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36,000 people voted for swizzler Tessa Jowell to be Labour candidate for London’s mayor. If you consider the facts below, that says something very scarey about a substantial portion of Labour Party membership, even if she didn’t win.

The fact that it is still a serious possibility that a substantial number of Labour members will vote for Tessa Jowell to be the party’s candidate for London Mayor – which Labour electorate includes the new membership – should be a serious jolt to anybody who believes the Labour Party is transformed. The Labour Party is still full of crooks, and Tessa Jowell is one of the biggest crooks.

As I wrote in 2009

Tessa Jowell actively participated in the laundering of the corrupt payments from Silvio Berlusconi, given to her husband David Mills in return for false testimony in court to cover up some of Berlusconi’s endless crooked dealings. Tessa Jowell participated as a full partner in the three time remortgaging of her home, paying off the mortgage with cash and then remortgaging. She has stated that there was “Nothing unusual” in this.

Most people would think it was very unusual to be able to pay off a large mortgage with cash at all. To do it twice and remortgage again each time would strike most of us as very weird indeed.

Tessa Jowell claimed she did not read the mortgage documents before signing them or know where the money was coming from. David Mills was eventually acquitted on a technicality by the Italian legal system, but it is not in dispute that the money came from Berlusconi or that he lied in court. Jowell claimed she did not read the documents and had no idea where the money came from or what her husband was doing. She then “left” him and went through a sham “separation” which the whole London establishment knew was a fake, (but the media obligingly did not publish), until the heat died down and the couple could get together again.

Revelations about Labour crookedness constantly make you gasp, such as the meetings Cherie Blair set up with Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Qatari royal family. Blair’s free holidays on Berlusconi are well remembered. Labour can claim that the Corbyn election is a defeat for Blairism and a new leaf. But if today Jowell gets more than a derisory vote, we will all know Labour are still a bunch of crooks at heart.

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  • Luke

    We know Labour is corrupt from what is going on with the leadership election. Hundreds of people who joined the party so they could vote for Corbyn have been denied a vote, without being reimbursed the membership fee. Easy way of making a few million pounds without giving anything back.

  • Sam

    Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP’s relative silence on the extra-judicial killing of UK citizens in Syria leaves me more depressed.

  • John Goss

    Tessa Jowell, though still in power in the Lords, can hardly be used to tar all the Labour Party en bloc. Those supporting Jeremy Corbyn will be looking for a new direction for the Labour Party as the old Blairite brigade fades into the background. I am staying positive that a leopard can change its spots since it did so under Blair.

  • craig Post author


    If 20,000 Labour members in London vote for Tessa Jowell it will say something very important about what Labour still is. If she gets a very low vote, I accept what you say.

  • Anon1

    “Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP’s relative silence on the extra-judicial killing of UK citizens in Syria leaves me more depressed.”

    It’s only the extreme fringe of the loony left who stick up for terrorists. Corbyn will be seeking to distance himself from previous terrorist sympathies now that he wishes to be seen as a statesman.

  • teejay

    Dear All
    Just to let you know that another fine achievement of the Red Tories was to make cash cows out of public goodwill. The NHS Blood and Transplant Service is a private company selling donated blood to private hospitals. Their CEO is paid £250000

  • Je

    Crooks within the Labour party is something that runs extremely wide and deep. Like the self-serving nepotism and corruption in Labour run councils like my local one.

    A rigged electoral system where a stuffed monkey would win so long as they stand for Labour is the problem (or Tory, depending on the seat). Its a direct invitation to someone to adopt the appropriate banner and hijack the position for their own ends.

  • fred

    “Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP’s relative silence on the extra-judicial killing of UK citizens in Syria leaves me more depressed.”

    Since military action against ISIS was authorised by an overwhelming majority in Parliament last September the RAF has made over 300 air strikes against ISIS targets. At least 30 British nationals are known to have died while fighting for ISIS.

    What makes this one so different?

  • Seydlitz

    The Labour Party have been crooked since it,s foundation, the support for ww1,the non support for the general strike, the use of the military to squash strikes,and the non repealing of anti working class laws.It has never been a socialist party at best it has been reformist,the working class will never get their due rewards until they wake up and take power for themselves.

  • Loony

    Anon1 – Interesting perspective viz the “loony left” sticking up for terrorists.

    The US is the greatest terrorist state ever to exist and the British establishment fawns over their actions and seeks to emulate them wherever possible.

    Are you suggesting that the entire UK state is run and administered by the “loony left”?

  • Macky

    Fred; “Since military action against ISIS was authorised by an overwhelming majority in Parliament last September”

    Note the very important last word Fred;

    “Last September, MPs approved British participation in air strikes against IS targets in Iraq ONLY.”


  • fred

    “Last September, MPs approved British participation in air strikes against IS targets in Iraq ONLY.”

    So you think a human life is worth more on one side of an imaginary line on a map than on the other? I don’t understand, maybe it’s a nationalist thing.

  • Sam

    John, I wasn’t aware that Jeremy Corbyn has spoken about the issue until now, thanks for the link (even it did mean reading the mail). The SNP’s response was pretty pathetic, I thought.

    Its clear we are now in a frenzied campaign to whip up support for military action in Syria, and Corbyn will be framed as the one with “blood on his hands” for not wanting to do more bombing.

