An Apology 2256

I am so committed to getting my book finished I really don’t have time or energy to blog at the moment, and realise it has been very desultory the last few weeks. I am well and happy, it is just that writing a properly researched history is incredibly intensive. I realise there is much of great interest happening in the world, but I must sometimes cut myself off from it.

This is why I don’t ask for donations for the blog…

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  • Komodo

    We apologise for a further invocation of Guido, but it has to be said, his sources are probably better than ours…

    While Tony has asserted this week that he does not intend to join TIT, and will remain under false pretences in Labour, how interesting that his former advisor and swimwear provider has agreed to fund the breakaway group. Pure coincidence, obviously.

    His, and more names to conjure with here:

    Lord Cashpoint continues to hedge his bets, however.

  • Komodo

    All these men have something in common. Can you guess what it is?

    Lord Michael Levy, Sir Trevor Chinn, Sir Emmanuel Kaye, Alex (now Lord) Bernstein, Bob (now Lord) Gavron.

    Of course…no, not that. We can’t talk about that….of course, they were the main contributors to Tony’s Labour Leaders’ Office Fund, the blind trust established to finance Tony’s rise to the top in 1997. We don’t know how much was given, and we’re not sure anyone does.

    Could that have anything to do with this spectacular act of treachery to the party of which Tony is still, inexplicably, a member?

    No, we can’t talk about that. We’ll just have to make our own minds up.


  • Komodo

    We discover Tony in India (with Cherie), mingling with people with a lot of money, as usual:

    Both Blairs have been paying particular attention to India lately, and this presumably accounts for Tony’s bizarre garb, exactly halfway between a colonial viceroy and Jawaharlal Nehru, while Cherie for one eschews a relatively tasteful sari and rocks the 1930’s diplomat’s-wife look in pink. We hope that Indian commentators resist the strong temptation to point out that this pair need to decolonialise, and fast.

  • Komodo

    DIARY: Mr.Blair will be addressing the Lions Club International Convention in Milan between the 5th and 9th July, probably the 7th as there is a lot of ritual flummery to get through first.
    The LIons (at the lower echelons of the organisation) have rather a good reputation, and we can’t imagine why they’d want Tony to talk to them.

  • Komodo

    Cherie Blair will be condescending to the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai. 22-24 March. Rather than wade through the incredibly boring agenda, we assume that the missusblairing will be on wimminz something or other.

    Also present will be Nurali Aliyev, grandson of Azerbaijan’s dictator, Nursultan, and perhaps a near neighbour in Marylebone:

    Nursultan and Blair are partnered in the TANAP/TAP pipeline project, which has also seen Tony holding private talks with the not-too democratic Matteo Salvini, among others.

    Sunny and Jay Varkey, of the private-education GEMS Foundation, for which Tony has blaired on several occasions, and which is sponsoring the vast networking and speechifying binge, will of course be present. Nothing to do with selling schools to privatising governments, obviously. Tony, a former regular pontificator at GESF, is not listed but we give 5 to 3 on his being there, as he prefers not to publicise his presence these days. The Tony Blair Institute for Global Blair will however be represented at something called a Philanthropy Summit, one of the attractions of the Forum.

  • Komodo

    At 12.16, above, we screwed up royally. We can only apologise.

    Nurali Aliyev is in fact the grandson of Nursultan Nazarbayev. He is not Azeri, and never has been. By a happy coincidence Nazarbayev – the President of Kazakhstan – has today decided to step down, although all of his possible successors, and the interim president will be equally independent of the will of the people.

    Delete reference to Azerbaijan, whose president is called Ilhan Aliyev, not Nursultan.

    Insert reference to rumoured £3M paid by Nazarbayev to Tony for sanitising his image after having some unarmed strikers shot. Add flashback to 2011 video by Tony extolling the virtues of President (for thirty years with 97% majority at ‘elections’) Nazarbayev, presumably included in the fee. LInked here:

  • Komodo

    Tony has indignantly denied this:

    …claiming it comes from ‘Conservative sources’ Does this necessarily invalidate it? We think not. Indeed, Voice of Europe asked Blair for his comment after the original story had appeared in both the Times on Sunday and the Telegraph. The Flakcatcher Of Tony Blair responded: “We don’t comment on private meetings.” Which strongly suggests that there was such a meeting, no?

    Note to responsible journalists: if you cannot name your sources, please try to authenticate them in such a way that Tony cannot slither out of the line of fire.

