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I hope today that people will remember Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Carne Ross, and Katherine Gun, who were all prepared to give up excellent careers to stand against the war in Iraq.

Blair is still a creature of absolute self-serving slime. His attempt yesterday to justify the invasion of Iraq as an effort to prevent a 9/11 on British soil is dishonest in every way. Blair knew full well that Iraq had nothing at all to do with 9/11 – that was his still friends and financiers the Saudi elite. The intelligence advice in advance of the invasion he received was unequivocal that it would increase the threat to the UK, and it directly caused the attacks of 7/7.

The broadcast media seem to think the Chilcot report is an occasion to give unlimited airtime to Blair and Alastair Campbell. Scores of supporters and instigators of the was have been interviewed. By contrast, almost no airtime has been given to those who campaigned against the war.

Cameron’s speech to parliament was such an out and out, and dishonest, apologia for the invasion that it bore no relationship to the report. Corbyn is no orator, but his genuine moral outrage was justified. The Blairites who heckled him from behind during his speech are disgusting. If any meaningful democratic choice is to be offered to people in England and Wales, the Blairites have to be removed from the Labour Party to join with their fellow Tories.

The SNP are playing a blinder on Chilcot. I do hope Salmond moves forward with impeachment, not least because it will both force the Blairites to expose themselves, and reveal the deep feelings against Blair’s actions in the military linked wing of the Tory party.

As predicted, Chilcot had to repeat the Butler Inquiry’s verdict that the intelligence was not fixed, because Chilcot was himself on the Butler Inquiry. It is a lie, the intelligence was knowingly fixed. More on that later.

I apologise these are very brief thoughts. I have not had the opportunity to pay the attention you would expect, as my mother has been taken into hospital and I had yesterday to dash down to Norwich. It will be a few days before I am able to concentrate on politics.

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  • David

    So what if the average age of the Tory voters will be 68 ? Younger people are free to join the Conservative Party if they choose. Whilst all right minded people will oppose racism, you apply an extraordinary wide and in my view, ridiculous, definition of what racism really is, but you are blind to your own “ageism” which is an equally revolting position to hold. Shame on you. Remember, twenty year olds probably view pale of your age with the same contempt as you have just demonstrated on Twitter against retired people of this country.

    • RobG

      The twenty-year-olds are all mostly brain-dead, and are being marched towards a war with Russia (but my little darlings, if armageddon happens you’ll lose your internet connection!).

      Hopefully a twenty-something will come on here and kick me in the balls; but don’t hold your breath or your testicles on that one.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      I don’t do Twitter, even though I am not quite 68. Maybe I am suffering from “ageism”.

      But the problem I have with what you wrote – is that I do not understand what points you are trying to make – especially this

      “Remember, twenty year olds probably view pale of your age with the same contempt as you have just demonstrated on Twitter against retired people of this country.”

      Can you please rewrite it in simple English – maybe even with bullet points – like on a Board as if you are giving a Presentation Live to an Audience without notes?

      Its quite hard to do that when chucked in the deep end at 5 minutes notice by your boss…

      How did she know I could do it and get the decision?

      I had hardly done it since school.


      • David

        Tony, there isn’t an opportunity to edit comments on this site, so I got caught by the old auto correct, and “people” became “pale” making no sense. I think my point then is clear enough. Whilst I like and agree with a lot of what Craig says, he has put a comment on Twitter, quoting a Spectator article which apparently points out that the average age of those who will be voting for the new leader of the Conservative Party is 68 years, and which comment scoffs in a derogatory manner against that group simply because of their age. This disrespect rather undermines the possibility that his stances against hate crimes and racism are based on good moral principles, and that he is just as capable of prejudice as those he often rails against. This Twitter comment has then appeared on my Facebook page, and rather annoyingly, there is no way of responding to it there, so perhaps wrongly, I decided to comment here. Amongst all the “isms” Ageism is as bad as the rest of them!. Further, whilst I have no doubt that Craig is a very brave and intelligent person, he should not get carried away with the idea that intelligence is more valuable than wisdom

  • YouKnowMyName

    Torygraph lays into the MOD. . . on chilcot

    A defence source said: “The senior policy civil servants in MoD main building and the top leadership in the Army took the report very badly – it really laid into the way they do business, their corporate ethos and reputations.

