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by craig on July 4, 2014 12:56 pm in Uncategorized

I shall again be running the bar – the Whistleblower’s Arms – at the Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival from 22 to 24 August at Cardross, Port of Menteith.

I find this festival, which is very much a lifestyle event and features mostly new talent, an extremely life-affirming experience. Last year it brought me back from a very dark place. Some of this blogs most active commenters and helpers have been among the volunteers over the last couple of years, keeping the event going. Personally for me the festival is necessarily centred around Williams Bros and Thistly Cross, but there is a tremendous variety of music:


The event is very family friendly, and also an amazing place to meet new friends. It does not have any specific political orientation, but I might fairly say that the vibe is very much in line with the kind of unconstrained intellectual space promoted on this blog. On top of which Cardross is an extraordinarily beautiful place. The variety of local food on site, ranging from vegan to game, is one of the things I really enjoyed. It is a not for profit event and nobody gets a salary.

Tickets are not expensive by festival standards, and certainly cheaper than a weekend break in a hotel. But there is also the alternative of working your passage – the festival still needs plenty of volunteers.

I am genuinely looking forward to it enormously. Hope to see you there.

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  1. From Mary’s link:

    “Palestinians believe Mohammed was killed by Israeli extremists in a revenge attack after three Israeli youths were found dead.”

    And so it goes on.

    Mary : “This treatment of a child by the Israelis is an outrage.”

    Proving that Mary is part of the problem, not the solution , as she has nothing to say about Palestinian violence towards Israelis, except perhaps to excuse it.

  2. “”You know what, F**k Profit !” could be the best slogan I’ve heard in ages”

    Only in the mind of a child, Macky.

  3. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    6 Jul, 2014 - 1:04 pm

    Phil – if you’re interested in the intentionally well-concealed economics of private finance in public services, probably better to look at instances for yourself. You might start here:

    And note that the process distributes taxpayers’ money not only to contractors, but to the ultimate financial backers such as hedge funds.

    I’m only just getting to grips with the scale of this myself.

  4. Anon; “Only in the mind of a child, Macky”

    Yes, it’s difficult for a brainwashed adult mind not to believe that everything has to generate a financial profit.

  5. “F**k Profit !” would appear would appear to suggest that nothing should.

  6. Anon; “would appear to suggest that nothing should”

    Perhaps you should actually watch the clip Peacewisher provided, for the missing anti-austerity context.

  7. ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    6 Jul, 2014 - 1:37 pm

    Ba’al and Phil.

    More useful homework for your research into private finance in public services. Here a FOI document which gives you some idea of the colossal amounts of public money involved. The web page will want to open as a .doc from

  8. nevermind, viva beautiful football

    6 Jul, 2014 - 1:40 pm

    How horrible and dangerous can a state become towards its children and how stupid can the emperor watchers on here get by not seeing the obvious, i.e that Netanyahu wears no cloth. Every time he opens his mouth blod is spilled.

    Israel is desperate and the zionistst are nbehaving like this to keep its increasingly loud and critical jewish population on their side. Nothing would stop them.

    I suppose we can now expect Anon to apologise for suspecting Hamas of kidnapping the three teenagers, on behalf of his fellow trolls here and his/their beloved Zionistan.

  9. Tickets are not expensive…..

    You’re so out of touch with reality! Could you please tell your reader how much money you have been paid over the years by the taxpayers (the workers)?

    Treat this as an FoI request.

    No? Thought not.

  10. nevermind, viva beautiful football

    6 Jul, 2014 - 1:47 pm

    Interview with Jesselyn Raddack, Snowden and Drakes representative lawyer, over the extend of NSA spying and the cult status national security has aquired since the modern information age made it possible to spy without vengance.

  11. Well it is official “Jewish Extremists” as per the zionistani authorities kidnapped the fifteen year old Palestinian boy and burned him alive. Not content with the murder however the zionistani uniformed thugs (Jewish Extremists with a license) have been videoed beating up another nearly fifteen year old boy whom happens to be the cousin of the roasted alive victim (of course everyone will realise the deliberate way the boy was lying unconscious and hurting the knuckles of those beating up on him, and it is all edited out of the video!!!!!) .

    Needless to point out that, the only reason this beating has come to the attention of the world, is because the boy happens to be a US national (why is there no law against stopping these interlopers becoming nationals of the west???) . Not forgetting the best friendship between the US and its best friend zionistan is not sitting well with the Yanks, that one of theirs is getting the treatment. Hence the immediate release of the “sand nigger/pally/subhuman Arab”.

    Meanwhile Liam has been pulled out of the cupboard to pontificate about Taayyyyyrrrrrreeeer$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$T£ (bawhawwww watch behind the screen there is a Muslim ready to get you any minute). All the while the mejdia are airing the concerns of the terror industry stakeholders; “Britons are not taking the terror threat seriously”! Did I say Britten? Reminds me about how quietly little Leon has been interviewed for rape, although the stenographers are at pain to point out the girl was above the age of 18!!!!

