Attempted Coup in Turkey Must Be Denounced 200

There should be no equivocation. The answer to Turkey’s problems is not a military coup against an elected government and a return to decades of military dictatorship. The Turkish people pouring out on the streets to resist the military are not only Erdogan supporters, and they are inspiring in their courage.

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200 thoughts on “Attempted Coup in Turkey Must Be Denounced

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  • dragan

    Oh come on, it’s really too soon to say anything but facts, and even those are uncertain. Let’s all shut up and see what actually happens before we pour out analyses.

  • fedup

    True, watching unarmed civilians whilst under fire being shot tenaciously move towards the soldiers to confront them is indeed an act of courage

  • Hierolgyph

    Tom Watson and Jess Philips, however, are said to be in dialogue with the Turkish military, and seeking advice on internal matters.

    Now, that’s a coup, you treacherous Blair-ite plotters. And like all coups, it should be met with fierce resistance, and the plotters destroyed. Take heed, #ChickenCoup scoundrels. Winter is Coming.

  • bevin

    Watch This Space
    Turkey coup: I will write later but I believe that Saudi regime covered the coup if not sponsored it. Many signs.
    Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil

  • DomesticExtremist

    Ealier this week France closed down its embassies and consulates in Turkey fearing “an attack” on July 14th.
    Then came Nice (oops, wrong country).
    Now this.

    Strange days

  • lysias

    If the coup attempt is defeated (as appears to be happening), the result is likely to be an Erdogan dictatorship.

    • Laguerre

      You mean that the coup leaders were planning to replace an Erdogan dictatorship with a secularist military dictatorship. Which one is better? Military dictatorships in Turkey’s past haven’t been very successful. Why should this one have been better?

  • lysias

    It should be explained, for those those who do not understand Turkish politics, a victory for the coup would amount to the restoration of Kemalist, secularist politics that allow a large measure of freedom of speech and of freedom of the press. A defeat of the coup would be a victory of Erdogan’sforces, who would suppress all freedom.

    • Theresa's Cilic

      Not a fly farts in Turkey without its killer intelligence knowing about it. Its a ruse for erdogan to regain face (after kissing putins ass) and amass even more dictatorial power.

    • Kempe

      You don’t know that for sure, nobody seems to know yet what the coup plotters stood for. They may have thought Erdogan too liberal for all you know.

      No, Craig’s right. A military coup against an elected government is not the way forward.

      • Techno

        Possibly, but lysias is correct. Turkey is a country where extremist Islam is simmering under the surface all the time. Erdogan – deomocratically elected or not – had been allowing the country to slip towards sharia. I understand that the burkha is banned there because Kemal understood that you have to keep a tight lid on Islam.

        But if Turkey does become an Islamic state that would put and end to its ambition to join the EU (although with the EU’s imperialist ambitions anything is possible).

        • witters

          What I love are champions of democracy cheering an undemocratic coup attempt. Even mirrors are useless in such cases.

        • craig Post author

          For all his faults, Erdogan is far more of a democrat than the Kemalist military dictators. Kemalism is just a branch of fascism and many decent, ordinarily religious people suffered terribly under it for years, not to mention the terrible attitude to Kurds, Christians and other minorities of the Kemalists. Tring to paint a movement predicated on military rule as democratic is ludicrous.

          • Whatever (aka Alcyone): It's the Ministry of Offence, Stupid, not 'Defence"

            The question is where exactly does Erdogan stand on Religion and it’s imposition on the people of Turkey? Can you/someone please explain to a Student, not of history, but of Life!?

          • Ba'al Zevul

            It’s less a case of imposing religion, I think, than lifting the restrictions on it which were built into the constitution, and allowing it back into government: Kemal’s original perception that the two should not mix remained contentious because Turkey is effectively (at least) two different countries. The relatively prosperous Westernised west and the religiously conservative – if not fanatically so – east have always grated on each other. Economic recovery under Erdogan depended on some very Islamic businessmen getting their head: and of course the lurking potential for a Turkish Spring would have concentrated his mind further in recent years.

            IOW, it’s not much to do with religion, and everything to do with politics and finance.


