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I have been six hours watching “experts” across mainstream channels analyse why their earlier statements were totally wrong. There has been not one single mention of #WikiLeaks – or of social media at all. The clapped out old journalistic hacks are in denial that their mechanisms of control are now irrelevant, and they as greasy cogs in those mechanisms are viewed with contempt. The contrast between the mainstream media political narrative and what people were saying on social media was absolutely stark. People got their information from #WikiLeaks.

The Democrats chose the most Establishment candidate possible. Probably the only Democrat candidate who could have lost to Donald Trump was Hillary Clinton. Oh alright then, Weiner could have lost too, but that was about it. All those journalists who WikiLeaks showed contrived with Clinton and the DNC to cheat Sanders, may directly have caused President Trump. All those who contributed hundreds of millions to the Clintons and their “charity” Foundation to buy influence, look at this moment like they wasted their money.

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  • Juteman

    I find it hilarious that the two Scots haters on here can’t stop thinking about Scotland!
    No matter the subject, an anti-Scotland/SNP/Scottish Government angle can be found.
    What a pair of angry and bitter little men. 🙂

    • michael norton

      It is certainly not hate for Scottish people I have Scottish relatives and was recently in Scotland for a family event.
      It is the inability of the so high and mighty Sturgeon /Salmond and others in the SNP to think things through for the benefit of the people of Scotland.
      It is as if they are as bat shit crazy as Mrs.Clinton and see how she turned out, even with the overt support of Nicloa Sturgeon.
      Wrong call, wrong call, wrong call.
      Three strikes and you are out of politics.

      • Rob Royston

        As an Independence voter for over fifty years I despaired at the SNP’s stance on Brexit, which I was all in favour of.
        When I saw her tweet support for Hillary last week I despaired.
        I know from people who have had dealings with her as an NSP that she is a great person so I have to remind myself that we are travelling in the same direction on different routes. Unfortunately, it does not look like both of us will arrive at our personal choice of destination.

    • fred

      The SNP are not Scotland, they just think they are and Nicola Sturgeon is not a world leader, she just pretends she is.

      She should be concentrating on the job she was hired to do not screwing things up for Scotland internationally.

      • fred

        Those who voted for Trump expecting a wall with Mexico are going to be disappointed. Those who voted for Brexit expecting an extra £350 a week for the health service are going to be disappointed and those who voted SNP thinking it was a vote against austerity are already getting disappointed.

        Post-truth politics results in a lot of disappointment.

    • Stu

      The Podesta emails made an undoubted impact.

      They didn’t have huge mainstream media impact but the the drip fed style allowed the various details – Bernie, Goldman, Saudi, CNN, Brazile, Dow, Kuwait – to find people on social media who feel strongly about these issues. It also put the Clinton campaign on the back foot and limit the arguments they could frame.

  • Anon1

    Does anyone reckon we’ll be seeing “Ron Showalter” from previous threads again?

    Oh, and for all of you pathetic know-nothings who have spent the last 5 months nursing your Bernie butt-hurt by rehabilitating the despicable piece of garbage that is Donald Trump, I’d like to save you some time w/ all your poll-watching and direct you to a really really smart poll analyst who was the most accurate predictor of the US elections the last time around.

    He’s had Clinton’s win at 90%+ for a lonnggg time and it’s currently at >99% so unless crappy polls really make you feel better about your pathetic selves then I’d suggest you come back to reality. Or do we have to experience Trump butt-hurt as well?


    Somehow I think not.

    • Habbabkuk


      Should I slightly amend my well-known admonition to read as follows:

      “Do not go a-whorin’ after false prophets!”.

      Actually, I have slightly more respect for those who predicted and got it wrong than for those who uttered weasel phrases like “Trump might win” (no names no pack dril,l eh, Lysias)

  • glenn_uk

    Assuming all this is true – Great job Wikileaks! They’ve put a far-right bigot with fascistic tendencies into the Whitehouse. Good work, hope they’re as proud of their contribution as the FBI should be of their own.

    • Hmmm

      Or another way of looking at it: if Clinton followed the rules she wouldn’t have had leaks or an investigation into her. I’m taking that as the moral of the story.

      • glenn_uk

        The Clintons have been investigated for 30 years solid. The best the Repugs ever got (for tens of millions of taxpayer dollars) was old Bill lying about having sex.

        Perhaps you think all those who get investigated are guilty? The police only arrest criminals, just like all those on trial are bang to rights too I suppose.