    M-ASRI has just landed in Luxembourg, from Luton via Milan. Although Blair has given interviews to both Piers Morgan and Newsnight in London this week, either or both could have been pre-recorded. Naguib Sawiris has been visiting South Sudan in M-USIK. Eternal vigilance, that’s us.

    • Komodo

      Note, though, Voice of Europe (NL-based) is neither wholly reliable nor unbiased. Its overt appeal is to the far-right, but its slant also favours the Russian agenda; its material often appears on unequivocally Russophilic sites. We’ve taken our own advice and checked our source….

  • Komodo

    LOL of the week – frequent flier Tony on freedom of movement:

    Asked if,“You would concede that as things stand that freedom of movement is not fair and just then”, the former Labour leader stammered as he replied: “I personally have less problem with freedom of movement than many people have

    The free use of a billionaire’s private jet probably helps.

    – BBC Newsnight interview, 19/3/19. from –

  • Komodo

    Attn: All editors everywhere. Do not edit or alter these sublime words from the Reverend Blair – strapline will be,
    Tony Blair: I have got lots of sympathy for Theresa May
    cc. Warrington Guardian, Dudley News, Witney Gazette, St. Helens Star, etc, etc, etc….

    Talk about the kiss of death.

  • Komodo

    As Mystic Komodo The Punter’s Friend intuited –
    Tony put in a rare appearance in the same timezone as Cherie, at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai.over the weekend. The subject of the blairing was, all too predictably, Brexit, and how you godda, y’know, listen up, guys cos it’s umm bad….
    Suppose that qualifies as global education, and no doubt the Varkeys handed over the cheque pleasantly enough, but why in the howling hell did Blair bugger off out of UK politics? Because that’s all the monomaniac can talk about these days.

    He doesn’t seem to have shown up at the Africa CEO Forum 2019 in Rwanda this week, hosted by alleged war criminal Paul Kagame, with whom his relations may not be what they were. His place has been taken by Blair’s chum Naguib Sawiris, who has a lot more money. Sound principle, Paul: cut out the middleman.

  • Komodo

    DIARY (pencilled in)
    Tony’s been invited to the 25th Kwibuka event in Rwanda on April 7th. (conference 4th-5th) This commemorates the 25th anniversary of the genocide of the Tutsi in 1994 (1-2 million dead). President-for-next-16-years Kagame is a Tutsi. As a member of the RPF, he led the organisation in its conquest of Rwanda, during which the genocide, conducted by the Hutu radicals, occurred. We suspect that the subject of the subsequent attacks by the Tutsi on Hutu refugee camps in Zaire, killing 200,000, will be tactfully avoided during the event. Not quite enough to be genocide, obviously:

    …in a recent interview Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Richard Sezibera said that there are ongoing efforts by the diplomatic missions to combat genocide denial across the world which has been on the rise.
    “Denial is part of genocide and it is our conviction that these people who deny or revise the genocide or propagate genocide ideology need to be combated in many ways…”

  • Komodo

    Confirming his continuing employment by JP Morgan, Tony popped up on the 14th in Miami, addressing the vampire bank’s Global Markets and Risk Management Symposium
    -On what did the Global Expert inform the assembled suits?
    -Brexit, what else?
    Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair concluded the conference with Tully (Brad Tully, head of JPM North America Corporate Derivative Marketing*, who organized the shindig -K) , shedding light on developments across the Atlantic as the U.K. grapples with Brexit.

    *Maybe not for long…

    …a major part of the $180 billion assistance provided to AIG (by the taxpayer -K) went out the backdoor to pay off the Wall Street banks and hedge funds that had used the insurance company as their counterparty for their credit default swap derivatives.

  • Komodo

    Today’s Wednesday, we must be in Bahrain. So we are.

    The minister affirmed the deep-rooted historical relations between Bahrain and the United Kingdom, which are based on solid foundations of respect and coordination in oil all fields….

    …Blair commended the Kingdom’s great endeavours in enhancing security and establishing peace* in the region And possibly mentioned Brexit in passing.

    Human Rights Watch observes –

    *especially in Yemen, where Bahrain’s Shi’a-hating rulers are closely involved.

  • Komodo

    Today should find Tony taking a break from assuring the world that Brexit causes cancer, and pressing the flesh with other Important guests at the swearing-in of Senegal’s President Macky Sall. These include thirteen African presidents, naturally including Kagame, and Nicolas Sarkozy. OK, he’ll probably tell them all about Brexit, too, but embedding his suits in their civil services will remain the priority.

