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When Gaza was being strafed by sea and air, 500 Palestinian dead to 1 Israeli dead. Since the ground invasion, that total has come down to 30 to 1 and a daily average of 6 to 1.

Suddenly all those, including Obama, who did not call for ceasefire when Palestinians were being killed like helpless fish in a barrel, urgently, desperately want one now from a new found humanitarian concern.

Some lives matter more than others, apparently.


I should add an important point. 90% of the Palestinian dead are civilians. All of the Israeli dead are soldiers with one exception, and he was a lawful target as he was conveying supplies to front line soldiers. The Palestinian resistance is perfectly legal and legitimate. The Israeli attack on civilians is a sustained war crime.

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  • craig Post author

    Ba’al Zevul

    His Muslim constituents would be very stupid to vote against the most consistent and outspoken anti-Zionist MP in parliament. And you would be very stupid to advocate it.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Craig – that’s the rational way of looking at it. Another might be the view that the Liberal hierarchy pressured him into implicit agreement with the zios…why vote Liberal? Granted, Clegg is the only leader currently even hinting that Israel needs to do some rethinking, but I’m seeing no plans from anyone on preventing exactly the same happening again after another two years of land annexation. Which as a first requirement would IMO involve telling it like it is and not instantly deferring to a 1% minority’s (self-styled) representatives.

  • Mary

    Painful to watch these over armed and over protected thugs and cowards in action. Filmed on the ‘West Bank’ somewhere.

    Just a tiny fragment of the whole. In every minute they are oppressing the native people. In this they are pitiless and utterly cruel – with a few exceptions.

    In the so called West Bank (there is no bank – the entity occupies the west bank of the Jordan – a foetid trickle because of the entity’s greed for irrigation water, plus a good swathe of land to the west.) All the time it is eaten into by the settlers from Brooklyn and elsewhere making ‘aliyah’.


    Some key facts – this formerly beautiful land is THE PROMISED LAND. In 1800 there were 3000 Jews in Palestine. There were about 600,000 in 1948 many of that number resulting from illegal immigration during the mandate. There were about 1.45 million Palestinians of whom 20% were Christian and 80% Muslim.

    800,000 Palestinians, that is two-thirds, were ethnically cleansed – ghastly euphemism – many ending in Gaza.

    Excluding Jews of good and warm hearts who speak against the current hell, many regard the Gentile as goyim ie cattle. This would be a very extreme a thought but one RABBI did say that one Jewish fingernail is worth more that 1 million Arabs. That was a dramatic example of an attitude which reinforces the hatred engendered in many. That hatred comes in part from knowing the Palestinian position is lawful AND also because they hate the Palestinian for being their victims. There must be a psychological explanation for that.


    Thanks for that Craig ref Mr Macmillan-Scott. A good egg. Is there much public protest in Spain about Gaza?

    Ba’al I did see your link after I posted the Guardian link which was written two hours earlier than your link. In those two hours he must have been bullied and threatened as he is a tough man.

  • craig Post author


    You ignore David Ward’s MO. He says something forthright and true on Palestine and gets into all the media. Then Clegg – who is an uber-Zionist, don’t be fooled – has a go at him, and he apologises. Then he does it again. It’s a kind of asymmetric warfare!

  • N_

    David Ward is a pillock for apologising. In the other house of parliament, Jenny Tonge was told by Menzies Campbell to withdraw her remarks, on orders he received from the very same Board of Deputies, and she had the backbone to refuse and get sacked. She has more principle than Ward.

    All Palestinian rockets fired into territories occupied in 1948, 1967, whenever, are legitimate.

  • N_

    And what Zionist could say honestly (if they know the meaning of the word ‘honestly’) that they wouldn’t fire rockets at the oppressor if they were Arabs living in Gaza?

    I mean if they could speak honestly, e.g. among themselves. I don’t mean what they say in front of the goyim to avoid being a shandah.

    People really need to unscrew their heads on this one.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    OK Craig, point belatedly taken, and Clegg’s real position isn’t a mystery. But by remaining in the party, he’s tacitly endorsing the now-impossible two-state “solution” and in my worthless opinion he’d have been better telling Clegg to fuck off and standing as an independent next time. Who knows, he might even have got in, but in any case it could have been a publicity goldmine of a campaign.

  • N_

    Actually I take back some of what I said about Ward, and I also take the point about his MO. He suggested that Israel should not exist, so credit to him where it’s due.

  • Jives

    All these MP’s who dont ever speak out about the Israeli tactics in Gaza-and even the few who dare yet inevitably apologise(are forced to?)

    The more i think about it its not about losing constituent votes its fear,definite fear.


    And ive concluded because they all know they’ll get The Treatment,in varying degrees.

    Whether thats stings,setups,hatchet jobs that Max Clifford and Co used tp specialise in or something more sinister its definitely fear that muzzles them.