        You have a touching faith in authority, but a worrying tendency to assume all accusations are true. For instance – your personal inclinations for shop-lifting and arson, while you’re not selling crack to schoolkids – don’t you think that’s going to catch up with you?

        • Jemand

          I’m so happy that Trump won and so decisively. Reading the enraged squealing of shameless Clintonistas, here and elsewhere, is pure joy. Eventually, FBI investigators will be in a safe position to pursue the many possible cases of felony against Hillary, Bill, Chelsea (fraud), their cronies and corrupt enablers in the media and public office. Like small dominos bringing down larger dominos, these scumbags will rat on each other to buy immunity deals from prosecutors. And Leftist supporters, embarrassed by exposure of their moral failures, will squeal in open agony — more music to our ears.

          • glenn_uk

            Jemand: You and your fellow racists/fascists have been doggedly after the Clintons for about 30 years. Never got nailed on anything more serious than a bit of tail-chasing.

    • Paul Barbara

      It’s not who they put in, but the Luciferian Trollop they kept out that is the point.

      • Jemand

        Hello, Habb.
        He reveals more about his character in supporting vile crooks than the many contemptible things he expresses on this blog. Someone to avoid, if possible.

        • Habbabkuk


          I must confess to having a residual soft spot for Glenn. That’s probably because I once asked for help to determine how many times “Mary” (as was – she is now “Sharp Ears”) had posted over a given period (or something like that) and Glenn very kindly supplied the information I was after (of course that earned him a rebuke from “Mary”).

          My residual soft spot has even survived the recent period, in which Glenn has been rather unpleasant to me. I think he’s still upset with me for having told him a couple of his offerings were dross.

          Glenn is certainly a whiner and a tad too sensitive but in the other hand he does have a good eye for certain types of twaddle or low conduct.

          I would award him 4 out of 10 overall, as I am in a good mood today (also because it is good to see you back!).

          • glenn_uk

            Habbabkuk: Teasing out a reply like this under the circumstances does show a quite refined skill on your part, I have to admit… my hat is doffed to you, sir.

  • Loony

    …and so what do we have for entertainment this fine day? Why the people have just delivered one blow to the body and one more blow to the head to the intellectual yet idiot class.

    Coming up will be the squealing fury of the idiot class cunningly combined with a total inability to comprehend what is going on.

    Wave a big bye bye to any attempts to frustrate Brexit. Wave bye bye to Scottish independence and get ready to welcome Beppe Grillo to center stage to deliver another hammer blow to the rotting festering corpse that is the EU.

    Watch in delight the flames that will consume the corrupt and wholly malign mainstream media – the BBC, CNN, ABC and the rest of the putrid alphabet soup have been consigned to the trash can. They may take some time to realize their fate.

    The citizens of the world have just seen a sudden statistical increase in their life expectancy and so the merchants of death are best advised to learn a new trade – although the fact that they are idiots will prevent them from doing so.

    Expect a vicious and merciless counter attack to be launched by Goldman and their acolytes – but the people now know that the emperor has no clothes and the revolution will be reinforced from numerous sources. Goldman should (but will not) read Shelley – “We are many and they are few”

    On this historic day -it is appropriate to look to history for and recall the words of one Mr. Churchill “This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end. It is perhaps the end of the beginning”

    And to square the circle here is a Cuban hero of the people “Defenderemos la revolucion hasta la ultima gota de sangre”

    • Habbabkuk

      “And to square the circle here is a Cuban hero of the people “Defenderemos la revolucion hasta la ultima gota de sangre””

      People who spout tripe like that usually have in mind other people’s blood and not their own.

      • Loony

        I could swear that I have seen comments from you regarding attribution. When attribution is provided you decide it is logical to take a swipe at the messenger so to speak. You surely cannot be referring to the originator as you would surely know that he was a combatant in the revolution of which he speaks.

        Have a think about and decide for yourself whether your current problem resides in inadequate comprehension or an incomplete grasp of history. You don’t need to let me know as I really don’t care what the answer is.

  • MJ

    So, Ken Dodd defeats Reggie Kray in election. Obviously the victor is going to have to mind his back until January.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Ken Dodd is 89 years old and still at it. In fact I think my Mother-in-Law is going to see him soon in Liverpool.

      I don’t think they will bump off Trump. It would be a bit too obvious. I am just wondering how he is going to react on his first day in the Oval Office – and they show him their own JFK Assassination film and tell him what his job is – or else.