    “The standing of the MoD in Whitehall, Parliament and the country took a big hit and senior people really feel that. Even those who are not criticised directly, feel the whole organisation has been accused of failing.”

    Another source said: “It came as a real surprise to people in the MOD that the report was so blunt and left no room for doubt that military had failed to achieve their objectives in Iraq. This is not the way official reports usually work.”

    I just want to know, is the same MOD fuck-up iraq team deep-planning the thousand squaddies/sas deployment to Estonia, and the Lord Coe lympic ban on anyone who sounds russian, and the rest of the continuing hybrid-war?

  • RobG

    I’ve never been much of a sports fan, but I have to confess that the final of Euro 2016 has, for me, a very surreal quality to it…

    Over the last decade or so I’ve lived and worked in both France and Portugal (I’m a Londoner born and bred, in case you don’t know).

    At the time of writing the match is going to extra time.

    I really don’t care who wins it: both France and Portugal are wonderful countries, with wonderful people.

  • RobG

    Brilliant, Portugal won the football malarky!

    All they’ve got to do now is win the financial malarky…

    (it’s coming, folks)

  • David Venables

    Unless they have been discredited by commenters on here there are two pieces of evidence which confirm to me that the invasion of Iraq was planned before 9/11 and put into effect shortly after in November 2001.
    There is a document produced by a Neocon thinktank called Plan for a New American Century (PNAC) which called for military intervention in several mid east countries with the objective to bring about regime change. They specifically mentioned that absent some catalysing catastrophic event like a New Pearl Harbour it would be difficult to get public backing.
    The second piece of evidence is a youtube video of General Wesley Clark who says that within two months of 9/11 their was a directive being worked on in the Pentagon to invade Iraq. Five months later on another visit to the pentagon he was told that the planned had been ramped up to invade seven countries in five years. I believe he mentions Iraq Afghanistan Syria Libya Iran Lebanon.
    The authors of the PNAC were deeply involved at senior levels in the Bush administration which came to power in January 2001.
    I can’t confirm or validate the authenticity of these two pieces if evidence but perhaps some on here are able to.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I wasn’t going to post this..but someone here annoyed me..

    “Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby”


    “t took seven years for Sir Chilcot and his team to reach a set of conclusions that every Brit capable of thought understood back in November, 2003.

    The inquiry produced a damning assessment of Blair’s conduct as well as the British military. But the Chilcot Inquiry failed to expose the crucial close ties between Blair’s criminal war, the REDACTED Lobby and Israel.

    At the time Britain entered the criminal war against Iraq, Blair’s chief funders were Lord ‘cashpoint’ Levy and the LFI (Labour Friends of Israel). The prime advocates for the immoral interventionist war within the British press were REDACTED Chronicle writers David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen. The attorney general that gave the green light for the war was Lord Goldsmith.

    In 2008 The Guardian revealed that the “Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) successfully fought to keep secret any mention of Israel contained on the first draft of the controversial, now discredited Iraq weapons dossier.” Israel was conspicuously engaged in the vast production of WMDs. If Britain and America had any genuine concerns about WMDs, bombing Tel Aviv would have been the way to go.

    In 2003 some intelligence experts insisted that the Iraq’s WMD dossier was initially produced in Tel Aviv and only ‘sexed up’ in London.

    Since the Iraq war, the same REDACTED Lobby has mounted enormous pressure on western governments, promoting more Zio-centic interventionist wars in Syria, Libya and Iran. So why did the Chilcot Inquiry fail to address this topic?

    This crucial failure by Chilcot was to be expected. In 2010, highly respected veteran British diplomat Oliver Miles had something to say about the REDACTED make-up of the Chilcot Inquiry. Two out of the five members of the inquiry were REDACTED, pro war and Blair supporters. ”


    • YouKnowMyName

      This is the reason why I’m aware, not because I have (currently) 5 satellite dishes on the apartment balcony – all pointing at diverse news sources; plus “high-powered” radio systems that are capable of listening to even Pyongyang direct (nice classical music); not because I listen to Radio Belarus on shortwave (they’ve just stopped transmitting – now only available on the interwebs)

      No, I’m aware from ground-truth – I have friends who work in the former soviet states, they currently tell me that business is booming in russia, an annoying place where biznes partners are always changing their minds, late for meetings, worse than Greeks , annoying!
      But this ground-truth extends to Ukraine, where the middle-class have GONE. Only the rich & poor left. Salaries/wages are down to about £30(€30) a month, if you can find a job. Big problem is, the living costs are the same as, for example, Spain. Dilemma.

