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In every Tory leadership election since Thatcher, the bookies’ favourite has lost. And while you cannot easily discern where the winner would come from on the economic left/right scale, the authoritarian/libertarian scale is absolutely significant. In every single case the winner has been the Tory of the most authoritarian views, and the losers – think Ted Heath, David Davies, Ken Clarke, Michael Portillo – have been on the socially liberal side of conservatism.

Our political “journalists” only think left/right. So Cameron’s victory was a Tory move to the “left”. In fact it was not about that at all. David Davies, the favourite defeated by Cameron, has described the new Tory anti-trade union bill as “Francoist”. He opposed control orders, stop and search, detention without trial and the banning of protest from around Westminster. That is why he lost – the Tories have a dog whistle reaction to follow authoritarian figures. Cameron’s Old Etonian patrician authoritarianism is what they wanted.

That is why Theresa May is going today to give a bloodcurdling speech attempting to stir up racism against immigrants by saying they are making us poor and making our society less cohesive. She will even pander to the ludicrous notion that an economy is of a fixed size no matter how many people are in it, with a fixed number of jobs, so “they” are taking “our” jobs. Doubtless she will also outline yet more definitions of thought crime and new reasons to lock up young Muslims.

She may be vicious and dangerous to our society, but she is not stupid. It is the way to become Tory leader.

Nobody ever lost money overestimating the viciousness of the Tories. In fact the arms and security industries and the bankers, the private health companies, the hedge funds and the private agencies enforcing government policy make fortunes out of it every day.

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250 thoughts on “Racism Works In the Tories

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  • Ben-Humps the anti-hemp Nations

    There should be a pic of Jemand in the dictionary under the definition of ‘persistence without a cause’. Really dude. You are outdoing your own self by hectares.

  • nevermind

    Jemand, as so many times before, is niemand, persistent like a rash, bless his puerile existence.
    Past my bed time, got to share my pillow now.

  • John Goss

    I should add that the (two) authors in the Guardian as per my previous comment (Alberto Nardelli and George Arnett) put a quite convincing argument together. In truth I would need to study it in more detail to be certain, but it appears to be well sourced – unlike the comments by Uzbek in the UK (2:16 pm) and Habbabababababbakkoook (2:22 pm).

  • Ben-Humps the anti-hemp Nations

    Now that Craig has abandoned his new thread, let me inject some UK bigotry. I am appalled at the devolution of social progress in your vicinity.

    Marijuana has been recognized as beneficial for a plethora of ailments human for some time now, without commensurate scientific research by persons of courage who seek to assuage the backwards in society.

    Big Pharma has been poisoning us for decades with the assistance of government. It’s time for all societies to reach for a higher bar of health and happiness for it’s citizens.

    There is too much fucking hypocrisy from putative progressive legislators and governors. Stop fucking the People to pad your own pocketbooks…..asswipes. Make cannabis available to any and in any quantity to any citizen seeking it’s benefits….asholes.

  • John Goss

    Ben, I agree, over hemp. I don’t use it but I don’t have to. I gave a copy of this book to my friend Dr Chris Upton who died last week.


    I knew Chris for 35 years. I would rather have given him the cannabis oil, but that would have been illegal even if I knew where the devil to get hold of it. Chris had liver cancer. I bought the book to seek for sources for a friend in Sweden, Rafik Saley, who also had liver cancer. Likewise I would rather have been able to give him the cannabis oil but in Sweden too it was illegal.

    I never met Rafik, except through telephone conversations and emails. He, and I, worked together to try and find a way of securing the release of Julian Assange without him ending up in the hands of the CIA = lifetime of imprisonment at the least. He came back from the world cup in Brazil full of spirits. Next I heard he had been diagnosed with liver cancer and urgently sought cannabis oil.

    For God’s sake what is wrong with this world!

  • Hieroglyph

    O/T: I too am concerned about Clark. I don’t know him personally, but I hope anyone who does has reached out to him.

    Back to subject. Immigration is a complex subject. One welcomes immigrants, but of course, we can’t welcome everybody. So we have immigration quota’s, and send people home; a morally complex situation, given how bad the situation is ‘back home’ for many of these people. We should start by not bombing the shit out of their countries though.

    Perhaps, eventually, everyone will be able to live wherever they want, and take a job where they land. Sounds good, to me. Long way off though.

