Thoughts After Chilcot 910

I hope today that people will remember Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Carne Ross, and Katherine Gun, who were all prepared to give up excellent careers to stand against the war in Iraq.

Blair is still a creature of absolute self-serving slime. His attempt yesterday to justify the invasion of Iraq as an effort to prevent a 9/11 on British soil is dishonest in every way. Blair knew full well that Iraq had nothing at all to do with 9/11 – that was his still friends and financiers the Saudi elite. The intelligence advice in advance of the invasion he received was unequivocal that it would increase the threat to the UK, and it directly caused the attacks of 7/7.

The broadcast media seem to think the Chilcot report is an occasion to give unlimited airtime to Blair and Alastair Campbell. Scores of supporters and instigators of the was have been interviewed. By contrast, almost no airtime has been given to those who campaigned against the war.

Cameron’s speech to parliament was such an out and out, and dishonest, apologia for the invasion that it bore no relationship to the report. Corbyn is no orator, but his genuine moral outrage was justified. The Blairites who heckled him from behind during his speech are disgusting. If any meaningful democratic choice is to be offered to people in England and Wales, the Blairites have to be removed from the Labour Party to join with their fellow Tories.

The SNP are playing a blinder on Chilcot. I do hope Salmond moves forward with impeachment, not least because it will both force the Blairites to expose themselves, and reveal the deep feelings against Blair’s actions in the military linked wing of the Tory party.

As predicted, Chilcot had to repeat the Butler Inquiry’s verdict that the intelligence was not fixed, because Chilcot was himself on the Butler Inquiry. It is a lie, the intelligence was knowingly fixed. More on that later.

I apologise these are very brief thoughts. I have not had the opportunity to pay the attention you would expect, as my mother has been taken into hospital and I had yesterday to dash down to Norwich. It will be a few days before I am able to concentrate on politics.

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910 thoughts on “Thoughts After Chilcot

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  • Dave.

    Bugger impeachment, bugger the ICC, bugger There is only one satisfactory outcome to this; Blair, Brown, Hoon, Straw and all those other MPs, Lords, civil servants, legal experts, military murderers, spooks and their ilk who supported the war should be hanging by the neck from the lamp posts along the Mall. Bugger impeachment, bugger the ICC, bugger ‘misconduct in public office, string the bastards up.

  • Esclavo

    Q: “What reason would Israel have had to wish for the removal of the dictator Saddam Hussein?”

    A: “A Clean Break”

    [It rankles to reply to you; especially to such a pathetic question. But there are others reading this blog, and some might think from your question, as you probably intend, that Israel would have no reason for wishing to see Saddam Hussein gone and Iraq in turmoil.]

    • Node

      Any researchers got time on their hands? Here’s a revealing little project :

      Gather the annual death rate statistics for all countries in the Middle East, from 1900 to the present. Draw a map for each year and colour each country according to its percentage of violent deaths – the more violence, the darker the shade. Make an animation from the maps. Watch the black stain appear in 1948 and spread outwards.

        • Node

          No. I’m suggesting that violent death in the area has vastly increased since 1948. I’m further suggesting that the nearer you live to Israel, the more likely it is that you will die a violent death. Do you disagree with either of these suggestions?

          • Loony

            As you have an interest in research why not get hold of a map and work out the distance from Israel to (i) Vietnam, (ii) Cambodia, (iii) East Timor, (iv) Rwanda,and (v) The DRC.

          • Node

            OK, I’ve checked my map and it turns out that none of them are in the Middle East. What’s your point?

          • Node

            Still no. I’m still suggesting that violent death in the area has vastly increased since 1948. I’m still further suggesting that the nearer you live to Israel, the more likely it is that you will die a violent death. And I’m still asking whether you disagree with either of these suggestions.

          • Anon1

            The major spike would be the Arabs clubbing together and invading Israel (and having their arses handed to them).

            I suggest your silly little exercise is flawed.

  • Mark Golding

    In a lateral sense I hope to prove Mr Blair authorised GCHQ to spy on United Nation Security Council members phones and emails as part of the British establishment’s action to win votes in favour of war against Iraq.

