Jim Murphy, Torture Apologist 101

The far right CIA funded Henry Jackson Society, Vice President Jim Murphy, officially supports torture. Here is the odious Douglas Murray putting the Henry Jackson Society view on This Week.

I have searched everywhere I can, and in a week where every politician in the World has expressed his views on torture, I can find nothing from CIA poster boy Jim Murphy. He is a founder member of the Henry Jackson Society, so I think it is fair to presume he supports their official view as shown in this video.

The BBC had a choice of two Murrays. The could have chosen Douglas Murray, full time paid propagandist for the USA. Or they could have chosen Craig Murray, ex-Ambassador sacked by Labour for blowing the whistle on CIA torture ten years ago, and now proved to have been right. Guess which the BBC chose.

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101 thoughts on “Jim Murphy, Torture Apologist

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  • lucydiclonius

    Nice one Craig thought I was the only person who was aware of the Start The War Society .Does this mean we can disregard news reports from Vice News and all their other stooges?

  • Republicofscotland

    “More from Lord West today:”

    “Labour’s Lord West says UK agents may have been present while waterboarding was happening – but there is no need for new inquiry”

    Thanks for the link Dougie, I heard that claim reported on the radio this morning, MI5/6 were present, whilst folk were tortured or they posed questions for the CIA to ask the victims.

    Ergo by that very fact, the UK establishment is guilty, of torture.

    Unfortunately the same radio programme intimated that the inquiry will NOT be a judge led one, something David Cameron supports.

  • Fedup

    That little tosser Doug Murray, standing there and talking about the real world! How dare the little pipsqueak who has not worked a day in whole of his miserable food wasting life, all the while suckling at the teats of the establishment to talk about the real world?

    You bet there are no happy endings in the real world, because in a proper world little tossers the likes of Doug Murray would have been spending their time in the stocks in market squares to get pelted with rotten veg.

    So far as that undertakers apprentice Jim Murphy goes that long faced dude is the booby prize for those Scots who voted against the independence, let them enjoy the real obnoxious politics of these carpet baggers who have turned the whole world into a miserable garbage ball.

  • Republicofscotland

    Lifelong diplomat Craig Murray had a career-ending experience as “Our Man in Tashkent” when he reported widespread use of torture and other malpractice by the ruling authorities in Uzbekistan.

    He came unstuck when he sought support from his bosses in London, and particularly the then Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw.

    Murray’s tale is not for the weak hearted or for people who support the actions of whistle-blowers who speak out when they see wrong-doing, expecting to be backed by their bosses.

    Here he recounts his experience to Derek Bateman, examining the legacy of Labour in a week when revelations about state-sanctioned torture by the CIA under Bush /Cheney further threaten the reputation of the Blair government.

    Taken from Bateman’s Broadcasting

    Click the link to listen.


  • Jives

    IT’s really unravelling now.

    So the UK wasn’t involved in torture but senior diplomats from the FCO-including Hague and May- visited the Yanks 23 times during the US committee investigation into CIA torture.

    Wtf were they discussing then?

    Highest scores in Candy Crush?

    It’s becoming ridiculous now,really ridiculous.

  • Republicofscotland

    The headline results from a new full-scale Scottish poll from YouGov have been released by the Sun on Twitter. So far I haven’t been able to track down the fieldwork dates, but Calum Findlay mentioned yesterday evening that he’d just taken part in this poll, so it’s presumably bang up to date. Let’s hope so, because the results are very much at the extreme upper end of what my expectations would have been.

    Scottish voting intentions for the May 2015 UK general election :

    SNP 47% (+4)
    Labour 27% (n/c)
    Conservatives 16% (+1)
    Greens 3% (-1)
    UKIP 3% (-3)
    Liberal Democrats 3% (-1)

    Continue Reading:


    So far, so good the polls seem promising, lets hope it continues.

  • Ben the Inquisitor

    It was way down, if this is what you meant Craig..

