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I have been six hours watching “experts” across mainstream channels analyse why their earlier statements were totally wrong. There has been not one single mention of #WikiLeaks – or of social media at all. The clapped out old journalistic hacks are in denial that their mechanisms of control are now irrelevant, and they as greasy cogs in those mechanisms are viewed with contempt. The contrast between the mainstream media political narrative and what people were saying on social media was absolutely stark. People got their information from #WikiLeaks.

The Democrats chose the most Establishment candidate possible. Probably the only Democrat candidate who could have lost to Donald Trump was Hillary Clinton. Oh alright then, Weiner could have lost too, but that was about it. All those journalists who WikiLeaks showed contrived with Clinton and the DNC to cheat Sanders, may directly have caused President Trump. All those who contributed hundreds of millions to the Clintons and their “charity” Foundation to buy influence, look at this moment like they wasted their money.

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  • fwl

    White working class deliver their shock vote against the establishment.

    Or will they discover that they have shocked themselves?

    Reverberations are going to take some time to be understood. So I won’t start prophesising. But what is going to happen to the liberal welfare society? How is this going to play out in Europe and for NATO? Is Trump going to lead to a more rightwing independent Europe and a strengthened European army?

    • Soothmoother

      The Republicans also put up poor candidates against Trump. Bernie Sanders was always ahead of Trump in the polls. So the Democrats and Republicans have defeated themselves.

    • Tom Welsh

      I don’t see Trump shutting down welfare until he has got many Americans back their jobs. As for NATO, he can shut that down completely and permanently. It lost its only purpose in 1991. And maybe now European politicians might start paying a little attention to their own citizens and their interests.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Some truth in the mainstream media being out of touch, but also a lot of people only believing websites tha confirm their assumptions or prejudices – including a fair amount of fake news sites, like all the ones set up by Macedonian teenagers to get advertising revenue from each website hit.

    On the Democrats handing a gift to Trump by putting an ultra-establishment candidate like Clinton up against him, couldn’t agree more. It should have been Sanders.

    • G

      I’m not sure if the democratic party had any choice in the matter, they might have but one of the websites indicates pretty convincingly that the democratic party selection process wasn’t straight. If that is the case and I’m fairly certain it was then whether it was organised within or outwith the democrats, the outcome of that process could only have been corrupt.

      I liked the cut of Sanders gib myself but disliked the speed with which he opted to back Hillary after having been shafted himself.

      • Stu

        Sanders had to back Clinton.

        I enjoy Clinton losing from the perspective of the UK but Trump’s attitude to domestic issues will be a disaster. His policies on the enviroment and supreme court picks will cause problems for decades.

      • Paul Barbara

        Yes. Sanders should have backed Jill Stein. Someone on here even said Jill had offered to stand down and offer the Green Party candidature to Sanders, but that he declined.
        Bet he’s kicking himself now.

  • Stu

    The big stories here are…

    1. The mainstream media losing. Social media is much more effective at getting a message out than MSM.

    2. White people voting as a minority block. This was the inevitable consequence of the Dems giving up on building a class based base and focusing on identity politics.

    It’s sad it’s won for Trump but he who dares wins. The left in the UK and US has to get organised and ignore media opinion.

  • Dave.

    I can’t stop laughing at the reaction of all those who arrogantly thought the congenital crook and liar Clinton would walk it. The Ministry of Truth is in apoplexy.

    • Tom Welsh

      Exactly! I have been thoroughly enjoying Radio 4 for the first time in many years. All the gobbling and the disapproving tones and the sheer incredulity. Absolutely glorious.

      • Fredi

        Indeed Tom. it’s immensely satisfying listening to all those right on lefties choking on their cornflakes this morning. Just like Brexit all over again.

        • Martinned

          Sure, why wouldn’t the commentariat on Craig Murray’s blog celebrate the victory of the most reactionary President since Herbert Hoover?