    Shameful that UK parliament has come to be so cowed,fearful.

  • Yachts

    I suspect that the heat felt by public figures who step out of line on the Zionism question is significantly greater when a massacre such as the one in Gaza is going on than when the slaughter rate is more ‘normal’.

    It’s kind of all hands to the pumps even in the outer circle of Zionist influence-wielders.

    The same was true

    * when they wanted to get hold of Mordechai Vanunu

    * on the day of the 7/7 terrorist bombings, and the days following, and

    * during the 2009 Gaza massacre.

    As for anything about the Israeli involvement in the organ trade; the role of the Chabad mafia organisation in the drug trade, especially ecstasy; or treading on the toes of Marks and Spencer’s…public figures will feel the heat ANY TIME THEY CARE TO MAKE THE ZIONISTS’ DAY!

  • Yachts

    @Jives – yes, I think you are completely right.

    If you take a look at the Telegraph-mediated ‘MPs expenses’ scandal’, I think there was a big dose of ‘treatment’ involved in that – in getting rid of unwanted MPs. Look at the timing.

    Consider someone such as Barry Sheerman, chair of the Children, Schools and Families Select Committee. He’s a right crook and he flaunts his role as a lobbyist for private interests, even if the word “think tank” is used rather than “lobby group”. (He’s head of Policy Connect.) So the fall of so many during the ‘expenses scandal’ wasn’t really about cleaning out the stables. It was about something else.

  • fred

    I think when you grow up you realise that people tend to say things they don’t mean, quite often what they say means the opposite of how it sounds but people still know what it means. You know that “don’t call me I’ll call you” means you won’t hear from them, you know that “the cheque is in the post” means that the cheque hasn’t been sent, everybody knows what “just nipping out for a quick one” means.

    I think anyone with an ounce of sense knows when they read “Palestinians also fire rockets into Israel” at the end of an article what it means. Everybody knows that whoever wrote the article just tags that onto everything because they have to. Nobody actually believes people think that justifies Israel’s actions. They write the words in such a way to make it obvious. I think it goes without saying that when someone apologises about saying something about Israel it doesn’t mean that they are actually sorry, it means the opposite.

  • harry law

    Baroness Tonge will not be intimidated, they have tried, I had the pleasure of meeting her in Liverpool, she claimed the US backing of Israel right or wrong is part of the problem and that she was too old to worry about what they [the establishment] could do to her. A genuinely good and truthful person, wish there were more like her.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    I switched off the radio on learning that Melanie Philips was, unsurprisingly and again, to be on the panel of The Moral Maze (on now). So that’s the partisan Israel shill. Where’s the balancing voice for Gaza? Matthew Taylor? Blairite nonentity. Giles Fraser? Right-on re Occupy, and credit for that, but hardly outspoken on Gaza (and draws flak from Hasbara Harry’s Place and CiF Watch even on what he does say) Jill Kirby? Centre for Policy Studies : neocon think tank.

    No need to listen, then. Let me know if you did, and I’m wrong.

  • Fedup

    Using tunnels, mines, booby traps and snipers, Hamas fighters have inflicted record casualties on Israeli troops waging an offensive in the Gaza Strip, applying years of training in urban warfare with a new tactical acumen and suicidal resolve.

    The Israelis say weapons and know-how supplied by Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah make Hamas a more formidable foe.

    Hamas tactics exact high toll in Israeli ground thrust

    It is becoming more evident that the zionist thugs are not winning this war, their main airport shut-down, and international carriers refusing to fly there, as well as their precious supremacist death toll on the rise, that is in the face of fighting a bunch of refugees in a concentration camp.

    Meanwhile the audacious Ward daring to say anything in support of the Palestinians under the onslaught of heavy artillery barrage of the zionist scum; that is post a seven years of medieval siege Gaza by land, air, and sea.

    This outburst of a goy has upset the “sensitive” zionist bullies who cannot afford the slightest dissent against their inhuman, racist, barbaric creed of hate, theft and murder.

    Israel asks Nick Clegg to take ‘forceful action’ against MP who endorsed rocket attacks

    Nick Clegg faces growing calls to suspend an MP who said he would be prepared to fire a Hamas rocket at Israeli civilians.

    David Ward, the MP for Bradford East, provoked widespread anger amongst Jews in Britain and overseas after he wrote on Twitter: “The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes”.

    He added: “Ich bin ein #palestinian – the West must make up its mind – which side is it on?”

    Asked about the comments this morning, Mr Ward said his critics “jump straight on the anti-Semitism bandwagon”.

    In a rare intervention, Daniel Taub, the Israeli ambassador, wrote to Nick Clegg to express his “shock and disgust” at the remarks.

