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This picture has been all over twitter, promoted by every high level Blairite you can think of, from JK Rowling down. Yet all may not be what it seems.

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On the face of it, the old gentleman has a message on a T shirt which, while we might understand it is calling for the deselection of Blairite MPs, uses intemperate language which can be interpreted as an incitement to violence.

But look again at that photo. The body language of everybody involved is somewhat strange.

That is because the lady on the right is Anna Phillips, full time employee of the Blairite pressure group Progress.

While the gentleman on the left is Lewis Parker, a professional “creative strategist and social media Guru”. Now if you wanted someone to think up a stunt like this and then get millions of people on social media to see it via J K Rowling etc, ask yourself this question. Of all the thousands of professions in this world, which profession is the precise profession whose major task is to invent and set up stunts like this one? Why, a “social media professional”. Is it not an amazing coincidence that one just happened to be going past, as Ms Anna Phillips has explained it, on the way to the pub?

And this only the day after every mainstream media outlet ran as headline news that Jeremy Corbyn was heckled at the Pride rally by a man who happened to see him, who amazingly happened to be another professional PR man, Tom Mauchline, who happens to work for the Blair/Alastair Campbell PR firm Portland Communications.

I really do find myself astonished by the sheer amount of happenstance in life. Of course it cannot possibly be more than happenstance. Otherwise it might be characterised as conspiracy theory.

The T shirt worn by the elderly gentleman appears to be brand new, given the clarity of the lettering and depth of the colours. The gentleman may just have had it made himself, indeed, or have bought or been given it at the rally. The question arises of who produced it/them. Although, as a general rule, the production of advertising T shirts is probably a process more familiar to creative media consultants than to the rest of us.

I concede it is a possibility it is his own T shirt, worn of his own volition. I would admonish him for his excessively intemperate language.

But what is Lewis Parker doing with his arm round the old gentleman’s neck like that? If this is truly a fake befriending, that is abuse of the elderly. If it really is his own T-shirt, then that embrace and the knowing smirks and pointing are really very unpleasant indeed. In contrast to Parker, who appears to have borrowed that haircut from an international footballer, and the smirking Anna Phillips, the elderly gentleman’s physical appearance raises to my eyes a few causes for concern about his condition, which I certainly hope are misguided.

And remember, a fake befriending, including physical contact, of an elderly and apparently vulnerable person, while making fun of him for social media, is Parker and Phillips’ own explanation of what is happening here. That is the best case. There are obvious worst explanations of the kind of set-up this is.

And who was the cameraman? Serious question.

Polly Toynbee in the Guardian today seeks to embolden the Blairites to strike against Corbyn with the phrase “the party can’t go on denying their heartlands’ demand for migration curbs.” To berate Corbyn for being not sufficiently pro-EU, and at the same time not tough enough on immigration, is to demand a logical impossibility.

But Polly is certainly right that a tranche of anti-immigrant Labour supporters are against Corbyn. I could go out now and find one of the 170,000 Labour members who voted against Corbyn last time, who is a racist. Probably an elderly person. Out of 170,000 there will undoubtedly be some. I could pretend to be their friend, and then expose them as anti-immigrant and humiliate them on social media. I could take smirking photos of myself as I did it.

But what would it actually prove? Not all those Labour people against Corbyn are racists, just as few Corbyn supporters would use the language on that T shirt, though I assume the gentleman meant political rather than physical elimination.

We can all find an extreme example and play these stupid games. The difference is that Progress, other Blairites and their paid PR hacks have the mainstream media to amplify their faked efforts.

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  • mark cunliffe

    Ah yes, proof once more that if you want to bring the nation round to your way of thinking get the detestable JK Rowling on side. They used here with the Stay camp during the Scottish Ref and they’re utilising her again now.

  • Chris Rogers


    True to my word, just been taking sounding in my own CLP down in Torfaen, the feedback that’s been given to the foot soldiers, those who actually knock on the doors, is to put it bluntly dire. This is what I’m told by an old Bennite and activist involved in the early 80’s struggle, essentially in a rock solid Labour seat with pockets of some wealth and pockets of poverty Corbyn, for all his graces, is not cutting it, indeed, I’m instructed around my area JC is a liability and that despite the appalling actions of the PLP itself, more than 170, the prospect of reduced majorities, losses to the Tories and UKIP inroads is real in the South Wales heartlands.

    These soundings have taken me by surprise, particularly given the feedback was issued by someone who voted Corbyn last time round.

    I’m 6,000 miles away, I know Corbyn does not fly with my own folks, both in their 70s and lifelong Labour, there again, they think I’m a Communist. The fact remains I’m talking the South wales Labour heartlands, which like similar old industrialised areas across much of England and Wales all voted ‘Brexit’.

    I think all are aware I’m passionate about my politics and remain committed to leftwing politics, be they Labour, the Greens or in Wales, Plaid Cymru, I’m also passionate in defeating the Tory/UKIP threat and turning back neoliberalism. The PLP has crossed the mark, I’m now a member again, but impossible to be a foot soldier out here in Asia.

    What is too be done, what should be the next move, and if it’s not Corbyn, whom within the PLP can carry an anti-neoliberal torch whilst winning back actual support from UKIP, if not the Tories – many UKIP voters being previous loyal Labour Voters pissed off at the London/Oxbridge elite.

    Any thoughts/considerations are welcome, but sometimes cannot rely on social media alone to gauge understanding of a complex picture that exists physically on the ground?

    • RobG

      This is bollocks.

      Corbyn has massive support, and will be the next PM.

      We live in a police state, swarming with paid agents for the Establishment.

      It’s always: Corbyn is a great man, ‘but’…

      The Establishment and their agents are terrified of Corbyn.

      If you squash this you will have open revolution.

