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36,000 people voted for swizzler Tessa Jowell to be Labour candidate for London’s mayor. If you consider the facts below, that says something very scarey about a substantial portion of Labour Party membership, even if she didn’t win.

The fact that it is still a serious possibility that a substantial number of Labour members will vote for Tessa Jowell to be the party’s candidate for London Mayor – which Labour electorate includes the new membership – should be a serious jolt to anybody who believes the Labour Party is transformed. The Labour Party is still full of crooks, and Tessa Jowell is one of the biggest crooks.

As I wrote in 2009

Tessa Jowell actively participated in the laundering of the corrupt payments from Silvio Berlusconi, given to her husband David Mills in return for false testimony in court to cover up some of Berlusconi’s endless crooked dealings. Tessa Jowell participated as a full partner in the three time remortgaging of her home, paying off the mortgage with cash and then remortgaging. She has stated that there was “Nothing unusual” in this.

Most people would think it was very unusual to be able to pay off a large mortgage with cash at all. To do it twice and remortgage again each time would strike most of us as very weird indeed.

Tessa Jowell claimed she did not read the mortgage documents before signing them or know where the money was coming from. David Mills was eventually acquitted on a technicality by the Italian legal system, but it is not in dispute that the money came from Berlusconi or that he lied in court. Jowell claimed she did not read the documents and had no idea where the money came from or what her husband was doing. She then “left” him and went through a sham “separation” which the whole London establishment knew was a fake, (but the media obligingly did not publish), until the heat died down and the couple could get together again.

Revelations about Labour crookedness constantly make you gasp, such as the meetings Cherie Blair set up with Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Qatari royal family. Blair’s free holidays on Berlusconi are well remembered. Labour can claim that the Corbyn election is a defeat for Blairism and a new leaf. But if today Jowell gets more than a derisory vote, we will all know Labour are still a bunch of crooks at heart.

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  • Ishmael

    The west’s real targets are ACTUAL independent states, actually the ones who are currently the only genuine effective opposition to ISIS, anyone who doesn’t go along. Anyone who generally help’s their populations rather than give control, oil, etc to the west.

    Round and round and round we go, what a fun game.

  • Laguerre

    It isn’t a supposed threat, it is an armed invasion,

    Sure it is for for Iraq, but not for Britain. I don’t believe that Iraq has given Britain the right to bomb Syria, even if it could, which I doubt.

  • Ishmael

    ps fred

    And it makes total sense, helping the poor. This is not a neo con agenda, so if they can make other countries act the same they will and so, see south America. It’s all being taken away from us if you hadn’t noticed fred, the NHS, public services ,ect.

    For 40 years the average persons quality of life has not risen in the west. Though the wealth and productively has. Why is that fred? Magic, just an accident? or class war against the people who’ve actually produced all that wealth.

    Your nationalist dreamland is just that.

  • fred

    “Sure it is for for Iraq, but not for Britain. I don’t believe that Iraq has given Britain the right to bomb Syria, even if it could, which I doubt.”

    Well they have and you are wrong.

  • John Goss

    Laguerre, as your father was a professor in international law I may have heard of him. Times move on. We change our disciplines. We forget. We get old. Hopefully we keep some moral roots – which of course are often much different from legal proclamations.

  • Ishmael

    We are used and abused by these people in our governments. Sold to the highest bidder, The military industrial complex and associated corporations.

    They gota have them profits, starving they are.

    And the poverty they create, it’s great. Social unrest, more excuses to crack down. Oppressive laws, dis-empowering the population. Keep the beer cheap. Beer and football. That’s all you need. Cheer for your team. All in this together.

  • Laguerre

    re Fred

    Well they have and you are wrong.

    Nice to have an incorrect denial. Iraq can’t authorise Britain to attack Syria. Even Abbadi, if asked, would say no. He doesn’t want that trouble.

  • fred

    “Nice to have an incorrect denial. Iraq can’t authorise Britain to attack Syria. Even Abbadi, if asked, would say no. He doesn’t want that trouble.”

