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I have been six hours watching “experts” across mainstream channels analyse why their earlier statements were totally wrong. There has been not one single mention of #WikiLeaks – or of social media at all. The clapped out old journalistic hacks are in denial that their mechanisms of control are now irrelevant, and they as greasy cogs in those mechanisms are viewed with contempt. The contrast between the mainstream media political narrative and what people were saying on social media was absolutely stark. People got their information from #WikiLeaks.

The Democrats chose the most Establishment candidate possible. Probably the only Democrat candidate who could have lost to Donald Trump was Hillary Clinton. Oh alright then, Weiner could have lost too, but that was about it. All those journalists who WikiLeaks showed contrived with Clinton and the DNC to cheat Sanders, may directly have caused President Trump. All those who contributed hundreds of millions to the Clintons and their “charity” Foundation to buy influence, look at this moment like they wasted their money.

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471 thoughts on “Mainstream Media: Don’t Mention Wikileaks

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  • Hieroglyph

    I literally have no earthly clue what her supporters see in Hillary Bot. Being a bit pissed that Trump and the Repubs won, I get. Being upset – to the point of tears, as some are – that Clinton lost is way beyond me.

    They actually had a video of ‘Butt Hurt Clinton Supporters Crying’ (actual title), which made me laugh. I admit to finding hard-core Hillary supporters a bit pathetic. As I say, perhaps I’ve missed some important facet of Clintonism, or have seriously under-estimated how bad Trump will be (the latter is quite possible), but teary eyed Clinton dolts evince zero sympathy from me. Their candidate sucked, got beat. Support a better one next time.

    • Rob M

      Really? You can’t find an iota of empathy for people who might think “first female President” is something to aspire for? Yeah, she sucked as a candidate, but there’s still a very obvious glass ceiling and being beaten by a guy who’s clearly guilty of sexual assault (but it’s okay, he’s rich, they “let” him do it) is going to upset a fair few people, and tears are just one expression of that grief.

      But no, email, Benghazi, corruption! You should toughen up and be a “man!”

  • Anon1

    Good morning, Glenn, and no, it wasn’t a nightmare – The Donald is going to be President.

    Though your expected meltdown has been funny, in your hysteria you are forgetting that nobody here (apart from our few American guests) actually had a vote. So you’re getting in a big strop about nothing.

    In any case, there’s nothing you Hillary supporters can do now except suck it up. No amount of whining and crying is going to change anything. Nor is calling everyone a racist or woman-hater. All you can do is get together with your fellow losers and go and hold a candle-lit vigil somewhere. And cry. They all cry, the little snowflakes. They can’t cope.

    Enjoy! The Don is going to be an outstanding President. 😀

  • Alcyone

    Political Blogs: Don’t mention Insight

    Good time to step back and go into this. Politics is not The Great Game that every one ‘believes’ it to be. Krishnamurti could not have had a better audience than here. A different kind of learning process is required though to understand the stuff (content) of life than people by and large are used to. By contrast to Analysis-Paralysis. I cannot tell you ‘how’ but we surely know how not, if we are intelligent at all. What I do know that there is a listening by the inner ear, a deep inward ‘seeing’ (appreciation) such that it becomes part of ‘who we are’, a part of our evolving/dynamic DNA (check out epigenetics). This is NOT the ‘assimilation’ of Knowledge, anything but.

    “Have you noticed, in newspapers and magazines, the amount of space given to politics, to the sayings of politicians and their activities? Of course, other news is given, but political news predominates; the economic and political life has become all-important. The outward circumstances – comfort, money, position and power – seem to dominate and shape our existence. The external show – the title, the garb, the salute, the flag – has become increasingly significant, and the total process of life has been forgotten or deliberately set aside. It is so much easier to throw oneself into social and political activity than to understand life as a whole; to be associated with any organized thought, with political or religious activity, offers a respectable escape from the pettiness and drudgery of everyday life. With a small heart you can talk of big things and of the popular leaders; you can hide your shallowness with the easy phrases of world affairs; your restless mind can happily and with popular encouragement settle down to propagate the ideology of a new or of an old religion.