    Oh the humanity of it all, someone in the officialdom has dared to voice what millions of ordinary people think. This is the kind of power display to remind who is the boss, and no doubt Mr. Clegg will oblige, and threaten to send ward to be genitally mutilated as part of his punishment.

    Although no one is talking about the fact that the Zionist thugs have ordered the evacuation of the Shifa Hospital, as a precursor in a preparation to bombarding and shelling the hospital.

    Israel’s military has issued an evacuation warning to the main hospital in the Gaza Strip as Tel Aviv regime’s aerial and ground forces step up their attacks on civilian sites across the besieged coastal enclave.

    All the while Faux “news” is airing clips of bombed out rubble in Gaza in it packages accompanying the narrative of attack on zionistan, in the way of justifying the barbaric and murderous crime of the zionist scum war crimes.

  • mike

    Slowly, little by little, the world is turning its back on Israel. It must be shunned

    The slaughter and the oppression cannot continue.

    The children’s blood cries out.

    And the cries are being heard. But by fuck it’s taking its time!

  • Fedup

    Evidently the renowned Middle East scholar Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University goes on record;

    “I’m not talking about what we should or shouldn’t do. I’m talking about the facts. The only thing that deters a suicide bomber is the knowledge that if he pulls the trigger or blows himself up, his sister will be raped. That’s all. That’s the only thing that will bring him back home, in order to preserve his sister’s honor.”

    Kedar served for 25 years in the military intelligence, where he specialised in Islamic groups. He is currently a researcher at the right-wing Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies of Bar Ilan but previously worked for a shadowy organisation, the Israel Academia Monitor, which fights left-leaning academic professors.

    Evidently the “good” professor as not heard of John Kerry and Angelina Jolie demanding end of sexual violence in war zones at London summit

    However in the other news;

    A former Nazi guard living in Philadelphia died hours before he was ordered to be extradited to Germany for trial on suspicion of helping carry out the Holocaust, according to his attorney.

    Johann Breyer, 89, died Tuesday night, Dennis E. Boyle, his lawyer, told the Los Angeles Times. A federal judge approved his extradition on Wednesday, according to court records.
    “Like other accused war criminals, Breyer must submit to the judgment of law for his alleged role in Nazi atrocities against humanity,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Timothy Rice wrote, apparently unaware that Breyer’s own mortality had already taken a hand.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    More details on al-Shifa hospital, shortly to be shot up.


    Warning: may offend Israelis sitting with their beer and popcorn overlooking Gaza, and cheering.

    This is substantiated by Zionist media, but you’d have to hold your nose, so PressTV it is.


  • Sofia

    I was reminded while I was browsing earlier, I think by The Saker, of
    Picasso’s “Guernica” depicts the horrific bombing of the Spanish by German and Italian fascists during the Spanish Civil War.

    When Colin Powell and John Negroponte were peddling war with Iraq at the UN, the succeeded in getting the 11 x 25 ft painting covered with a curtain for the duration of the conference.

    There’s a tale that Picasso himself while living in Nazi-occupied Paris, was visited by the SS. Upon seeing a photo of Guernica an officer asked, “Is that your work?” To which Picasso is said to have replied, “No, it’s yours.”

    In the light of presesent bombardments of civilians in Palestine and Ukraine maybe they should find that curtain and put it back up. Easier than doing their job.


    Confirmation here today that a lizard never changes his spots. As if anyone was fooled! Good to see him back.

  • Sofia

    Feddup. 10 11pm

    Thanks for sharing the words of eminent scholar Mordechai Kedar.
    I find it hard to understand how anyone, even if they believe such things, would ever go on record with them.

    I hope people like Reuven Moskovitz will one day lead their society away from such twisted attitudes.


    BTW, why are you tormenting Dad?

    I can see the light in his shed again tonight, and hear him muttering, G+T in hand, while he scours his dog-eared copy of “Provocation for Dummys” in a desperate attempt to find a way to crack you.

    You are so fecking inconsiderate!

  • BrianFujisan


    Bet you were Scratching to put the pic back up…For ages

    The Genocide continues –

    ” My friend’s home just got bombed without prior warning. His father, mother, brother, sister and nephew were killed. He is in a serious condition. I don’t know what to say! I don’t fucking know what to say! I just….No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

    Gaza Youth Breaks Out

  • Mary

    The number of those killed in Gaza has reached 697.

    ‘Geneva: The United Nations on Wednesday launched an international inquiry into human rights violations and crimes that may have been committed by Israel during its military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

    The UN Human Rights Council condemned the Israeli assault which it said had involved “disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks”, including aerial bombing of civilian areas, collective punishment, and the killing of more than 650 Palestinians.

    At the end of an emergency session, the 47-member forum adopted a resolution presented by Palestinians by a vote of 29 states in favour, 1 against (the United States) with 17 abstentions (including all nine European Union members).


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