Ceasefire My Arse 99

When Gaza was being strafed by sea and air, 500 Palestinian dead to 1 Israeli dead. Since the ground invasion, that total has come down to 30 to 1 and a daily average of 6 to 1.

Suddenly all those, including Obama, who did not call for ceasefire when Palestinians were being killed like helpless fish in a barrel, urgently, desperately want one now from a new found humanitarian concern.

Some lives matter more than others, apparently.


I should add an important point. 90% of the Palestinian dead are civilians. All of the Israeli dead are soldiers with one exception, and he was a lawful target as he was conveying supplies to front line soldiers. The Palestinian resistance is perfectly legal and legitimate. The Israeli attack on civilians is a sustained war crime.

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  • AlcAnon/Squonk

    Cherie Blair one said something similar.


    Downing Street apologised last night after Cherie Blair appeared to show sympathy for Palestinian suicide bombers, hours after the latest outrage in Jerusalem.

    The Prime Minister’s wife caused a diplomatic and political row with comments she made at a charity event for medical aid for Palestinians.

    Speaking to reporters after appearing with Queen Rania of Jordan, she said: “As long as young people feel they have got no hope but to blow themselves up you are never going to make progress.”

  • Anon

    Meanwhile more than 700 Syrians dead in the past two days and not a peep from anyone here.

  • Anon

    “What is obscene is that even when the Palestinians are being herded into the gas chambers, or whatever other ‘final solution’ the Zionists choose,)..”

    Stop being dramatic, Roscodagama.

  • Phil

    “We’re stirring it as hard as we can on Russia, now.”

    Except we are not. Sure open an inquiry. Sure get safe passage for investigators. Sure impose meanigless sanctions.

    Russian elites are still buying British property, whores, cleaners, football clubs, financial services, arms…all while we square up with a proxy war in Ukraine.

    It’s business as usual.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Yes, Phil. That’s as hard as we can stir it. Thank you, The Market, and thank you, the eunuch politicians, and that’s as pretty inadequate as it gets. But we’re not even going that far on Gaza, are we? We’re prepared at least to feed the media some self-righteously hostile crap on Russia/Ukraine – as we didn’t, after, e.g., the USS Vincennes’ very similar attack on a civil airliner – but not to utter much of a peep or even impose some token sanctions on an intentional mass killer of civilians which has our ‘elected’ leaders by the balls.

    We actually agree, Phil. Pity you don’t see it.

  • Phil

    To continue my comment above making it relevant to this thread.

    There is little difference between how the British corporate state treats it’s “friends” and “enemies”. Business continues with both.

    In facts this “friends” and “enemies” malarkey is an essential part of the game, fuelling the divisions that keep us plebs divided and fighting money making wars.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    AlcAnon – thanks. Thought it was Cherie, but not certain enough to say so. She did. Her husband has said nothing on the topic since the 16th, but I see the revisionists have been busy on his appalling reputation in both the Guardian and the Telegraph today. Tony Blair Associates are hoping to bring the Third Way back to Labour….he’ll be able to take the credit for the complete destruction of the Labour party if successful.

  • Phil

    OK Baal. X posted. I didn’t understand we agreed. I thought you were claiming some surprising treatment for Isarel compared to Russia. I need a break from this internet commenting.

  • larry Levin

    strange how whenever Israel is killing some worthless subhumans there is something else occurring to distract the zio media.

    when they attacked the flotilla a chap in devon went around shooting people and the weekend press carried that story.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    One question; As we watch news reports of slaughter every day, where is the UN and ICC?

    They are still fiddling with Cast Lead.

  • Mary

    True Larry Levin.

    I have just looked up the weather in Gaza. 34C Sunny but a mist is producing 100% humidity! It must be quite unbearable. No water. No electricity for refrigeration, a fan or aircons if they have any. 34C-32C forecast all week.

    cf the Israeli lifestyle. Swimming pools, as much electricity as they want, sprinklers on the lawn and lots of (Palestinian) water.

    One of the 17 Israeli power stations is on the coast north of Gaza. I see they even acquired (stolen) the Palestine Electric Company and renamed it. That’s chutzpah for you.


    A new gas fired one coming using stolen Palestinian offshore gas no doubt.

    Haruvit is SE of Ashdod and about 15 mls from the coast. Handy.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Some of us get upset at any civilian slaughter no matter where it occurs, or to whom; like ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

  • Yachts

    I’m here because of those yachts that met last June. Like Mary, I looked up who owned them

    Craig, any chance of asking your source how many of them have skippers who used to be in the SBS?

