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On Saturday I shall be speaking at a conference in Edinburgh on the changing face of racism, and how Islamophobia is now not only mainstream but actively promoted by government.

Donald Trump’s remarks have brought appropriate condemnation, but the Henry Jackson Society got there first. In February 2006 Douglas Murray, Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society, stated :

“It is late in the day, but Europe still has time to turn around the demographic time-bomb which will soon see a number of our largest cities fall to Muslim majorities. It has to. All immigration into Europe from Muslim countries must stop. In the case of a further genocide such as that in the Balkans, sanctuary would be given on a strictly temporary basis. This should also be enacted retrospectively… Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board: Europe must look like a less attractive proposition.”

Douglas Murray also came out with a straight defence of the use of torture by Western intelligence agencies.

Yet the politicians who pretend to be outraged by Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from the US, line up to support the man who declares “All immigration into Europe from Muslim countries must stop.” Not only Jim Murphy, but a role call of top Blairites sits on the Political Council of the Henry Jackson Society – Margaret Beckett, Hazel Blears, Ben Bradshaw, Chris Bryant, Gisela Stuart etc. All of course enthusiasts for bombing Syria. It astonishes me that the Labour Party is now complaining about “infiltration” by groups on the left when a large number of very senior figures can belong to an organisation which is avowedly neo-conservative, is linked to the US and European far right and is funded by the CIA.

The Henry Jackson Society is the go-to organisation for broadcasters looking for comment on Islamic affairs. I was both pleased and surprised to see the Henry Jackson Society named two days ago in a Guardian article on the mainstreaming of Islamophobia. Pleased because the maximum exposure is necessary to make people understand what people are getting when they see “independent” HJS staff interviewed on the BBC and Sky, and surprised because the Blairite controlled and US marketed Guardian doesn’t usually run this kind of stuff anymore.

I tucked it in to the back of my mind until I came to write this article. Guess what? The Guardian Editors have now excised all mention of the Henry Jackson Society from the article on the mainstreaming of Islamophobia. Interesting that, isn’t it?

The Henry Jackson Society seconds staff to the Quilliam Foundation. This extraordinary organisation is a career vehicle for “reformed jihadists” to milk huge salaries and luxury lifestyles from government money, in return for fronting an organisation run by the security services. Quilliam specialises in denouncement of Muslim organisations and talking up the Jihadi threat, offering “expert advice” on the government’s anti-free speech strategy. At the same time, it seeks to maximise the income of its directors. One interesting collaboration to make money was its collaboration with the current head of Pergida UK, and former head of the English Defence League, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Alias Tommy Robinson).

Quilliam have received millions from the taxpayer for their dubious “work”. But their application for Home Office funding to split with Yaxley-Lennon remains an episode beyond belief. Several of Quilliam’s staff are “lent” by the CIA-funded Henry Jackson Society.

Do come along to the meeting on Saturday. Methodist Church, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9BX.

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296 thoughts on “Henry Jackson Society as Bad as Donald Trump

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  • Ishmael

    Ps, It’s actually very sad, I know many people, inclining myself who have had to abandon friends, associates, for the racist meme they are now spouting.

    It’s like the country is totally fractured. And people parrot the ‘honestly’, that in truth is simply scapegoating and degrading ‘the other’, for their polemical ends. Fucking sick bastards.

  • Pan

    9 Dec, 2015 – 7:43 am

    “your problem with that paragraph is simply due to a poor translation, instead of “until” the translator should have used the phrase “for as long as””

    Yes, I suspected something was ‘lost in translation’, but missed the “until” substitution. (I can now see that “until” could have been replaced with “while”).

    Hillary Mann Leverett would have done a much better job of the translation, I’m sure. Then again, she’s a bit ‘top drawer’ to be spending her time doing mere translation work.



    Thanks for the ‘happy links’. The first one made me grin like a Cheshire cat, and the second one is good news.


    Giyane @ 9:29 am

    That’s better.



    Your daily digests are most informative, and I’m not knocking them at all, but it would be nice to see a bit more of the “Masters of the World pontificate to the underlings from their Swiss eyries while the mods play quadrille” stuff, once in a while.

    We KNOW you can do it!

  • Ishmael

    polemical ends? typo, meant to be political. Also works I guess.