    Politics is the reconciliation of effects; and as most of us are concerned with effects, the external has assumed dominant significance. By manipulating effects we hope to bring about order and peace; but, unfortunately, it is not as simple as all that. Life is a total process, the inner as well as the outer; the outer definitely affects the inner, but the inner invariably overcomes the outer. What you are, you bring about outwardly. The outer and the inner cannot be separated and kept in watertight compartments, for they are constantly interacting upon each other; but the inner craving, the hidden pursuits and motives, are always more powerful. Life is not dependent upon political or economic activity; life is not a mere outward show, any more than a tree is the leaf or the branch. Life is a total process whose beauty is to be discovered only in its integration. This integration does not take place on the superficial level of political and economic reconciliations; it is to be found beyond causes and effects.

    Because we play with causes and effects and never go beyond them, except verbally, our lives are empty, without much significance. It is for this reason that we have become slaves to political excitement and to religious sentimentalism. There is hope only in the integration of the several processes of which we are made up. This integration does not come into being through any ideology, or through following any particular authority, religious or political; it comes into being only through extensive and deep awareness. This awareness must go into the deeper layers of consciousness and not be content with surface responses.”

    J. Krishnamurti Commentaries on Living Series I Chapter 11 `Politics’.

      • Alcyone

        Thank you Johnny. I’ve been looking out for something funny to read; this may be it. And my kinds book which one can pick up and put down at any time. And most of all not have to memorise! Thereby avoiding the addition of another layer of useless knowledge. I know hy London taxi-drivers have to do The Knowledge but what about every one else? I lurve being unknowledgeable. thanks again.

  • fwl

    Greenmantle by John Buchan was published 100 years ago in 1916. In Greenmantle Imperial Germany sets up a charismatic Islamic leader to ferment Islamic uprising to undermine British rule in India.

    In recent years we have seen 9/11, Osama, ISIS, Afghanistan, Iraq, Arab Spring, LIbya and Syria, mass migration from N Africa and Syria into Europe fanning fears and tensions, the 2007/08 financial crisis and QE.

    In 1997 Zbigniew Brezinski explained the world order as he saw and desired it: US’ principle ally in Europe is Germany. For reasons of sensitivity France played principle violin and Germany second fiddle, but Germany owning the whole orchestra in reality. Britain sitting on the side as a fixed aircraft carrier and tame former power has played an intermediary role between France and Germany and helped to represent the US in Europe. Britain abdicates this role through Brexit and is now stepping out of the EU altogether leaving Germany and France to resolve matters on their own. Germany immediately presses to increase the hitherto little heard of European army (i.e. at expense of NATO). Peripheral EU nations start to fall by the way side if they ever had any influence. Elections to come in France, Germany, Holland and Austria all with potential for gains by right wing candidates. Trump elected on 9/11/16 on a white working class nationalist ticket with little interest in NATO and according to Bloomberg the 600M sterling he owes to foreign banks is owed to Deutche Bank (who are currently in discussion with the US Government as to the US14B fine. Goldman’s apparently considering relocating European HO from London to their Frankfurt base. What role for London: a glorified off shore banker – just a big Gurnsey Jersey and IoM? Merkel and Hollande both need to hang on in there. Liberals of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your freedoms.

    Buchan also wrote The Gap in the Curtain about glimpsing the future. What is going on…….ever had the feeling you’ve been played?

    (* talk of Greenmantle and Buchan further encourages me to get hold of Sikinder Burnes; I haven’t ordered it but will do if it doesn’t appear in the shops by Christmas)

    • nevermind

      thoughtful post there fwl, and we are being played like fiddles. A European army was talked about some time ago and it is the idea of a third pillar of power, balancing both Russia and the US that appealed to this idea.