  • Ben-Humps the anti-hemp Nations

    John: Recently my best friend of over 40 years was diagnosed with bladder cancer. In late August his oncologist declared him clear, a term of finality I’ve never heard from a physician.

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend to liver cancer, but THC (Delta 9’s) remain in the liver until fully oxidized by CBD’s (one of many necessary cannibinoids who are chained together for optimum efficiency) and very clearly would have assisted in his survival, to be conservative.

    It is especially egregious in that government is in cahoots with Industry (Pharma) to provide the expensive poisons most recommended by the State, and to denigrate the Science of Nutrition and Homeopathy as well as Cannabis in their final dispensations.

  • glenn

    Ben: “Make cannabis available to any and in any quantity to any citizen seeking it’s benefits[…]”

    It’s a lot worse over here than you think, Ben. It’s not just a case of disinterested media, reporting on politics like it’s some field sport, while taking a generally right-wing line. There’s a toxic core of the Establishment represented by the popular press – particularly the likes of The Mail, which has enormous influence on our cowardly government.

    They’ll shriek and froth at the “outrage” they are attempting to drum up, when it comes to anything they’re not supposed to like. And they don’t like anything progressive, and they don’t like any changes generally. Particularly not when it’s decriminalising behaviour of which they don’t officially approve.

    We’re not going to get assisted suicide, legalised cannabis, even proper sex education, sensible prostitution laws, adequate treatment for substance abusers, on and on – because one step in that direction will draw the ire of these rabble-rouses. We won’t rid schools of their absurd religious designations either. Whether the public is actually outraged or not, ministers will jump to their tune at once. Or preferably, behave so as to not cause such attention in the first place.

  • Old Mark

    Well, here’s one of the responses to Massie’s Spectator piece on May’s speech:

    Ba’al, it must be a bit disconcerting for Craig to find that 2 of the most vocal critics of Theresa May in the past 12 hours have been, respectively, the Institute of Directors and Alex Massie, a public school educated Scottish Tory-


    Massie’s article, and the interesting comments thread it generated, are here in full-


  • Ben-Humps the anti-hemp Nations

    Yes, Glenn. Cannabis is just another progressive failure of conscience. They can’t bring themselves to cross a bridge they haven’t completely surveyed as absolutely safe for passage. It’s the nature of our form of government.

  • glenn

    What difference does it make anyway. And when is just one of these sky-spooks going to step in and save us? The One True Religion has to exist right? There’s more of them than you could shake a stick at, so won’t the Right One please step forward and rescue us?

    No takers eh? God/Alah/Jehovah must be one awfully shy bastard, despite creating the entire Universe, knowing everything, and fixing everything from dodgy alternators to sporting events (should sufficient prayer be offered, of course).

    Come on, you religious freaks. Idiotic denial just won’t do. When is your supreme sky-spook going to put a stop to it?

    Fact: This planet has not harbored humans at 3.3 C or higher above baseline (i.e., the beginning of the industrial revolution). The number may be much lower. The jury is still out.

    Fact: Humans are animals that depend on myriad other species for survival. As with all other animals, humans require clean air, potable water, healthy food, and the ability to maintain body temperature to sustain themselves.

    Fact: Humans will die without a living planet that continuously supplies the elements listed above.

    Fact: So far, all humans born into the physical realm have died. There is no rational basis for expecting any human to avoid this fate.

    Fact: The Sixth Mass Extinction is under way.

    Fact: All species have gone extinct or will go extinct. There is no rational basis for expecting Homo sapiens to avoid this fate.


  • glenn

    Jemand: “I guess it’s ok to accuse people of being a witch when you don’t like witches.

    Sure it is. Just like it’s ok to make out someone is uneducated, stupid, ignorant, lazy, a liar, are “petty and disingenuous”, are unworthy of respect, it goes on and on, and would make a long list. It appears people you don’t like have nothing but negative qualities!

    Jemand: “Going around in circles is what a broken record does, John. I win. You lose.

    Most profound. Apart from the fact that perfectly good records go around in circles too. Brilliantly witty observation, otherwise, of course.


    By the way, it appears that in an embarrassing fit of pique you’ve changed your handle. Taking on new staff to deal with the deluge of queries? 😉

  • giyane


    The whole point of the last prophet is mentioned in the verses of the gospels John 16:13:

    When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

    The spirit of truth is the Angel Gabriel Ruuhul Qudus who dictated the Qur’an to our prophet SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW did not speak anything from his own mind without making clear that he was giving his own opinion. Nor did he derive the stories from previous scriptures.

