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On Saturday I shall be speaking at a conference in Edinburgh on the changing face of racism, and how Islamophobia is now not only mainstream but actively promoted by government.

Donald Trump’s remarks have brought appropriate condemnation, but the Henry Jackson Society got there first. In February 2006 Douglas Murray, Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society, stated :

“It is late in the day, but Europe still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb which will soon see a number of our largest cities fall to Muslim majorities. It has to. All immigration into Europe from Muslim countries must stop. In the case of a further genocide such as that in the Balkans, sanctuary would be given on a strictly temporary basis. This should also be enacted retrospectively… Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board: Europe must look like a less attractive proposition.”

Douglas Murray also came out with a straight defence of the use of torture by Western intelligence agencies.

Yet the politicians who pretend to be outraged by Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from the US, line up to support the man who declares “All immigration into Europe from Muslim countries must stop.” Not only Jim Murphy, but a role call of top Blairites sits on the Political Council of the Henry Jackson Society – Margaret Beckett, Hazel Blears, Ben Bradshaw, Chris Bryant, Gisela Stuart etc. All of course enthusiasts for bombing Syria. It astonishes me that the Labour Party is now complaining about “infiltration” by groups on the left when a large number of very senior figures can belong to an organisation which is avowedly neo-conservative, is linked to the US and European far right and is funded by the CIA.

The Henry Jackson Society is the go-to organisation for broadcasters looking for comment on Islamic affairs. I was both pleased and surprised to see the Henry Jackson Society named two days ago in a Guardian article on the mainstreaming of Islamophobia. Pleased because the maximum exposure is necessary to make people understand what people are getting when they see “independent” HJS staff interviewed on the BBC and Sky, and surprised because the Blairite controlled and US marketed Guardian doesn’t usually run this kind of stuff anymore.

I tucked it in to the back of my mind until I came to write this article. Guess what? The Guardian Editors have now excised all mention of the Henry Jackson Society from the article on the mainstreaming of Islamophobia. Interesting that, isn’t it?

The Henry Jackson Society seconds staff to the Quilliam Foundation. This extraordinary organisation is a career vehicle for “reformed jihadists” to milk huge salaries and luxury lifestyles from government money, in return for fronting an organisation run by the security services. Quilliam specialises in denouncement of Muslim organisations and talking up the Jihadi threat, offering “expert advice” on the government’s anti-free speech strategy. At the same time, it seeks to maximise the income of its directors. One interesting collaboration to make money was its collaboration with the current head of Pergida UK, and former head of the English Defence League, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Alias Tommy Robinson).

Quilliam have received millions from the taxpayer for their dubious “work”. But their application for Home Office funding to split with Yaxley-Lennon remains an episode beyond belief. Several of Quilliam’s staff are “lent” by the CIA-funded Henry Jackson Society.

Do come along to the meeting on Saturday. Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9BX.

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  • Mary

    Veterans throw away their war medals in disgust at British air strikes in Syria
    Ex-servicemen and women want to bust the ‘myth’ of heroism connected to fighting in foreign wars to discourage future generations from signing up

    11 hours ago


    ‘The Special Forces veteran said Britain’s actions over the last 15 years had directly led to the formation of Isis, from its invasion in Iraq and intervention in Afghanistan and Libya.

    “We’ve got to look at how Isis was caused. It was our attack in Iraq that led to the formation of Isis,” he said.

    “Also, we’ve got to look at our allies – Saudi Arabia, who are fervent supporters of Isis and fund them; we’ve got to look at Turkey, who I’ve been led to believe are buying oil from Isis.

    “So there are many things we can do – from looking at our relationship with Saudi and putting pressure on the Turks to stop buying the oil to reduce the effectiveness of Isis.

    “But we’ve got to take a longer term view of this; every time we attack someone, every time we bomb somewhere and kill people, we create an enemy and Isis is the result of previous attacks so we’ve got to accept that and realise that bombing is not the answer; it’s the cause.”

    Mr Griffin was joined at the protest by fellow veterans Kirk Sollitt, Phil Mace and Dan Lenham outside Downing Street.’


  • Mary

    Darling joins these gangsters. You see the names of Kissinger Associates, Caterpillar, Council on Foreign Relations, American Ditchley, Brookings, PwC, etc on their biogs.


    He will feel at home.

    Caterpillar made the machine that crushed Rachel Corrie to death and the machines that Israel use to demolish Palestinian homes.

