Jack Straw – The Guilty Man Lies 292

My RT interview today giving eyewitness evidence that Jack Straw is lying about his personal complicity in torture. Straw has been allowed to lie repeatedly about his on UK media for the past 24 hours, as have other British establishment figures. Despite the fact that it is infamous that I was sacked by Straw for blowing the whistle on CIA torture, and the undeniable documentary evidence of this, not one UK media outlet has allowed me to contradict Straw. I have contacted every major British news outlet and been blanked by every one.

‘CIA will continue torture with help of mediators’ – UK’s former envoy to Uzbekistan

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292 thoughts on “Jack Straw – The Guilty Man Lies

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    [craigmurray.org.uk – this comment got stuck in the spam filter]

    I am sure you are not surprised but it is utterly despicable. That politicians will lie and deceive for gain or to preserve their public image is bad enough – that the media will allow them to do so time and again really takes the cake.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Perhaps a major news outlet might become interested if the UK angle to this gains in media amplitude over the next few days.

    How about Georges Galloway using Parliamentary privilege?

  • Ben the Inquisitor

    Nice work Craig. All the co-conspiritors want this to die a natural death. I do hope you write an Op-Ed for submission to the Scotsman on their abbreviated story. I think you could shame them into publication. RT obviously would not be your first choice, but keep your head above the parapet. Cheers.

  • Abe Rene

    There is one way in which people who lie can be brought to justice. The next generation might not have the same loyalty to them as their contemporaries who agreed to censor anything that incriminates them out of publicly available documents, and so they might find themselves in a similar position to Pinochet, with the difference that a future prosecutor might not listen to any sob story.

  • James

    I’m so glad we have the Russians to help us with broadcasting via their RT channel. We’d miss out on a lot of news if we had to rely on just British news channels.

  • lysias

    London Review of Books? They published Seymour Hersh’s two articles exonerating Assad’s government for the sarin gas when Hersh’s regular outlet, the New Yorker, would not publish them.

    Which suggests the idea: if Hersh was able to get his pieces published in the UK, maybe Craig should go abroad. Ireland? Australia? South Africa? India?

  • boindub

    Craig sorry to be off topic BUT GOOD NEWS

    09:01 Wednesday 10 December 2014

    The Dail (Irish Patliament) last night voted in favour of the government recognising the State of Palestine based on its 1967 borders – before Israeli occupation. The Senate has already voted for it
    All parties in the Dail supported the Sinn Fein motion during Private Members time in the Dail.
    The government parties backed the motion saying that they were in favour of a two state solution for Israel and Palestine.
    Labour’s Jed Nash said that passing the motion was an important step in what will be a long process for Palestinian Statehood:
    Last month the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan, said Ireland might recognise a Palestinian state if it helped to advance the peace process in the Middle East.
    Currently eight EU states recognise Palestine as a state, with Sweden the most recent to adopt the stance and the first to do so while an EU member state.
    There is widespread recognition of Palestine as a state across Asia, Africa and South America, but far less within the EU and North America.
    Jewish opposition has predictably started

  • nevermind

    contacted channel4 and newsnight today asking them to re address the facts as they are now know. Not even a receipt or acknowledgement of my email, to say that the TV broadcasters are in any way different and deserve their public broadcasting license, would be quiet a stark assumption.

  • Republicofscotland

    I see Alexander Litvinenko’s alleged killer is on the loose again.

    Andrei Lugovoi is reported to be working for a Russian TV crew, his present whereabouts is unknown.

    Well done Craig hopefully you’ll feel just a little bit vindicated by the outing of CIA torture.

  • Ed

    Foreign outlets might be as good a place as any to remind people of your story.

    Even if there’s virtually no chance that the US or UK will arrest and prosecute the torture overseers, other countries might. Now the record has been made even clearer, the more people that know about obligations under international law, the greater the chances that those who were at the top get Pinocheted.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “Jewish opposition has predictably started”

    I thought people of your persuasion always took care to differentiate between Jews, Israelis and Zionists?

    Mask slipping again?

  • Mary

    Breaking. Alan Rusbridger to step down as editor-in-chief of UK’s Guardian newspaper in summer 2015 after 20 years

    Good riddance.

  • Republicofscotland

    “I thought people of your persuasion”


    What exactly do you mean by “your persuasion” it sounds to as though it could be construed as racist, was that your intent,? and if so was it because the Irish Parliament’s actions offends your wildly skewed principles, that Palestine shouldn’t be recognised, as you often attack anyone who defends them against Israel.

  • Richard

    Straw has brought enduring shame to this nation. Unfortunately, he isn’t alone. More unfortunately still, people of that nature seem to gravitate towards politics and the voters keep putting crosses next to their names. After all, Straw has always been the was he is since before he was cutting his teeth in the Student’s Union. I know it’s a while since Craig Murray blew the whistle on him (and paid rather a high price for it) but it really is a bit late now for the voters to decide he’s a wrong ‘un and, in fact, it’s not even clear that most of them have. Frankly, I’m at a loss to know what the answer is!

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “…Irish Parliament’s actions offends your wildly skewed principles, that Palestine shouldn’t be recognised..”

