Massacre Justification 187

There is a concerted media ploy to change the narrative on the massacre of hundreds of women and children in Gaza, on the grounds that it is Hamas’ fault for breaking the ceasefire. The Israeli account of the ceasefire breakdown is parroted relentlessly.

I have put some effort into discovering why the ceasefire broke down, including contacting sources in Gaza itself. What is plain is that there were multiple incidents shortly after the ceasefire deadline, of violations by both sides. This is actually normal – such ceasefires usually take a few hours to take hold as fighting in hot progress and operations under way get stopped. At leasy eleven Palestinians were killed by shellfire in the first hour after the ceasefire.

The media has however focused solely on a single incident, that which featured missing Israeli Lieutenant Goldin. What appears to have happened here was that the Israelis were continuing with their destruction of tunnels, as the ceasefire provisions allowed. They came across a group of Palestinian fighters sheltered in the tunnels, and not surprisingly the Palestinian fighters did not interpret the ceasefire as meaning the Israelis could kill them but they were precluded from fighting. In the ensuing firefight some on both sides were killed and injured, while Lt. Goldin has disappeared.

Incidentally it is worth noting that my information is that Hamas’ statement that the incident was a deliberate ambush, and occurred before the ceasefire, is also untrue.

The Israelis immediately called in massive shellfire and missile attack. It is not improbable Goldin was killed or wounded in the firefight – or possibly just hiding – and he and his body destroyed by an Israeli shell or missile. It is a sad norm of warfare that sometimes there is no recognisable body.

Why we are supposed to be more concerned about Goldin than about the twenty Palestinian children who have been killed since he vanished, is beyond me. But you see, killing those children is now OK again, because Hamas broke the ceasefire. The media have a nice narrative mapped out for them – and boy, are they milking it.

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187 thoughts on “Massacre Justification

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  • Mary

    I love your avatar Andy. Bibi with his ‘bermb’ and the red line. That was in the ‘Bomb, Bomb, Iran’ days.

    Strangely Ms Ahmed asked the Mossad man earlier tonight whether a missing operative triggered a red line? Perhaps the phrase is prominent in the Israeli mindset.

    PS Let’s not forget about Bibi’s many real ‘bermbs’ of the nuclear variety and Mordechai Vanunu still under house arrest all these years later for exposing some truths.

  • Porkfright

    Habacluck-since when have you been an arbiter of poetry? Have you ever read any? Proper poetry I mean-Hugh MacDiarmid, R.S. Thomas, William Soutar, Ezra Pound? Thought not. You know about as much about it as you do about War Crimes.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    OT; I note at the arrival of the Dr/Patient at the hospital was attended by healthcare workers with hazmat suits including independent oxygen supply. If it’s not airborne, why is this?

    Ebola coming to a hospital or theater near you.

  • Andy

    Thanks Mary, I just thought I’d have a little change because I like this avatar too. It’s good to see you back.

  • harry law

    From Max Blumenthal on twitter:
    I’ve spoken w/some journos emerging from Gaza. Scenes they described veered on apocalyptic. Even those who’d been to Aleppo were despondent.
    Body parts in trees, fingers littering the ground, burnt flesh on ambulance windshields. These are the scenes they’ve described to me.
    If the ICC refuse an investigation into these war crimes, the ICC building should be burnt to the ground.

  • Mary

    I have always found Sam Kiley’s reportage on foreign affairs mostly fair and factual unlike the BBC’s. I just watched his short documentary ‘History of Gaza; which would inform those who are uninformed of the story going back to Balfour.

    It is not on the Sky website but it is on his twitter.

    Sam Kiley @kileysky · 5h …. A quick gallop through.

    Guess what. That link produces

    ‘404 – Page Not Found
    We’re sorry. The page you are looking for cannot be found. This may be because of a mistyped URL or an out-of-date search engine listing.’

    Perhaps it is a little too factual for the Jewish lobby here and in other countries. Sky News goes worldwide.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !



