Attempted Coup in Turkey Must Be Denounced 200

There should be no equivocation. The answer to Turkey’s problems is not a military coup against an elected government and a return to decades of military dictatorship. The Turkish people pouring out on the streets to resist the military are not only Erdogan supporters, and they are inspiring in their courage.

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200 thoughts on “Attempted Coup in Turkey Must Be Denounced

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  • TonyF12

    678 Turkish soldiers were arrested at Ataturk Airport. They stated they were told they were taking part in a military exercise.

    False Flag Alarm? or just a feeble excuse?

    Amazingly incompetent bungled coup, if that is what it really was.

    • fedup

      If not a military exercise, what were they doing in the Airport? Fully loaded and ready to fire, ordered to stop the operations of the airport, and detain the passengers in the various terminals, as well as determining the fate of those flights on the aprons, and the runways, passengers thereof. They could not have been in the airport for a picnic now would they?

      What is so false flag about it all?

      Bungled up coup you say! Because they failed, if they had succeeded there would be papers written about it all ,and they would be celebrated as blue prints for the future tosspot political entrepreneurs in search of a short cut to power.

    • brianfjisan

      hullo flw

      there are many reports that the army guys thought it was a military exercise.

      • fwl

        I’m not in a position to speculate. I like Turkey and travelled there for several months 30 years ago. Its depressing to see what has happened at Diyarbakir and Mardin. Anyway something suspicious about Friday’s coup. It looked half cocked especially for a country who know how to do these things. Robert Fisk is interesting in Indy today.

      • fedup

        Hi BrianFujisan, troops would not have been told it is a coup, only a select few would have known sketchy details of the coup on the basis of need to know. This kind of activity somehow does not lend itself to publicity. In the coming days there will be a lot of irrelevancies injected into the public domain to confuse the issues.

    • fwl

      We have (or had as we closing courts) 3694 judges including ‘stipes’ but excluding JPs. Have not been able to discover how many judges there were in Turkey, but obviously if we lost 2800 judges in one day then there would be no rule of law.

  • John Monro

    Erdogan is a nasty piece of work, a Ceausescu in the making. Hitler was elected, Mugabe was elected, Marcos as well. Karimov might feature here too, you’d know about him. Indeed I would be perfectly willing to accept that Turkey’s great leader and democrat had engineered this “coup” himself.. Nice to be able to get rid of 2,500 pesky independent judges in one go, and root out a number of less loyal military.

  • fwl

    Jerusalem Post reports that head of Second Army, which protects Turkish border with Syria, Iraq and Iran has been arrested.

  • nevermind

    “At least 84 people were killed and hundreds more injured when gunman Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel drove an articulated lorry into crowds watching a Bastille Day firework display on Thursday night. ”

    All of Is video’s are uploaded via small satellite connections, most ( some 500/week) are purchased in Turkey, so all these enticing video’s these so called IS supporters have supposed to succumb to, are coming via two or three satellite companies which have been approached and who refused to disconnect these stations, they also refused to share the GP data which would make it possible to directly respond to this terror propaganda.

    Western companies are making large profits from arms, telecoms and more, all these video’s could be stopped tomorrow, but lawyers threaten to sue Governments and Governments don’t want to make much of it, because they like to listen in, so they are prepared for what comes. What a pity that security services listening in is missing the mark, with atrocious consequences.

    Mentally unstable and the deluded are being slowly coaxed into massacres, when will we stop these satellite companies spreading terror?

    On Turkey. It is inconceivable that the US did not know/condoned an attack on Erdogan’s Government, he had gone soft on Putin and made friends with Israel, an ally to share Syria with whence Assad has been killed/sidelined. What an almighty mess which people rightly want to leave.
    Norfolk meanwhile will discuss in another of multiple meetings whether they can house 50 refugee children,.

    These children once they have been raised by foster parents, schooled well, got a job, paying taxes/NI, just about to get married, will all be sent back to Syria
    It is/and was the Goverment’s most daft and stupid policy going. Taxpayers fund their education, they are just about ready to fend for themselves and put some of that money back in the coffers, and this Government sends them back to a place were they have no connections relatives or a future. Both barrels in both feet.

    • Rose

      Nevermind at 11.12 – I don’t take the rag so thanks for posting this story. Just skimmed through the comments and wish I hadn’t – some of them are very depressing.