    Iraq has the right of self defence and Britain has the right, nay the duty, to help them if asked and they asked.

  • BrianFujisan

    Sweet Mother of the Living Breathing Sacred Earth..

    This law is made in order that these Evils Shall never again Occur…

    All Gladly Singed up Cept for those Already Hell bent on Breaking the Laws..

    Well.. Some sure fucked up.. Then Change the Laws to make it Ok. ( Legal) According to highly paid Cnuts… It’s legal so said I, the one and Only Me..HAHAHA.. Bomb away Old Chaps.. BOMB, BOMB.

    The U.N is a Cowardly Non-Entity… it alwowed Bush, Blair to Shred the NPT.. Commit all their Crimes. Changing The Law to Suit.. And Lets Remember Cameron is a war Criminal Too..A few times over.. Libya, Syria, Yemen..

    P.s the bbC are war criminals too.

  • RobG


    The most powerful military force ever seen on the planet Earth has been bombing Syria for a year now, including flattening the town of Kobani, where that drowned three-year-old boy came from:

    “On December 29, the United States and coalition partners carried out a 67th round of airstrikes with twelve airstrikes in and around Kobanî, near Deir ez-Zor, and near Ar-Raqqah. Ten airstrikes in and around Kobanî destroyed 11 ISIL fighting positions, two ISIL buildings, and an ISIL storage container, and struck an ISIL tactical unit.

    In a 68th round of airstrikes on December 30, the United States and coalition partners carried out seven airstrikes in and around Kobanî and near Deir ez-Zor. Six airstrikes in and around Kobanî destroyed three ISIL buildings, damaged one ISIL building, and struck an ISIL tactical unit while one airstrike near Deir ez-Zor destroyed an ISIL shipping container.

    On December 31, the United States and coalition partners carried out a 69th round of airstrikes with seven airstrikes in and around Kobanî and near Al-Hasakah. Five airstrikes in and around Kobanî destroyed five ISIL buildings and six ISIL fighting positions while two airstrikes near Al-Hasakah destroyed four oil derricks controlled by ISIL.

    In a 70th round of airstrikes on January 1, the United States and coalition partners carried out 17 airstrikes in and around Kobanî, near Deir ez-Zor, and near Ar-Raqqah. Thirteen airstrikes in and around Kobanî destroyed 12 ISIL controlled buildings, four ISIL fighting positions, one ISIL vehicle as well as striking two ISIL tactical units and two large ISIL units.”


    To suggest that British military involvement would make one iota of a difference to any of this is comic book stuff, but sadly the British public will probably swallow it.

    Oh what a lovely war…


  • Laguerre

    Laguerre, as your father was a professor in international law I may have heard of him.

    Yeah, probably. His portrait is up in the LSE. International relations, though.

  • Ishmael

    My feeling is they continue to do morally repugnant stuff, and it’s only a matter of time before they experience what there looking for in the uk, Serious resistance from UK citizens, that will inevitably include reactionary forces that will use violence, I mean, it’s what they use all the time in the name of morality.

    And then they will have the perfect excuse to crack down on forces that are morally opposed to them and don’t use violence, as they are already attacking the press, unsung terrorist laws to detain/silence journalists Ect.

    Witch side are you on. But I tell you this, Fascists are bound to loose.

  • BrianFujisan

    They have found another Foto… This time a girl a few years older than Aylan..same Type of setting. Face down… Ect… That we Armed, Funded, the reason She is dead.Is FACT..War Crime..

    Note the missing Link

  • Mary

    She went twice to Israel in 2014. She led this delegation for LFoI.

    She’s a woman of ‘inner steel’ but insists: I still miss my Jewish mother December 18, 2014

    PS They always say to ‘Israel AND PALESTINE’ for effect. But do they ever go into Gaza through the concrete tube known as the Erez crossing where commands come over a tannoy as you walk alone along its length? Or to a demolished home in East Jerusalem or through a checkpoint into Bethlehem?