      I think he will probably tell ’em to p1ss off – especially if they try all their Satanic stuff.


    • Habbabkuk

      ” Obviously the victor is going to have to mind his back until January.”

      I was waiting to see how long it would take before someone came up with that.

      The commentariat on here is the gift that can’t stop giving 🙂

  • nevermind

    Reactions from Europe are as ‘shocked’ as the media makes out they are. The systems are in denial and don’t want to believe what is coming to them.

    “Among European politicians, though, initial reactions were significantly darker. German Chancellor Angela Merkel felt it necessary in a Wednesday midday statement to remind Trump of the values that bind Germany and America together: “Democracy, freedom, respect for the law and for human dignity, regardless of ancestry, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political leanings.” She then said: “On the basis of these values, I offer the future president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, close cooperation.”

    German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen told German public broadcaster ARD on Wednesday morning that Trump’s victory was a “deep shock.” She added: “I think Donald Trump also knows that this election was not for him but was against Washington, against the establishment”

    • michael norton

      They’ll be falling like ninepins over in the European Empire, now.
      The United Kingdom is going to BREXIT. We have Islamaphobic Theresa May as our new leader.
      Francois Hollande is the joke of the world, a terrible approval rating of 6%
      It will soon be the time of Marine Le Pen
      President of the National Front, she does not want the Islamification of Europe,
      she does not want the Euro or the hated E.U.
      It is likely to happen in Hungary, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands.

      The game is almost over for the E.U.

      The E.U. is the greatest cause of mass migration into Europe.
      With out the |E.U. individual countries would not allow mass movement into their lands without the express approval of their own voters
      but the E.U. is utterly undemocratic, it is a failed superstate, it is almost over.

      • michael norton

        There is something for U.K. politicians to learn from this election in Amerika.
        The SNP the LibDems are desperate to denounce democracy, to keep the United Kingdom against the settled will of the people in the hated E.U.
        If they do not change their ways, they will become yesterdays chip paper, like the Clintons.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          Most people no longer “get” democracy, and to be honest, I too thought it had died out over the last 30 years. Maybe BREXIT and ordinary Americans, might have just saved us from total Dictatorship and Tyranny.

          At least it gives hope.

          • Martinned

            Yes, that’s why they democratically vote to abolish democracy in votes in the UK and the US. (And Poland, and Hungary, and Turkey, and possibly elsewhere as well.)

          • MJ

            “Maybe BREXIT and ordinary Americans, might have just saved us from total Dictatorship and Tyranny”

            Yes, maybe the people have awoken from their slumbers just in time.

          • Loony

            Martinned You is getting all confused. The place they democratically voted to abolish democracy was Algeria. This gave rise to the Algerian civil war which killed a minimum of 250,000 people. The GIA geezers was not nice people and I don’t think they would have overly sympathetic to you, as in the end they didn’t even like themselves much.

            I know the BBC tells a lot of lies but I don’t see no reports of thousands of British citizens being slaughtered in the streets in no English Civil war.

            In these politically correct times it is incumbent on me to point out that some may say that your level of conflation and hyperbole is deeply offensive to the citizens of Algeria.

      • Deepgreenpuddock

        You are possibly correct in your statement about the EU and its helplessness in relation to immigration, and that individual countries would have ‘controlled their borders’ but it is also a deeply flawed outlook. The problem is, of course, that even with no EU -and maybe simply some kind of open trade area, that would not have stopped the pressure of immigration.
        The problem is much more systemic and driven by the degradation and humiliation and oppression of populations , both economically and military/ideologically, where individuals are given little or no option except to try for a better life elsewhere.

        This is driven by the absence of opportunities and viable lives in their own places of origin and that is a function of the nature of global capitalism and the pervasive profiteering and property gouging that is the cargo cult of (especially) American style capitalism. (Essentially that system of ideas is what was imported into Europe and has led to the intractable issues we are now facing).
        You may ‘glory’ in the bloody nose that has apparently been delivered to the ‘ political establishment’ , and its complacency and inadequacy, but the problems will only be made more acute by Trump.
        This could all ‘drive’ us into some very serious consequences.

      • Paul Barbara

        I believe the greatest cause of mass migration into the EU is the decimation of their countries by our wars of aggression and plunder of their countries’ resources.

