation in the illegal and secret bombings of Laos and Cambodia.
    ◦Direct involvement in the destabilization of Angola.
    ◦As head of the Presidential Committee on Central America giving succor to death squads.
    ◦Supporting torture and repression under the reign of the Shah of Iran.
    ◦Giving military, diplomatic and political support to the racist regime in South Africa.
    ◦Directly assisting the murderous General Pinochet and undermining the democratically elected leader of Chile, Salvador Allende.

    Tortures, wars of aggression, crimes against humanity, international terrorism, have all witnessed condemnation in the international community. If one gives support to and actively participates in acts that are manifestly illegal and inhumane does that make such an individual culpable? As Pinochet can accurately be termed a murderous dictator and torturer, and the House of Lords case in England permitting his extradition did not acknowledge Pinochet’s sovereign immunity, is Kissinger not one who remains manifestly accountable?

    Among the humane expressions of concerns by this recipient of the Peace Prize, can be listed:-
    “ I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people” ( translated: let us destroy Chile because we do not like the result of the democratic election – so let them be killed to be brought into line).

    “ Why should we flagellate ourselves for what Cambodians did to each other”

    Consider for a moment what the US with Kissinger’s direct participation did:-
    President Johnson had halted the bombing in Vietnam, and Kissinger’s direct involvement ensured political deception and a false promise to the North Vietnamese, so as to facilitate, a hiatus and election of the Republican President, Richard Nixon. Four more totally unnecessary years of war continued in a war the America had already lost by 1968 and the figures of war deaths during the subsequent four years are:-

    South Vietnamese – 86,101
    Enemy – 475, 609
    Americans – 31, 205

    These are truncated numbers of deaths, deliberated limited to the four extra unnecessary years that the Vietnam War was escalated and made to last. What greater case for an indictment against Kissinger if the entire spectrum of his misdeeds were included. Add to this the facts of the secret and illegal bombings in Cambodia and Laos, and consider the accuracy of B-52s raining bombs from a great height on the Cambodians and Laotians, delivering to them with deadly ( even if not precise and accurately targeted “shock and awe”) what was callously termed “ breakfast”, “lunch”, “snack”, “dinner” and “dessert” as codenames for the bombing sorties. Add to these crimes some Agent Orange and chemical spraying of defoliants and pesticides and then apply some napalm and then inflict same on the people. Kissinger had a hand in all of this, knew and understood the levels of human carnage, was involved in the concealment from the press and Congress, and engaged in illegality at the highest levels in Washington. Putting it mildly, while 2,044,000 tons of bombs were, by Pentagon estimates, used during the entire Second World War, the US dropped 4,500,000 tons of explosives during the Vietnam War. For what we might well ask ourselves – for what?

    China, the world’s most populous Communist country during the post- Vietnam era became a most favoured trading partner of the US. Vietnam was a poor peasant society, and what then was the war really about – Vietnam a threat to American national security? – was the war ever at all necessary?

    Fortunately, however, Dr. Henry Kissinger as America’s undeniably most astute global analyst saw good cause in perpetrating and prolonging war in Vietnam, bombings in Laos and Cambodia, with quite intelligent geo-strategic sense in deploying deadly force against civilian populations. To his everlasting credit and distinction he has been duly awarded the “Peace Prize” for his tremendous humanitarian efforts.


    If we do not at times reflect on history, we are doomed to repeat it.

    Let the bombing of Iran begin and long live the necessary war in Iraq until the WMDs are found.

    Without that audacious faith in the future of mankind, we might very well be left with only proof of the stupidities that forever confront man.

    Recommended readings

    “A Testament of hope: The essential writings and speeches of Martin Luther King Jr.” – J.M. Washington ( Editor)
    “Sideshow – Kissinger, Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia” – William Shawcross
    “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” – Christopher Hitchens
    A factional title: “George Walker Bush – the Nobel Prize – for bringing peace and stability to the Middle East” – Author: Henry Alfred Kissinger

  83. Thanks for the detailed reply, Courtney. I had no idea he was an enabler for Pinochet. I suppose they kept the war going to keep the arms manufacturers in business (American jobs for American workers… ?)

    Capitalism and the war machine… what a great way to make money.

  84. US to work with Iran to solve the Iraq problem.

    Does that mean they’ve snubbed Blair, or are taking on his ideas? His speech yesterday was so confusing, the only thing I got for certain was the need to “bomb Syria”.

  85. As the old sourpuss Gore Vidal so sagely intoned after Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize:

    The award committe had revealed themsleves as ” master ironists of Northern Europe”


  86. Reuven Rivlin: Israel’s new ‘Righteous Zionist’ President

  87. ‘As part of the operation, Israeli soldiers conducted house-to-house searches in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Ramallah on Sunday night.

    Medical officials said Ahmad Arafat died after being shot in the chest during clashes that followed the searches.

