Thoughts After Chilcot 910

I hope today that people will remember Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Carne Ross, and Katherine Gun, who were all prepared to give up excellent careers to stand against the war in Iraq.

Blair is still a creature of absolute self-serving slime. His attempt yesterday to justify the invasion of Iraq as an effort to prevent a 9/11 on British soil is dishonest in every way. Blair knew full well that Iraq had nothing at all to do with 9/11 – that was his still friends and financiers the Saudi elite. The intelligence advice in advance of the invasion he received was unequivocal that it would increase the threat to the UK, and it directly caused the attacks of 7/7.

The broadcast media seem to think the Chilcot report is an occasion to give unlimited airtime to Blair and Alastair Campbell. Scores of supporters and instigators of the was have been interviewed. By contrast, almost no airtime has been given to those who campaigned against the war.

Cameron’s speech to parliament was such an out and out, and dishonest, apologia for the invasion that it bore no relationship to the report. Corbyn is no orator, but his genuine moral outrage was justified. The Blairites who heckled him from behind during his speech are disgusting. If any meaningful democratic choice is to be offered to people in England and Wales, the Blairites have to be removed from the Labour Party to join with their fellow Tories.

The SNP are playing a blinder on Chilcot. I do hope Salmond moves forward with impeachment, not least because it will both force the Blairites to expose themselves, and reveal the deep feelings against Blair’s actions in the military linked wing of the Tory party.

As predicted, Chilcot had to repeat the Butler Inquiry’s verdict that the intelligence was not fixed, because Chilcot was himself on the Butler Inquiry. It is a lie, the intelligence was knowingly fixed. More on that later.

I apologise these are very brief thoughts. I have not had the opportunity to pay the attention you would expect, as my mother has been taken into hospital and I had yesterday to dash down to Norwich. It will be a few days before I am able to concentrate on politics.

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    • MJ

      We’re still in. Article 50 hasn’t even been invoked yet and it’ll be at least a further two years after that before we’re actually out.

      • michael norton

        If that Andrea woman gets in
        she has said we could be gone by Christmas

        BYE BYE E.U.

        • nevermind

          We should not have to wait for that Andrea woman or another Tory conference/leadership election.

          Why do the dumb asses of this world don’t realise that this whole brexit dithering, not that any of the leave campaigners question it much, is designed to stifle the EU and smother it in uncertainty. No wonder the IMF has the collywobbles.

          • michael norton

            I think not.
            I heard her say she is not in the least interested in abiding by any rules of the E.U.
            All she has to say is BYE BYE the United Kingdom has LEFT.

            The worse that can happen is to engauge in World trade rules

            up to 5% tariffs, which would not be onerous, at all, the pound has fallen by 15% or so so we would be quids in.

    • michael norton

      Andrea wants to:
      get rid of political correctness,
      ditch gay marriage,
      ditch NATO,
      ditch ECHR,
      Ditch the E.U. by Christmas,
      ditch the Green Crap ( same as Dave Cameron)

      not a bad pitch

      • michael norton

        I made most of that up
        but if Andrea does pitch radical she’ll win by a land slide.

  • michael norton

    A devastating report published yesterday reveals why the decision of the people of the United Kingdom to unshackle themselves from the crumbling European Union was so right.

    In clear and simple language, it portrays the hated European Union as an organisation in profound crisis, with declining growth, a tottering banking system, mass unemployment, alarming levels of debt and ‘deep-rooted structural weaknesses’.

    The report warned that the continuing ‘refugee surge’ could bring even more instability, prompting the reinstatement of border controls and ‘hindering free movement within the single market’.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Lets see a cat fight between them. Personally I’d go for The Mum – or on the other team Jeremy Corbyn. Look at the state of his competition – total bargepole job. My missus just told me she nearly bought me a Jeremy Corbyn T-Shirt today – but they didn’t have fat bastard size.

    Apologies for being politically incorrect but who’s the bloke in the middle. He looks a bit like me.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    Is Craig Murray on the Soros Team?

    I think we should be told. I never really liked Soros..and I am being polite.



    “His Latest Success: the European Refugee Crisis

    Soros’s agenda is fundamentally about the destruction of national borders. This has recently been shown very clearly with his funding of the European refugee crisis.

    The refugee crisis has been blamed on the civil war currently raging in Syria. But did you ever wonder how all these people suddenly knew Europe would open its gates and let them in?

    The refugee crisis is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It coincided with OSF donating money to the US-based Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, both Soros-sponsored organizations. Both groups advocate the resettlement of third-world Muslims into Europe.