      Are we back to normal news reporting yet? or is the MSM going to do a Corbyn on Trump, incessant sniping, organising opposition and praising their work for democracy,sic, all day every day, it would cover up all the ‘action’ Mrs may is getting on with under the mantle of trump mania, like privatising BBC radio ( 60% of it, not the bits controlled by the MI’s), now that local stations are getting less attention.

      PS where is Mr. Werritty, is he still poodle to Liam Fox?

      • Phil Ex Frog


        Do you think criminals are never pardoned by presidents on their last day? Sorta like you insisting yesterday the US would never nuclear first strike?

        Google Mark Rich. That’ll give you an idea. Sorry, of course an econ/political/lawyery guy like you would know exactly who Mark Rich is. How could a specialist like you not. Unless you really are the gobshite idiot you seem to be.

        • Martinned

          Oh no, Presidents typically pardon more criminals on their last days in office than on any other day. It’s just wild-eyed nonsense that Clinton is a criminal.

          • MJ

            “It’s just wild-eyed nonsense that Clinton is a criminal”

            It’s just blind-eyed nonsense to disregard the great volume of evidence against her that is in the public domain.

          • bevin

            In which case there will be no call for Obama to pardon her. We will see.

            No doubt the same was true of Nixon who was pardoned by Ford on his first day in office.

    • Alcyone

      Given that the substantive corruption issues are in the Clinton Foundation domain, would Obama have to pardon Bill (‘BJ’) Clinton too?

      • Martinned

        1. Seriously? Still Clinton Derangement Syndrome after her political career is over?
        2. You can’t prosecute someone for corruption who hasn’t held (political) office during the relevant time.

          • Alcyone

            LOL. You like that word, don’t you? I have been charged too before. He only has himself to blame for tying himself up in knots…oops sorry forgot his already canned 😉

            I just don’t get it when people come here and expand their chest and say ‘I am this!’ or ‘I am that!’. Tinker soldiesr sailor whatever…like religion, I think they soon discover it’s not very wise to wear your shit on your sleeve. BUT what worries me ever more is how will they save themselves?

          • Ba'al Zevul

            I was referring to Hillary, not you. This time. Look, I’m sorry, old son, since we do occasionally agree on stuff, but with reference to your spiritually elevating interjection of 0840 (above) and yours of 1242, to which this is a response:

            …like religion, I think they soon discover it’s not very wise to wear your shit on your sleeve. .

            you’re either completely un-self-aware or you’re having a laugh. Which?

          • Alcyone

            Ba’al, perhaps both?

            I don’t know what you mean by ‘spirituality’? I do however enjoy talking about certain four-lettered words, that do, or should, concern us all:
            L . I . F . E
            M . I . N . D
            even L . O . V . E, I’m not shy. Of that I am aware.

            I mean even politics needs context.

            PS What happened at 12.42?

          • Alcyone

            Furthermore, at 08.40 we were ridiculing the construct of religions, in passing, though that was far from the main point. You failed to read or are uninterested, or both? It’s OK.

            Btw, have I used the word ‘spirituality’ at anytime here? What do you mean by ‘spirituality’?

          • Ba'al Zevul

            1232. Age-related ocular incompetence, I’m afraid.
            Spirituality – I couldn’t think of a kinder way of putting it.

            Let me ram somer of mine down your reluctant throat, for a change:

            The Dao that can be trodden
            is not the enduring and unchanging Dao.
            The name that can be named
            is not the enduring and unchanging name.

          • Alcyone

            Keep it simple:

            “The word is not the thing.” (Krishnamurti)

            My reference to DNA refers to the physical transcendence. Besides the brain re-wires itself.

            PS What happened at 12.32? Why don’t you link the darned thing?

          • Herbie

            “The word is not the thing”

            Tom Paine said the same thing in the late 18C.

            Plato, 2500 years ago.


            People seem to think that words are things.

            So much so indeed that our political culture is infested with neologicisms pretending to be objective things.

            One of the great achievements of the new left since the 70s.

            In a bad way.

            The Guardian, the BBC etc.