    I hope to make a case under the EU privacy and human rights law to indict Anthony Charles Lynton Blair D.O.B. May 6, 1953

    Responsible persons who can provide ad rem information please register with Unseen, ehf. Reykjavik, Iceland at and provide admissible details to [email protected] using reference Top Secret//COMINT//X1


  • Node

    Re : queries on release date for G. Galloway’s film.

    Email received 30th June :

    We are happy to announce that the release date of the Killing$ of Tony Blair documentary will be 27 July 2016. More info very soon.

  • Aidworker1

    I don’t know if your Mother is older than mine – 95? – but my Mother has also had a fall.

    Best wishes to both our Mothers.

  • Brianfujisan

    Best wishes to yir Mum Craig, and the Family

    A little Known story re Iraq War –

    For a group of freight train drivers working a remote railway line in Scotland, this was more than a hypothetical point of discussion. Drivers of the West Highland Line refused orders to shift military materials, setting the stage for an unlikely stand-off. Until now, it has largely been forgotten.

    The Ministry of Defence contracted freight firm EWS, which was privatised in the mid-90s, to take supplied to the Highlands munitions base by rail. But when the order came through to the EWS depot in Motherwell, the drivers were having none of it. Fully aware that provisions were being made for a war that was still to be sanctioned by the UN (and ultimately never was), and with the tacit backing of rail union ASLEF, the drivers refused to shift the materials.

    Their wildcat action proved successful, with panicking rail managers forced to cancel the consignment and transport the munitions by road instead. The uniqueness of the line – a narrow single-track railway that weaves through the western Highlands, and which further north features the Glenfinnan Viaduct of Harry Potter fame – meant that only a small number of drivers were trained to drive freight along it. When all of those came on board with the munitions boycott, and another dozen drivers at the depot threatened anti-war action, the game was up. No munitions would be making their way on board Ark Royal, at least by rail.

  • Mark Golding

    On 25 Nov 2002:
    Theresa May voted against requiring the support of the UN Security Council and the support of a vote of MPs in the House of Commons before the commitment of UK forces to military action in Iraq.
    On 26 Feb 2003:
    Theresa May voted against saying the case for military action against Iraq is as yet unproven
    On 18 Mar 2003:
    Theresa May voted against saying that the case for war against Iraq has not yet been established,
    On 18 Mar 2003:
    Theresa May voted that the Government should use all means necessary to ensure the disarmament of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction leading to the UK joining the US invasion of Iraq two days later.
    On 9 Sep 2010:
    Theresa May voted to support the continued deployment of UK armed forces in Afghanistan.
    On 21 Mar 2011:
    Theresa May voted to support the establishment of a no-fly zone in Libya.
    On 29 Aug 2013:
    Theresa May voted against requiring conditions be fulfilled, including a vote of the UN Security Council before any military action involving UK forces in response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
    On 29 Aug 2013:
    Theresa May voted to agree a strong humanitarian response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria was required from the international community that may, if necessary, require military action.
    On 26 Sep 2014:
    Theresa May voted for UK air strikes in Iraq to support Iraqi forces’ efforts against ISIL.
    On 2 Dec 2015:
    Theresa May voted to support UK airstrikes against ISIL in Syria

    Theresa May has been short-listed to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland after agent Cameron leaves No 10.

    • Whatever (aka Alcyone)

      In other words the Ministry of Defence (when was the last time that were true , genuine question?), will not be accurately and appropriately renamed the Ministry of Offence?

      Who are we fighting against and where; in which foreign land are we protecting the UK?

      I’ve shown you, how easily we are hoodwinked? Do you even think about it/these things? Hands up who does, please?

      The rest of you can please go back to sleep, or sleep walking through life and feel proud for being the jackasses that make up our Type Zero Global Civilisation. And you want change? Well I got some nappies for you, free.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      John Ward is still on form as regards the competition (of which I know nothing – never even heard of her)

      “EXCLUSIVE: opinion poll ‘shows large Tory constituency membership majority for Brexit”


      “The correct focus to her campaign from here on could see Andrea Leadsom sailing into Number 10

      While PCP leadership favourite Theresa May is working hard to position herself as a shoo-in for the Tory coronation, like much of what she claims, this is a falsehood. The run-off round is now the province of the broader Party membership. Andrea Leadsom still has everything to play for. The Slog explains why.