      Which model do we want uk to follow? a powerful SORM system tracking everyone a-la-May? , or a failed state interfered with by the seemingly typical “vacuum of leadership” military industrial complex. . . Angela, Andrea, Terry will fix this?

        • nevermind

          Thanks for that link and report, YNMN, a very interesting article pointing to the rifts developing between Europe and the neocons PNAC. NATO has decided to carry on with its 13 year engagement in Afghanistan, with more pressure and refugees to be expected. NATO is crumbling and the sooner the EU creates its own peace and defence force, the better.

  • Paul Barbara

    Just as the Iraq WMD info was invented, so was the ‘Assad gassing his people’. Chemical weapons WERE used, but by the mercenary thugs sent in courtesy of the West and it’s local ‘allies’.
    Just as Syria was named by Wesley Clark in his ‘7 countries in 5 years’ videos, so it was mentioned by ex-French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas: ‘Roland Dumas: The British prepared for war in Syria 2 years before the eruption of the crisis’:
    There are at present British ‘Special Forces’ in both Syria and Iraq, and British foeces also in two of the other 7 countries mentioned by Wesley Clark, Somalia and Sudan.
    Hitler had far more justification to invade Poland, which was planning an attack on Germany with 700,000 troops, as well as brutally maltreating and murdering German civilians in Poland, than the Bliar had in invading Iraq.
    Also Churchill said in the 1930’s that Britain would force a war on Germany, wheyher they wanted it or not, for economic reasons.

  • michael norton

    I am really pleased Andy Murray won Wimbledon.
    He was the best player in the Tournament.

    Interesting even though that Sturgeon woman had come all the way down from Scotland to watch, Andy looked up to Dave Cameron and thanked him for coming and said what a hard job being primeminister of the United Kingdom must be,
    he do not speak to the fish woman.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

    Really interesting to see how the Conservatives, SNP, and Labour react to Corbyn’s contempt motion.

    If they say that it is not their job to second guess war criminals and documented liars, I shall think no more of them than Obama who will not second-guess that American criminal FBI Director James Comey, in his deciding Hillary Clinton’s fate – whose minions tried to kill me in a drug raid in the middle of the night unannounced in June 2013 when he was taking over the Bureau which was not his job either.

    We live in states run by out of control thugs.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

      The skeletons in James Comey’s official closet are not his backing attempts to kill me, but his backing attempts by reporter James B, Stewart to blacken the Clintons.

      In Stewart’s Blood Sport: The President and His Adversaries, he somehow received documents and correspondence, most embarrassing to Clinton’s wife, and one can reasonably suspect that Comey, a Deputy Attorney General at the time helping the Senate Whitewater Committee get to the bottom of the Clinton’s alleged crimes, helped supply them, especially since Comey was identified by Stewart as a source of his most recent book, Tangleled Webs, about the rampant perjury in American life, though apparently without any mention of Hillary’s, though I shall have to check this in the new book.

      Seems that the Clintons would throw the book at Comey if he tried to throw the book at her.

      Some government!

  • Ba'al's Recycled Sock

    “Blair can’t be charged with aggression.” Not strictly true, but near enough, as can be seen here. And why not:

    Detailed history of the neutralisation of the ICC’s powers in case anyone important might be charged.

  • giyane

    Sorry chaps, I don’t accept that May can just step into Cameron’s brogues after he’s cocked the whole future of this country up. We need a General Election. We voted in the referendum against everything and anything the conservatives stand for. we don’t need another conservative. We voted for Leave Federal Europe, not FeDERAL Europe WITH A NEW pm.

