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36,000 people voted for swizzler Tessa Jowell to be Labour candidate for London’s mayor. If you consider the facts below, that says something very scarey about a substantial portion of Labour Party membership, even if she didn’t win.

The fact that it is still a serious possibility that a substantial number of Labour members will vote for Tessa Jowell to be the party’s candidate for London Mayor – which Labour electorate includes the new membership – should be a serious jolt to anybody who believes the Labour Party is transformed. The Labour Party is still full of crooks, and Tessa Jowell is one of the biggest crooks.

As I wrote in 2009

Tessa Jowell actively participated in the laundering of the corrupt payments from Silvio Berlusconi, given to her husband David Mills in return for false testimony in court to cover up some of Berlusconi’s endless crooked dealings. Tessa Jowell participated as a full partner in the three time remortgaging of her home, paying off the mortgage with cash and then remortgaging. She has stated that there was “Nothing unusual” in this.

Most people would think it was very unusual to be able to pay off a large mortgage with cash at all. To do it twice and remortgage again each time would strike most of us as very weird indeed.

Tessa Jowell claimed she did not read the mortgage documents before signing them or know where the money was coming from. David Mills was eventually acquitted on a technicality by the Italian legal system, but it is not in dispute that the money came from Berlusconi or that he lied in court. Jowell claimed she did not read the documents and had no idea where the money came from or what her husband was doing. She then “left” him and went through a sham “separation” which the whole London establishment knew was a fake, (but the media obligingly did not publish), until the heat died down and the couple could get together again.

Revelations about Labour crookedness constantly make you gasp, such as the meetings Cherie Blair set up with Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Qatari royal family. Blair’s free holidays on Berlusconi are well remembered. Labour can claim that the Corbyn election is a defeat for Blairism and a new leaf. But if today Jowell gets more than a derisory vote, we will all know Labour are still a bunch of crooks at heart.

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206 thoughts on “UPDATE Labour Are Still a Bunch of Crooks

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  • Habbbakuk (down wirh cant)


    ““and one of the last to fall to Franco’s fascists.”

    Madrid fell two months after Barcelona.”

    Which is encompassed by the words “one of the last”, surely?

    To be fair to our Transatlantic Polymath, he does tell us lots of useful things.

    For example that “Una, Grande y Libre” means “undivided, great and free”.

    Now who would have guessed that by him/herself?

  • N_


    I know Robin Janvrin. He’s very pleasant, I know nothing against him.

    What?? How about his role in the murder of Princess Diana for starters?


    Thanks for the material on the Leadership Council – interesting stuff. The monarch and the people around her play a far more important role in Britain than any of the flunkeys will ever think it’s their place even to ask about. Different rules apply in Britain when something is to do with the royal family. They are bunch of big time criminals and killers and nothing essential will change in Britain until they are widely recognised as such.

  • Mark Golding

    Think Jeremy Corbyn will win? – Not a chance; the caretaker Labour leaders have been hustled with influence peddling by the elite so that:

    ..a purge which saw well over 100,000 (largely left-wing) registered supporters barred from voting in the Labour Leadership election.

    Labour is trying to accomplish the impossible: become electable while shunning voters. Thanks to Labour’s decision to purge its own supporters – a process predicated, in Harriet Harman’s words, on “letting the public in to see our arguments” and enabling the public to be “brutally honest about what they think of us and what they want from us” – it now risks descending into an anti-democratic farce. Harman’s announcement today seemed to concede that as many as 100,000 voters could have been blocked from the leadership vote.


  • harry law

    Habbakuk [Down with Cant] @ Two comments around 7:00am Full results plus candidates of 2014 Syrian election in my earlier comment at 11:30pm.
    As for bombing and murdering his own citizens. The UN said there were 22,000 fighters from 100 countries in Syria and Iraq http://www.timesofisrael.com/un-over-22000-foreign-fighters-in-syria-and-iraq/ so hardly a civil war, more like an invasion from Turkey and Jordan. Financed by the Saudi Arabian Wahhabi’s and other Gulfies. As for stolen Syrian territory. This from an Israeli blogger.. “As is the case with Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Palestinian citizens of Israel, Israeli expulsions and expansion has split Golan families into two. In 1967, 130,000 Arab inhabitants were expelled from the Golan Heights, leaving only 6000 residents behind. As a number of Majdal Shams residents told me, every house in the Golan is divided. Everyone has family in Syria, loved ones they see through binoculars at Shouting Hill, cousins they talk to through bullhorns, brothers they have never met.http://972mag.com/the-israeli-occupation-the-world-forgot-the-golan-heights/31332/ Things were not perfect in Syria but for a relatively poor middle east state it was secular and everyone had free education and free healthcare. They were also independent. It is because they did not follow orders, they had to go. Here is the text of UNSC Resolution 497 [December 1981] Inter Alia “Decides that the Israeli decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Golan Heights is null and void and without legal effect”;
    So, stop stealing Syrian oil, let the Syrians return to their villages, and pay reparations to them for all the death and destruction Israel has inflicted since 1967.

  • LFOL

    Is it true the israelis actually carried out air-strikes inside Syria against Assad forces who have surrounded the ISIL taqfiris at Zabadani yesterday? So all this sayan habba indignation over “murderer” assad (who was having tea with the Queen not so long ago in 2010) is part of this hasbara mass cacophony for an eretz israel push by the real murderer satanyahu? Not a word in the MSM, about Obama bombing ISIS,but israel providing ISIL air-cover, very puzzling? This sayanic behaviour is simply satanic, coming so soon after Aylan Kurdi.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Mark Golding
    12/09/2015 10:10am

    I will be astounded if Corbyn does not win. As I pointed out to Ben earlier, the damage to the Labour Party would be shattering even if he legitimately failed to win. No-one would believe it, and that is directly attributable to the disgraceful shenanigans of the neo-cons during this election. They have only themselves to blame.