        • Tom Welsh

          Was there ever any doubt about that? It’s blindingly obvious. Also the murder and torture carried out by the American-hired, funded, armed and directed terrorists and thoughtfully publicized by our conscientious media.

    • Deepgreenpuddock

      Fred -thanks nice one . Do you think the general readership here will ‘get’ that joke? I take it you have connections in Aberdeen area.

      For those not in the know- It refers back to the probably apocryphal story that the Aberdeen Press and Journal headlined the sinking of the Titanic with ‘North East man drowns at sea’
      I think the true story is that it was a byline, not the headline.
      On a more serious note-how does that place Alex Salmond who schmoozed, and then famously fell from the great man’s favour, and Nicola who has been less than complimentary about the prospect of a Trump presidency, and fulsome in her endorsement of the brave gender freedom fighter – Hillary.
      Bugger! That’ll ‘learn’ her (to believe polls).

    • michael norton

      there is a mistake in this bit of journalisim

      see if u can spot it.

      Donald Trump, owner of Trump International Golf Links at Balmedie, has been elected as the next President of the USA. Mr Trump, whose golf course opened in July 2101, beat off strong competition from Democrat rival Hilary Clinton. He has visited the area on several occasions, the most recent being earlier this year. Mr Trump is half Scottish – his mother Mary MacLeod being from Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. She grew up in a simple croft until she landed in Manhattan at the age of 20 and her first language was Gaelic.
      If The Donald did not open his Scottish Golf Course until 2101, he must be very, very old, even if his sainted mother was a native Gaelic speaker, from the Outer Hebrides.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The Comey “October Surprise” still did in Hillary enough, though she still won the popular vote despite all that misogynist hatred.

    It’s the beginning of the end for the USA with it breaking up into five lesser states: New England and the mid-Atlantic states, the rust belt, the South, the Plains, and the West Coast and Hawaii.

    Some birthday present for me, as I just plan to drink myself into unconsciousness.

    November 9th will live in infamy, more so than December 7th and 9/11.

  • Mick McNulty

    Clinton should paraphrase Caesar again. “He came, he saw, he conquered.” That last paraphrasing on TV was most unbecoming of any leader. It was a terrible thing to say.

  • Habbabkuk

    The comments on here are really enjoyable so far.

    Lots of palabras but the “commenters” are lost for words when you read their offerings carefully.

    Craig’s latest is pretty weak as well, perhaps he was lost for words also?

    • Deepgreenpuddock

      Well it is good that you are having fun. But you are nearly always reactive to others, with some pithy pinprick of perspicacity, rather than palabras of your own. So man up, and take the risk of making some de novo comentario of your own? Are you pleased at Hillary’s humiliation, or the gaseous rise of Trump or do you have any idea what awaits us. this self-adopted air of superiority is somewhat grating-even when it is directed at some of the more foolish divertissements.

    • Habbabkuk

      Not that many facts on this thread so far, Hmm. A fairly fact-free zone … in fact.

      But lots of anguish, balanced by a lot of crowing.

      Lashings of prophecy and speculation as well.

      In summary : the usual dross from the majority.


      PS – has Mrs Diane Abbott given us the benefit of her opinion onm the outcome yet?

    • MJ

      Bowdler’s cleaned up version of Cymbeline substituted ‘trumpet’ for ‘strumpet’ in the line “Thy mistress, Pisanio, hath play’d the strumpet in my bed”. A great improvement I feel.

  • James

    All those donors to the Clinton Foundation must be scrabbling round manically looking for a refund clause.

    I hope Trump sticks to his word about getting her behind bars if he won. And her husband to, for the people of Haiti.

  • michael norton

    The forces invited by The Syrian Government to help liberate from Islamic State
    do not include the Americans.
    So the Americans are there in a non-legal manner.

  • Sharp Ears

    BBC 1 have changed their pm schedule for an election special ffs. Enough already.

    I have been out this morning but assume that the morning’s programming was also changed. The hook is that they expect to hear from Clinton!

    They are still dissing Trump. The female presenter is new to me. She sounds Australian.

    • glenn_uk

      I’m sure you’ll find something unpleasant to say about this new female presenter _very_ soon now.

      Surprised you’re such a fan of Trump, to be honest. Did you always like racist, far-right billionaire misogynists?

        • glenn_uk

          Clearly enough people thought that Clinton was worse, yourself included. I am unhappy to say, they will find the truth about this megalomanic (and all the raving lunatics he appoints) to be quite a shock.