            They’ve constructed a whole unreal world of fantasy words and phrases that elicit emotive responses to that which is not really there.

            All the while denying the reality that’s beating down the door.

          • Alcyone

            Plus the Foundation as a whole may be implicated by the IRS. Not sure if the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 1977 would apply. Perhaps not.

            If it be the IRS then Bill and Chelsea may also need the pardons?

          • michael norton

            If “people” in Saudi Arabia put money into The Clinton Foundation, and some monies fell from the Clinton foundation into Mrs.Clinton fund for fighting the recent election.
            That would be a CRIME.

    • nevermind

      Can you still pursue a person who has been pardoned? put her in front of the courts, in absentia, be judged for her past activities?

      • lysias

        As the U.S. Constitution makes clear, a pardon cannot block impeachment. And there is precedent for impeaching a former cabinet officer. Former Secretary of War Belknap in 1876.

        Nor would an impeachment of Hillary be an exercise in futility. Besides the disgrace, conviction of Hillary in her Senate impeachment trial would result in a prohibition of her holding any future government office.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          It’s just a coincidence that, in the words of Wikipedia, Contributions (to the Clinton Global Initiative – BZ) from foreign donors who are prohibited by law from contributing to political candidates in the U.S. constitute a major portion of the foundation’s income. And it would be enlightening to learn, as we cannot presently, how much of that income finds its way to its stated targets, and how much goes on inflated executive pay – and still qualifies as charitable disbursement.

          The Clintons have only themselves to blame if their philanthro-commercial enterprise lacks transparency – and has the appearance of an opaque scam. Ditto, of course, Blair’s.

    • Alcyone

      Nope, not over until The Wrinkled-chubby-cheeks Lady Sings. Over to the land of milk and honey, where it is said the people have a great respect for money:

      “Switzerland’s largest bank[edit]
      When Clinton took office as Secretary of State, the Internal Revenue Service was suing Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS AG, to obtain information on Americans with secret accounts at the bank. The bank’s situation was complicated by the fact that, by acceding to the IRS’s requests, the bank would potentially violate Switzerland’s secrecy laws. Following what the Wall Street Journal referred to as “an unusual intervention by the top U.S. diplomat”, Clinton announced a tentative settlement between UBS and the IRS. Based on the terms of the settlement, UBS provided information on the identities of 4,450 Americans with accounts at the bank out of a total of 52,000 requested by the IRS. The agreement was criticized by some lawmakers in the U.S. who had been seeking additional information.[20][21]

      Following the settlement in 2009, UBS’s donations to the Clinton Foundation increased significantly. Through 2008, the bank had donated $60,000 cumulatively to the Foundation. By 2014, the total had grown to $600,000. The bank also paid Bill Clinton $1.5 million for a series of question-and-answer sessions with its CEO, which was the top source of corporate speech income for Clinton between 2001 and 2014.[20][21]”

      Watch this space:

    • Alcyone

      Watch this Bharara guy too. He’s like a brave-hearted bull-dog who simply WILL NOT let it down once he’s got the bit between his teeth:

      “The New York-based probe is being led by Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. Bharara’s prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in a large number of convictions of banks, hedge funds and Wall Street insiders.”

      Read more:

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Excellent, and rings very true. Thanks. Recommended. It’s just a shame the author wasn’t running for Pres and his red-state friends had to make do withTrump.

      • Gulliver

        I’ve just noticed the article was actually penned back in October, but nevertheless it remains as good an explanation of Trumps popularity as anything I’ve read to date.

        Clintons “…you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables..,” pronouncement may come to be seen as the nail in the coffin of her campaign, more so than anything the FBI or Wikileaks could come up with at any rate. And it was entirely self inflicted.

        • kief

          Nonsense. No single act brought the outcome. Otherwise, the slash-hound would have been kilt by pussy-gate.

          • Gulliver

            You’re right, no single thing can be said to have determined the outcome of the election but the “deplorables” speech exemplifies the contempt Clinton and others have for a large number of Americans. To claim that 25% of your fellow citizens are Racist or Xenophobic or Homophobic or whatever is not a particularly good way to get them to vote for you.