    Skippering billionaires’ yachts is a dream job for ex-SBS types. Many of them get skippers’ licences towards that aim.

    Just askin’.

    Oh – and wondering whether there’s a registry of skippers somewhere? Anyone?

  • Yachts

    Goodness, this takes me back to 1991, when KGB chief Kriuchkov had a little meeting on Robert Maxwell’s yacht with a colleague from Israel. Shortly after, Kriuchkov led a coup in Moscow.

    It wasn’t as successful as the recent coup in Kiev.

    Maxwell got some of what he wanted, but got killed on the same yacht before the year ended.

    So – let’s talk yachts!

  • nevermind, it will happen anyway

    One of the best yacht builders. A very good friend of mine works there. He ensures that everyone keeps a cool head in hot discussions, has hot and cold water and the resulting condensation.

    Lurssen builds the blue series and also hire’s mout yachts, so if you got enough collateral, yachty, this is your company….;)


  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    The name Ward is of Irish origin, I believe, Komo. They were tinkers and horse-traders, lacking the education to accurately represent Israeli policy. 🙂

  • Shalom is not Peace in Israel

    ±Incidentally,do we know if there are any British citizens fighting with the Israeli army?±

    -war monger Regev?

  • Uzbek in the UK

    “Some lives matter more than others, apparently.”

    This is unfortunate true, had always been true. Especially when one brings race and social status in. Some lost lives (in some cases even in large numbers) are not even counted.

  • Uzbek in the UK

    “The Palestinian resistance is perfectly legal and legitimate. The Israeli attack on civilians is a sustained war crime.”

    These legal boundaries again. I hate international law. Reminds me a weathercock. Strong power can turn it into the direction that benefits them just like strong wind turn weathercock. What we (civilised societies) should be working towards is criminalise every attempt of murder (by individuals, states, NGOs etc). But then, how would arms producing corporations make profit? How investment banks will speculate on ups and downs? How would we make barrel of oil to cost 107USD?

    Once again what is legal or legitimate does not necessary mean good. Just like events in Germany in 1933 or presidential elections in Uzbekistan for the last 20 years.

  • Mary

    I’m beginning to like the sound of Edward Macmillan-Scott. I know nothing about him and have no political affiliations.

    ‘There was further controversy when Edward Macmillan-Scott, a former Lib Dem MEP who lost his seat in May, tweeted that Ward could look after himself, but members of the board of deputies were a “frightful bag of disputatious Jews”, while the editor of the Jewish Chronicle was “a prat”. He later apologised for the statement while swiping again at the group for not saying sorry to him in a previous dispute.

    The board said it was deeply concerned about Macmillan-Scott’s comments and considered his subsequent tweeted apology wholly inadequate.’

    Lib Dem David Ward refuses to apologise for Gaza tweet
    MP says he does not condone firing of rockets into Israel but ‘I understand why people are so desperate that they are doing it’

    The Board of Deputies of British Jews.

    What a pretentious title. Sound like sheriffs from the Wild West.


    Central to much of our international work is the community’s relationship with the State of Israel, which is why the Board remains unwavering in its approach, as stated in our Constitution, to take ‘such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and standing.’

    This policy allows us to accommodate the diverse opinions that exist within the community, without us presuming to comment on or seek to prescribe particular political solutions on the people of Israel.

    Rather, we concentrate on the undoubted effect of events in the region on the British Jewish community, and the importance of Israel being treated fairly and impartially within British society, in the face of campaigns to demonise, boycott and sanction the Jewish State.

    We take practical steps to advance Israel’s cause and engage with Israel in four main areas:

    Peace, Security, Prosperity and Equality’

    They are British Jews but it’s about advancing Israel.

    The Israeli National Anthem

    A sung version. Dubbya comes up at the beginning! The map is totally Israel. No mention of Palestine.

  • craig Post author

    Macmillan-Scott is a good man. I think he’s a grandson or great-nephew of Lawrence of Arabia. He once showed me (when I bumped into him on Eurostar) Lawrence’s own map of the Middle East which Lawrence was using in the Middle East negotiations to argue for Arab unity rather than Sykes-Picot.

  • John Leon

    Oh Phil, you are SO ‘ard.
    Shalom, I was not born until after the 40’s, so in no way was I responsinle for stealing anything, you would not be related to Phil by any chance?
    I just received an email from a pal in Israel. An Israeli soldier was shot dead by a sniper yesterday. His wife knew him from school days, so there are some IDF dead.( as well as some Americans )

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