    No worries about the dossier getting covered up because as Lord Tebbit (do you recollect the good old Norman, and his bicycle advice?) to explain; those days people just did not talk about that kind of thing!!!!! (which fucking universe is this fossil residing in?)

    Obviously the toxic situation is so far gone down the shitter that none of the luminaries dare to pontificate other than the old has been and over with luminaries of yesteryear whom are prepared to put their head above the parapet. These airing their briefed views; this exercise in flying various balloons with the aid of the bygone era actors is an obvious desperate clawing around for a narrative that can explain away the cover-up that has let the culprits get on with their pastime whilst raining crap on the world, at the behest of their handlers.

    Finally anyone who has read the Wealth of Nations past the first sixteen pages at around 350 and over will find the positively lefty Adam Smith talking about the insolence of aristocracy and futility of oppression, whilst questioning the validity of profit in the face of mother suckling her baby and young men being asked to defend their country at war.

    As ever the neocons hope no one ever reads the stuff so they make it up as they go along, perverting all concepts they have touched. Schumpeter in his worst nightmares never would have thought his “creative destruction” could be hijacked to promote the very antithesis of his ideas.

  12. Anon You have often heard me say ‘NO child shall be harmed’.


    The Israelis have arrested six people described as nationalists for the murder of Mohammad. Assume that means settlers.


    6 Jul, 2014 - 3:03 pm

    “Finally anyone who has read the Wealth of Nations past the first sixteen pages…”

    They read with cherry-picking spectacles, just like many read the Bible/Koran in the Great Cafeteria of Ideology.

    They read Saul Alinsky with the same kind of eyeballs.


    6 Jul, 2014 - 3:14 pm

    Children seem always to suffer the most. If they’re not taking fire they’re forced to give it.

    “recruitment of child soldiers by seven national armies and 50 armed groups fighting wars in the Central African Republic, South Sudan, Syria and in 11 other countries. Zerrougui was especially critical of Syria [JURIST backgrounder], calling the country “one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child,””

  15. On the profiteering from PFIs I put this up recently.

    Northumbria NHS trust saves £67m by freeing itself from PFI …
    Critics of the controversial private-finance initiative (PFI) programme have called for a full independent inquiry after an NHS trust saved nearly … 9 Jun 2014

    Exclusive: How private firms make quick killing from PFI – UK …4 Jun 2014 – The Independent’s findings shine a new light on how private … Balfour Beatty is the biggest beneficiary of its PFI deals, making profits of £188.9m (Getty) … NHS experts said that, in the case of the hospitals, the profit from …


    I have posted that Guardian spreadsheet before. The extent of it is staggering. Your grandchildren will still be paying out in decades to come.

    Major set it going, BLair let it rip and this lot in power csrried on.

    Surrey County Council let out a PFI to Skanska for street lighting replacement and maintenance over a period.

    See how it’s framed in a press release…. ‘government money’ given to Surrey residents!!

    A £30m hospital extension is currently being built for a Surrey mental health trust.

    A relation was an architect on this large PFI project.

  16. The Zionist Kevin Connolly the BBC’s ME correspondent writes:

    ‘the killing of 3 Israelis worse than “waves of violence” in Middle East’

    The approach of the BBC’s John Humphreys is also discussed on


    6 Jul, 2014 - 3:36 pm

  18. They claim this regardless, in order to scare the inhabitants. The Ukies are here, the American equivalent of the Guardian spook mouthpiece says so, flee for your lives. I think the script is running ahead of the facts on the ground and the WaPo bosses and editors just got another charge on their war crimes indictment.


    6 Jul, 2014 - 4:42 pm

    Well WaPo is another Guardian of the Snowden revelations.

    Nearly half are Americans, but I note this phrasing……..

    “Among the most valuable contents — which The Post will not describe in detail, to avoid interfering with ongoing operations — are fresh revelations about a secret overseas nuclear project, double-dealing by an ostensible ally, a military calamity that befell an unfriendly power, and the identities of aggressive intruders into U.S. computer networks.”

    Drip, drip drip…..

  20. As the psycho bestrides the world, he now demands that Maliki changes or goes.

    Tony Blair calls on Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki to change or quit
    Former Prime Minister unrepentant over 2003 Iraqi invasion as he criticises Maliki regime

  21. ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    6 Jul, 2014 - 6:24 pm

    “As the psycho bestrides the world, he now demands that Maliki changes or goes.”

    That’s why we killed 100s of 1000s of Iraqis – to give them democracy then tell them who their leader should be and what he should do..


    6 Jul, 2014 - 6:45 pm

    Blair was on MTP today and the gorgon Andrea Mitchell tossed him the obligatory Iraq/Saddam question and gave him plenty of room to equivocate, and with NO follow-up question.

    Where, oh where would we be without this kind of reportage?

  23. Bolder

    What a strange request. Well, I left the civil service in 2004. At that time I was earning about 58,000 a year. I started work in 1984 I think on 14,000. Does that answer your question?

  24. doug scorgie

    6 Jul, 2014 - 8:37 pm

    6 Jul, 2014 – 2:53 pm

    “The Israelis have arrested six people described as nationalists for the murder of Mohammad. Assume that means settlers.”