  • giyane

    In the last thread I flagged up the plan by UK and France to physically uproot the Turkish Kurds from Turkey and re-house them in Syrian land currently occupied by Islamic State.

    The concept is so extreme that no-one saw fit to comment. Our heads simply cannot get round the Fascist excesses of the Trump/McCain class of US politicians who are trying to implement the foundation of the Greater Israel in the Middle East..

    Turn it round and state that US, or if the HJS had its way, UK citizens will no longer be permitted to enter Muslim countries and you will hear the resounding sigh of relief of all Muslims around the world whose countries have been trashed by the USUKIS.

    These people are vastly more violent and unprincipled than those who subjugated the Scots, removed whole communities to N. Ireland and appropriated the land in Scotland for Royal estates. And yet these kind of policies are mainstream in the the US and UK.

    Thank you Craig for bringing these extremeists to our attention. Most of us are not aware that they actually exist.

  • Macky

    @Pan, thank you for the link to the open letter to Western youths by Sayed Ali Khamenei; as with the case with other official enemies, such as Putin or Assad, etc, , when what they say is allowed to be presented without distortions, they come across as quite rational & well meaning, full of interesting insights with not much to disagree wth really.

    (BTW your problem with that paragraph is simply due to a poor translation, instead of “until” the translator should have used the phrase “for as long as”)

  • Jeremy Stocks

    “These people are vastly more violent and unprincipled than those who subjugated the Scots, removed whole communities to N. Ireland and appropriated the land in Scotland for Royal estates. And yet these kind of policies are mainstream in the the US and UK.”

    Now that’s a mind bender. Can it be the same Cabal who undertook these actions, utilising and manipulating good men to undertake these actions? Can it be the same who destroyed the coal mining areas of Britain for their own ends?

    My theory is there is as Thatcher named it an “enemy within” and people until lately dared not speak its name. Is this what the midlife crisis is all about, the spiritual awakening which comes about in middle age?


  • giyane

    Craig: “Reformed Jihadists”

    Any religious group you enter with an enquiring mind will realise extremely quickly that the carrots for accepting their ideas are not working and quickly bring out the ‘sticks’.

    Because they are locked into their own myopic views they never relent from putting you under pressure and their toolbox for pressure, handed down through the Ottoman Empire, includes spying on and humiliating their opponent, blacklisting their work activities, in my case stealing my car when I worked for one of their members, and in my case getting the next door neighbours to pretend that my wife was having an affair.

    So please don’t underestimate 1/ how useful these religious groups can be to MI5 when they want to put pressure on independent thinkers and 2/ how far they are prepared to stray into what is obviously haram in order to enforce compliance to their crazy ideas.

    That said, I agree with Craig that the idea of a reformed jihadists is wrong. About as wrong as the idea of a reformed paedophile. I look into myself and find that my own ideas, my vision of life, is unchanged since I was a child. You see doors that invite you beliefs and actions which seem similar, but you do not take them when you see that they are in fact different. The bullying to accept a wrong life choice is what turns you very forcefully against their ideas.

    The reformed jihadists are asking us to believe the impossible, that they allowed themselves to be convinced that violence against innocent people, would solve the problem of state violence by the clients of superpowers, or the superpowers themselves. How does the shooting up of innocent, practising Muslim families in Syria in order to use their country to fight against a superpower client who does torture rendition for Jack Straw, attack jack Straw ?

    Leaving aside the fact that political Islam has been doing the superpowers dirty work of ethnically cleansing Israel’s neighbour for the superpowers to use Israel to colonise, two basic problems remain:

    1/ if a person ignored the possibility that the person recruiting them as an agent provocateur might be deceiving them and have ulterior motives, the first time, why do they repeat their mistake by accepting the second invitation to be an agent of the superpowers when they are older and wiser and it is obvious that the superpowers have ulterior motives? This is inherently contradictory and stupid.
    If the West conned you once, why would you let them con you the second time?

    2/ if you ignored the possibility that the work of an agent might involve haram activity and you went ahead and ignored the risk of hell-fire, why would you not direct your attention, in trying to make amends, to teaching the disaffected youth of the ummah that it was the West that conned you first time into being an agent, and doing haram?
    Why would you join an institution of the West which would prevent you from teaching the truth and give those youngsters an effective cure?

    Obviously all reformed jihadists are either insincere or greedy. In Islam insincerity or selling your principles for money counts as hypocrisy, and hypocrisy/insincerity will never be forgiven by Allah, even if the soft-hearted Muslims in the footsteps of their prophet SAW would have forgiven them for being insincere.