    In 2015, a Sky News reporter found “Migrant Handbooks” on the Greek island of Lesbos. It was later revealed that the handbooks, which are written in Arabic, had been given to refugees before crossing the Mediterranean by a group called “Welcome to the EU.”

    Welcome to the EU is funded by—you guessed it—the Open Society Foundations.

    Soros has not only backed groups that advocate the resettlement of third-world migrants into Europe, he in fact is the architect of the “Merkel Plan.”

    The Merkel Plan was created by the European Stability Initiative whose chairman Gerald Knaus is a senior fellow at none other than the Open Society Foundations.

    The plan proposes that Germany should grant asylum to 500,000 Syrian refugees. It also states that Germany, along with other European nations, should agree to help Turkey, a country that’s 98% Muslim, gain visa-free travel within the EU starting in 2016.”

    • Alan

      ‘Is Craig Murray on the Soros Team?’

      I think the answer must surely be yes!

    • Anon1

      Three quarters of migrants entering Germany in the last year aren’t even Syrian. Mutti has a lot to answer for but I suspect she knows what she’s doing.

      If you issue an open invite to the world’s poor to come and settle, they will keep coming. There is no end to it. If you make it clear that they will not be admitted, it stops. Tomorrow. There are some very dangerous people behind this fabricated “refugee” crisis.

      To answer your question; yes, Craig is on the Soros team. Full EU federalist and any opposition whatsoever to mass-immigration is racist.

      • Loony

        There is less chance that Merkel knows what she is doing than the chance that the “refugees” comprise Drs. and engineers.

        Merkel is busy creating all of the conditions necessary for civil war. Her arrogance and stupidity are breathtaking – on the one hand she is embracing God knows who from God knows where and, on the other she is gleefully propelling southern Europe into a state of neo feudalism.

        When the time comes to account for her crimes then she will make Tony Blair look like an honest pacifist.

        • Johnstone

          Merkel may be part of the conspiracy to destroy or evacuate the populations of countries like Afghanistan or she may not? Perhaps the so called ‘wars on terror’ were not killing enough of them (see Tony O’s post). Yes, the vast majority here (in this town in Germany) are from Afghanistan not Syria .. but whats the difference? Your question is puzzling and rings of Cameron’s xenophobic reference to ‘swarms’. Illiteracy is not innate and only a small minority seem to be, because of lack of opportunity not ability. Most can and are indeed are learning the language and the children are already in school. Yes, there are exceptions…people who might be suffering from something like PTSD

          • michael norton

            If Syria returns to stability I expect most of the Syrian people who have fled will one day return.
            It might help to move things along if The Americans and the British stop pumping arms into Syria for the “moderate” opposition.

      • RobG

        Get a grip, Anon1.

        Ergo: “this fabricated “refugee” crisis” is in no way fabricated and is the biggest crisis that Europe has faced since the Second World War.

        The crisis is entirely – repeat, *entirely* – due to American led wars.

        I don’t expect the likes of you to have the balls to stand-up and actually say this.

        You, and sadly many others, live in a fantasy/propaganda world pumped-up by the presstitutes.

      • nevermind

        Anon 1 is spinning his new novel yarn ‘there are some very dangerous people behind the refugees crisis’.
        yes there are, people who bombed shit out of Syria.
        You see our high powered economies and their workers are not having enough offspring to keep these economies going, the geriatrics just can’t keep up, they take their viagra not to piss on their shoes, but babies? to grow up in crap schools, work a lifelong and pay for the always moaning OAPs pensions, or die in some rotten hole like Afghanistan? they just can’t do it.

        In Germany as well as here. Mutti is nice to refugees, she knows they want to work and have a normal life for a change rather than be exposed to the mad neocon ideas of the war on terror cabal.
        She knows that these people will work, but integrating them is hard, not that you would have much of an idea, you don’t take any refugees from the heartache you cause, do you?

        You just support rogue countries human rights abusers and torturers in Saudi and Bahrain, feed them arms and expertise to fuel this war of Sunni’s versus Shia.
        You have a gall to moot that Germany is becoming a dangerous country because they grant refugees a life, you pathetic low life right wing nut job.

        • Loony

          Nevermind – OK so refugees are coming out of Syria because they have been bombed, and they want to come to Europe to work and have a normal life.

          US researchers estimate that a minimum of 14% of combat veterans suffer from PTSD. They consequently suffer a range of mental health issues, suffer high suicide rates and put a disproportionate strain on health care systems.

