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  • Just saying

    @DD – After Independence the diehard Scots labour voters might find they can have REAL socialism in an Independent Scotland rather than the hypocritical New Labour “bomb Iraq” Westminster version. Just a thought to convince them, they must also know by now that crypto millipede IS GOING going to do a “socialist”hollande and take us to war, using our money in aid of an eretz israel campaign that bibi has been itching to kick off. Bibi doesnt believe in Jesus, he wants to hasten the arrival of a “Moliech”, at least that was the rabid Rabbi Ovadia’s wish – may that chosenite racist spin in his grave forever until the Fire consumes him.

  • Jay

    And the abolition of private propertyownership? being the fundamental tenet.

    Didn’t Aristotle say it was the state beurocratz that were to relinquish there right to ownership as of there position.
    Good luck with vote lets hope it can bring austerity among the obtuse and not the oblique, and guide more of us to work.

  • Iain Orr

    As Owen Jones notes in today’s Guardian, one key neo-lib project has full support from the Cameron and Salmond governments: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/14/ttip-deal-british-sovereignty-cameron-ukip-treaty

    So, the next major treaty with huge implications for public services throughout the geographical area of Great Britain and Northern Ireland promises to be lose-lose for radical politics and economics, whichever way the referendum goes. As the Cypriot proverb puts it: “If the stone falls on the egg, so much worse for the egg; if the egg falls on the stone, so much worse for the egg!”

  • passerby

    private propertyownership

    Anyone reading the ubiquitous Adam smith, will note that he is at pains to establish ownership and postulate about private ownership concept.

    This is a relatively recent development, that is somehow being pushed as the de facto tenets of any social construct. The zeal with which this concept is universally pushed and iterated and reiterated, ought to be good enough for any thinking sentient entity to question the validity of such claims and the motivation in the thrust of the propaganda surrounding this concept.

    “Marxism” is another label like “Islam”, “terrorism” …… any mere hints of these labels render the target to be abhorrent, and unacceptable; fishwife logic at it’s best.

  • paul

    The one way to guarantee the monstrous TTIP is to vote no. If you vote yes, you can then vote for the party that rejects it.
    One battle at a time.

  • Abe Rene

    Would that be

    Waverley, New South Wales, a local government area and suburb of Sydney
    Waverley, Tasmania, a suburb of Launceston
    Waverley, Western Australia, an abandoned goldfields town also known as Siberia
    Waverley, Otago, a suburb of Dunedin
    Waverley, Taranaki, a small town in Taranaki
    Waverley, Johannesburg
    Waverley, Bloemfontein
    Waverley, Pretoria
    Waverley, Rotherham, a region of Rotherham, England
    Waverley, Surrey, a borough in England Waverley Abbey, after which the borough is named
    Waverley (Marriottsville, Maryland), listed on the NRHP in Maryland
    Waverley (Morgantown, Maryland), listed on the NRHP in Maryland
    Waverley, a neighborhood in Belmont, Massachusetts
    Waverley (West Point, Mississippi), listed on the NRHP in Mississippi
    Waverley Historic District (Enid, Oklahoma), listed on the NRHP in Oklahoma
    Waverley, Nova Scotia, a former village that is now a part of the Halifax Regional Municipality

    * OR EVEN *

    Edinburgh Waverley railway station, the main railway station in Edinburgh, Scotland 🙂

  • fool

    JG Guido Fawkes is highlighting a number of issues with project fear and undermining it eg see his post on the Manx pound or the Simpsons says yes or how the flag will not have to disappear.

  • passerby

    Just in;

    The yes voters ought to know that in the event of a yes victory they can no longer rely on their haggis being safe. The latest data provided by some very imminent scientists and incredibly clever people (names withheld in case the yes terrorist attack them) are indicative of exploding haggis that will leave every Burns night in total disarray. and the Scottish NHS will not be able to cope with the victims of exploding haggis.

  • mark golding

    ——————-UK Security services in Scotland.———————

    We must remember after the Glasgow Airport ‘bombing’ MI5 planned a Scottish base in Glasgow to target terrorists in addition to Scotlands First Minister, receiving regular briefings from MI5.

    The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland has always maintained it was “not policy” to “comment on operational matters concerning a key partner agency[MI5] with whom we enjoy an excellent working relationship”.


    When Gordon Brown relieved Blair as UK Prime Minister, it was essential for him to take the WoT pill. Ex Royal Marine and Glasgow airport hero John Smeaton provided the glass of water:


    THE SNP should abandon proposals to emulate the UK’s security and intelligence services if Scotland becomes independent. Why would Scotland mimic a worm-like, beguiling and underhanded British security agency?

    Essentially I am convinced Scotland must have a high priority obedient, honest and trustworthy approach to intelligence able to penetrate the rUK game-plan and subterfuge outlined for an autonomous Scotland.

  • doug scorgie

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    14 Sep, 2014 – 4:17 pm

    “…Lucy in, the sky with diamonds…”



    Did you use it Habbabkuk?

  • doug scorgie

    14 Sep, 2014 – 5:16 pm

    “The Royals are akin to parasites, their not even a symbiotic parasite, they just take take take.”

    “Ought to feel at home in Scotchland then.”


    Racist comments are not welcome on this blog.