      There are a couple of things that the pro-May press are being, shall we say, rather coy about. The first is that with 194 of the Tory lobby fodder on her side, Theresa’s leadership victory is a done deal. The second is that – as with most political ‘Parties’ these days – the grassroots has very different views to those of the Westminster bubble-dwellers.

      I’m told (via the pollster bush telegraph, of which I am still a member) that discreet polling by rich person or persons not to be identified has revealed that Conservative grassroots activists, while generally approving of Theresa Maniac, also quite like the cut of Andrea Leadshot’s gib.

      More to the point, however, the survey also suggests that some 68% of motivated Conservative ex-Parliamentary Party members are in favour of Brexit.

      This is an issue upon which Leadshot’s credentials are far more certain and trustworthy than those of Theresa Mayormaynot.

      Being generally more articulate and less blinkered than Labour’s grassroots (although not by much) local Conservative members will, I’m sure, have spotted that senior Tory Remaindeer diehards are backpedalling from Brexit action like an Italian regiment retreating from Greek partisans.

      Leadsom, by contrast, has made it clear that her first act as Prime Minister will be to trigger Article 50 and stop the foot-dragging. A50 is indeed a Maginot Line, but it has the ability to slow things down if used pedantically: triggering it is a way of sayig to Brussels, ‘Get it straight: we are not going to change our minds’.

      Another fascinating fact about the profile of Conservative activists is that the core group consists of women aged 50+….soon to become victims of George Osborne’s outrageous State pension heist. The more militant and destitute 1950’s-born UK women are rapidly catching on to the need to pressurise more to get what they want. This has just gone up at the new Waspi-sting FaceBook page aimed at the more desperate victims of this National Disgrace:….”

  • lysias

    Look at what Billmon retweets:

    Michael Crick ‏@MichaelLCrick 5h5 hours ago
    I can confirm an astonishing 128,000 people have joined the Labour Party in the last 11 days. That’s probably more than total Tory members

  • Alan

    Sitting in a graveyard
    Waiting for the dawn
    Leaning on my tombstone
    Till the night is gone

    Oh how the moon
    Hangs in black sky
    Wish I could find out
    The reason why
    I sit here alone
    And cry

    My woman was so lovely
    Together we were one
    No sunshine in my weary eyes
    Now that she has gone

    Oh how the moon
    Hangs in black sky
    Wish I could find out
    The reason why
    I sit here alone
    And cry

    Palm trees whisper to me
    From your spreading height
    Tell me all the lonely stories
    Of the world at night


  • Macky

    Is it just me who is picking up on the fact that Chilcot was very deliberately precise in emphasising that the decision to attack Iraq was made before all non military means were exhausted, which is in direct contravention of Article 33 of the UN Charter; coupled with the damning statement that the Blair Government whilst claiming to be acting on behalf of the UN, actually undermined & weaken the UN.

    So although Chilcot couldn’t formally pronounce on the legality of the war, he is to my mind at least, spelling out exactly that yes the war was illegal in International Law; the consequences of such a judgement is that all those that conspired to launch an illegal war are War Criminals by definition, and therefore subject to legal prosecutions.

    • giyane


      They say the markets hate unpredictability. They should be happy today. Humble bloggers and truthseekers like yourself accurately pinpoint the pith of international law, while the odious troll is not ashamed to shill even for the war criminals like Blair.

      If I was the footsie 500, I’d be shouting ‘Bingay!’

  • Ian Brookes

    Craig, Blair made the comment: “And a nation whose people we wanted to set free and secure from the evil of Saddam became instead victim of sectarian terrorism.” The released notes from Blair to Bush also indicate that from October 2001 he was talking about regime change in Iraq and how to make it palatable.

    Since regime change is illegal under the UN Charter and it seems that it was the true intent (and not WMD) is there a case to prosecute Blair (and Bush) on the evidence?

