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I have been six hours watching “experts” across mainstream channels analyse why their earlier statements were totally wrong. There has been not one single mention of #WikiLeaks – or of social media at all. The clapped out old journalistic hacks are in denial that their mechanisms of control are now irrelevant, and they as greasy cogs in those mechanisms are viewed with contempt. The contrast between the mainstream media political narrative and what people were saying on social media was absolutely stark. People got their information from #WikiLeaks.

The Democrats chose the most Establishment candidate possible. Probably the only Democrat candidate who could have lost to Donald Trump was Hillary Clinton. Oh alright then, Weiner could have lost too, but that was about it. All those journalists who WikiLeaks showed contrived with Clinton and the DNC to cheat Sanders, may directly have caused President Trump. All those who contributed hundreds of millions to the Clintons and their “charity” Foundation to buy influence, look at this moment like they wasted their money.

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471 thoughts on “Mainstream Media: Don’t Mention Wikileaks

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    • glenn_uk

      He’s a lot more magnanimous in victory than a lot of the mean-spirited low-information types crowing about it here, that’s for sure.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Trowbridge, Happy Birthday. I did wish you a Happy Birthday before, but my comment was not deemed worthy..I will try and repost it, redacting anything that anyone could find offensive.

    “Trowbridge, Happy Birthday. Don’t drink too much or you might not make 100 not out. As you’ve got so far, and have still got most of your marbles, you might as well carry on and do the Ton.

    I don’t quite understand your affection for the witch who you claim tried to kill you. I would have thought you would want to see her in jail. Anyone unconnected to the witch’s brew (see Macbeth) would either be dead or in jail by now.

    My wife just told me the numerology connection *redacted* 11/9, so she might have a point that Trump may take us all directly to hell. Don’t pass go and don’t collect £200 – though he does have a bit of a monopoly on the subject of large buildings.

    Unsurprisingly Trump knows quite a lot about buildings, and he knew *redacted* were used on the day, and he said so when interviewed. I won’t give you a link as that subject upsets some people on here, and they are already upset enough today cos their team didn’t win.”

    PS – if you are an OAP and live in England – Bags of Coal now in Wickes are 3 for the price of 2 (last year’s stock). Keep warm this winter – it might be very cold and its cheaper than burning books.


      • Tony_0pmoc


        I live in a large house that is even older than me. Even the central heating system is nearly as old as me, but part of one of my jobs about 30 years ago included disaster recovery and contingency planning. I remember the winter of 1963. It was incredibly cold.

        Our energy industry in the UK is not now well regulated by people who understand such things. It is largely controlled by politicians. We have very little spare available energy capacity if things go wrong. If for example we get an incredibly cold winter. We now run on a very efficient just in time supply system. It is very cost effective, but has very little spare capacity – for anything that happens beyond the normal.

        I hope not to need the now large amount of coal – that I have stored.

        I hope my electricity and gas supply continue – when there isn’t enough available to go round.

        I have a baby in the house as well now.

        The idea is to keep alive – all our family – if everything goes wrong.

        We do have some snow chains too and four wheel drive too.

        We also grow and store some of our own food.

        How about you?


    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Thanks, Tony. Didn’t drink too much. and had a nice dinner with my sister at the best Italian restaurant in New Haven.

      Don’t expect or hope to make 100, but shall keep going as long as I think I am making a difference.

      Supporting Hillary, as I tried to explain before, was despite her husband, and some of his scum chums trying to kill me. Decided that I was treating her as if she was one of them which was really just finding her guilty by association. Not even sure that Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, the US Ambassador to Portugal, even knew what the scum was up to while she was trying to arrange that Portuguese workers who went to the States to work kept their Social Security benefits when they returned home.

      Still think that the Republicans stole the elections. Not just Comey’s and others shinanigins about her e-;mails but more important stuffing ballots for Donald et al. in Rust Belt cities where the number of registered voters outnumbered the number of residents. Plan to get someone to pay me to go to places like Detroit, Scranton et al., and check the alleged voters with the addresses they supplied. Think I will find considerable number who are no longer there. They have either moved away, or died.

      This would help explain why Trump was even surprised by the numbers who voted for him.

