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The revelation that undercover Met officers spied on the family of Jean Charles De Menezes after they murdered him, leaves me utterly appalled.

You have to consider this in the context of the lies that the Met assiduously spread about De Menezes – that he entered the tube without buying a ticket, that he vaulted the ticket gates, that he ran away from officers, that he was wearing a bulky jacket.

All of these were lies. In truth the poor man had entered the tube normally and legally, walked calmly and sat down with a free newspaper. He wore a short tight denim jacket. Then totally without any cause or justification from his actions whatsoever, his murderers shot him multiple times in the head. Just because his Brazilian complexion looked a bit Arab.

I can think of no category of lie worse than that told by a murderer against the reputation of their victim.

The police did everything they could to mislead the media, planting lies and encouraging stories they knew to be untrue. Personally I find it extremely suspicious that numerous CCTV cameras were found not to be working, and have little doubt that the police destroyed that evidence.

There can be no other motive for spying on De Menezes’ family than either the hope of gaining information to feed to the media to discredit the man they murdered, or to attempt to pervert the course of justice.

They did not have to worry – their were plenty of others to pervert the course of justice for them, including the DPP and above all, Sir Michael Wright, as disgusting a piece of scum as ever sat on an English bench, who directed the inquest jury that they could not return a verdict of unlawful killing. (I was delighted to find that, when I googled Sir Michael Wright, my article on him came high on the first page. Is that result tailored by Google for me, or is it general?)

The recent revelation that the Met spied on Menezes’ family sparked very little public interest. It should. It is a still more appalling outrage than the Murdoch press hacking Millie Dowler. At least the Murdoch gang had not actually murdered Millie Dowler themselves. The De Menezes family were being spied on by their son’s and brother’s murderers.

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  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Anyone who thinks Israelis and their support groups are cowed or conscience-stricken by the events in Gaza should read comments.

    As HST once said of the Hell’s Angels “Exterminate the Beasts”

    criminals are criminals.

  • Bert


    Menezes was killed not ‘Just because his Brazilian complexion looked a bit Arab….

    Menezes lived in the same block (21 Scotia Road) as two men who were intrinsically linked in a 2004 Met police/Special Branch operation [Ragstone], involving photographs taken at a camp at Baybrown Farm in Cumbria in May 2004 (Hussein Osman & Abdi Omar).

    At this camp were 5 of the July 21st (non)bombers (Muktar Ibrahim Saeed, Yassin Omar, Hussein Osman, Ramzi Mohammed & Adel Yahya [AY was arrested on 20th December 2005 at Gatwick Airport).

    Also at the camp at were 3 of the ‘Osama Bin London’ fiasco (Mohammed Hamid. Mohammed Al Figari & Mousa Brown) &
    2 persons who are now subject to control orders:
    Nigerian man ‘CD’ &
    Ethiopian man ‘AP’ (who is a brother of Yeshiemebet Girma – Hussain Osman’s wife).

    Abdi Samat Omar, who lived at 21 Scotia Road, was also at the camp (some reports stated that he was a flatmate of Hussein Osman). Abdi Omar had reportedly ‘lent’ his gym card to Hussein Osman & it was apparently this gym card which led the police to 21 Scotia Road……..

    All the above is from research on open source/available material (Inquest transcripts/BAILII notes, contemporaneous news reports), however it is not (surprise!) mentioned in either of the IPCC Stockwell reports.

    I believe JCdM was killed not because his ‘Brazilian complexion looked a bit Arab, but because he may have had knowledge of the true backstory of SB infiltration/facilitation in purported ‘terrorist’ cells.

  • Jives


    You really a fool-and an extremely hypocritical one at that.

    You question why Doug Scorgie should hate Muslim/Christians because of their Govt then accuse of him of hating Jews because he is opposed to Zionist policy.

    You really are thick Anon.

    And a hypocrite.

    And your repeated faux-hypnotic refrain of “why are you all so scared” to argue with you is Hasbara manual page 1 repeat-a-phrase-often-enough on blogs so that it might become currency and other such childishly inept tactics and psychobabble.

    Do try harder Anon,your line manager will be tut-tutting at you else.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    At 22h42 yesterday evening I echoed Anon’s question to Ba’al Zevul-Komodo about whether Ba’al Zevul-Komodo had demonstrated outside his local synagogue this weekend to demonstrate his opposition to Israeli actions in Gaza. It will be remembered that Ba’al Zevul-Komodo had encouraged his fellow-Eminences to do so.

    At 23h39 – less than an hour later, up pops “Afrend” to say

    “Cut out the racket with Habbabreak!”

    Ba’al Zevul-Komodo IS “Afrend”.