          • Jemand

            Glenn, you’re embarrassing yourself, yet again, with your churlish hatred. Nice to know, however, that you’re a fan of a post-menopausal war criminal who destroyed Libya leaving thousands of civilians dead and the gate open to ISIS infiltration. Don’t you have a conscience?

          • glenn_uk

            @kief: I’ll answer for Jemand’s behalf.

            He likes to do things such as posting two-year old videos of British brown-skinned people celebrating a notable success by Pakistan on the cricket field – but then pretends they’re actually celebrating a recent terrorist bombing.

            Nice guy, huh? A natural Trump supporter.

      • Loony

        I have plenty to say about “this new female presenter”

        She is either stupid, mendacious or both. This is evidenced by the fact that she works for the BBC – one of the most malign, corrupt media organizations in the world. The BBC thanks to its lies, spin and dissembling played a crucial role in conditioning public approval for the murderous assault on Iraq, the overthrow of Ghadaffi and the consequent refugee crisis and the ongoing assault against Libya. Nuremberg established the principle that “just following orders” is no defense and so this person, whoever she may be has a prima facia case to answer.

        Everyone connected with the BBC from the office cleaners upward should be fully investigated and where appropriate be held to account by the law.

    • MJ

      “The hook is that they expect to hear from Clinton”

      She’s probably fled the country and gone into hiding.

  • kief

    I am shocked, shocked I tell you. But your schadenfreude is beneath your superior airs.

    Does anyone want to guess what his first official act will be directed at?

    The Wall? Nope. Tax reform? Uh uh.


      • glenn_uk

        But don’t you hear the idiots crowing away, in their fool’s paradise, thinking that this far-right billionaire crook is going to look out for their miserable interests?

        • kief

          What’s the sayig ‘sow the wind, reap the whirlwind’?

          They are quite satisfied in themselves but do they understand y’all are closer to the potential blast zones?

          They seem more than willing to sacrifice you as well, glenn.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          Now, now. Crook‘s a bit harsh, isn’t it? No-one’s stolen his private correspondence, after all. I’m surprised Habba hasn’t been more scathing on the subject of our social revolutionaries voting for a prime far-right bullshitter. He wouldn’t find me disagreeing.

          • kief

            We know he’s not a genius. Being born on 3rd base and getting walked home is not a home run. He;s also igorant as hell about anything except finance so he will be a malleable tool for the neocons.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            I doubt he knows much about finance on the national scale, either. I suspect he’s always worked with round numbers, an accountant, and a readiness to go bankrupt when the venture goes tits-up – which isn’t going to please Middle America when he does it to the country.

          • kief

            Yeah. Advisor driven. That’s the biggest worry. I think he has trust issues with anyone he works with, so there’s that.

          • Habbabkuk


            Have any recent US President – or indeed any statesmen anywhere – worked without the benefit of advisers?

          • kief

            Advisors…not handlers. He’s an ignoramus outside of finance, and even that may be a superficial dodge. He would be easily manipulated lacking background of his own.

            I think you remember Dubya and the Iraq war. Dunce does as dunce is.

          • Herbie

            “a readiness to go bankrupt when the venture goes tits-up – which isn’t going to please Middle America when he does it to the country.”

            Best thing he could do.

            Only people it won’t please are the bankers.

          • glenn_uk

            Herbie: “Only people it won’t please are the bankers.

            Actually, it wouldn’t please the Chinese much either – nor the Japanese, British or many other countries which have a lot of money invested in US bonds (as a single for-instance).

            If the US were to start reneging on its obligations, expect the dollar to become almost worthless overnight, and stock markets and banks to crash around the world. There would be no come-back or rescue from such an event – what could the treasury do, print (now) worthless dollars to cover it?

          • Herbie

            Yeahbut, Glenn.

            We’re all up to our necks in debt.

            With the US leading the way, it’s a good time for all the indebted nations to get together and negotiate the unwind for a gentle landing.

            It’s only then that we can rebuild our economies again.

            Remember that the alternative was to unwind the debt through war.

          • glenn_uk

            Herbie: The trouble is this. We collectively are in great debt to a lot of nations (America to the Chinese, etc.). I don’t think any of the creditors are going to take kindly to the idea that their debt is going to be negated in some part, either by a reduction in the amount they are due back, nor a devaluation of the originally agreed currency.

            We’re all up to our necks in debt.

            Agreed. On an individual basis, and collectively.

