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Flechette shell darts

Massive demonstrations have taken place all over the UK against the continuing massacre in Gaza. There appears for the last three decades, to be a massive gulf between the attitude of the population of the United Kingdom towards the continuing genocide of the Palestinians, and the attitude of the political class across all mainstream political parties.

The divorce of the political class from the people – commonly referred to in the media as the decline of trust, as though it were the people’s fault – has been a huge phenomenon of recent times. In the case of the vocal and unreserved support of the political class for Zionism, it really does seem to be as simple as the constant pumping of pro-Zionist money to the politicians. Actually, this makes it a useful marker for how the entire rotten system works.

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  • neil unwin

    Israelis are invaders & occupiers of Palestinian land, which they steal more of EVERY DAY.. The Israeli government/regime are criminals & human rights abusers (within Israel) of Palestinian people, & have been for 66 years…. They have also ignored many UN resolutions against them, & posess Nuclear WMDs without a mandate.. They are also muderers, such as in Gaza at the moment.. They are International & War Criminals, & should be brought to account by the (up to now)useless UN.. The US/UK/France etc. really should stop supporting these MAD Israelis..

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Perhaps I should apologise to Mr. Blair. After all, preparing his speech for Progress must have exhausted him, and on the 25th he is due to fly to China and lick the bottom of a Chinese construction oligarch. This information is so far only available from Seychellois websites, to which my sincere thanks:


    Looking for Tony? He’s not often far from Bill Clinton. Coincidence, undoubtedly.

    Looking for Tony in Gaza? Hahahahaha.

  • Mary

    Israel ‘Hits Hospital’ As Death Toll Tops 500

    The strike injures a further 60 people including 30 medical staff, say doctors, as the aerial bombardment of Gaza continues.

    Four people have been killed and a further 70 injured after Israeli tank shells hit a hospital in central Gaza, according to Palestinian medics.

    Thirty of those wounded in the attack were reportedly medical staff.

    Health official Ashraf al Kidra said 12 shells hit the intensive care unit, surgery department and administration building at the al Aqsa hospital in the town of Deir el-Balah.

    Palestinian salvages a mattress from the remains of a house, which police said was destroyed in an Israeli air strike, in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip

    A Palestinian man salvages a mattress from the remains of his house

    Footage on Hamas’ al Aqsa TV station showed chaotic scenes at the facility.

    Fayez Zidane, a doctor at the hospital, told the station: “There is still shelling at the hospital.”

    In an earlier Israeli airstrike, 28 members of the same family were killed near Gaza’s southern border with Egypt, according to medics.


    More cruelty now than earlier.

  • Nasir Ali

    The public and polititians are moving in the opposite direction. Fewer and fewer people are voting. But, irrespective of the number of votes cast, the polititians claim “a mandate” and continue with the policies people are against.

    I can’t see any way of making this divide apparent, for even the least interested people, by any means other than SPOILING our votes. Once a large number of people do this, even the weasly polititians will have problem with claiming a mandate.

  • Phil

    “The divorce of the political class from the people…has been a huge phenomenon of recent times.”

    By which measure do you make such a claim? I suggest this is nonsense from some make believe Lala land where politcians used to be jolly good chaps.

    The grass roots have always been held in contmept by crazed leaderships. Remember Asquith and Churchill raced the country into WW1 to the howling dismay of the Liberal Party grass roots.

    Another indicator of disenfranchisement is voter turnout. This has been fairly consistent for very long time. There has been no substantial drop in “the last three decades”. Maybe a slight decline in the last few years but nothing that hasn’t happened before.

    If anything today’s wider population is more accepting of the political classes shit now than it has been for a long time, possibly ever. Popular challenges to the political classes such as The great unrest, the general strike, 1968, the miners strike, to name just a few from the last century, are simply unimaginable today.

    “Massive demonstrations have taken place all over the UK against the continuing massacre in Gaza.”

    Massive? All over? Are you joking? Unless I have missed something it was less than a Leeds United gate, in only two cities. Not massive. Not all over. Quite the opposite.