  • Freja from Scandinavia

    I just wanted to say that your blog is an invaluable read.
    Thank you.

  • Susan

    I am also remembering Robin Cook and Dr. David Kelly – two brave and principled people who gave up excellent careers (and their lives) to take a stand against the Iraq war.

  • Maureen McCann

    You got that right Craig . ‘Blair creature of self serving slime ‘
    Bush wanted to punish some one for 9/11 and Sadam Hussain would do .
    They knew he had no WMD or conventional weapons and thought he would be an easy target.Regime change and oil is what it was all about .
    I think Blair should stand trial along with Brown who as Chancellor bank rolled the illegal invasion ,and Straw also for allowing rendition flights .

    Ps Hope your mother is ok

        • michael norton

          Can you say that the Scottish government did not turn a blind eye to extraordinary rendition in and out of Glasgow-Prestwick?

          • defo

            Nice double negative michael. I’ll ask Eck down the cafe later.
            Straw knew. That I know.

          • Rob Royston

            I’m not sure what happened, but soon after the Tamanrasset crash there were changes at the Airport.

          • michael norton

            I thought that had all been forgotten about.
            A cover-up ensueued – for sure.

          • Why be ordinary?

            The Scottish Governmnent has no authority over immigration or national security. The U.K. Govt could run this under their noses without them knowing anything

          • michael norton

            But as the Scottish government, went to all the trouble of purchasing Glasgow Prestwick for the princely sum of one pound, you’d have thought they would have looked into extraordinary rendition claims, made the same year as the Scottish government were considering purchasing Glasgow Prestwick?
            2 Jul 2012

            @Exclusive: CIA torture plane lands at Prestwick Airport@

            The airport remained unsold until October 2013 when the Scottish Government announced it was in negotiations to take the airport back into public ownership.

  • deepgreenpuddock

    The events of the early 2000’s are at near obsession level. 9/11 and the Iraq war seem like crucial moments as catalyst and reaction, and all seems counted from there, but I am very struck by the idea that these events are intrinsically tied to the past, often by unseen and unrecorded actions at the lowest levels of our experience.What inclined Blair to seek high office?Was he actually fit for it? The problem is that WE are also implicated.In countless tiny, unrecordable ways.

    Tony Blair inherited his hand from the past.We focus on his what failures but surely much of what he was responding to was created by the probably even worse actions of his predecessors, people of even worse qualities, even more prone to deceit than he.I immediately think of Bush senior, Thatcher and Major. I know, for instance, that the UK authorities were in compliance and ‘content’ with the murder of Iraqi nationals on the soil of this country, people who had fled the clutches of Saddam, and his war with Iran, and whose agents found them, and in many cases murdered them.
    All is kept shrouded from view.
    What were the antecedents to the first gulf war. Why did British companies and government collude in very high value arms deals( Matrix Churchill).Who supplied the chemical pre-cursors for the chemical weapons used by the Iraqi army both against Iran and against their own people?

    We can go much further back to the ways in which the oil that Iraq holds so much of, was a major motivating factor in the 1st world war. Does everything flow from that point? Or do we look at the iniquities of the Ottoman empire for an answer?
    We all know that these matters and near countless others are irretrievably linked and I fear that in the overall picture, Tony Blair’s faults are minor in comparison to the many devious, deceitful, avaricious, repugnant behaviours of so many others.
    I am really as aware of the appalling consequences of tese events but somehow we have to accept that we all share the guilt.we have all bought petrol, run cars, that would not have done if such faulty men as Bush and Blair had not ‘competed’ in this comfortable world we have all enjoyed.
    Blair’s ascent to power was with our undoubted consent (or at least the only means we have anything like an agreement over-an election).The remedies for error at this level are really meagre but the reality is that we are al going to have to become rather less sure of ourselves and develop or discover some humility and acceptance of the profoundly unsatisfactory nature of our condition.
    There is an alternative. It is self-destruction.

    • giyane

      Blair never had my consent. Thank God we have extricated ourselves from the roller-coaster of war that is the EU, and its master the CIA,

      • michael norton

        Today Hammond has said almost one thousand British troops will be stationed in Estonia to counter the menace of the Russian bear?

