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Minutes after I posted this article, the ludicrous Jess Phillips published an article in the Guardian which could not have been better designed to prove my thesis. A number of people have posted comments on the Guardian article pointing this out, and they have all been immediately deleted by the Guardian. I just tried it myself and was also deleted. I should be grateful if readers could now also try posting comments there, in order to make a point about censorship on the Guardian.

Catching up on a fortnight’s news, I have spent five hours searching in vain for criticism of Simon Danczuk from prominent or even just declared feminists. The Guardian was the obvious place to start, but while they had two articles by feminist writers condemning Chris Gayle’s clumsy attempt to chat up a presenter, their legion of feminist columnists were entirely silent on Danczuk. The only opinion piece was strongly defending him.

This is very peculiar. The allegation against Danczuk which is under police investigation – of initiating sex with a sleeping woman – is identical to the worst interpretation of the worst accusation against Julian Assange. The Assange allegation brought literally hundreds, probably thousands of condemnatory articles from feminist writers across the entire range of the mainstream media. I have dug up 57 in the Guardian alone with a simple and far from exhaustive search. In the case of Danczuk I can find nothing, zilch, nada. Not a single feminist peep.

The Assange case is not isolated. Tommy Sheridan has been pursuing a lone legal battle against the Murdoch empire for a decade, some of it in prison when the judicial system decided his “perjury” was imprisonable but Andy Coulson’s admitted perjury on the Murdoch side in the same case was not. I personally witnessed in court in Edinburgh last month Tommy Sheridan, with no lawyer (he has no money) arguing against a seven man Murdoch legal team including three QCs, that a letter from the husband of Jackie Bird of BBC Scotland should be admitted in evidence. Bird was working for Murdoch and suggested in his letter that a witness should be “got out of the country” to avoid giving evidence. The bias exhibited by the leading judge I found astonishing beyond belief. I was the only media in the court.

Yet even though the Murdoch allegations against Sheridan were of consensual sexual conduct, Sheridan’s fight against Murdoch has been undermined from the start by the massive and concerted attack he has faced from the forces of feminism. Just as the vital messages WikiLeaks and Assange have put out about war crimes, corruption and the relentless state attack on civil liberties have been undermined by the concerted feminist campaign promoting the self-evidently ludicrous claims of sexual offence against Assange.

As soon as the radical left pose the slightest threat to the neo-con establishment, an army of feminists can be relied upon to run a concerted campaign to undermine any progress the left wing might make. The attack on Jeremy Corbyn over the makeup of his shadow cabinet was a classic example. It is the first ever gender equal shadow cabinet, but the entire media for a 96 hour period last September ran headline news that the lack of women in the “top” posts was anti-feminist. Every feminist commentator in the UK piled in.

Among the obvious dishonesties of this campaign was the fact that Defence, Chancellor, Foreign Affairs and Home Secretary have always been considered the “great offices of State” and the argument only could be made by simply ignoring Defence. The other great irony was the “feminist” attack was led by Blairites like Harman and Cooper, and failed to address the fact that Blair had NO women in any of these posts for a full ten years as Prime Minister.

But facts did not matter in deploying the organised feminist lobby against Corbyn.

Which is why it is an important test to see what the feminists, both inside and outside the Labour Party, would do when the leading anti-Corbyn rent-a-gob, Simon Danczuk, was alleged to have some attitudes to women that seem very dubious indeed, including forcing an ex-wife into non-consensual s&m and that rape allegation.

And the answer is …nothing. Feminists who criticised Assange, Sheridan and Corbyn in droves were utterly silent on the subject of Danczuk. Because the purpose of established and paid feminism is to undermine the left in the service of the neo-cons, not to attack neo-cons like Danczuk.

Identity politics has been used to shatter any attempt to campaign for broader social justice for everybody. Instead it becomes about the rights of particular groups, and that is soon morphed into the neo-con language of opportunity. What is needed, modern feminism argues, is not a reduction of the vast gap between rich and poor, but a chance for some women to become Michelle Mone or Ann Gloag. It is not about good conditions for all, but the removal of glass ceilings for high paid feminist journalists or political hacks.