      • Chris Rogers


        I don’t cut ice, not one for bollocks and don’t believe a word if its uttered by most of our Establishment MP’s, I’m talking Labour foot soldiers who have canvassed for both Welsh Assembly Elections and Thursday’s Referendum in the actual Labour heartlands – I can’t canvas and knock on doors stuck in Hong Kong, so I’m reliant on honest feedback from old hand’s who supported Tony Benn in the early 80’s struggle, i.e., sources further on the left than I am – hence, one’s asking for feedback and assessments and not in habit of propagandising for anyone selling neoliberal snake oil and perpetual war.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain

          The destruction of Corbyn would entrench neo-liberalism in the Blairite ‘Labour’ Party. The assertion that any other leader would NOT be crucified by the Rightwing MSM in the manner that Corbyn has been if they deviated from the neo-liberal line one nanometre is pure garbage.

        • deepgreenpuddock

          What you seem to be saying is that the relentless campaign to denigrate Corbyn has actually worked.

      • D-Majestic

        We are a week away from the Chilcot publication, and powerful forces want JC sidelined. The last thing they want is his input as Leader of HM Opposition with regard to potential war crimes, etc., etc. Should be an interesting week.

      • Pete Cunningham

        I sincerely hope Crobyn is the next PM. An honest man. A man of intellect. Of principles. With high ideals. With integrity. With honest open passion for the rights of those less able to sit where he sits. These are the qualities the blairites fear. This is why they are dripping poison in ears. Twisting arms metaphorically or otherwise. Calling in favours. Handing over brown envelopes.

        Shame on them.

      • Resident Dissident

        And in which CLP have you taken your soundings? Things are pretty much the same in my CLP as Chris Rogers’s – the unaffiliated youngsters who joined with the initial enthusiasm for Corbyn, are all pretty savvy in tapping into the zeitgeist and they know that Corbyn isn’t convincing anyone, and they are pretty pissed off with Labour Remain’s campaign.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain

          Yes Resident-of course they are. We trust your every observation as Gospel.

          • Resident Dissident

            Were you impressed with the number of SWP posters at the Corbyn demo in Parliament Square?

          • Mulga Mumblebrain

            Yes-it’s good to see the Left uniting against the insatiable parasites and the Quisling Blairites.

        • Phil the ex-frog

          Res Des

          Where in the country are you? Which CLP?

          I’m in London, I’m not a member but know a lot of members. Personal assessments cannot be taken as a fair barometer but from my experience here there is a support for Corbyn at a level I have never seen before. Massive. You complain about the trots flags at the demo. Of course this parasitic minority are at every demo. You know that, so fuck your slurs, you red tory.

          I am surprised no one has discussed the actual event on Monday further. It was electric. There was an anger, a tension, a defiance not seen since the miners strike.. And believe me I have been on a lot of demos. This really felt different. People from all over the country. This was real politics.

          If you want to do something to support Corbyn, save your money for a train ticket and get to Parliament next time there is a call out. That’s the game now. All we have is us. In numbers. Get to Parliament next call out.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Chris Rogers,

      You can’t really find out what is going on from 6,000 miles away. You can’t do it on Facebook and you can’t do it by vidoconferencing. You have got to be there face to face – and its not just in any formal meeting. The real discussions (and decisions) go on outside – even if you don’t smoke.


      • Chris Rogers


        I concur, remember I’ve had to reach out and initiate contact with people I’ve hardly seen in 20 years, I’ve done that and feedback given certainly not what I wanted to hear that’s for sure, but I’m not going to lie or deceive, particularly when my folks in my area are suffering in droves, and I mean suffering from poverty and helplessness.

        And I do smoke, far too much by the way, no booze though as that was killing me.

    • Johnstone

      That’s what my daughter just told me. She said ‘but he’s unelectable, its just so right wing now’. I find this difficult to believe. Who knows but the way things are unraveling it does all seems pre planned. I think Craig is right to save their putrid hides from the Chilcot Report backlash the Blairites would eviscerate the nation… dragging it into a war with Russia.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain

        That’s precisely why the ruling parasites and the Blairite and other Quislings in the Labour Party fear Corbyn. They do not want ANY alternative to the neo-liberal, neo-feudal, project offered to the plebs, because they know it will appeal to the losers, whose numbers simply grow and grow. I think Corbyn MUST fight to the end, and the grass-roots MUST start ejecting the Blairite Quislings in the constituencies. The Blairites will use every dirty, vicious, tactic, and ought to be paid back in kind.

    • John Spencer-Davis


      (What do you mean, “Gentlemen,”? Don’t you talk to any ladies on here?)

      A disconcerting perspective – but in that case, your activist friend will have an opportunity to vote against Jeremy Corbyn in another leadership election, as will every other Labour member and supporter, MPs and MEPs included. And if the membership want him to go, I am sure he will go, with every right to a good heart and his head high. He is not to be harried out like a stag being bitten by a bunch of fucking weasels.

      Matters will be proceeded with in an orderly and democratic fashion.

      And if the membership want him to remain, then it’s up to the membership to make things work, MPs and MEPs included. He’s only one person. I for one am willing to work to make sure my constituency remains Labour, and I hope others will work as hard as they can to make sure their constituencies remain Labour, or switch to it.

      I voted for Corbyn because I am sure he believes the things I’ve believed all my life. What’s the point of voting for someone of whom I do not believe that, just because they have a better suit and a shinier smile? I might as well vote Tory.

      Corbyn will win another leadership contest – I am still virtually certain of that, so people who don’t like him had better get used to it, because if he does then there’s a hell of a lot of work ahead. But at least I will be working for something I believe in. So bring it on.

