A Hard Night 284

I can’t pretend not to have been disappointed by the Clackmannanshire result, especially as I am here with some wonderful people who have put months and years of their lives into campaigning heart and soul.

But the count was fascinating. Professional Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem politicians working and socialising together and dressing the same. Tory ladies in pillar box red clothes and Lib Dem councillors in Labour Party rosettes. All braying and congratulating each other in the same voices, and looking smug and very happy together.

We are not winning tonight’s battle at the moment, but the battle lines have now become clearly defined between the single establishment of the media and all the political parties, and almost half the people – so far who want an alternative political structure. This is a stage in a process, and in its clarity and scale a major advance.

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284 thoughts on “A Hard Night

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  • Trailblazer

    As an Englishman who emmigrated to Canada many years ago that still peruses the UK news from afar.
    The possibility of financial losses to the City of London made the outcome of this referendum a done deal before the first ballot was cast.
    The esablishment in the UK & around the world has too much power & money to lose.

  • Squonk

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar votes NO
    Votes %
    NO 10,544 53.42%
    YES 9,195 46.58%

    Electorate 22,908

    Turnout 86.25%

    Rejected ballots 19

  • Jim Paget

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Craig. I can only hope, that the “almost half the people”, can somehow keep this momentum going. That somehow, all of these amazing groups of people that have contributed to the YES campaign can come together and keep moving this cause forward. The “Establishment”, by that I mean the unholy collaboration of Westminister, big businesses and MSM, worked well against us and that is one multifaceted front that we need to tackle better in future.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    I didn’t bet against the bookies..but you are judging much too soon.

    The real results are not yet in…

    From the major centres of population..

    Its a numbers thing..you are just looking at the percentages of a very small sample…

    Wait for the count.


  • Creak crack

    This is only Hungary. Prague Spring and Solidarity and change in the terms of trade and Mauerfall, that’s yet to come. The most servile NATO satellite’s legitimacy is in shreds. You keep prying, we’ll keep prying and the cracks will spread.

  • Squonk


    The bookies have their own private exit polls it seems. Most have now closed betting but a NO vote was a “done deal” before they did. You could get almost 20:1 on a YES vote after polls closed.

    Still until larger regions come in these early projections could be fantasy in theory.

  • glenn_uk

    Jim: There’s a lot of truth in that. Westminster, big business & MSM. One thing this has done is really expose the stooges of the Establishment, because every one of them had to shill for a NO vote. Everyone who even pretended to be on the side of the people was forced to go out and perform. Crack the whip and the dog jumps.

    Gordon Brown has now twice debased himself – agreeing with Blair that he, too, would have invaded Iraq as PM. Now this. In a sane society, Brown would be dismissed in disgrace for poor judgement, over his admission he, too, would have invaded Iraq. Instead his word carries weight. Incredible.

  • alan campbell

    Thanks, Glenn. Reality bites, ‘eh?

    Not even a “Yes” in the Western Isles. This is going to be a wipe-out.

  • margaret mcneil

    It doesn’t help when bundles of Yes votes end up in beside the No votes in Clackmannanshire either. Cracking close up pic on twitter that shows mistakes have been made re counting.

  • Ishmael

    (In other words: “The people have spoken. The bastards.”)

    Or manipulated with fear, false info, a campaign almost run by the entire media obviously on the no side. (and it’s nonsense Murdock press really supported yes)

    I don’t know that i’v ever seen such a display, but i’v heard about it in south America. Considering all that it’s victory really.

    Lots of fear controlled people can be ‘convinced’ by such forces. But lot’s of them are not, and they are the well informed ones. The arguments and debates overwhelmingly won by yes.

  • John Goss

    4 results in and looking bad for the Yes campaign. If No wins then that is the wish of the electorate and, although I believe that independence could be good for England as well as Scotland, another part of me is proud of the union. It surprises me but if that is what Scotland wants it has my support as a committed democrat.

  • alan campbell

    Ah, yes. The people – they’re just manipulated, childish proles. What we need is a vanguard to tell them what to do.

  • dSquib

    I must say though Beeb is doing an inadvertently good job of the making the case for independence. They has a former US ambassador to NATO on now. Scotland must remain part of the Union to contribute to the forever war. Risible.

  • DomesticExtremist

    I know it’s early, but if No edges it, it will be a big win for
    the submissive void who were either too afraid to vote any other
    way or did not vote at all.

    It looks as though the swivelled eyed segment of the Tory Party is
    already gearing up to block the back-of-a-fag-packet home rule
    proposed on Monday. The Noes will be sold out within months.

    If, in the horrifying event of an EU referendum taking place, expect
    the Establishment to employ precisely the same tactics.

  • Ishmael

    “What we need is a vanguard to tell them what to do.”

    Just a media that does not distort in the most blatent way would be a start.

  • Kimbo

    Tonight is hard defending modern democracy, if the result was coming in as a yes it would be in spite of the negative campaign of the no camp and a 1% win would be worth a 15% win all things balanced. Things aren’t equal and we already know the media can affect elections massively. If despondency kicks in remember there are only 650 MP’s in the UK and 64 million people. Need £500 deposit but in a numbers game things can change.

  • Jives

    As the Labour party in Scotland celebrate tonight the stupid self-interested short-termist eejits dont realise theyve handed the Tories years of power and destruction to come.

    The absolute eejits.

    The Tories are the BIG winners tonight.

    They’ll even get you to buy the lube for the gargantuan shafting theyre about to administer to you Scotland.

    Thanks a million Scottish Labour,

  • dSquib

    Alright, whatever the result, Dundee just made me happy. A huge swing and only the 4th biggest population, though I know Edinburgh and Aberdeen will be tough to get.

  • BrianFujisan


    Heartening DUNDEE… You were right here Craig…Fucking Ashamed of Inverclyde…Scaremongering wins…outright Bullying.

  • dSquib

    Shame about Inverclyde but christ it was a 200 vote difference. Every vote is called a big YES or NO. The only decisive ones have been Orkney and Dundee, which everyone predicted anyway.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Squonk, Thanks for That..Ha Ha..Come on You are Already Feeling a bit Better..What a Fantastic Result..It ain’t over yet mate.

  • dSquib

    Got a wee bit excited, had a sinking feeling just as Midlothian came in. Very predictable outcome.

  • craig Post author

    Aah Dundee. My city (and squonk and juteman and sam and I think jives but I am not syre at this time of the morning). I love Dundee.

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