    Quite right Mary.

    Anon please note:

    The Israelis have killed six Palestinian youths, arrested 400 and demolished a number of homes in their search for the killers of the three Jewish youths and they have tightened-up the blockade of Gaza. All these actions are against international law but what the heck?

  25. “Khdair’s mother told the Associated Press news agency she had no faith in the Israeli justice.

    “I don’t have any peace in my heart,” Suha Khdair said.

    “Even if they captured who they say killed my son… they’re only going to ask them questions and then release them. What’s the point?

    “They need to treat them the way they treat us. They need to demolish their homes and round them up, the way they do it to our children”

  26. Update, 6 July: Arrests

    “On Sunday, media reported that six suspects had been arrested in the killing of Muhammad. The suspects were not named but an Israeli official told media that they were “Jewish extremists.”

    Israeli blogger Elizabeth Tsurkov reported on her Twitter feed that the suspects were associated with the Beitar Jerusalem football club whose fans are notorious for anti-Arab violence and racist chants.

    She said that this information was reported by Israel’s Channel 10, in violation of a gag order.”

  27. Peacewisher

    6 Jul, 2014 - 9:32 pm

    I notice that someone suggested on another thread last night that the trolls weren’t providing value for money. Anon’s latest outburst in presumably a response to that statement. I should ignore the someone, Anon, until there is a theme that involves a subject where you are so completely wrong. What more proof is needed that Israel are completely off the scale out of order after the US State Dept. articulates their outrage…

  28. Back to PFIs and the privatisation of the health service. Milburn, one of the most avaricious of the Nu Labour crowd and a proponent of PFI hospitals, has done very nicely for himself. Also on Bridgepoint is Lord Patten late chair of the BBC.

    Alliance Medical operate the Magnetic Resonance Imaging in my local NHS general hospital.

    ‘Poverty tsar’ Alan Milburn makes a million

    The private company set up by Alan Milburn, the so-called ‘poverty tsar,’ has made more than a million.
    The latest accounts, for the year ended March 2013, show that the company has accumulated more than £1,357,131 in profits

    By Tim Walker
    24 Jan 2014

    Alan Milburn may have become known as the “poverty tsar” after he accepted a job advising the Coalition on social mobility, but he is hardly on the breadline himself.

    Mandrake hears that A M Strategy, the private company that the former Labour health secretary set up after leaving government, made more than £500,000 last year.

    The latest accounts, for the year ended March 2013, show that the company has accumulated more than £1,357,131 in profits, which is £518,854 up on the £838,277 it had made up until 2012.

    Milburn co-directs the lucrative business with his long-term girlfriend, Ruth Briel. Its accounts are abbreviated and do not, therefore, reveal the company’s income from sales or disclose payments, if any, to its directors. Since he left politics, Milburn has worked as a consultant to Bridgepoint Capital, a venture capital firm which has been heavily involved in financing private health care companies moving into the NHS, including Alliance Medical, Match Group, Medica and the Robinia Care Group.

    The former Labour MP, pictured, is also vice-chairman of the Lloyds Pharmacy advisory board and has landed numerous consulting posts for giant firms such as Pepsi and the accountants PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

    Milburn will be on the Labour leader Ed Miliband’s strategy team for the next general election, along with fellow Blairites Lord Mandelson and — unbelievably — Alastair Campbell.’

    A disgusting hypocrite. Do you remember him resigning ‘to spend more time with his family’?


    Labour gets into bed with private medicine
    19 November 2000

    ‘Britain is at the European cutting edge of this liberalisation. Last Monday Milburn confirmed this by inviting consortia to bid for 18 controversial new Private Finance Initiative hospitals worth £18 billion. PFI is a financing mechanism which allows private companies to build hospitals and rent them back to the NHS at considerable profit. The advantage for the Treasury is that infrastructure projects are kept off balance sheet.

    Most health industry insiders acknowledge that PFI is an expensive way of building new hospitals which means less money is left to spend on patient care. But Milburn said he wants to see PFI extended ‘beyond the hospital gates to include GP surgeries, community pharmacies, health centres, intermediate and long-term care facilities’.’

  29. Peacewisher

    6 Jul, 2014 - 9:58 pm

    So much coming out at the moment it is difficult to know which to highlight.

    But this one is really remarkable:

    Go Norman!

  30. Israel’s purging of Palestinian children – don’t mention The Occupation – John Hilley

  31. Thanks, Fred. And thanks to Tom Watson for starting this off! What a massive response… more than Blair petition already, but in any case can’t see the latter escaping an inquiry scot free (gulp… pun not intended(!), “Squeaky clean” might be better).

  32. Just passed 50,000.

  33. Yow! Tom Watson is a hero. Twice over, because he drew attention to the phone hacking scandal.

    And Police starting to find a way round being leaned on by going outside the UK to conduct interviews:

  34. “Yow! Tom Watson is a hero. Twice over, because he drew attention to the phone hacking scandal.”

    Yes, just what he was hoping imbeciles like you would think. This stuff’s been doing the rounds for ages.