      • Chris Rogers


        Many thanks for your comment, just down hearted, indeed somewhat depressed at the news/info issued to me – most uncomfortable, particularly given the dire MSM reportage we now get and relentless attacks on those we put a great deal of faith in, who are decent and honest. Its been a shocking, demoralising weekend and certainly would not like to be in JC’s shoes, who deserved better, as does our nation.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain

          Chris, it’s quite simple, really. Any society totally dominated by the Right has the Right’s poisonous psychopathology projected onto that society and normalised. The Right do this through their near absolute control of the MSM, PR, advertising and ‘entertainment’. The embodiment of that power for Evil is the anti-Corbyn, not Blair but Murdoch. Corbyn, who is NOT insatiably greedy, narcissistically egomaniacal, unscrupulous, prone to violence and who IS empathic and compassionate, is like a last remaining voice for decency left in a ‘Labour’ party that sold its soul to the Devil, under one of his own-Blairzebub.

  • Republicofscotland


    Craig may find this interesting.

    “Keeping Iraq war-era Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and former MI6 boss Mark Allen out of court may have cost the taxpayer up to £10 million, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act.”

    “The figures, seen by the Guardian, show that upwards of £600,000 (about US$790,000) has been spent keeping the likes of Jack Straw out of court and jail by fighting against a civil case brought by victims of US kidnap and torture – known as rendition.”

  • RobG

    The media meme: we don’t need a nice guy, we need a totally corrupt swivel-eyed loon, because they are the only ‘proper’ leaders to continue ‘austerity’ and the endless wars.

    Welcome to the asylum.

    • Alcyone: The Age when Eagles are toothless Crocodiles

      RobG, is that you in your favourite red, pet-phrase ‘Vermin’ T-shirt?

  • nevermind

    Time to put my money were my mouth is, and more to follow.

    I have just joined Labour and so has my wife, it will not mean that I give up green principles, that is impossible to contemplate, they grow on you.
    Another small point, how social is socialism if it does not want the same for future generation, when there is no sustainable path for our children to follow and for them to be nurtured. How social is socialism if its only for the here and now, there has to be a sustainable angle to it, otherwise its no better than handing out coloured screwdrivers.
    I’d rather call it going back to my roots as an active socialist workers youth, age 15, in Germany.
    I think its important that Corbyn succeeds and society changes to a more caring and equal society.

    Firstly, Stop the war are having a meeting on the 7th July, the day after the report is released, its the afterthoughts that are discussed, not what should happen anyway its a response.

    I feel that we here, if we all wanted to and make this happen, should be able to get a few thousands body’s together, press release our action and demand that those implemented by Chilcot face justice.
    Not somewhere centrally but where we are, in the nearest larger town or City, on the 2nd or 3rd of July, to enable others join in as possible.
    This is not anybody else’s idea, but I know how much publicity could help the case to be aired and how much this would fit into the frame supporting Corbyn.

    Craig could kindly ask Peter O. to address this issue in an article maybe, Craig himself could speak to the substantive issues in Edinburgh, at the same gathering.
    Craig/anyone else who also knows like minded who might want to join in?
    Wonder whether Vaughan Smith would join us, or even Julian in his few square yards, how many people could he mobilise, world wide, and it is, in parts, his cause, i.e the Iraq war and the collateral damage video.

    Costs, personal or very nearly zilch…nil.

    So who is in?

    Not only would we point to the approaching report release, we would raise awareness something rotten, everyone would be listening to Corbyns debate.

    • Chris Rogers


      just to let you know, i’ve switched backer from The Greens and always put forward a Green/Red Alliance to achieve a more equitable and sustainable future for our kids, mine being nearly 9, so hardly going to embrace naked capitalism or neoliberal economic orthodoxy just for the sake of power, we are in nutshell destroying our planet – perhaps we are dreamers, perhaps we are realists in a mad world, but makes little difference if we can’t remover the neoliberals, be they bloody Labour or the Tories. And God help us with UKIP.

      • nevermind

        bang on Chris, its not for us anymore, its for what comes after. take care.

        • Resident Dissident

          The EU referendum has been the first thing that my kids have got enthused about politically – and I can tell everyone that this story isn’t yet over. If only their age group had got off their arses and voted in the same numbers as the wrinklies.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain

            What? The little dissidents were in favour of remaining in the neo-liberal Titanic, and to Hell with the steerage passengers in Greece, Italy, Spain etc and the wastelands of abandoned Britain. Self-interested little chips off the old block, are they?

          • Lambchop (Ba'al, dodging spamfilter)

            That’s an issue needing exploration. My guess is that parental and teacher influence -not overt coercion, but a matter of economics – was responsible. By more than one route. First, political correctness is mandatory in the educational system. The argument that criticism of migrant labour is racist would have been reinforced by teachers, and indeed I can see why. In many areas a lot of the kids are non-native. It would also have been reinforced by friendships at school, perhaps. Again, the perception that jobs will be threatened by leaving the EU has been very successfully promoted by the Remainers, while the idea that labour will be systematically marginalised under any system that endorses globalisation was not promoted by the Leavers, as it is patently obvious that they are as keen on globalisation as anyone.

            The populist, and not untrue, view, that competition for increasingly scarce essentials like housing and secure work is enhanced by mass immigration, probably doesn’t get a response from younger people until they move out of their parental orbit and see for themselves what’s going on. Also, youth often, and IMO rightly, rebels against age. I’d expect a split along those lines too – we’re too used to the rebellion being against the establishment, but it can work just as well in the other direction.

            I was encouraged to be told by a neighbour, who had a Remain poster in his window, that while he and his wife had voted Remain, his older son voted Leave, and the younger, 17-year-old, would have done the same had he had the vote. So it’s not universal, and it’s not insuperable.

        • Phil the ex-frog


          May I encourage you and yours to heed the next call out to mass demo. This is where the action is at. Monday was electric. It must get bigger. Email me if you’re coming and we’ll meet up.

