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  • doug scorgie

    Iain Orr
    15 Sep, 2014 – 12:59 pm

    “As Owen Jones notes in today’s Guardian, one key neo-lib project has full support from the Cameron and Salmond governments: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).”


    The TTIP is the most recent attempt at attacking national sovereignty and democracy by the global elite neocon capitalists.

    Democracy is their enemy.

    I was unaware of the SNP support for this treaty and it seems a YES or NO victory will make no difference to its imposition.

    However, the independence referendum is not about voting for the SNP. If independence is achieved Scottish voters will have the chance to select their own government and it should be a priority for activists to highlight this anti-democratic measure and demand that a Scottish government will not sign up to it.

    However I fear it may be too late.

  • Mary

    No surprise here.

    ‘Scottish independence: Pro-Union ‘No’ receives most campaign cash
    The Electoral Commission has published its final set of figures for cash raised

    The pro-Union group Better Together raised more cash during the Scottish independence referendum campaign than the “Yes” side, official figures show.

    According to the Electoral Commission, the “No” campaign raised a total of £2.7m. Yes Scotland raised £1.8m.

    The final set of figures show £120,000 was given to the “Yes” side in September by William Tait Senior and ex-RBS chairman Sir George Mathewson.

    The pro-union group Let’s Stay Together was given £10,000 by Joe Hemani.

    The total amounts raised reflects donations made to both campaigns during the official Electoral Commission reporting period from 18 December 2013 to 5 September 2014.’


  • Mary

    A message of inspiration from Rhisiart, a commenter on Medialens.

    This happened to me once before, when I was five. Britain elected a[n Old] Labour gov. The raj were outraged; dumbstruck. How could this have happened. They had assumed that quite inevitably, it would be Churchill (This was 1945!). But the oiks said: ‘No! Feck off! We insist on serious change!’ (though more politely, of course).

    There was that famous joke: County Lady: “They’ve gorn and elected a Labour government. The country will never stand for it!”

    I know I’m wishful thinking, nearly seventy years later, but am I sensing that same wonderful scent again? Really, I mean; as well as the wishful thinking!

    I bloodywell hope so!

    I can scarcely believe that the enemies of all the Brit commons – the raj-class – could have been so blind, so dim-witted; but they seemed not to have cottoned to what was happening. Not until the last minute. And then there erupted the hilarious rushing and screeching about, as they finally caught up with what YES SCOTLAND, the SNP, Tommy S and friends have all been seeing plainly, more and more, for months: what the ProviIRA commentators used to call ‘a risen people’.

    Not too much to hope to get two such ‘festivals of the people’ in one lifetime, is it?

    YES SCOTLAND ON THURSDAY! (And YES England, Cymru, Kernow, and Eire ASAP thereafter, like dominoes!) ‘

    Posted by Rhisiart Gwilym on September 15, 2014, 3:48 pm

  • Ben

    “Then again, perhaps Aaronovitch has a point. If you remove core principles, policies and rhetoric from the equation, it does become increasingly difficult to tell UKIP and the SNP apart.”


    The Devil is in the details. As I’ve said, the Grand Experiment (US) of democratic republics has had nearly 2 1/2 centuries to display it’s wares.

    If YES prevails, there’s a lot of details you’ll have to trust to the politicians.

  • Miss Castello

    Stumbled across this. Odd timing.


    “acknowledges that these hospitals were set up despite a severe lack of support from the British War Office”


    Note the “severe lack of support”. What’s changed?

  • Vronsky

    Fantasy: collect the trolls here, and bring them down to Airdrie Bottom Cross to talk to the women.

  • Mary

    If anyone is interested Agent Cameron is about to speak from Aberdeen on the news channels Freeview 130/132 under the banner ‘Let’s Stick Together’. LOL

    Big build up on Sky News.

  • Ben

    Centralized governance is the fly in the ointment, as well as human nature from an Aristotelian point of view. But if local communities cobble their share of tax revenue into local government with committees comprised of citizens with local interests and their decisions are vetted by the populace, it is empowering and diminishes the impact of remote politicos with little understanding of how their global subterfuge works to disadvantage the average person.