            This attitude exists on both sides of the red/blue divide, I think Romney said something similar in 2012, accusing 47% of Americans of being freeloading ne’er do wells. He lost as well.

        • Trowbridge H. Ford

          I plan to go to Rust Belt cities in swing states, like Detroit, Flint, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Youngstown, Scranton, Eire, Philadelphia, etc. to check on massive electoral fraud, but you would think that someone else who be concerned, and checking on it too.

          And, of course, it made a huge difference as it put Trump’s fascists in command and control.

  • Max

    The news is full of headlines which seem to suggest that journalists were only born yesterday and have only just discovered how sick the world is. But I suppose that is just how they operate nowadays, with utter irresponsibility. They go on about this freak in the USA without realising that the alternative was no less freaky. It is like one big echo chamber, and it is hard to find anyone saying anything new or interesting. Especially sad are all the British headlines, which completely ignore the fact that we have an even more dangerous head of state, intent on renewing Trident and perpetuating the worst abuses of the people initiated under the last Tory leadership.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    President Trump. He can destroy the world in 30 minutes. He has suggested using nuclear weapons.

    Next year, President Le Pen, Fascist.

    Blackshirts in the White House, blackshirts in the Elysee.

    France has been fascist before. There will be violence and civil unrest in France. There will be Martial Law in France.

    In the UK, our Govt floats ideas such as forcing employers to provide lists of ‘foreign nationals’ who are employees and forcing midwives and doctors to check people’s passports as they enter Maternity Units.

    A Labour MP is assassinated on English high street by a Nazi.

    All of this is being normalised.


    It’s a lot deeper than simply the DNC, though I do agree with Craig on their machinations. Yet, with respect, Craig too thought that Clinton would win. It is my view that in the context of oligarchic capitalism, Sanders would have lost too, probably even worse than Clinton lost.

    Hate is a potent emotion. Most people do not get their news/views from Wikileaks, they get it from the zeitgeist and once again, the zeitgeist is atavism: Blame all your troubles not on complex economic factors but on east targets – ‘foreigners’, ‘immigrants’, the Other. Hitler, Goering and Goebbels understood this perfectly. This is reality of the human condition and the sooner the Left wake up and realise it, the better. Decency won’t work. The only way to deal with fascism is to smash it. But that won’t happen because there is no effective Left any more. I fully expect there to be register of Muslims in the USA. Perhaps I should start wearing a crescent. You think I’m joking?

    Things are about to get a whole lot worse than even Craig could have imagined.

    • kief

      Is the Donald Stuxnet 2.0? No one seems concerned that advisors will be advising the blank slate that is going to be in the WH.

    • Macky

      “President Trump. He can destroy the world in 30 minutes. He has suggested using nuclear weapons.”

      As could Hillary, or any past/present/future US President, or Russian, Chinese, Israeli;, Pakistani leader, etc,

      Get a grip ! All this hysteria is as if you aren’t old enough to remember all the doom & gloom, indeed all the End of the World parties that greeted the election of Ronald Reagan.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        You get a grip, Mackey, as Reagan would have destroyed the world when his goons assassinated Sweden’s Olof Palme for a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War if it had not been for the spies the Soviets developed to learn what was afoot, and prevent it from going out of control.

        Gorby was so scared about what Washington would do that he gave up on the Soviet experiment.

        Then JFK saved us from a similar fate during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and its replay when he was assassinated, thanks to their screwup when he was killed.

        Who is going to save us now? You?

      • Suhayl Saadi

        I do remember it, well, though not the ‘End of the World’ parties (my youth was not so much mis-spent, as not spent at all!) And Reagan’s presidency was a disaster. We are still living with the consequences.

        Nixon, drunk (he has an alcohol problem) boasted to aides that he could go away and blow up the world and then he walked away, leaving them aghast. He was joking.