    “When were you elected the spokesman/moderator and took responsibility for what ‘we’ should do and not do, see and not see?”

    Welcome to the blog, “Andy”. Always good to have new commenters on here, especially when they appear out of the blue at crucial junctures! 🙂

    In reply to your query : self-appointed, as from today at 00h00 UCT. Hope that helps.

  • harry law

    At the President’s recent press conference, Obama emphasized “Israel’s right to defend itself, no matter what.” That is not true, Gaza is Occupied Palestinian Territory [the UN regard Gaza as occupied since Israel controls land sea and air movements] that being the case Israel has one duty only, that is to end the illegal occupation, every man, woman and child in Gaza is a protected person [Geneva Convention Article 4] Attacking them from land, sea and air is a war crime. The besieged Palestinians have every right to defend themselves using any weapons they can get hold of. I gave up on the corrupt US political class a long time ago, Netanyahu owns them he knows it, and everyone else knows it. Bill Clinton asked the Question some time ago.
    “Who the fuck does he think he is? Who’s the fucking superpower here?”
    US President Bill Clinton in 1996, after being lectured by Netanyahu on the Middle to

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Miss Piggy

    “Habacluck-since when have you been an arbiter of poetry? Have you ever read any? Proper poetry I mean-Hugh MacDiarmid, R.S. Thomas, William Soutar, Ezra Pound? Thought not. You know about as much about it as you do about War Crimes.”

    Well, we’re not in a kindergarten competition here, are we, but I do know enough about poetry to know that what we’ve been offered today (and on previous days from Mike Rosen) is junk.

    There is no one serious on here who would call those pitiful efforts poetry.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Harry Law

    “If the ICC refuse an investigation into these war crimes, the ICC building should be burnt to the ground.”

    I notice you don’t say by whom. Are you volonteering, or are you just another blowhard?

  • mike

    Yes, Mary, the story here is the murder of hundreds of children, dozens of whom were asleep of sought shelter in UN refuges. That speaks of a barbarism that one can scarcely comprehend.

    ‘Foolish’ or ‘disproportionate’ or any other weasel word doesn’t cover it; the fate of a single soldier is neither here nor there by comparison.

    The word I prefer to use is ‘evil’. Old-fashioned and imprecise, I know, but at least it’s closer to the truth than any used by those who are well-trained in the arts of obfuscation.

  • mike

    If required to choose, I’d say being a homophobe is preferable to being a child-killer.

    Child-killing is clearly one of Israel’s many issues.

    In Ashdown’s parlance, call it a foible.

  • harry law

    Habbabkuk [Lavitaebella] @9.36 “I notice you don’t say by whom. Are you volonteering, or are you just another blowhard?”
    Unlike you I do not give Israel a pass on war crimes and crimes against humanity. I have read some of your comments and like other commentators on this site find them so obnoxious I pass over them now. You just like hearing the sound of your own bullshit.

  • Porkfright

    Mr.Piggy to you, Habbaduk. Harry Law-clearly this time around we shall see whether or not the U.N. has any more credibility than the League of Nations had, ultimately. Likewise and much more critically, the ICC. At least we now know that there is a clear conspiracy of silence, obfuscation, and completely bent reporting in the Muppet Media. Notice how the Gaza reports on BBC News are cleverly structured by stacking them against the Ukraine news. We shall see.

  • Fedup

    Rageh [email protected]

    10:32 – 1 August 2014

    Destruction of khoza’ah district almost post-apocalyptic – heavy&wholesale on entire east side of town – body after body pulled from rubble

    The zionist scum are following an scorched earth policy whilst the pusillanimous political leadership in the west; supine, undermined and blackmailed proceed to espouse their usual homilies, acquiescently witnessing an abominable destruction of a concentration camp and the wholesale genocide of Palestinian inmates of the said concentration camp.

    Disgusting war criminals, why don’t you end this abominable occupation of the lands of Palestine?