          • Loony

            How long do you think it would take Russia to roll into Estonia and kill every NATO soldier they find there? The answer, according to NATO itself is of the order of 60 hours. Although it should be noted that the less than 60 hour assessment assumes a Russian attack on all 3 of the Baltic states. For what reason do you think that this constitutes excellent news?

            The only answer that springs to mind that you are literally insane

          • IanF

            Why? Do you want a third world war? Russia has acted only to protect it’s very real and near interests (Crimea + Ukraine). In Syria they legally supported the Syrian government by invitation.

            They have struck a much more reasonable international posture since the wall came down than NATO – who have reneged on agreements not to expand or deploy troops near to Russia.

            Can you imagine the reaction of the US if Russia stationed troops in Cuba or Venezuela? The hypocrisy of the US in foreign relations is truly astounding and their drum beat for war – supported at every beat by the UK government and the stooges in the EU is frightening.

          • Loony

            IanF – You do not need to imagine as the US reaction to the Cuban missile crisis serves as an historic illustration.

        • Republicofscotland

          “The menace of the Russian bear” don’t make me laugh, now if Hammond had said the menace of Nato, I’d have probably agreed with him.

          • michael norton

            I still fail to understand what upsets the Americans / NATO about the changed circumstance of Crimea.
            Ukraine is a failed murderous state, the people of Crimea participated in a plebiscite, the outcome was very much in favour of reuniting with mother Russia, so that’s what happened.
            I would call that direct democracy

            why cannot the Americans / NATO accept that democratic outcome

            are the Americans / NATO now against democracy, would they like the hated E.U. expect the people of Crimea to re-run again and again
            until they come up with the answer that the Americans / NATO / E.U. consider the right outcome?

          • lysias

            U.S./NATO were hoping to be able to kick the Russian Black Sea fleet out of its naval base at Sevastopol. Not only would just doing so humiliate Russia, but it would make it much harder for Russia to defend Assad’s government in Syria. Now, it’s not going to happen.

          • michael norton

            Yes, correct, the Russians paid rent to Ukraine for being allowed to keep their naval base in Sevastopol, they had recently re-negotiated a further lease but the Americans had whispered in the shell like orifices of the Ukranians
            and “suggested” a possible future in NATO and the E.U. something they did to enrage Russia and to cut the balls off Russia.
            However, Vlad is quite a clever person, he is a master strategist, he does not make many mistakes, the Americans make lots of mistakes.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      “we have all bought petrol, run cars, that would not have done if such faulty men as Bush and Blair had not ‘competed’ in this comfortable world we have all enjoyed.”

      There is some truth in that – I would recommend “Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” by F. William Engdahl, but that was a decision by Anglo-American elite, and I do not believe that oil was their prime motivation, and I also do not believe that their motivation was in any way associated with the interests of English and American populations. They really do not care in the slightest for English or American people – any more or less than they care for the Millions of people killed and mutilated in many parts of the world.

      Their primary motivation is their own Power, and Total World domination of us serfs. We never had to bomb Iraq for oil. It would have been very much cheaper (by a factor of over 1000) to supply every Iraqi family with an American or British brand new limousine, than to pay for all the costs of war to steal their oil.

      Then millions of people wouldn’t be dead and mutilated, and we wouldn’t be facing an invasion of millions of refugees. We are facing that because we have destroyed their own countries, and they will replace us – all our culture – and way of life – and we probably deserve it – because we did not ourselves replace the evil bastards in control.

      There is no shortage of oil. They have been lying to us for over 100 years about almost everything.

      And still they are in power, and Tony Blair still hasn’t been arrested.

      BREXIT – maybe our last chance to avoid our own total annihilation.