        To some extent, Trump is the USA’s Berlusconi. Berlusconi did not have a red telephone.

        I don’t think we should attempt to minimise the likely impact of what is happening, in the USA or here, in the UK/Europe.

        What we are seeing right now is the culmination of what began in the 1980s: ‘Reagan, Thatcher: The Wet Dream’. The last vestiges of the post-war consensus are breaking down. This is not the assault on the financial system the Left would like to see. That’s just Trump/Farage/Le Pen et al’s propaganda. Hitler too was a great ‘populist’.

        I wish I were exaggerating. I do not think even people like Craig have really understood the depth of this process. In a tweet, Craig I think suggests that Trump won was because the American people ‘don’t want another Cold war with Russia’ (and, the argument goes, Clinton wanted one). With respect, that is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (or perhaps missing the elephant in the sitting-room). There is no silver lining.

        • Macky

          @Suhayl, agreed that there is a tidal change process occuring, which was inevitable given that Capitalism went bankrupt in 2008, the question is how to best deal with this reality; pin our hopes of dangerous & false “liberals” like HRC & then whine when the only other choice was a racist bigot; If people have a choice to vote for decent people, they will, as we have to believe in the intrinsic goodness in people, otherwise we are eventually doomed come what may.

          The crucial task is to ensure that people are given a choice with is not the slippery slope of the so called Lesser Evil, which is why we need to support real alternatives as epitomised by Corybyn, who will I believe trump our own mini-Trump in Theresa May come the next election.

      • kief

        Yes, the tyrannic majority has made that argument exhaustively.

        Now lets’s discuss what y’all are loathe to discuss, the consequences for other countries like Iran.

        • michael norton

          Well Trump is expected to get on fine and dandy with Vlad.
          Vlad wants all of Syria, I expect he will talk them into becoming Russia.
          Iran / ex-Soviet Union wish to transfer fluids from Asia /Gulf of Persia, via Kurdistan /Syria to the Med.
          I do not think Mr.Trump will hold much interest in Saudi Arabia as did Obama/Clinton/Bush
          that awful ship has sailed.
          Most of the terror comes from Saudi influenced persons.

          I expect the ex-Soviet Union /Iran will be able to get their ways, in a route through Northern Iraq /Northern Syria.
          WW3 averted.
          The Amerikan voters are fed up with non-stop wars.

        • nevermind

          Iran is ok without you or anybody else goading it, remember you signed a peace treaty, sanctions have been lifted and Iran has purchased a brand new SS400 surface to air missile system, because its surrounded by hostile contempt from the US, on both sides, from France and from Saudi Arabia.

          Iran has never attacked anyone for 250 years, why should that change, explain?
          Please no stories of homosexuals hanging from cranes, that is known,
          But, if Trumpman wants to do something good for the US economy I suggest that he goes there and talks trade to the Ayatollahs. Might also be a good idea to stop the arms flow to Yemen in which the UK is also implemented.

          • kief

            Are you asking or telling?

            I would like to hear how there’s puppies and stuffed animals coming with father christmas.

    • michael norton

      No Place in Scotland for any type of LGBTI hate Crime – multi sex toilets all round

      No place for any form of hate crime, says Chief Constable
      Published 10 October 2016

      There is no place in Scotland for any form of Hate Crime, intolerance or prejudice, says Police Scotland at the launch of national Hate Crime Awareness Week.

      Chief Constable Phil Gormley said, “Tackling all forms of Hate Crime remains an absolute priority for Police Scotland. Every incident has a significant impact on the victim, their family and wider communities. Police Scotland continues to work closely with our criminal justice partners to do everything in our power to protect all communities and eradicate all forms of hatred.

      “We cannot, however, do this on our own, and I am asking the people of Scotland to continue to work with us to ensure every incident is reported to the police.

      “We recognise that Hate Crime often goes unreported, and there are many reasons why people don’t come forward and raise their concerns, but we must work together to ensure Hate Crime has no place in our communities.