  35. So why has it gone viral now, Anon?

    And why are you calling those who wish child abusers to be brought to justice “imbeciles”?

  36. Because he reads a lot of stuff on the internet, decides what has enough credibility to not make him look like an idiot, publicises it and then bathes in all the glory as the fearless campaigner. And then imbeciles like you say “Yow! Tom Watson is a hero”, while ne’er a Labour paedo was touched.

  37. My Wife and I and some of our Friends have had a Completely Brilliant Day…then we got home…and I read The Daily Telegraph…I wrote this…its what it is…

    I still have an open mind about David Cameron..I can’t quite work out…if he is incredibly Stupid..or Incredibly Clever..But I Really Fancy His Wife…and No I have Never Done Cocaine…maybe she hasn’t either with Tricky of Massive Attack…But Why Exactly Did Massive Attack Have To Change Their Name From Massive Attack To Massive…just Before We First Started Bombing Innocent Women and Children To Hell in Iraq…You Remember Way Back Then..10 Years Before…The First Time We Bombed Iraq To Hell…and then killed over half a Million of their Children in The Sanctions and Madeline Albrite said The Price is Worth It …and The Cow Hilary…Said We Came We Saw…and Now He is Dead….

    You People..You Really Are The Scum Of The Earth….Come on Catherine Ashton (Baroness of Upholland)…in some Kind of Defence….Don’t You Realise How Evil These People Are?

    Can you please do something to try and protect us from them…

    They Really are Not Nice..and You are The EU Foreign Minister….You must have some influence.

    I know I got some of the dates wrong…but not the historical record. We need to defend ourselves from these horrible people.


  38. I asked Janet(Of The Daily Telegraph) and Melanie Phillips (Of The Daily Mail) to come along…but it was on the wrong side of The River…but The Invite Was Wide Open…The Young Kids…Maybe From The BRIT…close by were Soul Sisters..and so was I.

    I did invite them…

    We were There Today.

    We got The Train.


  39. I could Never quite work out Why My Wife has Bought Him a Seriously Magnificently Beautiful Card…she did show me it…but who is he…he is about my age..but he looks about 75..and when he is talking to her…he sticks his hand down…the back of his pants…He Really Does Not Look That Good…but although at least 2 stones heavier than me..and looking..well 40 years older than me…He has All These Beautiful Pretty Girlfriends…Absolutely Loads of Them…He has a Ruck Sack…and He Doesn’t Take All These Girls For Long Walks In The Countryside…He Takes Them on for example a Kinks Tour…Through The Streets of London..I just don’t get it…If it was Craig Murray..Yeh Sure O.K…He is Probably Someone Incredibly Famous..Now what Exactly Dose Ray Davies Look Like..I’m Fairly Sure It is Not Jimmy…Nor The Bass Player..and Anyway We Have already Got Tickets to See Robert Plant at The Roundhouse…not been their either. I don’t know all the people my wife knows…but She is so FAST…How did She Know That?


  40. Front of The Pants…I could Understand..But The Back???…Maybe it’s really Long…My Wife Does Like Ganesh.

  41. What information, if any, will she bring and what action, if any, is being taken?

    May to address MPs on sex abuse claims
    Houses of Parliament
    The home secretary is to give a statement to Parliament on the row over the Home Office’s handling of historical child sex abuse allegations against public figures


    Then there’s this. How many of us would get a private office inside a government department?

    Paedophile group leader ‘stored material at Home Office’

  42. Israel and the Palestinians

    It’s about Mind over Matter

    by Anthony Lawson / July 6th, 2014

    Ever since the three Israeli teenagers went missing, police and army units have besieged Palestinian towns and villages in the area; their houses and shops have been ransacked and atrocities have been committed; Gaza has been bombed, and the death toll is still rising, yet international leaders have remained largely silent, when they all know that such reprisals amount to collective-punishment which is a War Crime.

    A young Palestinian boy, 16-year-old Mohamed Abu Khdeir, was abducted and killed in a suspected revenge attack by Israelis on July 2. See how Britain’s prime minister reacted to his death.

    Plus a short video very much to the point.

  43. 7 July 2014
    Israeli air strikes on Gaza kill nine Palestinian militants

    Three uses of the word ‘militant’ in this report. Just to drive the point home that the Palestinians are ‘militants’ and the Israelis are ‘soldiers’.

    No irony from Bibi.
    ‘We will not allow extremists, it doesn’t matter from which side, to inflame the region and cause bloodshed”
    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

    Israeli air strikes on Gaza kill nine Palestinian militants

  44. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 8:52 am

    No other senior executive would be allowed to operate like this; he would be sacked but Blair continues to make money amid the misery and chaos in the Middle East – some of it a legacy from his days as British PM.

    This latest deal as an adviser to Al-Sisi has been packaged together in a project funded by the United Arab Emirates. The programme is being supervised by the management consultancy Strategy which is part of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Their aim is to attract investment into Egypt’s failing economy and a donors’ conference sponsored by oil-rich UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia will follow in which Blair will be a keynote speaker.