      “The new British Foreign Policy by Thierry Meyssan”


  • deepgreenpuddock

    One of my abiding memories of that time was that due to my work I drove to work listening to almost all of Today on R4.Like no doubt many others I got caught up in the story about WMD and the advancing of the cause for war.I was completely ‘absorbed’ by the various elements and one very early morning I heard the story about the interview with the very reliable source saying that the intelligence was not reliable and had been exaggerated.This turned out to be the Andrew Giligan item and his contacts with David Kelly. I almost drove the car off the road, because at the completion of the item(which seemed at first sight just like another little tangential WMD related news story of which there were then many) I realised the significance of this item, as it blew a huge hole in the entire argument that had been deployed by the government.I am pretty sure there were Downing street advisers and functionaries (Campbell?) who also realised that this had the potential to unseat Blair and the Labour government-because it was gravely suggestive of deceit.
    Before the end of the programme there was a frenzied rebuttal of the story and Humphreys was returning repeatedly to the story. It was very obvious that somewhere between the BBC and Downing street , in the previous hour, shit was flying in all directions. This was obvious to anyone who had been listening to the programme.If the story stood it was the end for Blair.
    We all remember the ensuing events- but the thing i want to say is that the full weight f the government was brought to bear on David Kelly. No one nows the full story-maybe he committed suicide but he had been broken by the process that ensued from his ‘indiscretion’.I would not be surprised to learn that he had been threatened with dire consequences-prosecution under OSA /removal of pension etc,
    The abiding impression -the strongest sense of it- was that Kelly had revealed an inconvenient truth and he had been sacrificed in order to save Blair and the Labour government.It is still a very serious taint on the likes of campbell(Iam sure he was the source of the campaign to destroy Kelly) even if we dismiss the murder conspiracy theory.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Scott Ritter nails it, unfortunately. And revisits the area of intentionally false intelligence.

    If and when Craig returns to the topic, this….

    the failure on the part of the Chilcot Report to explore the issues surrounding “Operation Mass Appeal,” a disinformation effort run by the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, or MI-6) in the years 1997-1998 where UNSCOM provided the SIS with intelligence of low value (i.e., of such poor quality as to be demonstrably false and/or incapable of being acted on by inspectors) for the purpose of being recycled in the foreign media, using SIS-controlled editors and writers, so as to produce news stories capable of influencing public opinion on Iraq (the fact that these stories, although initially planted in eastern European or South Asian media, could eventually be recycled into UK and U.S. outlets, and as such influence British or American subjects, was of little to no concern for the SIS at the time)

    ….may be of interest.

      • Mark Golding

        ..the reality is that the Chilcot Report will be relegated to the trash bin of history by people who simply cannot handle the truth, condemning the present generation, and the future, to make the same mistakes, over and over and over again.

  • lysias

    The shootings in Dallas happened just a couple of blocks from Dealey Plaza. Triangulated fire this time too.

    • lysias

      Initial reports can be wrong. Now they’re saying that there may only have been one shooter in Dallas: Army veteran Micah Xavier Johnson.

      If that’s the case, that was quite a job of shooting. And shooting wasn’t even his primary job in the Army. His MOS was: Carpentry and Masonry Specialist. I wonder how he got the training that he exhibited.

    • michael norton

      I thought the Queen said this is a time for our leaders to experience calm reflextion,
      or something like that.

      If the Labour party, the Liberal party, U.K.I.P. and the Conservatives are all rudderless,
      why does Hammond imagine, now is the time to ramp up the war effort against Russia.
      Who will give the troops the order to invade / bomb Russia, Hammond?
      Next he’ll be saying there is no time to loose in renewing the Trident programme to defeat the menace of Russia,
      base it all in Scotland against the wishes of most of the inhabitants, so they plump for Secession?

      • michael norton

        Depending who the next prime minister is, Hammond may be yesterdays man, so he will have ramped up confrontation with Russia, against the will of the United Kingdom Electorate, all on his Jack.
        Is he brain dead?

        • giyane

          Turkey wants to be a transport hub, but obviously not a bulls-eye hub for enemies, but a hub for friends.they have tried and failed to make the UK and Saudi Arabia spokes, hence the necessity of false-flag blowing up Attaturk Airport to convince us Brits Turkey is not with Daesh, while making Hammond happy by gorging themselves on Saudi cash to train, help , empower, mobilise, supply and hospitalise Daesh for NATO.