          Why would Syrian refugees suffer a lower incidence of PTSD than combat veterans? How could people suffering from PTSD, from a country with relatively low literacy rates and whose first language is not Romance based get jobs and lead normal lives in Europe?

          Is it possible that you are talking garbage?

          • nevermind

            is it possible you are talking garbage, loony? PTSD is not a death sentence and if soldiers who come back receive the right treatment, if the respective Government looks after them and the injure , rather than leaving it to charities as it happens here, then they can be helped.

            As can civilians. Don’t assume that the situation here is in any way relevant to what is going on in Germany.

          • Loony

            No-one said that people suffering from PTSD cannot recover. What is postulated is that, for the duration of their illness, they are not likely to be productive economic contributors.

            You don’t even look for extreme conditions. The German dental association estimates that the cost of treating migrant tooth decay problems will run into billions. Access to a dentist obviously helps the migrants but how does it help Germans?

            Unfortunately we will find out who is talking garbage in the not too distant future. Look at Deutsche Bank – every indicator is that this is a bank that is engaged in a slow motion collapse. It has derivative exposures of some $57 trillion. (The entire German economy has a GDP of $3.73 trillion).

            This is enough to bring down the world economy and lay waste to the “German economic miracle” Merkel has created all of the conditions necessary for civil war – and Germany will reap what it has sown.

  • RobG

    I would venture that it’s not the rate of sex that’s going down, it’s fertility

    In areas of the world that have a high.level of nuclear activity, birth rates have plummeted (this includes the USA, UK and France). In Japan, where for more than five years now there have been three full-size commercial reactors in complete and ongoing meltdown, none of which ever gets talked about, because the human race are completely and utterly insane, birth rates have gone through the floor.

    You won’t most likely be killed from natural disease.

    You will be killed from the human disease.

    Come on folks. queue-up. Paint your faces in whatever is the flag of the moment: “Je suis a cancer victim”.

    There’s a revolution coming, whatever the total vermin on boards like this try to tell you otherwise.

    • deepgreenpuddock

      It is difficult to assign causation, but easy to make associations.
      The decline in fertility in the west and Japan is (possibly) attributable to many other factors, not just the higher incidence of background radiation due to the use of nuclear power, attractive though it must seem, as a simple expalanation. It is also possible that it is a causative factor but only when combined with other factors in a complex multi-factorial relationship.
      Is the ready availability of contraception not likely to be a factor. How about the emancipation of women and the widespread acceptance in these countries of the right of women to control their bodies.
      The other idea beng promoted by Tony Opmoc- a widespread libertarian belief in the free movement of people , empowered by money provided by a very rich person is not impossible but it seems likely that this is also only an association or a factor in a very complex picture. The main one I suspect is that, faced with choices of which direction to go in- a refugee will choose
      to head to Europe rather than Turkey, or to go south- to Africa? The rich people wil already have secured their lives in the West by buying influence. You will find rich Syrians already ensconced comfortably in London and around the big cities of Europe. It s the desperate and impoverished who tramp towards what seems like the sanity of Europe.
      That does not mean that Soros is not actively pursuing his ideological or libertarian ideas-it just means that it is a much more complex picture.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This is My Introduction To wtf is she called Andrea Longshot or something?

    I had never seen her before this week even in a photograph…

    I thought well – She is Seriously Slagging Off The Sunday Times…

    You are not supposed to do that you silly girl.

    I was actually quite impressed Mum.

    It seems the telegraph’s software – or maybe just on this blog affixes an https rather than just an http…so if the link doesn’t work – edidt out the s – you know back space on your cursor…

    The Telegraph also are not currently using Youtube..

    Has there been a Revolution at The Telegraph? To be honest their recent output since they banned all of us has not been very good.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    I know this is clumsy – but there is no edit function here…What You See is What You Get – and you can’t correct your own mistakes…

    Andrea Leadsom

    “Article 50: Would trigger it as soon as she became prime minister.”

    So maybe I need to join the conservative party now – how much does it cost?


    • Ba'al Zevul

      So maybe I need to join the conservative party now – how much does it cost?

      Your immortal soul.

    • Laguerre

      “So maybe I need to join the conservative party now – how much does it cost?”

      You’re too late to vote. You had to have joined by 9th June.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Now they are Really Going For The Jugular in The Telegraph

    “Tory women turn against Andrea Leadsom in retaliation for ‘vile’ suggestion Theresa May should not become PM as she has no children ”

    It’s not that Theresa May has no children – I actually know the bloke who writes some of her speeches.

    He has no children either…

    In fact I think they are both Still Virgins

    and a bit thick.