          • Whatever (aka Alcyone): It's the Economy Stupid

            Thanks Baal, Turkey for me is a bit exotic; real pity they are in a Tug of War.

            Never mind the ordinary people whose lives get affected.

            I had a text message from from a Greek friend living in Bodrum. She said everything is fucked.

            Thanks for taking the time!

          • Loony

            So? Is there a point here?

            Kemalism may well be a branch of Fascism, but it is no more so than are acolytes of Stepan Bandera.

            In the Ukraine, fascists get US and EU money, and they get preferential treatment from the IMF.

            Maybe Turkey also wants money from these sources and has noted just how much Ukrainian fascists are admired in the West. It is surely illogical to fawn at the feet of Ukrainian fascists and yet hold Turkish fascists in approbrium.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      It should be explained that if this (apparently failed) coup was conducted with US complicity and assistance, as you suggested earlier, it’s yet another in the catalogue of US fuckups. But it looks as if Erdogan knew it was coming, if not exactly when, and that fact is unlikely to have escaped the Pentagon.

      Yeah, well. A man can only hope, and in this case hope was disappointed. Erdogan, whose actual behaviour is progressively more comparable with anything the secular state ever got up to, will now consolidate his gains, further demoralise the army and, as suggested above, likely become de facto dictator. Craig may care to review his democratic credentials in the light of Tahrir Square, his assault on Turkish media, and his obeisance to fundamentalist Sunni opinion. To say nothing of his incarceration of journalists and his ongoing assaults on Kurdish enclaves in the East. The man is NOT a cuddly bunny, the economic recovery is stalled, and the Turkish tourist industry was in a bad way before this happened. The confidence of global markets evaporated in 2008, and Erdogan is in hock to Islamist businessmen. The reason Erdogan will retain the support of the West (Boris called in today to promise the UK’s support) is to be found in the Caspian-Mediterranean pipeline routes in existence or under construction.

      To one of which, one Tony Blair is a paid advisor.

      Craig, I’m surprised at you!

    • Ben Monad

      I was surprised at how restrained the troops were in the video I watched. Was that anomalous?

  • fwl

    Nothing to add to what is going on or to be begin to interpret.

    If tanks win people watching in other countries might passively assume that tanks win, which would be a negative lesson for anything similar in other countries.

    If people on street stop a coup that would be something and the scene on the bridge of the crowd ducking under sounds of gunfire and then standing and boing were astonishing.

    As to other underlying issues pros and cons I don’t know.

  • Tom Welsh

    I hope Craig feels the same about the violent coup d’etat in Ukraine two years ago. Although that was less justified; President Yanukovych was somewhat incompetent and corrupt (and what head of state isn’t?) but he was never anything like as cruel and dangerous as Erdogan. Apart from massacring his own population in large numbers, Erdogan is one of ISIS’ main helpers.

  • Mark Golding

    Brigadier General Nejat Atilla Demirhan and friends double-crossed but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was eating the dust of this ‘coup’ according to intelligence sources. Erdogan flies by night.

    • Ben Monad

      He may fly by night but his answered call to the streets indicates he is quite popular in this secular nation.

      • Mark Golding

        The whole deal was an enactment Ben, a nasty set-up that would suggest the Kemalists deceived the Gulen movement into executing a coup designed to fail because the intelligence services knew it was coming. No, this charade was designed to bolster Erdogan’s regime after it had suffered a series of foreign policy missteps that troubled Erdogan support.

        What out for this phrase grabbed by Western propaganda:

        Bashar al-Assad used the tanks against his people, while Erdogan used his people against the tanks…

        • Ben Monad

          “Bashar al-Assad used the tanks against his people, while Erdogan used his people against the tanks…”

          As the day went forward your tagline seems to be the catch-phrase that fits into the daily newscast Mark.

        • Bhante

          That so many (alleged) civilians should have so actively opposed the coup surprised me, but if Erdogan knew it was coming, and actively encouraged it to flush all but the most rabid Erdogan supporters out of the woods, everything falls much more into place. The Americans obviously knew everything. The plotters couldn’t have organised 5000 soldiers with noone aware of anything. I pity the poor soldiers who now face certain death, and probably torture also.