    We need to convict both Blair and David Cameron for war crimes and that means we don’t need May.
    The silly bleating arsehole lambs of the political establishment have got a big lesson to learn if they think that pushing round the deckchairs on the Titanic is going to save their bacon.

    Only Boris understands the British people. It’;s going to take a lot more than water-cannon to quell the rage of the ordinary Brits in whose name Afganistan has been destroyed, Libya has been destroyed, Iraq has been destroyed and Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Turkey have all been destroyed.

    We don’t want any trade deals with the war-mongering USA or the war-mongering EU. They can shove their Hegemony up their hymens. We need an end to Israeli-inspired apartheid against Islam.

    We need Coirbyn. When do we want him ? NOW. are we prepared for mrs Stitch-up, Theresa MayDay, running round telling us the Titanic has hit an iceberg ,? NO The whole principle of the Geneva Convention, and Fair trade needs auctioning this second. Not in one month or 2 months so they’ve got time to sell their assets.

    There will be Tory heads on spikes on Westminster bridge if they don’t call an election NOW.

    • glenn_uk

      “Tory heads on spikes” ?

      Hardly. If there’s as much as a small protest demonstration, I’ll be surprised. We’ve had a change of PM without a General Election with Thatcher -> Major, and Blair -> Brown, in recent memory. No revolutions took place. It’s entirely in order, under our unwritten constitution.

  • charles drake

    glorious may day
    rainy grey
    the lessons of butler and chilcot chill pill
    have been swallowed and are being burp digested
    as i pass wind.
    let us now move on
    2 the next

    may as a tough follower of soros and barbera lerner spector will put diversity and fast track human import shipping into the heart of government policy.
    just because her policy is the same as cameron does not mean the male or female face is the same.

    was this all not just a white mans tavistock trick ?

    The plan to stop Boris with Gove acting as assassin, get Leadsom as the only LEAVE candidate who then folds at the last minute in favour of May is now complete. Leadsom was a false LEAVE enthusiast, only recently converting to euroscepticism as a flag of convenience. With the danger that the membership might vote for her in preference for May, creating a mandate for LEAVE, she has now folded – as was the plan all along. The only genuine LEAVE leadership candiate was Fox, who was sidelined by the media, and ignored by Conservative MPs. The George Osborne/Gove plot is complete. BREXIT is in the hands of Shariah May.

    • Republicofscotland

      “For the fourth time in seven years, the British government has intervened to protect Tzipi Livni, Israel’s former foreign minister, from a possible a war crimes investigation into her role in Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip in December 2008.”

      “Last week, ahead of her planned trip to London for a conference organized by the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz, Scotland Yard’s War Crimes Unit telephoned Livni to invite her to come in for a voluntary police interview.”

      “After receiving the summons, Israel initiated “diplomatic contact” with Britain, according to Haaretz, and the UK’s Foreign Secretary arranged for Livni to receive, once again, the status of a “special diplomatic assignment.”

      Ah yes the good old boys at Westminster, who are devoted friends of Israel, couldn’t possibly allow any kind of justice to be undertaken.

      • Republicofscotland

        Radio news.

        David Cameron to stand down as PM on Wednesday.

        He will be replaced by another cold blooded egotistical manaical ruthless Tory.

          • RobG

            I believe the answer to that is ‘yes’, starting with Angela Eagle, who today committed political suicide.

          • michael norton

            If Corbers goes on another European motorcycle ride, he could take the Eagle on pillion this time, instead of Diane?

    • giyane

      There’s another laxative: eat your own poo. good idea! get the US Al Qaida to threaten the US, no apparent threats coming from Russia, Islam, China or any other quarter. Bugger!

      Al Qaida – the outfit that puts thy Q in GCHQ!

  • giyane

    Now we understand why Cameron called the referendum. He wanted an excuse to leave BEFORE Chilcot could put his war-mongering under the microscope, because what will be good for Blair will definitely be good for the monster who ignored the lessons of Iraq and destroyed Libya. Now the safe haven for Daesh.

    Where’s Habbaturd when you need him? This is a time for the pure laxative of his shill-rich prose to break down the constipation of the UK constitutional. Nothing else can get your colon running freely better than Habbaturd. Reccomended by all good pharmacies and GPs. Habbaturd, free your bowels today without a prescription. Free to all subscribers to CM blog. Obtainable in oral form or suppository for Free!

