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There is a huge amount of dancing on eggshells going on today in the media about the dossier on paedophile activity with which Leon Brittan came in contact in the 1980s. It is pretty plain there is a subtext here.

A number of people have contacted me for some years over the Elm Guest House paedophile ring. Frankly I did not particularly believe it, or thought it was exaggerated. But I confess my eyes have been opened by the Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and Rolf Harris affairs and the extent of complicity and even protection which they received from the establishment.

I have blogged before that, in the Savile case, as his behaviour was apparently compulsive and constant, I found it hard to believe it was not known in the very senior societal circles in which he spent so much of his time. I am convinced that perception was right.

Savile is not linked in to the Elm House paedophile ring, as far as I know, but Cyril Smith is. So were the then head of the Royal Protection Unit and of Special Branch. That to me raises all sorts of queries about whether they were not just participating themselves but protecting someone very senior indeed. I have been convinced that it is true that social workers interviewing child victims were indeed threatened with guns by Special Branch to drop it, and that paperwork has been confiscated and destroyed.

On Cyril Smith, Channel 4 Dispatches on 12 September 2013 reported that:

‘Speaking for the first time, former CID officer Jack Tasker tells the programme that Special Branch officers arrived at his office, told him to halt his investigations and demanded that the file be handed over to them,.“They made it quite clear that anything that was kept by us would bring repercussions if we didn’t hand it over; that as far as we are concerned, the inquiry is finished … you will take no more inquiries into Cyril Smith

Compare that to what happened to child protection officer Chris Fay in his Elm House investigation, as reported in the Express:

Mr Fay, 67, of south London, said: “It became very dangerous. People seem to forget that Special Branch could do what they liked, they were a law unto themselves.

“At one point they had me up against a wall by my throat with a gun at my head telling me in no uncertain terms that I was to back away if I knew what was good for me.

“A colleague of mine had the same treatment, as did a number of the volunteers. Victims who were actually abused at Elm House were also physically stopped from coming to speak to us at the NAYPIC office in north London.

“I witnessed Special Branch officers manhandling them and turning them away with a warning to keep their mouths shut. It was blatant, it was open, they were acting like gangsters.

In both Rochdale and in North London, Special Branch intervened to block the appropriate authorities on the ground from investigating what was a genuine paedophile scandal. I can see no other possible explanation than that the scandal involved figures a great deal more senior than Cyril Smith. From the Elm Guest House we have a pointer who some of those people were.

I really don’t want to blog any more about this, and I recommend you to have a search online. That involves trawling around some of the less pleasant parts of the internet, and I have seen material that is horribly anti-Semitic and anti-gay. But after years of dismissing the stories, on the grounds that they are promulgated by unpleasant people, in unpleasant newspapers, or cannot be true, I realise I was wrong.

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  • Phil

    And I am quite open to the idea of a degree of mass hysteria but the lack of substance from the two strangers here presenting this thesis makes we wonder if there is an agenda.

    “Pete” claimed he does comment, made a couple of comments on another thread and then disappeared. “Lone Dissenting Voice” has only commented on this thread.

    They even, as new commentators and strangers to each other, did that mutually supportive thing.

    I do try to not read an agenda into people commenting here and of course they could be genuine readers who just chose to comment on this thread. Or are they working for some PR company?

    We can never know. Has there ever been a troll on the internet. I am sure Pete and Lone Dissenting Voice would say it’s a hysterical idea.

    I suppose it doesn’t matter.

  • Bertie

    Great to find this blog with all the links. I’m incredulous at the suggestion by 2 commenters that the abuse is somehow exaggerated – seems clearer literally by the second that on the contrary, it has been suppressed, downplayed and understated for decades.
    I’m yet to get to grips with the blackmail angle but can well imagine those cynical bartsards will make use of whatever they can.
    Have to say I am completely horrified by this, for me it’s a revelation. I knew nothing about the political wing of the Paedophile thing.
    F*ck. it’s horrific.

  • list

    Here are of the names named by Mary Moss, with her annotations and occasional errors:

    Anthony Blunt, Royal Connections, MI5, traitor, Russian spy deceased.
    Harvey Proctor, Monday Club, well known convicted paedophile.
    Sir Peter Bottomley. Worthing MP and Monday Club
    Charles Irving
    Leon Britton, Lord, ex Thatcher Minister
    Peter Brooke, Life Peer
    John Rowe, MI5, former MP
    Cyril Smith, deceased, ex Rochdale MP
    Ron Brown
    Colin Jordan, Politician and author
    George Tremlett, Former GLC Leader
    Peter Campbell, Monday Club
    Gary Walker, Sinn Fein
    Cliff Richard,aged Pop Star, known at Elm Guest House as ‘Kitty’
    Jess Conrad, aged ex Pop Star.
    Ron Wells, aged Musician, aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House.
    Richard Miles, Monday Club
    Chris Denning, ex BBC DJ, convicted paedophile.
    R Langley, Buckingham Palace Equerry
    Terry Dwyer
    Patrick Puddles
    Louis Minster, Head of Richmond Social Services
    Colin Peters, QC – a convicted paedophile sentenced to 8 years in 1989
    Steve Everett, Senior Westminster Social worker
    Ray Wire, so called expert on Paedophile therapy
    Peter Glencross, editor of Monday Club newsletter
    Guy Hamilton Blackwell, son of Westland Helicopters Chairman
    The following Police Officers and an alleged informant also appear on Mary Moss’s list for some reason:
    Colin Peters QC, Police informant and convicted paedophile.
    D. Naismith, Chief Constable Wandsworth
    DC Chris Carter, CID Richmond
    DC David Lines, CID Barnes
    DC Ron Thornton, CID Richmond
    PC Roderick Smeaton
    WPC Sheila McInnes
    PC Chris Wicks
    WPC Elizabeth Meredith
    PC Alan Jones

    More here.