  • michael norton

    Turkey coup attempt: Some 6,000 people detained, says minister
    Russia has taken back control of Crimea, it no longer has to pay Ukraine for the lease of its naval base of Sevastopol, Crimea.
    Russia also has a leased naval base in Tartus, Syria, which it has had since the end of the second world war.
    Both these naval bases really upset the U.S.A. they are obsessed by Russia.
    I suspect the U.S.A. “seeded” the foment against Russia in the Ukraine.

    I also expect that The U.S.A. / Turkey /Saudi have seeded the foment in Syria.

  • fwl

    I have read that Turkey had 6041 judges and magistrates in 2002. If correct then it would appear circa 50% Judges gone.

    This at a time when 6,000 have been arrested.

    If 50% of judges really did back the coup then what would that tend to suggest?

    If the sacked judges did not support the coup but were sacked for some other reason then what is that reason?

    • michael norton

      I would imagine, the reason 50% of judges
      have been removed, was because that half of the judiciary were of the mistaken belief that the judiciary was independent of their government, and that they had or might find journalists/policemen/army officers/Kurds/Christians
      or whoever was put before them, might have a view of Turkey which was different from that of Erdogan, innocent.

      Therefore these 50% of judges were deemed “unreliable” so
      Erdogan had them removed.

  • Bobm

    It would be good to have Craig’s further, considered, thoughts, now, on this business.

    Maureen Freely’s comments on this morning’s Broadcasting House were particularly interesting. They are at 9.42mins of this:

    Freely has lived many years in Turkey and is Orhan Pamuk’s translator. Her comments seem to be based not only on local knowledge but on long experience of Turkish coups.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

    All comments of US military presence at Samandira Army Base in Istanbul, especially family members being sent back home, have disappeared from the internet.

    So much for freedom of the press in our covertly governed world.

  • lysias

    Turkish commander of Incirlik Air Base now under arrest. Becoming harder and harder to believe U.S. was unaware of coup plans.

    • michael norton

      So does this mean the war in Syria as wanted by U.S.A. Turkey and Suadi
      is winding down?

      • michael norton

        Turkey coup attempt: Counterterrorism chief critically injured after being shot in the head by coup plotters, as authorities round up more than 6,000 in ruthless crackdown
        Turkish authorities have continued their crackdown in the aftermath of an attempted coup, with more than 6,000 people detained as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s revenge mission raises fears for the future of democracy in the region.
        Turkey’s Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, said on Sunday that an investigation into the soldiers and officers implicated in the attempted coup is in progress, while promising that the government would carry out a “cleansing operation” in the ranks of the army, Reuters reported.
        A chief military assistant to president Erdogan is among those that have been detained on suspicion of involvement in the coup plot, CNN Turk reported as cited by Reuters.

        Let the head chopping commence.

        • michael norton

          So do we believe Dave Cameron that Turkey will not be joining the E.U. until the year 3,000?

          Can you imagine if the Islamic terror of FRANCE and the terror of an unstable Turkey had happened in the run-up to the United Kingdom E.U. Referendum
          how the people would have voted, I imagine even more would have voted to LEAVE the maddness, and now Scotland want to leave a sane U.K. and re-connect to the European Empire which is on fire?

          • Salford Lad

            This coup in Turkey does not compute, A military coup follows a tried and trusted formula.

            1.Take control of the Parliament Buildings with ALL Govt members in session, thus effectively silenced
            2,Take control of all forms of communication,TV, Radio stations, newspapers,
            3. Control all Security service and Govt buildings to prevent counter coup.
            4. Impose Martial law on the streets and a curfew.
            5. Control all transport hubs, airports, rail and roads to limit movement of a counter coup.
            6. Broadcast on all tv and radio channels a calming message by a Senior Frontman to citizens that the coup is in their interests and normal freedoms to be re-instated after a short period.

            None of the above was effectively carried out This leads me to question CUI BONO.
            Erdogan gains by jailing all opposition.,journalists, 2745 judges and senior military. This appears to be a pretend coup to give Erdogan power to eliminate all opposition and effectively impose a dictatorship.

      • lysias

        Look at a map. Marmaris is considerably closer to Istanbul than it is to Incirlik.

        Marmaris is, however, not far from Izmir, where the U S. Air Force also has facilities. Matter of fact, I have stayed in them.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

          Don’t know exactly how Erdogan got to Istanbul: just that the USA helped him, making both sides opposed to admitting it in any way.

          Glad to hear from you about the facility at Izmir, as I have not seen it in my searches.