    Of course, we are told by Blair’s people that his decision to embark on this latest scheme was not being done “for any personal gain whatsoever”. During an interview with The Guardian newspaper his spokesperson insisted he would make no money out of Egypt, and neither would any of his organisations. “He is giving advice, he will have meetings, that’s all,” she said adding that he “is not a formal adviser”.

    Perhaps the question to ask would be how much is he being paid by the Gulf States promoting this scheme to give Al-Sisi some credibility …

    Ay, there’s the rub.

  45. Glad I was not listening.

    The abhorrent Regev on BBC today programme again!
    Posted by Richard27 on July 7, 2014, 9:36 am

    Israeli mouthpiece Mark Regev was only on the BBC’s hawkish Today programme last Friday and now he was on again this morning to whitewash Israeli policy. The Israeli embassy must have a hot line to their studio

  46. The BBC must love satire, especially Israeli Satire; no doubt Regev repeated the narrative that those who burnt alive a 16 year Palestinian child were just bad apple “Extremists”, not at like his peace seeking & peace loving Government, that thinks nothing of burning Palestinian children with White Phosphorus. The message is hardly subliminal !

  47. This will interest Nevermind, and others.

    The Politics of the Eastern Daily Press

    ‘An establishment newspaper’:
    The politics of the Eastern Daily Press
    This paper analyses the political stance of the
    Norwich-based Eastern Daily Press. It uses Nick
    Davies’s notion of ‘churnalism’ and Herman
    and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model to explain,
    in particular, its editorial positions on the monarchy
    and British foreign policy. Moreover, the
    evidence presented suggests that the EDP’s
    ownership and, to a lesser extent, its reliance
    on advertising are key reasons for its political
    stances. Interviews with journalists, politicians
    and a prominent academic support the overall
    argument. The paper concludes: ‘Archant’s
    monopoly in the region has a worrying influence
    on dissent.’

  48. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 10:17 am

    He is now allegedly working behind the scenes to influence his good mate Sisi.

    Hmmm. Unworthy of me, I know, but he’s had seven years as ‘peace’ envoy to get a few of these released –


    15 minors who do not know even know why they are being detained…

    let alone the 691 prisoners rounded up in reprisals for those bloody settler kids:

    Give up the day job, Tony. Stick to greasing dictators.

  49. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 10:21 am

  50. doug scorgie

    7 Jul, 2014 - 11:17 am

    “Theresa May is to outline plans for a “wide-ranging” inquiry, led by an expert panel, into historic child sex abuse claims…”

    I wonder who these “experts” will be. However:

    “The inquiry would be held in public but evidence would not be given under oath.”

    So any contributors to the inquiry can lie through their teeth without any fear of being charged with perjury.

    Just like the Chilcot inquiry and just like the Hutton inquiry.

    Another whitewash in the making.

  51. Straw gets plods x 3 to stop this reporter ‘harassing’ him as he called it.

    Note that there was questions there about cover ups of child abuse and MPs’ expenses.

    Is it an offence to stop a politician in the street and ask questions on camera?

  52. ….’were’ questions…..

  53. Three suspects in murder of Arab teen confess to crime

    “Three of the six suspects confessed to the murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir from Shuafat and reenacted it in the area his body was dumped in the forest outside Jerusalem on Monday.”,7340,L-4538864,00.html

    “The six are suspected of being members of a terror organizations, memberships in an forbidden organization, abduction for the sake of murder, the murder of a minor, conspiring to commit a crime, possession of weapons and ammunition and committing a crime motivated by racism.”

  54. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 11:34 am


    On his al Sisi tie up.

    Cutting comments.

    I see he calls himself ‘Public Figure’ on his Facebook page!

  56. I see this slimeball did the spadework for the deal. On commission?

    Former spin doctor Alastair Campbell meets Egyptian regime blamed for 1,000 deaths – weeks after Blair gives staunch backing to its coup leader ahead of election
    Abdel Fattah al-Sisi led Egypt’s military coup, expects landslide victory
    Alastair Campbell, forced to quit No 10 over Iraq, has met officials
    Tony Blair applauded Sisi for overthrowing Muslim Brotherhood last year
    Sisi has been criticised for the deaths of more than 1,000 dissidents

    May 2014

  57. Love this

    “That awkward moment when your tabloid entrapment sting is instantly rumbled”

    and this

    “Why punctuation matters” Clip from BBC

  58. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 11:56 am

    Nice catches, Dreoilin. Though I would like to think the serf who types the words into the autocue did that on purpose.

  59. Am fine but having small break till my level of disgust at the governing classes comes back down to bearable.

  60. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 12:11 pm

  61. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 12:20 pm

    This ain’t gonna improve it, Craig, sorry.

    Brittan’s hired Mishcon de Reya to minimise his bad publicity. Not yet rewritten is the true story that MdR acted for Geoffrey Archer, and got him half a million in libel damages (before Archer’s being jailed subsequently for perjury in the same case)

  62. Mishcon de Reya = Anthony Julius

    ‘What is his own relationship with Israel? “I don’t think there should be a liquidation of the diaspora, I don’t think Zionism is the only way for Jews to live, but I also admire much of what Israel has achieved. Mine has always been the classic leftist position: the two-state solution. I still think that is the only one that makes sense.” What about the settlements? Should they stop? “In a Palestinian state, I don’t think Jews should be expelled; they should be offered citizenship. In that context, I don’t think settlements make much of a difference, though I can see, from a Palestinian point of view, it must be intensely frustrating to find your opportunities for state-building to be constantly eroded by settlement building.”