      “We live in a diverse and welcoming country, where for the majority, diversity is something to be celebrated, so if you or someone you know is being targeted and treated unfairly due to their disability, sexuality, race, religion or sexual orientation, then do something about it and tell someone.

      So, Scotland under the SNP
      is it turning into a thought crime state?

      • michael norton

        If George Orwell was still alive
        he would not believe the depths that the SNP is reducing Scotland to, a laughing stock.
        He would be gob-smacked ( don’t think he’d have used that phrase)

  • michael norton

    FRONT OF THE QUEUE – Donald Trump invites Theresa May to US as soon as possible
    PRESIDENT Elect Donald Trump has invited Prime Minister Theresa May to visit the US once he takes up office.
    Daily Express

    Thanks Donald.

  • Aurora

    Only Sanders, after being defeated, in ways I’m sure he knew were fixed before the leaked emails, then backed Clinton.

    Why was that?

  • Tom

    It’s also increasingly clear on both sides of the Atlantic that a) the mainstream media work for their governments and b) that the pollsters are deliberately faking their data to massage public opinion.
    I was relieved to wake up on Wednesday to hear that Trump was winning, as I think he will give us a safer world. The military don’t like it, of course, which is why they’re trying to present him as a mad extremist, just as they did with Reagan, another peacemaker.

    • kief

      BS. The Pentagon and cohorts (GE, LOCKHEED) love him. It’s 1980 all over again.

      Budgets going through the roof based on Trumps campaign pledge.

  • nevermind

    mensch meier, what a load of tosh we have tonight on the Norton and kief blog here.

    Aren’t you poor souls lucky for someone else to provide you with a jerk, just one little jerk….

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Clue: Habbabreak. Though I think you’re being unfair to Kief. At least he has thoughts of his own, usually on topic. I have Norton blocked,though, and that’s lovely.

      Kief’s probably right. For the purposes of mending fences with the Establishment, Trump’s switched personas. And cuddly Trump is IMO even more nauseating than huckster Trump. What was that he kept bellowing about Clinton’s ‘hypocrisy’?


  • Paul Barbara

    The good news is we won’t have a ‘Dead Cow Walking’ with it’s hoof on the red button.

  • bevin

    This article which shows the enormous influence that Krishnamurti’s thought has had on Trump’s business career, also deals with the unemployment matter in the United States.
    Trump’s victory should not have surprised us, the real surprise is that it has taken so long for a candidate espousing the cause of the unemployed and de-industrialised areas to run for the presidency. What is not surprising is that the candidate came from the right because it has been the main political task of the democrats to prevent a candidate from the left-that is what Clintonism has been about since 1992. In the past the Clintons and the Democratic Leadership Council have swatted down successive left wing candidates-which is one reason why Sanders distanced himself from the party until he ran for the nomination.
    (The references to Krishnamurti, though clear, are sub-textual.)

  • Dave

    The irony is the “Marxist Left” at least until elected to office do represent the working class and this in practice makes them “nationalist” because the “Liberal Left” hates the working class because of social reasons and identify with the “middle class” of different nations and in effect promote a “middle class multi-culturalism” that ignores borders and thus it is left to “right-wing nationalists” to represent the workers as part of the national family!

    • Paul Barbara

      “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” —Statement made before the United States Senate on Feb. 7, 1950 by James Paul Warburg (“Angel” to and active in the United World Federalists), son of Paul Moritz Warburg, nephew of Felix Warburg and of Jacob Schiff, both of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. which poured millions into the Russian Revolution through James’ brother Max, banker to the German government — See the Sisson Report’
      ‘More New World Order Quotes’:

      The rabbit-hole runs deep, but check these old quotes against what is coming to pass……
      I rest my case.

  • Paul Barbara

    Just to remind anyone interested, there will be a vigil outside the Ecuadorean Embassy in London (Flat 3B, 3 Hans Cres, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 0LS; behind Harrods, nearest tube Knightsbridge) from 09:00 tomorrow Monday 14th November.

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