    Craig, please stop writing bollocks. There has always been a massive gulf between the politcial classes and the people. To lack this perspective leads you into stupid and ugly territory. You’re beginning to sound like some of the commentators here. You know, stuck on the Jewish question.

  • JorgenNielsen

    Dear Rehmat
    It’s the first time i hear that Poroshenko has Jewish roots. One always learns something new. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    The Jewish Daily Forward, May 23, 2014.: Ukraine Presidential Frontrunner Petro Poroshenko and His Secret Jewish Roots

    ‘Chocolate King’s’ Father Was Jew Who Took Wife’s Name

    By Cnaan Lipshiz

    According to the popular Russian television channel Russia-1, Poroshenko’s father was a Jew named Alexei Valtsman from the Odessa region who in 1956 took on the last name of his wife, Yevgenya Poroshenko.
    Poroshenko’s media team did not reply to JTA requests for comment, but they are not indifferent about the subject.
    Last year, Poroshenko’s spokeswoman asked Forbes Israel to remove her boss’ name from a list of the world’s richest Jews, a magazine source confirmed.



  • Anne O'Nimmus

    Indeed, Cameron speaking just a short while ago gave the totally dishonest Israelcentric version of events – blame Hamas! Rockets, rockets everywhere, and not a peep from Israel – until they were ‘forced’ to respond! What BS.
    Israel humiliation at end of ‘peace’ negotiations – which failed, of course, Israel’s preferred outcome except that they were correctly blamed.
    Israel fury at Hamas/Fatah reconciliation.
    Death of two boys on Nakba Day – filmed by cctv and a major US network. More humiliation and fury from Israel (they sent their goons to rough up the shop owner and steal his and other cctv cameras).
    (as soon as unity deal had been announce, Israel had plans in the works to ‘punish’ Palestinians – several analysts noted so)
    The abduction and murder of 3 Israeli teens in Palestine – despite the fact that Israel found their bodies fairly promptly (the autopsies bear this out – no deterioration over the 18 days presumed to be in a shallow grave in 30 to 40 degree heat? come on!) enabled them to unleash a rampage across the West Bank, destroying property, thieving, and all the rest. But, since they were blaming Hamas, they also bombed around 50 targets in Gaza (with NO Hamas response – fire was from the small factions), with several incursions. NOT UNTIL THEY BOMBED A TUNNEL AND KILLED 6 HAMAS PERSONNEL DID HAMAS FIRE BACK and then the Israelis went wild with their ‘Operation Mighty Cliff’ (Protective Shield is not a translation of the Hebrew name). This whole onslaught is manufactured and deliberately provoked by Israel. How else to justify maintaining $3bn and the rest from Uncle Sam? How else to offer ‘battle’ tested munitions to the arms market?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Domestic Extremist

    “Those flechette shells are just high-tech nail bombs.

    Those of us who are old enough will remember the utter
    horror and opprobrium they attracted to the IRA when
    they were used in the Hyde Park and Regents Park bombings.”

    I’m certain that if this blog had been around at that time, Mary, Ba’al Zevul and the other Excellences would have found some way of supporting the IRA and saying that the evil UK was in fact responsible morally for those bombs. Some would probably have gone as far as to claim that they were false flag attacks.

    They are scum.

  • Mary

    Troll. Don’t sully my name in your smears. You know nothing of my opinion of the IRA.

    Speaking of scum, have you examined your outpourings lately?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Ba’al “Baldrock” Zevul

    Are you not beginning to take yourself just slightly too seriously?

    The following two extracts refer:

    “Channel 4 has joined me in noticing …” (IT joined YOU?)

    “This information is so far only available from Seychellois websites, to which my sincere thanks..” (yes, they posted that specially for YOU!).

    Pompous twat.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    From our friend MARY (on the Gaza Invasion thread):

    “What is Boris up to employing such an extreme Zionist? Am example of how Jewish people are embedded in the structure of government at all levels, national, regional and local and not even a moderate in Hoffman’s case. Just like Yankeeland. The Palestinian people do not stand a chance of regaining their land and homes until Israel goes down.”

