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Minutes after I posted this article, the ludicrous Jess Phillips published an article in the Guardian which could not have been better designed to prove my thesis. A number of people have posted comments on the Guardian article pointing this out, and they have all been immediately deleted by the Guardian. I just tried it myself and was also deleted. I should be grateful if readers could now also try posting comments there, in order to make a point about censorship on the Guardian.

Catching up on a fortnight’s news, I have spent five hours searching in vain for criticism of Simon Danczuk from prominent or even just declared feminists. The Guardian was the obvious place to start, but while they had two articles by feminist writers condemning Chris Gayle’s clumsy attempt to chat up a presenter, their legion of feminist columnists were entirely silent on Danczuk. The only opinion piece was strongly defending him.

This is very peculiar. The allegation against Danczuk which is under police investigation – of initiating sex with a sleeping woman – is identical to the worst interpretation of the worst accusation against Julian Assange. The Assange allegation brought literally hundreds, probably thousands of condemnatory articles from feminist writers across the entire range of the mainstream media. I have dug up 57 in the Guardian alone with a simple and far from exhaustive search. In the case of Danczuk I can find nothing, zilch, nada. Not a single feminist peep.

The Assange case is not isolated. Tommy Sheridan has been pursuing a lone legal battle against the Murdoch empire for a decade, some of it in prison when the judicial system decided his “perjury” was imprisonable but Andy Coulson’s admitted perjury on the Murdoch side in the same case was not. I personally witnessed in court in Edinburgh last month Tommy Sheridan, with no lawyer (he has no money) arguing against a seven man Murdoch legal team including three QCs, that a letter from the husband of Jackie Bird of BBC Scotland should be admitted in evidence. Bird was working for Murdoch and suggested in his letter that a witness should be “got out of the country” to avoid giving evidence. The bias exhibited by the leading judge I found astonishing beyond belief. I was the only media in the court.

Yet even though the Murdoch allegations against Sheridan were of consensual sexual conduct, Sheridan’s fight against Murdoch has been undermined from the start by the massive and concerted attack he has faced from the forces of feminism. Just as the vital messages WikiLeaks and Assange have put out about war crimes, corruption and the relentless state attack on civil liberties have been undermined by the concerted feminist campaign promoting the self-evidently ludicrous claims of sexual offence against Assange.

As soon as the radical left pose the slightest threat to the neo-con establishment, an army of feminists can be relied upon to run a concerted campaign to undermine any progress the left wing might make. The attack on Jeremy Corbyn over the makeup of his shadow cabinet was a classic example. It is the first ever gender equal shadow cabinet, but the entire media for a 96 hour period last September ran headline news that the lack of women in the “top” posts was anti-feminist. Every feminist commentator in the UK piled in.

Among the obvious dishonesties of this campaign was the fact that Defence, Chancellor, Foreign Affairs and Home Secretary have always been considered the “great offices of State” and the argument only could be made by simply ignoring Defence. The other great irony was the “feminist” attack was led by Blairites like Harman and Cooper, and failed to address the fact that Blair had NO women in any of these posts for a full ten years as Prime Minister.

But facts did not matter in deploying the organised feminist lobby against Corbyn.

Which is why it is an important test to see what the feminists, both inside and outside the Labour Party, would do when the leading anti-Corbyn rent-a-gob, Simon Danczuk, was alleged to have some attitudes to women that seem very dubious indeed, including forcing an ex-wife into non-consensual s&m and that rape allegation.

And the answer is …nothing. Feminists who criticised Assange, Sheridan and Corbyn in droves were utterly silent on the subject of Danczuk. Because the purpose of established and paid feminism is to undermine the left in the service of the neo-cons, not to attack neo-cons like Danczuk.

Identity politics has been used to shatter any attempt to campaign for broader social justice for everybody. Instead it becomes about the rights of particular groups, and that is soon morphed into the neo-con language of opportunity. What is needed, modern feminism argues, is not a reduction of the vast gap between rich and poor, but a chance for some women to become Michelle Mone or Ann Gloag. It is not about good conditions for all, but the removal of glass ceilings for high paid feminist journalists or political hacks.

Feminism has become the main attack tool in the neo-con ideological arsenal. I am sceptical the concept can be redeemed from this.

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  • Clark

    John Goss, 7:18 pm; I had some page loads time out a few minutes ago. When that happens, sometimes not all of the formatting seems to load before the page is rendered.