      Of course, the media are not even alluding to the likelihood of this happening. It’s all about the Democrats not getting out the coalition which elected Obama.

      Keep going, and hope you are reasonably content, like me.

    • kief

      Gird thy loins. Iran (unofficially) up first.

      And I don’t want to hear any whining from you folks…take your medicine when prescribed.

    • Loony

      Do you really think that the US intends to step up the rate of killings in Mexico. Most informed estimates center around 60,000 violent deaths as a consequence of US financed and US directed drug wars.

      For what possible reason would the US want to kill more Mexicans? Indeed if you want to slow down the rate of Mexican immigration then most people might consider ending the slaughter of Mexicans in Mexico as being a sensible prerequisite.

      Aint it funny how liberals obsess over every death they can count in places like Palestine and yet can remain totally uncaring about mass death in Mexico.

        • Loony

          Mexican drug wars are both financed by and directed by the US. This is a statement of fact for which multiple sources of independent corroboration exist. Not least the criminally corrupt HSBC which especially redesigned its bank counters to accommodate the preferred package sizes for drug money deposits. This would be the same HSBC who were afforded protection for their crimes in the US. All of this and so much more is a matter of public record.

          The fact that you cannot be bothered to verify any of this for yourself but instead concentrate on making factually erroneous and semi literate responses is probably instructive

          • Habbabkuk

            I note you mention the existence of “multiple sources of independent corroboration” but fail to give even one of them as a source/link.

            Let me therefore invite you to indicate to readers a few of those “multiple” sources.

            Thank you.

            (BTW – why should I verify your assertions? It is for you to back them up if invited – or better still, back them up before being invited)

          • Loony

            You may come from a land of plenty where others exist for the sole reason of doing your bidding. However I am not your research assistant – you want information look it up for yourself.

            You don’t want information, don’t look it up. However absent information you are by definition ignorant. A consequence of ignorance is that you are logically unable to differentiate assertion from fact.

            You have choices do some work for yourself or suffer the consequences of ignorance. I don’t care what you choose. I merely point out that you attempt to mislead and misdirect through a strategy of conflating ignorance with knowledge. Do you think that Orwell wrote instruction manuals?

        • John Goss

          You reminded me of the tragic death of Kirsty Maccoll, singer-songwriter and daughter of Ewan. She was killed by some rich Mexican in a speedboat, who blamed it on one of his staff, who took the rap after being promised a house and other perks. I never knew her music (not my generation) but Ewan MacColl wrote the Radio Ballads which included, I think, I’m Freeborn Man of the Travelling People and Shoals of Herring. He wrote Dirty Old Town (apparently Salford) but was probably most famous for The First Time Ever I saw your Face which was written for his third wife, not Kirsty’s mum, Peggy Seeger. Here Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger sing “Dirty Old Town”.

  • Soothmoother

    German Mass media is a prime example of biased and misleading reporting. When Pegida or AFD march, the German government pays antifascists to form a counter demonstration. They charter buses for them from all over Germany. The antifas attack the mostly peaceful marchers and the police and set fire to cars and generally riot. The mainstream then reports trouble from Nazis at the march, but don’t mention the antifas. This is not democracy and it fuels the xenophobia and islamophobia. What ever happened to free speech, dialogue and diplomacy. It’s hard to find the truth anywhere.

  • DRDWoodward

    A lesson they need to learn, if they are to be of any relevance in the future.

    Whats that old saying …. ?

    You can fool All the People some of the time and Some of the People All the time.
    But you cant fool All the people All the Time.

    That is what the establishment corporate media and their political controllers have forgotten.

  • Sharp Ears

    They haven’t even occupied the WH yet.

    A Trump White House could mean gaudy gold decor and tacky touches

    Obama said he has invited Trump to the WH ‘next Thursday’. Tomorrow or next week?

    The transition will be seamless!

  • Dave

    Trump has declared his support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and this would finally settle the conflict in the favour of Palestine, because this would replace the two state with the one state solution that delivers Palestine victory through the ballot box, unless postponed by the “Israeli” government “killing their own people”!

    • Republicofscotland

      ,” unless postponed by the “Israeli” government “killing their own people”!


      Yes Dave, your above sentence, is as Habb says, definitely on to something.