          The speed at which the Americans alluded to the possibility of extraditing Gülen is also sickening. If he was involved at all his communications would have revealed everything, which would have been suicidal. Therefore if he was involved at all, ergo the US knew in advance and encouraged the trap.

  • Manda

    I agree coups against elected governments (and leaders) should be denounced but I smell a rat. I cannot shake a feeling all is not what it appears in this failed coup attempt.

  • michael norton

    Well Erdogan ordered the shooting down of a Russian aircraft as it apparently “clipped” a minute portion of “Turkey”
    This part of “Turkey” was stolen from Syria.
    The Turkmen then killed two airman.
    This Turkman is being held in “custody” in Turkey, he is a Turkish person.
    It has been said, he will be held for twelve months “to let the dust settle”, before any decisions are taken,
    it is expected he will be found to have taken his own life, so will be unable to say for whom he was working,
    almost certainly the Turkish State.
    Since these events, Erdogan has tried to appease Putin and Israel,
    it is not known if his new stance was first run past Saudi or U.S.A.

      • michael norton

        Sorry, I seem to have misspoken.

        Alparslan Çelik is a Turkish ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves member.
        In 2014 he joined the Syrian Turkmen Brigades and fought against SAA. On 24 November, after Turkey shot down a Russian bomber, he allegedly killed the Russian pilot Oleg Peshkov.
        All charges against him were dropped on 9 May 2016.

        Çelik was detained in İzmir, Turkey on 31 March 2016.
        All charges against him were dropped on 9 May 2016.

        Investigation was reopened. He also said that he did not kill the pilot but killed by another terrorist group.[

        • michael norton

          Grey Wolves
          A staunchly Pan-Turkist organization, in the early 1990s the Grey Wolves extended their area of operation into the post-Soviet states with Turkic and Muslim populations. Up to thousands of its members fought in the Nagorno-Karabakh War on the Azerbaijani side, and the First and Second Chechen Wars on the Chechen side. After an unsuccessful attempt to seize power in Azerbaijan in 1995, they were banned in that country.
          Kazakhstan in 2005 also banned the organization, classifying it as a terrorist organization.

          The questions would seem to be are they supplied and paid for by the Turkish State?
          Are they working for Erdogan, directly or indirectly?

          Is Turkey intending to steal more territory from Syria?
          Is the whole Syrian “civil” war a Turkish- Saudi-U.S.A. construct?
          Is Turkey starting to reap that which it has sowed/

          • michael norton

            The jihadi group claimed it had carried out the massacre in the southern French city in a statement released by its Amaq News Agency media arm this morning.

            At least 84 people were killed and hundreds more injured when gunman Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel drove an articulated lorry into crowds watching a Bastille Day firework display on Thursday night.

            In its statement the group said the attack was carried out by a “soldier of the Islamic State” in response to its calls to target innocent civilians.

            The statement read: “The person who carried out the operation in Nice, France, to run down people was one of the soldiers of Islamic State.

            “He carried out the operation in response to calls to target nationals of states that are part of the coalition fighting Islamic State.”

            ISIS has urged its members to carry out atrocities in countries which are part of a US-led coalition, including Britain and France, which is carrying out airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.

            Just because these people have claimed it,
            does not mean it is true, i expect it is partly true.
            Their hatefulness enacted by a hateful man, probably on his own.

  • michael norton

    Prime Minister Binali Yildrim has addressed the world media in light of the attempted military coup last night, insisting the situation is ‘fully under control’.

    In a wide ranging speech, the PM said he ‘kissed the Turkish nation on its head’ for their resilience during last night’s affairs, adding that civilians gave the ‘best response possible agianst the terrorist organisation’ , and that ‘from now on the 15th july is the celebration of democracy’ in Turkey.

    He talked of ‘parallel structures’ within the military marking a ‘black stain’ on Turkish democracy last night, accusing them of treason, but adding that they were now in the hands of ‘Turkish justice’.

    The PM also emphasised that in the eyes of the government, these so-called ‘parallel structures’ are worse than the PKK, who they consider to be a terrorist organisation.