    I believe this is known as sock-puppeting?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Jives (to Anon)

    “Do try harder Anon,your line manager will be tut-tutting at you else.”

    If you continue to goof off during working hours, Jives, your own line manager will be doing more than tit-tutting to you, my ninmble-fingered friend.

  • guano


    Trolls are Thick and Hypocritical. You could advertise toilet bleach with them.

  • guano

    Bah! Humbug

    The words of a man who has nearly lost his soul to ambition. In your case the Zionist ambition to restore the former power of Judaism in the world, which they lost through worshipping idols, practising black magic and persecuting innocent people who lived around them.

    It’s like, how do we get back power from God? Just do more of the same and we will overpower Him.

    Bah! humbug. Israel has nearly lost its soul for the umpteenth time.
    Happy Eid!

  • guano


    Thank you for reminding us of the significance of the details of J C De Menenes’ address.

    With the level and precision of GCHQ surveillance of Muslims I still don’t think it is likely that he was involved with that crowd of patsy false=flag twerps. He may have upset one of their Mad Muslim MI5/6 handlers by being there, and they in turn may have told their managers that he was a threat to the operation, because they were nasty short-tempered, irritable, hypocritical double-agents engaged in setting up innocent patsies for a false-flag crime.

    The message goes up the line and comes down on De Menenes as an immediate target for assassination.

    The danger for the police is in believing the testimony of people who are professional liars. They have betrayed their God, so why not betray every one else that gets in the way of their crimes?

    Happy Eid!

  • guano

    J C De Menenes appearance is of an Afghani, to those who are expecting to see Afghanis in UK cities, but not expecting to see Brazilans. My sister has an Afghani friend whose face is very similar. His presence there may have made the patsy handlers suspect him of being capable of overhearing conversations about the false-flag crime.

    N.B. most of the people who ended up being tortured in Afghan jails were innocent people who had been sold to the US as US enemy combatants for a bounty. People who set up false-flag crimes are not nice people.

    You create a War on Terror, you get blow-back in the UK. But the blow-back never falls on the Tony Blairs and David Camerons, does it darlings?

    Happy Eid!

  • guano

    p.s. when is Craig going to apologise for accusing Russia of shooting down MH17, when he knows that Ukraininan Air traffic control diverted the plane to a new course, where it was followed and shot at by Ukranian jets and then downed by a Ukranian BUK missile?

    Yes, evidence has been tampered with. well spotted Craig.

    Is FCO a reliable source of information on Ukranian war crimes?

  • nobody

    Hullo Craig,

    You state that De Menezes was shot ‘because his Brazilian complexion looked a bit Arab’. This is supposition surely? The fact is, we know no such thing. Even were the police to state that as being the case, given their previous abysmal mendacity the possibility that they were lying would be at least as likely as any other thing.

    Thus we make no assumptions. That being the case, the question of who-what-why instantly turns arse-about. Thus the police lies now denote where not to look. With the logic of ‘it was an accident’ so utterly discredited it stands to reason that the shooting was a deliberate act that turned out precisely as intended.

    If one recoils at this, forget for a minute that it’s the police we’re talking about. Imagine it as just being a shooting, a shooting in which the perpetrator demonstrably lied about how it was all a big accident. Under such circumstances, only a fool would preclude the possibility, indeed likelihood, that the victim was shot with malice aforethought, ie. the perpetrator shot the victim because that had been his intention all along. Yes?

    Not forgetting of course the witness who declared she heard a long series of single shots spaced over 30 seconds with a 3 second space between each shot. We could describe such an extraordinary scenario in many ways but ‘indicative of an accident’ isn’t one of them.

    Okay fine, so why might anyone have had a reason to deliberately shoot De Menezes? Previous criminality? No. Criminally inclined friends? No. Relatives? No. Work? He was an electrician, yes? And yet no one knows who his previous employers were nor what he worked on, yes? This being the period during which all of the CCTV cameras that might have captured the 7/7 bombings failed, yes? The entirety of which was preceded / accompanied by a series of ‘electrical overloads’, yes? I think we could safely declare this to be curious in the extreme. That being said, I state none of this as any kind of certainty but instead merely declare that were this any other crime these curious possibilities would have to be eliminated as possible motives and connections.

    The only reason to dismiss this line of logic in viewing the police actions over the shooting would be based on the assumption that the police are incapable of criminal behaviour. But clearly they are capable of criminal behaviour. They’ve unarguably demonstrated exactly that – their lies about De Menezes would constitute, were anyone else to commit them, attempts to pervert the course of justice.

