An Apology 2106

I am so committed to getting my book finished I really don’t have time or energy to blog at the moment, and realise it has been very desultory the last few weeks. I am well and happy, it is just that writing a properly researched history is incredibly intensive. I realise there is much of great interest happening in the world, but I must sometimes cut myself off from it.

This is why I don’t ask for donations for the blog…

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  • Komodo

    There is an interesting additional dimension to Blair’s latest excursion. As the Jpost indignantly reports, some African countries which blocked an anti-Hamas resolution at the UN have sent representatives to an agricultural conference in Xrael this week: Xrael-at-UN-arrive-to-gain-expertise-on-food-production-573924

    Notably, Rwanda (voted with Israel), Kenya (abstained) and Ethiopia (voted, to the horror of Xrael nevertheless) for a two-thirds majority requirement) were not among these. Recent new vapourings from the Champion of Apartheid suggest that he remains connected to the eternal Palestinian conflict. Is he trying to rally the dissenters?

  • Komodo

    And so to bed. In Abu Dhabi. That’ll be the Emirates Palace Hotel, should anyone wish to question Mr. Blair about his FCO contacts, rough him up a bit and get a confession out of him. Like Matthew Hedges, Tony has connections with Durham, too…

  • Komodo

    For the record, what ACOBA didn’t redact when Tony was setting up TBA:

    Since then of course, TBA has morphed into the TBIfTB, is no longer small (250 employees current estimate, and growing), operates in many countries, some of them under regimes which Tony could have justified himself in removing in 2003, and operates a policy of absolute secrecy as to every aspect of his operations.

    “TBA will select and screen its clients very carefully”, wrote Tony or an amanuensis, from the box number masquerading as the Office of Tony Blair, “Not only is that prudent from a business perspective, it is also essential for personal and commercial reputational reasons. I must be extremely careful to guard against any suggestion or suspicion of impropriety. In short TBA will operate at the highest standards of propriety, befitting that of the office of a former Prime Minister, both in the activities it undertakes and the clients with whom it chooses to do business.”

    Enough has leaked past the security screen since 2008 to render this statement laughable. The sole criterion for being a TBA or TBIfTB client is, demonstrably, the possession of deep pockets.

    Adding, (6) “Since 18 months have passed, any concerns about drawing on privileged knowledge or information in my role as former Prime Minister are very much diminished” begs a question or two, as well. At every public event he has attended, he has been described in the publicity as the former PM of the UK. After the passage of 10 years or so, his informed (as ex-PM) knowledge of the innards of Parliament is still eagerly sought by our EU friends – see – while whatever the knowledge or information is that he retains, his contacts and introductions during his time as PM are still visibly useful in promoting his clients’ interests here and abroad.

    There’s quite a lot more lawyerly sideslipping of the facts in these few exchanges. They’re worth rereading.

  • Komodo

    You wait days for a blair and then several come at once…

    Of course it’s the bloody UAE. It always is. He’s there now.

    As to the project –

    “A megalomaniac project backed by the promise of Abu Dhabi money is forcefully pushed forward by sidestepping laws and ignoring existing urban fabric, in order to secure the future identity of Serbia and its capital.”

    “It’s like a bad joke,” said Mirjana Milanovic, a Serbian architect who is based in Amsterdam. “It’s just another shopping mall in a country that has no money to buy anything.”

  • Komodo

    Hmm. Let’s start here:

    I had a great meeting in London w/ my friend Tony Blair. His contribution to our freedom & independence is extraordinary. He fully supports dialogue process for a final comprehensive deal between Kosovo & Serbia leading to mutual recognition & NATO, EU, UN membership for #Kosovo.

    Lightly passing on to:–12-11-2018

    Ah. It was a personal meeting. Might have been a bit awkward if Blair had, say expressed his support -“fully” – for a “dialogue process” (etc, see above), because he’s not involved in any way at all in the negotiations between Serbia, which he is paid, likely by Abu Dhabi, to ‘advise’ and Kosovo.

    Blair still apparently in Abu Dhabi.

  • Komodo

    M-USIK from Abu Dhabi to Cairo last night. Sawiris hasn’t tweeted for a couple of days so whatever he was doing in the UAE was intensive- likely to do with Ora, his new resort-building conglomerate. We expect a resumption of Blair’s lamentations about Brexit (all UK media) shortly.

    • Komodo

      And we got them. Especially unconstitutionally, the spat, ongoing, with Theresa May. Who, like her or loathe her, has a hard enough job without the Blair skeleton, unelected, working for foreign governments, and holding no official UK position, falling out of the wardrobe and closing its bony fingers on her throat.

      No reference, though (except by Guido Fawkes – sign of cross, etc) to this:

      “If the British people vote no, they vote no. You can’t then start bringing it back until they vote yes.”

      “If the British people vote no in this referendum, that is their verdict. That is absolutely clear.”

      That was Tony Blair on his promise of a referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, in April, 2004.
      This was not delivered; Jack Straw first postponed it for his own ends, and it then became apparent that the French and Dutch referenda had rejected the treaty: the UK was expected to give a similar result. Its successor, the Treaty of Lisbon, was signed without even the broken promise of a referendum.

      • Komodo

        Blair likely returned to Luton separately, on 12th/13th, and on M-ASRI. At any event he was blairing in London on Friday. M-USIK’s currently in the USA.