    Yildrim says that 161 are dead, and 1440 wounded. 2,839 members of the military have been detained and are awaiting punishment, although arrests are still being made.

    He closed his speech congratulating his generals and commanders, making further calls for citizens to fill town and city squares this evening as a mark fo solidarity.

    When asked about the possibility of re-instating the death penalty for dissenters, Yildrim added that although not in the Turkish constitution, they will consider legal changes to ensure it does not happen again.

    Well I am not going on my holidays to Turkey.

    • Whatever (aka Alcyone): It's the Economy Stupid

      We don’t care where you go, but for Heaven’s sake Man, GO!

  • fwl

    Turkish soldiers v restrained in videos coming out. Coup planning not appear to have taken into account how to disperse crowd without guns.

  • fedup

    After the failed US backed coup in Venezuela Condi Rice came out fighting and ordering the Venezuelan authorities to watch their behaviour and not to “harass or pursue” the plotters.

    Last night it was Obama himself who went on record urging the both sides to refrain from blood letting, that was after the initial reports of success of the coup were met with realities on the ground, that is was beginning to falter and fail.

    Furthermore in a strange twist US warned the US nationals etc. from going to the US embassy or any of the US consulates in Ankara and Istanbul. This could have been a pre-emptive measure to stop any probable take over of it’s embassy etc. in Turkey.

    As we debate a Turkish helicopter has landed in Greece with it’s eight occupants having applied for political asylum in that country. Who are the occupants and what was their role in the coup as yet has not been clarified, but my bet is, a coward general lives another day to plot another coup, this could be the leadership of the coup that has decided to defect to Greece to form yet another parallel government.

    Erdogon and his dreams of Ottoman Empire have met with blow back, and as it stands there is going to be hell to pay for while in Turkey. Erdogan should not have been drinking soup with the al saud pederasts and US power brokers, even though he thought he enjoyed owning a pretty long spoon.

    The timing of the thin voiced jubeir’s visit in US to meet head on the scandal of release of the twenty eight pages redacted from the 9/11 commission whitewash that pointed the finger at al saud fiefdom intelligence service to have supplied the 911 terrorists with money and help, as well as the said terrorists being the nationals of the said fiefdom. Smoking gun some would say! Not a chance!

    All the while jubeir was busy plotting the downfall of Erdogan and signing up the cheques put in front of him by Pentagon/CIA et al. to underwrite the operation early Xmas that required the stuffing of Turkey.

    This is getting to be a better than movies time!

  • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

    At least we deserve an explanation of why the coup failed when we are given nothing.

    The plotters planned on killing Erdogan before he knew what was going on, and while the Turkisk people were kept in the dark, and were not attacked.

    Erdogan was saved by the US helicopter squadrons at the Samandira Army Air Base, which has about 1,000 US personnel, finding out where he was holidaying on the Black Sea Coast, protecting him from Turish Air Force assassination, and getting him safely to Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport where he could mobilize opposition to the well-organized, 5,000 strong plotters.

    The best evidence of this was the Pentagon announcing that its much bigger air base in Incirlik in southernTurkey was not impacted by the coup without even mentioning the one outside Istanbul, much less what was its role.

    Interfering seriously in the internal affairs of a nation, and controlling coverage of what really happened deserves the strongest denunciation.

    Seems strong elements in the Turkish Army resent the betrayal of its opposition to stopping its Kurds gaining an independent state for what the opponents of ISIS, especially Israel now, are attempting.

    Two victories by ISIS in consecutive days were just too much for the West’s warmongers to swallow.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

        Thanks for the apparent correction, Laguerre. I first read the Black Sea, and then saw on Reuters, the Aegean.

        Prerfer, the Aeean as it would put a lie too to the Pentagon’s claim that the big base at Incirlic wasn’t impacted.

        • lysias

          I read a report that power to Incirlik Air Base was cut off. If that’s true, I wonder how much that affected operations.

          Marmaris is nowhere near Incirlik. It is at the southwest corner of Anatolia, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean. Incirlik is just outside Adana, at the far east of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

            Why do you always fall for some irrelevancy or denial when the shit hits the fan.

