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92 thoughts on “Rusbridger’s Scottish Lands

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  • Hetty

    The self interest, and corruption is rife. Don’t know how these squirts sleep at night. Oh yeh they lack empathy and it would be more likely we would see hell freeze over before they could understand the word, conscience. Have not bought or read the Grundy for their lies for 2 years, in fact the whole idea of state sponsored, big corporation sponsored media, seems quite alien and bizarre.
    Why do people think to be told what to believe is normal? (not talking about grass roots, backed up info from non corporation or state supported media of course!).

  • Ben

    “The working class must first take possession of the organised political power of the state and by its aid crush the resistance of the capitalist class and organise society anew”.

    (Friedrich Engels: Letter to Philipp van Patten, 18 April 1883, in: Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels: ‘Selected Correspondence: 1846-1895′; London; 1943; p. 416-417).

    “The task of the proletariat . . . is to seize State power. . . . The seizure of state power means the destruction of the State apparatus of the bourgeoisie and the organisation of a new proletarian apparatus of power. This new apparatus of power should embody the dictatorship of the working class… that is, it should be the instrument for the systematic suppression of the exoloiting classes and for their expropriation. . . . The dictatorship of the proletariat must be the lever for the immediate expropriation of capital and for the abolition of private property in the means of production and their transformation into national property”.

    (Invitation to the 1st Congress of the Communist International, in: Jane Degras (Ed.): ‘The Communist International: 1919-1943: Documents’, Volume 1; London; 1971; p. 2)

  • Fedup

    Can anyone inherit, land or anything, from his wife’s parents?

    Nitpicking, and overlooking; for better or worse, and for bald or sporting a wig, and so forth. also entail the wifely goods, chattel and land will be also at the disposal of the husband too.

  • Fedup

    Telecoms groups set to warn of cost rises if ‘yes’ vote triumphs

    All that shouting to and fro across the boarder evidently means a rise in the cost of use of throat lozenges I suppose!

    Is there any disaster that will not befall Scotland if the yes vote triumphed? That would be perhaps a more brief and to the point list, instead of the litany of disasters that are surfacing on an hourly rate.

    The cocktail party of the two hundred business people in No 10 seems to have yielded an awful lot of disasters that had remained undiscovered, and dormant heretofore.

  • craig Post author


    If you believe married people each retain their own property and the assets in the marriage are not held in common, you have never been divorced.

  • Just saying

    The NO campaign has been exposed as being as fake as Rusbridgers jet black toupe! There is a trillion pound bonanza awaiting the Scots, despite the £2 trillion worth of oil already extracted, their remains further 60% still to be extracted, awaiting the well known Scots ingenuity. Salmond is an oil economist who knows all the numbers, really even the economic case is a no brainer, as well as well as the emotional Wallace one

  • CanSpeccy


    No declaration of interest from Rusbridger in Guardian pro-union editorial over Benshie estate he stands to inherit through his wife

    Why should he make such a declaration. Are rights of inheritance to be abolished in an independent Scotland? Is ownership of property to be abolished in an independent Scotland?

    You said the other day no one was to know or had a right ask what the policy of the government of a newly independent Scotland would be, yet you seem to have some pretty good idea that what’s coming up is a Commie dictatorship.

    Let’s hear more about it.

  • kathy

    It will be a democracy so how does anyone know for sure since it will be the decision of the Scottish people.

  • Felipe


    I’ve been married.and divorced, but might be too quickly. Did not have time to inherit anything.

    Still if the referendum does not change inheritance law I do not see how one could be bias towards one or another outcome depending on what ones spouse is set to inherit.

    PS: in my country, Spain, the inheritances do not enter the common assets of the marriage. I just looked it up.

  • Paul Rigby

    The CIA’s pipeline to British “liberals” headed by a man with an awful wig and a vested interest in preserving the status quo in Scotland – what’s not to loathe?

    I abandoned The Observer over Iraq: I ceased buying even the Guardian’s Saturday paper, a sentimental vestige of my youthful naivety, over Ukraine.

    I’m quids in and miles better informed.

  • Just saying

    @CanSpeccy – the con man needs to be stripped of ALL property rights in Scotland after Independence, if only for never having sprayed a touch of grey into that jet black toupe, IMHO !

  • kathy


    No-one can say for sure what the new inheritance laws will be so therefore he does have an interest in maintaining the quo.

  • CanSpeccy

    It will be a democracy so how does anyone know for sure since it will be the decision of the Scottish people.

    Oh, so this is the secret of Scotland’s superior democracy is it: no election manifestos, no one to say what they’ll do when they have power.

    But how are people supposed to decide who to vote for? They’ll just vote for Salmond because he’s a good egg?

    But what if a crypto Nazi, or a crypto Commie, Craig Murray perhaps, seems an even better egg?

    Sounds insane to me.

  • kathy

    Of course there will be election manifestos. We won’t have elections for two years so without a chrystal ball we can’t know what will be in them. Meanwhile there will be a constitution drawn up which is more than the undemocratic UK has.

  • CanSpeccy


    the con man needs to be stripped of ALL property rights in Scotland after Independence

    He may be a con man — writing for the Guardian is certainly suggestive — but are you saying Scotland after independence will adopt lynch law. I mean, if you strip every bastard of their property you’ll have no propertied class at all, which is to say you’ll have a Commie dictatorship. Is that what people in Scotland really want?

    Wasn’t Adam Smith who said that the legal protection of property is a necessary condition of civilized life and general prosperity?