            “With the US leading the way, it’s a good time for all the indebted nations to get together and negotiate the unwind for a gentle landing.

            Do you seriously think the less developed world is going to forgive the first world its debt, yet expect their own to be honoured?

            I would like to see that – from the bottom up first. Can you realistically see that happening, particularly at the initiation of an extreme right-wing regime, led by a billionaire – a billionaire who boasts about paying no tax?

          • Herbie

            “I don’t think any of the creditors are going to take kindly to the idea that their debt is going to be negated in some part, either by a reduction in the amount they are due back, nor a devaluation of the originally agreed currency.”

            They will do, yes.

            You see.

            They’re fed up being paid in funny money and want real assets.

            The producer countries will do a jubillee, no problem. They want to get back to being paid in real stuff.

            They want a future productive trading relationship, not some junkie always on debt.

            And real stuff comes from getting the West back to producing real goods.

            Producers will always write off debt to enable their customers to get back on their feet again.

            It’s the bankers who refuse.

            And it’s that that’s changing.

    • kief

      I was wrong, at least in theory. Already compliant Media are fulminating the narrative…

      Trump vows to take the 1%ers to a greater America of his making. To reduce their bracket from 35% to 10.

      Huzzzaaaahhhhhh. Let the revolution begin !!

    • Loony

      It might be best to look at things as a composite whole.

      Trump is likely to be much more domestically focused which is good for the rest of the world. He could be lying in which case he will likely cause domestic problems and hence be forced to be more domestically focused which is good for the rest of the world.

      There is bound to be a time lapse before judgement can be reached (or indeed before he can do or not do anything). This gives time for the people of Austria and Italy to make their feelings felt. It also likely allows time for the French and the Germans. They are all going to vote against the established order i.e. they are going to vote against US hegemonic interests.

      It no longer matters (if it ever did) that your chosen standard bearer is ideologically pure – it matters only that that they are capable of disrupting the system.

      Viewed from this perspective Jeremy Corbyn is Donald Trump and Donald Trump is Jeremy Corbyn.

      Sure things might not work out so well – but we are on a course for global nuclear war, so there is no downside only the chance of an upside.

      • Phil Ex Frog

        Sure, everyone’s pissed off. But guided by lies and nationalism, as it is here, disrupting the system can lead us 180 the wrong way.

        Anyway, personally I suspect not much is going to be disrupted anywhere near as much as the current hysteria suggests. Trump’ll be ticking kill lists before you can say pentagon thrice.

        I’ve got a fiver that says the Mexican wall is abandoned by the spring. Hell, by the end of this week. I can afford to lose a fiver.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ Phil Ex Frog November 9, 2016 at 16:19
          A 180* ‘volte face’ would lead the US, and us, in the right direction, away from aggressive wars, and ‘Shadow Government’ control.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Phil Ex Frog November 9, 2016 at 14:41
      Would that that was so – unfortunately, the idiot ‘so called’ US left supported Killary.
      The majority of the ‘so called’ Left in this country are similarly led by ‘Pied Pi[pers’ ‘up the garden path’, supporting the likes of the ‘White Helmets’ in Syria; they honestly don’t know their a**es from their elbows.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Assuming Trump actually wins, the next question is, will he abandon his populist pose and placate the evil satanic moneymen or get all confrontational and crash the stock market?

    … if we get the “very gracious Trump, very unifying Trump” of his victory speech, then equity market will be calm and government bond yields will go higher (in anticipation of more borrowing and inflation).

    But if we get the “anti-trade rhetoric” of the campaign, then shares will fall.

    Clue: Has Trump invested his tax-invisible winnings or does he keep them in his mattress?

      • Ba'al Zevul

        He’s been outdoing Occupy in his invocation of the evils of corporate capitalism, is my point. The privileged elite which is bleeding ordinary Americans dry is very dependent on the financial markets, as he is himself. So, will he put up, or shut up put his own finances first?

  • Anon1

    Interesting that Glenn_UK was furious about Brexit supporters being labelled as racist, fascist, Islamophobic, homophobic, etc. for having the temerity to vote against the establishment.

    And yet now he does exactly the same thing.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘….Scotland’s esteemed leader had been so confident of victory last night that she issued a statement which the BBC dutifully reprinted. Embarrassingly, it was still online this morning before the early person at Pacific Quay arrived with the rolls. It hailed Hillary’s election and looked forward to her leadership of the free world…..’

    Cor, two birds with one stone!