            The big problem was getting Erdogan back to Istanbul which could be achieved better by all the equipment at Incirlic than the helicopters at Samandira.

            And Incirlic cerainly has backup equipment to keep its eavesdropping equipment going so that opposition fighters and helicopters could be located, and shot down.

  • fwl

    2745 Judges dismissed & arrest warrants out for 140 appeal court members?

    Which countries knew and supported or opposed of the attempted coup? Any?

    • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

      Well, the USA certainly opposed the coup, pulling off its most surprise coup in history.

      In overthrowing Mossadeq, Allende, Arbenz, and other elected leaders, the USA had to have much more time, and spend much more effort in pulling it off.

      Just think of the Pentagon’s recent scapegoating those poor, ignorant sailors in the Persian Gulf in the hope that their knee-jerk reaction to being stopped would lead to the overthrow of Iran’s mullahs, and when it didn’t, that s,o.b. Carter threw the book at them.

      Just cannot understand how educated adults can fall for its covert actions every time without question.

      • Ben Monad

        It was apparently an incompetent effort. How about an Erdogan AKP movement in a false flag operation to seize more power? That would make sense. Letting him escape did not if it was real.

    • Ben Monad

      That sounds like a prepared agenda. It’s becoming clearer Edrogan is behind this.

  • Ben Monad

    If Edrogan engineered, how could he be so sure the public would come out in force? That was the linchpin for tamping this down….

      • Ben Monad

        I first thought CIA except they don’t let you out alive (Allende) They don’t let you escape to plan countermeasures.

      • Laguerre

        “in Istanbul, the center of Erdogan’s support.”
        Istanbul is hardly the centre of Erdogan’s support, more the centre of opposition.

    • michael norton

      On the wireless, they hinted that this will play to the apparent advantage of Erdogan, with him becoming theSaddam Hussein
      of the new Turkish Empire.

      • Laguerre

        “the Saddam Hussein of the new Turkish Empire.”

        You probably don’t don’t know much about Saddam Hussein, but a basic fact is that he was a dictator who was never even for a moment elected. Erdogan has been elected multiple times. You may not like it, but democracy is a bugger. It may elect people you don’t like. The problem here is the personality of Erdogan. He has become megalomaniac and quite mad.

    • From the Wild Wood

      Whilst it appears that ‘the public’ have come out in force to oppose the ‘coup’, we cannot be certain that they are actually civilians. They could, one assumes, be military personnel in mufti – or a substantial number of them anyway. I am also intrigued by the number of Turkish flags and rather smart Turkish flag T-shirts that appear to have been readily to hand – it seems a little too theatrical. It would be interesting to analyse the distribution of the men wearing the flag t-shirts, and whether they had any particular role.

    • Ben Monad

      He sure has his ‘Enemies’ list prepared well in advance and I don’t believe in coincidence.

  • Tony M

    If it doesn’t have its origins amongst the people, secular, religious, young, old etc. it must fail. Some of whom though will have supported the affair, on the change for necessary changes sake. Military hierarchy is of course a triangle and the absence of top brass is more than adequately compensated for by the sheer number of lower ranks participating in minor ways or of their own volition, or simply carrying out orders/duties that came down not involving doing anything out of the ordinary routine. But Erdogan in any case is toast, he’s presided over one of the most disgraceful periods in Turkey’s history, by being the United States’ latest expendable plaything, however willingly or not. Absent real change internally with increases in living standards and dignity for the Turkish people, and the international community embracing Turkey with lasting friendship this is just the preliminary coup for a later more successful one.

    • Tony M

      The terrible thing is Erdogan sounds vengeful, firing squad vengeful, he’s creating martyrs when magnanimity is clearly desirous.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

    Sounds to me more like US treatment of Panama’s Torrijos and Noreiga though they were in trouble at first because they were unelected, and then thety outlived their usefulness.

    Ultimately, Washington invaded, and it would have here if the plotters had succeeded.

    • Laguerre

      Yes, quite a possibility that it was a US plot, but more poorly thought out than usual in that case.