  • Becky Cohen

    I fear there’s been a misunderstanding: ‘Eradicate the Right Wing Blairite Vermin’ is actually the name of Aunty Ada’s favourite death metal band, Craig. To be fair though, the T-shirts do read ‘More Tea Vicar’ on the back:)

    • Sue Channing

      That’s hilarious, Becky! I’ve suggested to my brother (who is wearing the t-shirt) to have ‘More tea Vicar?’ printed on the back. He laughed a lot. I then went on to google ‘Eradicate the Right Wing Blairite Vermin’ just in case it really is a death metal band (yes I know…) and got a whole page full of links trying to discredit Jeremy Corbyn… apparently there are many of these t-shirts, and even banners…my brother should’ve copyrighted it… a missed capitalistic opportunity there 😉

  • Leonard Young

    This evening Channel 4 news interviewed three people on Parliament square about Brexit and the Labour party. One of them was Alistair Campbell. I ask this in all sincerity: What on earth was Channel 4 doing asking this washed up war criminal his opinions about anything? Not a single person has ever VOTED for this slimy toad, yet to listen to the interview you would have thought he was a legitimate voice with electoral backing, and a well meaning person who gave some kind of credible insight into the current situation.

    Why do the media do this? I don’t expect much from Channel 4 but I would expect something a little different from the Daily Mail or the BBC.

    • Alcyone: The Age when Eagles are toothless Crocodiles

      Good observation Leonard. We seemed to have responded in much the same way. Only just read your comment. Stick around.

    • I.W. Roberts

      I thought exactly the same thing about Alistair Campbell. To be fair though Channel 4 have been much better than other MSM about Tory expenses scandal etc. (Not really hard)

    • Mulga Mumblebrain

      Leonard the MSM do that because they are a brainwashing propaganda apparatus for the ruling parasites, and Campbell, who ought to be before the ICC, like Streicher was before Nuremberg, is their kind of lackey. The MSM in the West is now nothing but a hard Right cancer on societies, spreading lies, vilification, fear and hatred.

  • Burnt

    I don’t care anything for the Labour party and I don’t see why anyone else would. It has just shown itself to be a house of rats indeed, and I don’t care whether it goes or stays.

    What I care about most is whether there is someone standing up for democracy and other ideals, and all the rights that have been fought for. There is only one person who is doing that with a loud enough voice right now, and so he wins my support.

    In short, the party can go to hell, and the sooner the better, but the oppositional politics needs to be safeguarded, and the only way to do that is by supporting Corbyn. My goodness, he has certainly passed all the tests now; any less of a leader would have broken long ago from the relentless attacks of the establishment and its apish goon journalists.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      You’re absolutely right. Not a leader? He’s got more backbone than the whole of the Houses of Parliament put together.

  • June Helm

    Just can’t comprehend why Wales voted for Brexit. They can apply for millions of £s from the EU for regeneration, the consortium that was going to buy Tata Steel is now thinking of withdrawing because we are coming out of the EU. It seems like utter madness.

    On the Jeremy Corbyn front, we the rank and file, who have been treated disgustingly by the Blairite MPs, and the Unions are all supporting Jeremy Corbyn. With the following, he has they will never be able to legally unseat him.

    He is the first MP for many a year that is honest, trustworthy and believes in equality for all. It is a breath of fresh air to have a politician that is not in Parliment for his own ends. There are too many career politicians that are more interested in their own selfish agenda than working for the people. We don’t want or need those type politicians. We want politicians that what a fair and equal society. Not everything for the 1% and crumbs for the 99%. That is why we want Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow MPs to lead the Labour Party and the country.

    • Jim

      Read Chris Rogers’ latest posts on his ‘soundings’ of opinion back home, read your own first mystified paragraph, then compare that with the rest of your wildly optimistic eulogy for Corbyn ‘the Great Hope’. There is a tiny disconnect there I think.

      • MJ

        You read it. His ‘soundings’ were in fact in the singular. A sounding. An old Bennite and activist. That’s all. It’s called ‘anecdotal evidence’ I believe.

        • Jim

          Ok then, read the account from a couple of days ago from Ebbw Vale for further anecdotal evidence. Massive EU regeneration funding, couldn’t be more ‘Labour heartland’ than Nye Bevan’s old stamping ground, and they’re all bloody Kippers now. Out they went. Replicate all over Wales and northern England. And you still think JC is the Messiah. It’s complete fantasy. I don’t know who else is fit to replace him, but Jeremy has zero chance of winning a General Election, it’s so obvious a blind man could see it.

          • Alcyone: The Age when Eagles are toothless Crocodiles

            They say blind people have ever sharper other senses. Assuming listening is one of them and that I am blind (which to you I am), please explain why JC is so clearly unelectable. Am all ears!

          • MJ

            I’m sure the Welsh had their own good and noble reasons for voting to leave. We’ll see how popular Corbyn is in the party when the leadership election result is announced.

          • Pyrkete

            Jim, they’re just deluded idealists who’ll bask in glorious election defeat whenever Boris or Teresa call it.

          • Jim

            Ebbw Vale’s decision making didn’t have the ring of nobility about it I’m unhappy to say, judging by the report I read. Nigel Farage’s or Paul Nuttall’s were the voices and messages being listened to. The polar opposite to Jeremy Corbyn. Where does your blind optimism root itself when the evidence points so overwhelmingly in the other direction? I’m not gloating, not remotely happy with the way things are, but just ignoring the facts and pretending things are otherwise seems self-defeating to put it mildly.

          • John Spencer-Davis


            Do us all a favour and kick Mon Dieu Monday off, please. He or she is English Knight.


          • Mark Donovan

            So is Labour going to turn against the EU to win these voters back? under a leadership that’s been more pro-EU than JC? Or what? What’s the strategy?

          • deepgreenpuddock

            The problem may be that the Labour party has no-one who can actually turn the UKIP convertees (and the utterly disillusioned) back to Labour. Can you see Yvette Cooper doing it? Andy Burnham? Eagle? Eagle may be the best bet for an alternative.
            In many ways I despair at the Labour party.There should have been a closing of ranks-with Corbyn recognised for his excellent qualities and helped with his undoubted deficiencies. His natural inclinations are not the battling PMQ warrior or feisty campaigner,but where was Alan Johnston-the supposed head of the campaign? Barely a squeak.
            However I fear the divisions are too entrenched and impossible to find common cause.
            I think the configuration of left politics is fragmenting. It is a process with a long way to go and we are only at the middle of the beginning, but the loss of some kind of cohesive left is a catastrophe for this country.