    I believe Labour’s electoral prospects will be worse if he does not win than if he does, because large numbers of Corbyn voters who have been lifelong Labour members will simply abandon the party in disgust, and the floating voters who have come in for the election will do the same.

    Kind regards,


  • LFOL

    JSD “I will be astounded if Corbyn does not win.” Me too !

    If ALL the enemy devils (in the MSM,including habba here) of Labour were dead set against Corbyn, and showed their shaking hands so openly,for anyone in Labour not to vote for him would be insane. Or brainless. Or even east european !

  • Euclides

    All the refugee crisis, drone strikes in Syria and Labour “election”, yet Turkey goes into Iraq and kills Kurds and the MSM remain silent. I remember someone saying Turkey was not a country with an army but an army with a country. A member of NATO as well, things may get worse before they get better!.

  • fedup

    Now this is a turn up for the book!

    I nearly chocked on my coffee hearing these two old dears chewing the fat on the metro.

    Old Dear 1; I have all my life voted Tory.
    Old Dear 2; I have only voted Labour twice, most other times I have voted Tory.
    OD1; I will vote Labour if Corbyn is the leader.
    OD2; You took the words out of my mouth!

    This is the reason that Agent Cameron has declared Corbyn to be unfit to lead the Labour party.

    Let’s hope that Corby is not bumped off, as the agesim has somehow crept into the TV packages this morning.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Mark Golding
    12/09/2015 10:48am

    There is a new leader already.

    10:30am Candidates are told of the results

    11:00am Deputy leader is publicly announced

    11;30am Leader is publicly announced

    An hour is a long time in politics.

    Thanks, J

  • fred

    “Is it true the israelis actually carried out air-strikes inside Syria against Assad forces who have surrounded the ISIL taqfiris at Zabadani yesterday? So all this sayan habba indignation over “murderer” assad (who was having tea with the Queen not so long ago in 2010) is part of this hasbara mass cacophony for an eretz israel push by the real murderer satanyahu? Not a word in the MSM, about Obama bombing ISIS,but israel providing ISIL air-cover, very puzzling? This sayanic behaviour is simply satanic, coming so soon after Aylan Kurdi.”

    Yes Israel is supporting ISIS and has been for some time.

    I’s hardly surprising, their enemies are Israel’s enemies.

    Even some posters to this blog will support ISIS when it suits their aims.

  • RobG

    Andrew Sparrow, Guardian live blog, who’s inside the conference center:

    10m ago 10:50
    “It’s a bit like flying on an aircraft. We’ve just had an announcement about what to do in an emergency. I’ll leave the rest to the sketchwriters.”

  • John Goss

    Kevin Schofield @PolhomeEditor has tweeted:

    “Senior aide to Liz Kendall says Corbyn has won in the first round with over 60% of the vote.”

  • N_

    I said Corbyn wouldn’t win. It looks like he will. This is great news. We should all get behind him now (and push him!) Fuck the Privy Council!

    This is the rough-and-ready list I wrote of points that we should urge Corbyn to promise to deliver on.

    I wrote:

    “If Jeremy Corbyn promises to do even one of those things, it will be a massive breakthrough.”

    It looks as though one of these points is already on his list of policies:

    * withdraw Britain from NATO

    Let’s push this particular point to the max. De-link it from the EU. Make the military relationship with the US an issue, like it’s never been before, at any time since the US armed forces started arriving here in the early 1940s.

    Begin to make ground on that point, and the following won’t be far behind:

    – war crimes trials
    – the closure of US bases
    – nuclear disarmament
    – arrests of British officials and politicians in the pockets of the CIA etc.
    – the power of the Zionist lobby

    Make NATO as big an issue as possible. The filth who support NATO membership have no case whatsoever. They don’t want a fight over this. So give them one.

    I hope Ken Livingstone is given a seat in the Shadow Cabinet, on his way to being Shadow Chancellor and then the actual Chancellor.

    What do we think will be the main features in the propaganda against our man?

    – It may not be long before the Torygraph and probably also the Jewish Chronicle start saying that it was Russian money that bought Corbyn’s victory.

    – They may try to link him to the abuse in the Islington children’s care homes.

    – They may use the Commons Speaker’s office against him.

  • Peter Beswick

    If “bunch of crooks” was the worst of it Britain would be a better place but its the; liars, warmongers, cowards and psychopaths that create most of the problems.

    Not just in Labour but all parties.

    Corbyn has been and I hope continues to be a breath of fresh air, God knows, the country needs it.

    I like may have been unable to vote in recent general elections because there was no candidate a trusted or head of party who I thought was fit to run a whore house let alone the country.

  • fred

    “Why the delay in announcing the result?”

    The result that matters is announced, Tom Watson made deputy.

  • N_

    The only ‘case’ for NATO membership is that Mr Poshy Sir knows best and only dirty oiks would question his judgement, so get back to the gutter, you dirty oiks. And Mr Poshy Sir’s intelligence and security services know a lot of secret stuff about how the foreign bombers with knives between their teeth would be blowing up London and running amok through your flower-beds if Britain pulled out of NATO, scattering your cleaning ladies. And we give you food, you filthy working class scum, and we won’t have you saying you’re not grateful. And if you dare to say you “think” differently, you dirty oik, you’re either an urchin yourself or one of thoes trendy lefty teachers with their modern ideas, paid by the Kremlin and North Korea. Even questioning Mr Poshy Sir’s judgement shows what a lump of dogshit on our riding boots you are, you dirty communist scum.

    Get my point?

    The bourgeoisie don’t like it up ’em. Put the motherfucking bastards on the defensive.

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