Feminism has become the main attack tool in the neo-con ideological arsenal. I am sceptical the concept can be redeemed from this.

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  • fedup

    (Part 1)
    Exexpat you need to be educated in the ways of hasbara

    The net is crawling with the various hasbara tenner a day agents spamming the cyber space with the usual bilge about the:

    a- “the only democracy in the mid east” (this is total rubbish but hey it is good enough to stupify the yanks and the rest of the natives/gentiles/g0yim in the west )

  • fedup


    b- “Palestinians push their children into the path of the zionist tanks and bullets to portray themselves as victims in the eyes of the world” (this can only be the product of a very disturbed sick mind, but that is zionists “normal” state of mind)

    c- “there is no nation of Palestine” (clearly with the intention of genocide discounting the nationality of the Palestinians is a good start)

    e- at times the hasbara agents armed with their profile management software create an entity* and proceed to attack the “jooos” this is based on a twisted notion rooted in the cabalistic notions that through misspelling the sacred words they are absolved from any sin, and can go onto pour their bile and hatred against the Jews and pretend it is a far right racist and cause the threads to be disbanded or the sites to shut the debate down or to aid banishment of the opponents. Even introduce moderation!!!

  • fedup

    (part 3)

    f- the extension of “e” is the spelling of G*D and many other misspelt or incomplete words all denoting the sacred words that ought not be taken in vain.

    Hence the appearance of the words as above need to taken within the context of the comment, is it one of the deranged zionist lunatics or is it a piss take of a deranged zionist lunatic?

    All the above can be found conveniently in a book that started as a pamphlet published by a J***ish teacher from Gateshead published way back in the seventies as “how to defend zionistan in the schools and campuses.” explaining the almost uniform array of “rebuttals” of the tenner a day hasbara agents that pepper the net with their “contributions”.

    * the entities and their names are quite a give-away, the hasbara tenner a day agents normally have and “angry” attached somewhere in their moniker (this is the anger at the events of seventy/eighty years ago) or have weird names that a skin head would think of “Saxon”, and other weird and wonderful nationalistic monikers, this is to portray that they are one of the “patriots” and proceed to sew their seeds of hatred.

  • John Goss


    Is the ultimate end game to be able to predict human behaviour?”

    Is it like chess with changing algorhythms based on individual actions, reactions, and moves, each algorhythm personalised so that if it ever gets to the end-game the individual is the loser.

  • fedup

    Is the ultimate end game to be able to predict human behaviour?

    No it is a fire fighting effort to put down any dissent that is not sanctioned and get the culprits suppressed. Note the various far right demonstrations have gone ahead with huge publicity and song and dance. Then there was the march on Stamfordham that was totally kept quiet and the culprits somehow have disappeared. Reread Mark’s points

    I am become T. Op with the numbers of the posts, sorry Mods creating hassle for you to clean up.

    Now back to researching Rotax engines for me.

  • exexpat

    Thank you Fedup, Superb.

    I have copied them to my notepad in case they disappear!

    I have to go now too thank you again.


  • BrianFujisan

    Great Posts and Reading Truth tellers..Thank you.

    …. What the Goldstone report did say was that Cast Lead was a “deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population” In
    fact, the Goldstone report assembles compelling evidence that, as a matter of policy, Israel resorted to indiscriminate, disproportionate force against the civilian population of Gaza…

    It is a tenet of Law that ” the doer of an act must be taken to have intended its natural and foreseeable consequences”Thus, an indiscriminate, disproportionate attack that inevitably and predictably resulsts in civilian deaths indistinguishable from a deliberate and intentional attack on civilians. ” There is no genuine difference between premeditated attack against civilians ( or civilian objects) and a reckless disregard of the principle of distinction” between civilians ( or civilian objects), according to Yoram Dinstein, Israel’s leading authority on international law – ” they are equally forbidden” if Goldstone now believes that because Israel did not intentionally target civilians, it is not guilty of war crimes, he ought to brush up on the law: an indiscriminate attack on civilian areas is no less criminal than deliberately targeting them. If he now believes that it is not criminal behavior for an invading army to go ” wild” demonstrate ” real hooliganism ” carry on like a ” mad dog ” act ” lunatic ” and ” crazy ” and ” destroy everything in its way “, then he should not be practicing law

    From Professor Norman Finkelstein’s book – Method and Madness- The Hidden Story of Israels assaults on Gaza


  • giyane


    “despite the fact that there is simply no valid, factual comparison between the two régimes, as I’ve already shown above.”