    Anyway I better bugger off for a while before some ass hole jumps on me for crowding out everyone else’s opportunity to post, or ‘spamming’, whatever bloody etiquette i’m not adhering to…

  • Mary

    Cameron is having a lie in today so Gideon is taking PMQs. Just practising for when Cameron throws the job in. Gideon would make a good market trader I have decided.

    Osborne’s ‘orrible posse.

    On one side – Morgan, Hunt, Letwin, May, Fallon and Hammond.

    On the other – Truss, Hancock, Grayling, Milton. Yuk.

    Only joking about Cameron. He’s off in No 10 One again – to Central Europe, again. I think he’s got his orders to avoid a Brexit.

  • Mary

    Pan. I’ve covered Brown and Darling joining the usurers in Yankee Land. What more do you want? 🙂

    And Davos isn’t until next month. As we write, speeches are being prepared and the gnomes are busy cleaning out the luxury accommodation, The champagne and canapés are on order and Davos-Klosters await their guests.


    Mr Schwab and his underlings are listed here.

  • Fredi

    Ishmael you spout typical leftist bilge, though you did surprised me by dragging ‘Hitler’ into it, now that was funny.

    Farage isn’t racist, he’s a nationalist, a bit like Alex Salmon, but a more honest one as he recognises that true independence requires separating this country from the millstone of the undemocratic EU.

    He is popular, wining the EU election proved that by his ability to draw considerable support away from the phony ‘left’ and ‘right’. Surprisingly like Ron Paul he also pulled in a big chunk of the apolitical, a sure sign of a genuine player.

    The ‘ignorant rabble’ you refer to applies well to the lib/lab/cons. Judge them not by their words but their actions and historical legacy.

  • Fredi

    When i say ‘leftist’ I’m referring more to the Blair ites and their domination of the that party. Grudgingly I do have a glimmer of respect for Jeremy Corbyn because he does come across as a somewhat genuine character.

    That said his stance on Europe is completely unacceptable, from what I understand he has been against the EU all of his political life, and now when it matters the most he appears to have done a u turn and won’t come out in support of leaving it. That in itself is unforgivable and probably will probably cost him the next election.

  • Fredi

    “Farage isn’t racist, he’s a nationalist”

    Same thing.

    No it is not the same thing.

    The term ‘racist’, like the term ‘anti semitic’ are usually used as political ‘tools’ by the dishonest to bludgeon their opponents into silence.

  • Fredi

    Look at someone like Farage then compare him to these characters, put hand on heart and tell me who are the ‘racists’ here?

    German politician OPENLY brag about replacing the German people


    Jewish activist promotes “multicultural mode” for Europa: Sample Sweden


    Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: Europe Wants the Muslim Refugees as Labor; We Shall Conquer Their Countries


  • Fredi

    Every time i try and post those links the moderation thing kicks in, then several hours latter the post appears.

  • Republicofscotland

    I can only assume that ROS has very little historical knowledge, and rather poor awareness of current social & religious issues; if he had some historical awareness then he would known that the people calling themselves Christians were responsible for the greatest examples of intolerance in recorded history, from the great cultural destruction of the ancient world as illustrated by the fate of Hypatia, to the religious wars that wrecked Europe in the Middle Ages, to the Crusades, to the destruction of the Byzantine civilization by fellow “Christians”, to the genocide of native people all over the globe by “Christians” bearing the Bible in one hand & a gun in the other hand; fact is MOST religions have had periods in certain areas of being exercised with extreme intolerance, yes even those Zen practicing Buddhists.

    As to current & recent comptempoaray history, intolerance to non-heterosexuals, to unwanted pregnancies, to Atheists, to those considered as being “sinful” or just culturally different, by many religions, seems to escape ROS notice, except of course for the case of Islam !

    (BTW numerically 268 million.)


    You know I often wonder if anyone actually reads my comments in here before replying, Macky obviously doesn’t.

    Now pay attention Macky, since I first started posting in here with a few exception most of my posts have been directed at the warmongering corrupt (Christian) politicians from the West. I’ve especially berated Britain, because I live there and I expect a better ethical and moral approach to the problems the world poses today, sadly we still seem to lacking in many departments.