  • Republicofscotland

    “It is indeed a sad indictment on our health service, which has been devolved for some time now, that people would have died if Philippa Whitford hadn’t generously taken large amounts of money off our health service. Do you have details of how many people would have died it would be good to know the exact number. Maybe if our SNP government weren’t so inept the health service wouldn’t have to give large amounts of money to one of their SNP MPs.”


    Well Fred experienced breast cancer surgeons don’t grow on trees you know. So when critical staff take ill or go on holiday, then to be able to call on someone with years of experience such as Miss Whiteford is a blessing.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  • Chris S

    May as well write “Peace, a NeoCon Tool.” Any good idea can be twisted into service by the vile and venal. The backlash against feminism is out of all proportion to any damage it has done and smacks of a desperate clinging to power and dominance. I’m all for warning against being suckered into horrible decisions based on appeals to identity politics and misuse of ideas one finds appealing. No need to demonize feminism itself.
    And then there’s this:

  • John Goss

    When I copied the link above to post on here Craig’s blog first became unavailable. Then it presented a crunched up corner in which to post a comment. (I took photos). It’s why I asked about the layout. As soon as I posted the comment the blog righted itself. Anybody else having problems?

  • exexpat

    Test post:

    Jewish jews.

    I keep seeing J**ish and J**s here? Are these words being censored?

  • John Goss

    “May as well write “Peace, a NeoCon Tool.” Any good idea can be twisted into service by the vile and venal.”

    I agree that Roosh V is off the beam and he should not be allowed to pedal such incitement. On the other hand a very good man, Julian Assange, has been cooped up in an embassy because of ultra-feminist rape laws in Sweden which label a man who has consensual sex a rapist.

  • Habbabkuk (Are you a person of interest?)


    “Particularly “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis”; it should always be possible to point out hypocrisy.”

    It should indeed, Clark.

    What the EUMC was getting at here was the following: we know what the various practical features of Nazi policy were: they ranged from gassing J*ws from all over Europe on an industrial scale to forbidding J*ws access to work, cinemas, theatres, and so on. We also know (or at least we know what is claimed by websites such as the one Node cuts-and-pastes from) about the practical features of the Israeli occupation of Judea and Samaria. There is simply no comparison between the two régimes and that is why EUMC gave saying that (eg) Judea and Samaria are a concentration camp or that Israel is engaging in genocide as one form of anti-semitic discourse.

  • lysias

    The words were being put on automatic moderation (which, since the posts only appeared hours later, amounted to censorship). But it appears the (stupid, annoying) policy has now been abandoned.

  • fred

    “Well Fred experienced breast cancer surgeons don’t grow on trees you know. So when critical staff take ill or go on holiday, then to be able to call on someone with years of experience such as Miss Whiteford is a blessing.”

    But if Dr Whitford had been in London then what? Those patients you spoke of would be dead. Sheer lunacy for a health service to depend on members of parliament to do life saving operations.

  • exexpat

    Thank you Lysias. I never thought they would actually start censoring those words… WOW.
    They got some power these fucking !

  • exexpat

    aaah I see now. never mind. sorry for the spam. mods pls delete thank you oh “Censerous” ones. 🙂

  • CanSpeccy

    Anti-Racism is another NeoCon tool:

    Voice of Europe: Kai Murros — TRANSCRIPT
    January 31, 2016 by katana17
    [In this short speech Kai Murros describes how Europe has been poisoned and betrayed by a traitorous “elite” that is destroying European peoples through a long term process of mass propaganda, creating self-hate and loathing that has pacified us into inaction, while also deliberately opening the gates of Europe to hordes of aliens. Murros believes that this vicious conspiracy will not stand and Europeans will awake and retake Europe back! The speech is accompanied with dramatic graphics creating a very professional “propaganda” effect

  • giyane

    Habbabkuk lists racist themes against J**s. It is never racism to criticise the obvious defects in a collection of people. It is speaking the truth. If they don’t like the criticism , for exmple being compared to Nazis, they have to change until their behaviour does not resemble Nazis’. Don’t discriminate against palestinians, don’t encarcerate them,
    don’t place them in ghettoes.


  • giyane

    Please note that Habbabkuk did not answer my copycat sea-lioning this morning, demanding answers and attacking the person instead of the opinion.

    instead he has spent the rest of the day playing hasbara victim, because I copied his style of abuse.

    pathetic waste of space

  • giyane


    wherever you originally came from, I suggest you return to that confined space, because you are trespassing on my air and my time and my feelings by existing on this planet.

    have you ever listened to yourself?