    • michael norton

      Brussels urgently needs a €150 billion bailout to begin a major recapitalization program for its banks, according to Deutsche Bank’s David Folkerts-Landau.

      That’s not that much wonga, re-newal of TRIDENT to cost the United Kingdom 1/4 TRILLION POUNDS

      • michael norton

        Mrs. May is gun ho four FOUR new TRIDENT submarines,
        we’re gonna stick it to the Ruskies, where the sun don’t shine.

      • giyane

        It’s a lotta Wonga when no one wants the dollar, the Euro or the pound. Better re-capitalise it in Yuan.

    • MJ

      Translation: Deutsche Bank is extremely sick and if it doesn’t get given a lot of free money soon it will collapse.

  • RobG

    I’ve been following politics for more than four decades, and I’ve never seen anything that comes remotely close to what’s happening in the UK at the moment.

    If Corbyn remains leader of the Labour Party I think the tories will do everything possible to avoid a general election, because they know that there’s a good chance that Labour under Corbyn will win it.

    Theresa May putting out vaguely ‘socialist’ views, Angela Eagle’s pathetic attempt to oust Corbyn, are all signs that the Establishment are shitting themselves.

    Since the EU referendum something like 150,000 people have become members of the Labour Party. The presstitutes put forth the notion that many of these new members have signed-up to vote Corbyn out.

    If there’s a general election in the near future we will find out what’s what.

    • michael norton

      Is Corbers now turning his coat inside out?

      I’d heard he is now in favour of TRIDENT re-newal?

      • YouKnowMyName

        Didn’t Corby offer to resign as Labour leader immediately in favor of Angry Eagle IF the (new)Bennites+(old)Blairites PLP is agree to vote down the Trident renewal?

        Or was I dreaming

    • Hierolgyph

      I’m enjoying it, in a way. The PLP have outed themselves are treacherous Tory toads, and incompetent to boot. They have to this day still not given a valid reason for this ‘coup’. Saying Jeremy is a nice guy but not a leader, whatever that means, isn’t a valid reason, it’s merely a sad reflection of their authoritarian leanings. They believe that the ‘leader’ should dominate the party, and bully, cajole and manipulate the electorate, in order to win elections. But they never ask, what happens next? I’ll tell them: Blair happened next. And here we are.

      So, it’s all hugely instructive. Jezza isn’t perfect, and may well not impress his colleagues. Politically, he’d be on the right of an Attlee Government, probably complaining from the back-benches. But he is single handedly increasing the membership by huge amounts, getting support on the street from ten thousand people, and bringing the party back to it’s leftish roots. Some might call this leadership, though I personally dislike the term.

      Even if he is ousted, the Labour voter has a choice. If your local candidate is a plotter, and there is no chance of him\her being de-selected, you have a choice at the next election. You can vote for the other candidate, Tory, Liberal or UKIP, doesn’t matter, you can exercise your democratic right to de-select your local MP. I would quite happily vote Tory if Ian Austin was my local MP. It’s a logical decision. A Tory majority of 200 will only last 1 or 2 parliaments, but will last decades, if the likes of Ian Austin are allowed to continue infiltrating the party. Also, he’s a moron.

      So, fun times. Eagle is impressively un-impressive. A kind of eye-drawing null of ambition and total lack of talent, who also sounds like a Tory. This is the kind of person Blair wanted in the party, which speaks volumes of Herr Blair. With any luck, we’ll soon see Galloway back, too, which, despite some serious reservations about Gorgeous, won’t be dull.

      • giyane

        A leader in NuLiebour speak is a person who can take instructions from the elite and ‘Not a leader’ in NuLiebour speak means a person who has his/her own opinions.

    • giyane

      Next we’ll be seeing convoys of oil tankers reversing across the Syrian desert and barrels of oil being poured into the Iraqi soil. Bullets flying miraculously back into Russian fighter jets. Heads remarkably gluing themselves back onto caliphate victims necks. dead pigs spitting out Cameron’s prick in disgust and Blair being exhumed from hell.