            As Craig said a few posts ago the Tory party will manage to revert to a self interested whole-and be left intact without any meaningful opposition.
            It is the worst of all possible worlds -I feel a bit ssolgnap-(ian).

        • Chris Rogers


          Sorry to rain on parade, I reached out to CLP colleagues in Barry, Rhymney and Pontypool, Torfaen, Torfean being a unitary Council of 100,000 persons and a highly diverse and representative constituency with a Lab Majority of approx. 10,000, I reported on the most disturbing findings from a close colleague who fought with Benn, rather than College friends, who are 5 years younger than me, but still older than 45. The Torfaen findings being important because the Constituency seat and unitary council area are one and the same, and therefore more representative as far as GE’s are concerned. I’m also reaching out to CLP members in Liverpool, whom I know via Facebook and Twitter, as well as awaiting feedback from a bit of a radical in London. Fact remains, feedback thus far negative, so I can lie or deceive, or report what I’m told. Again, none of these contacts are favourable to Blair or Blairs offspring, but does seem to qualify why so many former colleagues and supporters of Corbyn within PLP have started having second thoughts. Again, I’m a sceptic, but under no circumstances do I desire to paint a false picture or offer hope, particularly when its dumbfounded me and stopped me in my tracks.

          • Phil the ex-frog

            Yeah but Chris in your first two comments on this you say you have known this person for decades yet he thinks you a communist and you think he is way to the left of you. With such a lack of clarity I am not inclined to take your communications too seriously.

            I’ve got a friend from Swansea who says support for Corbyn is growing because of what is going on right now. What a mess!

            Anyway, mass actions coming up. If you want to oppose neo-liberalism in the UK you need to join the next mass call out by Corbyn. It’s the only game in town that can keep this referendum being stolen by the liberals and rightists who claim it as a racist vote.

    • Chris Rogers


      Like many, among them the author of this Blog, you have a misconstrued reality of what the EU is, and economically following the passage of the Maastricht Treaty and its follow on, the Lisbon Treaty, let us be in no doubt that all elements that combined together that are commonly now referred too as neoliberalism, are hard baked into its text. As such, and whether Craig likes it or not, the fact remains the very economic policies that are desolating much of Europe, particularly those who are members of the Euro Zone, are a direct result of the EU itself and associated bodies, specifically the ECB. You also have the Stability and Growth Pact, which prevents all members states, including the UK, despite not being in the Euro Zone, from spending government money above and beyond a 2.5% threshold of GDP if memory serves me correct, with some special provisions for slightly higher spending if sanctioned by the EU, i.e., that is a sovereignty issue.

      I’m not going to give a long winded response, or go into detail – please read the Lisbon Treaty text yourself and follow on amendments to the Treaty in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, but the fact remains its essentially, and this is speaking from an economics perspective, a neoliberal document that pushes for much state deregulation, hiving off of public provisions to the private sector and places strict limits on state intervention, it in a nutshell, because of a fetish of balancing the books, ensures austerity, when a more expansionary economic framework is called for. If you look at Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Cyprus you’ll see these economics in action, you’ll also note they have the highest unemployment rates within the EU – stage is that, but then the EU is your friend – try telling that to the Cypriots after they were forced to accept bank bail-ins during their little crisis in 2012, which precipitated once more the Greek crisis, still on going i hasten to add, courtesy of Brussels and Frankfurt.

      With regards grant’s and subsidies, yes Wales gets those, but with a great many restrictions placed upon them and only in certain areas these can be applied, for example, look at Coleg Gwent, its new building went up in Ebbw Vale, despite its centre being in Newport & Pontypool, Pontypool not able to claim EU money, not poor enough.

      One can go on, but the fact remains more than £18 billion is pumped into the EU by us, with grants and refunds, we pay approx. £9 billion in per annum, with approx. £7 billion fed back as grants and aid, we are thus a big net contributor and all funding fed back was our own money to begin with, money paid in the grant us access to the single market and all benefits associated with being a EU member – we have no democratic accountability going on here, no audit and the EU Parliament does not originate legislation, it merely rubber stamps legislation from the Commission, the Commissioners all be appointed by the member states – essentially democracy is curtailed, or at least democratic accountability, and this suits many of the member states fine as it bypasses their legislatures and further encourages neoliberal economic orthodoxy that benefits the Elite, not we mere Plebs.

      Of course matters are more complex, but if Scotland were both a member of the EU, and more importantly had signed up to the Euro, it too would be buggered much like Spain and forced to implement austerity if it breached any of the economic provisions set out by the Lisbon treaty and other Treaties enacted since 1992, which by the way is the year that we can claim neoliberalism in its present form was birthed, that is following the removal of the Berlin Wall in August 1991 and subsequent reunification of Germany.

      Sorry for the boring post, but sick and tired of the Remainers claiming us ‘outers’ are not informed, not equipped with the facts and all racist – regrettably the sensible debate that was required was abandoned in favour of propaganda, spin and lies, hence we are in a pickle.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain

        Chris, when one considers how carefully and deliberately crafted is the EU to establish a neo-feudal dispensation of ever increasing poverty, inequality and elite wealth, where the State is eviscerated and all public assets handed over to the parasite caste, where unions are destroyed and people toil in semi-slavery, and how this social dispensation is being inflicted virtually everywhere, I recollect those bums, atop the Berlin Wall (built to thwart US-led sabotage of the DDR)chipping away happily, and squawking about ‘Freedom’. The ‘freedom’, of course, to be poor despite working like a Trojan, the ‘freedom’ to sell your body or body organs to make ends meet, the ‘freedom’ to see your ‘democratic’ vote simply pissed on from a great height, as in Greece, if it doesn’t suit the Bosses, and the ‘freedom’ to inflict sadistic punishment and humiliation on the weak, the poor and the disabled. The fall of the USSR we can now say with absolute certainty was not the dawning of a new age at the ‘End of History’, in Fuckyoouharder’s gibberish declaration, but the ‘end of history’ in that it began the rush to the scaffold for humanity, being whipped on to self-destruction through economic implosion under debt, poverty and inequality, total global ecological chaos and collapse and geo-political aggression by the demented ghouls of the Western elite. Corbyn is one tiny, little, obstacle to the demented ones’ auto-genocide project, so he will be swept away, one way or another. That’s certain.