    I am surprised you are ignorant of these things if you have friends who are Muslims.

  • glenn

    “I am surprised you are ignorant of these things if you have friends who are Muslims.

    Maybe they were just embarrassed to admit to even have to pretend to believe such obvious tosh. Mormons have much the same problem.

    It’s easy for Christians though – God made woman out of Adam’s rib, a talking snake brought about an apple of all truth, a holy trinity then came about with miracles, rising from the dead, virgin births… all very straightforward and totally believable.

  • BrianFujisan

    Ah the Days When Things were More Earthly, and Natural..

    “We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel with God, as the Catholic and Protestants do. We do not want to learn that.

    We may quarrel with men sometimes about things on earth. But we never quarrel about God. We do not want to learn that.”

    Chief Joseph – Nez Perce

    JDS @ 11;07 pm

    Thanks For that..i see i was not the only one who had a restless night RE


    Some of the stories i have seen.. of Zombie looking Children…24 hourslater – after parents get illegal Canabis oil- the difference is stunning.. Happy Vibrant children, all aglow..Pluss,


    Oh and Love the King of the Hebrides Title… Going back oot to the Ocean next Friday..Wee treat from a Laday friend, for my birthday..which if i recall i share with Mr C. Murray

  • tbd

    The same fucking propaganda for the genocide of the European people by mass immigration and multi-culturalism. Racism to Murray equals opposing the replacement of your own people and culture by people from elsewhere — the policy of the New World Order, which aims to replace sovereign state democracy with global plutocracy.

    Who pays Murray’s bills?

  • Ken2

    It is because UK/US and France have been bombing,killing and invading in the Middle East fo neatly 100 years that there is any immigration. (Oil) The Balfour Agreement 1917. It is British foreign policies which has caused immigration throughout Europe. If the UK did not bomb and kill through the Middle East in illegal wars there would not be death poverty and deprivation throughout the world. £Billions/trillions ave been wasted which could have been put to better use.

    The Tories have caused these problems. Churchill took Iran’s Oil in the 1950’s. M15/CIA Destabilised Iran put the PM in jail and brought back, the exiled Shah. Denying Iran Democracy. That has been repeated time and time and time again. Westminster back Saddam in the Iraq/Iran War. The illegal invasion of Iraq/Afganistan. The Tories/Westminster have caused Migration.

    The UK/US and France deny Immigation, They are the hardest countries to get entry but have immigration issues because of their foreign policies.

    7Million immigrants have accessed Palestinan land facilitated by US/UK and France. Th balance of power in Israel now held by a Russian Neo Nazi. and their economy is falling. How much longer can it last without US support? Or sanctions.

    The Tories have caused immigration in Europe and have wasted £Billions. The UK has £1.5trillion of debt because of Westminster foreign and economic policies. Stop destabiling the Middle East. Trade and give Aid do not invade. Theresa May and her colleagues have caused migration in Europe. Do they want to start a 3rd WW. The majority are sick of it. Sick of the death and destruction at home and abroad. Sick of the wringing of hands by those in the thick of it. The hypocrites trying to facilitate more war, death, destructiiom, poverty and deprivation. Most countries do not carry on like this.

    Where’s the Chilcot Report?

  • Ken2

    Labour raised £600Billon in taxes and borrowed £120 = £720Billion

    The Tories are raising £466Billion and borrowing £90Billion = £556Billion

  • jemand

    7 Oct, 2015 – 2:38 am

    “Jemand: “I guess it’s ok to accuse people of being a witch when you don’t like witches.”

    Sure it is. Just like it’s ok to make out someone is uneducated, stupid, ignorant, lazy, a liar, are “petty and disingenuous”, are unworthy of respect, it goes on and on, and would make a long list. It appears people you don’t like have nothing but negative qualities!

    By the way, it appears that in an embarrassing fit of pique you’ve changed your handle. Taking on new staff to deal with the deluge of queries? 😉

    – – –

    1. They don’t burn people at the stake for being uneducated, stupid, ignorant, lazy, or liars. False allegations of racism is a convenient, thought-terminating method of silencing critics.

    2. Why would stupidity, ignorance, laziness and lying be worthy of respect?? Puzzling.

    3. People who I do not like are disliked for those negative qualities. I don’t make a habit of singing the praises of people who I dislike – say, like Charles Manson. Ask Ba’al if he has a nice word for Tony Blair or Mary re Netanyahu. Do you see what I mean? If you like Charles, Tony or Ben then please feel free to write glowing references for them.

