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The Mainstream Media are anxious to invoke the “violent nationalists” meme at every opportunity. Today Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard ran away in Glasgow because evil nationalists shouted back when he was haranguing them. That’s what they did – shouted back. Nobody punched anyone. Nobody shoved anyone. Nobody threw anything. But people had the gall not to listen in hushed silence to Murphy.

The idea is that Murphy with a massive media pack turns up and speaks in front of two dozen Labour activists, who huddle behind him with placards, and the media then show only cropped close shots which make it look like there was a crowd of pro-Labour people. The media do this obligingly several times a day for all the unionist parties, and it works well with closed halls with heavy security. But of course it doesn’t work on the streets, where evil people can have the gall to shout back instead of doffing their caps.

So then a different narrative kicks in, that of evil nationalist violent thugs. Now we have a news story about Murphy and Izzard “escaping” nationalist thugs. But look closely at the video clip in the Guardian, which has gone into unionist orgasm on the story. All the people with the multi-coloured placards are the planted Labour supporters. (Scottish Labour placards have now to be not only red, but also blue and orange, for obvious reasons). At the time Murphy “escapes”, there isn’t anybody apart from the vetted Labour posse within twenty yards of him. And the horrible people who dared to shout back don’t total more than half a dozen.

The Guardian claims there were “minor scuffles”. Watch the video at 11.42 on this Guardian feed. There are no scuffles, except for Jim pushing past people to run away and pretend he was in danger.

It is a trick they have pulled before, and doubtless will pull again.

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  • Chienfou

    Where is the reference to ‘nationalist terror’ ? The Guardian page you linked to has no mention of ‘scuffles’ minor or major.It says that Jim and Eddie were ‘shouted down’ which is what the video shows too. Who is it that is trying to spin this into something it is not?

  • craig Post author


    Evidently you can’t read.

    It says “minor scuffles” immediately below the video, quoting Channel 4’s Alex Thomson, who is the point man on bigging up this non-incident. Most interesting to know to what extent he was primed beforehand.

  • craig Post author

    Mary – yes and it is an interesting still. The street receding into the background is still in sharp focus. That indicates a long lens and foreshortening, to make the gentleman who is being assaulted presumably by Murphy’s minders look much closer to Murphy than he is.

  • Mary

    Some of this is in Blair Inc – The Man Behind the Mask, extracts from which I have just looked at on Google Books. Put Jim Murphy in the search box

    3 Jul 2013
    Battle of Falkirk gets murkier for Labour
    Labour’s three most powerful figures are all embroiled in some way – Ed Miliband, Len McCluskey and Tom Watson. And this morning a fourth figure, Jim Murphy, entered the fray.


    I don’t see anything resembling a ‘scuffle’ on that video.
    A bit of shouting and then they get into a car and drive off. Pathetic really.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    “Mary – yes and it is an interesting still. The street receding into the background is still in sharp focus. That indicates a long lens and foreshortening, to make the gentleman who is being assaulted presumably by Murphy’s minders look much closer to Murphy than he is.”

    … and furthermore this gentleman clearly wasn’t the reason why Murphy left. This Channel 4 video (the second one) shows the moment Murphy jumped into his car and the guy with the cardboard placard is nowhere in sight.

  • G H Graham

    In Pitlochry this morning, I saw a woman walking her dog & a man leaving a coffee shop wearing an yellow cagoule.

    In Dunkeld, some people were on the Tay, fishing. Probably for salmon or trout.

    And at the Post Office in Stanley, a local old dear was observed mailing a card to a relative in Manitoba.

    Apparently, all of them were unaware of the Nationalist terror & violence sweeping across the central belt this morning.

    If only they had tuned into the BBC, BEFORE leaving their house, alternative arrangements could have been made.

  • Mary

    If only any relatives of those he helped to slaughter and maim in Iraq could heckle him.

    How Jim Murphy voted on Foreign Policy and Defence

    Voted moderately for use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas Details
    Voted very strongly for the Iraq war Details
    Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war Details
    Voted moderately for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system Details
    Voted moderately for more EU integration Details
    Voted moderately against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU Details
    Voted moderately for strengthening the Military Covenant

    One assumes he also went along with our offensive wars on Libya and Afghanistan.

    PS How can one vote moderately? Surely it’s a yes or no?

  • bannerqueen

    And Jim Murphy is a member of the Political Council of the Henry Jackson Society ….. a moderate hmmmm in your bloody dreams….