    • kief

      You’ve dispensed with the subject already? No desire to climb on top and wriggle in pre-teen giggles?

      You disappoint. The subject won’t be wished away. it will hound you to Baskerville.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Paul Barbara November 9, 2016 at 15:14
      But of course the BBC would love Killary, just like they loved Savile.

  • Courtenay Barnett


    “If we are not prepared to think for ourselves, and to make the effort to learn how to do this well, we will always be in danger of becoming slaves to the ideas and values of others due to our own ignorance.”
    William Hughes
    “Responsibility to yourself means refusing to let others do your thinking, talking, and naming for you; it means learning to respect and use your own brains and instincts; hence, grappling with hard work.”
    Adrienne Rich
    “Think before you act.” Was a maxim that was taught to Donald Trump as a young man. The maxim advised, which he well understood, that he should look deeply upon the matter and think it over then act. He grew more and more confident as he followed what he was taught. Then as he grew older and very confident, having utilised the maxim much to his advantage over much of his life, he eventually came up with one of his own:-
    “Grab them by the P…”
    Donald Trump
    Stopped watching soap-operas
    Many months ago when I first saw Donald Trump as the Republican nominee during and after his debates, I concluded that I had now found the absolute substitute and elixir transforming soap-operas into supreme entertainment. It was ‘The Donald’ or what I started terming to my friends “ getting my daily dose of Trump”.
    Well, I was wrong, as was the New Yorker magazine in its mocking, and other publications having portrayed Trump as just a clown to be humoured:-
    “New York Daily News calls Donald Trump a ‘Dead clown walking’ “
    As did the pollsters; as did just about all the experienced political pundits in America, they too got it totally wrong. They fooled me too and they ( we) all got it wrong.
    Watching the world
    George Bush Jr. was a horrible President who was seen as a buffoon and his venture into Iraq added trillions to America’s debt while destroying what otherwise, post-sanctions, would have remained a cohesive country under Saddam Hussein. Thus, Obama was perceived as a real choice for change and America and the world really hoped for that.
    Barack Obama’s election was perceived by the American people as different, to say the least, and seen by progressives as a signal to the world that on the basis of ‘identity politics’ America could move forward from its history of oppression and discrimination. The real disappointment with Obama – or – rather the reason for the disappointment is that most persons, at least initially, did not understand that Obama was bought and paid for by Wall Street. Wikileaks documents confirm that almost all of the cabinet and senior persons were named by Goldman Sachs and save one, those so chosen were appointed. On that basis, without a doubt, one must conclude that American democracy undeniably proved to be the best that money can buy. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State sought ‘regime change’ in Libya, which sensibly, having seen the disaster created in Iraq, Obama initially opposed, but Hillary’s persistence gave her, her war, destruction of Africa’s wealthiest country and a ground base for the funding, training and advance of ISIS into Syria to fight yet another disastrous war for ‘regime change’ in Syria.
    Enter President Trump, notwithstanding his openly expressed racism and disrespect for women, one wonders not so much whether he will be inclusive, but at least two simple observations can be made.
    On domestic policy, he seems to be in more of a Regan Republican than anything else. He believes in tax cuts for the rich and trickle down economics. The definition of a ‘mad man’ comes to mind – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results. The rich and super-rich do not invest and expand their businesses with tax cuts. They buy, as under Regan, more luxury goods, more Lexuses, Benzes, yachts and the like. The concomitant economic impact is a short to medium term spending propelled spike in the economy and a long-term ballooning of the national debt as tax inputs decline. Replacement of ‘Obamacare’ begs the question – with what- if affordable health care is not deemed to be a desireable public policy objective in the world’s wealthiest country.
    Trump’s foreign policy, from his utterances sound to be isolationist. Build a wall with Mexico funding it; frack for US oil ( presumably without fully understanding the environmental fall out and dangers to the water supply and by extension human health – just save costs and public expenditures – as with Michigan’s water supply – and suffer the same consequences). On the positive side ( unlike Hillary) he wants, judging by his utterances, a reconfigured relationship with Russia. Hillary spoke of first strike and use of nuclear weapons ( needs to have her head examined on that one). At least if President Trump opens constructive dialogue on relations with Russia, Syria and the broad-based manifest human disasters and tragedies inflicted by US foreign policy in the Middle East – he may have something constructive and promising to contribute here. But, having read and listened to those who are far more knowledgeable about world affairs than I am – I still have my doubts.
    Back to the domestic issues, which also feed into foreign policy matters and the final question coming to mind is – will a Trump Presidency permit the US justice system to work all the way through to a proper investigation into the email scandal ( i.e. the knowing use of multiple unsecured servers and thus contravening the same Espionage Act for which Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are under either conviction or pending indictment; then lying to Congress; not to mention the criminality, bribery and ‘pay to play’ manifest corruption in the Clinton Foundation dealings) – read up on these events and then listen to the video below:-
    A Trump Presidency is unlikely to be different from any of the others going all the way back to the immediate Post World War 11 to the election of Truman and of General Eisenhower. It is the same game, different day:-
    A. Tell the electorate what they want to hear before the election.
    B. Switch course once elected and let sensible senior persons in government advise on what is best to be done ( whether good advice is taken or not is another matter).
    C. Then being a ladies man – unlike Bill Clinton who got caught in the ‘oral room’ we can this time around be assured that a President Trump might just take his own advice and instead just “Grab them by the P…..”
    What President Trump will actually do once he is inaugurated? Only his hair dresser knows for sure!