      Many United Nations (UN) member states formally adhere to the United Nations proposal that Jerusalem should have an international status, a much safer bet, I think.

  • Republicofscotland

    So in the end, Russia bashing by Clinton and the DNC, fooled absolutely no one. As the mainstream media ramped up the threat of Putin, and Trump, as his puppet in the Whitehouse, social media users knew in the end it was all nonsense, courtesy of Wikileaks.

    The reality of Russia bashing, was peeled back when Hillary Clinton, claimed after meeting Putin, that he (Putin) was engaging, and a very interesting conversationalist.

    Hillary’s very embarrassing e-mail debacle, combined with the FBI investigation, in my opinion turned voters away from Clinton, and rightly so. Most social media users, (who pay atttention) in my opinion, already knew that Hillary’s cupboard is full of skeletons, and that she’s a devoted hawk, I say good riddance to her.

    As for Trump’s somewhat surprise win, and which direction he takes on US foreign policies, we’ll just have to wait and see. THe GOP, now controls the Senate, and the House of Representatives, as well.

    Trump has said some very nasty things, throughout the course of the 2016 POTUS campaign, were his comments at times, just populist candy coated politics? aimed at zealots? Or will he go on and carry out his distasteful threats? Again only time will tell.

  • Habbabkuk

    On the previous page someone jokingly suggested that Mrs Clinton has sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Washington.

    Speaking of Ecuadorian Embassies, I am given to understand that Mr Assange is going to be interviewed, in the Ecuadorian Embassy, not by Swedish officials but by someone from Ecuador itself.

    It would be interesting to hear from one of Mr Assange’s usually well-informed supporters why the interview will not be conducted by the Swedes. Is this something Mr Assange has posed as a condition for allowing himself to be interviewed at all or is it something the Ecuadorians have insisted on?

    It does seem very strange, given that the only reason Mr Assange gave for fleeing to the Ecuadorian Embassy was that he had doubts about his safety were he to go to Sweden to be interviewed.

  • Republicofscotland

    Now that Trump is the 45 fifth POTUS, (and it’s all Russia’s doing) the hand wringing by the media and so called politico’s in the know (or so they think) have spouted doom and gloom, for all four corners of the earth now Trump has his feet under Old Resolute.

    Trump neither a politicians, nor military man, (mind you Ronald Reagan starred in a movie with a chimpanzee, though it was difficult at times, to discern, one from the other) is according to some media outlets, unqualified to be POTUS.

    Trump, often paraphrased, during his semi-rants, “Draining the swamp” was a popular one. Interestingly Washington DC, is built upon a swamp, that has long since dried out. Was Trump referring to political corruption?

    No doubt the media will blame Russia, when Trump falters , and he will falter.

  • Republicofscotland

    What now for Hillary Clinton, and her sleaze laden dynastic attempts, to prolong the Clinton name in Washington?

    Surely she must now face the full wrath of a thorough FBI investigation, once again with courtesy to Wikileaks, whose spanners in the works (e-mails etc) derailed the Clinton campaign. Though no doubt again, Clinton’s glaring ineptitudes, will be down to the cunning Russian’s infiltration of American politics.

  • Republicofscotland

    As for Mr Assange and his, unjust predicament, I hope he takes comfort, in the knowledge, that even though his liberty has been restricted by acolytes and sycophants, acting on behalf of the Great Satan (consecutive US governments).

    That he and his Wikileaks band of brothers, can still reach out and alter the outcome, of the greatest glitzy media events on earth, the POTUS campaign and the electorate.

    I wonder if Trump will dropped the witch hunt on Mr Assange, afterall, without Wikileaks, Clinton might have crept over the line.

    The media however will crow, that Russia and Assange are what ails the world today.

    • nevermind

      Yep, Pence is pure in his hatred and he looks like somebody who would be ruthless, should he get his chance, lets hope nobody repeats history with another JFK solution to Trumps endeavours,
      it would put him in charge.

      Bibi will do whatever is best for Israel’s future land grabs, what ever gas /oil is opportune to siphon off Lebanon and Ghaza. His existence is tied to a polarised US, division is the great game for him, it provides cracks for him to insert his dissonance, and he’ll do anything to get the right support to bust the Iran peace accord.