    They said it was unclear whether the Israelis had been trying to arrest the young man.’

    Someone earlier asked why the ISIS mob were covering their faces. Well it seems the IDF do it too if you look at the photos and the video in this report. Look at them.

    Palestinian killed as Israel expands search for youths

    RIP Ahmad Arafat. It was your fate to be born into a Palestinian refugee camp in an Occupied land.

  88. This melancholy song sung by Judith Durham who had a beautiful voice fits in with my mood and thoughts this morning.

    Sadness at the endless killing and hurt.

    The Carnival is Over

  89. The outcome here should be interesting. Perhaps Petro himself will cough up.

    LATEST:Russian gas giant Gazprom reaffirms 07:00 BST deadline for Ukraine debt payment after EU-brokered talks fail

    Ukraine crisis: Kiev faces halt to gas supply

  90. BrianFujisan

    16 Jun, 2014 - 6:48 am


    you are always welcome to the islands…stand by ….

    i said before… NOT on Here

  91. The Fog Machine of War
    June 14, 2014

    FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — WHEN I chose to disclose classified information in 2010, I did so out of a love for my country and a sense of duty to others. I’m now serving a sentence of 35 years in prison for these unauthorized disclosures. I understand that my actions violated the law.

    However, the concerns that motivated me have not been resolved. As Iraq erupts in civil war and America again contemplates intervention, that unfinished business should give new urgency to the question of how the United States military controlled the media coverage of its long involvement there and in Afghanistan. I believe that the current limits on press freedom and excessive government secrecy make it impossible for Americans to grasp fully what is happening in the wars we finance.

    If you were following the news during the March 2010 elections in Iraq, you might remember that the American press was flooded with stories declaring the elections a success, complete with upbeat anecdotes and photographs of Iraqi women proudly displaying their ink-stained fingers. The subtext was that United States military operations had succeeded in creating a stable and democratic Iraq.

    Those of us stationed there were acutely aware of a more complicated reality.


    What a brave person. Imagine looking ahead to 35 years in prison at her young age. Inhuman and inhumane. So much for the land of the free.

  92. Thanks very much Brian. One day…who knows.

  93. Nice one Courtney on Henry Kissinger. I read somewhere in the eighties that one of Kissinger’s school friends said of him: “His sincerity is a millimetre thick” though I guess he spelt it millimeter.

    Mary, when Russia has previously cut off gas to Ukraine, the Ukrainians just siphoned it off. What would you expect of a government that does not pay its gas debt, that wages war on its own people, that overthrows a legitimate government? No wise investor would risk capital in a country that cannot do honest business and economically it is doomed to failure. The US will help it of course by supplying military aid for killing its own people but that will only further impoverish a bankrupt parliament of thuggery.

    However this shady government will have lots of support from “you know who” on Craig’s blog.

  94. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    16 Jun, 2014 - 7:59 am

    “However this shady government will have lots of support from “you know who” on Craig’s blog”

    Well, Mr Goss, whether people on this blog support or don’t support the democratic govt of Ukraine is completely unimportant.

    What does matter is whether the Ukrainian people as a whole (ie, with the exception of some dubious facists in the pay of Russia/local oligarchs in the east) supports the legitimate Kiev govt and President.

    Ir is beyond doubt that it does.

  95. Just as it is beyond doubt, Habby, who are the trolls on this site…

  96. “Well, Mr Goss, whether people on this blog support or don’t support the democratic govt of Ukraine is completely unimportant.”

    That’s nonsense. It is very important for getting the real news out. I was happy to give Poroshenko the benefit of the doubt when he was first elected because of his pledge to visit Eastern Ukraine and negotiate with their legitimately elected government. It took twenty four hours for me to change my mind. He did not visit Eastern Ukraine, and had no intention of doing so, but visited upon it sophisticated weaponry. Residents there will hate him, quite rightly, for evermore. His government cannot last.

  97. Ba'al Zevul (Ah Shaddupa Your Face!)

    16 Jun, 2014 - 8:20 am

    I wonder if Tony’s gone to Burma?

    Getting a pattern here. Blair’s getting some sort of income (probably a cut of international aid) for ‘advising’ some very dodgy regimes on ‘governance’. Any further details? No.

    We are currently carrying out governance work on a short-term basis, supporting the government to build delivery mechanisms to help deliver their long-term strategic goals.” This description in the letter was so general as to be meaningless*.

    Burma Campaign UK has repeatedly asked for further clarification, regarding what kind of governance work is being undertaken, and what delivery mechanism and what long-term strategic goals Tony Blair is helping the military-backed government in Burma with. We have received no response.

    * I beg to differ. It is so meaningless as to be a model of executive bollocks.

  98. BrianFujisan

    16 Jun, 2014 - 8:31 am

    Mary i have just made a pledge to ya… Samruai Keep

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