    Julius’s eldest son has emigrated to Israel, where he did military service on the Lebanese border. Was this controversial? “No, not at all. I’m proud of him. I was sorry to see him go, of course; I would like all my children to be living next door.” He must have been worried. “Yes, I was worried. But on his gap year, my son went to the Kashmir border, utterly oblivious. That was more worrying. I don’t want to make light of what he’s done but it wasn’t politically controversial at all.” His voice softens. “On the contrary, I only honour him for it.”‘

    Oh that old thing? The two state solution! OK. So join up all the tiny dots of what is left of Palestine as shown here and call it a state? Stop dissembling Mr Julius and six years further down the line, admit the realities.

    Deconstructing A Zionist: Anthony Julius
    by Gilad Atzmon / April 29th, 2008

    Anthony Julius is a prominent British lawyer and academic, best known for his actions on behalf of academic Nazi hunter Deborah Lipstadt. It was Julius who perpetrated the destruction of history revisionist David Irving’s career.

    However, Anthony Julius is far more than just an academic and a lawyer. He is also a devoted Zionist who has established a reputation for his opposition to ‘new anti-Semitism’. Adding to the list of his accomplishments, he is also a founding member of Engage, the notorious British Zionist smear operator. On top of that he is also founder member of the UK based Neo-con think tank known as the Euston Manifesto.


  63. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 1:18 pm

    Still, it’s a good day for burying news like this-

    Which will adversely affect many more people, for far longer, than kiddy-fiddlers in government and the whitewash needed to paint them out of the picture.

    Bubbling under for a while, the main beneficiaries will obviously be multinationals and hedge funds. Here’s what the Con 2010 manifesto didn’t say about it and the Con 2014 manifesto hinted at indirectly in one line:

  64. What is Gideon selling to India? Some neo liberal policies and some introductions to the purveyors?

    Osborne praises India’s Modi as he kicks off trade mission
    Chancellor, hoping to attract millions from Indian firms, says new PM has created ‘real excitement’ over hopes for reform

  65. I tried the Thistly Cross Cider at Eden Festival, then again at Kelburn……. Its now my favorite drink, so over the moon that it will be at Doune!!

  66. Business Questions

    David Amess (Southend West, Conservative)

    Will my right hon. Friend find time for a debate on the publication of the Chilcot report? As someone who attended the debate and changed my mind on how to vote because of what the then non-working-class Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair told the House of Commons, I think that it is essential that the Chilcot report is published as soon as possible without redactions so that the House can judge the veracity of what we were told on that momentous occasion.

    3 July 2014, c1084)

    Andrew Lansley (The Leader of the House of Commons ; South Cambridgeshire, Conservative)

    Those of us who did not support the invasion of Iraq in 2003 are as anxious as my hon. Friend to see the Chilcot report. In his letter of 28 May to the Cabinet Secretary, Sir John Chilcot said that it was the inquiry’s intention to submit its report to the Prime Minister as soon as possible. I can tell the House that it is the Prime Minister’s hope that it will be able to do so before the end of the year. The Government will not comment on the Iraq inquiry before the publication of the report.


  67. Stay well Craig.

    Q Does Frazer work for the Halo Trust? Trouble with the charity.

    Halo Trust landmine charity suspends founder Guy Willoughby

  68. Ba’al Zevul (Chimp Assassin): thanks for that link to the Independent article. A couple of juicy quotes:

    “The EU says the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal (TTIP) could increase the region’s GDP by 0.5 per cent by 2027”

    Well, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Then there’s this:

    “Activists are especially concerned by proposals to allow multinationals to sue countries in international arbitration courts, bypassing the laws and policies of democratically elected governments”

    Call me a Little Englander but I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

  69. There was not much take up on 38 Degrees for action on TTIP. I think that people are not aware of the implications of TTIP. The You Tube contains good info.

    What is the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership?

    Secret EU-US Trade Deal
    May 15th, 2014

    Don’t let corporations sue our government
    The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a secretive trade deal between the EU and the US. If it goes through, corporations would be able to sue governments for putting people over profit.Write in to a consultation set up by the EU now and tell them not to let corporations sue the UK government under this deal.

    Stop the British Government joining the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

  70. Ba'al Zevul (Chimp Assassin)

    7 Jul, 2014 - 4:00 pm

    If you look at the uslive link, MJ, you get the idea that no-one except the corporations does think it’s a very good idea. And that this sort of thing is being assiduously smuggled through the legislature there (and here – it’s what Eton Boi calls ‘reforming the EU’, while the initials TTIP as well as their origin in Atlantic Bridge neoconmanship are carefully avoided in public)

    Anyway, we could all do with some inspiration, I think. How about:

    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

    (Buckminster Fuller)

  71. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 4:12 pm

    From Craig

    “Am fine but having small break till my level of disgust at the governing classes comes back down to bearable.”

