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The revelation that undercover Met officers spied on the family of Jean Charles De Menezes after they murdered him, leaves me utterly appalled.

You have to consider this in the context of the lies that the Met assiduously spread about De Menezes – that he entered the tube without buying a ticket, that he vaulted the ticket gates, that he ran away from officers, that he was wearing a bulky jacket.

All of these were lies. In truth the poor man had entered the tube normally and legally, walked calmly and sat down with a free newspaper. He wore a short tight denim jacket. Then totally without any cause or justification from his actions whatsoever, his murderers shot him multiple times in the head. Just because his Brazilian complexion looked a bit Arab.

I can think of no category of lie worse than that told by a murderer against the reputation of their victim.

The police did everything they could to mislead the media, planting lies and encouraging stories they knew to be untrue. Personally I find it extremely suspicious that numerous CCTV cameras were found not to be working, and have little doubt that the police destroyed that evidence.

There can be no other motive for spying on De Menezes’ family than either the hope of gaining information to feed to the media to discredit the man they murdered, or to attempt to pervert the course of justice.

They did not have to worry – their were plenty of others to pervert the course of justice for them, including the DPP and above all, Sir Michael Wright, as disgusting a piece of scum as ever sat on an English bench, who directed the inquest jury that they could not return a verdict of unlawful killing. (I was delighted to find that, when I googled Sir Michael Wright, my article on him came high on the first page. Is that result tailored by Google for me, or is it general?)

The recent revelation that the Met spied on Menezes’ family sparked very little public interest. It should. It is a still more appalling outrage than the Murdoch press hacking Millie Dowler. At least the Murdoch gang had not actually murdered Millie Dowler themselves. The De Menezes family were being spied on by their son’s and brother’s murderers.

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  • Anon

    “No, straw man again, I posted an article which claimed that some anti-Semitic attacks are the work of the Jews.”

    Ah, yes, some anti-Semitic attacks. You weren’t at all suggesting that the recent anti-Semitic attacks in France, Germany and elsewhere were the work of the Jews. It’s best to stop digging once you find yourself in a hole, Node.

  • Anon

    But what do YOU believe, Peacewisher? Why do I have to keep asking? Just tell us what YOU believe really happened on 9/11 and 7/7. It oughtn’t to be that hard. Just say it!

  • Peacewisher

    Why are you asking me, Anon? You are behaving as if you are a total ignoramus about world affairs – surely you aren’t coming here to be educated, when you’ve been given so many sources to read.

  • Anon

    Oh dear God, how many times? I don’t want links. I want to hear it from you what you think happened on 9/11 and/or 7/7.. Is it too much to ask?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “Ba’al Zevul aka Komodo ( to Anon )

    “Why would this matter to you? You sound really worried by the idea of peaceful assembly in a public place to protest the immorality of the Jewish State’s behaviour.”

    I don’t think that Anon is worried.

    What he wants to know is whether you yourself – after having suggested it to your fellow Eminences as a practical and effective course of action last weekend – have demonstrated outside your local synagogue this weekend to mark your disapproval of what Israel is doing in Gaza at the moment.

    I should also like to know whether you have demonstrated or not.

    If you tell us you had other pressing business which prevented you from doing what you recommended others should do, I will have to draw the conclusion that you are all mouth and no trousers.

  • Fedup

    What has, Fedup?

    The tripwire has been triggered and my comment is in moderation.

    The Indian good luck charm was mentioned along with the j word.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Mr Scorgie

    ““Why are all Jews hated like this for the actions of the Israeli government?”

    Firstly, the Israeli government are all Jewish, every single one.”

    Did you ever learn what a syllogism is?

    It is when you say, for example: “all Americans are big, therefore all big people are Americans”.

    Now you have just said that the Israeli govt are all Jewish. Does this mean you think that all Jewish people are members of the Israeli govt?

    Go and sit on the naughty chair, Doug.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    “Ah, yes, some anti-Semitic attacks.”

    Correct. Progress at last.

    “You weren’t at all suggesting that the recent anti-Semitic attacks in France, Germany and elsewhere were the work of the Jews”
    Aahhh, I spoke too soon, I see you still haven’t got the hang of that tricky word “some”. Please re-read my remarks about false dichotomies above. Point to the words with your finger and read them out loud if it helps.

    “It’s best to stop digging once you find yourself in a hole, Node.”

    Yes …. it is …….

     OK, I invited you to have a real discussion about false-flag swastika vandalism, but you aren’t interested, which proves my point about you – you like to distract from issues rather than discuss them.

    I’m outa here.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    I like your theory about our friend Fedup, but it contains one major flaw.

    It is where you say

    “Fedup had major issues before his departure, decided to leave the blog after he became a total embarrassment to the residences”.

    Do you really believe that Fedup has sufficient self-awareness to realise that he was a total embarrassment to the Eminences?

    My money is still on the 6 months in clink!

  • Peacewisher

    Lol, Fedup.