      • kief

        Thank you for the German perspective.

        What can you proffer adivcewise for those who see some resemblance to Munich ’33?

        Is Trump a rug-muncher like Shicklegruber?

    • kief

      I’m sorry I did not see that sooner than now.

      Thank you for the objectivity. Can we expect more of the same?

      I really appreciate your concern for US citizens and their families.

      It’s a breath of fresh air.

  • Habbabkuk

    Various commenters have on occasion made reference to the fact that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland does not have a written constitution.

    They have tended to see that as a black mark against the United Kingdom and its political arrangements.

    Habbabkuk therefore wonders what the government of an independent Scotland would do as far as a constitution is concerned.

    Would it, for instance, just continue to apply the current constitution, or would it promulgate its own presumably written constitution (via, for example, the setting up of a Consitutional Comvention)?

    What is the position of the SNP on this question, and could one or more of the supporters of an independent Scotland on this blog shed any light on the matter?

  • Loony

    Here is an article.

    It is polemical and emotive and as such probably not true.

    It is of interest because it captures a spirit, and for a short while this spirit will galvanize others to act. It is relevant because this kind of thinking will be the thinking that topples European elites.

    There is a referendum coming up in Italy, and in 2017 Presidential elections in France and General Elections in Germany and the Netherlands. All of the current pro EU regimes will be swept away on a tide of populism and ignorance by a mass of people too ignorant to understand just how repugnant they are to local elites. Tell them they are racist, xenophobic bigots all you want. They are going to vote your snouts out of the trough. The game is up.

  • Laguerre

    As Loony says, the Trump victory was a sort of revolution. Much like in electoral terms the taking of the Bastille in 1789. A blind explosion of anger against the system. Who knows what the consequence will be. If the Napoleonic parallel has any value, it won’t be the sufferers who benefit.

    • kief

      ‘Who knows..’

      Thanks. It’s gratifying to know how much compassion and empathy you guys have for the Colonists.

      It’s truly edifying.

      • Laguerre

        “It’s gratifying to know how much compassion and empathy you guys have for the Colonists.”

        Although I was evidently talking about the parallel with the French Revolution, I take it you mean that we Brits should be grateful to the US for its “protection”. Well no, that story is long past. Now the US is a threat, leading us to nuclear war for no good interest for us.

      • nevermind

        About as much as you deserve ol boy, a nation of immigrants is coming out against immigration, making out that they have more legitimacy than anybody else.

        I suppose you’d like to put them into bad lands reservations just as you did with the native Americans. You have no argument kief.

        And no this has nothing to do with 1933, you managed to do this all by yourself’s.

        • Herbie

          Yeah, but if you read the debate you’ll see that all that followed, including up to today, is clearly there in the beginning.

          That’s the point.

          That fight is eternal.

          All we’re noting here is that for now the revolutionists are subdued.

          And all over the world…

          We’ve passed through the worst excesses of the revolutionists dreams, and now the adults are back in charge.

          El sueño de la razón, and all that.

  • Hieroglyph

    I’ve been watching Alex Jones, over the last week or so. The lack of credible journalism around the Clinton Foundation sent me to other websites, for more info. And the last week has been instructive. The corporate media is utterly bereft and dismal, turning out woeful article after woeful article, in a seeming attempt to utterly miss the point. Trump discussed jobs, free trade agreements, and immigration; Clinton discussed Russia, and some other stuff I can barely recall. And over at Info Wars, the red side of politics were being enthused by their, somewhat unusual, candidate, who spoke to their concerns. I think very few Dems give the remotest stuff about Russia, or Assad. Trump at least had a strategy, albeit a populist one.

    And so Trump won, which Alex Jones called, weeks ago. I’ve no idea what Clinton was doing, and suspect she genuinely isn’t very well. None of this is surprising, to those who’ve stepped outside the mainstream circle. The fact I – a supporter of Corbyn, I should note – had to go to bleeding Info Wars for any information at all is a little disturbing. Way too many left writers gave Clinton a pass, or were content to minimize her record, and focus on Trump. Sure, Trump is a douche. Sure, it’s weird that a billionaire tax dodger got so many votes from poor America. Maybe he is a con man, I don’t know. But he had a message, campaigned hard, and even managed to appear reasonable on Russia. Clinton did none of those.