    Which might explain why the blog, and certainly this thread, appears to have been taken over by Mary and Baal and turned into a kind of private chatroom*?

    (* not chatting to each other though, thanks to Habbabreak. LOL)

  72. That’s fine by me. Thought all the trolls had gone off on holiday!


    Israelis ‘Confess To Killing Palestinian Teen’
    A source close to the investigation says several suspects have confessed the brutal murder
    of a 16 year old Palestinian.

    I hope the Israeli suspects have not been ill treated or tortured like Palestinian prisoners.

  73. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 4:59 pm

    “That’s fine by me. Thought all the trolls had gone off on holiday!”

    You’re still here, arent’you? Or is someone standing in for you (a nègre, as it’s said in French literary circles!).

    Out of 175 comments on this thread (so far), a total of 66 – over a third – from just two people – you and Baal, with an increasing rate today. 41 from you and a “mere” 25 from Baal, with a certain focus from you on Israel/Palestine and a lot on Tony Blair from Baal. Every day, throughout the day.

    A couple of others not doing too badly, with Peacewisher and Calofirnia Ben getting a prize for effort (if not quality).

    A special mention of – and welcome to – our old friend Macky who has collected up all his toys in the pram again, regaineed his courage and returned from exile on Squonk to regale us with new insight, wit and wisdom. Or not, perhaps.

  74. “How to Make Friends and Influence People”. Sigh.

    Well I’m looking forward to the festival. I’ve a strong suspicion it’ll be a Habbabkuk-free zone.

  75. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 5:20 pm

    I haven’t of course forgotten Mr Scorgie, who has been maintaining a low profile doubtlessly in order to collect his “thoughts”. As at 11h17 today.

    “Theresa May is to outline plans for a “wide-ranging” inquiry, led by an expert panel, into historic child sex abuse claims…”

    I wonder who these “experts” will be. However:”


    A little patience, Doug, and all will be revealed! In the meantime, save energy by trying not to “wonder”.


    “The inquiry would be held in public but evidence would not be given under oath.”

    So any contributors to the inquiry can lie through their teeth without any fear of being charged with perjury.

    Just like the Chilcot inquiry and just like the Hutton inquiry.~”


    Exactly like Chilcot and Hutton and exactly like most inquiries, in fact, where witnesses do not speak under oath,if you’d care to check (no, I shan’t do it for you, Doug!)

    And by the way: is it your opinion, Doug, that someone who is determined to lie and thinks he’s have a good chance of getting away with it, likely to be deterred by speaking under oath and thus being subject to a possible perjury charge (take any of the politicians appearing before Chilcot as examples if you wish)


    “Another whitewash in the making.”

    You are jumping the gun again, Doug (although, as usual, leaving yourself a little escape hatch : “ the making..”).


    La vita è bella, life is good! Combat racism, sexism and intellectual dishonesty.


    7 Jul, 2014 - 5:43 pm

  77. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 6:01 pm

    A certain Lady Commenter o here has also been quite prolific on Squonk these last two days or so, engaging in a bit if a ding-dong with some one called “Phil” who accused her of conflating Jewishness with Zionism.

    The Lady Commenter sounded quite hurt and Clark did his usual hand-wringing bit, trying to pour water on troubled oiliness.


    Still on Squonk, I may have most grievously under-estimated California Ben, who wrote the following words of eminent good sense:

    “I see blogs as a vent for frustration; a kind of release which when kept inside is sometimes toxic to ourselves.”

    Ball, Mary and various others, please note!


    Invest in Israeli cutting-edge technology, make the world a better place!

  78. ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    7 Jul, 2014 - 6:07 pm

    Beware, there’s a new disease. Are you infected? Do you know someone who is? Robert Fisk describes a full-page advertisement in the [Canadian] National Post, titled “Almost 4 million Canadians are afflicted by this disease.”

    “Beneath this title is a half-page, very blurred and uncaptioned colour photo of a large crowd.
    Beneath the picture, this incredible ad continues: “Left unchecked, it [the disease] can result in violence tendencies. Many times, those infected haven’t been diagnosed and may pass it on to their children, grandchildren, colleagues or friends. Please help stop the spread of this disease before it contaminates your community.”
    Could this refer to some of the six million Canadians who may be living with HIV/Aids? Or the 4.5 million Canadians affected by arthritis? Nope. This is far more serious. For the “disease” afflicting “almost 4 million Canadians” is “anti-Semitism”
    “At the first sign of anti-Semitism,” this appalling ad concludes, “call the B’nai Brith Canada Anti-Hate Hotline…”

  79. He/she can still count or perhaps he/she has learnt to ‘find’! Truly pathetic. Never tells us anything of course.

    41 pieces of information from me over 3 days pro rata does not seem particularly excessive.


  80. nevermind, viva beautiful football

    7 Jul, 2014 - 6:42 pm

    Fraser, good to hear that the Cider will lure you up there?