  • Mochyn69

    15 Sep, 2014 – 4:40 pm

    Thanks so much for re-posting Rhisiart Gwilym’s message from Medialens. It needs to be said again and again and again.

    I feel sorry for good old Ming Campbell, blowing the trumpet for that long held basic Liberal tenet of British federalism and constitutional reform, whilst placing himself firmly in the No camp.

    Ming, liberate your principles, say YES on Thursday. It’s the only way you can guarantee bringing about real reform to polity in the British Isles.

    Scotland, say YES! And yes, Rhisiart, YES England, Cymru, Kernow, and Eire ASAP thereafter in short order.

  • Mochyn69

    “and yes I said yes and I will yes”

    After all the torment, after all the troubles of the day – James Joyce wanted to end Ulysses on “the most positive word in the English language”. He had always been quite sure that he wanted to end Ulysses in this manner – especially the last word.

    Scotland, say YES, the most positive word in the English language!

  • Dan Huil

    Project Fear has been all about intimidation. It knew that people who took the time to study the issues involved in independence would probably come out for Yes. It knew it had to concentrate on those who, for a number of reasons, didn’t bother to find out the relevant knowledge. These people are the easiest to intimidate. That’s why Project Fear, right up until Thursday, will continue to put all its efforts into scare-mongering.

  • Mary

    Fortuitously a friend called just as AC was about to hold forth so I missed it.

    He was attempting a BLiar manoeuvre at the end with both arms held out in Messiah mode. Looked as phoney as hell. That was in the segment shown on the news.

    Referendum: PM Makes Final Appeal In Scotland
    A No vote would mean “real change”, with major new powers for Scotland on tax, spending and welfare, says the Prime Minister.http://news.sky.com/story/1336332/referendum-pm-makes-final-appeal-in-scotland

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Queen Elizabeth clearly blew it when she interfered in the voting by urging Scots to think carefully before voting about the future – what clearly implied that Yes voters were being impetuous about their alleged future rather than that of the UK.

    Should have stuck to the constitutional conventions concerning the Crown.

  • Peacewisher

    I heard (or suffered) it on Radio 5, so missed the gestures. Afterwards, Peter Allen brought on Tommy Sheridan “for balance”. Took him about 20 seconds to cut DC down to size. Felt better after that.

  • Just saying

    YESSSS ! its a NO brainer, that the THREE time general election winner for Labour ex-PM Tony Bliar has been AFRAID to set foot in Scotland says it all. Or do the bravehearts still need Mandela to arise from his grave to tell em.

  • Fedup

    More West “haters” on their hobby horse

    No it is not a Muslim cleric, or extremist, or a Putin’s personal assistant, and for sure he is not antisemi

    In the book he describes English culture as “pathologically violent” and criticises British boozing and uncleanliness.

    Magueijo relates an episode from his time as a don at the University of Cambridge in which a female student vomited during a formal dinner and continued eating, drinking and ‘shouting nonsense as if nothing had happened’.

    “When you visit English homes, or the toilets at schools or in student lodgings, they are all so disgusting that even my grandmother’s poultry cage is cleaner,” Magueijo writes.

    The secret is out by the looks of it, all these immigrants who came over here and got bashed, are now letting the cat of the bag and spilling the beans internationally.

  • Anon1


    Are you serious? The only reason the BBC gave Tommy Sheridan an interview because he is guaranteed to come across as a complete nut. And didn’t he perform well!


    Tony M

    As someone who believes in “no planes theory” and that the WTC was brought down by “mini-nukes”,

    Actually I’ll just leave that there.

  • Resident Dissident

    Just a hint to Ben, socialists libertarian or otherwise do not do holocaust denial or links to silly Rothchilds sites. Be careful when you grow up you may become like Uncle John Goss.

  • Ben

    Some here are quite happy with the status quo, despite facile objections to the contrary. Being a grown up must mean becoming sclerotic but only for those who are already too old to change.