        • fedup

          But US has geographic shirking machines and can swap Marmaris to be closer to Incirlik, and it is all top secret and you wouldn’t know about!!! After all you were just a bloody officer, and didn’t have the top secret clearance of some of the other contributors tp this blog.

          You have just stayed in some Travel Inn and you wouldn’t know, about these things.

          US black ops at it’s best, when they have let the neocon tosspots take over it leads to neocon outcomes; situation normal, all f…… However the smoke and mirrors have brought about the speculations that we are witnessing, instead of the explorations of the abject failure that the attempted coup turned out to be; highlighting the ineptitude of the infective bumbling neocon operatives and their dreams of world domination.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      That’s because it has a worldwide and intrusive intelligence system, Lycias. Not only the US, though, but Erdoğan was clearly informed in advance: Erdoğan’s position is now hugely strengthened by a coup he was obviously fully prepared to defeat, and from which he could gain as much political profit as if he had organised it himself. (And maybe he did). So much so, indeed, that quiet warnings not to overreach himself are now being whispered in his ear by the US and the UK. He’s secure for the moment if he listens to those, and remains our bastard.

      The Fethullah Gülen pantomime will now play out. Gülen offers no advantage to the US over Erdoğan. He’s a pan-Islamist, promoting, in his words, “An Ottoman Empire of the mind”. His charter schools business in the US is currently under scrutiny. He’s the logical target for Erdoğan’s accusations, and by implication so is the US, which gave him a green card and has so far declined to extradite him for trial in Turkey. Locking down US facilities would have been a very sensible precaution in the circumstances, but no more than that. I see Gülen as an ace in the hole, but not yet on the table. If the US had wanted him in, Turkey would currently be in flames. But it isn’t.

  • michael norton

    FRANCE questions if TURKEY is a VIABLE partner in ISLAMIC STATE State fight?

    France’s foreign minister said on Sunday that questions needed to be asked about whether Turkey is a viable partner in the fight against Islamic State (IS) group in Syria.

    “There are questions that are being asked and we will ask them. It (Turkey) is partly viable, but there are suspicions as well. Let’s be honest about this,” Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told France 3 television.

    He said he would raise the issue at meeting of the anti-Islamic State (IS) group coalition in Washington next week.

    A French official later sought to clarify Ayrault’s comments, saying he had not meant to call into question NATO member Turkey’s viability in the US-led coalition’s fight against the IS group, and that Ankara remained a crucial partner.

    Anti-IS group strikes resume

    Ayrault’s comments came as the US Department of Defence announced that air strikes had resumed from the critically located Incirlik air base in south-eastern Turkey. The air base was closed temporarily during the coup attempt in the country on Friday.

    “As a result, counter-ISIL coalition air operations at all air bases in Turkey have resumed,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement, using an acronym for the IS group.

    “US facilities at Incirlik are still operating on internal power sources, but we hope to restore commercial power soon. Base operations have not been affected.”

    The Turkish military has recently ramped up its own operations against the jihadist group, which controls swaths of territory along its border.

    • michael norton

      Opération Chammal is the name of the French military operation which is currently ongoing in Iraq and Syria in an attempt to contain the expansion of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and to support the Iraqi Army. Its name comes from the Shamal (Chammal in French), a northwesterly wind blowing over Iraq and the Persian Gulf states.

      Airstrikes over Iraq started 19 September 2014, airstrikes over Syria started by the end of September 2015. The French operation is limited to airstrikes; French president François Hollande has reiterated that no ground troops would be used in the conflict.
      Additionally, the French frigate Jean Bart has joined the United States Navy’s Commander Task Force 50 (CTF 50) as an escort.

      On 14 November 2015, ISIL claimed that the attacks that took place in Paris the previous day were retaliation for Opération Chammal. In retaliation, the French forces were stepping up their attacks against ISIL.
      Recently Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the carnage in Nice.
      People are also angry at the police for not preventing the deadly assault despite France being under a state of emergency.

      • fedup

        Stop being so conventional. Stop acting as you are expected to act.

        Erdogan is a lot more stronger, because the coup failed, and he is pretty much still on war footing. The coup was very real, how do you think other coups are carried out? Power games are pretty much straight forward, power is only in the minds of the masses, if they accept you as powerful then you are powerful!

        Did you see the dead bodies strewed in the streets? Here is a sample of what went on (Warning damn graphic content Warning) But when your mojo doesn’t cut much ice with the masses, then there is no power and best go back home and face the consequences.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

    Amazing that no one sees the Turkish coup as an act of tyrannicide which failed.

