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I am involved quite extensively in the making of what I believe to be a valuable independent documentary. It is based on George Ponsonby’s excellent book London Calling, and has the working title How the BBC Stole the Referendum. We have already done a few hours filming of my contribution.

The film is being directed by Alan Knight. It still requires some finance, having raised over £12,000 so far from crowd sourcing. If any readers of this blog can make a contribution, it would be gratefully received. I vouch for the good faith and commitment of the production team, though I am not in any sense connected with the management or finances.

I should like to ask for a couple of other bits of help as well. Can anybody find the BBC footage of the appalling Gavin Esler puff piece for the “Vote No Borders” PR campaign. The BBC broadcast it repeatedly on every TV news programme on 2 May 2014, but seem to have managed to erase all trace of it from the internet. It might also be useful if somebody could take a little video footage of the company nameplate of Acanchi Ltd at 24 Chiswell Street, London, EC2Y 4YX. Footage of the nameplate, the street sign and a little of the surroundings, just to visually establish it is in London. The technical quality of that little bit of video is not terrifically important.


See Gill R’s comment below. The company may be at Unit 311 Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH. If anyone can easily get to either address and see what they can film it would still be helpful.

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  • Tony M

    Excellent book, I’ve read online just the first chapter, and it’s dynamite.

    Look forward to the documentary.

  • craig Post author


    Thanks. Might have known the Rev Stu would have it covered.

    It still makes my blood boil every time I see it. Quite astonishing piece of state propaganda. When you consider it is promoting an entirely fake and non-existent organisation.

  • Gill R

    The video you are looking for might be this one , but it’s already on your blog here

    re: Acanchi Ltd: the Chiswell street address appears to be only their Registered Office. There are 9 companies registered to 3rd Floor, Chiswell Street See

    Acanchi’s website shows that they are based at Unit 311 Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH

    Both Companies House Webcheck and DueDil have Acanchi Ltd noted as “Proposal to Strike Off” (see

  • craig Post author

    I am wondering what we can find about Vote No Borders income sources from the Electoral Commission. Mary, sounds like one for you!

  • Gill R

    I don’t think anyone will be able to get anything from the outside of Chiswell Street. Google street view (and I’ve looked at past versions as well as the current one shows no name plates visible on the exterior of the building.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    I never have much cash to spare so I had to think hard about whether I could afford to donate a tenner for this film. Fred swung it. Ker-ching.

    P.S. update on “The Killings of Tony Blair”here.

  • MJ

    “Mary, sounds like one for you!”

    Craig: Mary has departed, upset that so many of her posts were deleted on your previous thread.

  • James Caldwell

    The Companies House Beta service shows an English registered company ‘No Borders’ (Company number 08945687) with a registered office at 24 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4YX.

    The company’s annual return was lodged on 28 April 2015 but the first accounts for the period from the date of incorporation (18 March 2014) to 31 March 2015 have not been lodged at Companies House. The accounts are due to be lodged by 18 December 2015.

  • craig Post author

    Thank you Node.

    It never occurred to me that anyone would even consider it a possibility, but having just received an abusive email I should clarify that no, I am not getting paid anything for appearing in the film or for anything else connected to it.


    Great link. Gavin Esler on a paid gig with Tony Blair and the Saudis. Classy.

  • fedup

    No, thank Fred.

    Node you cruel bastard! 🙂

    The law of unintended consequences are a bitch!


    I cannot stand the sanctimonious free loading bastards in the beebeecee!!! Anyone can do their jobs, at a third of their salaries and a tenth of their expenses, but as we know the propagandist shits that achieved the order of the trough know damn fine well how to suck up to the power and keep on the right (the only side ever to be on!!!!) side of the powers that be, whilst filling us with the coleslaw of impartiality and “quality” programming.

    It is years since I have watched Esler doing his bit of sucking up in the guise of “investigative journalism” it is kind of passing infomercials as credible sources of data!

  • BrianFujisan

    At LAST… Man that was an effin mission.. Fkn paypal… got soaked in a monsoon going to car for bank card.. ah well had to be done a tenner to add to Node’s

    Great stuff, Looking forward to that.

    Mind and consult Professor John Robertson, at the University of the West of Scotland

    “I was bullied by BBC over academic report on indyref bias”

    Also –

    OH: Has the BBC responded to your report?

    JR: Yes, within days a short and quite insulting email was copied to my Principal. Two weeks later a six thousand word ‘forensic’ attack on my research was sent, again widely copied to anyone who had contacted them about my research. I replied, taking their argument apart, point by point. Four or five days later, a short email agreeing to disagree appeared. The full text of these exchanges can be found on the Derek Bateman blogs and on

    An Early Day motion at the House of Parliament on 5th February called on the BBC to at least report on the research. This has been ignored.