  • Komodo

    Unfortunately Africa Intelligence is behind a paywall, so we have no more than what’s in the URL–production/2018/12/18/kigali-plugs-mining-resources-with-tony-blair-institute-to-bump-up-revenue,108336894-eve

    Tin and coltan would seem to be the subject. Assuming that this indicates that the TBIfTB has been commissioned to do PR/find investors for mining operations in Rwanda, the presence of Naguib Sawiris in Kigali last week with Blair may be relevant. Also: who’s actually paying the Blair fee? Rwanda is hugely dependent on aid and angels and this is once again likely to be a case of Blair interposing his operation between a foreign source and an unnecessary (if you believe that market forces exist at all) operation. With the usual potential for local politicians to trouser sweeteners, too.

  • Komodo

    News arrives in a cleft stick from Montpelier, France, where M. Tony and his equally evil twin Nicolas Sarkozy jointly blaired at Altrad’s annual seminar. The Altrad group, headed by Syrian immigrant Mohed Altrad, is in scaffolding and ready-mix concrete. Blair expressed his usual aversion to the UK’s self-determination, while Sarkozy entertained the audience with his expressions of French patriotism (and devotion to Macron)

    Something of a mixed message, then.,5735787.php

    Sarkozy is currently facing trial for influence-peddling and corruption. We are astonished that the upright and transparent Blair would have anything to do with him!

  • Komodo

    At this time of year, peace and goodwill to all men. Cherie Blair falls outside that category: nevertheless, we are so happy for her new kitschen (sic):

    Cherie Blair’s recipe for happiness: a £100k kitchen

    Who says true love never lasts? Not, it seems, Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie, who despite enduring some very public challenges in recent years has declared her undying ardour for . . . a £100,000 kitchen.
    ‘My fabulous new Bulthaup kitchen marked the high point of our home renovations,’ gushes Cherie QC, 64, on the company’s associate website.
    ‘The team’s patience, attention to detail and relentless pursuit of what was required were extraordinary.’
    A spokesperson for the German manufacturer insists Cherie did not receive a discount in exchange for the publicity. ‘Oh no not at all, we don’t operate like that.’
    (continues, with a roundup of the Blair estate)

    How could we possibly suspect that Cherie got something off for endorsing the (EU) product? As likely that she abandoned her deeply-held Socialist beliefs, learned at her mother’s knee in a Liverpool gravel pit! We’re guessing that she bought the kit for its full price, and was then, completely unconnectedly, paid for her appearance on the website. This is the woman who, invited to take “a few gifts” from a Melbourne store during a prime-ministerial visit, helped herself to 68 items worth A$2000, only later offering to pay for them.

  • Komodo

    Belated New Year greetings to the reader. And to raise your spirits, this good news from the Whitehat Recruiting Agency:

    It’s tough in the world of screwing a profit from HMG-supported apprenticeships, isn’t it? Even when you are advised by the great Tony, confidant of the world’s dictators, mentored by Mum, who does mentoring, and trained by Mum’s chum, who spotted his extreme talent (no other possible reason) and gave him his first job. He’s been, um, training the leaders of tomorrow:

    Lesson 1. It helps if Daddy’s loaded.

  • Komodo

    And what of that patriotic and Eurocentric reconciler of contradictory adjectives, Mr Tony. In Egypt over the New Year. We wondered why M_USIK had turned its ADS-B set off. Here he is demonstrating that at 65 he is still as keen on attaching himself to local celebrities as someone half his age:

    …but we don’t know whether his host was dictator al-Sisi or zillionaire Sawiris.

    M-ASRI flew to Milan and back on the 2nd.

  • Komodo

    COMING SOON Andhra Pradesh, date as yet unknown…

    The RTGS, set up in 2017, is worth description:

    The RTGS consists of a state center and 13 district centers. A fully-functional and highly evolved ecosystem of technology and skill, the core team operates from RTG State Center with data input from people hub – which hosts the data of all the households in the state along with the government benefits they receive which is in turn linked with various government departments.

    A call center has also been constituted which will double as an internal grievance redressal platform and a surveillance and communication wing.

    The other sources which provide real time data to RTG state center include surveillance system, drones, biometric augmented technology, machine learning technology and the Andhra Pradesh Weather Forecasting and Early Warning Research Centre or AWARE. The RTGS also derives its support from other organisations in its ecosystem including A.P. State Fibernet Limited (APSFL), AP Towers, AP Content Corporation, A.P. Virtual Classes Corporation and Drones Corporation of A.P.

    It’s, at least in theory, the perfect implementation of 1984, and no wonder Tone can’t wait to supply His benediction upon its, y’know, technology. We suspect, however, that the traditional forces in Indian society will have their normal effect: it is heavily reliant on call centres, after all.

  • Komodo

    It may be too late to find him there, but Tony has attached himself to the Raisina Dialogue (possible investors and politicians, networking event, what else?) in Delhi today. Not mentioned here. It must be galling to be sidelined by the Norwegian PM, but all political careers end in failure…

    Tony also gave an audience today to Rahul Ghandi, President of Congress.

  • Komodo

    At the Durbar, 1730 (local), Blair will be blairing on “The Waning West: Can it Discover a New Direction?”

    Can the values associated with the
    liberal democracies of the West still lay claim to universality? Are the societies
    shaped by those values capable of discovering a renewed dynamism and a fresh
    direction? Can partnerships with the East aid this process? Or is it time for the
    West to rethink its founding propositions?

    Wot we y’know need in the West is unlimited freedom of movement, lots of technology stuff and a Great Leader called Tony. Innit.

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