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Just between 2003-5, US forces killed 15 journalists in Iraq, the majority either Westerners or working for Western news agencies. The figure is from the mainstream American Journalism Review. 94 aid workers died in the Iraq conflict, according to Reuters. I don’t have a figure for how many of those were killed by the US forces, but many. Journalists and aid workers have been among the 2,540 people killed in “collateral damage” of drone strikes since Obama became President. Now the US has just killed medical staff and aid workers in Kunduz.

I do not want to downplay the horror and cold-heartedness of the grisly ISIL executions. But the United States military has killed more journalists and NGO employees than ISIL ever will. An inconvenient fact you will never see reported in the mainstream media.

Some of those US killings of journalists were not deliberate targeting. That is of little comfort to the dead people and their loved ones. Some were not accidental.

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    Hmm, but Turkey also wants rid of Assad, not just the ‘Kurdish problem’.

    Not sure that that’s set in stone at all. Especially if the alternative to Assad is salafist. Turkey has a substantial minority Shi’a population, and that outcome would be no improvement.

    Face facts, Syria may not have been the best of neighbours, but it wasn’t setting off bombs all over Turkey, and as far as I know isn’t claiming rights to part of Turkey either. If Turkey wasn’t in NATO, it wouldn’t be bothered so much about Assad, I think.

  • nevermind

    “If Turkey wasn’t in NATO, it wouldn’t be bothered so much about Assad, I think.”
    What do you think the 4F15’s were doing in Syrian airspace, armed? just checking Russian reactions? or on a mission to take out Assad for uncle Sam?

  • nevermind

    From your link Ba’al

    “Erdogan agreed to open Turkish bases to U.S. planes and drones, and pledged to join the U.S. campaign to bomb ISIS targets in Syria. In doing so, Erdogan has ensured that ISIS sees Turkey as an enemy, and the group will inevitably, and unfortunately, attack Turkey again. The only question is when, and how severely.”

    Indeed he did join in the fight, but he hit the Kurds first and foremost, just as Russia is fighting against Assad’s internal opposing groups, not just the Syrian free army and ISIL. But Erdogan plays on two harps, on one side he wants to please NATO’s mainstream by joining in the attack, hitting kurds first to show ISIL they are coming for them as well, then once their fellow Sunni’s have gone to safety, attack their camps….
    Erdogan was helping ISIL by taking their oil and trading arms, who knows, very likely also the chems. that made the news when dropped on innocent people, so I don’t know what to think of ol’ two face.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Erdogan’s been using the excuse of IS to bomb the PKK, certainly. He’s playing both ends against the middle, sure. I think if IS is unwise enough to extend its operations onto Turkish soil, though, it will concentrate his mind wonderfully. It’s a pity he’s religious, which is highly relevant. That could make for the wrong decision, as far as Turkey is concerned… at that point, he might get ejected anyway. The military command may have been neutered politically, but the army still has the guns, and the traditionalists are sore at the progressive desecularisation of their country. Work in progress.

  • Alcyone

    Dave Lawton

    Many thanks for your response earlier. I have watched David Bohm conversing with K with great interest, attention and intensity. He was one of the few men I have witnessed come close to keeping up with K in terms of insight. Most others appear as novices in front of K. That is not intended as a judgment; rather more like an observation of logic.

    You are honoured to have worked alongside such a great man and scientist. I am honoured to have the opportunity of chatting with you here. I still feel remorse when I think of Bohm in a depression in his later days. I suspect it had something to do with his sensitive soul.

    All the best and see you around again soon.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Re. the very strange Krishnamurti, this offers a further insight.

    Those tempted to follow his teachings should note carefully that he did not consider his objective to be served by following teachings or intellectuality. And that objective has recognisable parallels with that advocated and possibly attained by Zen/Ch’an, Sufi and occasionally other mystics. It is a direct experience for which the ground must be prepared by cultivating, in some sense, detachment.