  • N_

    For that authentic Chicago flavour, don’t forget that David Mills’s brother, John Mills, was married to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Barbara Mills.

    Useful, eh?

    Don’t forget Tessa Jowells’s role in the Olympics either. We all know how clean they are.

    The Mills’s father, by the way, Kenneth Mills, was a senior MI6 officer, involved in the squeaky-clean colony of Gibraltar.

    As for John Mills, he is a convicted crook and has been heavily involved in that other squeaky clean place, London’s Docklands. For a time, he was “Labour’s biggest donor”. Needless to say, he’s never done an hour of pokey. Neither has Berlusconi.

    Obviously these individuals with their political, business, party-funding and family connections are all as non-sticky as Teflon and as pure as the driven snow.

    Either that, or they are as obviously crooked as Mandelson, Blunkett and Prescott. (And I haven’t even begun on the Tories and Liberals and SNP!)

    In Italy or France, it wouldn’t be controversial at all to call these crooks a family of the mafia.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    So you think a human life is worth more on one side of an imaginary line on a map than on the other? I don’t understand, maybe it’s a nationalist thing.

    Fred’s version of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game :

    The SNP leader is Nicola Sturgeon
    Nicola Sturgeon is a Scot.
    Scotty in Star Trek was played by an American actor.
    American actor Ronald Reagan became a US president.
    A US president gave the order to nuke Hiroshima
    Therefore the nuking of Hiroshima is in some vague way the fault of the SNP but please don’t question me over this or I’ll change the subject.

  • Ishmael

    So they knew about these British people (that we are told where planning an attack) they knew exactly where they where is Syria…

    And there was not way to sop, apprehend them, before they reached the uk to carry out there dastardly plan. These couple if guys, against the whole power of our combined forces, technology ect. They where somehow and imminent threat to the UK…they had to be assassinated…

    This is Utter utter bollox people. Any fool can fathom this.

  • ben

    bit off topic, but do you think the establishment will be able to rig the Labour leadership election? im starting to get a bit worried, since the tone in the media has shifted in recent days.. from outright panic to the occasional willingness to throw in the odd complimentary op-ed at the bottom of the webpage somewhere..

    here’s the independent laying the groundwork for a weasley way of explaining why an apparent landslide victory could end up not materialising. the excuses range from ‘administrative errors’ and things like emails not being sent out or being stuck in the spam folder, to the efforts by Parliamentary Labour factions trying to rig it with the ‘ABC’ approach (Anyone But Corbyn).


    The media have stopped showing or even mentioning the masses of people attending his rallies, compared to the others. They keep saying his momentum is slowing. Totally preparing the ground for a rigged result.

    you can just imagine Murdoch, Rothschild, Cameron, Blair’s neo con heirs, intelligence chiefs, US officials etc all sending the order down the chain; “he doesn’t win. i don’t care how you do it, but make it happen”. then the wheels are in motion.. after what has been revealed in the past few years you seriously cannot rule anything out.

    He needs over 50% as first choice to win outright, he should easily do it, but who’s in charge of the count?
    hope i’m wrong, but i just don’t think they will let this happen, it’s too dangerous for them. ‘them’ being the establishment; the reign holders, a largely homogenous political class, whether wearing blue, red or yellow, who are entwined with evil forces that Corbyn is dutifully opposed to, ie the war machine. the unholy trifecta of banks, arms & oil that hijacked this country many years ago.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    11/09/2015 11:59am

    The trouble is, even if Corbyn honestly and legitimately does not win, everyone will shriek that it’s been rigged anyway.

    I still think he will win comfortably.

    Kind regards,


  • harry law

    Military action against Islamic State in Iraq with the consent of the Iraqis is one thing. Military action against Islamic State [IS]in Syria is entirely different. First of all in reply to Fred @11:09am it is not an imaginary line in the sand, it is a sovereign border between two UN member states, while it is certainly true that IS is a group of the most perverted human beings imaginable and I would like to see them wiped out. This can only be done with the consent of the Assad Government which may or may not consent. The danger for the anti IS and anti Assad coalition is who they ultimately want to prevail in their regime change tactics. The Russians want the Syrian people to decide their own future and are backing them, as are the Iranians, the coalition know that an attack on Assad’s forces would be met with Russian resistance. High stakes indeed, that is why an assault on Syria without the consent of the Syrian Government which inevitably involves a breach of International law is fraught with the danger of confrontation with Russia, the Russians and Iranians know that for the coalition to succeed with its regime change plans in Syria, they, [Iran and Russia] would be next, and they know it.

  • glenn

    Fred: “So you think a human life is worth more on one side of an imaginary line on a map than on the other? I don’t understand, maybe it’s a nationalist thing.

    Slippery devil, aren’t you Fred? Macky caught you fair and square in your attempt to deliberately mislead. Rather than admit it, you hope nobody saw the earlier conversation, and pretend the subject at hand was actually something else altogether.

    This repeated behaviour of yours makes it kind of tough to accept _anything_ you say is in good faith (not to say, a blatant misrepresentation of the facts).

  • John Goss

    Thanks for that information Muttley79. We don’t have to worry about Tessa Jowell governing London.

    “Jowell trailed in every round of voting. By the time the second preferences of the lower-placed candidates were reallocated, Khan won 59% to 41%.”

    And a big turnout nearly 80%.

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