    Cliff Richard has a super-injunction out.

    He can’t send in Special Branch with guns though. Certain members of a German carpet-bagging billionaire family (clue: what royal sycophant Stephen Fry calls “Fuckingham Palace”) can though.

    If it can happen to King Juan Carlos…

  • Mary

    At least this one has owned up. He will be sentenced on September 1st.

    Internationally acclaimed conductor admits Chetham’s sex assault
    Nicholas Smith’s guilty plea comes in the wake of the suicide of Frances Andrade, who was abused by the former music director at Chetham’s School of Music
    04 Jul 2014


    The inquest into Francis Andrade’s death has opened. Her life was wrecked by the Brewers who are now in prison. Her life is ended.

    Abuse witness Frances Andrade ‘in despair’ over trial, inquest hears

  • notmyrealname

    We Live in Plato’s Republic, not just as a co-incidence (ie, that this is just how Oligarchies tend to pan-out) but as a conscious and deliberate strategy amongst some sections of the ‘elite’. And paedophilia is an integral part of it.

    We have all seen before evidence and rumour that paedophilia is endemic within the ‘elite’ classes, but it is actually written-in to Plato’s Republic, and seems to be taken as a strategic model, and by some as a religiously-followed blue-print for our control and exploitation, and, of course, their fun and profit.

    This quote from the great Joseph Campbell’s seminal work on mythology, belief and culture, “The Masks of God (New York: Viking Penguin Inc. 1964)”, Volume III “Occidental Mythology”, chapter 5 “The Persian Period; v.-the gods of love” —

    “Professor Warner Fite of Princeton years ago pricked the bubble of the late Victorian version of Plato’s ideal of love by pointing out to a generation ignorant of Greek that Professor Jowett’s translation (which was the one they were all reading in school) renders [Plato’s] orthos paiderastein, ‘the right kind of pederasty’, as ‘true-love’. So that all then knew—as most had already guessed—that boy-love, pederasty, which in most of the published moral codes of the world counts as a heinous offence against Nature, was for Plato’s model company the one true way to spirituality and the sublimation of mere nature into fine discourse, poetry, science excellence, and the perfect city state.”

    and referenced, Warner Fite, The Platonic Legend (New York and London: Scribners and Sons, 1934), p153.

    I believe that once all that is being done to us, our children and future, all life on earth, and the earth itself, is clearly, concisely and lucidly articulated amongst ‘us’, then ‘they’ are finished.

    ‘They’ know this.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Sounds to me that the first list of people to be ‘named’ need to be all the Special Branch thugs. They all need putting in clink and having their pensions removed.

    I can’t think of anything more foul and disgusting than senior police officers nobbling victims of crime to prevent rightful prosecutions taking place.

    To hear David Mellor’s ghastly words in the Guardian put alongside this stuff just tells you the state of the Conservative Party on this matter. Not to mention Tebbitt trying to imply that the Thatcher Govt was uniquely honorable in modern times.

    Now if Special Branch were nobbling, then either they were being nobbled themselves (only MI6, Mossad, CIA, KGB, the Royal Family and hereditary peers come to mind as potential suspects there) or there were very senior police officers involved. As I’ve heard on good authority that there are very senior police officers living abroad off the proceeds of drug-related corruption, this really should come as too great a shock if it were true.

  • Brendan


    Ms Thatcher’s name being brought up now. Blimey, as they say. Her friendship with Jimmy Savile has been hinted at, but not really covered in the main newspapers. Nobody is accusing Thatcher of being involved with any of these sick activities, but according to this article, she turned a blind eye to the ‘predelicitons’ of a rising star. I’m seeing similarities to Joe Paterno here, and his guilt by inaction.

    Again, I’m curious as to why the tabs, and some ‘serious’ papers, are covering all this. Normally it’s D Notice time, and ‘national security’ mantras. I suppose, of course, that the fact that Thatcher is dead may be a factor. Weird how the stories that were previously confined to the outer-edges of the intersphere are now being reported seriously. Very big names indeed could be involved, if other stories are to be believed. I think other posters are aware of the names, and I don’t want to get anyone sued, but it could all get a bit strange, well even stranger.

    And, I begin to suspect that these allegations are very much linked to the ’emergency’ laws beign forced through. Linked in a bad way, not in a ‘catch the abuser’ way, alas.

  • Bertie

    Am a bit alarmed by your mention of Zionism in the same post as your discussion of Janner and paedophilea.

    Just seems to me that suggesting the Jews might somehow be responsible for the current alleged Westminster paedophile ring/cover up might not be a hugely wise move.

    Can we just stick to investigating the abuse of power and privilege and refrain from bringing in race etc?

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