        • Chris Rogers

          Nice mix of words and pretty much bang on, how bloody depressing, just sad to have hope extinguished, especially given we can’t believe anything now that masquerades as Journalism or unbiased reportage – they are crucifying us.

    • Alcyone: The Age when Eagles are toothless Crocodiles

      Fair enough, Jim. I don’t care for Tom Watsons (relatively recently acquired) belly and puffy cheeks, nor Angela Eagle’s silly haircut and obviously psycho brain thinking that she would become electable by ‘crying’ or so making out on TV.

      Gosh, these plebs come from a different class than Boris Johnson, don’t they; and, say what you will, the man has a sense of humour. Credit also to Cameron for carrying himself well in these, indeed his, last few days.

      There are some lovely fresh face girls in Labour though, like the one on C4 news tonight. There was an MP, some Jess Phillips who appeared as if she were literally talking through her breasts.

  • Alcyone: The Age when Eagles are toothless Crocodiles

    Can someone please tweet Jon Snow and/or his political editor: What the Fuck are they doing inviting that depressing crook Alistair Campbell onto the C4 news for? And he stood there nervously twiddling his thumbs the whole time.

    The Cunt is surely as Evil as Blair!!!???

    Btw, I wonder if one man is waiting in the wings to get his own back on Blair, owns a couple of little newspapers and a TV channel or two? No prizes for guessing; could be fun to watch…let’s see.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      Tony uses 4 characters

      Now for complaining about me signing my name, I would just like to point out “The Age when Eagles are toothless Crocodiles” uses considerably more, and means less and you keep writing it…Carry on I don’t care.


      • Alcyone: The Age when Eagles are toothless Crocodiles

        With your remarkably limited intelligence, you can’t be capable of caring, can you, Tony?

        Or deciphering the significance of Eagles and tearful, albeit toothless Crocodiles.

        I’m gifting you Angela Eagle for the evening and night as your punishment.

        • Tony_0pmoc


          Can you stop encouraging me. I’ve written this twice now

          “The USA is past its sell by date…and has become the World’s parasite.”

          I had never heard of Angela Eagle before today, and have had a few problems with Angelas in the past.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Thierry Meyssan is probably going to get my vote as World Journalist of the Year 2016. He not only sees all the detail, has the very best contacts in the world, but he rises above all of this to present The Bigger Picture often weeks or months before it actually unfolds…Yes, I know he is French and writes in French. This is in English.

    “27 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall The Brexit reshuffles world geopoliticsby Thierry Meyssan

    “While the world Press is searching for ways to re-start the reconstruction of Europe, still without Russia and now without the United Kingdom, Thierry Meyssan considers that nothing can now prevent the collapse of the system. However, he points out, what is at stake is not the European Union itself, but the institutions which enable the domination of the world by the United States, and the integrity of the United States themselves.
    Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria) | 28 June 2016


    ” The discrepancy between reality and the discourse of the political media illustrates the disease from which the Western elite is really suffering – their incompetence.

    While the veil is being ripped apart before our eyes, our elites do not understand the situation any better than the Communist Party of Soviet Russia could see the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 – the dissolution of the USSR in December 1991, then the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Comecon) and the Warsaw Pact six months later, followed by the attempts to dismantle Russia itself, in which it almost lost Chechnya.

    In identical fashion, we will soon be witnessing the dissolution of the European Union, then NATO, and unless they pay close attention, the dismantling of the United States.
    What interests are behind the Brexit?

    Contrary to the boastful claims of Nigel Farage, UKIP was not the originator of the referendum it has just won. The decision was imposed on David Cameron by the members of the Conservative Party.

    For them, London’s policy must be a pragmatic adaptation to the evolution of the world. This «nation of shop-keepers», as Napoleon qualified it, observes that the United States are no longer either the world’s prime economy or its major military power. There is therefore no further reason to hang on as their privileged partner….”

    • lysias

      I mean to reread Andrei Amalrik’s Can the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?, which I read around 1972. (I can say the date because I read it while I was living in Berlin.)

      At the time, Amalrik’s prediction of the imminent dissolution of the USSR seemed implausible to me. But he turned out not to be that far off with the date.

      No doubt the dissolution of the U.S. seems just as implausible to most people today. But, if the U.S. economy collapses, that’s pretty much all that holds the country together.

  • Clark

    From the time I signed up and paid £3 to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour party e-mailed me frequently, building to a crescendo of several a day on the 23rd, Referendum Day.

    I got one more, from my local Labour group (Saffron Walden), on the 24th, and since then nothing at all, complete silence.

    • nevermind

      Hi Clark. I am not shekel led to it and never will, my activities are in my name, but they will sync, hopefully people support being active and for a good reason, regardless of their party politics.

      We either support principled rule of law, or we bend it permanently and have nothing at all.

  • John Edwards

    I was at the rally and saw this individual outside Westminster tube station. The t shirt is definitely a one off. The rally itself was composed of real people and quite good natured in the circumstances

  • Anon1

    Alyn Smith, SNP, MEP, of the Scottish independence party spoke today in the European Parliament:

    “Please, remember this. Scotland did not let you down. Please, I beg you…”

    ROFPMSL. What a bunch.