    • Alan

      ‘In fact I think they are both Still Virgins and a bit thick.’

      Too true Tony!

  • Hieroglyph

    And lo’, on cue, Angela Eagle challenges for leadership. There is zero doubt in my mind her advisors thought hard about how long after Chilcot the challenge should be made. It’s been less than a week. Best not let Blair’s criminal behaviour be headlines for a week, call the spill.

    I truly believe they are that cynical, and this leadership spill will see some utterly brutal public attacks on Corbyn. Eagle won’t win, knows it, but stands anyway, to damage the leader. One may take the view that this is a brave move, but I don’t. I think it’s a move of the purest, most unalloyed cynicism, entirely unrelated to courage. Of course, she may have been persuaded that they can keep Jezza off the ballot. How this exclusion would be legal escapes me, but I guess asking lawyers for duff advice is a Nu Lab trait.

    I see over here the Great Rodent himself is in bother. Johnny Howard has taken on a vague Reagan air these days, with conservatives falling over themselves to call him their mentor. He is – and I say this with due caution – possibly a bigger, more flagrant liar and bullshit artist than even Blair himself, and in a country not run by Murdoch would never have gained high office. An Iraq inquiry has been mooted, which will hopefully see him ruined. But who will have the inquiry about the MSM? Editors and owners should be looking in the mirror right now, not carefully distancing themselves from the crooks and liars they once lionised.

    • Je

      “Blair’s criminal behaviour”. The broader problem is a whole class of people who were silent or active participants in an enormous ongoing human tragedy in the middle east. And they are largely totally shameless about it. How could anyone remain an MP after voting for and helping cause one absolutely unnecessary death – let alone a quarter of a million? But they nearly all just carry on regardless. As MPs. As party leader candidates. As Prime Ministers. Thinking themselves completely untainted. And the media which was involved as well fails to taint them.

    • Je

      Slightly interesting. Blair as recounted:

      “But we have to root out these terrorists and tackle this issue head on because they’re intent on destroying the whole Western way of life…. Saddam has used WMD before on his own people and won’t hesitate to use them again. We have to deal with him as well as Bin Laden.”

      Perhaps Blair was a ‘victim’ of Zionist groupthink just like all those he successfully persuaded. The meaningless destroying our way of life soundbite etc. The Israelis didn’t say Hussein was a threat to Israel, send your soldiers to protect Israel. They conflated Israeli security with “world” security and British and US security with “world” security. Saddam Hussein was a threat to “the world” therefore the UK must act. Had a very powerful lobby group in both countries to push the message. And provided the fraudulent WMD intelligence.

        • Je

          Yeah, I did a look through for the Israel mentions. There are a lot of them… most of them seem to be with regards to Palestine. There is this bit…

          “The removal of Saddam remains a prize because it . . . .[will] remove a threat to Jordan/Israel . . .”

          But really the pro-Israeli lobby is unmentioned. Friends of Israel in the UK gets no mention. Its the only explanation as to why the Tories were so in favour of the invasion. 80% + Tory MPs as members. As is Sharon who provided the fraudulent intelligence.

          Its no surprise. If you look at the people chosen for Chilcot: they were never going to point a finger at the Israeli state. That’s beyond the box of their thinking.

    • Pink

      In case people have forgotton I will remind them that all the signs were there long before and how people let TB get away with an animal holocaust .

      I am not academic and not able to convey my feelings with clever writing it does not stop me from knowing that something is very wrong , when I was following the F and M disaster I saw how easily people get silenced how they are afraid to speak out unsure of what is for the best or afraid to go against the goverment and the brave ones who did were so isolated,there were farmers living in fortress conditions trying to save their herds against terrible intimidation even though they knew the herds didnt need to be killed, these were mostly the ones with access to the internet, for the others there was a hard core of good people who did everything they could they made up information packs and left them at farm gates so the farmers who were in lockdown would get outside suppport ,some farmers just gave up and commited suicide it was just awful to watch , and the public who didnt really understand what was going on sat back and allowed it to happen around them,those who did grasp what was happening just like the war protest marched and tried to do something to no avail.
      Even though it was to end up as a disaster of epic proportions a lesson I took from it is when the s**t hits the fan there is still a lot you can do and some people did in all sorts of small ways .
      During that time someone posted a link to writings of The White Rose society leaflets if you have never heard of them have a google it’s an interesting part of history .