    And he was no saint.

  • Alcyone

    Banal Zevul is trying to get back to me for having observed Craig pull him up for being ‘deliberately obtuse’.

    Consequently he is trying to discredit Krishnamurti. LOL! As a result he, after scraping the barrel, he comes up with some obtuse writing by a ‘Ludo Noens’ — Who he??

    Intelligent people who are interested in the process of Life and in inquiring about the working of the ‘mind’ are best advised to disregard the Ignorant and Banal Zevul Troll and start by reading Aldous Huxley’s Foreword to K’s book ‘The First and Last Freedom’, which can be found here:

    Or of course to do their own research no matter that this cretin sits on this blog all day long with his incessant copy-n-pastes. No Lizard King this. 😉

    PS There is also this interview by Bernard Levin, the well-known journalist

  • Mary

    There is a photo of the hospital taken in 2012 if you go to Google maps and search for Kunduz.

    One of very many striking photos including several of old wreckage of Russian helicopters.

    The landscapes are beautiful especially those taken in Winter.

  • Alcyone

    Footnote to Ba’al:

    I’m very glad you made your pathetic attempt to malign Krishnamurti.

    Apart from my response to you above, it encouraged me to watch the less-than-30-minutes interview by Bernard Levin.

    What I see is an excellent interview, with Levin asking all the right questions, in a cohesive direction. And Krishnamurti at his lucid best!

    Please note your lowly, cowardly attempt stands totally discredited and hope you can open your mind so you can in the future contribute more intelligently.

    Here is the link again. @5 minutes of absorbing listening can change one:

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Sure, it is a war crime, like the West’s attempt to overthrow Assad In Syria.

    It is just a repeat of what Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders did during King Louis’s Crusade, culminating in the Count’s reckless attacks on Damascus which ultimately led to the fall of jerusalem to Saladin.

    And, oh yes, the Counts of Flanders were the heroes of Ash Carter’s MA these back at Yale!

  • Ba'al Zevul

    I’m very glad you made your pathetic attempt to malign Krishnamurti.

    Which you almost certainly didn’t understand, to judge from your hysterical response. If you can refute any statement of mine (truthfully) from what is known about Krishnamurti, feel free to do so. Even he recognised he wasn’t any kind of messiah, and he certainly deplored formal teachers of notional ‘Ways’.

    I’m not sure if he’d be too forgiving of the very personal tone of the abuse you are offering – having nothing to the point to offer – either.

    Tell me, how did you come by your knowledge? Were you born with it? Did the Divine descend in a sheet of flame and impart to you the wisdom of the ages? Lesser mortals than your (perfect) self have to look things up to find out more, and Google is very good for that. Though it sometimes turns up the unexpected and the plain disagreeable, which is why you never, never use it, eh?

    In a word, you’re a female genital orifice. Not even a nice one.

  • Alcyone

    “In a word, you’re a female genital orifice. ”

    LOL! And it shows you are a very sick person with a very sick mind.

    That is apart from the fact of course that you are a thoroughly second-hand human being.

    You still haven’t told us who is ” Ludo Noens” but that is entirely consistent with your Troll behaviour.

    Did you watch the dialogue with Bernard Levin? Unlike your ‘Ludo Noens’ just about everybody here would know who he is. Lol! For your King of Copy ‘n Paste I have the first sentence off his Wiki page for you”

    “Henry Bernard Levin CBE (19 August 1928 – 7 August 2004) was an English journalist, author and broadcaster, described by The Times as “the most famous journalist of his day”. “

    Niw. I wonder, why would the great Bernard Levin be wasting his time with Krishnamurti?

    All too much for you Banal?

    PS Btw, Banal I believe you came out of a “female genital orifice”. Ooops, sorry I forgot you were just a slimy lizard, and as slow as one to boot. Forgiven and be banished. Cretins like you are holding up the development of the whole of Humanity.

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