    “British spies may have been aware of torture carried out by the CIA, a former security minister admitted last night.
    In the most frank official acceptance yet of potential complicity, Lord West of Spithead accepted there may have been the ‘odd case’ where UK agents knew of mistreatment and may even have been in the building when it happened.
    His comments heaped pressure on David Cameron to order a full judicial inquiry into Britain’s awareness of the barbaric interrogation techniques practised by American agents and exposed by this week’s incendiary US Senate report.
    Lord West, who was security minister between 2007 and 2010, told the BBC: ‘Looking back historically, if you are an agent embedded in some foreign country and this was going on, it was quite difficult for them to extricate themselves even though they weren’t implementing that torture.
    ‘So I’m sure there may be the odd case where an agent was aware what the Americans were doing, but that has now been sealed off because they are very clear now what the position is.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2871648/UK-spies-seen-CIA-torture-Shock-admission-former-Labour-security-minister-Blair-aide-calls-Royal-Commission-Britain-s-role.html#ixzz3LnzKatsJ
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  • Porkfright

    “The Henry Jackson Society. Democracy-Freedom-Human Rights.” Yeah, right. Next, please.

  • Republicofscotland

    Re, My last comment the same poll:

    The same poll also asked people in Scotland about their view of the Smith Commission proposals and found that 51 per cent of people thought that they failed to go far enough.

    23 per cent of people thought it got the balance right and 14 per cent of people think they go too far.


    More than half of Scottish residents thought the Smith Commissions proposals didn’t go far enough, more than double the next percentage who thought it was balanced right, and almost 4 times, those who thought it went to far.

  • Republicofscotland

    I don’t if this has already been posted, if so I apologise, its good news anyway,though the turn out, was particularly low.

    The SNP have won a Moray Council by-election – after the lowest turnout in the local authority’s history.

    Kirsty Reid, a 32-year-old Elgin businesswoman and mother-of-three, secured 850 votes at the final round of the single transferable vote election to the Elgin City North seat.

    Her nearest rival, Independent Sandy Cooper, received 693 votes.

    The turnout for the Elgin City North seat was 1938, or 20.9% of the electorate.

    The seat was vacated by Labour councillor Barry Jarvis, who resigned to pursue a teaching career.

    Moray Council now has 11 Independent councillors, 10 SNP, two labour three Conservative — two non-aligned, one aligned with the administration group.

    The ruling administration is made up of the 11 Independent councillors and one Conservative.


  • doug scorgie

    13 Dec, 2014 – 6:29 pm

    “Unfortunately the same radio programme intimated that the inquiry will NOT be a judge led one, something David Cameron supports.”

    Not any longer RoS.

    “In 2010, David Cameron said that ‘for public confidence, and for independence from parliament, party and government, it is right to have a judge-led inquiry.’ He added: ‘that is what we need to get to the bottom of the case. The fact that it is led by a judge will help ensure that we get it done properly’.”

    “Now he’s trying to fob off the British public by allowing a completely inadequate UK investigation that is neither independent nor judge-led.”

    “Astoundingly, David Cameron told the press today he is ‘confident this issue has been dealt with from the British perspective’.”


  • Peacewisher

    So professional Labour politicians have “elected” a member of The Henry Jackson Society as leader of Scottish Labour Party. This is sooo absurd it is unbelievable, but of course this is the matrix, not reality.

    I hope that if Mr. Murphy lasts as leader through to the general election he’ll have his views suitably cross-examined. The matrix’s media won’t ask him, but I’m sure in Scotland there will be enough independent (outside the matrix) commentators to make life embarrassing for someone with such Blairite credentials.

    I was rooting for Reg Keys to beat Tony Blair in the 2005 election, and for Craig to beat Jack Straw. I’ll be rooting for the SNP in East Renfrewshire almost as much as I’ll be rooting for the Greens in Clegg’s constituency, and I think they could do it.