    Not forgetting of course that the old chestnut ‘Oops, it was a big accident’ is such an obvious lie to defray culpability that a perfectly deliberate ten year old could say it with nary a blink. And of course travelling from ten year olds to a highly trained, professional ‘elite’ such a story’s implausibility climbs a precisely corresponding geometric curve of worthlessness. Not forgetting of course that all of the police’s various corroborating testimonies were a pack of demonstrable lies. Snap – falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus.

    And for those keen to reach for Ockham’s razor let’s phrase it this way – between the two possibilities of: the UK’s most highly trained police shooting De Menezes because they intended to shoot him, and of; those self-same super police shooting De Menezes because they didn’t intend to shoot him, the latter’s on a hiding to nothing.

    Thirty seconds:


    elephant one

    elephant two

    elephant three


    elephant one

    elephant two

    elephant three


    elephant one

    elephant two

    elephant three

    BANG …etc. etc. ad mortem

  • DoNNyDarKo

    There is definitely virulent Anti Israeli sentiment in Europe, which comes from all sides and all semitic peoples.Even Jews are horrified by what the Israeli regime has been capable of. Thank goodness.It has little to do with anti jewish altho’ France has shown the ugly side of the protests.
    The underlying problem is that despite UN resolutions, International horror and condemnation, at the blatant war crimes and breaking of International laws and norms of war,our leaders are reduced to abstaining from an investigation, and the Pope and Obama are left to plead for the torture to stop.There is no action.
    The US could switch it all off in a moment,but they don’t.Obama couldn’t play the fiddle so he plays golf instead and continues to send arms and money.
    The Pope could have his flock boycott the rogue state back into the fold of law abinding nations, but he doesn’t.

  • Just saying

    Very interesting, further backed up by ex-head of mossad concers about “messianic” megalomania. Melikowalski will have to start WW3 to achieve messianic status as extender of zionistan borders like a dayan.

  • craig Post author


    Alternatively, of course, they could have mistaken him for somebody linked to that building who was a suspect and shot him in a case of mistaken identity. That is a very much simpler explanation.

    Either way, they shot him without warning and without cause when he was totally unarmed and doing nothing wrong. That is murder.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)


    “Forget it, Anon. The world’s beginning to get wise to the lies”

    A complete avoidance of the points I put to you at 7:58 pm.

    Note the prophetic tone also. He really does believe the shit that spews out of his mouth.

    A response worthy of Goebbels himself. I answered your points in full, and I have succeeded – very obviously – in annoying you more than you will ever succeed in annoying me. And, going by the abuse, scaring you too.

  • Anon

    This is my last post on the Craig Murray blog forum. The MWL on here are clearly beyond help and will go on believing the rubbish they have found on the internet to the end. Frankly I’m bored and like others before me there comes a time when you have to accept that you are dealing with people who believe the Jews did 7/7 and they are not going to change their minds.

    Habbabkuk, keep up the good fight old son.

    Craig, please donate my winnings to a Palestinian charity. In the unlikely event that I lose the bet I will contact you via email to arrange payment.


  • Dreoilin

    “who believe the Jews did 7/7”

    Funny, I’m reading here a long time, and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen mention of that.
    And it’s coming from someone who says he doesn’t know what Fahrenheit 9/11 is!

  • KingofWelshNoir

    I think the Met are fall guys on this, taking the rap for the SAS Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

    “A security agency source contacted by the Sunday Herald said: “This take-out is the signature of a special forces operation. It is not the way the police usually do things. We know members of SO19 have been receiving training from the SAS, but even so, this has special forces written all over it.”

    It wasn’t a mistake, he was executed. The question is, why?

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Anon 28 Jul, 2014 – 9:53 am

    “This is my last post on the Craig Murray blog forum.”

    Is it because we won’t think in black & white like you’d like us to? You’ve blown your credibility, Anon. This isn’t your last post here, you’ll be back under a new name. Villager, maybe? Oh no, done that one.

  • Jemand

    Jean Charles certainly was murdered. It was a deliberate and unlawful homicide. If you or I were to kill someone in the false belief that we were preventing something much worse from happening, we’d be in the dock for criminal negligence leading to a death.

    To then spy on his family to obtain information to support a strategic legal defence is corruption of the kind that we used to deride in crooked regimes of shitty countries. What a fucking disgrace for the UK. I hope the public never forgets this terrible incident and continues to remind those crooked scumbags that they will always be scumbags until their own deaths and beyond, in our memories and in history.

  • arsalan

    Norman Finkelstein on what is happening in reguards to international law.