  • fwl

    Suspect we may see a more multi polar world. US steps back and we may see a stronger more centralised EU ie France & Germany, but a weaker EU generally, a step up in power for Russia and China, a weakened position for Japan and Britain aligned with 5 eyes. Where does this leave peripheral European states ie ex Warsaw Pact states? So lots of change and difficulties with much jostling as states and blocks explore the changing environment. Some say a weakened US equals less war, but all change and uncertainty creates risk.

    • Laguerre

      “US steps back ”

      Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see what happens when he has had his dustup with the NeoCons. They’re hardly likely to give up without a fight.

      • Tom Welsh

        I am hoping Trump will have all the neocons rounded up and sent to Guantanamo. Where they could be waterboarded once a week or so – not for any particular reason, but just for fun. Meanwhile the peeople who have been kept there for years should be sent home – or to hospital if they are no longer able to live their own lives unaided, thanks to the way they have been abused.

        • Paul Barbara

          I’d like to agree, except as a lifelong opponent of torture, I’d have to skip the waterboarding; but incarceration, absolutely.

          • Tom Welsh

            That was only a joke, and perhaps in very poor taste. But it was an outlet for the anger I feel towards those scum who have done so much harm to so many innocents, and far from being punished have been richly rewarded and heaped with honours.

  • G

    The media thought they could mention the email issue and not talk about the content of those emails. Omission, a classic case of it. Hilary was on the hook emails would convince most reasonable folk. The scale of money being passed through her foundation and associates, favours, cash for access etc. Be interesting to see who Trump is due, a friend of mine mentioned he probably borrowed heavily against his property businesses. I certainly don’t know.

    I have always found the argument that the main battle in the United States has been fought between the people (through their more honest representatives) and those who wish to control the supply of money convincing. Thomas Jefferson ‘If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, …’ etc,. Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, McKinley, Kennedy and other presidents who were subject to attempts or were assassinated whatever else they did all favoured public control of the issuing of money and the supply of money at some point in their careers

    Anyway point I am making is that if the extraordinary chancer Trump is ‘unattached’ he will try and change private to public control of the supply of money. It’s the quickest, cheapest and most efficient way of returning justice to the money system there and restoring balance and prosperity to the punter (Some libertarians muddy this issue a bit by stating that both forms of central banking are evil but there you are). That’s how the argument goes anyway.

    Then he gets bumped off!

    Who knows? I’ll be waiting to see whether he starts making noises about the federal reserve and a big pointer will be if he looks at reducing the military budget. This should be an easy target due to its enormous size and the ease with with public cash has been laundered to the military industries over the years and decades via the federal reserve.

    • G

      JUst re read this and it sound like pish written in the middle of the night, whihc it was . Please ignore.

      • Tom Welsh

        On the contrary, I found it quite acute and interesting. How often we say things that we really feel only when our guard is down!

  • fwl

    Time to re-read Salinger and Zweig (World of Yesterday), watch all those gt US movies, listen to Winter in America and contemplate what is now here, what is gone and what is coming.

    • Tom Welsh

      Yes, they should put the hospitals on alert for cases of actual apoplexy among the Great and the Good, as well as the media.

  • Anon1 - Told You So

    What a year.

    By the way, if Craig is looking for new financial openings on his blog then he could open a subscription service for readers to come and watch Glenn_uk in meltdown? 😀

    • Alcyone

      Come on Anon, glenn is a fine guy, he just happened to call it wrong this time. It’s OK, more than OK.

      Celebrate Independence Day!?

      Will Arabia be celebrating it’s freedom from the Devil’s Embrace? Will there be fireworks tonight? Will the American Policeman stay more at home and get their own House in Order? Everybody’s got to carry a fistful of salt in their pockets these days. Sixteen years–it’s been a Long Time Coming! But, the future is Today, not Yesterday. We shall have to wait and see.

      Congratulations to the good number of Americans who could sense the Big Picture.