    Labour must know that in the current climate this is a very bad election result for them. Perhaps they intend to change the climate…

  • Peacewisher

    A million wonderful Americans today on the streets challenging the matrix… just as a million Brits challenged it back in 15th February 2003.

    When will we have another protest of that size? I would imagine that those still alive from the Hyde Park crowd of 2003 would gather again to call for Blair to be brought to justice, and a few more besides…

    Questions for Jim Murphy:

    “Did Blair lie to Parliament to take the country to war?”
    “Did the 2003 Blair-Bush-Anwar coalition break International Law to go to war?”
    “Was Dr Kelly murdered”

    As Larry King says… Question, Question, Question!

  • Jermynstreetjim

    This sociopath,(The James Purnell clone/lookalike) is the very personification of the post-human putrescence, which now appears to pervade all of our political and bureaucratic institutions, which they sanitize with an Orwellian Doublespeak, of apologia for all manner of municipal maladministration, misfeasance, and myriad miscarriages of justice. with their moribund demeanours and congenital, contrived and cultivated, callous ‘commitments’ to this, that, and everything but that which is to the benefit of the individual…… http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02f3crc

  • Jermynstreetjim

    John Goss: John, “Perhaps they are frightened you might drop a few names into the ring. Gavin Ewart is still smarting from the mention of agent Anna Ardin’s name”. You mean Gavin Esler, John…… 😉

  • Uzbek in the UK

    What a surprise? Why would BBC let you speak about torture? It is not for that you have been sacked 10 years ago. No, No Mr Murray. Please keep your mouth shut. Is that is why I have been paying 150 quid a year? WTF?

  • Andrew

    “(It’s) interesting that nobody mentions one very obvious fact about advertising – it is designed to undermine the market. If you take an economics course, you learn that markets are based on informed consumers making rational choices. Take a look at a television ad; it is designed to create uninformed consumers making irrational choices.

    So you’ve got this immense contradiction staring you right in the face. We are supposed to love markets. We have grand theories, economists and the Federal Reserve trying to preserve markets. And yet there is a huge industry devoted to undermining them and it’s right in front of your eyes but none of these contradictions can be seen.

    Actually they do the same with elections. The goal of elections now is to undermine democracy. They are run by the public relations industry and they’re certainly not trying to create informed voters who’ll make rational choices. They are trying to delude people into making irrational choices. The same techniques that are used to undermine markets are used to undermine democracy. It’s one of the major industries in the country and its basic workings are invisible.”

    Noam Chomsky (from On Western Terrorism — from Hiroshima to Drone Warfare by Noam Chomsky and Andre Vltchek, Pluto Press, 2013)

  • Peacewisher

    @Jermynstreetjim… the youtube video leads us to:


    Are we surprised? What does surprise me is how much Sweden has got into bed with the US in recent years. Now it seems that they are “rearming”, and enrolling 7000 reservists, apparently to counter some fictitious Russian threat. What does the Swede in the Street, who is not part of the matrix, think one wonders…?

  • Brendan


    [Idiot PM] told a news conference: “After 9/11 there were things that happened that were wrong – and we should be clear about the fact they were wrong.”

    That’s such a scripted line. ‘Things that happened’, passive tense. Stuff happened, not ‘we did stuff’. And as to being clear about the fact they were wrong, didn’t stop the UK trying to get the report heavily redacted. As denunciations go, it’s kinda cautious, and pathetic.

    Also, Matt Taibi has an excellent article on the subject, and he notes that it’s entirely implicit in the report that nothing will happen. It’s stenography, 10 years late. Nobody resigns, and nobody gets fired. I don’t personally think we should be going after the grunts, the low level officers just doing what they are told, but I do think the senior leadership need to be fired, at the very least. And the sadists and whack jobs should be invited to pursue another career – perhaps politics.

    Also, just wondering, can Mr Murray now get his lawyers involved? Get some money out of these bastards. Doubtless Mr Murray would give the money away – blood money – but still, could be interesting.

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