  • Republicofscotland

    It a case of spining reality to suit the unionist agenda,all major media oulets spun it as violent opposers.

    Of course it makes one wonder why people oppose Murphy and Labour in the first place.

    Yet no matter where the SNP roam in Scotland,people come up and talk to them,and there’s no need for cropped photos or pre-vetted questions.

  • Robert Crawford


    PS How can one vote moderately?

    It is like “being a little bit pregnant”.

    Great to read your informative “links” again.

    I hope you are doing great and on the way to a full recovery.


  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile Ed Miliband unveiled his monolith with Labour’s pledges carved into it,a cheap PR stunt.

    It didn’t take long for Twitter to dub it the “Mil-stone.”

    Miliband said if he becomes PM the monolith will be planted in the back garden of 10 Downing street.

  • Luke

    I’ve literally just come back from an SNP event in Helensburgh. The crowd was so dense that many of us struggled to see Nicola Sturgeon. It was similar to those Yes rallies before the referendum – hundreds of folk there. In the corner I saw a crowd of about 10 Unionists, looking as dour as ever, obviously there to antagonise by waving their Union Flags about. But we hardly took any notice of them – we just looked away, muttering amongst ourselves about them having nothing else better to do with their time. It was anything but the “violent nationalists” rubbish touted in the mainstream media.

  • Republicofscotland

    Also David Cameron has strongly denied,a rumour that he feels his Tory party can’t get a big enough majority to form a government.

    It’s said Cameron told Clegg privately that he couldn’t get a majority.

    It’s all a storm in a teacup,come the 8th of May Clegg will, jump back into bed with the Tories if they look like they can form a feasible government.

  • John Goss

    The danger with the minor scuffles is if the press can blow them up into more than what they are, if indeed there are any scuffles. An even bigger danger is if paid yobs are deployed to disgrace the SNP. It might be a bit short notice for that but I would put nothing past these people. Remember it is the neocons that have everything to lose,

  • Republicofscotland

    Travelling through the westend of Glasgow today,I’ve spotted a half dozen SNP stalls with quite a few folk blethering away,it never ceases to amaze me of how approachable these stalls are.

    Not only that but on listening to conversations amongst those running the stalls, and those asking the questions, I’m pleasently surprised at the knowledgeable levels involved.

    It’s as if the recent referendum has awoken something in the people of Scotland,something dormant for many a year.

    Westminster doesn’t really want a well informed public who ask too many question,nor do they want a well supported SNP, upsetting the age old decorum in the House of Commons.

  • Republicofscotland

    The Royal sprog has been dubbed Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

  • Republicofscotland

    Human Rights Watch have been up in arms,due to the fact that Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen using cluster bombs.

    Cluster bombs have been outlawed by some countries,due to their indiscriminate killing nature.

    Saudi Arabia receives logistical support on it’s bombing missions of Yemen from the UK.

  • Becky Cohen

    Whilst it may not have been the Battle of Cable Street, it has to be said that nationalists – whether BNP, EDL, KKK etc. do have a reputation for violence. I can understand why Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard would have found it a very frightening experience – particularly Eddie as the far-right are especially hateful of LGBT people. Nationalism is a dead ideology which began as a perversion of the ideals of the French Revolution and ended totally discredited in the eyes of most reasonable people in May 1945 with the destruction of Hitler’s Bunker. We are increasingly a global village now and we are increasingly a multi-racial society with interracial relationships producing many children of a mixture of races. Patriotism is okay, but I feel that nationalism and xenophobia go much too far and are based on hate. National borders were never set in stone anyways – as anyone who has ever travelled through Europe will notice.

  • lysias

    Israel not only has a history of using cluster bombs in combat (most recently apparently in the 2006 Lebanon war), but also manufactures its own M-85 cluster bombs.

  • Republicofscotland

    “Israel not only has a history of using cluster bombs in combat (most recently apparently in the 2006 Lebanon war), but also manufactures its own M-85 cluster bombs.”

    Yes Lysais cluster bombs are horrifuc weapons,and should be totally outlawed,but man has a propensity for killing his fellow man,in the most chilling ways.

  • Robert Crawford

    Becky Cohen.

    Please google for your benefit.

  • This is Britain's Finest Ow-ah

    The moral of this story: Brits are pussies. The original courageous nations shall reassert themselves.

    Take Becky Cohen, histrionically shaking in her boots, cross-dressing like Benny Hill with poorer slapstick – that’s the face of Britain. Chomo pussies sucking US dick for preferment by the CIA.

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