    Sall, a mining engineer to trade, had acquired a personal pot of 1.3 billion CFA francs by 2012 – (1Fcfa = 0.15 Euro). This will be his second term in office. While his successor will be limited to two terms of five years, he isn’t. With USAID payments to Senegal at $189M in 2016, we do not expect Sall to be fumbling in his pockets for assistance, as Tony will be there to ensure the aid reaches the people who need it. At Global Tony HQ. Trebles all round!

    Neither of the Sawiris’ private jets appears to be honoured by the Tony’s presence. And Naguib may still be in Egypt.

  • Komodo

    The unresolved issue of compensation payments to the victims of Gaddafi’s Semtex in IRA bombs remains outstanding, despite Lord Empey’s assiduous attempts to find out what exactly was agreed between Blair and Gaddafi, and why. Blair has peremptorily declined to be questioned by the NI Affairs Committee on this topic, as he is far too Important. However, that may change, as a bribery scandal surfaces in Canada, and Trudeau is doing a good impression of Blair as he attempts to suppress prosecution of someone who was allegedly overzealous in pursuit of a Libyan contract.

    Blair and BP are often seen together. Libya, Azerbaijan, Iraq. Pure coincidence, we are told

  • Komodo

    Cote d’Ivoire is wonderful, Coulibaly is wonderful, the Institute for Global Blair is delighted with your economy, you thick peasants. Well done you, have a banana. Tony condescended here yesterday –

    Naguib Sawiris does not seem to be providing the transport for what looks like the twice-yearly whistlestop president-schmoozing tour of Africa, and we wonder who is. Naguib faithfully relays the Opinion of Tony Blair in a tweet, though:

    Article 50 must now be revoked to remove the risk of No Deal – which would be devastating for London… … the only place that matters, apparently. Takes a worried man…

  • Komodo

    Curiouser and curiouser. Following the allegation by Kosovo’s Jeremic that Tony was working on behalf of the Serbian government in the troubled matter of the Kosovo-Serbia border, its denial by the Institute for Blair and Serbia’s Vucic, then the revelation that …the former UK prime minister’s institute is seeking to hire a senior advisor for a Belgrade posting, to ‘work closely and advise’ top officials on governance issues.… we learned that
    This competition was soon removed from the site of this Institute, and the Belgrade-based Insajder, despite numerous attempts and requests sent to the Government of Serbia to grant insight into contracts between the Government and this Institute, has so far only received a reply from Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic that the services of this Institute are not paid from the budget of the Republic of Serbia.. Which we earlier took to mean Middle Eastern money paid for Blair’s undeniable involvement. He’s not that philanthropic, after all.

    But what’s this? Cherie Blair has been acting for Kosovo in the same dispute? So it would seem: The government of Kosovo paid €500,000 to the company of Cherie Blair, the wife of Tony Blair, for legal counseling on the Special Court, the Pristina-based television T7 claims, the Gazeta Express portal reported.

    Although all contracts between the Kosovo government and international companies are confidential, Kosovo Minister of Justice, Abelard Tahiri confirmed for T7 that the Kosovo government is receiving advisory services on how to behave towards Serbia during this process.

    Half a million Euros! We don’t think Tony paid for that either. File under ‘playing both ends against the middle’.

  • Komodo

    In other Cherie news, Renault, which last week alerted prosecutors to millions of euros in suspect payments by its Middle Eastern sales arm, also proposed to dock part of [its former CEO, Carlos Ghosn’s] 2018 pay at a board meeting on Wednesday, two sources said. It’s also reported that Directors also recommended that shareholders block 224,000 euros in Ghosn’s variable pay for 2018, and approved governance changes reducing the size of the board to 18 members from 20 upon his formal departure as a member… Several million euros are allegedly unaccounted for.

    Given the Middle Eastern dimension of this, it should surprise no-one that Long-serving director Philippe Lagayette and Cherie Blair, the wife of British former prime minister Tony Blair, are both also stepping down from the Renault board in June. Which will accomplish the required reduction,

    Very wise, Cherie-baby. Maybe Naguib will give her a sinecure instead; he incessantly tweets that his pal Ghosn is without taint or blemish.

  • Komodo

    Yesterday, Burkina Faso, where Tone was touting his expertise in ending conflicts (!) to President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré. Who has a serious insurgency problem, and is the first civilian (a banker, even) president of the country.

    As usual, there was much vague blairing about ‘working’ to relieve Burkina’s problems, and the need to obtain international support. Put two and two together, Roch, and you will see that wot you need is a big expensive influence peddler and I just happen to be one, how lucky you are…might even be some aid bucks for your retirement fund if I play your cards right.