  • Mulga Mumblebrain

    The Saudis were not responsible for 9/11. They just provided the ‘patsies’. We all know who the real perpetrators were, just by the old ‘cui bono’ test.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      I really enjoyed that Thanks. Incidentally, about 15 years ago, my wife went on a day trip to Iceland and loved the place. I drove her to the airport about 3:00 am, then went to work – and picked her up just before midnight. It was December and she was glowing from swimming in the natural hot geezers.

      Have you read Koestler’s “Scum of the Earth”.. it starts off dead sweet…and then gets really deep.

      I knew absolutely nothing about him or the book. Someone just recommended I read it.


      • RobG

        Iceland has long been on my list of places to visit, but for one reason or another I never quite made it. Decades ago, we were going to take the sleeper from London to Inverness, then the train up to the far north of Scotland; to Wick, if I remember; where, back then, you could take a two day passage on a ship to Iceland. Ah, the romance, the adventure, the sea sickness…

        I haven’t read ‘Scum of the Earth’ and will definitely check it out, now that I’m delving into Koestler again. Incidentally, Koestler’s prose style is very similar to Craig’s.

    • michael norton

      It would seem that two RUSSIAN pilots were test flying a SYRIAN helicopter,
      when Syrian ground troops under attack from ISIS called the Rusian pilots for help.

      • michael norton
        Two Russian pilots have been killed after their military helicopter was shot down by fighters of so-called Islamic State, the Russian military is quoted as saying by local media.

        The Syrian Mi-25 helicopter flown by Riafagat Khabibulin and Yevgeny Dolgin was brought down east of the ancient city of Palmyra on Friday.

        It was involved in an anti-IS operation at the Syrian government’s request.

        IS later claimed responsibility for the attack, the Site monitoring group says.

        The helicopter pilots “had received a request from the Syrian military to carry out strikes against advancing militants”, the Russian military said in a statement, according to local media.

        They “had used up all their ammunition and were on their way back when they came under the fire of terrorists and crashed in an area held by Syrian government troops”.

        Both pilots have been nominated for Russian state awards.

        At least 12 Russian soldiers have been killed since Moscow launched its military operation in Syria in September 2015.

        In November, Turkish fighter planes shot down a Russian bomber on the Syrian-Turkish border, triggering a major crisis in bilateral relations.

        Russia is helping the Syrian government forces of President Bashar al-Assad against IS and other rebel groups, mainly supporting the Syrian army with air strikes.

        The West accuses Russia of also targeting Syria’s moderate opposition and civilians – a claim denied by the Kremlin.

        I wonder if ISIS are using American rockets?

        • michael norton

          Can somebody explain who are the American backed warmongers in Syria
          and what is the plan?

        • MJ

          It was reported last week that a consignment of US arms “accidentally” fell into the hands of ISIS. Supplies are obviously still getting through.

          • michael norton

            87,000 stolen British bullets ‘are in the hands of IS jihadis’
            after cache of ammunition is stolen from an Army training camp


            Military sources have told this newspaper that the thieves – possibly acting on the orders of IS – cut a hole in the perimeter fence of an ammunition compound, drove a lorry inside, and towed away the container in which the bullets were stored.

            The theft happened in March while 1,600 British troops were taking part in Exercise Shamal Storm – a series of large-scale desert manoeuvres also involving American and Jordanian soldiers.

          • michael norton

            The Mail on Sunday understands that the ammunition was not guarded around the clock but that British military vehicles regularly passed the compound. It is believed the thieves watched UK soldiers for several days and timed their raid to avoid the patrols. Crack SAS troops tried to recover the container when it was noticed it had gone missing – but their efforts were in vain.

            The incident is thought to be the largest theft of British military equipment for decades.

            Last night, a member of the Defence Select Committee demanded an urgent inquiry into how the deadly haul was removed from the training area near the coastal city of Aqaba, where troops also set up a field hospital and practised dealing with chemical and biological weapons threats.
            The camp was close to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, parts of which are lawless and occupied by IS-affiliated terrorists who have threatened to attack holiday resorts in the region, such as Sharm el-Sheikh, which is visited by thousands of British tourists every year.

            The theft raises the chilling prospect that UK holidaymakers could be shot dead by terrorists using British Army ammunition. While Jordan is a staunch UK ally, it is home to around 10,000 jihadis.

            Reports indicate that IS has weapons capable of firing the stolen bullets. The terror group already has in its possession tens of thousands of US-made rifles, which use the same size Nato ammunition, and which it seized from the Iraqi army.

            Last night, Conservative MP Richard Benyon, a member of the Commons Defence Select Committee, said: ‘This is a very serious matter that I intend to raise immediately with the committee and the Ministry of Defence to find out what has happened.