    Between the first email and the fuller critique, Newsnight Scotland made a provisional offer of a place that night then withdrew the offer after management interference with editorial autonomy. Other initial invitations led to later withdrawals. I did however make it onto Radio Scotland on Saturday 1st February at 8.20 am for 8 minutes.

    Since then, the radio interview has been pulled from the Radio Scotland site (it’s still on YouTube) and several of my colleagues have been warned by BBC contacts to distance themselves from me.

    Lastly For now – Dr David Patrick –

    WRITING OFF SCOTLAND – Press Bias in the Independence Referendum

  • Ruth

    All the pre-referendum propaganda/bias is important but not the only factor influencing the result. Look how at how Corbyn is demeaned across the board but still retains popularity and increasing popularity. It’s a bit patronising to think people swallow all the garbage spewed out – just look at comments/ratings in certain articles. Though I believe many of the comments and ratings in the Mail are manipulated, which is logical as they have such a large readership.

    In the referendum I am 99.9% sure the bags of postal votes slips were substituted after their accompanying documentation had been checked/processed at the six centres. I believe this principally because of the extraordinary fact that no exit polls were conducted by BBC, ITV nor Sky.

    Exit polls are a major feature in broadcasting until the results come in. In this year’s election, the joint GfK, NOP and Ipsos MORI poll on behalf of the BBC, ITV News, and Sky News saw the SNP claim 58 seats, and leave Labour all but wiped out north of the border. In the 2010 election at 10pm on election day, the results of an exit poll completed by GfK NOP and Ipsos MORI on behalf of the BBC, Sky and ITV news services suggested a hung parliament with the Conservative Party 19 seats from a controlling majority; this was later adjusted to 21 seats. Commentators were surprised because this was at odds with opinion polls, However, the actual results showed that the exit poll was accurate.

    So why weren’t exit polls used? Was it because there would have been disparity with the referendum results and the polls’ results.

    Until postal votes are counted separately from the polling station votes I believe it is very easy indeed for our intelligence services to pop in to council offices and swap bags to produce the result required by the Establishment.

  • Phil

    Ruth, its a surprise that not one person saw anything like you’ve described though isn’t it. Take the Oldham By-Election. UKIP (apparently) saw fraudulent postal votes and wiped up a storm. Do you not think maybe someone somewhere would have seen something.

  • Ishmael

    “Craig: Mary has departed, upset that so many of her posts were deleted on your previous thread.”

    As if Craig gives a monkeys what goes on btl, people who help make this blog. We are his followers, to him. It’s his bit of fame.

  • Macky

    If Craig hadn’t openly declared that the moderation on his own blog would be on the basis of arbitrariness, & on the basis of his & his moderators’ uncontestable predilections, perhaps he would be in a less hypocritical position to point out the biases of others.

  • fred

    “No, thank Fred.”

    Always happy to cost you money.

    On the subject of money wouldn’t a better title for the film be “How the BBC helped save Scotland from bankruptcy”?

  • craig Post author


    if a follower is someone who disagrees with you, I suppose I have lots.

    Many scores of posts were deleted by moderators last night I think in despair at the off topic chat board stuff. Mary was by no means singled out nor had the most posts deleted.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    To be honest, I think I would prefer it if Scotland remained a part of the UK, and the UK got out of both The EU and NATO.

    However, I am even more interested in Democracy – which actually means Local Democracy, rather than Centralised Globalist Control from incompetent extremely powerful, extremely rich, extremely corrupt Dictators.

    Now this of course, is not “THAT” strong evidence of anything untoward on a Massive Scale during The Scottish Referendum vote count…but it does appear to be a legit video – even if it is narrated by someone who doesn’t actually sound like he’s Scottish – but maybe from The North East of England? This guy whoever he is, doesn’t do himself any favours by using the handle “Elite NWO Agenda”. I have not seen any of his other videos , but would not be surprised if he comes over as a complete conspiracy nutter like me – and doesn’t actually believe the Official Story of 9/11.

    Maybe you should simply delete this and ask the BBC’s Jane Standley for an interview re her Magic Powers of accurate Prediction before something has actually happened. I think she is doing Pantomime now – “its behind you”

    “SCOTLAND INDEPENDENCE VOTE RIGGING EXPOSED ? Smoking Gun Evidence of Vote Being Rigged ? ”


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    OMG, yet another solicitation by a deserving cause for funds around Christmas time.

    I can assure posters if you give, it’s just the beginning of a flood of emails and slow mails.

  • Phil

    I’ll back Craig up on this, Ishmael. I had several posts removed (including a very touching poem) but im not sulking. It went very off-topic and therefore posts were removed….

  • craig Post author

    Just for clarity I was watching the Arsenal game and not following in real time. But the Mod’s actions seemed impartial. If people get in to streams of personal chat completely unrelated to the post, it deters non-regulars from commenting.

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