    Yesterday I posted a long comment explaining in my opinion, how I thought, Muslims are being demonised by Western politicians and the media, I concluded that Islam itself isn’t adverse to violence, and post several links and comments on the matter, one or two you took offence to the latter sentence, why I’m not sure I can only assume you think Islamic countries had no troubles before Western intervention, if so I’ll leave you believe in that credo.

    As for yor footer Mackie they’re are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world (according to a 2011 study) not to mention Saudi Arabia the spiritual home of Islam, and a country with one of the worst human rights records on the planet.

  • Jeremy Stocks

    “As for yor footer Mackie they’re are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world (according to a 2011 study) not to mention Saudi Arabia the spiritual home of Islam, and a country with one of the worst human rights records on the planet”

    Indeed most only equate Saudi, Wahhabism and Islam as one and the same yet they are separate. Many have no idea that even as late as 1945 there were Christians living in peace in Saudi, there was even a bishop of Tarut and there was in the 1980s unearthed by desert driving expats a Nestorian Christian church, possibly the earliest known, in the town of Jubail.

    The kingdom as we know it is a recent creation, propped up by the US/UK with the aid of the Ikhwan, which mutated into al Qaeda then ISIS. The Ikhwan were instrumental in the creation of Saudi Arabia and seen as legitimising its power. However some chunks of Saudi were not taken easily. Indeed there is to this day folk memory of massacres in the Hejaz which was never fully “colonised” by them. That’s why you’ll experience a more anarchic atmosphere in Jeddah as opposed to Riyadh and the heartland. The east where I lived always had foreigners since British Empire days thus was always more liberal.

    The King of Saudi Arabia has a special title – the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. he is not the owner of the place, merely a caretaker.

  • Macky

    @Old Mark, yes not exactly pertinent to that specific point of Sixer’s, but very pertinent to his/hers general point about the UK in practise having a “draconian, unjust, petty and often Orwellian” attitude as to whom can legally settle here; you seemed to express incredulity that a person could be deported after going through the education system here, so the examples I linked to were to show that people can even be deported after living a virtual lifetime here.

    ROS; ” I concluded that Islam itself isn’t adverse to violence, and post several links and comments on the matter, one or two you took offence to the latter sentence, why I’m not sure”

    No, ironically on a thread about Islamophobia, what you actually wrote was this;

    “the Muslim community Islam can and is intolerant, in many aspects, and in my opinion it needs to evolve to become more tolerant.”

    When challenged on this piece of bigotry, you resorted to posting several cut & pastes of anti-Muslim claptrap from the same sort of Race Hate Sites that Anon1 obviously also visits.

    (Not sure why you bring up the 1.6 billion figure as it the same figure that I’ve already quouted !)

  • Republicofscotland

    “When challenged on this piece of bigotry, you resorted to posting several cut & pastes of anti-Muslim claptrap from the same sort of Race Hate Sites that Anon1 obviously also visits.”


    Oh dear it would appear Macky has an adversion to to Islamic offences, all the links I posted are about Muslims attacking Europeans Macky, not the other way around. Still I can understand your confusion, you’ve been conditioned to believe every little struggle the Muslim world has is down to Western skullduggery.

    As for the 1.6 billion figure I was merely reiterating it, you seem to believe that Pakistan and Iran, which you totalled up are the only ones who don’t practice what they preach. You can add Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to that growing list of yours.

  • Mary

    ‘Strip Donald Trump of his honorary degree
    49,409 of 50,000 signatures
    To: Robert Gordon University

    We respectfully request that Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen) strips Donald Trump of the honorary degree it bestowed on him with immediate effect.

    Why is this important?

    We feel that Donald Trump’s unrepentant, persistent verbal attacks on various groups of people based on nationality, religion, race and physical abilities are a huge detriment to RGU. Hate speech must not have a place in academia, in politics or on the world stage. We are confident RGU will agree with the petitioners, and act swiftly.

    We would also note the brave opposition of Dr David Kennedy to this degree at the time it was bestowed.’


    Lovely chap.

  • Macky

    ROS; “Oh dear it would appear Macky has an adversion to to Islamic offences”

    No, the aversion being contended here, is my aversion to your bigotry, but you cannot realise it, just like you are oblivious to the fact that you cannot engage in rational debate; don’t worry about it, as somebody wisely observed, there is no sin except stupidity, or in other words you just can’t help it.