            M.P. Benyon is correct, this is a very serious matter.

  • Alan

    John Prescott defies former boss Tony Blair and claims the Iraq war was illegal.

    “On Wednesday we finally saw the Chilcot Report .

    It was a damning indictment of how the Blair Government handled the war – and I take my fair share of blame.

    As the Deputy Prime Minister in that Government I must express my fullest apology, especially to the families of the 179 men and women who gave their lives in the Iraq War.”

    The Blairites are not going to like this.

    • Alan

      “Jeremy Corbyn has backed a parliamentary motion declaring Tony Blair guilty of “contempt”, following the release of the Chilcot Report.

      The motion, set to be tabled by outspoken Conservative MP David Davis, alleges that the former prime minister deceived the House of Commons while making the case for Iraq.”

      Well folks, as the motion is set to be tabled, you can email your MP and ask him/her to support it, or do it via “They Work For You”.

      • Alan

        “Only 71 MPs out of the 194 who refused to back Corbyn (by voting against him, abstaining or not turning up) were in parliament in 2003. But of those, seven voted against going to war. A total of 172 MPs had voting records supporting British military interventions abroad – the same number who voted no confidence in Corbyn’s leadership.

        Eighty-nine percent of Labour MPs who are not behind Corbyn have supported British military interventions, although not everyone. Fifty-six percent are staunchly pro-war and only 19 per cent – 37 Labour MPs – have consistently anti-war voting records. Ninety-eight of the 100 Labour MPs who held office when votes were taken for an inquiry into the Iraq war voted against such an inquiry being started.

        They may no longer count themselves as Blairite but the majority of the PLP who have been trying to unseat Corbyn are interventionist. Alan Johnson, who was home secretary under Blair, is one. His voting record on foreign affairs and defence is as follows: for the use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas; for the Iraq war; against an investigation into it; for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system; for more EU integration: for strengthening the military covenant. Hillary Benn, whose sacking as shadow foreign secretary triggered the attempted coup against Corbyn, is another.”

        • Alan

          “This week’s Chilcot report on Britain’s role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq was as polite and guarded as a proper English tea party. No direct accusations, no talk of war crimes by then Prime Minister Tony Blair or his guiding light, President George W. Bush. But still pretty damning.

          Such government reports and commissions, as was wittily noted in the delightful program ‘Yes, Prime Minister,’ are designed to obscure rather than reveal the truth and bury awkward facts in mountains of paper.

          And beneath mountains of lies. The biggest lie on both sides of the Atlantic was that the invasion and destruction of Iraq was the result of ‘faulty intelligence.’ The Bush and Blair camps and the US and British media keep pushing this absurd line.

          This writer, who had covered Iraq since 1976, was one of the first to assert that Baghdad had no so-called weapons of mass destruction, and no means of delivering them even if it did. For this I was dropped and black-listed by the leading US TV cable news network and leading US newspapers.

          I had no love for the brutal Saddam Hussein, whose secret police threatened to hang me as a spy. But I could not abide the intense war propaganda coming from Washington and London, served up by the servile, mendacious US and British media.”

  • michael norton

    Estimated cost of the FRENCH Hinkley Point C nuclear plant rises to £37bn
    The total lifetime cost of the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant could be as high as £37bn, according to an assessment published by the UK government. The figure was described as shocking by critics of the scheme, who said it showed just how volatile and uncertain the project had become, given that the same energy department’s estimate 12 months earlier had been £14bn.

    The latest prediction comes amid increasing speculation about the future of the controversial project in Somerset, whose existence has been put in further doubt by post-Brexit financial jitters.

    Hinkley has been a flagship energy project for the British government and in particular for the chancellor, George Osborne, who lobbied hard and successfully for China to take a stake in the scheme.

    I’d like to point out that Chicken Boy George is a busted flush.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Some people are so completely up their own arse – and this is a classic case. (incidentally I do not have the slightest problem with gay people providing they don’t thrust it in my face or give me a sickly smile when I am just trying to have a wee in The Gents)

    “I’m a gay woman with strong, Northern, working class roots. I think I’m the right person for this job at this time”.

    I’m beginning to prefer Angela Merkel – or even The Baroness of Upholland.

    She even makes the Tory Twins look good.


  • Tony_0pmoc

    This complements some of the stuff Craig Murray has been writing in defence of Jeremy Corbyn.

    Well done Craig – You’re a Star…You are not really on the Soros team are you?

    Did you go to The Young Father’s / Massive Attack gig at The Brixton Academy a few months ago? There was a bloke stood next to me – who looked exactly like you.