  • fedup

    In overthrowing Mossadeq, Allende, Arbenz, and other elected leaders, the USA had to have much more time, and spend much more effort in pulling it off.

    The fanciful notions just keep coming don’t they?

    In all the above cases the shoe string budget and lots of smoke and mirrors resulted in the success of the coup.

    was overthrown with the help of few renegade (read CIA) private pilots dropping a few bombs around the place, he gave up and the coup was over.

    Took to his palace and tried to use the radio until Pinochet got into the place and shot him dead, coup over.

    Three Iranian traitorous brothers got the money off the CIA operatives and bought the low lives and criminals to get out there in Tehran and “demonstrate” for Shah the nasty little dictator and Western vassal as well as slash and stab the counter demonstrators (nationalists) and the coup was over and Mossadeq was put under house arrest.

    The fact that Erdogan managed to use face time and get in touch with a private TV station, as the other state run tv stations were under the “supervision” of the plotters. This was, whilst the rest of the world medjia ie Sky Et al were sniggering and calling him weak and a spent president, as well as putting out the news that he had fled Turkey and was on his way to a third destination to seek asylum of course was part of the help of the US extended to Erdogan!!!

    The fact that Erdogan was beseeching his people to go out and demonstrate and confront the military and their imposed martial law. His efforts were greeted with; “can you believe his ruthless and dreadful attempt in promoting a civil war?”Or better still, the sniggering of the incredulous Western media presenters questioning which airport is he going to land with his aircraft ? As Erdogan announced he will be there soon to join the demonstrators in the streets.

    Simple fact is US fucked up big!!!! As in the case of Venezuela, that the CIA operatives thought they can roughshod ride over the will of the people, and ended up with yet more blatant and manifest failure. To start bigging up the US failures into “success” by attributing extra clever moves to US is only the stuff of fighting a secondary retaliatory attempt in trying to white wash a very public failure of US covert policy implemented that so spectacularly failed!!!!!

    The fact remains that Syrian war is over and that Humpty won’t be put back together regardless of the al saud pederasts billion dollar investment, and the rabid US covert operatives trying to train and support the mercenaries provided for by one Erik Prince.

    • Ben Monad

      You are full of it. This was Edrogan consolidating power. He’s beheading his opponents right now. Get real.

      • fedup

        Ben you are not so full of it are you?

        Whence the almighty US fuck up goes public then the whitewash takes multidimensionality; Erdogan set up the false flag himself to consolidate power!!!!!

        Beheading, used to be the French method, although these days given the illiteracy of the masses and their gold fish attention span it has come to be attributed to “Islamists” hence your cheap jibe; “beheading his opponents”!

        Evidently the coup plotters are now “opponents” and don’t deserve courts martial that would convict them to face firing squads.

      • fedup

        Your constant bigging up of the US; Earthquake weapon, Death Star in orbit, and ……. “invasion of Turkey”!!!!! Seeing as the last invasion went so well in Iraq aside!

        Why on Earth would US invade Turkey, when they have their own Turkish Pinochet set in place to carry out the Washington’s orders verbatim? The coup plotters planning was impeccable, the only trouble was when the Turks poured into the streets they could no longer blow somke up the Turkish nation’s collective butt with their tanks and and soldiers. There is enough photos of the forlorn weapons, tanks, ordnance strewed around the streets of Ankara and Istanbul to illustrate the simple fact that people are no longer prepared to put up with crap and stay indoors and keep quiet. Check out the mobile clips of the bear fist fighters fighting tanks and soldiers.

        There is enough material around to read to render the obtuse and biased Shawcross musings redundant.

  • RobG

    For those who might not have read it, here’s Robert Fisk’s take on things…

    … which I sort of agree with.

    I also agree that this could have been a staged coup by Erdogan. Who knows..? but I’ll repeat what I believe I said earlier in this thread: it’s an unlikely coincidence that the coup in Turkey happened the day after the events in Nice, which will lead to a ramping-up of the war in Syria and a direct conflict with the Russians. Perhaps elements in the Turkish military understand this, hence the coup attempt?