  • nevermind, it will happen anyway

    Welcome to all those new to this blog, please read up on Habbaducks history here and make your own mind up on his obfuscating persona.

    What he is not is, is in charge, however much he likes to trumpet his own little Schwaenzle, he’s quiet meschugge as of natural and he’s here to disturb.

    our mascot? maybe, thing is he’s got no class whatsoever, speak to him and he’ll proove it.

  • Resident Dissident


    Just a hint – resorting to the views of Richard Nixon to support any argument isn’t likely to convince anyone other than the mad or extremely gullible.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Re. Craig’s post-

    Backing up the proposition that Israel has to be very inventive, but ultimately the excuses run out, as seems to be happening now with Netanyahu stating that the bombardment will continue until Israel can live in peace and security. An argument which will presumably one day require a 100-mile wide cordon sanitaire of radioactive glass around the Jewish state.

  • Fedup

    Mr. Ban Ki-moon, due to your important responsibility, you are held accountable to end these events.

    Do you not see the obvious violation of international conventions and treaties?

    Do you not see this wild and barbaric attack as a clear example of genocide?

    Do you not believe that the long lasting blockade of a nation under such harsh conditions is an inhumane act?

    Do you not believe that issuing useless or inadequate Security Council statements along with your biased remarks enable the prolonging of this crime?

    You must bear responsibility for the position that you occupy. Nations find your actions to be unacceptable. It is essential that this genocide be stopped in any way possible and the captive Palestinian nation be returned its principal rights.

    Mr. Ban Ki-moon: Stop genocide in Gaza

  • je

    In case anyone missed this: Tory MPs in Israel

    “A group of Conservative MPs this week embarked on a visit to a military facility in Israel…

    On Tuesday, the parliamentarians went to a briefing at the Iron Dome missile defence system that shoots down Hamas rockets after one of the heaviest nights of shelling of Gaza.

    According to the Conservative Friends of Israel, seven of the party’s parliamentarians, including former minister Baroness Neville Jones, Sir Edward Garnier, Andrew Percy, Guto Bebb, Bob Blackman and Jack Lopresti, travelled to the country…. Percy, who tweeted “Israel acts as we would”

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Harry Law

    “Unlike you I do not give Israel a pass on war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

    Irrespective of who gives a pass to whom, Harry, you suggested that “if the ICC refuse an investigation into these war crimes, the ICC building should be burnt to the ground.”

    Were you inciting others to do so while you sit safely on your backside somewhere else, or will you be seeing to the job personally?

    You are obviously a fool, but are you a also a coward and a blowhard?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Harry Law

    “I have read some of your comments and like other commentators on this site find them so obnoxious I pass over them now.”

    Well, you obviously didn’t pass over that one, did you.

    BTW – what was your former handle?

  • guano

    Je and William

    How would you feel if you were a Muslim in Gaza and you knew that Israel is Hamas, escorts weapons to Hamas, supplies NSA/GCHQ spying on citizens to Hamas?

    How would you feel if you were a citizen of Kurdistan and you had not been paid by the government which is swimming in oil revenues for 6 months and then your government flies to Jordan, a few miles away from Israel, with UK US IS senior government figures and islamic jihad group leaders in order to despatch UKUSIS armed ISIS on the rampage through your country, killing at random to solve your country’s economic problem?

    Would you feel comfortable living under such help from such sources?

    I keep saying it but nobody listens. Political Islam, under the cover of the ordinary Deobandi, Salafi, Muslim Brotherhood and Ahle Hadeeth mosques, have exactly the same relationship with your government, mr Cameron, Mr Miliband, as Hamas and Kurdish leader Barzani have with Israel. Political Islam = Israel = your elected M.P.s in one big NWO Zionist operation with no dividing lines.

    Craig is an ant on the sleeve of that Frankenstein. He got flicked off because they thought he was going to bite them. If that’s how much they care about their own senior and respected Ambassadors, how much do you think they respect ordinary citizens?

    “Christian-zionists-political Islam are ANTI-CHRIST “

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