  • Just saying

    Did I spot a post by habba disdainfully say that “halal haggis and mash” would become the national dish of an Independent Scotland ?! The “NO”nsters will sink to even further depths towards the 18th finish line. We await with bated breath.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Just Saying

    “Did I spot a post by habba disdainfully say that “halal haggis and mash” would become the national dish of an Independent Scotland ?!”

    Don’t think so, old chap. Are you having visions? Or was it just a (wet) dream?

  • Tony M

    Who would have guessed subversive pamphleteer Rusbridger is a secret jock, his wig reversible and decidely ginger-tinged underneath, pseudo-Scots by fortuitous inbreeding with the robber-baron class. Is he leaving the laughing-stock accessory to certain illegal wars and human turkey-shoots, the louse-infested shipwreck that is the Guardian, and heading to take charge of his ‘estate’ personally, as the New Laird, or will he go down (further) with his editorship? Could he be considering doing a ‘Tony Blair’ and become an outlaw and exile, roaming the earth interminably, or in hiding, a self-made monster? Close tabs should be kept on this Rusbridger fellow, incase he tries to make a run for it.

    With the spate of multinationals, retailers, all telling us all the sky will fall in and we’ll have to travel to Doncaster to purchase mince, I’m surprised that Northern Ireland’s loyalist drug-running gangs have not got in on the act, “Vote Naw, or we’ll cut off supplies of recreational drugs”. Even the police would express dismay at such a dastardly move, which could cut deeply into their lucrative profit-sharing schemes.

    Noticed Labour shunted a sleeper train-load (all paid on expenses) of mostly unknown English Westminster Labour MPs, into Glasgow, to drown out their own wilted leader Miliband by shouting ironically “Scotland (which they don’t represent) says no” over his own as illogical and incoherent but fortunately almost inaudible froth; they all were also totally heckled hilariously by some guy on a bike, who ripped the piss out the lot of them on their grand march, it must have felt to them, like Jarrow to London, going from train station, to round the corner a wee bit. Ed then cut short his address, the centrepiece of the whole charade, to just a few goldfish mouthing gestures, as his own posse and hinger-ons understandably felt the incongruity and shame of their position and became uncomfortable, noisy and unruly, before scuttling back train station-wards in small groups, a few every few minutes to avoid being identified as ‘Labour(ish)’ scum, then southwards in joy at escape from the roaring Scottish lion’s den, Miliband reporting his great success to his second self, his mentor and master: Big Chief Ed Sitting Balls, and the rest of them looking to join the FibDems or proper Tories, once the coast is clear, and the deed-poll name changes are formalised.

    That Donald Dewar statue gives me the creeps, a new home should be found for it, a new home at the bottom of the Clyde, if not harmful to the fish or a hazard to shipping. There are quite a few other butchers-in-bronze cluttering up George (Osborne?) Square, at the Glasgow Kremlin, that could accompany this green monstrosity to the murky depths.

  • Just saying

    @CanSpeccy – they can come to that grave decision at Holyrood after debating how much grey , if at all, he has been spraying onto his jet black toupe. Perhaps Rusbridger might even put up the defence it was part of his presstitute employment contract, all tongue in cheek of course !

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “No declaration of interest from Rusbridger in Guardian pro-union editorial over Benshie estate he stands to inherit through his wife, daughter of Lord Mackie.”

    Your point, Craig?

    The only possible point I see is if you think inheritance law might change in a future independent Scotland. Have you any reason to think that this will happen?

  • CanSpeccy

    @ Kathy:

    We won’t have elections for two years …

    The whole point of a referendum on independence is to give the government of Scotland powers to do what it cannot do now. So how can people intelligently vote in a referendum if they have no idea how those new powers will be used. Obviously, the intention is to use those new power in ways that they are not used by the present government of the UK, otherwise there would be no point in independent. Therefore it is sophistry to pretend that the independence referendum is not in effect an election, that is to say a choice between the status quo and something different. Therefore, the difference should be stated.

    Of course the “Yes” won’t state the difference because if they did lots of people who like the sound of the word “independence” would not like the difference. So then the “No” would be sure to win. So the “Yes” campaign is fraudulent, an appeal merely to sentiment, with reference to fact, reason or intelligence.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    Tony M

    “That Donald Dewar statue gives me the creeps, a new home should be found for it, a new home at the bottom of the Clyde, if not harmful to the fish or a hazard to shipping.”

    I’m happy to hear that there is still shipping on the Clyde, even if no ship building. But that’ll all change in an independent Scotland, won’t it.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    CanSpeccy (23h39)

    Some unanswerable points there!

    I look forward to see if anyone essays a calm and reasoned rebuttal rather than either ignoring or insulting you.

    Captain Komodo (cashiered), perhaps?

  • kathy


    The Scottish Government published a white paper outlining their proposals for what sort of country Scotland would be. The emphasis was on fairness and justice in a social democratic set-up. There are campaigners for independence of all political stripes which no doubt will be coming up with their own manifestos for elections. These include the Green Party, Radical Independence, Scottish Socialist Party along with the SNP and no doubt others would also eventually appear such as Craig himself. We are not a bunch of loonies unlike the bunch that are running the UK.

  • Just saying

    @Kathy – I thought the NOnsters were monsters only, r u saying they are loonies too?!! But you can be sure about one thing, there will NEVER be a jimmy savile grooming an entire Independent Scotland (like he did the UK) and buggering its young boys and corpses.

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