    Lastly, these days the MSM are almost completely controlled by the CIA, so the MSM, in that sense, are a good indicator of what’s actually happening behind the scenes. From what I’ve seen the MSM have been supportive of Erdogan, with reports of how ‘the Turkish people came out on the streets to support him’. In otherwords, this coup seems to have been a real, spontaneous event.

    • fedup

      Rob this whole lot smacks of US attempts in covert operations. This idea was getting floated by the “experts” at around 02:30 this morning, after the news that the coup had failed.

      The notion that Erdogan himself has organised detailed plans for a coup plot against himself, is the kind of web fairy stories about 9/11

        • fedup

          Rob one good turn deserves another, hence the suspension of the operations, which is based on a legitimate pretext too. The no flight zones enforced whilst the coup plotters are being sought for!

          In the days before the current fiasco of the US sponsored/encouraged military coup , Benali Yildrim had gone on record; with a new policy of normalisation of relationship with the Syrian Government, ie “Assad regime” This was directly in opposition to the US policy of pipe lines and no Russian access to the Med. Moreover the prerequisite to sustaining the corrupt and destructive al saud pederasts regime in place to carry on the game of “recycling petro dollars”.

          You can see the total failure of the US policy of ousting the Syrian government, Further indicators of this policy falling apart is found in the court case of the relatives of the Colvin the dead US journalist, who had gone to Syria to report the insurgent’s side of the war. Evidently war correspondents have an indemnity assurance of US courts. Although recollecting Gaby Rado, Terry Lloyd, Kamaran Abd al-Razaq Muhammad, Tariq Ayoub, Kaveh Golestan, Paul Moran, Taras Protsyuk, Jose Couso, ….. who were directly targeted by the US forces and killed, evidently their deaths/murder don’t count.

          Fisk writes about the continuation of the policy failure going back toe Sykes Picot plot, however he singularly fails to recognise the success of their dastardly plot that has resulted in creating total corruption, and clearly failed states that are further at the mercy of the city to exploit their resources without so much as paying any premiums to the indigenous people whose resources are being plundered. As well as eliminating any probable competition in the fields of science, industry, culture, economy, etc.

    • Laguerre

      I don’t think the events in Turkey will lead to an enhancement of Syria. It’s already at the max, if the west is not going to intervene directly, which I don’t see coming coming from this event.

      • fedup

        Syria is over!

        Lavrov and Kerry had their meeting and decided to bury the hatchet, as per the latest data available. Although the contradictions among the power brokers has resulted in NBC airing a pathetic interview/interrogation of Assad in a pre-emptive move to disrupt the process. It would be wise to recollect Genie Oil and it’s share holders, to understand just one facet of the contradiction, which entails many.

        • Laguerre

          “Syria is over! ”

          It would be nice if it were the case, but there are too many conflicting interests. NeoCons don’t see the need to change their spots, for example. What happens in Syria doesn’t have any negative effect for the US, so why change?

          • fedup

            Change is afoot because if it i not, there could be a direct confrontation between the US and Russia. I agree with you neocons have learned to game the systems and play it, but they can do so if their opponents are weak and toothless, as in the case of Turkey we see a military coup, hundreds of people dead, and injured, corpses strewed in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara. The horrifically mutilated remains telling of tanks driving over these, as the flesh and blood meshed with asphalt tell the gruesome story of their deaths.

            However, the said coup is crumbled to dust soon as the Turkish nationals get out and push the plotters back. Soon after the stories of Erdogan did it himself, it was a false flag, it was a weak coup, and so forth. As the neocon “defence mechanism” kicks in, blaming the heaven and the earth, in an all out fight to remain relevant and to disassociate from the manifest failure.

  • giyane

    Happy to denounce a man of such deviousness that he is capable of mounting a coup against himself.
    To denounce the coup is to denounce the man. Did Bobop the little weed know something about it, I wonder?
    No modz, that’s not for you.

  • Becky Cohen

    Well, Erdogan banned Isbanbul’s LGBT Pride last year. Imho it’s a pity that the military did not oust him. If Marx was right when he said religion is the opium of the people then Erdogan is definitely a drug pusher.

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