    The plotters believed that just getting rid o Erdogan and his entourage was all they needed.

    Myths about modern democracy should just be chucked out the window, as our leaders are essentially tyrants.

    • michael norton

      If Cameron – Osborne were Tyrants
      how come they have both just been made to fall on their swords?

      • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

        Didn’t Cameron resign after he had secured the UK’s departure from the EU, and didn’t he leave making the arrangements to a new team which Europe doesn’t know?

        Where are the swords, and where did they fall on them”

  • michael norton

    Regarding the appointment of Mr Davis, he said:
    “It will reassure people who voted for Brexit to have someone like David Davis,
    who has a track record of Euroscepticism going back 25 years.

    “Everyone can be completely confident there will be no backsliding.”

    Onwards to the Sunny Uplands, with or without Scotland.

    It is the choice of Scotland to leave the United Kingdom,
    which is in the process of obtaining trade deals with Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Japan / South Korea / India

    and watch this space, soon we will make a trade deal with Russia

    or Scotland can choose the declining European Empire of hatred / set still mind sets and inwardlooking backward thinking.

  • michael norton

    I expect Erdogan had it all arranged, he probably also arranged his “holiday” to conjoin with the “coup”
    Turkish officials say that nearly 8,000 police officers have been suspended, reportedly on suspicion of having links to the failed coup attempt at the weekend.

    Some 6,000 members of the judiciary and military, including generals, have been detained in connection with the coup.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to purge state bodies of the “virus” that caused the revolt.

    The EU’s foreign policy chief says the rule of law in Turkey needs protection.

    The Turkish government claims cleric Fethullah Gulen was behind the plot.

    Mr Gulen lives in the United States and strongly denies any involvement

  • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

    Did you know that the US has 50 B61 nuclear bombs stored at Incirlik air base in Turkey? I didn’t.

    No wonder that Washington intervened in the coup, especially when it learned that the base was the coup’s center.

    Can you imagine the plotters getting their hands on them!

  • James

    I agree that it is despicable to try and overturn an elected leader by force. More so when it is foreign countries trying to do it. – everyone in Europe and the US ought to watch this.

    Erdogan…overdoing it with these false flags; seems to be a personal battle between him and Hollande as to who can stage the most. Who has gained the most from this frankly, piss-poor attempt at a coup? The man himself. In one fell swoop he’s rid himself of those who might have led a proper coup.

  • Paul Barbara

    All previous Turkish coups have been staged by the CIA’s ‘Gladio’ forces:
    ‘Nato and Ultras: The Turkish story’:

    ‘Since 1952, Turkey has been de facto ruled by Gladio, NATO’s secret Germany-headquartered army, a force that has been behind all army-controlled processes and coups in that country. Abdullah Ocalan (1)
    Since then, NATO-supported “stay behind” ultras, jointly with special services, have organized regular terrorist attacks against civilians with a view to keep tension high and to discredit leftists in the eyes of the Turks.
    The Gladio network was created in the late 1940s so as to carry out subversive and underground activities in case of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe. The core of the force were Fascists and anti-Communists, including former collaborators.
    Gladio was so secret that the first time anybody dared to openly speak of it was the late 1990s, when Italian Prime Minister Julio Andreotti was forced to do it after almost six years of Italian judge Felice Casson’s inquiry into the bombings organized in Peteano in 1972. Initially, the crimes were ascribed to the left wing Red Brigades, but Casson found out that the bombers used S-4 bombs. He finally detected Vincenzo Vinciguerra, a neo-Fascist from Ordine Nuovo, who admitted his contacts with Italian special services.
    It turned out that Italian neo-Nazis were a branch of a network secretly acting in most of NATO member states. Gladio is the name of an ancient Roman short sword, a two-edged weapon used for both cutting and stubbing – quite a symbolic name for a network fighting on two fronts: against the Soviet Union and against domestic leftists……’