        • Paul Barbara

          Assad hasn’t gone anywhere, much to most true Syrians’ relief (unlike US/NATO/Israeli/Saudi/Turkish/Qatari mercenary head-chopping fiends they sent in to rip the country apart).

    • Macky

      Re Glenn, surely no surprise that irrational faulty reasoning, based mostly on assumptions, leads to wrong predictions !

      What nobody has clearly articulated, and which not only explains this & the BREXIT results, but also explains in microcosm why I for instance have found myself on the same side twice with somebody like Anon, is that by themselves, all those that voted for BREXIT & Trump for the wrong reasons would not have been enough to ensure the result, but combined with those that realised that the bigger overall beneficial positive consequences, despite those smaller negatives that attracted people like Anon, meant a winning majority combination both times.

  • Sharp Ears

    This was put up on Sky News at 7.15am. What was Podesta on about?

    Clinton’s campaign manager: ‘She’s not done yet’.
    07:15, UK,
    Wednesday 09 November 2016
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta insists all the votes have not been counted and there’s still hope.

    • Sharp Ears

      Nothing from Obama but he might still be asleep. Because of the effect on their ‘legacies’ he and Michelle may wish now that they had not gone overboard for Clinton.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    To be honest I thought the intensive propaganda would win it for Clinton. Wikileaks obviously made a bigger difference, that I was expecting, even though virtually none of it was reported by the Mainstream.

    Some of the emails revealed by wikileaks over the last few weeks, associated the Clinton organization, not just with financial corruption (which they are probably all guilty of), but also some really sick stuff. Overall there was far too much negativity (and probable criminality) to be covered up. People could smell the contents of the can of worms seeping out even if they couldn’t see it.

    The best thing to come out of this, is that it has now become obvious to a very large percentage of people, that the media – Newspapers TV etc simply cannot be trusted to tell the truth. They are even more corrupt than the politicians. Our UK media is just as infected, if not more, than the American media.

    A big clean-up is in order. Possibly the best way to achieve that, would to be break up all these extremely large media organizations into many more much smaller competing factions. Big centralised power is ugly, and almost always becomes corrupt. The BBC is a prime example. You may trust them. I know they lie and are a propaganda organization.


    • Paul Barbara

      But just who would break the MSM up? They are the mouthpiece of the PTB, who don’t want them broken up.

  • Alcyone

    “Gentlemen, he said
    I don’t need your organization, I’ve shined your shoes
    I’ve moved your mountains and marked your cards
    But Eden is burning, either getting ready for elimination
    Or else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards

    Peace will come
    With tranquility and splendor on the wheels of fire
    But will bring us no reward when her false idols fall
    And cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreating
    Between the King and the Queen of Swords”

    Changing of the Guards Intuited, written and sung by one Bob Dylan


    *The 16 years Dylan opens this song with:

    W: 8
    BO 8

    16 years

    Einstein: There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    As Trump looks increasingly certain….bwahahahahah….it becomes apparent that his core vote probably doesn’t pay much attention to Wikileaks anyway.

    Massive irony follows; who says the Americans don’t do it?

    “But what that is reflective of – the same thing happened in the Greek election – when people feel they’ve been shafted and they don’t expect anything to happen anyway, they just want the maddest person in the room to represent them.”

    Uncommonly astute of Bill Clinton (yes!) that.

    • Krista Clem O'Sullivan

      Sorry, wrong AGAIN, some of us are highly intelligent and well educated and INFORMED no thanks to the msm, and have actually READ THE DOCUMENTS. Have you?! Clearly not! Well give it a go, and see why we had no choice but to rid the WORLD of the Clinton Crime Cartel to the best of our ability!!! AND why Clinton had the one meltdown, screaming at Donna Brazile ” If that bastard wins, we’ll all swing from nooses! Fix this shit NOW!”…in the words of those television cowboys, “Get a rope!!!” lol

        • Alcyone

          Clark hello and good to see you.