    As Mr Scorgie would say, can you provide links and references for that assertion?

    And thank you for replying on behalf of “Boindub”. You are progressing and I look forward to seeing you reply on your own behalf in the near future.

  • Republicofscotland

    Bloody BBC they’re nothing but broadcasters for the state, spewing out their propaganda, Scotland saw the darkside of the state broadcaster during the Scottish referendum, with biased reports, and extra airtime for anything unionist.

    The national press, and other radio and TV broadcasters are/were just as complicit as the BBC, in anything the state deems harmful to the goals of those in power.

    Worst of all is the manufactured and neatly package stories broadcast and printed,to persuade the public to approve those in powers plans, it doesn’t matter whether these stories are true or not, as long as the message gets across.

    We are being duped on a global scale, in order, that those in power achieve their sinister goals, and at a heavy human, and moral, cost.

  • Republicofscotland


    Again I’ll ask you, what do you mean by your statement, “People of your persuasion.”

    Are you resolute enough, to explain your contentious remark?

  • CanSpeccy

    Good to see the Russian state devoting some of its tiny shrinking GDP to exposing the crimes of the Empire.

    But I wonder, what do the Russians do with their whistle blowers? Just a bullet still? That would be an economical solution best suited to their straightened economic circumstances.

    Of course the way Americans do things, even torture, with great elaboration and complication, explains in part their mighty GDP. Amazing really, the acknowledged US intelligence budget of $52 billion is around 2.5% of Russia’s GDP, and that’s not counting the proceeds of the Afghan opium trade.

    The Russkies really need to gear up their intelligence effort if they sincerely wish to maximize their GDP.

    Anyhow, that the BBC won’t talk with you is an endorsement of a kind since we know they never reveal key facts about anything important — 9/11, for example, or paedophiles in high places or even on their own staff.

    I wonder, have you considered suing Jack Straw and the Foreign Office for a something like fifty million quid? I see that in England lawyers are now permitted to collect contingency fees, so a successful claim could net you enough to buy a highland estate and live like a minor baron or stockbroker.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    tony_opmoc Michael C Feltham • 42 minutes ago
    The Liberal Left bleedin hearts are even worse than the Fascist Torturer’s at least the Fascist Torturer’s are clear about what they are doing and take great pleasure in it…whilst the Liberal Left bleedin hearts – just lie about it or ignore it.

    The whole lot of you Disgust Me

    You are beneath humanity – just slugs who crawl across the face of us.

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    Barry Guevara tony_opmoc • 42 minutes ago
    Can you speak English?
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    tony_opmoc Barry Guevara • 35 minutes ago
    Only with an Oldham Dialect…sorry for my русский Правописание


  • Ruth

    Maybe if you want I and others can paste what you want to say in the comments section of various newspapers attributing it of course to you. Comments are very well read.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    Craig must be pretty skint by now..Yes I know he got a pay off when they fired him 10 years ago..but it wasn’t that much and he like to travel class – and cos they nearly killed him (I do believe that)..I mean shit what he did was well in the David Kelly league…in fact I think even more Powerful – cos Craig Murray…Really Did Stand Up Alone Against These Cunts.

    That is Real Courage Mate

    He Faked Nothing

    So yeh – I think it’s a good idea (It would Be a Good Test if The Law Still Works in The UK)

    You Wrote

    “I wonder, have you considered suing Jack Straw and the Foreign Office for a something like fifty million quid? I see that in England lawyers are now permitted to collect contingency fees, so a successful claim could net you enough to buy a highland estate and live like a minor baron or stockbroker.”


  • Parky

    Odd that this site has been unavailable most of this afternoon and I doubt it has anything to do with the bad weather hitting the UK, an Omen perhaps ? Also it seems the Pirate Bay has been raided again and shut down, for now anyway.

    BTW What’s happened to the Captcha ?

  • nevermind

    Thanks Mary, ol’ Ziobridger leaving is good news, although I just heard, he’s going to chair the Scott trust to keep in the company of the establishment.

  • jives

    Keep chipping away Craig,it’s vital Straw and his bastard evil ilk aren’t allowed a moments rest on this.

    Keep at it.

    Keep at it.

    Keep at it!

    Thank you Craig.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)



    Again I’ll ask you, what do you mean by your statement, “People of your persuasion.”

    Are you resolute enough, to explain your contentious remark?”

    With pleasure, RoS.

    I’ll answer it in the same way you answered a question I put to you on the “Part-Of-The-Union” thread.

    In fact I’ll answer it in exactly the same way. As you said


    Oh I’m sure you’re better placed than I am, to know the answer to that one.”

    Satisfied with your own petard, RoS?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    They will be all over it as festering maggots..but it really is a case of now, no win no fee.

    Craig Murray is Defending Humanity..

    He can call My Daughter as a Witness, and Me, and My Ex’s Kids (They are Top Lawyer’s) and her..She will tell you about Serbia and (well me – I still love her and she loves me)

    But don’t tell My Wife or My Girlfriend

    Well You Can if You Want

    We will all come and Defend

    Craig Murray

    This Guy Is Something Else.


  • King of Nothing

    “major British news outlets” are for clueless dullards. I’ve not bothered with any of them for years.

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