  • defo

    May in then.
    Markets stabilising.
    Pork futures looking good.
    Dalmation breeders ecstatic.

    Will PMQs have to be held after sunset though ?


    Has she said if it will be before, or after cabinet meetings when she administers ‘correction’ ?

    And, who will be her ‘Willie’ ?

  • michael norton

    A cash crisis in the ITALIAN banking sector is threatening to spread across Europe and bring more misery and turmoil to
    struggling eurozone economies.

    ITALY came under the spotlight in the aftermath of the BREXIT
    vote when it emerged its banks were saddled with bad loans of more than £306billion.

    Lucky we are jumping ship

    In the last year shares in Deutsche Bank shares have plummeted 48 per cent and another major European bank, Credit Suisse has dropped 63 per cent in 12 months.

    How do these over-paid banksters get into such a pickle?

    • michael norton

      One other thing that is puzzling, ITALY is the fourth largest economy of the European Empire.
      ITALY was a founder member of that Empire.
      ITALY is an important member of NATO

      Why is NATO building its emergency response center in Tunisia.
      Tunisia is not a member of NATO,
      Italy and Tunisia are only a few miles apart.
      Are the Americans eXpecting ITALY to crash – soon?

  • RobG

    The last part of the statement that Theresa May has just made outside Parliament:

    “Second, we are going to unite our country and, third, we need a strong, new positive vision for the future of our country, a vision of a country that works not for the privileged few but that works for everyone one of us. Because we are going to give people more control over their lives. And that’s how, together, we will build a better Britain.”

    This is the woman who, as home secretary, presided over the setting-up of police state Britain (it’s all been written into law, folks, just like the Nazis did).

    And when it comes to corruption and conflict of interest, you could start with May’s husband.

    You’ll no doubt read all about it tomorrow in your favourite CIA controlled rag.

    God help the UK.

    • giyane

      ‘ Give people more control over their lives ‘ is Tory-speak for cutting benefits. ‘Unite our country’ is Tory-speak for cutting individual freedom and making people toe the Tory line.

  • Habbabkuk (floreat Etona!)

    Firstly, apologies for my absence over the last couple of days – I have been travelling and attending to things in the real world. But a very quick skim of the last few pages shows you all in reassuringly good form.

    Once I’ve settled in at my summer location (swimming, beach volley with, I hope, some rather attractive people, beach footie, general foolin’ around and so on) I promise to any appropriate attention again to any posts that require correction, explanation, rebuttal, etc., and to provide Sorry about that but you know it has to be done!

    Anyway, here’s a little thought for today on Mr Jeremy Corbyn and the forthcoming leadership election, couched in question form as per Lysias.

    The attempts to unseat Mr Jeremy Corbyn – who is opposed by, apparently, a majority of sitting Labour MPs – are held by many to be illegitimate on the grounds that he was elected by a majority of Labour Party imembers n the country; But why should this be so when the sitting Labour MPs were elected, in a general election, by a far, far larger number of the electorate than the number of Labour Party members who voted for Mr Jeremy Corbyn in the last leadership contest?

    • RobG

      At last year’s general election Labour were wiped out in Scotland. It was the biggest loss of seats by a major party in modern history.

      In England and Wales, it’s well known that many people had to hold their nose while voting Labour. That’s how toxic the Blairite brand is.

      It’s totally ridiculous to suggest that the PLP have any credibility whatsoever.

      • michael norton

        How many votes did the Conservative part get in Scotland
        in the last General Election
        I bet it was more than NULABOUR got?

        • RobG

          Michael, I’m not familiar with the stats, but I would hazard a guess that the tories were wiped out in Scotland long before it happened to Labour.

        • michael norton

          My bad
          Scot Nat 1,454,436
          NULABOUR 707,147
          Conservative 434,097
          LibDem 219,675
          UKIP 47,078

      • glenn_uk

        Indeed. If the PLP really doesn’t have any currency, why do the rules stipulate that they get to elect the leader?

        In any case, as you say, it’s hardly a full endorsement of a candidate, when the only other choice was a Tory.

      • bevin

        “It was the biggest loss of seats by a major party in modern history….”
        Not quite:
        In the 1993 Federal Election in Canada the Conservative Party was reduced from 156 seats to 2.