    In short, there is intense, constant, unrelenting pressure from the recruited agents of the West to go down the path of false jihad in order to disgrace the name of Islam, but you don’t jump out of bed with those agents and jump into bed with those agents’ paymasters. except of course for money, which Allah calls a miserable paltry sum compared to the life of the hereafter.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Cheer up, Pan….


    Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 2: the latest update from Galloway states that ‘The Killing$ of Tony Blair’ is now complete and he is having talks with a distributor.


    Mystic Ba’al divines that release will shortly precede the London mayoral election (5th May). In which, if anyone didn’t know, George will be a candidate. Still, the end justifies the means, much as a decade of mayhem across the MENA region justified the invasion of Iraq, eh, Tony?

  • Johnstone

    ‘And how you entertain these sick sick individuals on this blog, It’s not even funny’
    Yes, Ishmael its not funny at all… stick around.

  • giyane

    Apologies what I said not right: “Obviously all reformed jihadists are either insincere or greedy”

    What I should have said is that all reformed jihadists that join spooky government institutions are either insincere or greedy. Just to be clear.

  • Mary

    Lord Feldman contd.

    Lord Feldman given ‘Tatler Tory’ bullying dossier in 2010

    Two Conservative party activist(s) have revealed they handed the Tory party chairman a dossier specifying allegations of bullying carried out
    by Mark Clarke in 2010
    09 Dec 2015

    ‘Two Conservative party activists have revealed they handed Lord Feldman a dossier specifying allegations of bullying carried out by the so-called “Tatler Tory” Mark Clarke in 2010.

    Lord Feldman, the Tory party chairman, has insisted he had not been made aware of allegations about Mr Clarke’s behaviour until August 2015.

    The party expelled Mr Clarke last week amid a wave of bullying and blackmail allegations, which have since been passed to the police, following the suicide of Tory activist Elliott Johnson in September.’


    Feldman has been a friend of Cameron since university days.

  • giyane


    Entertainment on CM blog

    Habba, front end of the pantomime horse, Alcy1 in the middle, and Anon1 rear legs and tail.

    Ha Ha Ha!

  • Ba'al Zevul

    I seem to have lost a post, highlighting the opinion of the Henry Jackson Society held by its former European Neighbourhood Section Director:


    Earlier this year, I resigned from the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) and requested that my name be removed from its website. The HJS is a UK think-tank frequently described as ‘neoconservative’. It includes among its Trustees Michael Gove, the current Secretary of State for Education, and it is alleged to have influenced the foreign policy of David Cameron and William Hague. It currently serves as a secretariat, at the House of Commons, to the All-Party Parliamentary Groups for Transatlantic and International Security and for Homeland Security. I had held a senior post within this organisation for seven years, first as Greater Europe Co-Director, then as European Neighbourhood Section Director. However, I reluctantly had to face the fact that the HJS has degenerated to the point where it is a mere caricature of its former self. No longer is it a centrist, bipartisan think-tank seeking to promote democratic geopolitics through providing sober, objective and informed analysis to policy-makers. Instead, it has become an abrasively right-wing forum with an anti-Muslim tinge, churning out polemical and superficial pieces by aspiring journalists and pundits that pander to a narrow readership of extreme Europhobic British Tories, hardline US Republicans and Is***li L*k*dniks. The story of the HJS’s degeneration provides an insight into the obscure backstage world of Conservative politics.

    Asterisks are mine, the article isn’t intended to be about a nasty little Mediterranean state, but the HJS, the topic of this thread.

    It would be good to know, if this was moderated intentionally, why.

  • Ishmael

    Giyane, interesting read, i’ll have to go over it again after waking up a bit more.

    Reminds me of a lot in western society. I really don’t see much difference between a lot of things that go on. I was reading some womans experience, made it out to be very gangster like.

    .. So it’s just another shit state they are trying the build. sigh Big deal. They all want to take over the world, Just like the PFJ..

  • Ishmael

    To be fair, I need to stay away from Marys posts in the morning. Though good to catch the VFP action, I heard it was happening. May watch later.

    ‘Mary, defiantly not the BBC’

    I assume one must have a great love their life, as it would destroy my ability to function…

  • Dave Lawton

    [email protected]:55pm

    OK Habba perhaps you would like to use your sleuthing expertise to find out what you
    know about Charles house 375 Kensington high street in the 1960’s.