    Coincidentally in Senegal, Tony renewed his attachment to the USAID teat… to discuss increased cooperation and partnership in Africa between USAID and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

    A little context here. The picture in Senegal parallels that in Rwanda, only more so. A president who increases his term of office by dubious means. Potemkin capital strictly for the elite. Widespread poverty, and in this case economic emigration. Heavy dependence on overseas aid, despite substantial natural resources, and white globalist ‘advisors’ collaborating with a corrupt elite to ensure that the money – less commission – does not go to the right people. And to talk about development:

    “The people talking about development in Senegal don’t know what it feels like to go to bed hungry.”

  • Komodo

    Also yesterday, getting a piece of the agriculture investment action in Ghana…described as a ‘courtesy call’…

    The investment is coming from India and the Czech Republic. Doesn’t look as if they need any more advising, Tony. The programme looks good. But no doubt there’s a place for someone to tell them wot they godda do. Faint heart never won lucrative contract.

  • Komodo

    Today we were in Togo, expressing deep appreciation and radiating sincerity, while spuriously associating himself with a Japanese initiative to overhaul Lome’s fishing port. Said Cap’n Blairseye, ” I see in this project extraordinary things that will transform the situation of fishermen…development…plan…etc.”

    We remember Blair’s 1997 manifesto, in which reform of the Common Fisheries Policy – which transformed the situation of British fishermen, but not in a good way – was promised. It was not delivered. To be taken with a pinch of salt cod.

  • Komodo

    This answers any possible questions about Bonio’s infestation of Davos, in detail:

    But in summary, he’s a tame, safely globalist, token dissident. His wealthy hearers can congratulate themselves on their tolerance of dissenting views, hop on their private jets with a warm glow, and arrive back in their VIP lounges having forgotten every word. His audience is as self-obsessed as he is, after all.

  • Komodo

    Tony and Cherie were both in Rwanda to lay wreaths at the memorial to one of its genocides. The other one, most of which took place in Uganda, but was conducted by Kagame’s merry men, was not alluded to.

    Much more interesting was this:

    This returns to the situation of the Blairs, mere et pere, advising both sides in a dispute which is actually none of their business. And raises an extremely good question:

    Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic claimed that the services of the Institute Toni Blair, who advises the Government (and not Vucic), does not allocate a dinar from the budget. According to Brnabić, Tony Blair (‘s work – K) for Serbia is free. “It’s part of their non-profit activities, so pro bono . Why Tony Blair Institute has such non-profit activities that not only apply to Serbia, but to other countries, you have to ask the Institute. I can not talk about their strategic policy, “she said.

    Who’s paying for all this? Whose interest is served by planting globalist agents in an apparently random selection of foreign governments? For this is what the TBIfTB does, without qualification. And we may be reasonably certain that the income from Blair’s speechifying – which is declining – doesn’t begin to pay for his operation. We can speculate that some of the funding of the Institute for Blair is skimmed off international and charitable aid streams as agency fees, in effect. At this stage, Blair’s sources are completely opaque. We cannot even be certain that he is still paid by JP Morgan, Zurich Insurance, or even Mubadala. We have no idea what arrangements he has made with USAID, or whether he has a current connection with his old role model, Bill Clinton’s foundation. We don’t know what reaches him from prominenti like Michael Milken, Victor Pinchuk, Moishe Kantor, Bernhard Arnault, and others of the galaxy of billionaires his eccentric orbit has intersected. We especially don’t know the details of his connection with Sisi- supporting Naguib Sawiris, who certainly shares his globalising opinions.
    We need to know.

  • Komodo

    On Friday, prior to the Blair manifestation in Rwanda, Blair was buttering up Kaduna State governor Nasir el-Rufai in Nigeria, The two have had previous contacts, notably when President Buhari was lengthily absent in London for medical treatment and questions had been raised about the succession. Rufai is something of a reformer, and possibly a better set of African coattails for Blair to ride on than Kagame.
    Blair also met the vice-president, Yemi Osibanjo, behind closed doors, with no subsequent interview. The usual sales pitch, we think:

    Explaining the reason for the visit on Friday, Laolu Akande, the Senior Special Assistant (Media & Publicity) to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, said, “The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be supporting the Delivery Unit in the Presidency regarding some critical sectors of the economy.”
    Presumably the Gates Foundation is funding this exercise in outsourcing the Nigerian State to foreign actors. And we are as sure it isn’t Nigeria which is paying Blair, as we are that someone is.