    4. There is no embarrasing fit of pique (care to elaborate?), just a convenient means of reminding readers here that my comments are censored and deleted for no good reasons, only bad. Example – See next comment.

  • Mary

    A report on the latest activities of the successors to the immigrants into
    Palestine in 1948 mostly by force.

    08:00 5th October 2015 – 08:00,6th October 2015


    12 pages of detail.

    Including the killing of a child in Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem and 59 injuries throughout the Occupied land.

    ‘In a tiny and vastly overcrowded space, measuring less than 200 metres by 400 metres, nearly 5,000 Palestinian refugees live in Aida Refugee Camp.’

    Israeli forces shoot, kill Palestinian boy, 13, in Aida refugee camp

    Shot in the chest near his heart.

  • Mary

    Craig referred to NHS privatisation on this entry.

    So very true. One of the Con operatives features here.

    ‘Top Tory claims HALF of NHS beds are facing the axe fuelling fears of health privatisation

    6 Oct 2015
    By Andrew Gregory

    Lord Prior – now NHS Productivity Minister – emailed a consultancy firm after it paid for him to tour private health facilities in the US

    NHS bed axe: Chair of the Care Quality Commission David Prior photo

    A senior Tory privately suggested that 50% of NHS beds could be axed.

    Lord Prior – now NHS Productivity Minister – emailed a consultancy firm after it paid for him to tour private health facilities in the US.

    It fuels fears the Tories are intent on privatisation.

    More than 13,000 beds have already gone since David Cameron became Prime Minister – and the latest revelation will fuel fears the Tories are intent on privatising the health service.

    Dr Kailash Chand, deputy chairman of the British Medical Association, warned the Government was “already doing” what Lord Prior suggested in his email.



    Message. Coming soon.

    Have your credit card ready when you turn up at A&E. Keep your health insurance up to date.

  • Mary

    If Craig had written about the price of say, Cheddar cheese, then presumably Jemand would not have submitted a single comment but, because the subject is racism and immigration, we have a couple of dozen of his gems.

  • craig Post author


    I quite understand that. But it is not incompatible with the undeniable fact that several of the stories in the Koran and much of the basic theology had already appeared elsewhere; the Koran stands in a religious tradition. That doesn’t mean it was not dictated by God; that is a question of belief. As I understand it, Muslims accept that he Bible and Torah are also holy books and contain truths revealed to lesser prophets.

    Glenn et al, religious freedom is a human right. That includes your right not to have a religion. But those who do have the right to hold their beliefs dear. It is a question of respect for fellow human beings.

    Let me try this example. I confess that I find the idea of personally having sex with another man repellent. I have no idea why, but homo-eroticism has zilch appeal to me. But that does not in any way impact on my respect for and friendship towards people who happen to be gay. We don’t have to share each others’ world view. I would argue that it as wrong to mock religious people as it is to mock gay people. People deserve respect as people.

    I am in any event a Deist myself. I cannot believe that capacity for abstract thought, reasoning and emotion is merely the purely accidental combination of chemicals. But I do not like the power structures of organised religions nor their superstitious elements – silly stories of miracles etc. Islam is in fact a great deal more rational in that respect than Christianity. I find Islam appealing, particularly the Sufist tradition. The major religions all have profound and very similar ethical teachings at their base, distorted by centuries of corruption and control.

  • Mary

    If you watch Cameron speaking at 11.30 remember he got back in largely as the result of Crosby’s efforts.

    Crosby came here from Oz and now returns on to Canada.

    ‘Eventually, David Cameron succumbed to the allure of Crosby’s black magic. Indeed, Crosby received a cool half million pounds to make sure that the dirt was spread through the electorate for the 2015 election. The winning result was largely attributed to him, vesting Crosby’s strategy with the powers of a deity.

    Now, Crosby is hawking his wares through the Commonwealth circuit, moving onto Canada, where he is advising the incumbent, Stephen Harper. It has been picked up that Harper’s team has sporadically sought advice from the Australian strategist over the years. “We were fans of Lynton Crosby,” gushed Harper campaign spokesperson Kory Teneycke, “before many people knew who Lynton Crosby was.”’

    Mercenary of Reaction
    Lynton Crosby in Canada
    by Binoy Kampmark / October 6th, 2015

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