  • JG

    Further evidence of Murdoch’s likely intentions is The Scottish edition of The Sun on Sunday. The cover featured photos of campaigners on the street. The photo of the Yes crowd was way bigger than that of the No people. It can only be a matter of time before a Vote Yes front page. He backs winners and what I’m seeing on the street makes a No victory seem unlikely. I suspect a No victory would stun the population here. We all know No voters but they are dropping in number daily and already seem way outnumbered. The hold-outs seem to be people who don’t want to see beyond the bubble of the MSM who are losing credibility that they’ll struggle to regain.

    Thankfully the overconfidence of the Westminster mob has been so great it’s unlikely they could create sufficient fraud in the postal vote to swing it. No voters are very thin on the ground. At the local No stand yesterday the activists were mostly talking amongst themselves. In contrast the two Yes stands were mobbed and cars were going by blaring horns when they saw Yes flags. I’m sleeping easier… not long now.

    WTF was Andrew Neil doing describing an ISIS person as having a southern Britain accent?? Does Neil have a northern Britain accent?

  • Jay

    @ passerby

    Can you explain in simple terms please I am getting my have, which, what and wherefores mixed up.

  • passerby

    Can you explain in simple terms please I am getting my have, which, what and wherefores mixed up.

    Yes= Goodbye normal haggis!
    yes= Hello exploding haggis!

    Clear enough now?

  • Republicofscotland

    I see “Golden Balls” has put has weighed in on the no side, the man with a voice that sounds like he’s been getting drunk on the laughing gas,has urged Scots to remain under union rule, whilst he watches our demise from his LA home. Errm! no thanks Becks.

  • doug scorgie

    Some very unhappy letter writers in the Daily Telegraph today: The Scots should never have been given the independence referendum in the first place; if it’s a NO vote they [the Scots] should never again be allowed such a vote…and other variations.

    All but one letter writer living in England.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile, old vinegar t*ts Queen Lizzie, her grandson Harry Hewitt, turns 30 today, (30 years of taxpayer pampering),Harry inherits a share of his mother’s multi-million pound fortune today.

    He’ll never need to work a day in his life, nor worry about the every day problems, that face your average person.

  • Republicofscotland

    A bit of Tory tourism today, with David Cameron flying into north east Scotland, to preach to a handpicked bunch of acolytes, Cameron will emphasis, that once independent there’s no going back, who in their right mind would want to back.

  • Republicofscotland

    Lord Reid, and Johann Lamont, strolling along the Clydeside today, warning shipbuilders that independence, will be bad for the industry, Hmm! lets see, pre 1970 there were 70.000 shipbuilders on the Clyde, that number halved by the 80’s now there’s less than 5000 shipbuilders on the Clyde.

    It would appear that the worst thing for Scottish shipbuilders, is to stay in the union.

  • doug scorgie

    Resident Dissident
    14 Sep, 2014 – 10:43 pm

    “But it is a mountain that we must climb – and I suspect it will be all the steeper without the help of our Scottish colleagues.”


    You don’t understand ResDis, or you pretend not to. The mountain that is too steep to climb is the Westminster/corporate ruling elite that is wholly resistant to change and has a stranglehold on UK democracy.

    That Westminster/corporate ruling elite will be weakened by Scottish independence hence the mountain remaining in rUK will be less high and less steep for the English and Welsh to climb.

    Remember, democracy is the enemy of the powerful.

  • Vronsky

    Out on the street today, our usual thing. Something new: many unionist activists, people we’ve never seen before. They have English and Welsh accents and struggle comically with the locals, even those who agree with them. And their wee puzzled faces! How can it be that so many people don’t agree with them, when they know they are right?

    But it started to rain, and they left.

  • Just saying

    Its incredible, we have a Scottish Labour Party that has thrown its weight behind a crypto Milliband who is bent on destroying the bloc power of the Unions that ironically gave him the leadership position in preference to the traitor brother who is now being groomed in the US as a NWO operative. And all to leave his FOIs as the ONLY organised force within the labour movement.

    If it wasnt sick enough, we then have the spectre of the type of French crypto socialist “we should have bombed Assad and ISIL would not have arisen” Hollande, actually leading the country to war for his eretz israel ilk after the 2015 election to be won with a major Scottish component. And all thanks to Scots labourites who hate Salmond more than they love independence that Burns and Wallace craved for. Its so comical it makes me think they are even MORE dumb than the meat-pie eating Mancunian labour stalwarts awash in buggery,hypocrisy and scargillery !!

  • Ben

    Nuking the YES vote.


    ” “The great leverage that Alex Salmond currently has over the British Government is the location of our nuclear defence base at Faslane. If the vote is Yes, we should move heaven and earth to move all our submarines out of Faslane as quickly as possible.

    “We must decide how important, in the short term, the word independence is in terms of our nuclear deterrent. After all, we rely on the US for our missiles and for an awful lot of intelligence. Would it make a huge amount of difference if we asked the US if we could use a base to place our nuclear deterrent there as a temporary measure?

    “We could easily run Trident from the US for ten years, and prepare the rest of the UK for whatever the follow on might be.”

    The Clyde naval base is currently the largest single employment site in Scotland, currently responsible for 6,700 jobs though this is set to increase to 8,200 jobs.”

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