A Hard Night 284

I can’t pretend not to have been disappointed by the Clackmannanshire result, especially as I am here with some wonderful people who have put months and years of their lives into campaigning heart and soul.

But the count was fascinating. Professional Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem politicians working and socialising together and dressing the same. Tory ladies in pillar box red clothes and Lib Dem councillors in Labour Party rosettes. All braying and congratulating each other in the same voices, and looking smug and very happy together.

We are not winning tonight’s battle at the moment, but the battle lines have now become clearly defined between the single establishment of the media and all the political parties, and almost half the people – so far who want an alternative political structure. This is a stage in a process, and in its clarity and scale a major advance.

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284 thoughts on “A Hard Night

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  • Creak

    Perhaps the ruling oligarchy patched it together for now. Collapse deferred is more abrupt.

    Congratulate yourselves on a job well done. We’ll take it from here.

  • glenn_uk

    Phhhtt. Doesn’t look good now.

    Nice one, Scots. You’ve put a smirk on every Thatcherite and “New” Labour stooge’s face.

    Let’s not hear any more whining about the English, their tyrannical jackboot and so on, ever again, eh? The Scots want to hide behind the English skirts, just as the English want to hide behind the Americans’.

  • Squonk

    The story so far after 12 results

    Votes %
    NO 381,025 53.18
    YES 335,482 46.82

    After 12 of 32 counts

    Turnout 86.47%

    Rejected ballots 585

  • Tony_0pmoc

    It’s 4:41 and I am about to have my First Glass of Whisky Tonight

    It says at the bottom of the label.. (( I seriously didn’t know) its Famous Grouse..Cheap in Sainsburys)

    Do you Know What They Were Selling The Jack Daniels for..Yes I bought a Litre..But I haven’t opened it yet..

    “But as for the true secrets of Scotland’s Favourite Whisky – well that would be telling”

    I do me best ffs. I’ve been drinking Russian Vodka..there’s nowt else left but the Scotch.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    The Job Has Already Been Done..

    The Scottish Just Did It

    how come us english didn’t have the Ball’s?

    I Take My Hat Off To You Sir…You Have Just Changed Everything – And The Evil Buzzards Know We Have.

    What a Result??

    I was going to say Wow..but I don’t know what the Result is Yet?

    How are We Doing..It ain’t Over yet


  • Mary

    Thanks Squonk.

    Very sorry Craig about this.

    The BiBiCee stooges including Robinson are trying not to look smug. They should be disgusted with their biased output.

    Scotland and the rest of this country are changed forever.

    PS Sky’s programme was dreadful.

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