    One good turn deserves another. You read my comment so I’ll return the compliment.

    What’s the difference between a heart fact, from the conscience / intelligence of the heart, and a ‘fact fact’ fact , presumably derived from reliable media reports verified by honest men and women and described by rational logic.

    Well as the Hasbara well know , garbage in garbage out, so if you print a load of tripe about Israel being a democracy, when it excludes most people , like me, from living there and exercising my beliefs in a democratic multipolar society, and if you can get enough people to believe the tripe, then your logic will tell you that the hate state is legitimate.

    But if you present the truth, that like Saudi Arabia, it is a tribal society , run by thugs, then your logic will confirm what your heart tells you that Israel is a swivel-eyed, Nazi-style theocracy. Hitler commissioned the building of standing circles for Aryan blonde country folk to practise a new religion of national fertility, rejecting the God-given morality of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    And just to demonstrate the intelligence of the heart and the folly of lies + logic, here is the latest from your favourite truth-seeker, Mierry, about the false premises of the UN holding Syrian peace talks, when they are secretly participating in the conflict:

    “Firstly, the very principle of negotiations under the patronage of the UNO was questioned as from the publication of information on the secret role – on-going since 2005 – of the UN Assistant General Secretary, Jeffrey Feltman, and his expert, the German academic Volker Perthes [1]. Indeed, it seems that the United Nations is not a neutral organisation, but is actually participating in the conflict.


  • nevermind, Lord Feldmannn? RESIGN!

    Trump, the most dangerous man on earth?

    “Salon.com wrote: “(Trump) embodies that well-worn if still stinging observation about the country he hails from: that ‘America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization.'”

    Trump announced his candidacy just over seven months ago. Since then, much has been written and said about his hairstyle. His plain and sometimes embarrassing statements, his muddled speeches and his incomprehensible narcissism have been a source of amusement. There are lists of the most outrageous statements Trump has made in the past, such as this one about women: “You know, it doesn’t really matter what (the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

    My thanks to Markus, Veit and Holger for this article.
    And C’mon Bernie you can get to the swivel eyed Clinton’s.


  • Ba'al Zevul

    But if you present the truth, that like Saudi Arabia, it is a tribal society , run by thugs, then your logic will confirm what your heart tells you that Israel is a swivel-eyed, Nazi-style theocracy.

    Some support for that conclusion here –


    “Only under a system as warped as apartheid, does a government need to label and treat non-violence as terrorism.

    Years ago, in apartheid South Africa, Jews who loved their country and hated its policies, took courageous roles in defeating with non-violence a regime of racism and denial of human rights.

    May we in Israel follow their example.”

  • Paul Barbara

    @ bevin 31 Jan, 2016 – 8:21 pm
    ‘But if foreigners stepped aside, took their weaponry with them and stopped pouring money into the coffers of the ‘rebels’ it would be over tomorrow.’
    Hear, hear! An ex-French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas, is on video stating that when he was in London in 2009/10 (he is a bit wobbly on the date, but it was well before Soros’ and NED’S so-called ‘Arab Spring’) he was approached by high British officials, who told him Britain was going to overthrow Assad with mercenaries.
    When, just days after 9/11, 4* General Wesley Clark (Retd.), ex-Supreme Allied Commander Europe visited the Pentagon to find out what the US was going to do about 9/11, he was told by a 3* serving General on the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the US was going to attack Iraq (this was before they had started attacking Afghanistan). Clark asked ‘Why, had they linked Saddam with 9/11?’, and was told ‘No, but we’re going to attack Iraq’. After US started attacking Afghanistan, Clark went back to the Pentagon and asked the same general if the US was still going to attack Iraq. He was told ‘It’s worse than that; we’re going to overthrow 7 governments in 5 years: Iraq, SYRIA, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran’.
    That’s ten years before the Syrian ‘Civil War’ erupted (and of course the ‘Yinon Plan’ goes back to 1982).

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