  • David Coventry

    More Camoron crap:

    “The borders we have would become international and may no longer be so easily crossed”

    What, like passing from England to France, France to Spain, for example? Oh well, let’s stay and be shafted by Westminster for another 307 years, just so we don’t have to go through border posts.

    “For any banks that remain in Scotland, it would mean if they ever got into trouble it would be Scottish taxpayers alone that would bear the cost.”

    What, as if Scottish tax-payers DIDN’T participate in the disgusting bailout of the banks in 2009, to the tune of, according to the Telegraph, hardly known for its left-wing views, of £4,350 per family?

    The country (Britain) “had only become Great Britain because of the greatness of Scotland”.

    That’s right Davey – and why shouldn’t they be great on their own?

    “Great” Britain can go back to its more appropriate name of “Britain”, in these post imperialist days (or are they?).

    If Scotland votes “Yes”, here’s a possible future scenario of the demise of the current political setup, which Westminster won’t like very much:

    1) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    2) The United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland.
    3) The United Kingdom of Britain.
    4) The United Kingdom of … um … oh, just England then.

    Maybe it would just be easier for the rest of the U.K. (as it stands today) to declare Westminster and the City independent, so that the rest of us can build a decent society, perhaps with the seat of government starting in Manchester, and gradually spreading out so that there are a number of manageable states with full transparency, so that people can keep an eye on the shoddier aspects of humanity, like greed.

    “Utterly heart-broken to wake up on Friday morning to the end of the country we love.”

    Please! Only one thing to say Dave, in response to your ‘love’ – Oil.

    “Vote to save our United Kingdom.”

    I say, vote to save the self determination of 6 million individuals. Fuck the nation state. The “United Kingdom” is many things, but “united” is not one of them. No doubt about it, things in Scotland will be difficult with the “Yes” vote, but people in Scotland will rise to the occasion, of course!

  • Ba'al Zevul (Blair's Bane)

    YESSSS ! its a NO brainer, that the THREE time general election winner for Labour ex-PM Tony Bliar has been AFRAID to set foot in Scotland says it all

    Sorry to prick your bubble, but the reason Tony Blair hasn’t been near Scotland is that his first election victory was on the back of Scottish votes given in exchange for the promise of a devolved parliament. Explaining why he is on the same side as Cameron, who refused the devomax option, would be tricky. Though it has to be said his popularity in Scotland is approximately that of rabies, and even he might have noticed that.

    Also, he was in Indonesia and Malaysia this week, uttering platitudes at £££ a word on education and what Islam can do for globalisation, as well as Ukraine, where Pinchuk had dragged him to waffle about reconciliation. You know, guys, like his wonderful work reconciling the Israelis with the Gazans? Probably not for free, either. On the 18th, he’ll be in the US, but it’s still just possible someone will pay him enough to venture north between now and then – fingers crossed.

    I’m beginning to think Yes may carry the day, even without Blair for No. And No will pull out the rest of its dirty tricks in order to subvert as far as possible the kind of independence Scotland will perhaps get. That’s when the real struggle begins, make no mistake.

  • Muscleguy


    Sigh, so no tourists visit Versailles over 200 years after the Sun King left? or the Summer and Winter palaces in Petersburg nearly a century after the Romanoffs were removed?

    This idea that the tourists would stop coming is and always will be bollocks. As is the figure you quoted, some creative accounting there in terms of what constitutes ‘royal tourism’.

    Also in terms of bangs for bucks, we could go for a Dutch or Scandinavian cycling monarchy and save a packet on the money per head and still get the tourists in under your delusion. So why don’t we?

    In reality a president on the Irish or German model would cost a pittance in comparison. They could still use Buck house as an official residence and the guard can still parade ceremonially outside. French soldiers still wear antique uniforms around the Élysée Palace for a democratic president.

  • Fedup


    what was so bad about sh*tistan that your mother gave birth to you here?

    Yet another deviant zionist vermin, who is allowed to insult and plaster racist and hateful material and get away with it!

    Moderators, unless Jon is still there and covering up for these zionist vermin, what values does this zionist scum add to this board, who should be allowed to pour hatred and openly racist material and still hang around this place?

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