          Hammond is one of those full-time spooks or spokes who speaks the opposite of what he knows to be true like Cameron. He can be spiked at any time because he is pure message, no self-input at all, just like May. The idea of a politician who has personal conviction like Jeremy Corbyn is completely laughable to them. they are zombies that can be fetched from and placed back into their Franlenstein coffins at will.

          I will never forget the visceral envy of Cameron’s instructions to Corbyn to step down.Why has this pit not been closed? why is there a human being left in parliament . MPs are not supposed to be free; they are supposed to be owned.

  • michael norton

    Brexit: Top UK diplomat nominated to be new EU commissioner

    Britain’s ambassador to France has been nominated to be the UK’s next and potentially last European Commissioner.

    Sir Julian King has been put forward by David Cameron following last week’s resignation of Lord Hill in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

    Sir Julian, a career civil servant, will be interviewed by officials and MEPs before being offered the role.

    Lord Hill was in charge of financial services but that job has now been given to Latvia’s Valdis Dombrovskis.

    • michael norton

      So Craig, there would seem to be an opening for a United Kingdom ambassador to France,
      could you be tempted?

  • michael norton

    Brexit: Top UK diplomat nominated to be new EU commissioner

    Britain’s ambassador to France has been nominated to be the UK’s next and potentially last European Commissioner.

    Sir Julian King has been put forward by David Cameron following last week’s resignation of Lord Hill in the wake of the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

    Sir Julian, a career civil servant, will be interviewed by officials and MEPs before being offered the role.

    So Craig, there would seem to be a job going in France?

    • YouKnowMyName

      Is that because Sir Julian LeRoi is the only person left in the Foreign Office who speaks a foreign language?

      ( I heard rumors, must have been false, that in the last decade many uk officials had been fast-tracked to enter the European Institutions, but that no-one could pass the bloody entrance exam! )

  • Alan

    Yet more good news:

    ‘So far 29 families of dead soldiers have asked the law firm McCue & Partners to pursue a claim against Mr Blair. Others are expected to come on board.

    The firm is looking at bringing a civil case of misfeasance in public office, which would see Mr Blair dragged through the courts for the first time over his decision to take the UK to war.’

    • giyane


      I was not affected personally by Blair as I was by Mrs Thatcher, dismantling everything the UK stands for with her twisted ideology of greed. Blair was always so obviously a liar, a neo-con, a Tory and a poodle for Bush, that he never affected me at all.

      But I feel sorry for anybody who did believe his pseudo-patriotic bollocks. It must hurt terribly if you lost a loved-one for this turd.

      Blair yesterday was still spouting the same bull-shit about taking responsibility for his decision to attack Iraq.

      It has all the incongruency of a ventriloquist dummy threatening its puppet-master:

      Blair Dummy: ” I’m going to hit you ”
      Puppet-master : ” Go on then, do it.What’s stopping you? ”
      Blair Dummy: (through the corner of his mouth) ” You’ve got to do something”

      It reminds me of the time we crashed into a cider drinker in Somerset. he was slewed across the road in the dark and he couldn’t get his gearstick into gear.

      Sometimes you encounter such a depth of irresponsibility that you have to take responsibility for the accident yourself.

  • michael norton

    Here is a snipet from the Referendum run-up

    Cameron now threatens pensioners.
    If we dare to vote leave on June 23 there will be a forty billion pound black hole in our finances and Cameron and Osborne will be unable to fill it, then they will have to restrict pensions, the NHS and the armed forces.

    Well, we voted en mass for BREXIT and we are now going to put near on a thousand troops into Estonia.

    Reel back a few weeks and the armed forces were going to have to be depleated, if we voted out.

    Does that mean we have not been told the truth by our government, to bias the Referendum?

  • Republicofscotland

    We’ve all been slating the cold blooded manaical emotionless Tony Blair, over his neferious part in the illegal war in Iraq.

    But what about Gordon Brown’s part in the blood soaked debacle?

    Brown claimed the war was the right thing to do,and that he wasn’t kept in the dark, he went as far as to say he had his own intelligence briefings on the unfolding events in Iraq.

    Brown also intimated that British troops, had all the equipment they needed to go into war.