    • Alan

      ROFPMSL. What a bunch.

      You saw it as well? LMAO

      Take the Chinese, for example, where “losing face” is the ultimate no-no. I bet they cringed watching Alyn Smith. Putin probably laughed himself silly, and as for those right wing Yanks…

      Scotland the Brave..yeah right!

      • Anon1

        Did you see the other other tit stand up and accuse the LEAVE campaign of fear mongering? Actual LOL.

        • deepgreenpuddock

          I see Tony has agreed, and despite no natural sympathies, I will also have to agree. It was a vomit inducing cringe. I had hoped that Scottish inclination had ceased but i was wrong.

  • RobG

    Corbyn is still here, with, apparently, an even larger vote from Labour Party supporters than the swivel-eyed loons.

    What most people still don’t seem to understand is that Washington is behind all this.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      I read that union members are even more solidly behind Corbyn than at his election, and that 95% of people who voted for him last time are ready to do so again (Guardian).

        • Shatnersrug

          Fellas, it’s your Labour Party – join you don’t have to stay forever – but this is the closest the REAL democracy you’re going to get unless Corbyn can continue – we need all the votes we can get – Tories are talking about calling a GE in October – we could have a be PLP by then ready to go. Potential candidates are there and deselection is looking more likely. JOIN!

    • Salford Lad

      The Chilcot report , even in its sanitised form , will expose Tony Blair and Jack Straw as warmongers. It may also implicate Washington as the puppetmaster of the Iraq war.
      Washington controls the EU/NATO as its attack dog against Russia, and this must be not be exposed to the public ,altho’ it is obvious to the more discerning political persons.
      Jeremy Corbyn is not a supporter of NATO and must be removed, to be replaced by a more acquiscent Labour Leader, who will kow-tow to Washington policy unquestioningly.
      Brexit and the Leadership contests of both the Tory and Labour Parties are a gift to the Chilcot report. They will be used to distract the publics attention from the findings of the report.
      Standard propaganda playbook 101.

      • lysias

        In Quatermass II, the members of the commission overseeing the project have all been taken over by space aliens. When Quatermass asks the commission questions about the project, the leader of the commission exclaims, “These questions must not be asked!”

    • Mulga Mumblebrain

      Washington and Tel Aviv, the Master puppeteer in the bunraku play that is Western politics. Whereas the ordinary puppeteers are dressed in black as they manipulate the dummies, the Master is dressed in the finest robes, plain to see, but we MUST pretend that he doesn’t exist.

  • Tom

    I think it’s time the Queen stepped in. Plainly the country is being undermined foreign intelligence services in cahoots with placemen in this country. She needs to sack Cameron, appoint an interrim prime minister in the ‘elder statesman’ mould and announce that the referendum result will not be considered further at least until there is economic and political stability.

  • Clydebuilt

    Helpfully the BBC never press Blairites, when they say that Corbynn is an electoral liability. Labour’s record at elections under Corbyn’s leadership is quite good.

  • Heiroglyph

    It’s looking increasingly like the Blairites know they can’t win, but are doing this anyway, just to protect Blair, and hobble Corbyn. They seek to ensure Corbyn can get no momentum whatsoever, so it thus follows that whenever the Tories are in trouble – and they are – the Blairites will strike against Corbyn, until the election. Their gross treachery will, they hope, lose this election. Scorched Earth policy.

    The only conclusion is that they alll must face de-selection. I’ve been reluctant to call for this, as it seems kinda authoritarian, but their base treachery means they are simply not worthy to be Labour MP’s. They have to go.

    • fedup

      The neo conservatives always set the rules and then abuse them, and by the time the left have understood the score, the neo conservatives have moved on and are busy with their next new move, whilst the left is pondering and analysing the last blow against the rights of man and beast.

      The failed Tories whom knew they would not be elected as Tories, joined the neo labour to get into the seats of power instead. The lot of these carpetbaggers ought to have been purged a long time ago.

  • nevermind

    So who’s up for it then, sober and real please.
    How many people do we think Craig Murray’s blog could get out of their arm chairs?
    how easy is it to spread such action.
    A peaceful demo in front of the local paper, radio station or council demanding that action is taken over those mentioned in the Chilcot report.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    There is a UK Power Elite too, that is not directly controlled by The USA…There was a very strong hint here of the future direction of the UK.

    “Joining China’s World Bank is in UK’s ‘national interest’ despite Washington anger”

    This decision was taken over a year ago, and it will not have been taken lightly…

    Basically, we are going Chinese (and Russian). There will be a lot of very powerful people in the UK (and in Germany and France) who are highly displeased with the foreign policy of the USA – and its blatant economic attack on Europe. These people are Not Stupid.

    The UK has had strong links with China for an exceedingly long time.

    The USA is past its sell by date…and has become the World’s parasite.


    • Alan

      Tony, you are so right! Unfortunately, Scotland wants to stick to serving the World’s parasite.

      • Herbie

        Not necessarily.

        If the EU is reformed, and thinks for itself again, and its relations with the rest of the world.

        Could be alright.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain

      Tony, I imagine the UK is in the AIIDB to sabotage it. We will see. But I do know that the True Believers in the ‘Manifest Destiny’ of the ‘Exceptionalist’ glory that is ‘Western Judeo-Christian Civilization’ are viscerally opposed to the world being dominated, economically, by a bunch of ‘mere Asiatics’.

    • Alan

      And it gets worse for NS:

      Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, will snub Nicola Sturgeon tomorrow as she heads to Brussels to fight for Scotland to stay in the EU.

      Scotland’s First Minister will launch a charm offensive to make the case that Scotland should remain in the bloc after 62 per cent of Scots voted to stay.

      But she suffered a blow when Mr Tusk’s officials made it plain that he had no time to meet her. A source close to Mr Tusk said: ‘This is not the right, appropriate moment to meet.’