    “Young Fathers – SHAME”


    “The British media has launched an unprecedented campaign of disinformation against Jeremy Corbyn”


    “Even the traditionally left-wing media — not only the Guardian and Observer, but also the Daily Mirror — have been more than willing to join the chorus of voices calling for Corbyn to step down. This is not a response to the market but rather a political decision, as their own research demonstrates that their readerships do not agree with this editorial line.

    At the time of writing there is not a single mainstream media outlet in Britain with an editorial line supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. This is despite the fact that, under Corbyn, Labour this week became the largest social-democratic party in the Western world with 600,000 members.

    A representative media environment, even one that was responding to market pressures, could be expected to reflect this groundswell of support. But Britain does not have such an environment.

    Around 70 percent of Britain’s newspapers are owned by just three companies: Rupert Murdoch’s News UK, the Daily Mail’s General Trust, and Trinity Mirror. In broadcast media over 80 percent of the national audience share goes to Murdoch or to the BBC. This concentration of media ownership allows for a tiny clique in Britain to effectively control the flow of information to 65 million people. Their power to do so is not held to any meaningful account, and their willingness to use their position to subvert the democratic will should not be doubted.

    Jeremy Corbyn’s rise to the leadership of the Labour Party was an earthquake in politics which reflected a deep disillusionment in the political and economic system. His tenure in that position has been shaped by a media environment which is no less in need of such an earthquake.”

  • Whatever (aka Alcyone)

    It’s just a game for God’s sake. And the camera focussing on Andy Murray’s ‘team’ constantly waving their clenched fists. Animal-humans. And that ‘logo’ of his, says all you want to know about his aesthetics. Type Zero, forever.

    Wasn’t Corbyn brilliant on Marr today? The Type Zero animal-human-wolves aren’t ready yet to share are they. I hope the Eagle is proven to be a toothless Crocodile as I have been observing.

    • michael norton

      The War Drums are beating,
      look out Russia.

      Islamic State conflict: Nato surveillance planes to help US-led coalition
      Mr Stoltenberg made the remarks on the second day of the 28-country military alliance summit in Warsaw.

      He said the surveillance agreement against IS, using Awacs surveillance planes, was a “clear signal of our resolve to help tackle terrorism”.

      Additionally, the alliance will start a training and capacity-building mission for Iraqi armed forces, a country Mr Stoltenberg says is central in the fight against the jihadist group.

      • michael norton

        just a small point

        are not AWACS a bit over the top
        for Islamic State?

        • Tony_0pmoc

          michael norton,

          According to Official documents released (leaked?) from Washington…

          The Islamic State and their crazy headchoppers are an American (CIA) and British (SIS) co-creation with finance(Afghan Poppies) and media support from Rita Kutz (SITE) (she also did the Fake Bin Laden videos after he was dead – The BBC have been taking lessons)

          Peter Dale Scott can provide a great deal of research about The Afghan connection

          Saudi Arabia and Qatar – provide strong finanical support

          And Israel – provides Medical Care – well because they care…


        • Alan

          ‘are not AWACS a bit over the top for Islamic State?’

          There is reliable intelligence that they have missiles that can hit us in 45 minutes…well probably.

      • MJ

        “the surveillance agreement against IS, using Awacs surveillance planes”

        Translation: Russia and Syria have graciously agreed not to use the S400 SAM system against non-combatant US planes.

        • michael norton

          NATO will also work to establish an intelligence centre in Tunisia and will support the country’s special operation forces.

          I did not know Tunisia was a member of NATO?

          Is NATO spreading itself out to cover Africa and ASIA

          • michael norton

            Next they’ll be letting us know that TURKEY and TUNISIA are in the EUROPEAN EMPIRE

          • Alan

            NATO having an intelligence centre anywhere will be a first. Isn’t NATO intelligence an oxymoron?

    • michael norton

      If Islamic State have brought down a Syrian helicopter flown by two Russian pilots, they must have systems capable of bringing them down.
      So, who has sold them the weapons capable of bringing down aircraft?

      • Tits for Tat

        The Russians know how to deal with the great satan, expect TWO US helicopters down in Afghanistan soon, the Russian picture-guided unjammable VERBA makes TOW look primitive.

  • Republicofscotland

    Assad, may be a ruthless dictator, but there’s truth in what he said, that America has failed miserably in the Middle East, leaving a trail of destruction despair, poverty and unrest in the likes of Libya and Iraq.