    • kief

      But the zeitgeist is in tune with the unimportance of logic and facts, so it doesn’t matter what common-sense has to say.

      I think this populist movement is similar to the French Revolution. After all, revenge is a key element and danger to any legitimate revolution. This…is the unknown quantity that eclipses the concern for the likes of Reagan and Bushies, who were prredictable.

    • MJ

      “A Trump Presidency is unlikely to be different from any of the others”

      I think an important difference is that he’s not a professional politician, not a party man. I’m not quite sure how he came to get the Republican Party nomination but at heart he seems to be a maverick, reminiscent perhaps of Ross Perot. If he becomes like all the others it will be a measure of the power of the Washington machine.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ MJ November 9, 2016 at 16:04
        Ross Perot was frightened off; George HW Bush ordered ‘Chip’ Tatum to do it, but he refused and walked out. He later opined someone else had done it, because Perot dropped out, though he later re-entered the race in 1992.

  • kief

    In 2012 Obama beat Romney by 64 electoral votes. He lost Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the key swing states, who together made up 64. Those states went to Trump.

    Coincidentally central England who voted in Brexit has the same political complexion.

    Seem about right Ba’al?

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Dunno, sorry. I’d say Michigan was a closer analogy to the Northeast of England ; industry uprooted by Thatcher, total failure of Labour to rehabilitate it, increased UKIP vote and Brexit in protest. But I’m not sure any parallels are fully valid. Two countries divided by a single language, as Churchill said.

      • kief

        Well I’m certain his ‘advisors’ will be stealthily manipulating toward Iran. I have been waiting to see if he’s really Iron Man as to firm principles on his autonomy as POTUS.

        If he’s not cooperative, I guess we can live with Pence as easily as Trump.

    • fedup

      Not bloody likely!

      She will next appear on strictly dancing as in the case of the rest of the defunct and used neo tosspot gofers, and probably win it too.

      • Paul Barbara

        Leave me out! She has difficulty walking a few yards (unless she wants to dance between two heavies who will hold her up!).

  • Macky

    “Clinton’s media foot-rubbers are presenting this result as a victory for prejudice: Trump won on a platform of racism, sexism, ableism, misogynoir, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia; the American people are hateful beyond reason, and they elected a knight of the kyriarchy to turn their roiling incoherent psychopathologies into government policy. Of course these people are right; it would be incredibly stupid to discount the role of outright bigotry, especially in a country that has fuelled itself on bigotry for three hundred years. But it’s not enough; if the only problem was too many bigots the whole elections collapses into a question of tribes and demographics, and you don’t have to think about why Clinton lost. Trump won among voters who ticked the box for Obama in 2008 and 2012, he won decisively among white women, he picked up a far bigger share of ethnic minority voters than anyone would have reasonably expected, he won because the standard formula of American liberalism – eternal war abroad coupled with rationally administered dispossession at home and an ethics centred on where people should be allowed to piss and shit – is a toxic and unlovable ideology, and his candidacy turned it from an invisible consensus to one option among others.”

    • K Crosby

      No different to the propaganda line after the Lexit vote. The neo-fascists lost against a palaeo-fascist.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Trump underestimated the number and paranoia of America’s nutters who would have come out in greater numbers if he had only been more xenophobic, mean-spirited, hypocritical and misogynistic in his campaign.

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