          I’m afraid the would’ve/could’ve/should’ve game is redundant. And a huge distrction from ‘What Is’. The ‘what is’ is Sacred. The only reality is now and Ba’al is right to point out that it’s risky to get carried away.

          Do you think that Dylan is a Prophet? He is connected in a particular way.

      • Alcyone

        Krista, did she ACTUALLY say that? Would you have a source please? It’s a gem, if true.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        I always say the mark of a highly INTELLIGENT and INFORMED person is their invincible use of CAPITAL LETTERS….I HOPE I QUALIFY. ( I have some pieces of paper which say I do, but hey, they were handed out by experts. Pfft.)

        Have you read all the emails? If so, when are you thinking of getting a life?

        Look, I know the Clintons are shitbags of the first water. It’s been apparent for a LONG TIME….sorry…a long time. If you’d read all of these blog comments, you’d know I’m on our clinton-clone, Blair’s case, and have been for some time. I certainly didn’t need Wikileaks to tell me the Podestas are greedy assholes without the remotest concept of the truth. Point being that the Wikileaks releases, while confirming the mechanics of the Clinton operation – and being completely silent on the Trump operation, whose transparency is equally nonexistent, don’t describe anything other than the prevailing mix of politics and money in the US. Yes, it’s wrong. Yes, it makes for massive inequality. And inequality is something you can very easily see in the street without reading a yuge pile of random witterings from the desk of John Podesta.

        You seriously think that a (claimed) billionaire rich-kid with no prior experience of politics is going to be able to improve matters? Or even willing to? Hmmm. Your credulity does you, er, credit.

        You’ve got a righteous cause there, Krista. But I fear you do not have a righteous guy, or a realistic path to youur goal. I hope I’m wrong.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          Ba’al Zevul,

          Michale Moore, although he supported Clinton in a moment of madness (clarity?) he actually spoke the truth quite dramatically in front of an audience for his latest film as to why he thought Trump would win..

          Who knows what the effect will be?

          A nuclear WWIII seems less likely to me.

          “Michael Moore is voting for Trump to say “F U” to the corrupt political system”

        • Loony

          You is doing it all oh so wrong. Your pieces of paper given o you by experts is probably part of the problem.

          The system is almost sentient. It is not about Trump doing or not doing anything specifically. It is about Trump being a spoke in the wheel and disrupting the established order of things. It is about killing the system before the system kills us.

          The fact that Trump has been elected automatically improves matters. The fact that other anti establishment figures will also gain traction improves matters.

          Finally there is hope – and that is the very best that can be hoped for

          • Ba'al Zevul

            ‘Doing’ what? I don’t like the establishment any more than you do. But perhaps you don’t make a distinction between ‘sentient’ and self-organising systems, of which sentience is very much a special case. ” It’s” about nothing as premeditated as you think, IMO. It;s a howl of pain, yes, and a justified one. But until Trump starts wheeling out his actual plan, if he has one – he may originally not have intended or expected to win – I think I’d be a little more cautious about cheering on someone whose core vote includes Southern Baptists, gun nuts and xenophobes. If I were a real liberal. It may be that the spoke in the wheel irreperably damages the cart before which the electorate have put the horse. Absent any clear idea of what to do next – I’ve tried in vain to get one from the CM residents, for years – that looks like more pain to me, and more howling. Or it maybe that the cart will be replaced by a Trump cart, which looks vaguely like a Mussolini cart to me, but will have airconditioning. Or perhaps the cart will be repaired much as before, because your spoke ultimately has an affinity for the rest of the wheel and rows back -to mix a metaphor – from its flamboyant action in falling out of it.

            I suppose you can take your pick of Trump’s campaign utterances, and believe which of them you please. But do take a closer look at the ones you are ignoring in your enthusiasm for a social revolution. And remember – peasant-led revolts never win. Bourgeois ones do, and they favour the bourgeois as soon as the peasants can be safely marginalised.

            Anyway, we’ll have to wait and see.