    All should note the reference to “Jewish people”, rather than “Zionists”.

    Sounds like a Jew-hater to me.

  • Rehmat

    Craig, it seems you too are scared of Zionist lobby. You just removed my three comments on Israel.

    Shalom = “It means what is good for the Jews,” Gilad Atzmon, Israeli-born British author and musician.

  • Kempe

    ” Shalom = “It means what is good for the Jews,” Gilad Atzmon, Israeli-born British author and musician. ”

    Atzmon has numerous charges of anti-semitism and Holocaust denial against him. Many previous supporters now distance themselves from him.

    Not a source to be trusted.

  • OldMark

    Israel ‘Hits Hospital’ As Death Toll Tops 500

    The BBC report of this horrific incident perhaps unintentionally
    includes as a sidebar a snippet of John Kerry referring to the Gaza offensive as a ‘hell of a pinpoint operation’.


    In it’s fatuousness Kerry’s comment is comparable with describing an amputation with a hacksaw as ‘keyhole surgery’.

  • Mary

    Habbakuk is in danger of transmogrifying into a LP record.


    Gilad Atzmon spits out the truth so he is labelled as a self hating Jew. Has Kempe met him, listened to him and listened to him play his music? Probably not. I have though.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “Habbakuk is in danger of transmogrifying into a LP record.”

    Are you referring to my re-posting of your post in which you pointed to the “presence of Jewish people” at all levels of British political life?

    I do hope your are, because I intend to repost it from time to time to show people that you are not only an anti-Zionist as you claim but also anti-Jewish.

    BTW, I notice that none of your friends on here has leaped forward to “defend” you – not even the usual loudmouths.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Atzmon has numerous charges of anti-semitism and Holocaust denial against him.


    As has “Israel Shamir”, who is also quoted occasionally on here with great approval.

  • Kempe

    There are many musicians and other artists who’s works I admire but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with their politics. Especially if they happen to be as nasty as Atzmon’s.


    There are no shortage of websites which will tell you the real meaning of “shalom” and it’s relation to the Arabic “salaam”. This is just one.


    However if you’d rather believe the rantings of a racist conspiracy theorist…

    Rehmat, we have discussed your perverse definition of what constitutes anti-semitism already. We all know what is commonly understood by the term and I intend to stick to that.

  • Mary

    Thank you very much Brian. He is my hero. His goodness shines out doesn’t it. He, the healer, should have the Nobel peace prize and not the likes of Obama, the warmonger. He is inspirational.

    The BBC have been told about him and his work but they have not spoken to him. We only hear him courtesy of Press TV.

  • John Goss

    Thanks for the links Brian. Could not bring myself to watch the video. I am sure when soldiers of any army have killed once they become immune to what it is to be a murderer.

  • Porkfright

    Well-in the welter of absolutely horrific war-crimes being carried out whilst the usual high-ranking neocon suspects sit on their hands and look the other away-it is at least vaguely amusing to see the trolls becoming ever more apoplectic.

  • nevermind, it will happen anyway

    Only when every the politically inept force themselves to vote, and vote for people, not for party politicians will the FoI loose their control over British foreign policy and the complicit media, the long game indeed.

    Only when we change our politi will these rabble rousers and warmongers be dethrowned.

    Michael Cricks question tonight to tyhe inciter of mass murder Blair ‘shouldn’t you, as the middle east peace envoy, be in Gaza now Mr Blair?’

    Today, Michael Crick is the best journalist there is! Blairs face spoke volumnes he couldn’t get away from it, stuck in a elevator with a bruiser jarring the sensor, priceless.

    Thank you Michael Crick for pursuing that prick.

  • Jives

    Why on earth would peace envoy Tony Blair be in Gaza just now when tbere’s so much lovely lolly for him to skim from deals with his oligarch gangster dictator buddies all over the world?

    Honestly,some people cant give the poor man a break when hes only trying to earn a crust!

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