    Brown even had the audacity to claim that Iraq was flouting UN laws, this from a man who knew British actions in Iraq flouted a UN mandate.

    Brown added, Iraq had to be dealt with, our the new world order he and others were putting together, could be put at risk.

    One could say Blair and Brown, were our very own Nixon and Kissinger, when it came to shedding other peoples blood.

  • michael norton

    “Our position is clear – NATO does not seek confrontation, we don’t want a new Cold War,”
    Stoltenberg said, addressing Russia’s grumbling over rotating NATO battalions
    through ex-communist Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

    Indeed, NATO leaders will approve rotating four battalions in Eastern Europe – around 4,000 troops in all –
    to act as a tripwire against any fresh Russian adventurism.

    Britain also announced it would contribute 650 troops to Estonia and Poland.

    The plan also includes a pledge to spend two percent of annual economic output on defence,
    ending years of cuts, and the creation of a 5,000-strong “Spearhead” force ready to deploy within days.

    It really does seem to me that our government have pulled the wool over our eyes.
    This ramping up must have been planned, before BREXIT – yet Cameron-Osborne told us they would have to wind down the armed services if we dared to vote LEAVE.
    Surely these lying cunts should be brought to book for deceiving the British public?

  • Johnstone

    My guess is that the 2. 6 million word Chilcot Report or ‘War and War’ was deliberate procrastination to give the US and UK psychopaths time to execute their plan to rein as much death, destruction and displacement as possible by their wars. Families if not destroyed have been scattered to the four winds.. One young man I have come to know, after 9 months in Germany is still traumatized, unsettled and always anxious over the welfare of his wife and child still in Syria. With his brothers in different towns all over Hessen and his father is in Rostock …..Its just appalling.. these psychopaths MUST all get locked up or it will never end.

    • glenn_uk

      You mean this “young man” – presumably of military age – ran away leaving not only his country undefended against these bloodthirsty jihadists, but left his wife and children to their tender mercies too? Seriously?


  • michael norton

    On the penultimate weekend before the crunch vote, Mr Cameron has used a series of newspaper articles and a BBC interview to warn of the financial consequences of Brexit, saying it could put at risk ring-fenced future funding for public services.

    He said forecasts from the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggested Brexit could lead to a shortfall in the public finances of between £20bn and £40bn which would need to be “filled” – either by tax rises, extra borrowing or spending cuts.

    Yes, he said a twenty to forty billion pound BLACK HOLE if we voted to LEAVE.

    Yet even though Cameron-Osborne claimed there would be a 20-40 billion pound BLACK HOLE

    if we voted out, which we did, they can send 650 soldiers to the Baltic to fight the Russians ( no doubt the soldiers will have their pay cut to help plug the 20-40b# BLACK HOLE)

    Anyone else suss that we have been lied to and lied to by REMAIN

    • michael norton

      This war ramp up
      is being pushed through, yet nobody knows what the make up of the U.K. government will be in a few months, what is the absolutely desperate rush to bang the jungle drums, now, before the new Prime minister is chosen and she in turn choses her new ministers, what if the new administration does not want to ramp up a new war with Russia, what if the voters who have voted LEAVE, (which is the opposite of what Hammond-Osborne-Cameron wanted) do not want to be driven over the cliff to Armageddon?

      • lysias

        At least here in the U.S., it’s long been the case that it’s the national security state and the plutocrat string-pullers who call the shots, and the elected politicians are just the figureheads.

        • michael norton

          There is a similar circumstance in America, perhaps, The Clinton-Obama-Bush administrations seem to revel in war, yet in a very short time a new man might take the helm.
          That new man is the Donald, him of Gaelic Scots ancestry.
          I understand the Donald was quietly wishing for the people of the United Kingdom to slay the European Union Dragon,
          delivering the first thrust.
          I believe the Donald has claimed he would be happy to deal with Vlad and accommodate Russia if possible.
          He has his sights on Mexico, not Russia.

          So it might appear that the old side, knows their old game is nearly up.
          They will try and force the hands of the new comers into the fire of everlasting conflict.

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