  • Habbabkuk (Are you a person of interest?)

    Giyane’s post – for once – merit a comment or two.

    “Habbabkuk lists racist themes against J**s.”

    Not I, Giyane. They were examples given in 2005 by the EU Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia as examples of anti-semitism.


    “It is never racism to criticise the obvious defects in a collection of people. It is speaking the truth.”


    If by “a collection of people” you mean the Jews as a collectivity, or the Israelis as a collectivity then you are demonstrating the pertinence of one of the Monitoring Centre’s examples of anti-semitism, ie, ascribing the characteristics of some representatives of a people to the entire people.


    If they don’t like the criticism , for exmple being compared to Nazis, they have to change until their behaviour does not resemble Nazis’. Don’t discriminate against palestinians, don’t encarcerate them,
    don’t place them in ghettoes.”


    Here you’re doing it again, you see – another example given by the Monitoring Centre, ie, saying that the Israeli state behaves like the Nazi state (which is what you mean despite your use of the weasel word “resembles”) despite the fact that there is simply no valid, factual comparison between the two régimes, as I’ve already shown above.


    Hope that helps you understand a little better.

  • fedup

    Node can we set up an off Craig page in Squank? For the reasons of posting what is going into moderation.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node


    I’m not convinced that there is a problem with moderation. I’ve had a very few caught in the spam filter which appeared eventually. I’ve only personally experienced one injustice when I mimicked a sick joke Anon1 made about Muslims, turning it into one about Jews. Mine was deleted, his wasn’t. Under the circumstances, I believe this was unfair, but hey, one bad call in several thousand posts is not bad. I’ll live with it.

    And you, Fedup, are not exactly shy about laying it on the line regarding the middle eastern pariah nation. I don’t know how many get moderated, but some pretty strong ones get through, and long may that continue. I nearly always agree with what you say and I always enjoy the way you say it, your stream of consciousness style and obvious passionate belief in what you say are music to my eyes and a welcome contrast to the empty cliches of those who criticise you.

    In short, nothing’s perfect, this blog included, but I like it and I don’t think I’ll easily find one that suits me better. I don’t want the MODS to spell out rules or ban people. If everybody just uses their common sense and it will work fine.

  • fedup

    My earlier comment @ 1 Feb, 2016 – 9:37 pm has gone into moderation. It was an essay on spelling out the hasbara techniques to Exexpat who was asking why the spelling of a certain word?

    I agree with you, about Craig’s blog, it is a relatively open platform although it has been occupied by the cyber settlers and as ever the usual twists and turns of these predictable cretins however the place is a point of meeting of minds and hopefully portraying a glimpse of the reality out there in the real world for anyone who is slightly interested in the truth.

    BTW thanks for your kind observations

  • exexpat

    “Here you’re doing it again, you see – another example given by the Monitoring Centre”

    Yes you would know all about the Monitoring Centre wouldn’t you?

  • mark golding


    The slow economic growth, geopolitical crisis, and informer information dissipation has lead to the development of a new form of ‘predictive analysis’ in UK intelligence circles and certain NCA units. Although cloaked as crime reduction ‘prediction analysis’ is used to detect threats to National Security and derived from sophisticated risk assessment algorithms whose input are mechanisms of information dissemination and influence across diverse populations”; “Mechanisms of (and factors inhibiting) mobilization at individual and group levels”; “Factors that make specific individuals/groups influential within a particular cultural context”; and “The interaction between emotion and cognition and its impact on future behavior.”

    These are generic themes concerning the dynamics of community-driven change activism in general. Yet the underlying assumption implicit in the system is the conviction that change activism can in some cases in itself generate a threat to national security.

    It is hoped the software systems will provide a better understanding of what drives individuals and groups to mobilize for change and the mechanisms of that mobilization, particularly when violent tactics are adopted.

    Databases linking up metadata from social media, mobile phone usage metadata, geolocation information, satellite data, personal records and Internet forums are providing input to analysis software that will, in simple terms, score your threat assessment much like a credit score that EVERYBODY (all adults) have.



    The threat score may eventually be appended into a subset of the full PAF file as an encoded descriptor together with your home/business address profiling information.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    exexpat 1 Feb, 2016 – 10:52 pm : @Node just don’t mention the ****.

    But I DID mention the Jews and my post appeared immediately. Let’s see if it happens again.

    I’m posting this at 23.28 …. click

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