Daily archives: October 4, 2015

Death Race 2015

Just between 2003-5, US forces killed 15 journalists in Iraq, the majority either Westerners or working for Western news agencies. The figure is from the mainstream American Journalism Review. 94 aid workers died in the Iraq conflict, according to Reuters. I don’t have a figure for how many of those were killed by the US forces, but many. Journalists and aid workers have been among the 2,540 people killed in “collateral damage” of drone strikes since Obama became President. Now the US has just killed medical staff and aid workers in Kunduz.

I do not want to downplay the horror and cold-heartedness of the grisly ISIL executions. But the United States military has killed more journalists and NGO employees than ISIL ever will. An inconvenient fact you will never see reported in the mainstream media.

Some of those US killings of journalists were not deliberate targeting. That is of little comfort to the dead people and their loved ones. Some were not accidental.

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Off to Caird Square

I am off to speak at the Independence rally in Caird Square, Dundee this afternoon. (Actually I am assuming it’s Caird Square, but doubtless I’ll find it when I get there). It is vital that, amid the demands and distractions of humdrum everyday politics, we keep the goal of Independence to the fore in the minds of the people. I was disappointed the SNP MPs and MSPs all boycotted the recent Hope Over Fear rally in George Square, and hope that they will have some presence today in Dundee.

I am always willing to speak at Independence meetings and events throughout Scotland. You can contact me through the button at the top of the page.

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