  • fedup

    RoS the first rule of sanity is; stop digging when you are in a hole!!!

    Your source watch that you seem to rely on as the “bible” for this current discourse, contends;

    Imam Khamenei[7] is the highest-ranking Islamic cleric in Shia Islam [8] which means that his fatwas override that of others.

    This inaccurate and discombobulated portrayal of Islam in Iran relies as its’ sources on a German site that has as it’s banner;

    is not an official site of Imam Khamene’i (hafizahuallah), it is only a humble work of some of his [muqallideen] in Germany.
    See the links to the official sites of Imam Khamene’i.

    As well as an article in Los Angeles times (hardly an unbiased and reliable source) under the heading of; “Iran’s inner and outer circles of influence and power”.

    Back to the German site the keyword “muqallideen” is the kind of concept that is hard to understand and digest, in the vertical world of other religions. Islam does not have single or sole authoritative source that ought to be followed by all Muslims! There are lots of choices for each Muslim to choose from dependent on their individual imperatives.

    Therefore to consider a single individual above all the rest is a Western construct that has no basis in fact in case of Iran!

    The keyword that I referred to [muqallideen] is a plural of [muqallid] which translated means; emulator, mimic, imitator in this sense of the word (leaving the other meanings of the same aside)!

    Therefore any Muslim in Iran decides whom he/she would like to emulate/imitate in their religious affairs. To this end there are many more ayatollahs than you can shake a stick at! As each individual Muslim in Iran chooses their own source of emulation, which can be based on the transcendental, metaphysical (zen) planes, legal grounds, adjudicatory skills, etc. These living archives of Islam therefore offer their own areas of expertise that the individual Muslim can choose to emulate. Further, the emulation can be for life or for a matter of days, dependent on the problems that are faced with the individual making the choice!

    Islam is a way of life, in which as any other religion the followers are encouraged to refrain from lying, stealing, cheating, getting drunk, committing adultery, committing murder, or any other wrong doing! No one ever is told thou shalt kill!!!!! thou shalt steal!!!!

    However those forces of division whom find the unity of humanity a present and real danger will always find grounds for lying, cheating, and down right misrepresentation in the way of creating fractures and divisions in the human family.

    In your own source the simple matter of misunderstanding (deliberate or otherwise) has Kameani as the Ayatollah of ayatollahs which is simply untrue and a bunkum in the way of setting a narrative that country is governed just by one man!!!! This is done using foreign words (whence intent on bamboozling the Brits, resort to foreign words immediately) and then the rest of the bilge is cast in the grooves of the current narrative.

    RoS did you know that the Shah who was so supported by the West and the US was a brutal low life whose secret services known as Savak raped/sodomized their victims with the old coke bottle with the cerated caps remaining in place on the bottles? Did you know that the zionistani SIS were hand in glove working with Savak and training their tortures?

    Did you know that bears were trained (by the same low lives) to rape human begins and then kill them? (this was a one up on the dogs that were trained to rape human beings in the Arab world).

    The fact that Shah left Iran without the capability of even so much as manufacturing barbed wire a complete sink country that had no skill sets other than those of middleman and consumers of products and services?

    Saddam attacking Iran in the first night his forces drove 186 miles into Iran, these forces were on a picnic and not an invasion! Yet Iranians thorough their own hard work and grit managed to turn the tables around push Saddam out of Iran without ever resorting to any chemical weapons.

    Iran is the model that should not be repeated is the mindset of thowse banksters and their vassals. As Iranians have succeeded in breaking orbit and becoming a country that exports weapons and industrial goods and services, a far cry from the days of a pathetic consumer nation that Shah had governed solely for the benefit of his sponsors the Western hegemons.

    Islam has many shades but the only shade that you seem to be familiar with is the wahaby and salafists that Jeremy Stocks has eloquently outlined in his contribution.

    Perhaps it is time to reassess your prejudices and assumptions and start your research from an objective platform and not a jaundiced subjective world view that seems to be currently in the vogue.

    I wrote the other day, that I can now see how “Juden nicth wünsche” signs on the outskirts of the towns and villages of Nazi Germany came to be, Just as Mr. Trump went on to announce “Muslims are not wanted” and banned all Muslims form the US!!!!!