  • Ishmael

    “I’m glad Farage has seen fit to distance himself from Trumps outburst”

    Why? He’s one of the most vile bits of work i’v seen in politics. Wish he would be more honest.

  • Mary

    Only 19,000? Really? Some zeros missing perhaps?


    Arrest Tony Blair for war crimes in the middle east and misleading the public.

    Tony Blair led us into a war, using lies and deception, resulting in the death of thousands of our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians. His actions have given rise to instability in the region and terror groups the freedom to rise. He should be arrested and put in prison.

    19,030 signatures

    Government responded:

    The Iraq Inquiry’s report is expected to be published in June/July 2016. It is very important the Inquiry sets out for the British people what happened and why, so that all the lessons can be learned.

    The UK was one of more than 40 countries which contributed to military operations in Iraq from 2003 onwards. It is clearly in the interests of the British public – and particular (sic) important to the families of the 179 UK service personnel who lost their lives in Iraq** – to understand how decisions were made by government in the run-up to the conflict in Iraq in 2003, and in the years that followed, up to the withdrawal of the last UK combat troops in July 2009. Government expects that public interest to be met by the Iraq Inquiry, which was announced in June 2009 to consider all aspects of the UK’s involvement in Iraq from 2001 – 2009, including the way decisions were made and actions taken, to establish as accurately as possible what happened and to identify lessons to be learned, in order that, should the UK face similar situations in future, the government of the day is best equipped to respond to those situations in the most effective manner in the best interests of the country. The Inquiry, which is independent of government has taken evidence from some 150 witnesses, some on more than one occasion, and will draw upon thousands of documents, many of them highly sensitive, to support its conclusions. Government is committed to providing whatever assistance it can in supporting the conclusion of the Inquiry’s work.

    Cabinet Office
    Click this link to view the response online:


    The Petitions Committee will take a look at this petition and its response. They can press the government for action and gather evidence. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the Committee will consider it for a debate.

    The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee: https://petition.parliament.uk/help#petitions-committee

    The Petitions team
    UK Government and Parliament

    ** never mind the millions of Iraqi men, women and children killed, wounded, made widow/widower or made orphan, displaced and made refugee.

  • Mary

    Dave Although the troll demands responses from us, he does not respond to questions.

    I think the address was Kensington Church Street btw.

  • Ishmael

    “so that all the lessons can be learned.”

    lol, what a bunch of horseshit.

    I’m sure he and the number of people conducting in this ‘Inquiry’ like to present it as such, it’s been a great little earner no doubt.

    If lessons where leaned it would mean a total reconstitution of the state, but there are all in it together. Bloody establishment makes me sick.

  • Fredi

    “Why? He’s one of the most vile bits of work i’v seen in politics.”


    I think you left out most of the Labour, Conservative and Liberals parties.
    The reason Farage is so popular is precisely because he is ‘more honest’ then all of them combined.

  • Old Mark


    Your links yesterday evening to two Mirror articles about two individuals (Malaysian & American respectively)threatened by the Home Office with deportation aren’t strictly pertinent to Sixer’s point about how wrong it is to repatriate refugees when the circumstances back home that prompted them to leave no longer apply. Neither of these individuals came here as refugees, they are simply holdovers from a time when immigration controls,particularly for Commonwealth citizens, were extremely liberal. They are also victims of perverse decisions by underpaid pen pushers blindly following targets set by their line managers- and I doubt very much if in either case removals will actually take place (the lawyer for the Malaysian women actually admitted that a case like hers is ‘unique’).

    Nit-pickers at the Home Office have been making perverse decisions like this for 50 years- you’ll recall back in the sixties Spike Milligan took out Irish citzenship when one of them queried his right to renew his British passport (Spike was born in India and his father was Irish).

  • Ishmael

    ‘The reason Farage is so popular’

    Ahh, ok, sorry I thought I was talking to someone…..else.

    I do know a some who openly supported him. Not many, and less now. But there are a number, yes. And Hitler was very popular. What does that say.

    As for honest. he is an ‘honest’ right wing opportunist, bit like Cameron and Co. And the ignorant rabble he cultivates, widely dis-proportionally promoted by the ever more right wing media, has to be potentially the most damaging thing i’v seen in British politics.

    I don’t know why he distances himself, being so honest.

    ps, He it more popular than anyone, in his and your head, and so is racism.

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