    PPS She can always get a job as an Israeli tour guide. 🙂

  • Habbbakuk (down wirh cant)


    Mary appears to be reproaching you:

    “SOS Has anyone got a bottle of Kaolin & Morphine? Severe case of (verbal) diarrhoea on the blog”

    Or she might be calling out for help?

  • Habbbakuk (down wirh cant)

    I note, en passant, that she appears unable or unwilling to answer my polite questions on independence for Catalonia and the Kurds.

    Same old, same old….

  • Habbbakuk (down wirh cant)


    “To join the fun I should point out the the second person plural form in Catalan does not end in “os”. So “venceremos” means the Spanish speakers win – for the Catalans to win it is “vencerem””

    Nice one, Tim 🙂

    But to be fair to the old girl, she probably feels she’s an honorary Catalan.

    The question is: does she also feel she’s an honorary Kurd?


    BTW, I hereby add you to the list of this blog’s language experts. Just as Lysias is the Rezident for Russian, classical Greek and German, so you are to Spanish.

  • Habbbakuk (down wirh cant)

    “Harry Law”

    “people like yourself want Assad gone, so that you can steal more land and expel more of the indigenous Syrian population”


    People like me – indeed any decent person – want Assad Junior gone because he is a murderous tyrant.

    As for his army, well, it’s good at bombing, torturing and murdering fellow Syrians but not so good when it comes to fighting the Israeli army or even ISIL, eh?

  • Habbbakuk (down wirh cant)

    “Harry Law”

    I’ve been trying to find the name(s) of the other candidates in the last Syrian Presidential election but have been unable to do so.

    Could you possibly help?


  • Mary

    SOS for a bottle of jollop repeated. The patient is deteriorating.

    Also repeating ‘Venceremos is a Spanish and Portuguese word meaning “we will overcome”, or “we will win”.’

  • Tim

    It’s Spanish – it’s Portuguese – but it is not Catalan. We are therefore to understand that you want the Spanish to win this one?

  • Mary

    Nadine Dorries MP stands up against ‘painful and barbaric’ deaths in

    What a sainted woman! Does she stand up against painful and barbaric deaths by Cameron’s drones?

    The same hypocrisy goes for Fox.

    11 September 2015

    Fox: Assisted dying law risks opening ‘Pandora’s box’

    Dr Fox worked as a GP before he was elected to Parliament.

    Former defence secretary Liam Fox has warned MPs they risk opening a “Pandora’s box” if they legalise assisted dying.

    Dr Fox, who worked as a GP before he was elected, said the move would fundamentally change the relationship between doctors and patients.

    The Conservative MP said it was “impossible to differentiate between assisted dying and euthanasia” and “if you have one, you will inevitably get another”.

    “However well-meaning the proponents of this Bill may be, they will open a Pandora’s box which will fundamentally change who we are and how we are as a society, how we relate to the medical profession, and I believe none of these will be to the benefit of future generations,” he said.


    Fox was in Saudi Arabia recently. Now the Saudis are good at executions, war mongering and funding IS. Does the good doctor go along with that?

    20 December 2014, received £8,400 (including VAT) for a speech at the annual partner’s conference of Amwal Alkhaleej, PO Box 59115 R1525, Arcade Centre, King Fahad Road, Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, on 1 December 2014 at the Abu Dhabi Hyatt Hotel. Amwal Alkahaleej also met the cost of my travel, accommodation, ground transport and historic area ticket; total value £4,092. Hours: 1 hr plus travel and preparation. (Registered 06 January 2015)

    http://www.amwalalkhaleej.com/aboutus.htm Private equity. Offices in Dubai and Cairo.

    Follow the money Fox.

    PS Was Werritty there too?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Craig Murray
    11/09/2015 9:35am

    “36,000 people voted for swizzler Tessa Jowell”

    Apparently a swizzler is a twisted piece of meat that Americans snack on. Now there’s a funny thing!

    Kind regards,


  • N_


    Catalonia was of course one of the parts of Spain that supported the Republican side most firmly in the Spanish Civil War,


    and one of the last to fall to Franco’s fascists.

    Madrid fell two months after Barcelona.

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