    Assad also claims that the West secretly contacts his people through tacit channels. He claims EU nations appeasing the US plead with him to reach some kind of agreement over the Syrian crisis. However Assad feels the US wants him removed permanently.

    Assad also claims that the western press won’t print information about contacting him, instead they print story vilifying him.

    Indeed only the other day Putin addressed the press over the exact same thing.

    Assad isn’t exactly a role model, but Washington is undoubtedly the real axis of evil.

    Other EU and NATO nations should also be ashamed of their leaders for blindly following the USA’s lead.

    • Republicofscotland

      “Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has accused the US of importing terror to the Middle East through its interventions, pointing to Iraq, Libya and Syria as examples.”

      Well he’s not wrong there, is he ?

      Countless US adminstrations have openly or subvertly over the years instigated wars, regime changes or in the case of Cuba economic crashes.

      I’d imagine most nations now perceive USA (governments over the half century at least) as the great satan. America also holds a great sway over NATO and the UN, and can veto or approve, or frown on how other nations vote.

    • Alan

      ‘America has failed miserably’

      Yep! That’s it! America the failed state where all the citizens spend their lives shooting each other.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      If Assad is a ruthless dictator (of which I have seen no evidence) wtf is he doing with such a pretty English wife ( who graduated from King’s College London in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and French literature)?

      And how and why exactly did us British train him to be a Top Eye Surgeon trained at The Western Eye Hospital, in London?

      Even us British don’t usually let psychopathic pathological ruthless dictators loose in British hospitals saving the sight of ordinary people who can’t see so well. We wouldn’t even let Tony Blair do that.

      Maybe you have been affected by the anti-Assad propaganda in Scottish Newspapers.


      • Alan

        ‘We wouldn’t even let Tony Blair do that.’

        That’s because Blair is a lawyer, not an ophthalmologist.

        On that matter what’s the difference between lawyers and vampires?
        Vampires only suck blood at night.

  • Alan

    This could be interesting, especially to the federalists among us:

    ‘The governance of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be reinvented within a new voluntary union in a bid to save the UK from disintegration, an independent all-party group of experts will argue this week.

    The Constitution Reform Group, convened by former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Salisbury, is to make the the case for radical constitutional change in the UK by claiming the need has been boosted by the vote to leave the European Union.

    Their proposals say the existing union should be replaced with fully devolved government in each part of the UK, with each given full sovereignty over its own affairs. The Westminster parliament, the group says, should then be reduced to 146 MPs. The individual nations and regions of the UK would then be encouraged to pool sovereignty to cover the matters they wish to be dealt with on a shared basis.’

    • defo

      Desperation. It’s over. England will continue its rightward drift, and immigration will be the least of her problems.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    If it just so happened that I just happened to be 30 years younger – and for some completely strange reason I ended up as a British Soldier in Iraq – and my boss told me to blacken up a bit – and dress like an Arab – I am not quite sure how I would react…

    Sir – you want me to dress like an Arab? what is the point in that…I thought we were here to shoot ’em – not dress like them…oh and what if we get caught – and we get arrested by The Iraqi Police…???

    He said – don’t worry about that – we have got a tank and will bust you out of jail…

    Its just for the photo shoot….

    We simply have got to get out of here.

    I have no idea what we were doing here in the first place.

    O.K. Sir – I’ll do it.

    Apologies for the voice in the American Version (I can’t stand it either)

    “British Special Forces Caught In IRAQ posing as Arabs”

    “SAS False Flag in Basra”


    • Alan

      Oh do some on Tony, that was back in 2005.

      The Basra prison incident was an event involving British troops in Basra, Iraq. On 19 September 2005, two undercover British Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers disguised in Arab civilian garments and headdresses opened fire on Iraqi Police officers after having been stopped at a roadblock. Two Iraqi officers were shot, at least one of whom died. The two British men were arrested and taken to the Al Jameat police station.

      In response, twenty members of A Squadron 22nd SAS Regiment and a platoon of paratroopers from the Special Forces Support Group flew from Baghdad to Basra. Other SAS operators tracked down their two colleagues to Al Jameat police station and then withdrew and called in Hathor’s QRF (Quick Reaction Force) in Basra, whilst a predator drone fed JOC live feed on the prison.

      If you only just found out about that, you must have been living in a monastery.

    • Blegburnduddoo

      It’s also possible that Angela has had it confirmed that her friends on the National Executive have a majority against Jeremy and that he will have to get nominated by MPs which might be difficult if not unlikely. If he fails, and if no-one else is nominated, Angela is elected unopposed.
      That should put the cat among the pigeons.

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