    With any luck, that’s the last we hear of the Clintons. A shadier pair it’s hard to imagine.

    • kief

      ” the last week has been instructive.”

      Don’t you mean destructive?

      But you don’t claim any personal responsibility, do you?

      Thanks for your participation..

    • George

      “Sure, it’s weird that a billionaire tax dodger got so many votes from poor America.”

      I think this is a sign of a peculiarly American outlook. There is constant talk of a “liberal elite” who are wealthy and, supposedly, on the left. They are viewed as parasites and hypocrites. But then there is also assumed to be a section of the rich (on the right) who represent the ground level working class and who somehow manage to maintain their proletarian roots and their endless “hard work” image no matter how much money they have. They are presumed to share the interests of the “little people”. This outlook is emphasised by the fact that genuine grievances are voiced by the right (“jobs, free trade agreements” etc.) but not the left (“Russia, and some other stuff”). The American ruling class are always careful to ensure that genuine protest is channelled through the right.

  • kief

    Really. i’ve been impressed by UK opinion in the same vein I see the Mississippi voter.

    Deluded and estranged from the process, but liberated by same.

    I proffer, that’s the clinical def of insanity.


    • Laguerre

      “i’ve been impressed by UK opinion in the same vein I see the Mississippi voter.”

      A true American, there to tell us what we poor benighted Anglos should think. Pity your candidate didn’t win.

      PS What did you do with all those files on each of us you had from Habby?

  • Dave

    The demographic dilemma facing Israel is a one-state victory for Zion delivers victory to Palestine unless they can expel all the “non-Jews/Israeli’s”.

    It’s admirable that the Palestinians have maintained their struggle for statehood despite the suffering and as yet cannot bear the thought of declaring themselves Israeli’s in order to win!

    This was the same dilemma faced by De Gaulle and was the motive for his support for Algerian independence. This enraged French Algerians but avoided millions of non-French Algerians having the vote in French elections.

    Instead of settling for a smaller Jewish State the Likud seek to encourage more professed Jews to move to Israel to outnumber the Arabs, but its a forlorn hope and will result in their own downfall. Ironically Likud welcome the support of Trump and the Christian “end of days” Zionists to sustain Israel, except for them a Zionist victory heralds the “rupture” and the end of the world!

    In short, careful what you wish for!

  • glenn_uk

    I’m wondering if the good things in life, happiness, freedom, liberty even, are seen as zero-sum games by the likes of Anon1’s, his fellow racists Jemand and so on.

    If sub-humans (as they see it) such as women, non-whites, non-Christians, those who actually work for their living and so on – if they get an undue position in life (like a halfway decent living), then that must surely detract from the wealth they feel is due to them by dint of simply ‘being’. It’s always about climbing a little bit on top of their immediate peers, and they don’t want actual competition that genuine talent might threaten them with, by increasing the size of that pool.

    This is why they take such delight in the rise of fascist bigots, and cheer and encourage the demise of anyone not pretty much exactly like themselves. White misogynistic males, with racist tendencies. Nothing I’ve read today in these comments tells me otherwise.

    • kief

      “Nothing I’ve read today in these comments tells me otherwise.”

      I’ve seen you resist the Horde and that’s what it takes. There could be many diagnoses for the Trump phenomenon, but mostly it involves a need to return to the womb of innocence while seeking a rebirth. It’s a psychology Freud would salivate over.

      Not that people here are the enemy. But some do seem attracted to the teat they were denied during childjhood.

          • glenn_uk

            No, just to prove Laguerre wrong, I do appreciate that bit of encouragement.

            Heck, I don’t hang around here to win popularity contests, that’s for sure. Before I climb down from the cross, I find it curious that my comments have managed to piss off such a bunch of puritanical, hypocritical idealistic fence-sitters here.

            People who found no problem with Sanders, but couldn’t manage his real-world pragmatism by getting behind the only opposition to a whacked-out fascist.

            The racists/teabaggers/ mouth-breathing halfwit nationists – vote trump, fine.

            But anyone opposing him who didn’t support Clinton because of their precious purity, well… they can own the next four years, and everything that follows. Happy times with that.

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