    • deepgreenpuddock

      An odd comment, the corollary of which is that the PLP should have an exclusive say on who becomes party leader. That is fine, except that it then marginalises the party membership ,who are the source of a great deal for the party. Certainly some money, but also ideas and energy and the acquisition of the votes that the MPs depend on, by being mobilised to do all that dull ground work in the constituencies.
      So I guess that the party can’t actually dispense with the membership.
      I notice that the final say on the Tory leader was to be decided by the party membership. What a pity that the Andrea Leadsom was such a weak candidate that it was actually more like a coronation.
      Was the whole thing staged to make sure that anyone who could put up a decent show against May was eliminated early.
      I wonder if May will call an election. i doubt it, but she may calculate the the Labour party are so divided, demoralised and in such disarray that a snap election could find them fully with their pants down and she could get a handy increase in their majority, especially as it seems that UKIP may also be in decline , having achieved their aim of a Brexit vote (as expressed by Farage). The energy to achieve anything may now have evaporated as their whole focus was that single issue.
      One suspects that May’s appointed role is to cleverly manage the walk backwards out of Brexit.

      • michael norton

        I would like to Know Why Boris backed out,
        I expect The Press had incriminating evidence on him, I wonder what he’s been up to.
        It can’t just be sex with somebody else mrs.

        It would have to be more lurid than that?

        • charles drake

          mr murdoch has a dr strangelove style war room in new york he has friends in the uk police,security services the israeli embassy all feeding jpeg,mpeg4 video,hard copy back home to base.
          relationships with g4s and many private security firms all help fill in the blankety blanks.
          add to that diplomatic police group infiltration friends like ian dale and lord finkelstein and you have a information control system to bury any locked on target.
          before one even gets onto original archive video footage of bullingdon boy eyes wide shut ritual footages.

    • defo

      I’m sure I speak for everyone, when I say you’ve been missed. 😉
      Was that an actual opinion, or merely a rhetorical ?

  • RobG

    Mods, I know this is personal stuff, and I fully understand if I get no reply, but any news on Craig’s mother?

      • RobG

        Thanks for the info, Anon1.

        I’m afraid that I’m not a part of the Twitter brigade.

        But a friend of mine recently earned £100,000 just by sitting on their arse in front of a computer (easy money, easy money, easy money). You, too, can earn ridiculous amounts of money by doing diddly squat. Just go to this web site for details…

  • Republicofscotland

    Basingstoke in Britian prints $1billion in Libyan Dinars, to help keep Libyan factions quiet, which will allow the (GNA) the Western backed puppet Government of National Accord to call the shots for now.

    The move comes as 6000 Western ground troops to be deployed in Libya, might unite warring factions against them, therefore the intervention has been delayed.

    However Aljazeera TV, claims British and Nato soecial forces are already at work in Libya.

    Meanwhile David Cameron bows to Obama and promises to send 500 troops to Afghanistan. Cameron tries to spin his kowtowing to Obama, as Brexit allowing Britian to take a leading role in the world.

    • Republicofscotland

      Re my above comment, it would appear that Nato seem willing to back a loyal Gaddafi general. Khalifar Haftar has the backing of Egypt and the Gulf States, and has shown his mettle so to speak by pushing back Daesh fighters in Libya.

      Nato appears to be warming to him, the same can’t be said of the GNA, who have refused point blankly to take back refugees who’ve fled to Italy.

      For those who are wondering why Italy?

      There’s no love lost between the nations.

  • Anon1

    Angela Eagle, Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn – what an absolute fucking joke. Not even C4 News could make Labour look electable tonight.

    • RobG

      The opinion polls do not bear out what you’re saying…

      At the end of June the tories and labour were neck and neck, despite the unprecedented barrage of propaganda against Corbyn.

      Come on, bet me a fiver: Corbyn will be the next elected prime minister of the UK.

      When your country’s a sty and you’re wondering why, it’s a tory.

      Are the doctors going to vote for the tories? what about the teachers, the firefighters, et al? Howabout all those commuters in southern England?

      If you think that the tory vermin will get within a sniff of power in the next general election, than you are in la la land.

      Corbyn will be our next elected PM.

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