          • michael norton

            I expect the white working classes were getting upset at the constant warmongering of the Oboma/Bush/Clinton era.
            I expect they were getting upset at having their jobs relocated to China/Mexico/Brazil/Turkey/India/China/The Philippines.
            I expect they were getting fed up of global warming, which most do not believe.
            I expect they were getting fed up with political correctness, which most of them do not believe in.
            I expect they have been getting upset by the banksters.
            I expect they have been getting upset about the collapsing infrastructure of the U.S.A.
            I expect they have been getting upset about the factory food they have been fed, making them obese and diabetic.
            I expect they have awaken from their slumber – in anger.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        AND why Clinton had the one meltdown, screaming at Donna Brazile ” If that bastard wins, we’ll all swing from nooses! Fix this shit NOW!”…in the words of those television cowboys, “Get a rope!!!” lol

        In the words of Clinton…what you said. But no-one is allowed to use exaggerated language for dramatic effect, are they?

        ““Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of the Muslimsentering the United States”

        In the words of those television cowboys, “Give me your tired, your huddled masses?”

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Krista Clem O’Sullivan November 9, 2016 at 09:03
        Well said! I only hope (but dought) if my many relatives in the States had your sense.
        I am extremely thankful (and surprised) that the Luciferian Strumpet didn’t ‘win’.
        Needless to say, I’m no fan of Trump. (Trumpet v Strumpet? Wish I’d thought of that before the result).

      • Tom Welsh

        Gangsters always have the same awareness. When war was declared in 1939, Goering is reported to have said, “If we lose this war, God have mercy on us”.

    • Sharp Ears

      Was that when the seedy jerk was knocking Jeremy Corbyn, a decent man and honourable too?

      ‘Jeremy Corbyn was chosen as Labour’s leader because he was “the maddest person in the room”, former US President Bill Clinton has declared.

      Documents published by Wikileaks reveal that Clinton claimed Labour party members were so furious at being “shafted” by Tony Blair that “they went out and practically got a guy off the street” instead.

      The explosive remarks, to a private dinner of wealthy donors in October 2015, show the former President comparing Corbyn to leaders of anti-austerity parties like Greece’s Syriza.’

        • Alcyone

          BUT, let’s be clear the probability is that ‘maddest’ was used as in ‘angered’.

          If clothes make the man, Corbyn certainly looks like he was picked off the street. Even his neighbours noticed and a few weeks ago got together and bought him a new M&S suit. I wonder if he has had it dry-cleaned since?

          Assange needs a wardrobe consultant too. Harrods and Harvey Nicks are around the corner.

          I don’t get it when men wear ties over unbuttoned collared shirts. Are the shirts undersized in the first place?

          • Alcyone

            Sure enough. But Hillary is the madder of the two, or even the three including hubby Bill, and in EVERY sense of the word. Thank God the Hyper-ambitious Bitch is gone. That is ALL for now. The rest, let’s wait and see. Observe, observe, observe; do not take your eye off the ball.

          • michael norton

            It is being said Hill Bill Clintons may relocate to Saudi Arabia, where the money comes from.

          • Tony_0pmoc

            Yeh – but did you see Craig in the USA? I thought he looked cool, but he had loads of offers from well meaning Americans to iron his shirt, which apparently he had just pulled out of a rucksack fresh from the Festival in Scotland.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ michael norton November 9, 2016 at 10:12
            Quite possible; the Saudi PTB like Paedos & Luciferians; ‘Birds of a feather’, and all that.

      • Hieroglyph

        It is said that, during his tenure, Clinton would astound his aides with his ability to read documents at an absurd speed, and not just skim, but with accurate understanding. A neat and useful trick for a POTUS. His memory is also said to be outstanding. The Big Creep is, I’m quite sure, a genuinely intelligent guy, with a top percentile IQ. This makes his Corbyn comments extremely curious. Corbyn was a well-respected backbencher, well known in protest circles. Most of us would have heard of him prior to his becoming leader. The idea that he’s ‘some guy of the street’ is absurd, and a very clever bloke like Clinton knows it’s bullshit.