    ‘………In 1975, Turkish General Talat Turhan published a Turkish version of U.S. Army Feld Manual FM 30-31, which said: “The US army intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince Host Country Governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger. To reach this aim US army intelligence should seek to penetrate the insurgency by means of agents on special assignment, with the task of forming special action groups among the most radical elements of the insurgency.”
    “In case it has not been possible to successfully infiltrate such agents into the leadership of the rebels it can be useful to instrumentalize extreme leftist organizations for one’s own ends in order to achieve the above described targets” (13).
    In the 1960s Deputy Director of the CIA Ray Cline confirmed this authenticity of this manual.
    The Turkish contra-guerrillas have many schools in Turkey, in which they receive their training – in Ankara, Bolu, Kayseri, Buca near Izmir, Canakkale and since 1974 in Cyprus (14). They had a hand in the massacre in Kizildir, where they killed one of the Turkish revolutionary Mahir Cayan and his nine comrades.
    Gladio’s strategy in Turkey was from instability to stability: once leftists gain popularity and are close to power, special services organize a big terrorist attack. People are worried and demand drastic measures. And military men are there to stop civil war and to put things in order. This may seem to simple but let’s not forget that in the second half of the 20th century Turkey faced four coups: 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997. And in all four coups ultras had a big role. In 1980 they had as many as 200,000 active supporters……’

    Clearly there is something extremely fishy about this latest ‘coup attempt’. If 5,000 is the correct figure for those military involved in the ‘coup attempt’, it is risible. Turkey has the second largest standing army in NATO, and is eighth in the world, with over 600,000 troops.
    A possibility is that whoever led the coup attempt was told it was a nationwide coup, and involved far more people.
    Definitely smacks of some Machiavellian plot to boost Erdogan.
    If the US had planned it, it would have been a ‘success’, as the Gladio forces would have been mobilized, including high Military and Intelligence assets.
    Gulen is, IMO, far too useful to the Yanks for them to hang him out to dry, as his ‘schools’ train Jihadis used to destabilize the ex-Soviet ‘Stans’ .
    Funny how the Yanks said they would consider handing Gulen over if Erdogan provided evidence of his involvement; exactly what the Mujaheddin said to the US when they demanded they hand over OBL. The US refused to provide evidence, and instead carried out it’s long-planned invasion and occupation.

  • michael norton

    Afghan youth attacks German train passengers with axe

    German train attack: Afghan refugee ‘had IS flag in room’


    The teenager, who had claimed asylum after travelling to Germany as an unaccompanied minor, had been living with the foster family since moving from a refugee centre in the town.

    The 17-year-old injured several people, four from Hong Kong, in the attack in Wuerzburg on Monday evening. He was shot dead by police as he fled.

    He had reportedly shouted Allahu akbar” (“God is great”).

    The attack comes days after a deadly IS-claimed attack in Nice in France.

  • michael norton

    Turkey in Hunt For Red October-style race to find rebel navy commanders still at sea
    TURKEY has launched a major hunt for 14 missing navy ships amid concerns their commanders may have been part of the coup.
    The fleet, which includes at least one heavily-armed frigate, has not returned to port since the plot to overthrow Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan was thwarted on Friday night.

    Admiral Veysel Kosele, commander of the Turkish navy, is also missing and it is understood Turkey officials are frantically trying to establish whether he was one of the ringleaders of the conspiracy or has been taken hostage.

    The elusive ships were on duty in the Black Sea and Aegean at the time of the coup but the commanders’ failure to make contact has fuelled speculation that they could be heading to Greece to avoid capture.

    Also, it is beginning to look like the coup was started from the AMERICAN NUCLEAR ARMED base of INCIRLIK

    • michael norton

      Now who would have guessed this:
      The £43m-a-year President, his ‘shopaholic’ wife and their £2,000 per roll silk wallpaper in the bathroom: Inside Turkey tyrant’s £500million palace… so dripping in gold ‘it would have even made Saddam blush’

      She claims to live a ‘humble and modest’ life with strict Muslim values, whiling away the hours in palace kitchen fermenting apples and turning them into vinegar.

      But while her tyrant husband President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has amassed a £139million fortune with at least three palaces across Turkey, his ‘shopaholic’ wife Emine likes nothing more than spending money.

      Emine Erdogan’s jet-set lifestyle is a whirlwind of one shopping trip after another where her particular passions are designer clothes and expensive antiques.

      As a quarter of her country live in extreme poverty and almost two million live on just £3 a day, the president’s wife boasts she drinks specialist white tea at £1,500 a kilo… and drinks it from gold leaf glasses worth £250 each.

      I guess Erdogan does not want to leave his many palace homes just yet?

      • michael norton

        The huge wealth that the family of Erdogan have amassed, seeing how he behaves like a tyrant,
        understanding his “Irrationality”, his obsession for changing the constitution from non-religious to one of religious hatred of the other, his inability to accept the massacre of the Armenians, his double dealing with Islamic state

        and so on,

        how could anybody want this person to remain leader of Turkey?

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