    Well, its probably done through software, so don’t take it personally.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “a phenomena that has happened in this country since the prgrom of 1411, when jews were burned, such as happened in the Cow tower in Norwich, for example.
    Maybe you two would like to address this phenomena of historic British Jew hatred before you start pissing in the wind, you two wannabe fascists you.”

    Exactly, Ingo, exactly.

    In other word, anti-Semitism has been around for longer – a good deal longer – than the State of Israel and Zionism.

    So the people – yourself included – would claim that anti-Semitism is just a reaction to the actions of Zionists and the State of Israel are silly kunts.

    And now get back to your Mein Kampf.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    Congratulations on a splendid series of posts! I see the Eminences fleeing in confusion, Komodo at their head, wordless except for some pathetic little evasions and insults.

  • fred

    “Firstly, the Israeli government are all Jewish, every single one.”

    What every single one? Surely not.

    What about Afu Agbaria? He’s not Jewish is he?

    What about Mohammad Barakeh, he doesn’t sound Jewish to me.

    Ahmad Tibi?

  • Peacewisher

    Gosh, yes. Whatever happened to that initiative?

    The make poverty history demonstration in Edinburgh was massive, with a fantastic carnival atmosphere. It wasn’t particularly well reported, for what I can remember, but Live8 was happening on the same day, so no-one was surprised about that.

  • Peacewisher

    Something screwy here. I’ve just sent a response to Fedup, but the timestamp for his/her message is wrong, so it appears afterwards.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Put a human face on it….

    “Salem Khaleel Shamaly, 23 years old, was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper on Sunday, July 20, 2014, while he was looking for his relatives in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood. He was shot multiple times while on the ground amid the rubble. His family learned of his death through a video that was released.

    “In footage filmed by a Palestinian TV crew and released by the International Solidarity Movement, Salem Khaleel Shamaly searches through the rubble created by Israeli air strikes in hope of finding his family in the Shuja’iyya neighborhood.”

    According to Salem’s cousin Mohammad Al-Qattawi, Salem’s decomposed body was brought to his father on July 26, 2014, and his family was unable to say goodbye to him. Salem’s father waited 11 years to receive his first son. Salem leaves behind his 9 sisters, 4 brothers and 2 mothers.”

  • fred

    “Something screwy here. I’ve just sent a response to Fedup, but the timestamp for his/her message is wrong, so it appears afterwards.”

    It appears there is a small black hole in the region of Milton Keynes which is warping space time.

    Fedup won’t actually post that comment till tomorrow.

  • Fedup


    @Fedup: I’m coming back to this late, but what does the “Make Poverty History” gathering in Edinburgh… which was brilliant incidentally but Geldof & U2 were only there via big screen… have to do with

    If you recollect they were invited to take part in the summit, and were “representing” the “ordinary Joe”, it was part and parcel of the bLiar’s style of leadership, to go with his sofa cabinet.


    I’m a nobody. Clearly, Plod (and the intelligence services) were intent on making sure the truth did not leak out.

    Now you know what sort of democracy you are living in? You are not alone, in fact anyone close to mark, and vociferous are sooner than later, made aware of the golden principle; keep your mouth shut!

    PS They were no Plod, to be sure, to be sure.


    The Delusional Self-declared and Sanctified Prophet agrees;

    Although it is true that the nature of the operation – to clear the ghetto of its onhabitants – meant the weapons used were small arms, light artillery, mortars, flamethrowers and grenades.

    The ultimately evil, and satanic Nazi never bombed and shelled the Warsaw Ghetto, unlike the Gaza that is getting bombed and shelled. Thus let there be no doubt that the zionist scum are aware that they are behaving as the Nazi did, in the occupied lands under their occupation!

    Jewish student caught painting Swastikas on her own door then claiming Anti-Semitic Attack

    Jury Convicts CA Prof InFake Anti-Semitic Attack

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Can YOU connect the dots? It seems many are unwilling or unable to do so, including Craig Murray ESQ.

    “Since the beginning of the war against Syria, NATO has been trying to cut the [East-West] Tehran-Damascus (NIORDC, INPC) nexus to the advantage of an alternative [South-North] corridor allowing the transfer of both Qatari gas (Exxon-Mobil ) and that of Saudi Arabia (Aramco) via the Syrian coast [2].

    A decisive step was taken with the Islamic Emirate offensive in Iraq that has split the country longitudinally and separated Iran on the one hand and on the other hand, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. [3]

    This visible goal determines who will sell their gas to Europe, and therefore the volume of supply and the selling price. That explains that the three major gas exporters (Russia, Qatar, and Iran) are involved in this war.”

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    “The deal with Shell, which is at a similar level of investment, is for exploration at Yuzivska in eastern Ukraine.”

    ‘Natch Dave. It seems we can rely on the perverse economics for accurate intel on the ‘dots’.

    The bigger question of why more who should know, are unwilling to admit this bottom line.

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