    @ Clark, I’m sure there will be an electronic habbagate installed at DTRH.

    Mark Regev is a fascist Goebbels who would paint Treblinka green to sell it as a Yad Vashem. I’m deliberately ignoring his tedious rants.

  81. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 7:00 pm

    “41 pieces of information from me over 3 days pro rata does not seem particularly excessive.”


    I like the “not PARTiCULARLY excessiven I really do! :) Could we just agree on “excessive”, then?

    I make that about 13 pieces of “information” a day, ie about 1 per hour. Like I said, “all day”.

    No wonder Ba’al Soup has Habba-breaked you! And you should Habba-break him!

  82. Another person here who displays his childishness for all to see.

  83. Have to agree with the poster earlier, about the Festival entry costs. I was genuinely shocked, flabbergasted, obviously the exclusivity of the event, the high barrier, should keep the riff-raff out and attract the ‘right’ sorts. A Tory boy beano. To a person on JSA or ESA finding the funds to attend something like this is simply beyond the bounds of imagination or possibility. Social isolation, existing outside, excluded from their local and the greater community, is a major component of poverty’s consequences from which even if their financial situation were fortuitously miraculously improved, the harm can hardly be undone.

  84. Resident Dissident

    7 Jul, 2014 - 8:29 pm

    “Anthony Julius is a prominent British lawyer and academic, best known for his actions on behalf of academic Nazi hunter Deborah Lipstadt. It was Julius who perpetrated the destruction of history revisionist David Irving’s career.”

    Perhaps the poster might wish to say whether this is a good or bad think given she doesn’t want to be accused of conflating anti Zionism with anti Semitism.

  85. Is that think or thing? :)

    PS That was a quote btw. I did not write it or say it. Gilad Atzmon did. I expect you have heard of him. He is described as one of those self hating Jews.

  86. I have been re-reading Alice. It’s quite psychedelic.


    Down the Rabbit-Hole

    Has anyone ever read The Annotated Alice? I have a copy somewhere.

  87. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 8:55 pm

    “PS That was a quote btw. I did not write it or say it. Gilad Atzmon did.”

    Glad to see that the standard Mary ruse is still alive and well.

    “It wasn’t me wot said it gov, it woz that bloke over there!”

    Anyway, whoever wrote it, and since you quote it – answer Resident Dissident’s question: are you glad or unhappy that Julius destroyed Irving’s career?

  88. Just been looking at some crowd fund raising for a project. Found a couple of things of interest.

    There’s quite a bit going on for the Scottish independence Yes campaign. Nothing much going on for the No campaign. I guess they get their funds elsewhere.

    The most bizarre is crowd funding war. Really. You can apparently pay for bullets to be fired in Ukraine. It’s a mad mad world.

  89. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 8:58 pm

    And a question to you, Resident Dissident : what is your opinion on California Ben’s thought as expressed on Squonk, namely that

    “I see blogs as a vent for frustration; a kind of release which when kept inside is sometimes toxic to ourselves.” ?

    You may answer with specific reference to any poster that comes to mind. Or not.

  90. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 9:01 pm


    “The most bizarre is crowd funding war. Really. You can apparently pay for bullets to be fired in Ukraine.”

    Please tell me more, at first sight I find this a laudable initiative and may wish to contribute. Thanks.

  91. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 9:03 pm

    This drawer had too many rusty, blunt knives in it.

    So welcome back, Macky!

    PS – Dreoilin sends you her regards as well.

  92. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 9:07 pm

    Tony M

    “Social isolation, existing outside, excluded from their local and the greater community, is a major component of poverty’s consequences from which even if their financial situation were fortuitously miraculously improved, the harm can hardly be undone.”

    The “the harm can hardly be undone” seems a trifle melodramatic.

    What is your basis for saying that and is it a view shared widely by professionals?

  93. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 9:12 pm


    “Mark Regev is a fascist Goebbels who would paint Treblinka green to sell it as a Yad Vashem. I’m deliberately ignoring his tedious rants.”

    “fascist Goebbels” – ah, the pitfalls of tautilogy!

    Whereas it is true that there were many – indeed millions – of fascists who were not Goebbels, were there any contemporary Goebbels who were not fascist?

    Glad for any insight here, Nebel.

  94. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 9:12 pm

    or even tautology :)

  95. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    7 Jul, 2014 - 9:16 pm

    Many observations, comments, reactions and witticisms are classified as “puerile” or “juvenile” by Mary – until, that is, she decides to deploy them herself.

    (That was a very adult observation).

  96. Resident Dissident

    7 Jul, 2014 - 9:20 pm

    “PS That was a quote btw. I did not write it or say it.”

    But you did select it – from all the other things you might have chosen. Why was that?

    Were you venting your frustration?

    BTW Hope you noticed how welcoming the good people of Yorkshire were to your cycling friends – they even found them a few hills. Is cycling becoming the people’s sport?


    7 Jul, 2014 - 9:28 pm

    “Were you venting your frustration?”

    That’s a good question for your own self. Got ‘blockage’? I certainly feel your aggravation as you fail to get a foothold here. Or maybe that’s what turns your crank.

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