Jim Murphy, Torture Apologist 101

The far right CIA funded Henry Jackson Society, Vice President Jim Murphy, officially supports torture. Here is the odious Douglas Murray putting the Henry Jackson Society view on This Week.

I have searched everywhere I can, and in a week where every politician in the World has expressed his views on torture, I can find nothing from CIA poster boy Jim Murphy. He is a founder member of the Henry Jackson Society, so I think it is fair to presume he supports their official view as shown in this video.

The BBC had a choice of two Murrays. The could have chosen Douglas Murray, full time paid propagandist for the USA. Or they could have chosen Craig Murray, ex-Ambassador sacked by Labour for blowing the whistle on CIA torture ten years ago, and now proved to have been right. Guess which the BBC chose.

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101 thoughts on “Jim Murphy, Torture Apologist

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  • Mark Golding

    Thank-you Macky. The future is a new ball-game; we hold the ball. We have witnessed with a own senses the suppression of dissent.

    Despite long-standing traditions of tolerance, inclusion, and democracy in Britain, dissident citizens and social movements have experienced significant and sustained, most times often subtle and difficult-to observe suppression in this country. Kettling and police brutality (many trained in Israel) are outward signs of this subjugation, while constant training of military personnel in crowd control and psychology, stealth law changes and secret service manipulation are covert State mechanisms to retain tight control of the masses. [Bahrain?]

    We must ask ourselves is this a Britain fit of freedom and justice for future generations, our children? I have concluded NO – no way. And I intend to do something about it.

  • Valerie

    Jim Murphy really is a particularly vile creature, and I do hope various trade unionists leave what is left of Slab, as threatened. He is worth watching tho’ as he will stop at nothing to deliver SLab seats to our imperial masters.

    I’m sure you have thought long and hard about the time these revelations might see the light of day, and I’m sure things are only getting started.

    I wish you strength and clarity for the times ahead, Craig.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    what used to be a respectable publication

    Eh? It’s always* been a palaeoconservative (and occasionally neocon) arena. If anything, it’s been getting better lately. It does allow divergent opinions among its columnists, too, even if the extent of their divergence is not always great. Peter Oborne, one of their regulars and associate editor, is a distinctly honourable man.

    *Well, maybe not in Addison’s time.

  • Mary

    Even by New Labour Standards, Murphy has a Grim Record
    By Alex Doherty and David Miller

    The Scottish press has attempted to normalise Jim Murphy as Labour leader. But his record as an extreme militarist, neo-con and Zionist speaks for itself.


    See paras Labour Friend of Israel and Islamophobia and the HJS

  • Mary

    Review of Norman Finkelstein’s book on Gaza from Lobster Magazine.

    Method and Madness
    The hidden story of Israel’s assaults on Gaza
    Norman G. Finkelstein
    London and New York: O/R books, 2014, £11/$17, p/b

    There is little I find more depressing than reading about
    Israel. Not just the slow-motion ethnic cleansing of the
    Palestinians (by a state founded for the victims of ethnic
    cleansing, FFS) but also the denial and hypocrisy that Israel’s
    actions evoke in its supporters.

    Israel needs an internal enemy. Without one its actions
    would be undeniably simple ethnic cleansing. With one, and
    with a huge propaganda effort by its supporters, they become
    ‘self-defence’. Hamas, certainly in part the creation of the
    Israeli state,1 is the perfect opponent. All Israel has to do is
    ensure that ‘peace initiatives’ fail (attacks by the Israeli
    military ensure that), manage the perceptions of the Israeli
    lobby in the US on whom continuing American financial support
    depends and keep Hamas busy rebuilding Gaza after military
    assaults wreck it.

    All three aspects are dealt with in this latest of
    Finkelstein’s books on recent events in that little patch of
    desert in the Middle East. Finkelstein describes in some detail
    the last three Israeli attacks on Gaza; the piratical assault on
    the Mavi Marmara, the ship carrying aid to it; and the various
    rationales (and rationalisations) offered for them by the Israeli
    government and its supporters elsewhere.

    The centre piece is chapters on the Goldstone Report,
    the UN-commissioned study by Richard Goldstone on the
    Israeli assault in 2008/9. Goldstone, a South African Jew,
    initially looked reality in the face and reported what he found:
    Israeli war crimes. Cue enormous hostility to Goldstone; and
    cue, eventually, Goldstone’s climb-down and disavowal of his
    own report on a pretext that was vanishingly thin. Goldstone,
    who had stood up to apartheid in South Africa, was unable to
    resist the pressure of the Israeli lobby.

    Finkelstein lays it all out, keeps his cool; some little bit of
    him must still believe that in the end justice will triumph. I wish
    I shared that view. But the actions he is describing are those
    of a state founded on atrocity, which has now been engaged
    in atrocity for so long, and got away with it for so long, that I
    cannot see it how will be able to come to a resolution that is
    anything but a bloodbath. And it has nukes.

    1 See e.g.

    Robin Ramsay

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