  • Mary

    I should think so Nicola. Why was he ever appointed and by whom?

    ‘Donald Trump axed as “GlobalScot” business ambassador

    Wednesday 9 December 2015

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has stripped Donald Trump of his status as a business ambassador for Scotland after he called for Muslims to be barred from entering America.

    The US businessman and Republican presidential candidate has had his membership of the GlobalScot business network withdrawn after sparking outrage with his comments.’

    ‘Mr Trump had been a member of GlobalScot since being invited to join in 2006. The network of business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives with a connection to Scotland was set up by Scottish Enterprise in 2001.’


  • Habbabkuk


    ““Farage isn’t racist, he’s a nationalist”

    Same thing.”


    That is really garbage, Ishmael. If you want to be taken seriously as a commenter for Heaven’s sake reflect a little before you post.

  • Phil

    Trumps done a bit of work in Scotland has he not, i think he owns a golf course and hotels etc.
    Plus he still had these views before he just wasn’t in a position where people would listen…..

  • Mary

    Little known about and rarely mentioned in the MSM.

    Open Rafah Now: Siege on Gaza is a Cruel and Political Failure
    by Ramzy Baroud / December 9th, 2015

    When Egypt decided to open the Rafah border crossing which separates it from Gaza for two days, December 3 and 4, a sense of guarded relief was felt in the impoverished Strip. True, 48 hours were hardly enough for the tens of thousands of patients, students and other travelers to leave or return to Gaza, but the idea that a respite was on its way helped to break, albeit slightly, the sense of collective captivity felt by entrapped Palestinians.

    Of course, the Rafah border crisis will hardly be resolved by a single transitory decision, mainly because Gaza is blockaded for political reasons, and only a sensible political strategy can end the suffering there or, at least, lessen its horrendous impact.

    Palestinians speak angrily of an Israel siege on Gaza, a reality that cannot be countered by all the official Israeli hasbara and media distortions. In fact, not only is it far worse than a blockade as an economic restriction but it is a constant violent process aimed at brutalizing, and punishing a community of 1.9 million people. However, the Egyptian closure of the Rafah border crossing, which has contributed to the ‘success’ of the Israeli siege is rarely discussed within the same context: as a political decision first and foremost.


  • Habbabkuk


    “You know I often wonder if anyone actually reads my comments in here before replying, Macky obviously doesn’t.”


    I certainly do, RoS although I usually wish I hadn’t, after the event 🙂

    But why on earth has it taken you so long to wise up to “Macky”?

    You should have noticed by now that he only turns up on here to insult and to gripe away at Craig, who once told him where to get off in no uncertain terms; he still hasn’t digested that.

  • Habbabkuk

    RoS to “Macky”

    “Still I can understand your confusion, you’ve been conditioned to believe every little struggle the Muslim world has is down to Western skullduggery.”


    Macky certainly has a priblem there, doesn’t he. And of course, being “Macky”, reacts by insulting you rather than essaying rational discussion.

    The bottom line is that the Muslims do a good job of killing each other all by themselves without Western help. Just like – I’ll say it before some What-Abouter does – the Christians in the Middle Ages.

  • Macky

    The Habby Kiss of Death “Endorsement” strikes again ! 😀

    Poor ROS may never recover !

  • Republicofscotland

    “No, the aversion being contended here, is my aversion to your bigotry, but you cannot realise it, just like you are oblivious to the fact that you cannot engage in rational debate; don’t worry about it, as somebody wisely observed, there is no sin except stupidity, or in other words you just can’t help it.”


    Well I see I’m clearly wasting my time here with Macky, who can’t seem to understand that Muslims can and do commit crimes against other faiths and indeed against their own whether it be Sunni or Shia.

    In Macky’s eyes any such talk is cleary bigoted racism, but why would Macky class Muslims comitting offences against other faiths or indeed each other, and then commented on by me as bigoted racism, it’s not exactly rational thinking.

    If we follow Macky logic to a conclusion, then any creed that commits an offence against another creed, and that offence is then commented on by others, then by Mackys logic (I use the word very loosely) the commentor is a bigot and racist.

    The “politically correct” brigade seems to have done a excellent job on Macky, Macky appears to have surrendered his lateral thinking, if he ever possessed it in the first place.

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