        I wonder why he said it?

        Probably because he’s cheap trash, getting a cheap laugh, in front of cheap people, who don’t care he’s a massive crook and sex pest. The Clinton’s have utterly corrupted the Democratic party, and I for one am pleased that his crooked wife has just been humiliated. They can both fuck off now, and take their incurious media lackeys with them.

        • Paul Barbara

          ‘Sex pest’ is a very understated way to refer to his filthy, predatory Luciferian predilections.

  • Krista Clem O'Sullivan

    Well said sir, and I thank GOD, Julian Assange, and all the people who actually READ the FACTS that our nation has been torn from the talons of the literal demons who tried to buy it!

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Pass the popcorn. In three months’ time it will be apparent that Trump won mainly by telling the disaffected what they wanted to hear – which was not always the same thing from audience to audience. I note that most of Wikileaks’ penetration of the available media was via RT. We may take it that Putin is chuckling heartily in his dacha.

      Still and all, on the bright side, one major obstacle to a thorough investigation of the Clinton Foundation/Global Initiative has been removed. And there are still some Republicans with functioning braincells in Congress, who may be able to prevent Trump’s worst excesses.

      Excuse me, I see stockmarkets worldwide are plummeting. Have to buy some yen. See you later.

  • Bob

    Marx predicted all this and we have countless examples of his prophecy coming true. When capital has sated it’s self it will collapse in on it’s self. I only hope its end isn’t too bloody

  • Tom Welsh

    Wooohooooo!!!! It is such fun listening to the BBC this morning, imagining their scarlet faces and listen to their turkey-gobbling, incredulous indignation. Normally I switch such people off in about ten seconds, but it’s just such terrific fun!

    Not to mention hearing Jonathan Powell and other deadwood groaning about how now the Baltic states are doomed, because the Russians will just roll straight in. The way they didn’t in Georgia and Ukraine. (Actually the Baltic states are being steadily depopulated, as even their native inhabitants choose to leave for more promising homes).

    • Old Mark

      Spot on Tom- however in our pleasure at the MSM calling this so wrong, and the commentariat coming to the realisation that their outpourings are simply those of the man dahn the pub with ‘peer reviewed’ footnotes, we’ve got to acknowledge that a Trump presidency is a in large measure a massive ‘unknown unknown’.

      There is an element of the Life of Brian crucifixion scene to this Counterpunch article by Ralph Nader, but now the Trumpster is President elect we’ve all got to find the silver linings where we can- and Nader provides a number of possiblities-

      • Tom Welsh

        I rather like the idea that Trump is so wealthy that he is more or less immune to bribery. That’s a HUGE plus. Rather like (most of) the old British aristocracy who used to sit in the House of Lords before Blair turned it into the House of Cronies. They were mostly unbribable, because they already had all they wanted and also because they had a code of honour. Admittedly a few were mad (in the British sense) and some were wicked, but most of them could be relied on to keep the ship on course (even if it was headed straight for the rocks).

  • fred

    The man Alex Salmond called a “three times loser”, Nicola Sturgeon stripped of his title business ambassador for Scotland, John Nicolson said “exhibits disturbing fascist tendencies” and Tasmina Sheikh tried to ban from Scotland.

    In a week when the Chinese gave Scotland the finger one has to wonder how many global super powers we can afford to piss off.

    • michael norton

      Yes, I think the SNP has passed its high water mark.
      I also think Nicola is on a slide, she can not get anything right,
      call wrong, call wrong, call wrong,
      how many calls does she get?

  • Phil Ex Frog

    People got their information from #WikiLeaks? LOL. Is this building on your certainty yesterday that Clinton would win?

    • Shatnersrug

      WikiLeaks said he wouldn’t be allowed to win. So what do they know?