      His snub come as a setback for Miss Sturgeon because the European Council is made up of all the heads of member states who will have to unanimously agree any deal for Scotland.

      Several member states, notably Spain, would oppose Scotland joining the EU for fear that it would stoke up separatism.

      Imagine that? Separation in the UK caused by “Little Scotlanders”. How awful!

      • Herbie


        He’s very busy trying to hold the Atlanticists in the EU together.

        I mean, a USUK backed Pole trying to tell the French, Germans and Italians what their relations with Russia should be.

        When has that not worked out well, eh.

  • Macky

    As Neil Clark has just tweeted, the plan behind the attempted coup is to force Corbyn to resign, because the Blairiites know that they haven’t a chance to win the leadership from him; JC knows this too which is why they are on a hiding to nothing no matter how many more of them resign, and I for one don’t trust that Tom Watson, a man immoral enough to have supported the attack on Iraq.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      Which is why he needs to stay exactly where he is at all costs. And I really think he will.

      It’s remarkable to watch these people running head-first at a brick wall. They will be examining their heads for the bumps after Corbyn has won another leadership election.

      • Herbie

        People need to understand that this is a fight of ordinary working people up and down the land, against Blairite corporate skimming the wealth of the country for the few.

        They’re Blairites ffs. They just want to be rich.

        Like Blair and the last generation of Blairites.

        Parasites, more like.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain

          And the Blairites, like Samson, will destroy the Labour Temple, bringing it down on everybody’s heads, if they can no longer control it. Then Corbyn et al will have to build it up again from the grass-roots, offering a total alternative to neo-feudal neo-liberalism.That’s what the blood-suckers really hate and fear-democracy with real choices.

  • Herbie

    Isn’t it about time we had a No Confidence petition on the BBC.

    It seems to be offering its services and facilities to the Blairite coup attempt.

    I’m sure they’re not supposed to take sides like that.

    Let’s see what the people who fund them have to say!

    • Herbie

      Turkey’s moving closer to Russia.

      And not everyone’s pleased.

      They’ve had quite a few incidents of this nature.

      Turkey is a centrally important chess piece.

      • Manda

        “Turkey is a centrally important chess piece.”

        It is indeed and the Syrian coalition resistance appears to be becoming a huge frustration to the western and allied aggressors despite a legion of ‘assets’, including NGOs on the ground… I wonder how much that aspect plays into the coup against Corbyn.

        In the meantime hundreds of thousands/millions are dying, suffering and fleeing the horror. The Middle East and North Africa fashioned by western bombs of so called democracy and humanitarianism… who needs that corrupted, inverted version of democracy and humanity?

        The whole world needs a Corbyn.

    • Shatnersrug

      I think shenanigans just about Simes it up too. Entirely manufactured – entirely a waste of time and entirely bound to end egg on the PLP faces yet again.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain

      It’s a tragedy, and either Sultan Erdogan’s goons allowing another false-flag so he can further tighten his Islamo-fascist regime, or his old comrades in Daash turning against him, the less likely alternative in my opinion.

  • wendy

    interesting that the anti corbyn narrative being sold by plp and media is that hes very nice man but not a leader all the while claiming that his support from members is degrading quickly.

    no facts just the usual personalisation of the claim .. i received an email from a previously pro corbyn voter or i spoke to a labour voter who was willing to give him a chance but wont now ..

    • wendy

      i suspect iit will be abusive towards corbyn. the arrogant eton/wealthy bully boys of both sides ridiculing corbyn.

        • RobG

          Forgot to add that PMQs start at midday, every Wednesday, except when the politicians are on their eternal holiday.

          It’s a jolly jape, chaps, and it’s time for nurse to change my nappy.

  • Clark

    All these attacks against Corbyn play the man, not the ball; they don’t have a damn thing to do with issues, they’re just a negative version of personality politics.

    Such attacks would certainly break the moderation rules of this site; if we could promote our local mods to gods at least the worst of the bilge would get deleted, though we might have to be patient… 🙂

    • Pykrete

      Unfortunately there’s no escaping the fact that in today’s world personality counts for a lot in politics (cf. Michael Howard, IDS vs Blair). In a similar situation any leader of a business, charity, school governors etc would have resigned by now. JC says he’s staying loyal to his supporters so sod the rest of the PLP and the country.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        The Labour Party electorate is going to decide who they would like the leader of the Labour Party to be. The Parliamentary Labour Party is not going to tell the electorate, to which they are accountable, that they don’t like the electorate’s choice, so the electorate cannot have him.

        If he doesn’t suit the PLP then they can say so, and present another candidate or candidates whom they like better, and then if the electorate agrees, then Corbyn will be voted out, and will go immediately with good grace. If the electorate puts Corbyn back in, then it is the responsibility of the PLP to work with the electorate’s choice, or clear off and seek re-election as independents or under another political banner.

        And they could have done that already, without all this childish, stupid play-acting which has enormously damaged the Labour Party about which they profess to care so much.

        These are not very difficult propositions to understand.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        It is not a similar situation to any leader of a business, charity, school governors etc, because the Blairites are hand picked infiltrators, that not only do not represent the interests of labour (the working man), they don’t even represent the interests of British capital. They represent the interests of foreign capital, and a foreign neocon ideology seeking serial wars and world dictatorship. They are traitors not just to the Labour Party but to The British people. Most of them should be in jail – especially their leader. Hopefully, he will be arrested when Chilcot is published.

        Everything has changed. The pendulum has reversed. Don’t you realise what these people have been doing? They have been committing mass murder in multiple countries, since they gained power in 1997.

        If you don’t understand that – you have been brainwashed by their propaganda – in much the same way as the German people were brainwashed by the NAZI party in the 1930’s. German people are intrinsically no different to us. We are all susceptible to lies and propaganda.


  • Clark

    “If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

    Attacking seems to have become reflexive for Blairites. Maybe they’re hoping that ISIS will fill the gap left after they’ve vaporised the Labour party.

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