    Buhari himself is not as far as we know on good terms with Blair – who tried to sell him Israeli drones, having obtained an audience under false pretences, and was firmly rebuffed, in 2015.

  • Komodo


    Don’t miss the influence salesman preaching to the choir at the CSIS 2019 Global ™ Development Forum: “Preparing for Tomorrow, Today”, on Thursday! The Center for Strategic and International Studies is a US thinktank, heavily funded by big corporates and the US government, in addition to some help from the UAE. The event is sponsored by Chevron…Exxon, Coca-Cola and many more household names are backers of the Center. The intention is to increase expenditure on ‘development’ which does not have to involve active investment by the companies benefiting from the development, as we read it. USAID is abundantly represented at this meeting, although President Trump and his scheme for MAGA do not seem to be.

    Tony will be blairing for half an hour of opening remarks at 0845 on Thursday morning: Africa is a prominent theme in the forum’s programme and we may be sure that, in addition to Brexit, the audience will be enthralled by Blair’s expertise in flying into capital cities for a few hours, being photographed with the local president, and flying out again.

    Admission is by invitation only; no po’ trash, please, and security will be tight.
    At CSIS HQ: 1616 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036

  • Komodo

    DIARY (1)
    Must buy more sick bags
    DIARY (2)
    Tony and Cherie will both be addressing the World Humanitarian Forum, which appears to be a networking event for aid brokers, on the 17th/18th, at Excel, London. The WHF seems to have been set up with globalising African women’s issues principally in mind; the blairing will be about the couples’ ‘journey’. Probably several million VIP class airmiles to date, that journey….

    • Komodo

      Further to this, we see that at the event, Emine Erdoğan, Recep Tayyip’s wife is to be given an award for ‘making change’. What changes she has made are not too obvious, but she did contribute to Pakistan’s flood emergency relief in 2010, and is associated with womens’ issues. Pity hubby clamped down on secular-looking Turkish women, though… The award committee, we note, choking back our sobs, included…Jack Straw. And it is surely coincidental that the CEO of the WHF is Turkish.

      • Komodo

        Award duly awarded, amid unworthy suggestions that the event was organised by and for the benefit of Turkey.

        Rosa Gilbert from the Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign (KSC) told the Morning Star: “It is a huge insult to see Jack Straw — complicit in extraordinary rendition and torture, not to mention the disastrous war on Iraq — lecture us on ‘humanitarianism’ while handing awards to a Turkish regime that has aided and abetted jihadists in Syria and used their Nato membership to wage a dirty, murderous war on Kurds both in Syria and Turkey….unsurprising to see disgraced politicians like the Blairs and Jack Straw … whitewash Turkey’s war crimes.””

        In 2004 when he was foreign secretary, Mr Straw is alleged to have authorised the rendition of a pregnant woman to the torture chambers of Libya’s then dictator Colonel Muammar Gadaffi.

        The arch-Blairite bestowed a “Changemaker” award on first lady Emine Erdogan yesterday in recognition of her humanitarian work with Palestinians and the Rohingya.


  • Komodo

    A cheap blairing on the evils of obtaining popular support, from that consigliore to global autocrats:

    £21.50 gets you (and no-one else) in but you’ll need photo ID, and note:
    By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that there will be strict security arrangements and that we will be conducting security checks of clothing, bags and other items as determined by us. Large bags must be checked in the cloakroom.

    Monday 13 May 2019, 7.30pm–9pm ‘Central London’ : location not specified, we wouldn’t want the populist populace to show up, would we?

    In other news, the champion of democracy has teamed up with Bertie Ahern to stir the sweet violets on the topic of Brexit and Ireland. And continues to blair in favour of a second referendum to overturn the first. But what if it goes the wrong way?

  • Komodo

    Tantalising details are emerging regarding Blair’s continuing interference in a state he has long ceased to represent officially and in which he holds no official position. That’s the UK, readers.

    The European Commission is keeping secret details of talks between EU commissioner Pierre Moscovici, former UK prime minister Tony Blair and Hungarian-US billionaire George Soros, about a second Brexit referendum.

    The commission told EUobserver in reply to an access to documents request that the need to protect the EU’s decision-making process weighed heavier than any public interest in what was discussed last January in Davos.

    In other words, Davos is part of the EU’s (top secret) decision-making process. And there we were thinking it was just a prestigious networking opportunity for hedge funds and politicians. That’s democracy, folks!

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