      It’s quite striking to me that the man they elected isn’t and has never been a politician – he got to the top with following the Washington consensus, all you need to know about this election is right there in front od you. Hopefully this will be the death of John McTernans and all those other labour establishment types who think spin makes gold.

    • fred

      It quotes Nicola saying “”And whatever the outcome of the election I will respect that outcome…”.

      There’s a first time for everything I suppose.

  • Mick McNulty

    I suspect Donald Trump won for the same reason we got our Brexit, the vote was too big to rig. But the establishment will have tried and the real results (of Brexit too) were likely much more decisive for both winners.

    And this two-minute clip from South Park really has the measure of Hillary.

    • michael norton

      Mick, you have it.
      All the Establishment /money /media/ lovies/ military industrial complexes
      against The Donald, yet he still came through, because he comes over as honest, just like his mate Nigel Farage.
      The voting public don’t like what the Establishment have been dishing out for the last fifty years.

      • Martinned

        honest, just like his mate Nigel Farage

        Yup. Machiavelli already said it: being able to fake honesty convincingly is a great skill for a politician.

  • giyane

    Saudi Arabia has squandered zillions on US global terror…. looks at this moment like they wasted their money.

    Allahu Akbar

  • Adrian

    Before we dismiss the MSM as irrelevant, it’s as well to remember that it had much to do with backing Clinton over Sanders.

  • Sharp Ears

    The ex Labour leader candidate tweets. Thank goodness we were spared.

    Owen Smith ‏@OwenSmith_MP · 2h
    Le Pen and Putin the only international voices to congratulate Trump to date. No further comment needed.

    Owen Smith ‏@OwenSmith_MP · 3h
    It’s The Enlightenment that’s in jeopardy, not The Establishment I’m afraid.

    Owen [email protected]_MP · 3h
    A racist in The Whitehouse & a human rights abuser in The Kremlin. Time for us to leave Europe, or time to try and lead it & rebuild hope?

    LOL and the drama queen had a huff and went to bed.

    Owen Smith ‏@OwenSmith_MP · 5h
    Oh, no….I’m going back to bed. Wake me up in 2030ish. What a disaster.

  • James

    I’m glad that the evil incarnate Clinton has lost, but can’t say I’m pleased that Trump won.
    They both serve the same masters, and as someone once said, “there are no suprises in politics”.

      • Fredi

        If Donald Trump Wins, He Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old On His First Full Day In Office

        A couple of weeks ago, it looked like Hillary Clinton was all set to cruise to victory, but now the FBI has delivered an election miracle in the nick of time. A few of my readers had criticized me for suggesting that Trump might lose, but I don’t know who is going to win the election, and so all I had to go on was the cold, hard numbers. And a couple of weeks ago the cold, hard numbers were telling me that Hillary Clinton was going to win. Of course it is entirely possible that the national polls might have been seriously wrong, but even the state polls in the most important battleground states consistently had bad news for Trump. So things didn’t look good for Trump at the time, but now that the FBI has renewed their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails the poll numbers have shifted dramatically in Trump’s favor.

        As I write this article, the national polls have really tightened up. In fact, the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll puts Trump 1 point ahead of Clinton. Trump has all of the momentum at the moment, but that does not mean that he is going to win. As we have seen already in this race, one day can literally change everything.

        And as I noted yesterday, more than 23 million Americans have already voted, and most of that voting was done during a period of time when Hillary Clinton was doing very well in the polls.

        So we shall see what happens. But if Trump does win on November 8th, there is a fact about his birthday which will start to get a lot of attention.

        Donald Trump was born on June 14th, 1946. If you move ahead 70 years from that date, that brings you to June 14th, 2016. Moving forward another 7 months brings you to January 14th, 2017, and moving forward another 7 days brings you to January 21st, 2017.

        And if Donald Trump wins the election, January 21st will be his first full day in office.

        Of course Trump would be inaugurated on January 20th, but he would only be president for part of that day.

        So that means that Donald Trump would be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on his first full day as president of the United States.

        And this would happen during year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar.

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