    I don’t really believe in international law myself. These laws are always ignored ever since they were written by the countries that wrote it. Their only purpose is to invade weaker nations using international law as an excuse. Palestinians will never get their rights by showing people what international law says on the issue.
    Instead the Muslim world must unite and reverse the the creation of Israel.

  • Bert


    You said: “alternatively, of course, they could have mistaken him for somebody linked to that building who was a suspect and shot him in a case of mistaken identity. That is a very much simpler explanation”.

    A simpler explanation yes, but you would then have to take credence from the met police excuse that de Menezez was not immediately reprimanded as he left the block because one of the surveillance officers was ‘taking a piss’. We know that the Met/SB were lying through their teeth regarding the whole debacle.

    Approximately 43 people were detained in connection with the July 21 non-bombs, including associated family members who were arrested way in advance of the 5 main alleged conspirators.

    As many commentators have said upthread, the killing of de Menezez was pre-planned and deliberate. (Ignore the usual trolls who always spring in here to deflect any rational discussion).

    The shooting of de Menezez would have put the frighteners up many people who knew the backstory, & also drawn investigative attention away from both the July 7th & the July 21 events.

    The fact is that the Met/SB had 5 of the July 21 accused under surveillance since 14 months previously.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    I’m very sorry that you’re thinking of no longer posting on here and would urge you to reconsider.

    You are correct in supposing that nothing and no one – repeat, nothing and no one – will ever convince the Eminences of anything which runs counter to their pensée unique and obsessions on various matters, but to quit because of that is to accept that those nutters post on here from a genuine desire to be informed and to discuss and debate. That is obviously not the case – their objective is simply to use this blog as a megaphone for shouting the “ideas” and theories to which they are irrevocably attached.

    This being so, it is important for more level-headed and saner people like you, Resident Dissident, Kempe and so on to keep an eye on their ravings and to counter them whenever necessary so that the “man-in-the-street” reader is made aware that there are some on here who are not nutters and that there are alternative narratives on this blog.

    Good luck whatever you decide and thank you for a wealth of stimulating and though-provoking posts!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Ba’al Zevul-Komodo

    You still haven’t told us whether you followed your own recommendation this weekend and demonstrated “peacefully” outside your local synagogue against Israeli actions in Gaza.

    Why not?

    Did you so demonstrate or did you decide in the end that you had more pressing business elsewhere?

    If the latter, then I would advise you to reflect a little before making recommendations on this blog in future.

    Yours very disrespectfully,


  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    O/T – California Ben on Squonk:

    “Even if USSR did shoot down KAL007, they were systematically goaded into it.”

    Didn’t Adolf use to claim that he was goaded into invading Poland and starting WW2?


    General question on a lighter note – do I, Resident Dissident, Anon, Kempe, etc “goad” you into writing the rubbish you regularly produce on here?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “Instead the Muslim world must unite and reverse the the creation of Israel.”

    What do you understand by “reversing” the creation of Israel?

    Spit it out!

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Completely OT

    Could one of our IT experts take a look at this, please:

    FFS look at the cached site. God knows what happens with the live one.

    It’s picking up sections (including my nick) from the blog and including them in the HTML to produce utterly meaningless text. What’s going on? This isn’t the only commercial/scam site doing this.

  • doug scorgie

    28 Jul, 2014 – 9:53 am

    “This is my last post on the Craig Murray blog forum.”

    No, please stay Anon. Your lack of input and evidence backed statements are important for our blog readers to understand the mind of a Zionist apologist.

    Before you go you need to answer some questions:

    26 Jul, 2014 – 12:54 pm

    You said about DeMenzies:

    “I don’t know but it must have been well paid as he was able to afford cocaine. The cocaine in his system at the time of the shooting might have led to agitated behaviour, arousing suspicions that led to the tragic mistake.”

    I asked
    Can you back that up Anon?
    You have you not answered my question Anon, why not?

    Also, you stated as fact:

    “Also some free Palestine demonstrators have taken to spraying swastikas on public monuments, wearing football shirts with the name ‘Hitler’ on the back and waving placards saying ‘Hitler was right’.”

    You haven’t backed that claim up either Anon. Why not?

    You said to Node:

    “You used the Metapedia article in order to provide some sort of credence to your idea that the anti-Semitism currently being seen across Europe is the work of the Jews.”

    “…anti-Semitism currently being seen across Europe…?

    Is it anti-Semitism Anon, or anti- Zionist demonstrations about the crimes of Israel?

    Please give some back-up. ( though I won’t hold my breath).

    27 Jul, 2014 – 9:53 pm

    “You were presented with evidence of anti-Semitic attacks…”

    What “evidence” was that Anon? You gave no links or back-up.

    Why are you leaving anyway? Have you been recalled for further training?

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